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I        i^HiWMli^qg 













S.  W.  FALLON,  Ph.  D.  HalU, 




LALA  FAQIR  CHAND  Vauh,  of  Delhi, 


'...     ■•'■■:...'  .'H 







j  J?^6.    ccr^    S 








This  is  a  companion  volume  to  the  author  s  Hindustani  and  English 

It  contains  more  words  than  are  generally  found  in  other  works 
with  the  addition  of  many  thousand  idioms  and  phrases  with  their 
Hindustani  equivalents. 

Its  chief  features  are : — 

Fhrst. — A  greater  degree  of  fullness  and  accuracy  than  have  yet  been  attained. 

Second. — A  considerable  number  of  English  phrases  and  idioms,  with 
idiomatic  Hindustani  translations. 

Third, — Technical  terms  in  European  Arts,  Science,  and  Philosophy  rendered 
for  the  first  time  in  popular  Hindustani,  in  addition  to  the  Arabic  and 
Sanskrit  terms  in  present  use  in  Government  Colleges  and  Schools. 

Fourth. — The  primary  and  secondary  English  meanings  with  their  Hindus- 
tani equivalents  arranged  in  logical  order. 

Fifth. — The  Hindustani  equivalents  so  arranged  that  the  more  commonly 
used  or  colloquial  phrase  comes  before  the  less  used  or  pedantic  one. 

Sxth. — Examples,  chiefly  colloquial,  with  idiomatic  translations,  some- 
times in  verse. 

Seventh. — The  examples  sometimes  consist  of  English  Proverbs,  with 
idiomatic  Hindustani  translations  and  parallel  Native  proverbs  when 
there  are  any. 

Eighth. — Quotations  from  standard  authors  with  their  metrical  renderings 
to  exemplify  and  illustrate  the  use  and  meaning  of  words. 

Ninth. — Affinities  between  Sanskrit,  Hindi,  Persian,  and  Arabic  words, 
and  their  equivalents  in  Anglo-Saxon,  English  (with  its  dialects), 
and  other  European  languages  of  the  Arian  group. 

This  work  was  commenced  by  the  late  Dr.  S.  W.  Fallon  in  1879. 

He  had  personally  corrected  and  revised  up  to  the  letter  E.  and  had 
issued  up  to  the  word  *  Beastliness.'  But  unfortunately  on  the  3rd  day  of 
'  October  1880,  he  died  in  England  of  mental  exhaustion,  leaving  his  work 
incomplete  The  Proprietors  have  succeeded  in  completing  the  work  by  the 
invaluable  aid  of  his  able  and  efficient  staff  under  the  supervision  of  Revd. 
J.  D.  Bate,  the  author  of  a  Hindi-English  Dictionary. 

The  Proprietors  offer  their  best  acknowledgments  to  his  efficient 
staff  Lala  Faqir  Chand,  Head  Assistant,  Lala  Chiranji  Lai,  Lala  Thakur 
Das  and  Lala  Jagan  Nath  of  Dehli,  and  Mr  S.  H.  Wattling,  Head  Master 
of  Darbhanga  School  for  all  aid  rendered. 

In  conclusion  the  Proprietors  express  their  gratitude  to  the  various 
Governments,  especially  to  the  Government  of  Bengal  to  whose  sole  liberal 
support  the  author's  two  great  works  owe  their  existence. 

M.  D.  FALLON, 
Delhi  :  )  Executrix  to  the  Estate  of 

27/A  June,  1883.      J  the  late  Dr.  S.  W.  FALLON. 


adj.         for  Adjective.      | 

EUe,        fi 

or  Electricity. 

Lat       for 


0.  T.       f<n 

•  Old  Teutonic 

adv.           f> 
Agric        • 


Eng.,  E.   • 
Eingin,       ■ 

1    Engineering. 

M.             • 

Mack,        • 



p.  1           ■ 




Ent.          • 


Afanif/.      • 




AmO.        > 
AsU.          i 
Ar.,  A. 
Arch.        1 

I   Antiquitiee. 
•    Arabic 
1    Architecture. 

Etym.       • 
Fr.           i 


MoJUi.        • 
Meek,       • 



Paint.         • 

Paleon.      ■ 
Per.,  P.      • 


AriilL       I 

•    Arithmetic. 
9    Anglo>Sazon. 

Gtog,        ■ 
GeoL        1 



1LH.G.   « 

Modem  High 


'    Phrenology. 
•    Physiology. 

Aiiron»      i 

1    Astronomy. 

Qeom.       « 

>    Geometry. 



.    Plural. 

Boi.          < 

>    Botany. 

Ger.,  G.    ■ 

>    German. 

Afil:          ' 


Port           1 

>    Portuguese. 


9    Carpentry. 

G.G.        ■ 

>    Government 

Min.         • 


ppsp.           1 

9    Preposition. 


»    Chemistry. 


Afics.          1. 



ri    Preterite 


i    Chropology. 

Goth.       9 


MytK        • 


Prini.        1 

1    Printing. 

CbNk         1 

r    GomiAerce. 

Gr.           i 


n.              ■ 

>    Noun. 


•    Pronoun. 

Comp.       ■ 


(Trosk       1 

i    Grammar. 


Natural  His- 


•    Prosody. 

Coneh,      i 



»    Hindi. 



*    Rhetoric 

eoi^.        ■ 

»    Con  junction. 

h.             1 

■    honS. 

NaL  Phil. » 

Natural  Phi- 


■•   Saxon. 

Cor.          1 

'    Corruption. 

Heb.         • 

>    Hebrew. 



■    ScoUand. 

D,            1 

>    Dutch. 

Her.         1 

1    Heraldry. 




■    Sculpture. 

d.             • 


Hin.         • 

1    Hindoo. 

Norm*        1 

•    Norman. 

Skr.,  £k 

•    Sanskrit. 

d.             • 


'    dftlnA. 



9    Icelandic^ 

Nonn.  Fr. 

»    Norman 


*    Surgery. 

Bed         1 

»   Ecdesiastical 


•    Interjection^ 



•    Theology. 



i  CK 

'    Old. 

V.  a. 

•    Verb  Active. 

BcdLHiiU  ■ 

1    Ecclesiastical 


•    karoS. 

OpL            ' 

>    Optics. 

V.  n. 

■    Verb  Neuter  } 



»    Low. 

Omitk      > 

Ornithology.  |  ZooL 

•    Zoology. 



B6a¥8r,  D.  Qd-bil&o;  aag-i-ftbi;  saojftb. 

C^ypiy»  n.  ek  kbtoah-ba-dosh  qaum;  kanjar;  Ba^q^e;,  nat. 

Hypothoaiif  n..d&va;  &n;.q&yia. 



or.          far  Aoriat. 


fcT    Engineering. 


for  Icelandic. 


for  Norman. 

drp.          •   Carpentry. 


•       Equivalent. 


"  karnfi. 

Norm.  Fi 

r.  n  NormanFrench. 

T.             -   Civil. 


•      Etymology. 


»  Low. 


f     Old. 

o   Dutch. 


n      Farriery. 


f  Miisculine. 


»     Original, 

'   denft. 


n       Feudal. 


•  Machinery. 


"   dfilnfi. 



"      Government 


It  Manufactur- 


"    Participle. 

•m.  Econ,  -    Domestic 



p.  a. 

»     Participle 



"       Hindi. 


»  Noun. 


:/.           w    EccleeiMtical. 


"       honiL 

Nat.  Hut.   i>  Natural 


K     Persian. 



•       Hindoo. 



"     Prosody. 
















;  qasam; 

,  qasam, 


































muzir.  (group  5th) 

muzir  (group  4tli) 









haine-j  esJiah 










jaisa-ki ;  peshtar. 

jaisa-ki  peshtar. 




beja  iklitivar- 

beja  ikhtiyar. 




A  tenuatd. 


























fard-i  bnqaiya. 




32  k. 

eteraz  k. 




pakk  k. 

pakka  k. 








L. . 

A  or  an,  are.  [A.  S.  an,  ane  one]  I.  ek« 

Have  a  maogo  !  Im  lijytt 
2.  one  (not  more  or  less)  ek 

Qive  him  a  rupee !  Ute  ek  rupayd  do  I 
8.  any^  some,  koi ;  kol  ek ;  ek.- 

Oive  me  a  pen  !  Sk  qalam  mujke  dend  /    [sire. 

4.  per^  biff  ek  ek  ;  har ;  plchhe ;  gail ;  f! ; 
One  rupee  a  yard.  Rtbpd9<;az.  Two  anoas  a  man. 
Admi  pickhe  (fS  gail)  do  dne,  yd  do  do  dne. 
One  anna  a  day.    Jind  rot ;  ek  dna  roz. 

5.  {be/ore  pi.  nouns.)  ek ;  se. 

A  few  men.     Kuchh  ek,  kai  ek,  yd  chaad  ddml. 
A  great  many  men.    Sk  khalqcU  ;  bari  kkcd- 

qat ;  Bahut  $e  Uxj  ;  bahvU  tdre  log. 
Nowadays.    In  dinoh ;  dj  kai  ;  dar-ihvUd. 

A,  prep.  I.  (In  comp,)  on,  par;  apar;  men. 

aboard  kithti  par ;  Rshore  kindre  par  ;  agoing  ehaltd ; 
afoot  paidfd,  pdoh  pdoh,  pairoh,  pdpyddah.     [kftran. 

2.  {In  eomp,)fory  v&ste;  khatir;  lije;  ko; 
done  ahuoting.    Shikdr  ko  gayd, 
A  I.,  ikka;  jakk&;  ek.  [chak. 

Aback,  adv.  [A.  S.  on  bcee]  aclianak ;    achan- 

Taken  all  aback.  Bhuchak  rah  ^ai.     [picbhftri. 

Abaft,  prep.  [A.  S.a  <fe  cg/tan  behind]  plchhe ; 
Abandon,  v.  a.  1.  relinquish,  h&th  uthHui ;  chhor 
baithna ;  b^z  anSl ;  dast-bardar  h.;  dast-kash 
\l;  kinara-katih  h.;  la-dava  h. 

He  abandoned  all  hopes  of  recovery. 

Zindgl  te  hdih  dho  Mthd.  [tajnS. 

2.  desert,  chhorna ;    chhor  d. ;   tijagti& ; 
In  the  Mutiny  the  people  abandoned  their 

homes.  Qadar  men  log  bdg  apnd  apnd  ghar 
ehhnrke  bkd^  gaS. 

3.  surrender,  saunpna ;  de  deniL 

4.  renounce,  tark  k. ;  taubah  k. 

Abandoned,  part.  adj.  bigfa  hua;  kharab  ;  bad- 

maash ;  be-haya.  [Worn. 

Abandoned  wretch.  Khojre  pita;  nigord  ndth(L 

Abandonment,  n.  ti jag ;  tark. 

Abase,  y.  a.  utama ;  darja  ghatani ;  zalTl  k. 

Abasement)  n.  an-adar ;  ap-m&n ;  khuari ;  be- 

izzati ;  khiffat ;  zillat. 
Abash,  V.  a.  lajEna ;  sharraanE;  sharmindab  k. 
Abashed,  adj.  lajjit ;  sharmindab ;  pasheman ; 

Abate,  v.  a.  [H.  pU  beat]  1.  lessen,  kam  jK 

kamti   k. ;    ghaUnft ;  takhfif   k.    2.  deduct, 

gfaatani ;    tafrfq  k. ;    minh&  k.     3.  mitigate, 

mandi,  maddham,  dhima,   y&  halka  k.  4. 

(Law)  remove,  dilr  k. ;  hat^na ;  uth&n&;  rafa  k. 
To  abate  a  nuisance.  Bdis-i-mazarrat  rafa  k. 
To  abate  a  demand.     Ddve  men  kartd  karnd. 
Abate,  ▼.  n.  I.  become  hss,  kam   h. ;    ghatna ; 

kaiDti  h.;  manda  yii  halka  parnll. 

Th«  storm  has  abaUd.  Tflfdn  mandd  par  goy^. 

2.  suhsifle,  baitbnH ;  baith  jina ;  thamn& ; 
utarna;  takhfif  h. 

Abatement,  n.    I.  diminution,  kami;    ghati; 

ghatti ;  ghatSo ;  takhfif.  2.  discount,  phirautl; 

uprii;  katautl.     [khUna;  mazbah;  maslakh. 
Abattoir,  n.  [Skr.  badh  to  kill]  kamelA;  bachar- 
Abbess,  n.  f.  bal ;  mahantnl ;  guryanl. 
Abbey,  n.   (Utn.)   math;   guru-duSra;  R&m- 

duarS;  (Pfnh)  dera  ;  (Mah.)  kh&nq&h. 
AbbDt,  n.  (Hind.)  mahant ;  math-dhari ;  (Mdh.) 

Abbreviate,  v.  a.  [Per.  burldan  to  cut]  khul&sa 

k, ;  mukhtasar  k. ;  sankshep  k. 

Abbreviated  form.     Mtikhtatar  M&rat, 

Abbreviation,  n.  ikhtisar;  sankshep ;  khnlasah. 
A.  B,  C.  n.  kakke ;  alif,  be,  te. 
Abdicate,  v.  a.  tajna.     See  Abandon,  I. 
abdicate  a   throne,  takht  yH  gaddi   chhof  ni ; 

r§j  pat  tajna.  [tajdlyd. 

The  king  abdicated  his  throne.  Rdjd  ne  rSj  pdt 

Abdomen,   n.    pet;    ojh ;  jathar;    (contemp.) 

jhend  ;  dhenda;  (Panj.)  didh  ;  shikam.  [j&na. 

Abdnct,  V.  a.  bhaga  ya  nik&l  le  j^na;  bahk&  le 

To  abduct  one's  wife.  KUI  kijorUbkagd  lejdnd, 

Abdnction,  n.  {Law)  mastarat  yS  larke  ka 
targiban  yH  jabran  nikal  le  jana ;  istii  athy& 
bachchon  ko  phusli  ya  dhamka-kar  bhaga 
lejana.  [khoan;  tifl-i-maktab. 

Abecedarian,  n.    sikhta^;   nau-amoz;   abjad- 

Aberration,  n.  I.  deviation,  ku-rit;  gnm-r3iil; 
chuk.  2.  (of  mind)  be-hoshi ;  bad-bavasi ; 
junOn ;  khalal-i-dimag.  ^.  (optics)  nazar  ka 
dhoka;  nigah  ki  chak  ;  chalii  nigah  pher. 

Abet,  y.  a.  [A.  S.  betan,  enkindle.]  I.  help, 
madad  k. ;  eanat  k. ;  himayat  k. ;  pan&h  d. ; 
dast-girl  k. ;  bachana.  2.  urge,  allure,  uksani ; 
phaslana ;  bahk&nH ;  igva  k;  targlb  y&  l&laoh 
d.;  barangekhta  k.;    yargal&nna. 

3.  counsel,  sikhd.;  salah  dena  ya  batinS; 
manhvara  d.;  tadbir  batan&.  [sahHeta;  eanat. 

Abetment,  n.  maUad  ;   dast-glrl;    madad-gari; 

previous  abetment,  madadgari  qabl  az  vuqiL 

subsequent  abetment,  madadgUri  blUl  az  yuqCL 

Abetter,  n.  madad-g&r-i-jnrm  ;  muavin-i-jurm. 

Abeyance,  n.  iltavae-chand-rozah. 

in  abeyance,  multavl ;  thaira  hull. 

Abhor,  y.  a.  nafrat  k. ;    karahiyat  k. ;   hiqSrat 

k. ;  ghin  kbana ;  haqir  janna. 
Abhorrence,  n.  ghin;  hiqarat;  nafrat;  karihi- 

yat ;  tannffur ;  ikrah. 
Abide,  v.  n.  [A.S.  abidan.  Per.  biplan,  Skr.dvot  ] 

ABI  i 

l^itap^  thairaft;  (ikn&;  derftk.;  utarnE; 

qaj&m  k.  2.  remain^  rahnft ;    bana  rahna ; 
jari  rahna.   3.  du>eUy  baaui;  ab&d  h.;  btid  o 

bash  k. ;  BUkOnat  k. 
abide  hy^  pi&-band  rahnU ;  bar-qar&r  rabti& ;  q&- 

yam  r8iiQ& ;  maxbdt  rahni ;  pakk&  rahii&. 
abide  by  a  fromue^  baohaa  pOrft  k.;  Y&d&  paiH 

k. ;  iqr&r  par&  k.;  iflUS  v&d&  k. 
abide  by  oris  word,   b&t  par  pakk&  rahni; 

bauhan  pQdl  k.;  apne  qaul  par  aibit  rahn& ; 

apnl  b&t  se  na  hatoi. 
abide  his,  tola  j&  gh&t&  uth&Q&;  tot&8ahD&. 
made  to  abide  loss,  toU  Bahu&  pa^;  gh&ti 

utb&a&  pal's. 
Ability,  n.  [Lat  habUisy  H.  hat]  1.  power ^  t&qat ; 

sor;  shakti;  s&marth;  pr&karam;  sakat.  2. 

abilitiesy  capacity j  iatedad ;  liy&qat  >  q&bliyat. 

3.  authority,   adhik&r;    ikhtij&r;  maqdflr. 

4.  refonrcM,  aam&a;  haiaiyat;  2sariy&;  vasila. 
Ab  initio,  adv.  sire  se;  &d  se;  shura  y&  ibtid&  se. 
AfaQOCt,  adj.  1 .  applied  to  persons,  nlch ;  khiAr ; 

past ;  kamin&;  zaliL  2.  condition  of  things^ 
buri ;  nikammi ;  kharab ;  heoh ;  ii&-k&rab. 

abject  in  spirit,  past-himraat ;  be-dil ;  bod&. 

Afaij^uref  ▼•  ^'  saugand;  qasam;  sOn  y&  kiriyK 
khEn&;  taubah  k. 

Ablative,  adj.  (Oram,)  samprad&n;  ohaturthl; 

Able,  adj.  [A.  S.  abcU,  H.  bal,  strength]  1.  com- 
petent, qabil ;  mustaid ;  simarthi.  2.JU,  jog; 
jogi;  layaq;  q&bil. 

An  able  man.    QibU  iSdnO, 
3.  {In  comp,)  jog;  pizir ;  talab;  as,  mar- 
riageable,    bar-jog,   biy&han-jog;   tractable^ 
tarblyat-pizir ;  questionable,  saval-talab. 

to  be  able,  v.  n.  1.  competent,  l&yaq  h.;  qahil  h. 
2,capahU,  sakn&;   basan&;  bas  chaln&; 
ikhtiy&r  ya  t&qat  rakhoa. 

Able-bodied,  adj.  bal-yaut;  bal-v&n;  hatti 
katta;  takri;  taqat-var;  zor-avar;  jav&n; 
mot&  taz&. 

Ablutaon,  n.  1.  purification,  ashnEn;  nah&n; 
pauoh-ashnSuI;  vuzil.  2.  toashifig  the  hands, 
etc  after  any  unclean  action,  hath  pan!  len&; 
ab-dast ;   taiiarat ;  bara  istanja ;  p&kL 

Abluvion,  n.  prav&h ;  bahanS ;  daryft-burd. 

Ably,  adv.  achchhi  tarah  so ;  achchhi ;  khtlbl 
ke  s&th  }  khab. 

Abnegate,  v.  a.  [Lat.  abnegare,  ab  +  negare,  H. 
ndtnd,  to  deny]  nahin  k. ;  n&hk«;  natu&; 
mukarna ;  muuKir  h. 

Abnegation,  n.  nahin;  n&t;  inkir;  inhir&f; 

Abnormal,  adj.  be-qSMa ;  an-r!t ;  a-bidh. 

Aboard,  ady.  jahaz  ya  n&o  par,  expressed  by  par^ 
or  men  with  the  word  boat  or  ship  cu,  in  a 
ship  jah&z  men ;  on  board  kishti  par.  (In 
comp.)  savar,  as  aboard  ship  kishti-say&r. 

Abode,  n.  1.  house,  ghar;  mak&n;  der&;  kothi; 
bauglS;  asthan.  2.  residence,  bks&;  bad  o 
bish;  riySsat;  rah&s;  sukQnat;  maskan. 


Abolish^  ▼.  a.  1.  make  void,  tofni;    u(h&  d.; 

rad  k.;  mansukh  k.;  (an  office)  torua;  mauqUf 

k.;  bar-khast  k.  2.  destroy,  mit&n&;  nestk.; 

nest  o  n&-bQd  k.;  kaladam  k. 
Abolition,  n.  barkhasta^;  bar-tarfi ;  mauqOfi; 

mfBisOkhl;  istirdEd. 
abolitmnof  slavery,  giil&mon  kl  &z&dL 
Abominable,  adj.  karih;  makrilh ;  bora ;  papl ; 

AlMminate,  y.  a.  kar&hiyat  k.  See  Abhor. 
Abominatioit,  n.  kaHUiiyat.  See  Abhorrence. 
Aboriginal,  adj.  pahle  ki;    purEna;    asli; 

qadim;  pr&ehln. 
Aborigines,  n.    priohin  log;  asli  ya  qadim 

Abort,  y.  n.  apdran-garbh  girnl ;  pe^  ya  hamal 

girui;  garbh-p&t  h.;  isqat-i-hamal  h.;  kach- 

oh&jana;  (o/timo^)  tan&;  (flowers  or  fruit) 

kachch&  jEn&. 
Abortion,  n.  1.  garbh-p&t;  isqat-i-hamal ;  hamal 

gimft.  2.  kachchhE  garbh. 
to  procure  abortion,  hamal  giraiti&jisq&t-i-hamalk. 
Abortive,  n.  (Med,)  hamal  giraue  ki  dava ; 

musqit ;  garbh-pat  aukhad.  [a-pflran. 

Abortive,  a^.   1.  defective,  adhfXr^ ;  kachcha; 

2,  vain,  ak&rath;    nis-phal;  birth&;    be- 

&6d&;  la-h&sil;  rft^n.    [k. ;  n&-karah  kar  d. 

to  render  abortive  or  null,  birtha  y&  nikamma 

Abound,  y.  n.  bahut  h.;  bharpllr  h.;  rel  pel  h.; 

pur  h.;  kasrat  ya  iMt  se  h. ;  bahutat  lu 

The  place  akoundi  m  natural  beauties. 
It  jagah  bajrd  tamd  bahdh  rah&  hoL 
The  palm  tree  aboandt  in  BengaL 
BangSt  mm  tat  bahut  hold  haL 

About,  ady.  [AJ8,abutan,  a  on,  (SkK  d  around), 
be,  {Skr.  v%),  ut,  vie,  utam,  (Skr.  ut)  out.] 

1 .  around,  chahfi^  or ;  obaron  taraf  ya  or ; 
ird  gird;  girda-gird.     [qarib;  qarib  kar-ke. 

2.  approximately,  paspEs;  qarib;  ek;  an- 
About  five  yards.  Pdhehek gat. 

3.  here  and  there,  idhar  udhar ;  it  ut;  sab 
y&  bar  taraf;  ja-ba-jE  ;  bar  kahin.  4.  upon 
the  point  of,  anqurib;  taiyEr;  ko;  %madi»h. 

I  was  about  to  go.  Main  Jane  ko  thd. 

5.  more  or  less,  thora  bahut ;  kamti  ba^h- 

ti ;  kam  o  ziy&da ;  kam  o  besh ;  takhminan. 

bring  about,  kan^na  ;  bar  l&ua. 

come  about,  ani  ;  parna ;  bona.       [mashgtil  h. 

go  about  (a  work)  pairavl  k. ;  lagn^ ;  masrUf  ya 

About,  prep.   1.  round,   ore  dhore ;    as  pas ; 

chahOn  or;  me&;  ird  gird;  gird;  girdagird. 

About  the  neck.    Gait  men.  [men. 

About  the  house.  Oharkeoredhorc;  tdre  ghar 

2.nearto,ySM;   nazdik;   dhore;    nikat; 

nefe;  lag  bhag  ;  qarib.  [pgtrakkho/ 

Have  your  thhigs  about  you  !  Apni  ekiz  apm 

3.  relating  to,   bare  ;    dar-bare  ;    babat ; 

madde;  nisbat;  men.  4.  employed  upon,  la- 

ga-hua;  men;  masrUf;  maBbgUl;  mutavajjah. 

About  one's  business.  Apiu  kdm  men. 

Above,  prep.  1.  higher  in  place,  Qpar ;  Onchi ; 

baland.  2.  beyond,  pare  ;  dUr ;  b&har;  baid.  I 

3.  mor«  than,  barh-kar ;  Qpar ;  siva  j  ziyfl- 

dah  ;  se-ziy&d&h.  4.  too  high  for,  barh-ke ; 

barh-kar,  opp.  o/kuohh  haqiqat  nahf6.  [kdve. 

Above  one's  work.  ApnA  kAm  our  dp  Ai  ndk  chafr- 

from  cibove,  Qpar  se ;  ftsman  se. 

AbovO'^Etll,  adv.-  sab  se  ziyadah  ya  pahle;  avval. 

AboTe«bo«rd)  a^v.  khiila  khuli;  sab  ke  samne; 

praghat ;  bar-inala;    ohaure  men ;  khullam 

Aboye-dted,  Above-mentioned,  p.  p.  mazktUrah- 

bali;  marqQma-b&l& ;  masttlrah-b&l&« 
Above^eck,  adv.  kishti  ya  jahaz  lu   chhat  y& 

takbte  par.  [oUitfe,  jlt& ;  zindah. 

Above-groimd,  adv.  1.  dharti  yt  zamin  par.  2. 
Above-measure,  adv.  be-audazah ;  be^bam&r ; 

andaze  se  b&bar ;  an-ginat ;  be-had. 
Above  one  another,  adv.  ek  par  ek ;  ek  ke 

apar  ek ;  tale  tlpar ;  ttpar  niche ;  tab  ba-tab ; 

ek  dusre  par.  [yi  kotbe  par, 

Above«stairs,  adv.  zine  ke  ilpar ;  bilil-kb&ne 
Above,  adv.  [A.  S.  abufan,  like,  abaft,  q.  v.  A.  S. 

a  on,  Skr.  a  all  around,  A.  S..  6d-ti/V,  Skr.  vt 

up]   1.  overhead  J  upar ;  unche;  sir  par. 

The  sky  above,  the  earth  below. 
£JMr  ambar,  uUe  dharti, 

t.  before^  pahle  ;  peshtar ;  sllbiq  men. 
Abrade,  v.  a.  ragarnft ;  ghisnH ;  ohhilna. 
Abrasion,  n.  I.  act  of  rubbing  off,  ragar ;  ragyi ; 

ghisal ;  gbissa.     2.  mcMer  worn,  chhflan. 
Abreast,  advr  pahlU-ba-pahla ;    ham-qadam; 

saths&tb;  barabar;  saf-bastab. 
Abridge,  v.  a.  I.  epitomize,  kbulasa  k. ;  mukb- 

tasar  k. ;  intekh&b  k. ;   cbbot&  k. ;   sank- 

shep  k.     2.   diminish,  ghabUna;  kam   k.; 

kamti  k.  [khab ;  ikhtisar ;  sanksbep. 

Abridgment,  n.   l.«itmmary,  kbulEsa;    into- 

2.  ditnintUum,  kami ;  ghati ;  ghatao. 
Abroad,  adv.  \,aJt  large,  khule  bandon;  cb^on 

raste  mokle.     2.  out  of  the  house,  bahar ; 
pare ;  beran.  3.  in  anotfier  country,  par-des ; 

bides ;  gair  mulk  men. 

To  go  abroad.    PardesjanA, 
4.  in  all  directions,  sab  taraf ;  cb&ro&  or  ; 
jahan  taban ;  be-thik&ne. 
Abrogate,  v.  a.  [A.  rod  reject.]  uthi  d.;  topia; 

rad  k.;  mansukh  k. 
Abrupt,  adj.   1.  brcken  or  rugged,  uttha-hua; 
8idh2;  unoha.  2.  ^t^fei^,  ach&nak ;  n&gah&n. 

3.  une<mnected,  be-jor ;  nkhii  hul;  be-rabt. 
Abruptly,  adv.  acbanak;  acbaiichak;yakayak; 

yak  ba-yak;yak-b&rgi;  dafatan. 
Alffi^tness,  n.  roughness,  ubhar ;  uthan ;  kbur- 

dara-pan.  2.  abrupt  manner,  be-dhanga-pan; 

AteesB,  n.  pbora.  [ru-posb  h. 

Ahieond,  v.  a.  bb&g  jana ;  faiar  b. ;  gayab  h. ; 
o&iooficl  with  property,  m^l  le-kar  bbag  jana. 
Alaenee,  n.  [Lat.  abesse,  from  ab,  and  esse,  Skr. 

at  to  be.]  L  opp.  of  presence,  gair-hazri;  adam- 

manjUdgi ;  gaibat ;  pTchhe. 

In  <»ie't  abeenee.  KUl  ke  pichhe  yd  gaibat  men. 

2.  separation,  bichhoyi;    biyog  ;    birah  ; 

judai;  alaihdagij    furqat;  bijr;  firilq;  mu- 

ftraqat;  muhajarat.  [hharaktd  hai. 

Absence  aharpens  love.   Prov.    Firdq  men  ishq 

Absent,  adj.  \,not  present,  gair-bazir;  gayab; 
matijud  nahln. 

Long  absent  is  eoon  forgotten.  Prov.  jJnM  f^hal 
pahdr  ojhal,  Prov.  {A$  didah  dUr,  at  dil  dQr,  P.) 

2.  inattentive,  an^hit ;  gafil ;  achet  [ana. 
to  be  absent,  v.  n.  gairhazirb.;  hazir  na  h. ;  na 
Absentee,  n.  shakbs-igair-hazir. 
Absolute,  adj.  1.  unconditioned,  qayam-biz-zat ; 

fard ;  asll.  2.  unrelated,  be-lagao ;   gair-nis- 
bat;  alaihda;  vajib-ul-vnjud;  be-taalluq. 

3.  autocratic,  khud-mukhtar;  kul-mnkhtar; 
mutlaq-ul-inan ;  mutlaq ;  kul;  suadhm; 
kulkullan.  4.  positive,  vaqai ;  qatai ;  natiq ; 
shafT;  saf;  do-ttik.  5.  unconditional,  bilk- 
qaid  ya  shart;   gair-mashrut. 

6.  (Gram.)  zulhal  (case  absolute,)  [adbikar. 
absolute  power,  ikhtiyar-i-mutlaq ;  sampuran 
Absolutely,  adv.  1 .  vnthout  restriction,  bila-qaid 

ya  shart ;  bilkul ;  mutlaq  ;  mahz ;  sarasar ; 

nipat,'  nira.     2.  without  re^a^um,  ba-nafs-i- 

bi ;  bi-zat-i-h! ;  ba-asl-i-hi ;  ap  hi  ap. 

Z,  positively,   zurur;  bil-zurur;  la-kalam; 

albatta;  khuah-makhuah.         [yd Idhud hai. 

It  is  absolutely  necessary.     Teh  bahtU  hi  gurUr 

absolutely  impossible,  mahz  gair-mumkin ;  ma- 

Absoluteness,  n.  1.  completeness,  takmil;  pura- 

pan.     2.   despotism,  kbud-mukhtari;    mut- 

Absolution,  n.  1.  acquittal,   rihai;    khalasi; 

bariyat;  chhutkara;  makhlasl. 

2.  remission    of  sins,    raagfarat ;    nijat ; 

moksh;  nirban ;  mukti;  mochh ;  nistaiil. 
Absolve,  V.  a.  FLat.   absolvere,  from  ab,  and 

solvere,  H.  chhornd  to  leave]  bail  k. ;  riha  k. ; 

absolve  from  responsibility,  barl-uz-zimma  k. ; 

riha  k. :  chhutkai^  d. 
Absorb,  v.  a.   [Lat.   absorbere  from  ah,  and 

sorbere,  H.  ^o^Tkitosnck  in]  sokna;  chUsna; 

pma  ;  uthana ;  jazb  k. 
to  be  absorbed,  v.  n.  (Met.)  dubna ;  garq  h. 
Absorbent,  adj.  sokne-vala ;  jazib.  [chiisna. 
Absorption,  n.  sok ;  jazb ;  hava  ya  pan! 
absorption  in  animals,  janvaron  ka  pan!  chusna. 
absorption  in  plants,  darakhtonka  pani  chQsna. 
Abstain,  v.  n.  baz  rahna ;  alag  rahna ;  bachna; 

ohhorna ;  parhez  k. ;  bazar  k. 
Abstemious,  adj.  parhez-gar ;  parsa ;  muttaqi; 

bhakt;  sant;  bhagat. 
Abstemiousness,  n.  parsa! ;  parhezgari ;  ittiqa ; 

zohd ;  taqva ;  etedal ;  bhakti ;  bbagtu. 
Abstergent,  adj.  See  Abstemious. 
Abstinence,  n.  parhez ;  etedal ;  bandhej. 

Abstinence  is  the  best  regimen. 

Parhez  sab  se  achchhd  ntuiha  hai.  [eshid. 

Abstinent,  adj.  bhagat;  parhezgar;  muttaqi; 

Abstract,  v.  a.  1.  take  from,  alag  k. ;  juda  k. ; 

alaihda  k. ;   karh  lena.  2.   purloin,   nikal 

leoa  i  cbura  lena  ;  ubhar  d. ;  chhupa  rakhna. 
3.  epitomize,  khulasa  k.;  sankshep  L ;  tat 

nikal  lena. 
Abstract,  adj.  1.  bila-vujud ;  qayam   bil-gair; 

am.  2.   absU^ute,   daqlq;   muahkil;    bank; 

pecbida ;  g^rh ;  gabra. 
abstract  number,  kora  ank ;  adad-i-mujarrad. 
Abstract,  n.  kbulasa ;  sanksbep ;  tat ;  iutikbab. 
abstract  noun,   nam-l^bak;  ism-i-jaubar   ya 

zat.  [chittbH;  gosbvan^. 

idatract  of  an  account,  cbittba  babi ;  bisab  ka 
in  the  abstract,  mujmilan ;  fil-junila. 
Abstracted,  p.   adj.  absent,   ^l ;  be-kbabar ; 

dal»k  bua ;  garq ;  lau-lln.  [karb   lena. 

Abstraction,  n.    1.  </t«  act,  alaibdagi;    leni; 

2.  the  state,  garq ;  mabv ;  be-kbabrl 
Abstruse,  adj.  katban ;  musbkil. 
Absurd,  adj.  [Lat.  surdus,  A.  sum  deaf]  b^d-ul- 

qayas;  na-maqul;  bebdda;  utpatang. 
Absurdi^,  n.  bebtidagi;    vahiyat;  utpatang; 

lagy  ;  kburafat ,  muzkbarafat. 
Absurdly,  adv.  bebQdagI  se ;  be-vaqOfi  se. 
Abundance,  n.  rel ;  rel-pel ;  bobtat ;  kasrat ; 

ifrat;  mala-mal ;  rez. 
Abundant,  adj.  babutera;  babut-sa;    gbana; 

m&la-m&l ;  kasir ;  vafir ;  kafl  o  \l£L 
Abundantly,  adv.  rel-pel  se;  ifrat  se. 
Abuse,   V.   a.  1.  misuse,  bura  bartao   k. ;  beja 

sarf  k.  2.   use  foul  langu^ige,    buril  bbala 

kabni ;  gali  d. ;  dusbnam  d. ;  madarkbwa- 

bi  k. ;  tabattuk   L    3.  defile,  be-izzat   k. ; 

abrti  ya  burmat  lena. 
abuse  or  poison  onis  eair^  kan  bbarna ;  kan 

men  pbQnkna. 
Abuse,  n.  1.  Ul-use,  bad  custom,  bura  bartao; 

buri  rit ;  ku-rit ;  ku-cbal ;  bura  dastfir ;  bad- 

istemal;   bad-muamlag! ;   badtrasmi;  amal- 

i-beja.  2. foul  language,   gali;  gali  galauj; 

gali  guftar;  dusbn&m.  3.   vioUUion   of  the 

person,  buril  kam  ;  ku-karm ;  buri  bat ;  buri 

barakat;  bad-feli;    be-izaati;    be-burmati; 

zina;  mujamaat;  mubasbrat;  sobbat-dari. 
ahuse  of  power,   ijrae  ikbtiyar-i-na-jayaz;  taj- 

&vuz-i-mansabi ;  ziyadati  ja  sulm-i-bukOmat 

ya  ikbtiyar. 
^iuse  of  vfealth,  sarf-i-boja. 

The  aduse  of  riches  is  worse  than  the  want 
o£  them.  Prov.  Sarf-i-b^d  h  n^dUrl  hehtar. 

Abases,  n.   pi.  buraiyan ;  an-nijao ;  ai^dher  ; 

kbarabiyan;  be-ins&fi;  zulm. 
Abusive,  adj.  foul-mouthed,  munb-pbat ;  mQfth 

ka   phura ;  bad-zaban  y&  lagam  ;  jibbaril ; 

mukbark.  [See  Abuse,  2, 

abusive  lajiguage,  bakni   bftten ;   fobsb   zabiln. 
Abut,  V.   n.   lagua;  cbbiina;  takkar   khana; 

bbirna ;  samne  ya  muqabil  h. 
Abyss,  n.  atba. 

Acacia,  n.  babul ;  kikar.  [madrasa. 

Academy,   n.  1.  School  of  Plato,  Aflat  Qn    ka 

•2.  society  of  men,  giyan-sabba ;  anjuman- 

i-ilmL  3.  university,  sbkla-mandal;  rig-sb&la; 

madras&t-ulHnadiins ;  bait-ul-ultUn. 
Aceede,  ?.    n.    yield   or   auent    to,    manna; 

manzur  k. ;  qubtLl  k. ;  taslim  k. 
Accelerate,  v.  a.  cbal  ya  daur  barbani  ya  tez  k. 
accelerated  motion  or  velocity,  n.  (Meek,)  barbti 

cb&l;    mutazaid  n\iqdar-i-barakat ;  bardbit 

gati  parmanQ. 
Acceleration,  n.  tez-raft&ri ;  tezi. 
Accent,  n.  1.  tone,  ucbcbaran;  but;  labja. 

2.  stress,  dabao ;  zor ;  barakat ;  av&z  ka 
utar  cbarbao,  ya  thamao. 

3.  mark,    ncbcbarau-cbinb ;  sur-cbinh. 
Accent,  v.  a.  zor  d. ;  zarb  lagaua ;  labja  ada  k. 
Accentuation,  n.  1.  marking  the  accent,   ucb- 

oharan-cbinb  lag&na.  2.  accent,  q.  y. 

Accept,  V.  a.  1.  receive  kindly,  lena;  le  lena; 

qubOl  k. ;  taslim  k.  2.  api^rove,  bbana ;  suba- 

n& ;  acbcbba  lagna ;  kbxisb  aua ;  pasand  k. 

3.  agree  to,  mi  una;  qublU  k. ;    taslim  k.; 

rfizi  b. ;  manzur  k. 

accept  a  bill,  bundi  sakama.  [dida. 

Acceptable,  adj.  mau-bhaona;  acbchb&;  pasan- 

Acceptance,  n.  1.  pasand;  manzuri;  taslim; 
qubCiliyat ;  ruzamaudi.  2.  (of  a  uH>rd)  istilabi 
ya  am  rnani   3.  {of  a  bill)  sakara. 

negotiate  after  acce^'tance,  sakare  picbhe  becbi 
k. ;  muutaqil  karna  bad  sakarne  ke. 

Acceptation,  n.  See  Acceptance,  1,  2.     [mani. 

conventional  accej'tation,  bartao  artb ;    istilabi 

literal  accej'tation,  shabdh-arth ;  lugvi  manL 

the  general  acceptation  of  a  uford,  am  mani. 

Accepter,  n.  {of  a  bill)  snkat  ii ;  sakarue  vala. 

Access,  u.  I .  way  of  approach,  bat ;  rah ;  rasta ; 
ar  jar ;  guzar ;  ana  jaua ;  amad  o  rafL 

2.  means  of  approach,  pahuuch  ;  paitb  ; 
rasai ;  bar-yabi ;  dakbl.  3.  addition,  bar- 
hot  ri  ;  bar-an)ad ;  iza£9i.  4.  attack,  {a  fit), 
cbarbao ;  amad ;  daura.  [sabayak 

Accessary,  adj.   madad-g&r;    muavin;  sahai; 

Accessary,  n.  sathi ;  sab&y ak ;  sbarlk ;  madad- 
gar ;  muavin.  [r&z-dSlr  bid-majra. 

accessary  after  the  fact,  sbarik   ma-bad-i-vuqu ; 

accessary  before  the  fact,  sbarik  maqabl-i- vuqQ ; 
raz-dar  qabl-i-majra. 

accessary  to  a  crime,  ham-jurm  ;  sbarik-i-jurra. 

Accessible,  adj.  pabunohne-jog;  mumkin-ul- 
dakbl ;  qabil-i-bar-yabi. 

Accession,  n.  1.  increase,  barbotri;  bar-amad; 
izafah ;  taufir.  2.  (to  a  throm),  raj-gaddi ; 
abhisbek ;  takht-nasbini ;  raj  tilak ;  julus. 
3.  See  Access,  3. 

Accidence,  n.  biyakaran ;  sarf  o  nahv. 

Accident,  n.  1 .  chance,  san-jog ;  ittefaq ;  arza. 

2.  quality,  gun ;  bbao ;  kbasiyat;  sifat. 

3.  (Logic),  bbao-sanjog ;  kbavas-i-arizi. 

4.  (Gram,)  bhibakti ;    gardan ;    sarf. 

b.  occurrence,  sar-guzasht;   ruedad;    vari- 

dat ;  vilqia  ;  m^'ra ;  h&disa.        [pahuhchna. 

to  meet  wii^  an  accident,  cbot  lagna. ;   sadma 

Acddentaly  adj.    1.  fortuitousy  saDJogl ;  akas- 

mati;   na-gahaui;   Samani;   ittif^I. 
S.  non-es9€niialy  sanjogi ;  arizi. 
aecideiUal  qualities^  khavas-i-arizl. 
Aoddentallj,  adv.  saD-jog  se ;  ittifaq  se. 
Aficlfciin,  Acclamatdon,  n.  dhann ;  afrin ;  shs- 

bash;  tabsin;  marhaba. 
Acelimatioiiy  Acclimatatijn,  n.  muafaqat-i-ftb 

0  haYa ;  paun  pam  ka  ras  ana. 
AccliYitj,  n.  charbai;  uncbai;  balandl;  irtifa. 
AccftTimiodate,  v.  a.     1.  adapt ,  ek  dhang  ikhti- 

j&r  k. ;  mu&fiq  k. ;  mutabiq  k. ;  rang  men  rang 

roilaiuL;   yaksan  k.  2.  reconcile^  mel  mtlSp 

kartui ;  safiil  yH  sulab  karSnft.  [muafiq  k. 
aecommodalU  one^$  »elf  to  the  times,  zamaue  ke 
Aecommodatioii,  n.    l.ijmee,  samai;  jagab; 

gunj&isb;  roakan ;  kamra.  2.  conveniences,  sS- 

miu ;  asbib ;  aram  kl  cbizen.  3.  adaptation, 

mel;  ek-rangi;  muafaqat;  mutabaqat. 
4.  aciiustmeni,  mel-milap  ;  safaT. 
5. 2aan,  udhar;  bath-udbar;  dasi-gardan. 
AccompaAiiiient,  n.  1.  sanjog  kaiflyat ;  lavaz- 

ma.  2.  (Jfafitf.)  Is  dene-vala;  dam-saz. 
Accompaay,  v.    1.  sang  b. ;   sStb  h. ;   aath  yS 

sang  &ua  ya  jan&;  bamrab  b.  2.  (a  song,)  a» 

d.;  dam-sazlk.;  satb  deuE;  avaz  milSna. 
ADeomplice,  n.  sbarik  ba-7aqti-jurm ;  abarlk- 

Aeoompliilif  v.  a.  1.  complete,  pura  k. ;  sampu- 

ran  k.  2.  end,  ant  ko  pabui^cbanE  ;  anjSm  d.; 

kbatam  k. ;  tamam  k.  3.  ^n,  kam-ySb  b. ; 

marid,  matlab,  y^  rnuddaa  pan&. 
4.  fufjil,  pura  k. ;  baja  lana ;  ada  k. 
Accomplithed,  adj.    1.   perfect,   punl ;   kamil ; 

lasiL  2.  elegant,  sugbar;  parbin ;  kbu8b-ad&; 

Yaxa-dar ;  mubazzab  ;  sabib-i-salTqa. 
AecompliBhmeiLt,  n.  I.  completion,  purantSi; 

nibhao ;  takmll.  2.  perfection,  kam&l ;  kama- 

liyat ;  fazTlat.    3.  attainment,  pirapti ;  kam- 

yabl;  matlab-barari ;  busul-i-muddaa. 
4.  skill,  gun;  bunar;  jaubar.  5. elegance, 

Bogbraj^;  ada;  sallqa;  tabzib;  vaza-darl. 
Accord,  ?.  n.  1.  suit,  milna;  sajnS;  muafiq  b. ; 

mutabiq  b.  2.  harmonise,  lab'  men  lab'  milaui ; 

sur  milana ;  rang  ya  dbang  mililna. 
Accord,  ▼.  a.  ban  k.;  bam!  bbaruS;  angikar  k.; 

qnbul  k. ;  manzur  k. ;  razT  b. 
Accord,  n.  1.  agreement  mel ;  milap  ;  mutaba- 
I     qat;    muafaqat;    mun&iibat.    2.  union   of 

mind,  ek-mat ;  ek-dilT ;  raza ;  ittifaq-i-ri^. 
3.  harmony,  til -mel ;  ek-suri. 
€f  his  own  accord,  ap   se ;  ap  bl  ap ;    apnl 

macBi  86 ;  kbud ;  khud-ba-kbud ;  az-kbud. 
of  one  accord,  ek-dil ;  ek-mat ;  ek-ra^. 
Aeeordanee,  n.  muUlbaqat.  See  Aocord,  1. 
ui  aeeordance  with,  according  to,  anusar ;    b»- 

m&jib;  ba-bukm;  ba-nazar;    ba-lihaz ;  ba- 

marid ;  miUlfiq ;  mut&biq  ;  basb ;  ba-qadr. 
Aecordlng  as,  jaisa  ki ;  mano ;  jann;  jis  tatiab; 

goy&.  [ya  rivaj  ke  raut&biq. 

recording  to  eutlom,  rit-anua&r ;  ba-dastur;  rasm 

according  to  him,  uske  kabne  se;  uske  nazdik ; 

uske  baiyan  se ;  uake  cjknl  se  ;  uske  raiS  ya 

nazar  men. 
according  to    order,    aggya-anusar ;    hasb-ul- 

bukm  ;  bukm-ba-mujib  ;  basb-i-fiEmnan. 
Accordingly,  adv.  is  nt  se ;  is  tarab  se;  chu- 

n&nobeb;  aifirbaz-al-qayas ;    b  bet,  k&ran, 

ya  liye ;  is  sabab  ya  ru  ge.  [rnju  h. 

Accost,  V.  a.  bolna ;  mukbbatab  kamft  ya  h.; 
AccoTUilhemeikt,  n.  jap& ;  janna. 
AccoxLCbeiir,  n.  janauiifL ;  janane-Y^a. 
Accoucheose,  n.  dai;  janai. 
Account,  n.  1.  compiitation,  ior;  shnmSr;  his&b ; 

mlzan.    2,  (rehUing  to  money),  lekba ;  bisab 

kitab ;  len  den  ya  jama  kbarcb  ka  bis&b.  3. 

nai  ration,  baman ;  sar-guzaabt ;  hal ;    kai- 
flyat ;  tafaH ;  bayan.    4.  examination,  pQcbb 

pacbh  ;    pCtchb  ;    jaficb ;    paital ;    imtib&n. 
5, sake,  advantage,  liye;     Taste;    mare; 

iibaz;  kbStir.  6.  estimation,  giuti;  baisiyat; 

.  babat ;  qadr  o  manzalat ;  rutba ;  martabah. 

7.  reason,  k£ran;bet(l;  sabob;  bais;  yajab. 

account  books,  bahl  kb&ta ;  babivan ;    bisab  ki 

kitaben.  [marrab  bisab. 

account  current,  cbalta  lekba  ya  bisab ;  roz- 
account  of  current  demands,  tauzl  bal. 
account  of  lands,  mavazlna  ;  raqba-bandi. 
account  of  outstanding  balcmces,  pana ;    b2ql 

kaifiyat ;  dain  gair-ul-vusQl. 
account  of  receipts  and  hcdanas,   bisab  jama 

yasil  baqL  [kbarcb* 

account  of  receipts  and  disbursements,  bisftb-jam& 
account  of  sales,  bikri  ka  bisab. 
an  accouiU  of  oneself,  apni  sargusasbt;   ap- 

blti;  apne  bal  kl  kaifiyat. 
cailed  to  account,  javab-talab. 
coih  account  book,  rokar-babl. 
day  or  waste  account  book,  khasrab  ;  naql  babi. 
deist  in  account,  kbarcb  men  likbna. 
give  an  account,  bisab  d. 
of  no  account,  nikamma ;  kial  karat  ka  nabiu ; 

pucb  ;  na-cbiz ;  becb ;  naqis. 
on  account  of,  bishe ;   babat;    vaste ;    is  karan 

se  ;  ba-jebat ;  ba-illat ;  ba-dalil. 
on  account  of  arrears,  ba-illat-i-b&qi. 
on  your  account,  tumbare  bisab  men ;   tumbSri 

open  an  account,  lekba  dalnE ;  bisab  kbolna. 
post  an  account,  kbata  k. 
private  account  book,  ny  babi. 
rotsgh  account,  kacbcba  bisab, 
suspense  account,  jakar  ;  alal-bis&b. 
suspense  account  book,  jSkaf  babi.  [band  k. 

to  dose  an  account,  lekba  deorha  k. ;    bisab 
to  credit  in  account,  jama  bbanUl  ya  k. ;  siyaba  k. 
to  draw  an  account,  jama  kbarcb  likbna. 
to  keep  an  account,  bisab  rakbna. 
to  plcbce  to  account,  bahl  yi  bisib  men  cbarlii- 

na ;  mabsub  k.  [saf  k. 

to  settle  an  account,   lekba   parcbba  k.;  bisab 
to  turn  to  account,  nafa  nikalua ;  nafa  utb&na. 

Account,  v.  a.  1.  esteem,  ginnft;  8amajhn&;  jft&ch-  | 

lA;  januE;  bich&r  k.;  lih&s  k.;  khay&l  k. 
2.  reckon,  giona ;  gintl  k.;  shum&r  k. 
Account,  y.  n.  give  an  account  or  reason  for, 

sababbat&na  ya  bay&n  k.;   vajah  subilt  d.; 

dalil  d. ;  asl  y&  vajah  bat&n&.  [zimme-v&r. 
Accountable,  adj.  jav&b^eh ;  q&bil-i-b&z-purs ; 
Accountant,  n.  1.  munib;  jam&  kbarch-navis; 

mahasib.  2.  hiB&b-dan, 
village  accountant,  patvSri ;  muhftsib'i^deh. 
Acconntant^neral,  'mah&sib-i-alSL 
Account  book,  bahi;  daftar  bahl;    hia&b  kl 

kitUb  ;  bajaa. 
Accounts,  n.  pL  hisilb  ;  hisab  kitlLb. 
accounts  of  revenue,  jamU  vasil  b&ql ;    hisSlb^i- 

m&l-guz&i  I.  [fard-i-his&b ;  khul&sa. 

abstract  of  accounts,  goshvarah ;  band  biB&b ; 
adjustment  of  accounts,  lekb&  parcbha ;   his&b 

chukUl;  tasftya-i-his&b. 
examine  or  audit  accounts,  babi  kh&tft  dekhnft ; 

his&b  partaln& ;  hisab  j&ncbna  y&  imtih&n  k. 
accounts  rendered,  bis&b  de  dTy&  y&  8amjhay&. 
make  up  cuicotmis,  bisab  kit&b  durust  y&  tbik  k. 
private  accounts,  nij  ka  hisab  ;  kbaugi*bis&b ; 

K&ti  bisab. 
to  settle  accounts,  lekl^  parcbha  k, ;  cbukUl  k. ; 

bisab  obuk&Qa  ;  bisab  faisal  ya  sILf  k. 
village  accounts,  j^oh  kbat&;   g&on  k&  his&b; 

written  off  the  accounts,  his&b  se  kb&rij  bu&. 
Accoutre,  v.  a.  sajana ;  banao  thauao  k. ;  vardi 

pabn^na;  &rastabk, 
AccoxLtrements,  n.  equipment,  sftj ;  s&z  o  sam&n; 

s&m&n;  bathiy&r;  asbab;  lavilama. 
Accredit,  v.  a.  mukhtar  k.;  ikhtiy&r  d,;  elcbl  k. 
accredited  agent,  mukbULr-^i-kul ;  motabar  nau- 

kar ;  politikal  afsar.  [dat ;  ilbaq ;  b&sbi)  a. 
Accretion,  n.  barbUva ;  afzQui ;  ftmad ;  2av&6- 
Accrue,  v.   d.    i.   be  added,    jupift ;  nikalnH; 

baf  bua ;  paida  h.  2.  {commercially)  basil  b.; 

nafa  h. ;  paida  h.  [amad ;  daiy&r&. 

accrued  by  alluvion,  darya  Gang-banlr  ya  bar- 
cause  of  action  accrued,  hivSA  d&viSl  paid&,  q&* 

yaw,  ya  vaqe  bu&. 
right  accrued,  baqiyat  pabu&chlyft  b&sil  hul. 
Accnmolate,  v.  a.  ikbatti  k.:  batom&:  dber 

k. ;  ek  j&  k. ;  jama  k. ;  faiUbam  k. 
Accumulation,  n.  dber;  todab  ;  amb&r. 
Accuracy,  u.  [Lat.  cura  ofure,A.,gaur  attention] 

sacbal;    sat;    kbaril-pau;   r&sti;    durustf; 

aehat ;  sadaqat.  [sablh. 

Accurate,  adj.  tbik  ;  obaukas ;  durust;   r&st; 
Accurately,  adv.  tbIk  yH  durusti  se. 
Accurae,  v.  a.  [Skr.  sardp,  H.  kos]  See  Curse. 
Accusation,  u.  dosb ;  tbuddi ;  cnbudd& ;  sbi* 

k&yat ;  ilzatn  ;  illat. 
Accusative,  u.  (Gram,)  karam-k&rak ;  mafdL 
Accuse,  V.  a.  ilzam    yft  dosb  laginft;  mulzim 

tbairani  :  kis!  illat  met.  m&kbQz  k. 

A  ccusing  the  times  is  but  excusing  ourselvei. 
Zaindne  ii  •kikditfat  apnd  bachAo, 

aeeuse  falsely,  kalank  lag&u& ;  au-dokhT  ko  dosb 

lagana;  tUfau  joyuft;  jbUtft  ilz&m  ya  tobmat 

the  person  accused,  sbakhs-i-mikbQz. 
Accuser,  n.  ilz&in  lag9ine-yala ;  muddaL 
Accustom,  V.  a.  b^u  dahi& ;  &dat  daln& ;   nem 

k. ;  mamUl  yft  dastUr  b&ndhn&. 
Accustomed,  part  adj.  kbOgar ;  m&mQli;  &dl. 
Ace,  n.    I.  (of  cards),  ikka;  ikllL    2,  (of  dice), 

pau.   3,  a  particle,  ratti ;  zarrab.       [kar&hgd, 
I  wont  bate  an  ace.  Main  rattl  bhar  bam  nahih 

Acephalous,  adj.  be-sir. 

Acerbity,  n.  tezi ;  tundl. 

Acerose,  adj.  (Bot.)  nukila;  pain%;  nok-dar. 

Ache,  D,  [A.  S.  ace,  Skr.   edsa,   H.  chls  pain] 

pir;  dukh;  Us;  cbis;  dard. 
Acuie,  y.  u,  dukhna ;  piriua ;  tisiia;  obasakna  ; 

kasakiia ;  diird  k.       [anjam  ko  pabuncbaua. 
Achieve,  y,  a.   1 .  accon^lisli,  pQra  k. ;  nib&biia ; 

2.  gain,  paua ;  paid&  k. ;  basil  k. 
Achievement,  n.  bahadurl  k^  kam ;  badl  bhari 

ya  musbkil  kara ;  nuihim ;  kar-i-numay&u. 
Achlomydeous,  adj.  (Bot.)  bar-augl. 
Achromatic,  n.  adj.  raiig-tor ;  be^rang. 
Add,  adj.  [Lat.  acidus,  H.  Ma^Jd]  sour,  chQk ; 

kha^ta;  amal;  turush.  [tez4lb. 

Acid,  u.  1.  kha(ki;  cbak;  tursbl.  2.  (Cliem,) 
Acidity,  n.  khattapan  ;  kbatas;  khatal ;  tursbL 
Acidulate,  y.  a,  kba(»(a  k. ;  kbatai  d. ;  tursb  k. 
Acknowledge,  y.  a.  [Skr.  gnd.  Per.  dan  know] 

1.  own,  manna:  qubul  k,;  iqbal  L;  manzUr 
k. ;  taslim  k«  2.  confess,  h^u  k. ;  banmi 
bbama ;  qubulria ;  iqrar  k. ;  miiqir  b.  3.  (a 
letter,  etc.)  pabuiicb  likbua ;  rasid  likhna. 

Acknowledgment,    n.    1.    confession,    baubl; 

iqb&l ;  iqr^r.  2.  cut  of  attd  talion,  mansuri ; 

qubtiliyat;    taslim.    3.    receipt,    pahuuch; 

rasid ;  qabz-ul-vusul ;  jav&b.  [u&iuah. 

acknowledgment  q/'otrn^«/a'p,dbaubpatr;taml!k- 
deed  of  acknovoledgment,  iqrar-naiuab. 
endorse  acknowledgment  of  notice,    ittila-shud 

ya  ittila-yabi  likbiia. 
Acme,  [H.  sim&,  limit]  had ;  uri^j ;  intiha. 
Aconite,  n.  bis ;  zahr. 

Acorn,  n.  bilut  ka  phal.  [k!i  ilm. 

Acoustics,  n.  shaitd  biddiya;  ilm-i*sama;  avaz 
Acquaint,  y.  a.  [Lat.  cognitus,  Skr.  jnd  know] 

jat&na ;  ag&h  k. ;  ittila  k, ;  kbabar  d. 
Acquaintance,  n,  1.  with  a  person,  jan  pahch&n ; 

ashn&I;  rauUqat ;  yaqfiyat    2.  with  persons 

or  things,  figahl ;   kbabar ;   yaqfiyat ;  rabt ; 

ilm ;  dakhl,    3.  a  personal  acquaintance,  j^n- 

pahchau  ;  ilshua ;  dost ;  sabab^alamti;   mu- 

l&qati;  yaqif-kar;  nifiq. 
Acquainted*  adj.  Hgilb;  yaqif ;  mabram;  mftlilm. 
Acquiesce,  v.  u.   mauua;   taslim  k. ;    rfizi  h. ; 

mauzur  k ;  qubal  k.  [mandl 

Acquiesence,  n,  manzQri;  razH;  raarzl;  raza- 
Acquire,  y.  a.  l.gainy  paua ;  basil  k. 

2.  attain,  kam^ua;  pr&pt  k.;  paidi  k.; 
tahblln& ;  tahsU  k. 


Acqviramdnt,  n,  \,  the  <%ct  of  acquiring ^  prftpt; 

husul ;  tahsil ;  iktis&b. 

2.  «(:iZ/,  hunar;  ilm;  liyfiqat;  isted&d. 
Acquisition,  n.    See  Acquirement. 
Acquit,  y.  a.  [A.  qata,  H.  kat  cut]    1.  absolve^ 

chhonift ;  rih&  k. ;  be-gunah  thaii^n& ;  ujlft 

manhk.;  surkh-rQk.  2.  clear  from  obligation^ 

bank.;  ban-ul-zimtnah  k.  [l^i;  bariyat. 
Acquittal,  n.  {In  law)  chhntkailL ;  rihal ;  kha- 
Acquittanca,  n.  1.  ditoharge  from  a  debt,   be- 

kAqf.     See  Acquittal 

'  2.  a  receipt,  rasid  ;  qabz-ul-vusul. 
deed  of   acqt^ance,   bharpai;  chukauti;  filr* 

khata;  farig-khati;  la-da v&;  safal-namah* 
Acre,  n.  (Cor.)  ekar ;  angrezl  bigha. 
Acrid,  adj.  [Lat.  acer,  H.ktrvd  bitter]  1.  hot  and 

biting^  ohtarpBi^ ;  jhalii;  tita.  2.  acrimonious, 

ten ;  sakht ;  tursh ;  karva ;  talkh ;  zahr. 
Aeri^ty,  n.    1.    charpar&hat ;    ohirchir&hat ; 


2.  {of  language)  turshi ;  tezi ;  tundL 
Acrimonious,  adj.  tez.    See  Acrid. 
Acrimony,  n.    See  Acridity,  2. 
Acrobat,  n.  nat. 

Aerjss,  prep,  and  adv.  1.  croasu^ise,  H^S ;  bain- 
da;  tirchh&.  2.  over,  ar-par;   par;  var-p&r. 

to  go  across,  p^  bona  ya  jana ;  par  utam& ; 
daryil-pSir  h. ;  parle  par  jan&. 

Act,  V.  n.  [Lat.  actus  done,  Per.  kardan,  Skr.  krl, 
ti.kafdo.]  l.bein  action,  kam&;  kam  k.; 
harakat  k.;  mutaharrik  b.  2.  perform 
functions,  apna  kEm  k.  3.  produce  effects, 
gun  k. ;  biyapna ;  k&r-gar  b. ;  asar  k. 

Act)  ▼.  a.  I,  do,  karna ;  baja  lana ;  barakat  k. ; 
amal  men  lan&.  2.  represent,  swang  banan& 
yi  bbama ;  rtip  dikbana ;  naql  k. 

3.  perform  an  office,  kam  d. ;  karna. 
actjudidal/y,  bar  siir-i-ijlas  tajviz  k.  [takmil  k. 
aett^  to,  nibllhn& ;    kar-band  b. ;   anj&m  d. ; 
tottct  ina  case,  muqadme  ki  pairavi  k. 

to  act  upon,  lagna ;  kar-gar  b. ;  muassir  b. 

Act,n.  1.  deed,  kam;  kaj ;  kartat;  kami; 
kiriyi ;  kartab ;  kar ;  amal ;  fel.  2.  a  law, 
ua ;  qanUn ;  ekat.  3.  a  flay,  chauk ;  suafig 
jk  naqal  ka  bissa.  4.  {In  law)  d^va ;  qaziyab. 
5.  readiness,  amadagi ;  taiyari ;  kamar-bandL 
He  WM  in  cLctio  strike.  Woh  mdmt  ho  (h&, 

eut  of  faith.    See  Auto  da  fe.  [ballL 

od  of  Ood  (Law)  afat-i-arzi  o  samavl;  az-gaibi 
Aeti,  n.  kar ;  kar-ravai ;  amal. 
acts  done  in  a  cause,   tadbirat  aur  nayisbt  o 

adsoffke ^ipo^^fyam'tl-i-bavarL  [{Cor) ektang. 
Acting,  adj.   {in  a  post)  q&yam-maqaml;  evzi; 
Actinism,  sUraj  kl  kimon  k&  gun  ya  asar. 
Actinometer,  n.  kiran*n&p. 
Action,  n.  1.  a  deed,  fel.  See  Act,  1.  2.  opp.  of 

rmt,  ohAl ;  harakat.  8.  incidence,  cbot ;  asar; 

sadmah;  h&dsab.  4.  a  battle,  la^ ai.  See  Battle. 
to  he  slain  in  aeUon,   lar&i   men   m&ra  jftna ; 

kbat  rahna ;  klm  &n&.  5.  gesticulation,  bbllo ; 

nirat;  ad&.  6.  series  of  events  represented, 

lag&tar  birt&nt ;  silsilev&r  m&jril. 

7.  {Law)  dava  ;  muqaddamab ;  nSlisb. 
action  against  one,  nalish   ful&ne  par ;  nalish 

action  in  favor  or  on  the  part  of  one,  n&lish  yi 

dava  az  tarf-ifuUn,  ya«fulane  ke  nEm  y& 

taraf  se.  [mu^mlagl. 

an  unprincipled  action,  kliota  mu&malah;  bad- 
cause  or  ground  of  action,  binae  ya  mad&r-i- 

dava;  vajab-i-nalish. 
civil  action,  muqaddama-i-divanL 
criminal  action,  muqaddama-i-faujdarl. 
personal  action,  n^lisb-i-zStu 
subject  or  subject  mntterofthe  action,  sbaS  divi. 
Actionable,  adj.  saza-talab ;  adalati;  n&lish  ke 

layaq ;  nalisb  dajar  kame  ke  q&bil. 
Active,  adj.  1.  the  potoer  or  quality,  karta ;  ftil. 

2.  causing  (hange,  miitabaddil.  3.  pro- 
ducing motion,  barakat  dene-v&la.  4,  (opera- 
tive, kar-gar ;  guni ;  muassir.  5.  constantly 
acting,  energetic,  kam-kaja ;  sar-garm ;  meh- 
nat-pasand;  mebnat-kash;  mehnati;  mas- 
ruf ;  masbgQl.  6.  brisk,  phurtTla ;  cbarpaiil ; 
tez  ;  ohalak.  7.  practical,  bart&Q ;  baratne- 
jog;  karne-jog;  mutaalliq-i-kar  bir;  iste- 
mali;  amalL  ^.  {Gram.)  transitive  {verb) 
sakarmak;  mutaaddl  9.  {Med.)  turat  dauf ne- 
vall ;  tez  ;  sarl-ul-asar ;  sari-ut-taslr. 

Actively,  adv.  phurti  se ;  jaldl ;  tez. 
Activity,  n.  1.  quickness,  pburti ;  turat  phurat ; 

ten,    2.   motion,  cb^l ;  barakat ;  barakat-i- 

jismani  y&  ruh&nl ;  masbq. 
Actor,  n.  1.  a  doer,  karta ;  karvaiya;  kame-v&la; 

&mil;faiL  2.  player,   bhand;  su&ng!;    s&n- 

git;  naqqal. 
Actress,  n.  bbandnl ;  naqqalan.  [asl. 

Actual,  adj.  yathSrth ;    viqai ;    haqTql ;    asli ; 
Actually,  adv.  haqfqat  men ;    asal  men ;   dar- 

asal ;  fil-vaq^  dar-baqiqat. 
Actuary,  n.jan-blma  lagan e-val^  [angekhtah  k. 
Actuate,  v.  a.  uksana ;  tabrik  k. ;  bais  b. ;  bar- 
Acumen,  n.  b^rik-bini;  tez-fabml;  daqiqa-rasl; 

firasat;  zak&vat. 
Acuminate,  adj.  {Bot.)  nok-dSr. 
Acupuncture,  n.  [Lat  acus,  H.  «in  needle;  Lat. 

punetura,  H.  pdchhncl  pricking],  pacbbn&;  sUI 

cbubbon^l;  godn^;  bbonkn&. 
Acute,  adj.  1.  sharp,  paini;  tikbl;  tlkhsban ; 

dhSU'-dar;  tez.  2.  {Geom)  nukili;  cbonch-d&r. 

3.  penetrating,  ohatur;  tez-fahm;  hoshiyar. 
acute  angle,  sukra  kona ;  ziviya-i-hadda. 
acute-angled  triangle,  sukf e  kone  k^  tikhUAt ; 

musallas  hadd-uz-zaviyah.,  [bimari;  hidda. 
acute  disease,  there  din  ka  rog  ;  sakht  ya  shurU 
acute  pain,  sakht  dard. 

acutely  crenelled  (Bot.)  nukl1&  go1-kat!L     [tezT. 
Aouteness,  n.  1.  sharpness,  dhar;   pain^pan; 

2.  penetration,  pahunch ;  tezI ;  tez-fahml ; 
rasii;  zakavat. 

3.  {ofadise<ue)kMhi;  sakhtl:  shiddat. 

Adage,  n.  [Lat.  adagium  from  agere  to  lead, 
H.  agvdni  guide]  kahavat ;  masal ;  maqulah. 
Adagio,  XL  (Mua.)  dhim!  tal. 
Adamantine,    adj.    hire    sa   sakht;    almSsi; 

bahut  h!  sakht  y&  kar&. 
Adam*fl  apple,  n.  kanth. 
Adapt,  7.  a.  ek  mel  kk  k. ;  miULna ;  samtul  k.; 

vaisa  hi  karnft  ya  banaua ;  muafiq  k. 
Adaptation,    n.    mel;     sanjog;     muafaqat; 


Add,  y.  a.  [Lat.  dare,  Skr.  dd,  H.   dend,  Per. 

dddan  to    give]    1.  joiriy  jorna;    mil&aft; 

lag&D&.  2.  ( Artth.)  jorna ;  jama  k.         [Prov. 

Add  little  to  a  little  and  it  will  be  a  great  heap. 

Phaion  phiUoh  kar-ke  tdldb  bhartd  hoi,    Pro?. 

{Andak  andak  mtihavad  bity&r.    Per.) 

Adder,  n.  sanp ;  sarp.  [&dl. 

Addicted,  p.  p.   latija ;     dhatiya ;    kha-gar ; 

Addicted  to  gambling.    Jui  kd  dhoHyd. 
Addition,  n.  1.  increcue,  ^or ;  barhotrl;  beahi; 
iz&d  ;  taufir ;  izafah ;  ilhaq. 
2.  (Arith.)  jor ;  jama ;  miz&n. 
Compound  tuldition,  Jamd  murakkab  ;  miJLxdh  jor. 

in  addition  to,   QprI ;  sath ;  balai ;  siva ;  ma^. 

Additional,  adj.  adhik;  ziyadah;  faltQjsiva; 
msizld.  [taufir;  afzaish. 

Additians,  n.   beshi ;    Izad ;     izafah  ;    fazil ; 

Addled,  p.  p.  ganda ;  khaki. 

An  addled  egg.     Oanda  andd, 

addle-headed,  addle-pated,  thos  ;  matth&;  kund. 

Address,  V.  a.  1.  (one^(^  ^o)  lagaaa ;  dhiy&n, 
chit,  y&  man  lagaua  ya  d. ;  mayal  h. ;  mut- 
Tajjah  h. ;  ruju  h.  2.  speak,  bolua ;  kahna ; 
mukhatib  h.  3.  direct,  as  a  letter,  pata  y&  nam 
likhnE ;  liHtfah  likhna. 

Address,  n.  1.  speech,  guzarish;  sipas-namah ; 
darkhuaat;  bayaa  ;  taqrir;  vaz.  2.  (of  a  per- 
son or  on  a  letter,)  thikana ;  nam  o  nish&n ; 
patah  ;  sarnamah ;  nam  o  nishan.  3.  title, 
laqab ;  khitab.  4.  courtship,  mangnl ;  chah 
jatana.  5,  manner,  dhang;  uthna  baithna; 
nishast  o  barkhast ;  vaza ;  saliqah. 

A  man  of  pleasing  address.  Khush-vaza  ddml, 

6.  «l;i//,  jugat;bar-jastagI;amadagT;  mustaidi. 
address  and  management,  chustl  aur  hikmat-i- 

amali.  [na ;  bayan  k. 

Addnce,  v.  a.  age  lanE  ;  lan&  ;  pesh  k.;  guzran- 

Adduce  an  argument.     Dalil  land  yd  pcsh  k. 

Adept,  n.  [Lat.  apisci  to   pursue,   Skr.  ap   to 

obtain,]  nstad;  hunar-mand ;  kirigar;  fizil. 
Adept,  adj.  pur& ;  ghuta  hua ;  pakka ;  pukhtah; 

mustaid;  fazil;  kar-azmudah;  tajruba-kar; 

kamil ;  mazbut ;  mahir. 
Adequate,  adj.  barabar ;    saman;   jog;    k&ft; 

l&yaq;  mut§.biq;  mu&fiq. 
to  be  adequate,  k&fi  ya  thik  h. 
Adeqaat3ly,  adv.  pura ;   thik ;  jaisa  oh&hiye ; 

munasib  taur  pe. 
Adhere,  v.  d.  1.  stick  to,  aainK:  chipaknft;  chi- 

patn&;    chimatua;    lipatni;    la^    rahna; 

jurua.    2.  (to  a  person,  party,   or  opinion) 

p&band  ya  qayam  rahna ;  Bibit-qadam  rah- 

n&;  mazbnt  y&  pakk&  rahn&;     mustaqil 

Adherence,   n.  tenacity,  fidelity,  dhlrta^  qa- 

y &m ;    istehk&m ;    istiqial ;    istiqamat ;   sa- 

bit-qadml ;  vafll-darL 
Adherent,  adj.  satht ;  sanghi ;  ligil ;    hainra- 

hi;  taraf-d&r;  rafiq. 
Adhesion,  n.  1.  (of  things)   chipUu);  chimat; 

chipak ;  lagao.    2,  (to  a  cause,  scheme,  etc,) 

pabandl;  iqrar;  manzdrl;  ittefaq. 
Adhesive,  adj.    laslasa;    chipohif^;  las-dar; 

luab-dar ;  chep-d&r. 
Adien,  intj.  Ram  R&m ;  jae  Ganesh ;  sidh  karo ; 

Khuda  hafiz ;  fi-aman-illah ;  Allah  bell. 
to  hid  adieu,  rukbsat  h. ;  sidharna. 
Adien,  n.  namsLS-kar ;    pal&gan ;    Ram   Ram ; 

bandgi ;  sal&m  alaikum. 
Ad  interim,  ady.  itne  men ;  is  asnl  men ;  dar- 

Ih-vila  ;  itne  arse  men. 
Adit,  n.  [Lat.  adire,  Skr.  r%  to  flow,  Per.  ran 

go,]  nail ;  bamb& ;  morl. 
Adjacent,   adj.   pas;    dhore;     nikat;     nere; 

mulhiq;  mulsiq;  qarib ;  muttasil. 
A^jectiyal,  adj.  gun-bachak;  sifati;  sifHtiyah. 
Adjective,  n.  (Gram.)  bishoshan ;  gun-bachak ; 

sifat.  [^ifat  mausu£ 

an  adjective  with  its  noun,  bisesb  bisbeshan  ; 
Adjoin,  v.n.  [Lat.  Jiin^po,  Skr.  yug,  H.  jor  join] 

jurn&;  juta  h.;  laga  h.  ;   milna;   paivastah 

h. ;  muttasil  h. ;  mulhiq  h.  • 

A^jonrn,  v.  a.  multavl  rakhna.     [rozah  ;  tatiL 
Acyonrnment,  n.  chhutti;  telam;  iltivae  chand- 
adjournment  of  the  court,  barkhastagl-i-adalat. 
Adjudge,  V.  a.  thairanil ;   qarar  d. ;   tajviz  k. ; 

tasflyah  k. ;  faisal  k. ;  hukm  d. ;    fatva  d. ; 

digrl  k. 
adjudge  possession,  qabzah  dilana.       [Adjudge. 
Abjudicate,  v.  a.  nabera  k. ;    tajviz  k.     See 
Abjudication,  n.[taj  viz ;  faislah ;  uabefa ;  nim- 

tera ;  tasfiya. 
Ac(junct,  n.  izafah.     Sco  Addition,  1. 
Abjure,  V.  a.  saugand,  sGn,  kiriya,   ya  qasam 

dena  y&  khilana. 
Adjust,  V.  a.    1.  regulate,  sudbarna;  sarijana; 

tartib    k. ;    qariue   se   lagaua  ya   dharua ; 

Banvama ;  thik  k.     2.  adapt,  q.  y. 

3.  settle,  manaua ;  mil&tia  ;    safal,    sulah, 

ya  milap  karvana ;  rafa  k. ;  razi  k. 
AcUusted,  adj.   1.  arranged,  sijal  hua;  murat- 

tab.     2.  decided,  faisal   hua ;  tasfiyah   hua. 
Z,  settled,    chuka   hua;  nibta  hua;    pak 

hua  ;  saf  hua  ;  qata  hua. 
Adjustment,  n.  tasflyah ;  safal ;  faislah. 
adjustment  of  account,  tasfiya-i-hisab. 
adjustment  of  arrears,  infisal-i-baqaya. 
adjustment  of  rents,  tasfiyah-i-lagan. 
adjustment  of  shares  payable,  aiik-bandi. 
amicable  adjustment,  apas  ka  tasfiyah ;  bah  am 

rafadUd ;  panchaetl  faisla. 
AcQutant,  n.  \.  an  officer,  (Cor.)  Ajltan. 
2.  the  bird,  garur ;  khagesh ;  hargila. 



AdminiBter,  v.  a.  1.  manaffe,  intizara  k.;  bando 

bast  1l  2.  ffivey  dena;  pahunchana;  bakhshna. 
admitiuier  an  oath,   balaf  ya    saugaud    d. ; 

GaDgil-jall  utbvaua. 
adadnisUr  juitice,  dad  d. ;  adalat  k. ;  insaf  k. ; 

haq  k. ;  nijao  karna  ya  cbukana. 
adwumster  medicine,  dava  dcua ;  ilaj  k. 
administer  the  law,  qaiian  par   tamll   k. ;  nitl 

anOkul  k. ;  mansha^  qauiin  nafiz  k. 
administer    the  Siicramenij  1.  parsad    baDtna; 

tabamik  taqslm  k.  2.  manage,  sar-barahi  k. ; 

kir-ravai  k. ;  intezam  k. 
administer  as  an  agent,  mukhtari  k. 
Adndiiistratidii,  n.  1.  management,  band  o  bast; 

dar  o  glr ;  intezam ;  nazm  o  nasq  ;  ehtimam. 
2.  government,  raj  ;  hukm-raul ;  amal-darl; 

bokiimat ;  saltanat.      3.   executorsliip,  kar-i- 

▼asL    4.  (of  an   estate)   adbkar ;    sarbariLh- 

kari;  ebtim&m;insiram;  taullyat;  val&yat. 
administration  of  justice,  adalat  k. ;  muqad- 

dama  k. ;  nisfat-sheari ;  adl-gustari. 
administration  paper,   band  o  bast   ka   kagaz  ; 

iqr&r-namah-i-band  o  bast ;  kagaz-i-debi. 
rigorous    administration,    dusb-sh&saD ;  sakht- 

glri;  kar&  raj  ;   sakbt  iutez&m  y a  amal-darl. 
AdministratiTe,  adj.  amall ;  iutezaml. 
AdminlatratoT,  n.    kar-kun;     sar-barab-kar ; 

sarbarilb  ;  munsarim ;  mnntazim. 
administrator  to  a  toill,  vasl. 
administrator  of  justice,  hakim-i-adalat. 
Admirable,   adj.   bahut  hi   achchha;    umda; 

khub;   sarahnegog;  tarif  ke  qabil;  qabil-i- 

Admirably,  adv.  achchbi  tarah  se ;    khasi  ya 

kbub  tarah  se ;  khubl  ke  sath ;   umda  taur 

kiimWstlj  n.  [Lat  admiraldus,  Fr.  amircU ;  A. 

amIr-ttZ-6aAr]  amlr-ul-bahr;  jahazi  sipah-salar. 
Adaiiralty,  n.  amir-ul-bahrl.  [taajjub. 

Admiration,  n.  achraj  ;   &shchaij  ;  achamba ; 
Admire,  v.  a.  1.  regard  with  wonder,  achraj  k. ; 

achambhah.;    mutaajjib  h. ;    taajjub  k. 
%,  prize  Jughly,  sarabna ;  afrin  k. ;  tarIf  k. ; 

tahsin  k. 
Admirer,  n.  1.  one  who  admires,  sanehi;  sarahne- 

Tala  ;    tarif  karne-vila.    2.  a  lover,  ch&hne- 

▼ala;  lattu;  fareftah;  yar;  ashiq. 
Admissibility,  n.  qabliyat-i-mcoizuri  ya  samaat. 
Admissible,  adj.  1.  that  may  he  admitted,  qabil- 

i-manzurl,  samaat,  ya  sunval.    2.  allowable, 

parmani ;  rava ;  mubab ;  jayaz ;  vajib.  8,  that 

mag  be  accepted,  qabil  taslim  jK  pizlral. 
admissible  ^to   the  toomens  apartments,  midi- 

ram ;  apne  ghar-ke  (the  brothers  and  other 

rdataves  and  their  dependants). 
Admission,  n.   admittance,   paith;    bar-y&bl; 

b&r;  guzar;  {access)  rasill;  pahooch;  rasid; 

(roocA)  dakhl-yftbi ;  dakhL 
edmissian  fee,  fis-i-dilkhlak 
aimissiost  money,  bhet ;  zar-i-bSry&bi ;  nazar; 

bhet-poja;  nazrin&;  zar-i-madakhlat. 

Admit,  V.  a.  1.  let  in,  ane  d. ;  paithne  d. ; 
dakhl  d. ;  dakjiil  k.  2.  allow,  aggiya  d.; 
parvangi  d. ;  ijazat  d.;  hukm  d. 

3.  receive  as  true,  m&nna;  sah!  qarar  d.; 
taslim   k. ;   jayaz  rakhna ;    rava    rakhna ; 

anglkar  k. 

4.  afUrm  or  confess  to,  ban  k. ;  iqrar  k. ; 
muqir  h.;  iqbal  k.;  qubQl  k.;  qubuluii; 
motarif  h.  [maqbulah. 

the  thing  admitted,   mana  hua ;  iqriUr-shudah  ; 
Admixture,  [Lat.  misceo,   Skr.  mishr  to  mix] 

milaunl;  mel;  amezish. 
Admonish,  v.  a.  samjhana;  kan  kholn&;  jat&- 

na;  siksha  d.;    fahmayash  k. ;  tanbih  k. ; 

naslhat  k. ;  mutauabbeh  k. 
Admonisher,  n.  slkshft  kame-valU ;  naseh. 
Admonition,    n.    siksha;     sIkh    fahmayash; 

Admonitory,  adj.  sarojhavni;  fahmayashi. 
Ado,   n.    1.   trouble,   dardsari ;  jabr ;    takllf; 

tasdla ;    diqqat.    2.    bustle,   bakhera ;    jha- 

mela;    khatrag;    khatkhata;     thakthaka; 

jhagra ;  titamba. 

Much  fido  about  nothing.    Nd-haq  h,  tattibah 
tUld,     Bin  mart  H  taubdh  dlidt, 


with  much  ado,  ban  diqqat   se ;  beran   ber&n 

kar-ke. ;    Khuda    Khuda    ya    Kam    R&m 

Adolescence,  n.  kishor>avasth^  [kam-siu. 

Adolescent,  adj.    kishor;    na-bMig;    sagir-sin, 
Adonii,  n.   {of  the    East)  (Hin.)   Kanhalya ; 

(Mah.)  Yusuf. 
Adopt,  y.  a.  receive  as  one^s  own,  apna  k.;  manna; 

pasand  k. ;  ikhtiyar  k. ;  dharan   k. ;  grahn 

k. ;  mauzur  k.  [  taslim  k. ;  anglkar  k. ;  2. 

(a  child)  god  lena ;  le-palak  k. ;  biryau  lena; 

beta  kar  lena  ya  banana ;  mutabann^  k. 
adopted  by  eunuchs,  bachkana ;  launda. 
adopted  by    a    prostitute,    nauchi;     chhokri; 

adopted  clUld,  palak-putr;    le-palak;  dharam- 

putr;  pus-putr;  pisar-i-khu^dah. 
adopted  faiher,  dharam  ka  bap. 
Adoption,  n.    \,  the  act,   m&uta;    angik&r ; 

ikhtiyar  ;    dharan  ;  taslim. 
2.  tlie  state,  god ;  tabniyat. 
Adoptive,  adj.    1.   le-palak;    god   liya   hui; 

mutabanna.  2.  god  lene-vala ;  mutabannl. 
Adorable,    adj.    puj&jog ;    pujnie;    v&jib-ut- 

tsizim  ;  qabil-i-parastish ;  pujjia. 
Adoration,  n.  puja;  pujil  pat;     fohakU;    pujH 

pattri;  parastish;  bandagi;  ibadat 
Adora,  v.  a.  pdjnH;  parastish  k.;  sijda  k. 
Adorer,  n.  1.  worshipper,  pujarl;  bhakt;  abid. 

2.  admirer,  ashiq ;  chalme-y&la. 
Adorn,  y.  a.  sing&m& ;  sajana;  arUish  k. ;  banao 

k. ;  ban!lo  thau&o  k. ;  tip  tip  k. ;  tim  Um  k. ; 

arastah  k.;  zinat  d.;  i^b  d.;  miizaiyan  k. 

At  church  with  meek  and  unaffected  grace 
Hia  looka  ^ydsmed  the  veoerable  place. 


Mmhinkjag<Ji  koditebm$  Ujd  mi, 
adorn  one^Ki/f  tin^  k«;  cbhsb  Utkbtl  banioi. 
Adonunent,  n.singir;  batiio;  aajiTat;  banio 

thanio ;  na^ ;  zeh ;  sebiiah ;  dnat ;  IdUta^ 
Aitofeiilatiaiiy  a.  {Boe.)}of;  patFan<L 
Adown,  adv.  niebe ;  zamlii  ji  dharti  par* 
Adrift^  adr.  bahte  hoe;  bhaiil  ji& 
^  turn  adrift^  nikll  d ;  dOr  k. 
Adroit,  adj.  [Lat.  dirtdm^  Per.  darwd.] 

phnrtllJl;      dbOrt;    nipim;    chibak-daai ; 

ehilik;  mtuttaid. 
AdlJitty,  adv.  pbarti  ji  cbnstl  ae ;  ehiliki  se. 
AdrMtnatf,  d.  phurti;  chibuk-daati;chlbakl; 

ebiliki  o  cbuatl ;  muataidL 
Adnlatiaii,  n.  lallo  patto ;  baffam ;   ebiplM ; 

kbaablmad ;  iBvcMn  par  chafhini;  raagan-i- 

qiz  malni ;  chiknl  cbnpri  hsieh. 
Adult,  adj.  sij  iDi ;  javio ;  bilig. 
Adult,  n.   1  a  gnnonrup  permm,  tamn ;  jav&n 

idml;  YMg,    2,   (Law)  cbandab  bania  ki 

la^rki  aar  bftrab  baraa  kl  lafkL 
Adulterate,  t.  a.  milini;  milaonl  k;  bigtpift; 

khot  miliiil ;   ioieziah  k. ;    millo  kar  d. ; 

khariU)  \l,  [W  ;  imeziah ; 

Adiilterati0ii,  n.  mil&o ;  milaanl ;  khot ;  kho- 
Adulterer,  il  istrf-g&ml ;    bad-kir ;   utA-lOr ; 

bartm-k&r;  flljir;  z&ul;  flaiq* 
Adnltereif ,  n.   chbioll;  bibh-ch&rf;  bad-kir; 

harilman ;  Djirah  ;  z&niyab  ;  filhUhah. 
Adulterine,  n.  (Z<itr)  barim  kijani;  haiilml; 

ku-blj;  nutfah'i'barilni.  [fllbisba. 

Adalteroos,  adj.   chbini^;  chhiii&l;  bad-k&r; 
Adalterj,  n.  chhiu&l& ;  cb&m-chorl ;  jiri ;  jir- 

karm;  zini-kirl;  harftm-kirl;  har&m;   fiaq 

o  ftijQr;  fel-i-abanla ;  sinl. 
puniihrnent  of  aduU^y,  {Uin.  Law)  j&r-karm 

dand,  09  n&k  choti  kl(ui ;  n&k-k&tni ',  (Mah» 

Law)  rajm;  sazifi  zini.  (jirl,  yi  baram-k&rl  k. 
to  commit  adultery,   btbh-cbiil  k. ;  chhiniUL, 
AdnmbratioB,  parchhain ;  aijab ;  pritlbimb. 
AdTaace,  v.  a.  L  to  brinj  forward^  &ge  Un&  yi 

rakhn& ;  pesh  k. ;  dar-pesh  k. ;  arz  k. ;  izliir 

k. ;  aal&li   d. ;  tajrlz  bithlani  yi  (hair&n&. 

2.  forward,  ba^hitii;  sudhim^;  taraqql  d. 

3.  exalt,  padvl  d. ;  sar-fariz  k. ;  darjft  yi 
martabah  liafh&tii;  rnumtaz  k.  i.  enhance, 
ma&hgil  k. ;  bafh&iii;  ziy&dah  k« ;  Izid  k. ; 
qlmat  y&mol  ba^hinft ;  bhiobafbin^,  i.iupply 
beforehand,  peshgl  y&  agaufl  d. ;  pahle  d. 

advance  of  seed  and  food,  bij  khSd. 

in  advance,  ag&Q ;  ponbgL 

Advance,  v.  n.  1 .  j^roceed,  &ge  &n&,  ba^hni,  y& 
hon& ;  qadam  ba^ hiii&.  3.  progrea,  barhni  ; 
nikalni ;  8udharu& ;  taraqql  p&ni.  3.  riee 
in  rank,  martabah  y&  ohda  ba^hni  ;  taraqqi 
h. ;  dAcbi  yi  &)&  darj&  yft  padvi  pinft 

Advance,  n.  1.  going  forward,  ba^h^;  agvai; 
penh-qadmT ;  agw&ni;  irtiqbal.  2.  xncreaw, 
bafhotrl;  cha^hauti;  bidh&;  beshi;  izdiy^  ; 
tauflr.    3.  improvement,   barhotri;    sudh&r; 

•a^Yir ;  ialih ;  taraqqi  4.  tender^  tsTajjoh  ; 
mailio-i-kiii/ir;  nigbat  5.  (of  aioiMjr),  agafi 
mpatya;  ULr-i-^pethgi ;  didasL 

io  be  in  a/lvanee  of  the  age,  zaxniiie  ae  ige  ha^ 
jioi ;  haio-aaarod  ne  khajilat  meh  barh  fiv^ 

aihaneed  in  yean,    boddhft;  pakki4ifta;  noir- 
raaidah  ;  mnaiii ;  am-raaidah ;  dinon  kft  paim. 


peabvi;  luutvid;  i^e  kl&iij. 

to  go  in  adoanee,  ige  jioi ;  barh  ^jknSL 

AiwaacaoMBnt,  n.  promotion,  ear-fitfia ;    bar- 
ter! ;  taraqqL  See  AdTaoee.  [taqiYL 

Adrancei,  n.   peahip;  zar-i«peahg^ ;    didjiiii; 

advances  for  dMnrsement,  kbarch. 

advances  for  purchase  of  produce,  badni  ka 
mpaya;  zar-i-dadoL 

advances  iff  agrieuUurists,  agifl  ;  aganff ;  taqiT?. 

advances     to     ploughmen      without     interest, 
bhit;  khid. 

Adfaatage,  n.  I.  vuperioriiy,    chaihtl ;  ba^ ; 

fiwqiyat;  galbah.  2.  favor  Ms  stoic,  bhaU 

aoaar  ;  acbchha  mauqa ;  afirat  mnfid-i-mat- 

lab.  3.  opportunity,  dikm;  £^t;  autar;  ^ba ; 

furaat;  maaqa;  vaqt.  [Shakes. 

Qiwe  me  adTutege  of  some  brief  diieoone ! 
Mt^he  kuekh  guftu^it  kd  mawqa  miUf 

4.  betufU,  arth;  guo;  pbal ;  la£dah ;  samra. 

5.  profit,  llbh ;  pirapt ;  yift ;  paida ;  hisil ; 
htutol;  nafia.  6.  overplus^  barhU;  opri;  beabl. 

to  have  the    advantage,   jftna ;  aar««abz    b. ; 

g&Ub  ini.  [phal  p&na ;  mnatafld  h. 

to  reap  advantage,  l^h   ya    fiLedah    uthana; 
to  take  advantage  of,    fUSdah   nthana ;  mauqa 

plni ;  dion,  ghat,  ya  qibu  chalna. 
Adrantaf^eons,  a<lj.  aa-phal ;  phal-dayak  ;  (ae- 

dah-mand ;  sud-mand ;  mufld. 
AdTantageously,  adv.  fa^de  Be. 
Advent,  n.  imad. 

Advent  of  *  DCTine  roewenger.    Nabi  let  ant  H 
boMkAnU;    KkabrUAmad-i-rutil. 

AdTOntitLms,  adj.  sanjogf;  arizi;  ittifaql 
AdTentnre,  n.  j&n-jokhoa;  aar-guzasbt ;  majra ; 

Yiqa;  muhim. 
Adventiirs,  v.  a.  jokhna  men  dalna ;  jan  jhok- 

na  ;  jurat  ya  himmat  k. ;  jaa  par  kheln^ 
AdTentnrer,  n.  jiA-baz ;  sar-baz ;  jodha. 
Adyentnrous,  adj.  sarma ;  siir  bir  ;  dil  gurde- 

YlVk;    dil-Yala;     dil-chala;    himmat-val&; 

diler;  diliyar;   jan-baz;    javan-mard;    ul- 

nl-azm*  [taba-i-feh 

AdTerb,  n.  kiriya  bisheshan ;   mutaalliq-i-fel; 
Adverbial,  adj.  mutaalliq  fel  ke. 
AdTeriary,n.[LAt.  ctvertere  to  turn,  H. u/otnd 

turn  up]  birodhl ;  badi ;  dushman ;  mukha- 

lif;  harif;  mukhisusim  ;  muqabil ;  arne-vala ; 

badi  priti  badi.  [bar-khilaf ;  na-muafiq. 

AdTOrid,  adj.  l.contrart/,  ulta;  birudh;  baraks; 
Adverse  winds.     UUi  kavd  ;  bAd-i-mukkalif, 
2.    inimical,     bad-audesh ;     bad-khuah ; 

n^ukhalif.  3.  ca^9niV/n/«,  ahhag\ ;  nir-bhagi; 

daridan;  kam-bakht;  bad-bakht;  bad-nasJb. 


adetrit  dreiofulaiuei, 

biiri  bUat;  phttt«  yi  tQte  bal. 
adverte  fortune,  ulU-naalb  ;  abhig ;  ultl  ghari ; 
bur&  iitirii;  kftiu-bnkhti ;  bad-qismati ;  bad- 
nasTbl  \  vazuui-i-tala ;  idbar. 
adtru  fxtrly,  ripii-paksh  ;  tAraf-i-e&DL 
Adveriitf ,  n.  bipt&;  bad-bakhtt;  kam-bakhtl; 
i£t,t ;  muBibAt ;  idbar  ;  DuhOsat. 

AdttrtUf  SatUn  no  iokti.    Frov.     BiptS  ti  hd 

taikl  MdUii.  (Tba  unEorCunata  have  ao  frisDcU). 

Adcenitji  makes  ■  man  wiaa,  aoC  lich.      Pro*. 

B^ti  K  ggiii  iarkt,  na  dhan.  [naasr  k. 

Advort,  V.  n.  dbij&n  dena;  tavajjob,  lib&i,  ya 
Adrertenco,  AdTertaacy,  n.  dbiya,n  ;  tavajjob  ; 
lihia  ;  Dozar ;  riftyat ;  pas.  [ba-kbiynt. 

iMt&  adoerUnee,    ba-lib&z  ;  ba-nazar ;  ba-pas ; 
AdTnttM,  T.  a.  park&sb  Ic. ;  chbapvaoi ;  ma- 
nidl  k. ;  musbtabar  k. ;  iebtehlr  d. ;  sbSyK 
k.;  phaiUnK;  masbhflr  k.      [tabara-i-nilam, 
adtertited  for  taU,  nilam  par  obai'blyi  ;  muab- 
AdnrtumiBiit,  n.  isbtebar  ;  el^u ;  elftm. 
AdnrtiMT,  n.  Uhtibir-u^mab  ;  isbtib&r. 
Adrioe,  n.  [Lat  videre,  Skr.  driihl.  Per.  didan 
to  see.]  maahvarah ;  aal&b ;  maslabat. 

If  jail  iruli  for  good  adtiet  conault  hi   old 

nun.  pruT. 

AdtdMnatjoehUiohadllttptehKnnjIlo.  Vrov. 

When  a  thing  1«  dons  advic4  oomes  too  IMo. 

ProT.  ffoal  t/d  to  kaekuil,  nth  kart$aAtlyAt 

al«Mr^aefi>we,  san^biriohittbi;  ittiUlcbit- 

thi.  [nuib. 

A^ViuMfl,  adj.  uobit ;  qarin-i-maalabat ;    mu- 
AdviM)  T>  a.    1.  eavnttl,  samjbSuii;    aalih  d. ; 

natlhatk.;  mashvarabd.  2.  in/orm,  Bam&cbSr 

bhejn& ;  ittil&  k, ;  khabar  d. 
Adrisedly,  adr.  Bocb  bicliSr  j&  samnjh   bujh 

kar-ke  ;     j&aob-ka ;    bichilr  purbak  ;    gaur 

kar-ke ;  gul&h  kar-ke. 
Adliser,  q.  mautri;  updaabT;  salib-^r;  aaliib 

dOBe-v&U ;  maahlr ;  niaeb.  [bad-galah'kiir. 
tvii' adoiirr,  ku-mantri;  biirJaalibdene-vala; 
legal aduittr,  mniihtiTi  va^i];  lartimlah.  [kalat. 
kAjOOMXj,  n.  javibJibl;  aav&l  o  javab;  wo- 
Advoeate,  r.  a.  ta,vt\  a  jav&b  k. ;  vak&lat  k. 
AdToeat«,   n.   [Lat.   voco  call,  Skr.    ixtk  to 

ipeak]  mukht&r :  vakil. 
judye  advocate,  sarkari  vakil. 
Adn,  n.  basJlla ;  kulh&rl;  teahab. 
Aenta,  v.  a.  havil  bhami;  hava  se  bharoL 
Amtod,  adj.  bava  ae  bbari  bujL 
aavtad  t»ater,  uriya-hui  pinL 
AarUI,  adj.  akash'l ;  bavtU. 
aerial  being*,  alam-i-jinDit ;  makhlQq-i-haTU. 
Anitf,  T.  a.  lmv&  bhariia.  [shab&bi. 

AnaUte,  n.   Aktls-bnjr;  oang-i-Escn&iiI ;  saug-i- 
Amaauia,  n.  bavi-n&p  ;  miqiyas-ul-hav&. 
AnfJtt«atiM,  a.  &kasb-g&mi ;  ik&sb-obar. 
Aarvphfta,  a   (Boi.)  &ki^-bel;   ama^lattar; 

AtrMtawn,  n.  tAo-bojb-biddiyi. 
kM^Me,  n.  mal-aundartat ;  uaul- i-khab-sartt. 
Utx,  aHu  oS;  adv.  dar ;  bahut  para ;  ftteile  se. 


Ah  !  nho  can  toll  how  hard  It  is  to  olimb 
The  ateep  where  fame'i   proud  temple  ihinM 
afart  BeattU. 

Jdnt  nakth  hai  ibol  cKar&nd  Aat  lUiuil  miuAJtil 
UheM  pahdr,  jit  ji  jAoAmf  id  chamJte  maitdU. 
Affilbility,  n.  kbiub-kbulql;  muravvat;  khulq  ; 

Afbble,  adj.  sll-aubb&o ;  kbuab-akhl^;  Bil-vaDt ; 
ballm;  kballq;  s&hib-i-akhlSq  y&muravvat. 

Obliging  to  eome  and  affafiU  t<i  all. 
laiyat  fcul  par,  muranat  mblioii  par. 

Afbbly,  adv.  akblaq  yi  muravvat  se. 

ASkil,  Q.  I.  incident,  vaqa ;  tnaji^,'  vard&t; 
hMiaa.  2.  {Military)  chbotl  larai  ya  Jang. 

i.maitir,  kam ;  kaj;  dbauda;  uddam; 
kar;  kiro  bar;  nmr;  mai^tib.  ^.biuiMti, 
beobir;  muiimalah  ;  muqaddama. 

art  affair  ofhotior,  p&a'i-burmat  kljang.  [amma. 

eonftutd  affair,  uljbi  bul  yi  pech  ki  bat;  mu- 

delicaie  affair,  uaiuk  bat  y&  kica. 

leUlemtU  of  an  affair,  jbagre  k&  cbukanta, 
fitislab,  y&  tosGjab;  mu&malah,  muqaddamab, 
y&  jbagre  ka  parcbbl.  [k&  kam. 

wri7fn(  a/aiV,  zururi  kam  ;    kar-i-zurSii ;  jald! 

Afikira,  n,  leii  deit ;  beobar  ;  kar  o  bar,  [malit. 

public  affairs,  mulki  ya  sarlfftri  kam  y&  m»a- 

woridly  affairs,  dunya  ke  kar  o  bar ;  laukik 
beobar;  duuiya-d&ii;  umur&t  ya  muamal&t 

Allbct,  V.  a.  1 .  influence,  lagaa ;  biyapni ;  khub- 
n&;  gun  k.;  dil  men  baitbna;  klrl  b.;  klr- 
gar  b. ;  asar  k.  3.  mova  titefeelingi,  kbiibnk ; 
chubbsS;  josb  paidft  k.;  dil  par  asar  karii& 
ya  lagna.  3.  aioiat,  iradab  k. ;  qasd  k.;  aim 
k.:  d&v&  k.;  sai  k.  4.  feign,  dikhaiia;  aQrat 
dikbiuE;  nakbA  k.  yab^b&ru&;  jutlni; 
E&hir  k. ;  sitbtr-dari  k. ;  sakhtk.;  batdu&j 
itraai ;  ohochte  k. ;  bahana  k. 

Careleia  ihe  ia  with  artful  care, 

Afectisn  to  »em  uoASbcteJ.  CongTeve. 

Wok  oiMrpan  mta  woA  alkkket^h  I 

Wok  nakhrd,  goyi  liaih  nipat  bMi/ih  ! 

5.  be  inclined  <o,  nyii  h. ;  iltifat  k. ;  rukh 
k.;  mutabvajja  b.;  mayul  b,;  li^ib  b. 

6.  love,  chalina;  paaaad  k. ;  ahiyaq  h. 
Affsetatian,  n.   banftvat ;  dikh&va ;  dikh^vat ; 

DQmiid  ;  num^iah  ;  z^tr-dSrl ;  sakbt ;  itraua ; 

cbocble-b&zi ;  nakbr^ ;  nakhre-bazi. 
AECbcted,  adj.    1.  moved,  }i  ya  cbbiti  bbar  U 

ya  umand  al ;   bbar  aya.  2.  fall  of  afeeta- 

tion,  banavatiya;  banauti;  namudiyK;  Itar  ; 

nakbre-vali;  cbochle-baj.  [ae. 

AActedlf,  adv.  baD&-ke ;  banivat  ae ;  nakbre 
Affecting,    adj.     mauassir;     lagti ;    khnbtl ; 

obubhti;  dil-aoz  ;  dard-angee  ;  riqqat-aiigez. 
AffBOtion,    n.    1.    love,    cbih  ;  lagan;  piy&r; 

prit ;  pit ;  prem ;  aneb ;  neb  ;   mtbr ;  ultat ; 

mubabbat.    2.  (Med.)  dUorder,    rog;  plfi; 

biraari;  raarz. 
Affectionate,   adj.    piylr-kame-Y&lii ;    premi; 

anebl;  mubabbat-vala ;  mubib;  ulfatl, 
ABbctionately,  adv.  piyar  aa ;  pram  as ;  aneb 

ae;  muhabbat  ae;  dil  se. 


!/'>ur$afectionalely,  tumhSri  piyira.  [(imsei'i). 
Affireat,  adj.  (Anat.)  andar  pabiifichanc-vali 
AffluLce,  n,  1.  marriage  eontracl,  wtgai ;  miing- 

Di;  uixbat;  ropua.  3.  trmt,  isr&;  bbarosa; 

etimad  ;  tavokkul. 
AfB&nce,  t.  a.   1.  betroth,  aagiii  k.  ;  mnugut  k.; 

tani  men  j^nth  deiia;  nisbat  k.  3.  give  con- 
fidence, bharoH&  d.;  aara  d. ;  eteb&r  dilauA. 
AffldaTit,   D.    {Laie)    sapt-patr ;    Oangi-jali; 

Htlian'bjndi ;  halaf-nama  ;  lEb&r-i-balafi. 
Affiliate,   v.    a.    Bambamlh   k. ;  mutalliq   k.; 

satli  joru&  yjl  Ingaim  ;  inansub  k. 
Afflliatioii.  II.  HHmhiiudh  ;  toalluq  ;  niabat. 
Affinity,  u.  1.  relation  by  nutrnaiie,  Bambandli ; 

natft ;    nate-dar! ;    riahte-dail    2,    relation, 

lagau ;    mcl ;    BambAiidh  ;    risbtnb ;    aar  o 

kar  ;  niabat;  vantah  ;  rabt;  taaltuq, 
3.  (C/'rm.)  chah  ;  ragbiit ;  mailaa. 
Afflim,  V,  El.  [Per./ai-mui/aTi  to  say.]  1.  dederre, 

biiiyank.;  iihir  k.  8.(i'iio)  coB^roi,  qayain, 

bahal,  ya  bar-qnrar  rakhn^. 
Afflnnatioii,  ii.  bacban  ;    kabna  ;  kahaii ;  bai- 

yaii ;  bat;  kalam;  qaul;  raaqnlah;  bakbaii. 
tokmii  afflrmatioii,  jqrir  ai-rflo   imiu  ;  izhar-i- 

halafi.  [muabat. 

Affirmative,  adj.  iaiKiti ;  iqriiri ;  miijibab ; 
Afflrmative,  n.  ban ;  h&iibi ;  Fjab ;  ialat. 

Tni>  utig«tiver  make  kn  afinnalire. 
Do  nafl  K  tk  iAdt  Imta  lud. 
Affix,  V,  a.  [Lai.  Jifffre,  H.  jdtama  to  fasten, 

jornd  join]  lagana ;  milaiia ;  jofua  ;  bauilh- 

tA;    nattbi  k. ;    aveiau   k. ;    titamma   k.; 

Tftal  k. ;  flhamil  k, 
affix  Kol,  olibap  ya  molir  iDgiiia. 
affix  tfgnai are,    nam    likbna;    dast-kbat    k. ; 

alabd  k. ;  snbi  k. 
ASiS,  n.  (Gram.)  bibhakti;jo   lafa  ke   akliir 

men  lagaya  javoilafi  kt  ikhir  aliiwal,  [vabi. 
Afflatus,  u.  daiv-^iyiiti ;  ilb&m  ;  kaabf;  ilq&  ; 
Afflict,  V.  a.  bipta,  bitba,  ya   muxibat   dalua ; 

qaliar  y&  gazub  uaxil  k. 
Affliction,  d.  bipta;  &fatj  miiaibat;  bitb&; 

qa1ir;bal»  (.idvereity). 
Amnencs,  n.  dhan-vaiu;  daulat-mandi ;  tavam- 

gan ;  muraffa-bali. 

To  live  in  affluence.    Auko  athrai  t  rah»IL 
Affluent,  adj.  X.fiouiing  to,  babta  hua  ;  bah&u; 

raviu ;   jntT.     2.  oindeat,    dbani ;    dhauSd ; 

dbanvau  ;  m-ila-raal ;  bbara-pura ;  raja-puja, 

Lnwtfil  and  blest  with  all  the  ajfltnt  nture 

Haigi  hhara  purd  woA  uj  dhan  lu  dhtr  u     [dt. 
Manvat  itjaio  Nidn^  Aai'i  maudor  mei'i   dhup 

Afflux,  n.  bahai) ;  riijban ;    tavajjoh ;    ragbat ; 

mail;  mailnii;  roju. 
Afford,  V.  a.  pahufiehfiiia  ;  dena ;  bhnnil.     [ni. 
Afford,  V,  n.  gunjaish,  baiaiyat,  ya  niaqdiir  rakb- 

I  canunt  aSbrd  it.    MaiA  niOnli  dt  tattS. 
Affray,  n.  dang% ;    bab^;    mar-kuUi;  balva; 

kiisht  o  kbun  ;  fiisad. 
(K/ua/  afrag,  khlna-jangt  haqiqi.  [qatl. 

afraji  with  homteide,  kbanei-jangi  BSthBUubalj 

12  AFT 

"ffray  vrtOi  vowiding,  kbaiia-jangi  bil-zarb. 
timple  afray,  kbSiia jan-^  khnfir.  [dat. 

wliere  fiffray  oceai-red,  jKf  virdat;  mauqa-i-var- 
Aftight,  u.  dar ;  bhao  ;  dahahat ;  haul ;  kbauf. 
Afflront,  V,  a.  apinan  k. ;  aubkai  k. ;    liatnk  k. ; 

&dar  na  k. ;  kaiii-qadr!  k.  [bittak ;  eluinat. 
A&ont,  n.  apniln ;  subki ;  kannjadrt ;  kbiftat ; 
lake  a»  an  afroid,  kbilTat,  batak,  ya  be-izzall 

aamnjhiia;  burl,  inauii&. 
Afloat,  ndv.  tairtS  biii ;  pan!  par. 
Afjot^  adv.    I.  on /oat,   paon  {Miofi;    pairoii ; 

paidul ;    [»-paidal ;    piyadab.    '2.  in  aefioM, 

karte  hno  ya  harakat  nieu  ;  cbalta  hua. 
Afore,  Afjretime,  adv.   pahle ;    a^ile   sainine 

mt!ti ;    purauQ   vaqtou   meu ;    aabiq    meii ; 

qabl  nz  in. 
Af JTBhand,  ]idr.  age  ae ;  pable  ae   (Bcforeliand). 
Aforementioned,     Afdreaajd,     mozkura-i-bila 

{ Abo  veineii  ti  oned ) . 

Afraid,  p.  adj.  kbauf  nak ;  khi-yaf.  [W. 

Afraid  oi  lier  own  »liadow.  ApiK taS tcthajaUX 

Afreslt,  iidv.  nae  aire  se  ;  pbir-ke ;  as  sar-i-nau. 

Aft,  adv.  [.A.  S.  af,  <r/,  Lat.  ab,  Ger.  apo,  Skr. 

af'o]  picbba ;  dumblla.  [aire  tak. 

fare  and  afl,  adv.  &ge  picbbc ;  is  aire  ae  ua 
After,  adv.  [A.  a-er  =  H.  and  Per.-ar.]   UUer  in 

time,  pluhlie  ;  paahcbat ;  bad ;  niin-bad. 

After  meat  mii»tard.  ProT.  GoiM  fic&ht  rBS. 
{KAirplelihekhdad.PTiiv.  After  porridge  sugar.) 
AfteriieutlitbotliJoUir,  Pruv.  Mart pieklte l-aid. 
A  Jay  after  the  Eiiir.  ProT.  TdpUMitfar.  ProF. 
(After  the  [««t  rejoicing). 

After,  prep,   l.inj^are,  pichbe  ;  bad. 

2.  ill  pitrsttil  of,  pichho  ;  tslqqnb  mou. 

Yu  nUall  nub  go  after  other  goda  ! 
Tun  kit}  aur  dtola  Ico  mat  luAaol 
Tbey   tbat   are   titer   tbe   Qeih   do  mind  tlie 
tbiagB   of  tLe    Begh.     Jo    indri  kt  hat  kaih 
vol,  indri  It  bfuy  H  LUm  rallilf  liaia. 

3.  in  imilirtioH  oj",  deklia-dekhi;  rieai 
hora-hoi-i;    pairavi  meii;    dekh-ke;  dliinig, 
tara,  ya  ubal  par. 

After  the  Eiiglijli  fai-hion.     AiiifTftf  cMnnjj  M. 

4.  aecurding  to,  aniiktll ;    anuaar;    ba- 
jib;  muafiq;  nmtabiq  ;  basb. 

after  all,  oidELu;  akbir-har;    oli^'Araz  ;    h 
kulaui ;  qiasali  kotab;  sab ko  bid;  ba-vi^ud 
in  tainim  baton  ko. 

after  hour',  cbhutti  ya  fursat  ke  noqt. 

after  that,  ua  se  pichbe ;  aaii-bad. 

after  twelve  o'clock,  do  pnhr  pluhbe ;  tiare  pabr. 

afleriBard,  aftrrwardt,  [A.  S.  inenr-l,  H,  or  direc- 
tion] ia  ko  pichbe  ya  bid ;  IriLd-aziii ;  miu-ba  i. 

called  after  hi*  name,  usko  nam  par  ya  ae  knb- 
lal*  yi  tejti  biii.  [yaumau  ftynuniau. 

day  after  day,  roz  roz ;    htir  roz ;    din  ba-din  ; 

oiVL  after  anotlier,  ek  par  ek ;  ek  ek  knr-ke ; 
baril»>ii;  ckkolradek;  laga-lag ;  tagatlr; 
yake  bid  digaro. 

ntn  after,  follow  after,  piohlio  parna;  taaqqub 
kama;  pichba  k. ;  ragedni. 

year  after  year,  M  baras ;  borsi  banu ;  bar 
ail ;  sal  ba-aal ;  aal-dar-sal 

Afteract,  n.  pichhl&  kam ;  pathchat  karam. 
Alterages,  Af tordays,  Aftertimes, 

&indah  y&  aneTale  zamane. 
AfterluTth,  n.  Imvan-nal;  chhantao;  jel;  purain; 

Ujhri;  gabhelan;  chhor;  kheri;  nif&s. 
Aftercrop,  n.  pichhaiti  khetL 
Afterlove,  n.  naya  sneh ;  nai  prit. 
Afternoon,  adv.  tisre  pahar ;  do  pahar  biUl. 
Afterpains,  n.  janne  kl  pichhll  pir  ja  dard. 
Afterpart,  n.  pichhla  hissa  ya  bhag. 
Afterpiece,  n.  pichhla  ya  akhir  swilug  ja  naql. 
Afcerthonght,  Afterwit,  n.  pichhli    budh  ya 

mat;  pas-audeshi ;  anii-bodh. 
Aftertime,  adv.  der  kar-ke  ;  vaqt  se  picbhe. 
Again,  adv.  [A.  S.  angen,   H.  phin^  Skr.   onu 

after,  ju»    time.]    1.  a  second  time,  pbir; 

dasr&ke;  pbir-kar;  dolir&-ke;  du-bara;  ek 

dafa  aur.    2.  back,   ulta;    pher;    pbirauti; 

vEpis.  3.  bf$ideSy  dQsra ;  sivil ;  alavab. 
o^rotn  and  agadn,  bar  bar ;  phir  phir-ke;  dubarah 

tibarah ;  mukarrar  sikarrar. 
as  much  agaitij  itu&  bi  aur  ;  dugna;  du-chand. 
Against,  prep.  1  in  opposition,  biprit;  bi-mukb; 

bi-rudh;   pirti-kul;  barkhilaf;  ba-muqable; 

khilaf;  zid.   2.  contrary   to,  ulta;  bar-aks. 
3.  facing,  Slmne  samne  ;  sILmne ;  sanmukb ; 

muqabile    men.     4.   injurious,   bairi;     arlj 

shatru;  mu&id;  mukbil.   5.   as  a  provision 

for,  liye  ;  vlste ;  muzir ;  khatir. 
against  tJie  grain,  rave;  reshe,  ya  regi  ke  ar  ya 

ulta ;  alte  batb. 
against  the  stream,  cbarbte;  paniya  dbar  ke 

against  the  wind,  hava  ke  samue  ya  rukb. 
agmimt  whom,  jiske  nam  par ;  ba-nam-i-fulaA, 
as  against,  muqabil  men ;  ba-nisbat. 
over  against,  san-mukb  ;  samne. 
to  go  (gainst  the  grain,  akbarna ;    aulu  lagn& ; 

Dagavar  malum  h. ;  bura  lagna. 
Agamons,  adj.  (Bot.)  uir-lingL 
Agape,  adv.  bhucbak  ;  bbucbakka ;  naqsh-i-di- 

var;  but;  munb-kbula. 
Agaric,  n.   (Bot.)   kbumbi;   chhal   obbabila; 

gariqun.  [maoL 

A^lte,  D.  (Min,)  yasbab ;   yasbam  ;  sang-i-sule- 
Age,  n.  [Goth,  avis,  Skr.  dgU,  vasthu,  Lat  cevitus, 

from  cevum  life.]   I.  period,  sama;   pabr&; 

jug ;  yug ;  zamaua ;  asar ;  ahd ;  daur. 
The  iron  age.     Kaljug, 

2.  a  generadan,  pirhl ;  pusbt;  nasi. 

3.  {period  of  life),  avastha;  arbal;  bais ; 
iyu;  umr;  sin.  4.  century,  sadL 

old  age,  hnrhkph'fpiri;  zaifl. 

the  age  of  discretion,  syan-avastba;  sinn-i-tamiz ; 

tton-i-bulugat ;  bulugat. 
the  asigusian  age,  ilmi  zamanah. 
the  dark  ages,  tiriki  y%  jahalat  ka  zamanah. 
&e golden  age,  sat-jog. 
Af^  a  substantive  termination  »  H.  -pan. 
Aged,  adj.  boddha ;   bui-ha ;   dokia ;   pir ;   sin- 

na^bih ;  umr-rasidah ;  musin. 

Agency,  n.  1.  instrumentality,   karan ;  duara ; 

vasilah;  zariya;  tufietil;  vastab;  marifat. 
2.  office  of  agent,  munlmi;  arbat;  kariudagi; 

gum^bta-gari;  pesh-kari;  uayabat;  mukhtarl; 

local  agency,  maqami  ajanti. 
Agent,  n.  1.  what  acts,  karta ;  kame-vala ;  kai*- 

guzar ;  amil.  2.  deputy,  mutiTro  ;  arti ;  &ra 

tiya;  priti-nidb;  kkr-kun  ;  gumashta;  karin- 

dab;  sar-barah;  qayam-maqam ;  vakil;  mukli- 

tar.  3.  (Gram.)  fUil ;  karta. 
accredited  agent,  mukhtar-i-sanadi. 
authorized  agent,  nayab-i-zl-ikhtiy&r  yi  sabib-i- 

ikhtiyar ;  mukhtar-i-zT-ikbtiyar. 
Agglomerate,  v.  a.    [Lat.   glomus,  H.   goR  a 

ball]  goli  ya  dher  ho  jana ;  dhem  bandhna ; 

bastah  bona ;  baiidh  jana. 
Agglomeration,  n.  dher ;  dala ;  goll;  laddiL 
Agglutinate,  v.  a  [Lat.  gluten  glue,   H.  goAd 

gum.]  chipkana;  satna;  jorna. 
Agglutination,  n.  les;  chop;  chiptlo;  chipkTo; 

sat ;  jor.^ 
Agglutinative,  adj.  chipk^u ;   chiptau ;  sat&u  ; 

laslasa ;  les-dar  ;  chep  dar. 
Aggrandize,  v.  a.  I.  exalt,  sar-farazk.;  ikhtiyar, 

darja,  martabab,  ya  nitba  barhana. 

2.  enlarge,  barhana ;  ziyadah  k. ;  barft  k. 
Aggrandisement,  n.     1.  sar-farazi;   azmat. 

2.  barhotri;  Izad;  taraqqi;  tauflr. 
Aggravate,  v.  a.  [Lat.  gravis,  Skr.  gurd  heavy] 
1.  make  heavy,   (Met,)  bhari  k.;  sangin  k.; 

sakbt  k.  2.  make  worse,  ziyadah  kharab  k. ; 

barhana ;  zi\ adah  k.  3.  2^(^oke,  bharkana  ; 

jalaua;  ishtealak  d  ;  bar-afrokhta  k.  [barhana. 
to  aggravate  a  C7*im^,  jurm   ko  sangin  karna  ya 
Aggravated,  adj.  bhar! ;  bara ;  sakht ;  sangin. 
aggravated  crime^  jurm-i-sangin. 
Aggravation,   n.     1.    maki^ig  tvorse,  sangini; 

ziyadatf;  shiddat.  2.  pn-ovocafion,  bharkana; 

uksana ;  jalana ;  ishteSl ;  bar-afrokhtagl 
Aggragate,  n.  ikaltha ;  dher ;  samub ;  jumlah; 

in  the  aggregate,  sab  ka  sab;  bilkul;  tamam. 
Aggregate,  adj.  sakal ;  sab;  kul;  tamam. 
aggregate  value,  sare  dam  ;  majmua  qlmat ;  kul 
qimat.  [ek  ja  k. ;  jama  k. 

Aggregate,  v.  a.  dher  k.;  batlS  k.;  ikattha  k. ; 
Aggregation,  n.  samub;  jumla;  majmua;  ijtima. 
Each  genus  is  made  up  by  the  agfiregation  of 
species.  Har  jihs  men  kalnau  ahdmil  hoti  liain . 

Aggregate  nnmber,  jor ;  kul ;  tadad ;  mlzan. 
Aggression,  [Lat.  ^/a^M*,  A  gadam  Btep,  ^kr. 

gam,  Per.  (/crrcf  go.]  cbarUai ;  takht;  hamlah. 
Aggressive,  adj.  hamlah-avur ;  jang-ju. 
Aggressor,  n.  hamlah-avur ;  jang-avur. 
Aggrieve,  v.  a.  [Lat.  gravis,  Skr.  gunl  heavy, 

A.  ^awi  grief.]  1.  ctusegnef,  dukhd.;  ranjldah 

k.;  azurdab  k.  2.  oppress,  bojh  dalna ;  dal^na ; 

satana  ;  haiian  k. ;  takllf  d. 
Aghast,  adv.  bhauchakka ;  hakka  bakka ;  haibat 
I       ya  hairat  zadah  ;  havas-bakhta. 

To  stand  agfaiat.    Bhuekak  rak  jAnd. 
Agkati  he  looked,  and  aiarting  from  hiB  bed 
Cold  sweats  in  clammy  drops  his  limbs  over- 
spread.       Jhyden. 
IM  ehawkk  bUiar  $e  apne  bhtehak, 
BtidcM.  u  araq  sard  tf yd  Utpak. 

Agile,  adj.  phiirtiU;  chapal;  chal&k;  chost; 

cbiist  o  ch&l&k ;  turturiyi. 
Agility,  n.  [Lat.  agitus^  A.  ajal\  phurti;  ohoa- 

tl ;  cbalakl. 
Agistment,  n.  [Lat.  gudu$y  Skr.  ghas  to  eat] 

chaiHi;  ghiraL 
Agitate,  v.  a.  1.  thaiey  hil&na ;  dulftnft ;  chala- 

u& ;  hilkoraE ;  jhakolna ;  harakat  d*    2.  dis- 

turhf  excite^   halchal    y&    khalbal!    d&lDa; 

dharakna ;  byakal  k. ;  ghabriLtiE ;  pareshan 

k. ;  muztarib  k. ;  muztar  k. ;  3.  ventilate  (a 

guestion)  bad  bibad  k. ;  bahsna ;  bahas  k, ; 

taqrfr  k. ;  4.  ponder  an,  ji  men   ulat  pulat 

k. ;  bicbar  L  ;  sochna ;  socb  k. ;  gaur  k. 
Agitated,  adj.  \.  (as  the  sea)  lahre^  marti 

hu&;  mauj-zan;    hiloren   let&  hui. 

2.  (in  mind)  be-kal;  bijakul;  ghabiilja  ha&; 

be-tab;  be-qararj  muztarib;  muztar. 
Agitation,  n.    1.  tf^e  act,  bil&o;  dul&o;  hSl; 

iiilor ;  jhakor ;   jumbisb ;  harakat.    2.  per- 

iurhaUon,  dbafak ;  dharkan ;  dha^ dhafilhat ; 

ghabrabat;  be-cbaiui;  biyakult&;    be-kali; 

be-qarar!;    iztiiilb.     3.  discussion,   takr&r; 

rad  o  badal ;  bahs  ;  niunazrab ;  munaqabab. 
Agnate,  adj.  [Lat.  nascor  to  be  bom,  A.  nasi, 

H.  jand  ofinpring]  pusbtaini ;  jaddi ;  abai. 
Agnation,  n.  dadbijal ;  kband&ii-i-zukur. 
Ago,  adv.  [0.  E.  ygon,  A.  S.  gan^  Skr.  ganiy  ga 

to  go]  pable ;  bua ;  bbaya  \  bitft  bu& ;  guzr  1 

biul;  guzasbtah;  pesbin.  [guzHL 

Some  time  ago.     Thort  din  hut ;  kuekh  anah 

long  ago,  babut  diu  bue;  barsoii   bite;  mud- 

dat  bui.  [bua  ;  atur. 

•^gogy  <^dj.  tatta  t»rol& ;  sargarm ;  garm ;  sir- 
to  be  all  ayog,  sir  b.  ;  mnsbtaq  b. ;  sargarm  b. 
to  set  agog,   cbao  ya   abauq  dil&na;  uksana; 

amadab  k. 
Agoing,  adv.  cbalta ;  jari ;  rav&n. 
to  set  agoing,  cbalta  k. ;  cbalana ;  jan  k. 
Agony,  u.  1.  death  struggle,  urdb-saiis;  gbanil; 

gbuugru ;  akabra  sans ;  jan-kaiidui ;  naz&. 
2,  vto^tpatn,  atidukh;  atipif;  har-pbCL- 

tan;  aza-sbikanl;  sakht-dard. 
Agree,  v.  n.   [Lat  grcUus  pleasing,]  1.  accord, 

jor  b. ;  ek  rang  b. ;  yak-san  b. ;  ek  b. ;  saz-g^r 

b.;  miiafiq  b. ;  muttafiqb.;  javab  b. 

2.  resemble,  milna;  ek-rup  h.;  ham-sbakl 

b.;  muebabab  h.;  ba-ain  bl  b. 

They  ngree  like  pickpockets  in  a  fair.        Prov. 

Chor  k&  bhdi  gath-katd,  Prov.    (A  pickpocket 

is  the  thief  a  brother.)  [ijftbat  k. 

3.  assent,    razi   b. ;    manziir,    qubiil,   ya 
4ffi'ee,  for  the  law  is  costly.    Prov.     Apas  meh 

nimat  lo,  najiin  kachakri  mm  zer-bdr  hoge. 

4.  be  in  concord,  ek  man  b. ;  mil  jbul-kar 
ya  mel  mil&p  se  rabna;  ck  q^lib  b.  ;  ek-dii 
y&  ek-cbit  b. ;  mutabiq  b. ;  ittifa(]  b. 

Two  of  a  trade  never  agrts,  Frov. 

bd  iame-pakah  dtukw%an,  P.  Prov). 

They  agree  like  cats  and  dogs. 
KutU  bm  H  tarak  larie  kaik. 
The  more  you  agree  together,  the  lew  hart 

can  your  enemies  do  you.  Browne, 

JUnd  &pa$  mek  tmm  ttttfdq  ratkkoge,  utttd  ki 

turnkdre  dutkman  tai^  iam  satdingt, 

5.  be  beneficial,  as  diet  or   medicine,   r&s 
&n& ;  f^'dab-maud  b. ;  mufid  b. ;  gun  k. 

To  agree  with  one's  constitution  or  tempera- 
ment KiH  ke  mixAj  yd  tabiyat  he  mudjiq  Aond. 

6.  settle  a  price,  d&m  tbairan& ;  mol  ya 
qimat  cbukana.  7.  (Grcnn,)  ek  sigayabalat  b. 

8.  concur,  auumat  b.;  maun&;  ban  mefi  bin 
mil&na ;  bui^kari  bbama ;  ek  rae  y&  mat  b. ; 
muttafiq-ul-r&e  b. ;  taslim  k. 
Agreeable,  adj.  1.  suitable^  milti;  lia;  Baz&- 
T&r;  muafiq;  mutabiq. 

2.  pleasant,    man-m&nt& ;     man-bbaota  ; 
8uban&;  nlka;  kbusb;  dil-pasand;  pasandl- 
dab;  dil-pizir;  kbusb-gavar;  maze-dar. 
Agreeable  manners.    Kkusk  atvdr. 
Agreeable  to  the  taste.    Jfas<-<2dr  ;  2aifs. 

Agreeableness,  n. 

1.  mel;  muafiqat;  muULbaqat. 

2,  affording  pleasure,  8ub&n&-pan;  sun- 
dartai;  kbusbi-indagf. 

Agreeably,  adv.  1.  in  accordanos  with,  anu^ur; 
mu&fiq;  ba-mujib;  basb;  bar-bukm. 

Agreeably  to  your  order,    ffasb-ul-kukm ;  dp 
hefarmdne  ke  mudfiq, 

2.  with  pleassure,  kbusb!  kbusbl;  kbusb! 
kbatir ;  ragbat  se  ;  sbauq  se ;  raza  se ;  dil 
ke  muafiq. 

Agreement,  n.  1.  accordance,  mel;  milap; 
meljbol;  eka;  razH-mandl;  rabt  zabt; 
ittifaq ;  muafaqat.  2.  resemblance,  lagao ; 
risbtab;  musbababat;   munasabat. 

3.  compact,  bor ;  qar&r ;  qaul  o  qarar ; 
iqrar ;  abd ;  abd  o  paiman.  4.  harmony,  sur 
til  mel ;  sama ;  dam-sazl.  5.  (In  law)  a  deed, 
iqr&r-namab ;  razi-namab;  qubuliyat ;  qabala; 
likbtam  ;  likbat  paf'bat 

agreement  to  abide  by  an  award  of  arbitration, 

iqrar-uama-i-salisi ;  basr-n&ma. 
agreement  to  pay  rent,  sarkbat ;  qubuliyat. 
Agricultural,    adj.    kbet    kiyar-ka;    kisani; 

kasbt-ka;  zamlndari;  zam!;  zaraat-ka. 
etgriadtural  terms,  kisauon  ki  istilab. 
Agricnltnre,  n.  [Lat.  ager,  Skr.  kshetr,  H.  kJiet, 

Per.  kisht  he\a]  kbetl;  bona  jotna;  bo-jot; 

k&sht-karl;  zariUtt;  kasbavarzi. 
Agriculturist,   n.    kisan;   Ixm  jota;    zamiu- 

dar  ;  kasbt-kar ;  mazare ;  abl-i*zaraat. 
Aground,  adv.  zamin  ya  kbusbki  par  tika  bu&. 

The  bout  ran  aground.     Kithti  tik  gal. 
Ague,  n.  1.  jurl;  jare  ka  bukbar ;  tap-larzab; 
jbnrjburi ;  kapkapi ;  tbartbari.         [naubat. 

2.  iniemuttent  fever ^  bari  ka  bukhar ;  tap-i- 

3.  tertian  fever,  teiya;  tijaii;  tisre  din  ki 
bukbar.  [juri  si. 

Aguish,  adj.  tbartbar!  s! ;  jai-a  sa ;  kapkapi  si ; 

All,  int.    l.regrtt^  pity,   ha6  ha6;    hU  b&e; 

ae  hag ;  oS  hoe ;  &b ;  afsos ;  afoos  sad  .afaos ; 

half  sad  half;   uf;  haih&t  haibat;  daregi. 
Ah  me  I    MSi  aftot  I 

2.  joy,  exaltation,  ahft ;  o  ho ;  aha  h&  ha ; 
oho  ho ;  oho  ji ;  aha  jl 

AhMt  int.  I.  triumph,  kj&  hi ;  jai ;  jai  jai-k&r ; 

▼&h  vah ;  mab&rak.     2.  contempt,  tha  ;   thd 

thQ ;  chhi ;  cbbi  cbhi ;  dhM  hai;  tuf;  &h.  3. 

mirprin,  o  bo ;  oho  aho ;  aho  bh&g ;  aAh  tk^ 
Ahead,  adv.  &g6 ;  &gu ;  a^ri. 
to  go  ahead,  age  j&D& ;  barb  j&na ;  aabqat  leoi. 
Ahoj,  int.  ho ;  hot ;  abe ;  age. 
Aid,  ▼.  a.  [B.  drS  helper]  8ah&r&  lag&n& ;  8ahat-& 

y&  aith  d. ;  saha^UI  k. ;  dast-girl  k. ;  madad 

k.  ja  den&;  mu&vanat  k.;    istimd&d  k. 

madad-g&rl  k. 
Aid,  n.  I.  help^   8ahlLet&;    sal^ril;  dasi-gfri 

iindid  ;  eanat ;  madad ;  tald ;   muavauat. 
^.helper,  s&t^i;  saha!;  sabayak;  dast-gir 

madadgar;  muavin;  vasila. 

3.  suimdy,  n&lbaudl ;  khirij. 
aided  school,  imdadi  madrasa. 

grant  in  aid,  imdid-i-Bark&rL  [(C'or.)  ajltan. 
Aid-de-camp,  n.  saiua-patl-sab&yak ;  mus&bib ; 
Ail,  T.  n.  [A.  alU  sick,]  manda  b. ;    bimar  h. ; 

alii  b. ;  tabijat  na-saz  h ;  ji  unmuna  h. 
Ailing,  Ailment,  n.  rog;  biman;  pli'&;  m&iid- 

gi ;  man  ;  dukh  dard. 
Aim,  ▼.  n.  1.  take  aim,  tak  b&fidhni  ja  lagan& ; 

uishan  JK  sldb  bandbna ;  chhatiyaQ& ;  shast 

teudhna.  2.  aim  at,  qa&d  k. ;  azm  k. ;  madd- 

i-nazar  rakhna. 
Aim,  n.  [N.  Fr.  esmer,  H.  vnman  estimate.] 

1.  direction,  tak;  dukki;  sidh;  nishana; 
shast.  2.  purpose,  iradah;  nijat;  azm; 
qasd.  3.  ^Ject,  arth ;  murad ;  mudda& ; 
garaz ;  matlab  ;  mansflba;  mansba;  maqsad. 

to  take  aim,  nishana  ba&dbna.  [bjal. 

Air, n.  I. atmosphere,  hava ;  pavan ;  b&o ;  batas ; 

2.  (Mus.)  tune,  lae ;  t&n ;  lag ;  git. 

3.  mien,  dhang ;  dbaj  ;  vaza ;  cbal ;  ravish. 

4.  appetvanee,  nip ;  stirat ;  bhao ;  taur. 
to  take  the  air,  hava  khan& ;  hava-khorl  k. 
Air,  v.  a.    1.  expose  to  the  air,  hava    dena ; 

hava  men  sukbaua  ja  rakbna.  2.  ventilate, 
hava  aue  deua.  3.  make  public,  phailau&; 
praghat  k. ;  masbbilr  k. ;  musbtahar  k. 

Air-balloon,  n.  hav&i  gubaril  ya  burj. 

Air-bed,  n.  liava  bhari  hui  rabar  ki  toshak: 

Air-bladder,  n.  1.  phukna.  2.(iit^A^«)gAlphar&. 

Air-bom,  adj .  baju-jS ;  akasb-ja ;  bavai.  * 

Air-built,  adj.  bid-havai ;  khiyali ;  be-asl. 

Air-oell,  n.  hava  ka  khana ;  stirakh ;  manfakh. 

Air«ehamber,  n.  bav&  ki  kothn. 

Air<4iigine,  n.  havai  anjan. 

Air-eecape,  n.  hav&  ke  nikftlne  ka  r&stah. 

Air-g^on,  n.  havai  bandGq. 

Air-liole,  n.  bav&  ka  r&stah ;  bavi-d&n. 

Airiaesi,  n.  1.  openness,  khula  maid&n ;  be-rok 
Ikr&kbl;  kusb&dagi. 

2.  (Met.)  lightness,  khush-tabid;  ziDdah-dili. 
Airing,  n.  1.  a  sfu>rt  excursion,  hav&-khorI ;  sair  ; 

chehl-qadmi ;   tafrih.    2.  ventilation,  hav&  kl 

amad  raft ;  hav&  deuft. 
Air-machine,  u.  buri  hav&  nik&s  (mines). 
Air-pipe,  n.  buri  hava  uikalne  k!  nali  (ships). 
Air-plant,  n.  ak&s  bel;  amar  lattar;  iftimun; 

Air-pnmp,  n.  bao-nik^s ;  hava-nikal. 
Airsacs,  n.  sans  lene  ki  thaili  (birds). 
Airshaft,  n.  bavH-d&n  (mines). 
Airtliread,n.  hav&idor;  makri  ka  jal&  jo  bavi 

men  urta  hai ;  burhiya  ka  taga ;   shaitan  kl 

Air-tight,  adj.  munb-band ;  khami  hui. 
Airi,  n.  pi.  akar ;  akar-bazi ;  aiuth ;  machl&I ; 

dikhava;     nakhr^;     chochla;      ghamaud; 


He  puts  on  ain.    Wok  apne  telh  hhehehtd  hai. 
give  oneself  airs,  urna ;  ainthua ;  akarua ;  apne 

tain  dur  khenchua ;  itraua ;  barh-kar  cbalna ; 

cbal  nikalna ;   ghamand  k. ;    bao  ke  ghore 

par  savar  h. 
the  airs  of  youth  in  old  age,  bQrha  chochla ; 

btirhi  ghori  lal  la^m ;  shutar-gamza ;  vaqt- 

i-piri  sbabab  ki  baten.  [khilarpan  se. 

Airily,  adv.  asani  se ;  be-parv&I  se  ;  kilol  se ; 

Airy,  adj.  1.  belonging  to  the  air,  bavai ;  asmani. 

2.  light  as  air,  halka ;  halka  pbOl ;  halka 

pbulka ;  hava-sa ;  bubab-sa.  3.  open,  khula ; 

hava-dar.  4.  consisting  o/cUr,  hava  se  bhara 

huayapur.  5.  unsubstanticU,  jbtita;  be-asl; 

qayasl ;  vabmi.  6.  gay,  khush ;  khuah-mizaj ; 

zinda-dil;  rangila;  khilari. 
Aisle,  n.  (ArcJi.)  girja,  wagaira  ka  bagli  rasta. 
Ajar,  adv.   kbula-bua  (a  door). 
Akimbo,  adv.  kule  pe  hath  rakhe  khariL 
Akin,  adj.    L   allied  by  blood,   saga;  apn&; 

sabodriL ;  ma-jaya ;  ek  pet-ka ;  natedar. 
2.  similar,  samau ;   milta  bua ;   yak-san ; 

bam-sbakl ;  musbabah. 
Alabaster,  u.  selkhail ;  sang-i-janLbat. 
Alack,  Alack-iudaj,  int.  hae  hM ;  afsos  (Alaa.). 
Alacrity,  n.  phurti ;  tan-dehi ;  chalaki ;  chusti ; 

amadagi ;  mustaidi ;  shauq.  [muafiq. 

Alamode,  adv.  achchhe  dhang  se ;   qaede  ke 
Alarm,  n.  1.  signal,  chitavnl ;  cbal  pukar ;  hui 

pukar ;  ruka.  2.  tumult,  raula ;  gul-gapai^ ; 

shor;    gauga.    3.  alarum,  jagauni;    gajar; 

jagane  ki  kal.    i./ear,  dar;  bha^;   khatka; 

to  sound  the  alarm,  naqqara  ya  bigul  bajana. 
Alarm,  v.  a.  1.  rouse  to  a  sense  of  danger,  ruk& 

d. ;   chaukas  ya   chaukauna  k. ;   khatre  ki 

khabar  k.     2.  frighten,   darana;   danl   d.; 

ghabrana.  [gbanta. 

Alarm-bell,    n.   khatre    ki  khabar  deue-vala 
Alarm-clock,  Alarm-watch,  n.  jagaunl-dar  gban- 
ta ;  gajar-dar  ghanU  ya  gbail. 
Alarming,  adj.  daraunl ;  kbauf-nak ;  dabshat- 

nak;  hosh-ruba;  kb&if. 

alarming  news,  dar&on&  beor&;  khabar-i-vah- 

shat-asar ;  haul-u&k  khabar. 
Alas,  int.  hie  ba^ ;  ah  ;  v&e ;  afsos;  half. 
Alas  the  day,  int   woh  din  diibe ;  ag  lage  ub 

din  ko ;  us  din  par  l&nat  ho. 
Alba,   n.   padri  k&  sufaid  cht^^       [though. 
Albeit,  adv.  agarche;  b&-vujQde  ki.  See  Al- 
Albugo,  n.  nakhuna ;  at'ikh  men  safaid  dhabba. 
Album,  n.  [A.  al  +  ahyaxo  white]  tasvir  rakhne 

ya  slier  ashaar  likhne  ki  kit&b ;  bay&z. 
Albumen,  n.  ande  kl  safedi. 
Albuminous,  adj.  ande  ki  safedi-sa  y&  ka. 
Alburnum,  n.  ^bha ;  gQda ;  aarg. 
Alchemist,   n.  raslnya ;  kimy&-gar ;   rasayan 

bauane* villa ;  luuliavvis. 

Alchemy,  n.  [A.  al  +  k%myA\  rasayan ;  kioiiya. 

No  alcltemy  like  uving.  Prov. 

Kifdyat'tkiidri  ail  kimyd  hat. 

Alcohol,  n.  [originally,  al-kohl]. 

1.  antimony,  kajal ;  anjan ;  surmah. 

2.  spirita,  sharab  ki  rOh  ;  sliar&b  k&  sat* 
Alcoran,  n.  qiii-an  ;  qur&n  8ha*'if ;  kal&m  majid; 

kalam-ullah  ;  (Wom.)  bail  rot!. 
Alcove,  n.  [H.  klio  a  cave,  Skr.  khan^  Per.  han 

dig.]    1.   (in  gardens)   raandhi;    mandva; 

kunj  ;   gupha ;   hujra  ;  hazira. 

2.  (tH  apartments)  kolki;  kam&ncha. 
Aldcrlief est,  n.  (Shakes,)   A.  S.   from  aU'  a  leo- 
feste  {rd  sign  of  poss.  pi.  =  P.  rd,  H.  rd,  kd) 

sab  se  piyara ;  aziz-az-j&n  ;  maha-priy&. 
Alderman,  n.  munsif. 
Ale,  n.  jau  kl  shaiilb ;  buzah ;  K  bir. 
Alebrewer,  n.  buzah  gar. 
Alehouse,  n.  buzah-kh&na. 
Alembic,  n.  [A.  al  +  anbik]  bhapka;    qarambiq. 
Alert,  adj.  on  t/te  alert,  adv.  lais;  kamar  bastah; 

aniadah  ;  mustaid  ;  taiy&r. 
Alertness,  chustl ;  amtUla^i ;  taiyarl.        [mur. 
Alewashed,  adj.  mad-mata;  shor  bor;  makh- 

AlewMhed  wit.     Bhahger-khdne  H  tarahg. 
Alewife,  n.  bhangeran;  saqau. 
Alexandrine,  n.  chha-tal&cbhand. 
Alfat,  n.  agiii-pariksha;  mujrim  kl  ftzmaish  ke 

vaste  garam  pan!  men  hath  dalv&ua.     [ginti. 
Algebra,  n  blj  ganit;  jabr  o  uiuqabla;  gahri 
Alias,  adv.  maruf-ba. 
Alias,  n.  1.  bolt  a  nam  ;  dusra  nam  ;  urf ;  farzi 

nam.  2.  (In  liw)  hukm-nama-i-saiii. 
Alibi,  n.  uzr-i-adam-raaujudgi-i-mauqao  vardat 
Alien,  adj.  \.  foreign,  par-desi;  upri;  gair;  ajua- 

bi.  2.  adveise,  pliira  hua  ;  bi-mukh  ;  birudh  ; 

bar-gashta ;    ua-gavar  ;     zubun  ;     makrub  ; 

zid;  mutiiiaffir;  niukhalif;  khilaf;  bar-aks. 
Alien,  n.    1.  pardesl ;   ana-deb! ;  dusre  des  yi 

gair  mulk  ka  admi ;  ajnabi;  gair-zalik. 
2.  (La%c)  G.  G.  shakhs-i-nmnialik-i-gair  sa- 

kin-i-hal  mumalik-i-8ark"vr.  [toqal! ;  bikri  jog. 
Alienable,  adj.  bcchne-jog;  qabil-i-iuteqal ;  in- 
Alienate,  v.  a.   1.  (property),  beclii  k.;  beohna; 

alag   k. ;   de  dfilna;    dan  k. ;    bakhsh  dena ; 

farukht  k. ;  inuntaqil  k.;   intcq'il  k.;  bae  k.; 

hiH  k.  2*  estrange,  dil  nthftu&  ya  bar-dash- 
tab  k. ;  bar-gashtah  k. 

Alienation,  n.  1.  (of  property)  bechn&;  gair 
ke  h&th  inteqil ;  inteqUl ;  farokht ;  bae ; 
hiba.  2.  estrangement,  bigHf ;  an-ban  ;  man- 
phiran  ;  ru-gardau! ;  judfti ;  bargashtagi ;  na- 
muafaqat.  [taqil. 

Alienator,  Alienor,  n.  inteq&l-kuninda ;  man- 

Alienee,  (Law)  muntaqil-beh. 

Alight,  V.  n.  utam&;  a  baithnii;  ulche  &na; 
girna;  parna;  R-parn&. 

Tlie  bird  alighted  on  the  tree. 
Chifiyd  per  par  S,  haithi. 

Align,  V.  a.  saf-band!  k. ;  qatar  bandhna. 

Alignment,  n.  (Mil.)  pangt!;  paugat ;  saf ; 
qatar ;  sipSlhi von  ki  qatar ;  para. 

Alike,  adj.  <&  adv.  saman;  tul;  milta  hua;  yak- 
san ;  yak-rang ;  ek  tarah  ka ;  barabar ;  ham- 
rang  ;  ham-shakl ;   ham-burat ;  iiiushabah. 
We  nhall  lie  all  alike  in  our  graves.         Prov. 
Qqbr  meh  iab  bardbar,  Prov. 

Aliment,  n.   [H.  pdlan    nourishment]  adhar ; 

abar;  khana ;  bhojan  ;  ann ;  kliaj^ ;  giza  ;  qut. 
Alimental,  adj.  pusht;  anglagu  (JUsk^making) ; 

t^at-bakbsh ;  miiqavvi. 
Alimentary,  adj.  khane-jog ;  khurdani ;  giz&L 
Alimentary  canal,  n.  mede  ki  pachant  antrl. 
Alimentation,  n.  ang  lagn&  (Assimilation). 
Alimony,  n.  rot!  kapi-a;  kbUna  pina;  nan  o  uafqa. 
Alioth,  n.  (Ast.)  birakh ;  bail ;  saur. 
Aliquot,  adj.   (Arith.)  b&ntue-v^la;   maqsQm- 

alah ;  ad. 
Alive,  adj.    1.  living,  jita  ;  j!ta  jagla  ;  zindah. 
2.   ac/rn^,  chalta;    chotan;   cbalak ;   jarl; 

mutabarrik ;  qayam;  zi-bis.  3.  cheerful,  j'igta  ; 

zindah  ;  kbusb  ;  basbsbasb  ;  kbush-mizaj. 

to  he  alive  to,  cbetan  b. ;  dekbte  ruhna. 

Alkali,  n.  java-kbar;  sajj!;  kbar-sajji;  reb;  khar. 

Alkaline,  adj.  kharl ;  sajji-sa ;  sbor. 

Alkaline-salt,  n.  lota  sajji ;  sajj!  lot ;  reb. 

All,  adj.  sab ;  s'li^ ;    sagra ;  sakal ;  tamfim. 

No  living  man  all  things  can.  Prov. 

Dunyd  kd  kdm  kit  ne  liyd  tamdm  f 
(Kdr-i-dunyd  hue  timnm  nakard,       P.  Prov.) 
All  things  work  togtither  for  good  to  them  that 
love  Ood.  Jo  Parmethxir  ie  prem  rak/Ue  futih 
unkd  sab  bhald  karte  haih. 

aU  in  all,  kiil ;  bas  vob!  ek ;  le  de-ke ;  jo  kncbh 

hai  so  vob!  bai  ;  kul-kullan ;  sab  tarah  se. 

God  is  all  in  all.  Allah  hi  Allah  hoL  Hamah  otU 

all  the  night,  rat  bbar ;  s&ri  r&t ;  sagri  rain  ; 

tamam  sbab.  [tamam  sal. 

all  the  pear  round,  bal  bbar ;  baras  bbar  tak  ; 
and  hU  that,  et  cetera,  vagairab ;  at  bat;  ittyidi. 
at  all,  hil-kiil  ;  mulan  ;  niutlaq  ;    bargiz. 
at  all  events,  bar  surat  men.  [atbon  jam. 

at  all  times,  bar  vaqt ;  bar  dam  ;  atboii  pabar; 
by  all  means,  ba-har  surat ;  ba-bar  bal ;  ba-bar 

kaif;  ba-bar  nau ;  ba-bar  vajah;  bar  tarah 

ya  dbang  so  ;  sab  tarah. 
from  all  sides,  cbaron  taraf,  ditiba,  ya  or  se ; 

cban  gird  so  ;  bar  tanif  se. 
most  of  all,  babut  kar  ke  ;  aksar  kar  kc. 




of  all  kindi,  sab  qism,  bhant,  tar&h,  nan,  y% 

raqam  ka. 
All,  adv.  1.  altogether^  sab  k&  sab ;  sHrft ;  sab  ; 

sab-kuohh;  sagrft:  pQr&;  samachU;  kol  mili- 

ke;  saropa;  saiHsar;   bil-kul;   dar  o  bast 
2.  ^rtMfe,nipat;  mahz.  3.  <ndy^  niril;  keval; 

basjsirf;  khali;  faqat.  4.  emphcUic,  hi;  bhl 

I  aaid  ooihing  at  all.  Main  ne  hwiih  bhi  tiaklk  bahd, 

all  cUane,  akeli;  ip  hi;  chhari;  tan  tanha;  tauhS. 

a// a/of»7,  pahlese;  sad&se;   nit;  sad&matse; 

harnesha;  bar&bar;  qad&mat  se. 
all   aroundy  charon  taraf;    chau-taraf;    ore 

dhore;  or  p&s ;  chahQn  or ;  chatur  dishl. 
all  at  <mc€y  all  of  a  sudden^  jak&yak ;  ek- 

b&rgl ;  yak  ba-jak ;  ach&nchak ;  da&tan ;  ek 

hi  da&;  ek-musht.  [kahln. 

oU  09^^  sare ;  tam&m ;  sare  men ;  bar  ya  sab 
aU  over  the  world,  sans&r  bhar  me& ;  s&ri  dun- 

yi  men ;    donya  ke  parde  pe  ;  kul  jah&n 

ya  &lam  men. 
not  at  all,  zar&  bhi  nahin ;  bilkul  nahin. 
that  is  all,  has  itn&  hi ;  has  ;  faqat.  [nft. 

tohecUl  over  wUh  one,  kkm  tamam  h. ;  ho  chuk- 
All,  n.  1.  v^¥>le,  sab;  s&iH;  sagr&;  samQcha; 

pQr&;  kul;  tam&m. 

All  is  not  gold  that  glitters.  ProT. 

Jin  men  ehamak  nakih  tab  kanoik,  [hhidd,Vnyr, 
All's  well  that  eoda  well !  Prov.  Ant  bkald   to 
All  covet  all  lose.  Prov.  Adhi  ehhof-ke  t&H  ko 
dhSi,  aitd  dabe  thd  na  p&8.  Prov. 

(Who  leave  the  half  to   run   after   the  whole 
outrun  themselves  and  miss  the  goal) 

3.  alt  things,  sab  chiz  ;  sab ;  bar  ek  bastQ ; 

tam&m  y&  bar  chIz ;  kul. 
all  I  can,  jahSn  tak  mujh  se  ho  sake  ;  hat-ul- 

imkan  ya  maqdur ;  apne  piU:  bas&te ;  yatha 

aWs  one,  ek  hi  hai ;  ek  hi  bat  hai. 

Wohi  <iii  fttti,  wohi  tdth,  ProT. 

Six  of  one  and  half  a  dozen  of  the  other. 

all  the  while,  is  arse  ya  vaqt  men ;  is  asnS  men. 
AU^htorbingi  adj.  lau-Uu  kame-vala. 
AU-absorbed,  p.  p.  lan-lln ;  duba-hu& ;  mns- 

tagraq;  mabhUt. 
m-aMxniipIished,  adj.   pOra;  pandit;  guni; 

alim  o  fifczil ;  kamil ;  sab  gun  giyani ;  parbin; 

sab  gun  ke  igar ;  gun-s&gar. 
All-afaming,  adj.  sarv-i^p-n&shak. 
AU-oonqpttfing,  adj.  alam-gir ;  jah&n-glr ;  sarv- 

jlt;  aarv-jii;  sarv-daman. 
An-dtfTonrihgy  AU-coBSoming,  adj.  sanr-bhak- 

shi ;  sarv-n&i^I ;  bal&-chat ;  bala-nosh. 
AU.4Milf-dayy  n.  pahll  aprail ;  mQrkhon  kft  din. 
AI14MirS9  (to  go  on)  ghntniyon  chalna. 
AU-gxver,  n.  aarb-d&t& ;  karim ;  vahib. 
AU-glorions,  adj.  sarb-tejm&n;  jallah  jalalahu. 
AU-godd,  n.  khair4-mahz. 
AIl*)ia£l,  in^.  badh&I;  mubarak.     [ikslr-i-azam. 
AQ-ftjeaUngi  adj.  sanr-snkh-d&I;  shafi-i-mutlaq ; 
AIl-lHly,  n.  sarv-payitr ;  2&t-i-p^k. 
All-konoiirad,  adj.  sanr^ar-m&n ;  pirtishthit ; 
I     d-iziat;  muaszaz. 



All-illuminatingy  adj.  jagat-ujSgar. 
All-knowing,  adj.  autar-jilml ;  sarv-vedl ;  sar 

vaggya;  iiim-ulgaib. 
All-loving,  adv.  sarv-priya ;  muhib-i-an%m. 
All-mercdol,   adj.   dayi-sindhG ;   day&-silgar ; 

rahlm-ur-rahm&n.  [biy&pl. 

All-pervading,  adj.  sarv-gat ;   sarv-mal ;  sarv- 
All-powerful,    adj.    sanr-shaktim&n ;    qadir-i- 

All-saints-daj,  n.  dev-divas. 
All-searching,  adj.  sarb-khojl ;  muhaqqiq-i-kul. 
AU-seeing,  adj.  sarv-darshi;  hazir  o  n&zir. 
All-sonls-daj,  n.  ut  pitron  ka  din  ;   kanftgat ; 

shr&dh ;  shabbaiilt 
All-snfflcient,  adj.  sarv-samarth ;  kEfl  o  vaf i. 
All-snstaining,  adj.  sali^yak ;  purbak. 
All-wiM,  adj.  sary-budh ;  dSii&. 
All-worshipped,  adj.  sarv-pujit ;  mabud. 
Allay,  V.  a.  mand&  k.;  dhimak. ;  hal^b  k.  (hava); 

kam  k.;  &r&md.;  takhftf  k.  (dard);  baithaua; 

ut&rna;  dabana  (ahdhi).    (In  Hindustani  the 

passive  form  prevails.) 

Allay  thirst.     Piyat  bhinjind. 

Alligation,  n.    I,  affirmatioti,   barnan;   qaul ; 

bay&n;  izhan    2.  j?^a»  hujjat ;  daltl;   uzr; 

takrar;  taqrir.  [muddsu. 

allegation  of  plaintiff,   izhar-i-dava ;     izh&r-i- 
AUege,  y.  a.    1.  declare,  kahna;    bamau   k. ; 

baiyau  k. ;  pesh  k. ;  muzhir  h. ;  izhar  dena 

ya  k.  2.  plead,  hujjat  k. ;  takiar  k. ;  taarruz 

k. ;  uzr  L  ;  qaul  pesh  k.  [izhar. 

Allegeahle,  adj.  pesh  karne  ke  q&bil ;    qabil-i- 
AUegiance,    n.     farman-bardarl;     tEbe-d&rl; 

itaat ;  inqiyHd. 
Allegorical,  adj.  rtLpak-mae;  tamsll! ;  mustaar ; 

tashblh  se  bhara  huil.  [yal&. 

Allegorist,  n.  tashblh  dene-yala ;    upm&  dene- 
Allegory,  n.  upma  ja  tamsil-var  qissa. 
Allelnjah,  n.  dhan  bhagv&n ;    al-hamdo  lillah ; 

khuda  kii  shukr  hae. 
Alleviate,  v.  a.  halk&  k. ;  kam  k. ;  takhf  If  k. ; 

&r&m  den&.  [takbf!£ 

Alleviation,  n.  ghati ;   ghatti ;    kami ;   ar&m ; 
Alley,  n.  1.  walk  in  a  garden,   patn;    ravish; 

takhtah.    2.  narrow  lane,  kunj  ;    gall ;    gal- 

y&r& ;  khorl ;  kGchah.  3.  {covered)  chhatUL 
Alliance,  n.  [Lat.  ligo,  H.  lagd  join]. 

\,  connection,  sambandh  ;     mel;   rishta; 

taalluq;   uisbat.    2. l»Wr^, apnayat ;  got; 

yag&Dgat.  3.  {by  marriage)  sambandh;  n&ta ; 

rishtah;    rishte-diri  4.  confederation,  rabt 

zabt ;  rabitah ;  ittehad. 
Alligation,  n.  parat  phail&ne  k&  dhang  ;    dar- 

khata;  hi8ab-i-tij3xat.  [sher-i-abf. 

Alligator,  n.  magar ;  nakd ;  ghariyai ;  nihaog ; 
Allision,  n.  takkar ;  ragar ;  ragra. 
Alliteration*' n.  ad-anchharl-alankar ;    tajnls; 

tajnis-i-harfi  ya  lafzi 
Allium,  n.  (BoL)  lahsan  ;  lassan ;  piyaz. 
Allocate,  v.  a.  muqarrar  k. ;  qayam  k ;    tajvlz 

k. ;  thair&n&. 



AUoottioit,  a.  taqamiri ;  tajvia. 
Allodial,  adj.  euadhia ;  khud-mukht&r. 
AUodinm,    n.  j&gir;     lailk;     mu&fl-i-davftm ; 

mutfi  bili-afaort.  [shuBUfcrDi. 

Alloo,  V.  a.  IahlaD&;  laahk&rni;  hulUrni; 
AUopatlif,  n.  {Med.)  opp.  trf  Homcapathj,  q.  v. 
Allot,  V.  a.  U6tn& ;  bbfcg  k. ;  batT&tl  k. ;  hi>- 

A  d. ;  taqaim  k. ;  higsi  bakbii  k. 
Allotment,  u.  bh&g;  b&iit;  batv&ra;  batU ;  bh&jl ; 

patti;  taui;  qismat ;  taqBlra ;  biasa  ^  bakhra. 
Motnunt  of  land,  dharti  kfi  batv&m. 
aiiotmmtof  revenue,  taqairiiii-i-jamk;  taqslia- 

i-jamii;  tashkhls-i-jama. 
Allow,  V.  a.    1.  admit,  admowledge,    m&nid; 

hiti  k.;  qnbalk.;  maazCirk. ;  taeUmk. 

2.  grant,  den& ;  Ah  d. ;  havila  k. 

3.  permit,  tanetion,  hone  deni;  nH.  ^ 
j&jaErakhid;  ij&zat  d.  4.  i£aAte(,  gfaaUnt ; 
kam  k. ;  takbfif  k, ;  vaia  k.  j  muji*  d. ;  minhl 
k.;  mahsfib  k.  [d. ;  miyid  barbanL. 

alhte  tif».9,  dam  lene  deni ;  mohlat  ji,  nirsat 
Allowabla,  adj.  v&jib;  TtjibT;  j&jas;  mabth; 

bal&l;  duniBt;  rava;  jog. 
Allowa&oe,  n.    1.  perminion,  Iggji;    pairiii- 

g! ;  ijizat ;  hukm  ;  mansHil. 

2.  portion  appointed,  petiji;  ohabenl; 
Bidh&i  bhatta;  rateb&;  rttab ;  Uillrtk. 

3.  talan/,  mabln& ;  dann&ha ;  tanUiul^ ; 
talab;  va^;  musb&hara.  4.  dednetion, 
gbatti;  kami;  miuliW;  vaza. 

allowinee  to  tamindart  otuted  from  tSetr  ettate, 

malikana  ;  faaqq-i-EoKlik ;  haqq-i-milkljat. 
daily  allowance,  roilua ;  roiaad&rf ;  chabenl. 
deputation  aHoioance,  bbatti. 
hotae-rmt  allowanee,  kitftya-kbarch. 
perianal  allowance,  z&tl  ^nkbtuih  ;  izafiL-i-iatL 
ttntage  allmeanee,  kheraah-kbarch. 
AUoved,  adj.    I.  fixed,  biiniih&  h\A;  mKmDlI; 

muqarrarah.  3.  remitted,  ohhof  dlyi ;  bakhsh 

^yi;  v&-guiiabt;  mi^;  at&  ki;^  bu& 
Allowing  that,  adv.  m&n&  ki ;    \&-lii  haml ; 

Ul-Tuj)ide  ki ;  fars  kiyi  ki ;  bil-farz. 
Alloj,    n.   mel;     milavat;    miUo;    miiatmi; 

khot;  amezish. 
A  liny,  v.a.  khot  milaoi;  milaunik.;  chaahnld. 
AUl^,  V.  n.  imi,  kiaaya,  yi  isbarS  k. 
Allure,  V.   a.  [A.  S,    WiMoon,   Fr.  leurrer  to 

betray]  mohni ;  labh&Q&;  lalcbani.  [targ!b. 
AUoremeitt,  n.  moh  ;  lobb ;  lalaob ;  lubbao  ; 
AllDXing,  adj.  mohnl;   maD-haran;  ohit-chor; 

dil-farob  ;  dil-rubS ;  dil-kaah,  [rams. 

Allusion,  n.  bhed ;  Im& ;  tabam ;  kinSya ;  sikr ; 
AUiuiTe,  adj.  iahSre-kil ;  kinSy&t-Kmes. 
AUavial,  adj.  kechh&r;    gaog-bar&r;    dori^ 

baramad ;  bar&mdab. 
AlltiTinn,  Allinrial  land,  n.  kachbKr  ;   nik&ai; 

zamiii     dariya-baramdab ;     gaug-baramad  j 

diyarfi ;  ar&zi  uau-bar&mad  ;  darijB-barar. 
aeerued  by  allunion,  dariyi  ae  nikli.      [paWaat. 
leparation  and  aeeanon  of  alluvion,  sbikasbt  o 

AllKTiami  a.  daryi-baiSr  mittt,  vagaira. 
Ally,  V.  a.  sambaadh  L  ;   qa'rabat  k,;    riOqat 

k.;  rabt  o  tabt  k. 
AUt,  n.  atb[;  Krl;  dostj  rafiq;  shaiik. 
Almiuiac,  n.  patn ;  jantan ;  taqvlm. 

Ao  old  almkiua.     Tagvim-i-piHitt^ 

neuUical  almanac,  taqvlni-i-babrl 

Almigh^,  n.  Barb-abaktiroftu  ;  q&dir-i-mutlaq. 

Almigb^,  Almighty  Ood,  d. 

Parmeahvar ;     Bhagwin  ;     Khudl-taU ; 

Q&dir-i-mutlaq ;  Haq-tallt;  S^ib. 
Almond,  a.    1.  b&dSm.    2,  the  external  gkmdt 

of  the  ntct  nrar  the  ear,  galphef ;  bel. 
Almoner,  a.  fobaudlri;  kbair&t-kb&ne  ki  moh- 

tamim;    sada-barat  bfintne-vKli ;    bel&-bar- 

d&r;  langar-khane  ki  muDsarim. 
Almost,  adr.   qarib;  aoqarib;  qaribaa;  tsqrl- 

bao ;  qarlb  kar-ke. 

It  ia  almott  saw.  Ifa^d  li  hoi. 

almott  alioai/s,  taqribaa  baraeaba. 
almoit  all,  qarib  kar-ke  aab. 
Alms,  D.  din;  pun;  bhik;  sadi-barat ;    bflr; 
dacbhna;  beli;  biri;  kbaiiit;  aakit. 

AIbu  ars  the  galdea  kej  that  opeoi  ths  gat* 
of  heaTfiD.  ProT.  Pun  dSa  hmjl  taMdit,  ji 
K  Ihulat  wurag  ho  dKdm, 

AlUUgiTing,  n.  din  ;  pun  ;  kbhairit. 

A  !nt-g>viag  nerar  made  any  man  poor.     Pnn. 

ghairet  hinm  m  iflS*  tuAA  ati. 

(Sim  mm  le  Mme  lui  dAan  dsU  Ihoi, 
^  MarakK  jSnt  gir  pari,  din  dtn  dait&koi). 

Alms-giTer,  n.    punjitmi;    datir;    puQTln; 
din-daUr  ;  pun  kame-vaii ;  kbairit   dene- 
Til  i  ;  mukbaiyar. 
Alms-hoose,    n.  dharam-Bala ;    laAgar-kb&na ; 

kbaiiit-kh&na;  mobtij-khina. 
Aloes,  n.  (Med.)  elvi;  musabbar;  aibr. 
Aloft,  adv.  1.  (above)  balaod.  2.  (Naul.)  mas- 

tQt  par ;  takhta-i-jahiz  par. 
Atone,  all  alone,  adv.  akeli;  tan-i-tanb& ;  tan- 
hi;  mujarrad;  jaridah.       ' 
Alone  slona,  all,  all  alone. 
Alona  OD  ft  wide,  wida  tea.  Oalendgi. 

Aida,  jantUA  o  biikul  akdS, 
AkelS  waA  ehavrt  lamandar  ke  ipar, 
Le»Te  it  &!□□■  I  Jentdol  dSrlcaro!  ataghanl 
Letitaloaet  OAordol  tut  mat   ehhbol  rak- 
at  do/  (nmthtii  naMii  hai. 

Let  me  lUant  for  that.     1 A  mere  Uge  ihuU 
to  he  left  alone,  akeli  rah  jini. 
Along,    adv.    lengtktoiae,    lamtAo  meh ;  lam- 
bilmen;  eldhi;  baribar;    till  men.    3.  oti 
along,    throughout,  aab   men ;      sire   meA ; 
aarisar  ;  tamim  men  ;  bil-kul.  3.  along  with, 
sitb    aith ;    saAg-aaiig;    aaiig ;    suddhin; 
Bitb  men ;    hamrih  ;    maS ;    ba-banuthi. 
*.  forward,  ige  ;  agiri ;  igO. 
come  along,  cbale  io  ;  jaldi  &o  ;  io. 

Wh;  do  ;ou  lag  behind  r  oome  alonfft 
PhKktlcyohrtAejStehof  cKaieOal 
^afonp,  6e  ojf,  chale  jio;  bat  pare;  pare  hat; 
cbal;  cbatakb;  cbalte  phirte  uazaito;  dDi 
ho ;  chatkho  ko  bavileb, 
going  along,  obalte  cbalte. 

ALO  ] 

to  tap  4don0nde,  baritwr  letHK  y^  i^dL 
Alomc,  alongsidB,  prep,  barl'bar  baribu ;  ham- 
pkhltl ;  bi^ftl  med. 

ilaoM  ths  raw].  Si^Mii  par;  tafak  larai;  M- 

Alod^   >dT.  1 .  a<  a  diitanctt  pare  ;  dOr ;  fUe 

pftr.  S.  t^idrt,  alag ;  niyiril ;  juiU  ;  aUihda. 

U>  ttaHd  or  btp  eUo<{f,    alag   yi  ju(U  nixjA  ; 

alftg  khftfe  rabiii;  phut  i^ni. 
Alopocy,  n.  bll-khorah. 
AloM,  adv.  pukir-ke;  chill&-ke;  t>alttiid  i^U 

ae  ;  wr  k  ;  ba^vii-i-baland. 
AIpM«,  n.  1.  Anmk&  kfi  fint.  2.  e^  ek  qiam 

k&  pashmtna  yS  garbh-aQtl  kapfi. 
Alpha.  D.  pahli  har&f  Tanlni;  alif. 
Al^wlwt,  Q.  baraD-miLU ;  kakke  j  alif,  be,  te; 
AlpbAlwtie,  Alphabetlul,  adj.  Alif,  be,  te  kfc. 
AIphalMtiudlj',  adv.  bartartib-i-aLf  be,  te  ;  ba- 
tartlb-i't&hajjt;  ba-q&Sda-tahajjt ;  radif-vir. 
Alpb&batiadlr  ftrrannd.  Alif,  ^  <«  <h  tarM  K. 
AUMAj.adr.pahle  ae;paDle  hi;  pes&tar  ee;  peah. 

What,  Siifdj  r    ffaiti,  oMl  at 
Abo,  mAt.  bhi;  balkej  niz;  s&tb  hi;  aur;  al&ra 
i>k«;  inlk«ivlj  ali-h&z-al-qajts;  HiviUke;ma8. 
Alto,  n.  Mch&  sur  ;  nikhftd ;  tip ;  dau. 
Altuf,  d.    mUbabl^mes ;     bedij    agan-hotf; 

qnrtAn-g&h ;  tnaibah. 

Utanlotit,  n.  bedI-[At ;  bsdl-basfr. 

Utn,  V.  &.  1 .  Amffe,  badaln& ;  tabdll  k. ;  (nl&t- 

Di ;  tag^yur  k.  3.  modify,  tarmlm  k, ;  ma- 

nmmat  k. ;  knchh  badaloL  3.  eofreet,  sahl 

k.;  dardstk;  thikk.;  isl&h  d.;  ban&DL 

IHafkUe,  adj.  palafnejogj    badalne  qibil; 

mninkia-  nl*bsdali 
iltnmtioii,  n.  badal ;  adal-badal ;    pber-ph&r; 
Ut-kat  J  radd  o  badal ;  tagaiyut  o  tabaddul. 
dbrottoM  of  jamd.  tabdIl-i-jamL 
AllafEtiTe,  adj.  (Med.)  maaaij. 
Altamte^  t.  □.  i&dd  o  badal  k. ;   jhagafnK ; 
qasiTak.;  rftf  k.;  bshaaalj  taqrir  b;  huj- 
jKt  llol ;  takiir  k. 
Ittaratioii, n. tantX ;  takiir;  qazijra;  hujjat; 
bcHas ;    rl^  ;    jhagti  ;    ohakh ;    bolirchlll ; 
khatt-pati;    batuK-bahdj    kahbat   BUnbat; 
ndd  o  badal. 
ihanata,  adj.  1.  fteiproeal,  paraspar;  baham; 
IfM  mefl.    3.  (Bot.)  htrte-phirte  (patte)^  3. 
(ffeoM.)  matabkdlah;  Euial  badal;  alat  paint. 
rfhriiufu    angta,    dvijra-i-mutab&dalah ;     alat 

falat  j%  adal  badal  kon. 
JllWjiJtB,   T.    a.    mnbtd^  li.;  mtilvaaah  k.; 
b«llE  k. ;    bsdalni ;    adal  badal   k. ;    erai 
todTRs  k.;  paltik.;  adiibadlik.    [PkUlipt. 

Bage.  ahnna  and  grief  ailtnuUe  in  his   brsaat. 
Bir  pkir-kar  w  Km  bale  ug,  U^,  dtir  trodL 

ABwtely,  AltanutiTalT,  adv.  ban  bin  ae  ; 
ptii  pirl  Be ;  naubat-ba-uaubat ;  ek  chho^- 
kar  ;  ek  ke  bad  ek ;  ek  ek  knr-ke  ;  apoi  apul 
bM  ;  gaods-dlr ;  adal  badal ;  phera  pberi. 

AttRBStioii,  n.  pber-ph&r;  alta-palti;  adal- 
bttdali  heift-pheri;  adU-badlft;  bin  bhrl; 
wax  BWlTas. 


AlternAtiTB)  m  badU )  palts ;  etas ;  mnlTasa ; 
do  mefl  so  ek;  ohAhe  jaunsa;  oblhe  ye 
cbihe  woh. 

Alldrnatin  ■abjects.     HaaiUn-i-iilitijfdrt. 

AlthM,  □.  (.5ot.)khatmI;   khubUlzIj  khairl. 
Althoaghi  conj;  Bgarche;   harchand  ki;  bi- 

Tujade  ki ;  bar-aks  iskej  go   ki}  garoheh; 

Altitude,  a.  1.  (Jtf:)  akEi-ohoti ;  unohii ;  ni^  ; 

irtif&.  2.  (Geom.)  uncbKi;  balaudi. 
mtridian  aUitwU,  dopabr  unohU> 
obterved  altitude,  dekhl  unch&L 
true  altitude,  thik  uncbU.  [lenk. 

10  take  the  (UtUude,  nncb&I  Oftptdl,   dekhii&  yi 
Altogether,  adv.  sampilraa ;   sarilpil ;    bilkul ; 

mahz ;  sariUat' ;  niti ;  nipap ;  pilri ;  mutlaq  J 

sir  Be  p&oh  tak ;  sar-ti  [d. 
Alto-felievO,  a.  ubhri-huItaaTlr  y&  mfirat, 
Alum,  D.  phitkarl. 

Alimmtta,  o.  ttlib-i-ilm ;  ahlgiid;  chatU. 
Alwayi,  AlWaj,  adT. 

'\. perpetwdly,  hamesha;  nit;  BadS;  tutneah; 

diyam  ;  tnudim;  IS  din.  3.  invaricAly,  barii- 

bar ;  har  dam  ;  bar  vaqt;  \Ar  bir;  bil&nSgt; 

alal-dav&m  ;mataTStir;  &{li  pahar;   pai  dar 

pai ;  lagilAr ;  bar-qarftr. 
he  had  ttlieayi  piaid,  woh  hameeha  daU  rahS  ha]. 
Am,  V.  n .  [Ut.  (um,  Skr.  drari,  P.  OAL  H.  Au*]  htUL 
Amfdo,  adv.  be-tah&aha;  ba-abiddat ;  sot  se. 
Anulguh,  Amalgania,  n.  pare  ke  s&tti  dOBti 

dbftt  ki  mel ;  miahrit  dhitiL 
Am&lgamate,  v.  a.  tnilio  k. ;  milins. 
Amalgaiiiation,  nimel;  mil&o;  imeiish;  ikhtilit. 
Auanaensil,  n.  duare  ke  bayan  ko  qalam-band 

kame-Tili;    likhaiyi ;  kitib. 
Amaianth,  □.  (Poet.)  Mdft-bohar ;  gul-i-shidib. 
Amaranthine,  adj.  aadi-bahir. 
AmaryUis,  n.  (Sot.)  nargiB  kl  zit  ke  phal. 
Aniau,  T.  a.  batomi;  jamik.;ikhat;ttk.;  dh«r 

k.;  Bamet3i;ekjak.;4berlagiiii;  fiLTahamk. 
Amaten^,  n.  sbiiq ;  shttuqlD. 
Am&tiTeneBB,  o.  iahq  j  prit ;  pit. 
Amatoij,  Amative,   adj.    ishqija;   Sshiq&na; 

raalii;  aadrigi;  ras-bharl. 
AnuDTosis,  n.  (Med.)  timar ;  tinnlHL 
AmasA,   T.  a.    mutaajjib   k.;  mntabaiyar  k.; 

aohamba  dilini  yi  k.;  taajjub  men  iSlul. 
ttond  in  amau,  difit  tale  ungli  dablui ;   bhu- 

chak  rah  jina;  hakkl  bakki  rah  j^ni. 
Amaaemeat,  Amaie,   a,  achraj  ;    hairat ;   ish- 

charj ;  ochambi ;  tahaiyur ;  taajjub. 
AmAsing,  adj.  hairat-anges ;  ^ib  o  garib ;  ^Ib  ; 

aohambit ;  adbhut. 
Amaaingly,  adv.   taajjab  se;  mutaajjibina ; 

hairat  se  J  aohambe  ae;  aohr&j  ae. 
Am&son,  n.  singhni;  urtUhbegni;  mustandi; 

nin-jit  tirj*.  [paigam-l»r. 

n.  elchi;  Banr;raj-dut;rij-ba^t; 
The  panon  of  ta  amiattador  ii  iDTiolkbla. 
EUAi  te  ;iwt  1»  *«*  poiuAeAtJii  j&yit  nahlA. 
{EleU  ko  tyd  lavat.  Prur.) 

Amlmssadorial,  adj.  elchi  ke  taur  lOk 

Ambassadreas,  n.  dQtnl. 

Amber,  n.  ambar;  kahrubi. 

Amberseed,  n.  mushk-d&nah.  [du-m&r. 

Ambidextrous,  adj.l.da-hattIL  2.€hMe-deali$ig^ 

Ambient,  adj.   cbau-or ;    ohau-gird ;    cbah&r- 

taraf;  chau-tarat  [maDi;  ibb&m. 

Ambi^ty,  Ambiguoiuneas,  n.  du-arthi ;  du- 
Ambignons,  adj.  du-artbi ;  do-mani ;  mubham ; 

mashkuk  ;  mazabzab  ;  gol-mol ;  mnsbtabah. 
Ambition,    n.    faiilkh-haaslagi ;    ul-ul-azmi; 

baland-nazari ;  baland-bimmati ;  &li-hau8lagL 
A  inbUum  plaguen  her  proeely tee.  Prov. 

Ul^d-mznd  afne  murvioh  ho  dtf-cAoM  ro^iUi  Aoi. 
{Ul-%tr<jaimi  ht-ehaini). 

AmbitiouB,    adj.    balaudoazar ;    ali-himmat; 

bauslah-mand ;  iM-batislah ;  ul-ul-asm. 
AmbitioTifly,  ad?,  balasd-nazari  se ;  hausle  se. 
Ambitus,  n.  1.  extreme  edge^  kin&r&;  had;  mo- 

bit.  2.  (Arch.)  gheriL;  ahatah. 

3.  {Bot)  patte  k&  kinaiH  ya  kor. 

4.  \C(mck.)  ghonge  ki  shakl.  [j&na. 
Amble,  v.  n.  rah var  ya  nihil  chalna;  dugama 
Amble,  n.  dugama ;  rukal. 

Ambler,  n.  r&h-var;  qadam-lnis. 
Ambling,  affected^  naz  nakhre  se  chaln&. 
Ambrosia,  n.  imrat ;  §^-i-hayat ;    sudha. 
Ambrosial,  adj.    1.  frmgrant^  khush-bu-d&r ; 
muattar ;  mahakni ;  sugandhit.  [dar. 

2.deUciQH8,\2JXi*y  svid;  maze-dar;  saeqe- 
Ambnlance,  n.  aspatt&l  ki  doll  y&  ^p.  [jagah. 
Ambuscade,  Ambush,  n.  kamlii-gah  ;  gh&t  ki 

Bold  in  close  ambutk,  base  in  open  field.  Dryden, 
Chhnpl  §kdt  meh  i&r,  khule  khet  meh  gidU 

to  lie  in  ambtuhy  daon  gh&t  men  baithn& ;  gh&t 

raen  laga  rahna. 
Ameliorate,  y.  a.  sudhami ;  durust  k. ;  behtar 

k. :  hanan& ;  isl&h  k. 
Amelioration,  n.   behtari ;  isl&h ;  sani^ ;  su- 

dhar;  durustL 
Amen,  adv.  aisi  hi  ho ;    &min ;    yatha-astH ; 

evam   astti ;    amiii   All&h  ;    tare  mflnh  gM 

khriud ;  teri  avaz  Makke  Madlae  men. 
Amen,  n.  rah-ul-amin  (hazrat  Is^l  ka  khit&b). 
Amenable,  adj.    1.  governable,  muti;  farn^Ln- 

bardar;  it&at-pizir;  aggyi-rain;  bas-jog. 
2.  accountable,  javab-deh  ;  tabe. 
amenable  to  jurisdiction^  zer-i-hukUmat  y&  ad&- 

lat ;  siy&sat  ke  tftbe  ;   mutaalliq-i-ilaqah. 
Amend,  v.  a.  durust  k. ;  sab!  k. ;  sanvarai;  thik 

k.;  islah  d.;  sudhirni;  baniiQi;  tarmim  k. 

Mar  not  the  thing  that  cannot  be  amended  / 

Shaket.  JucHzkona9ahv9r$ahomaibigdfof 

Amend,  ▼.  n.  durust  h.;    thik  h.;  sanyama; 

islah  h. 
Amende,  Amende  honorable,  n.  uzr  mazirat 
Amendment,  n.  behtari ;  isl&h ;  sanvar ;  durus- 

tl;  tarmim.  [kai. 

Amendment  ie  repentance.  Prov.  lildkhitaubak 

Amends,  n.   badla;    padash;    tavan;    dand; 

mukAftt;  evaz;  evazana;  ja^. 
Amenity,  n  mulsLemat ;  narmi ;  ashr&fat. 

A  menia  el  thoro,  n.  taliq-i-nin  o  nafqi ;   roti 

kappl  dene  se  inkar. 
Amentum,  catkin.  {Bot.)  laii,  latkan. 
Ameroe,  v.  a.  jurmana  k. ;  daiid  leoa. 
Amercement,  n.  jurmana ;  dand. 
Amess,  Amioa,  n.  jnbba ;  j&ma ;  chogiL ;  chola. 
Amethyst,  n.  nilam. 
Amiability,  Amiableness,  n.  har-dil-adzi ;  man- 

bhaiti  [shilvant 

Amiable,  acy.  har-dil-aziz ;  man-bhao ;  su-shil ; 
Amiably,  ady.  sushiltai  ya  har-dil-a^z!  se. 
Amicable,  adj.  dost&na ;  hila-mila  ;  miU-jbula ; 

ipas-ki.  [dosU ;  shafqat. 

AmicablenesSy  Amicability,    n.    dost-naviizl ; 
Amicably,  ady.  dosti  se ;  ba-taur-dosti ;  apas 

mei& ;  dostana  taur  par. 
Amicus  curis,  n.  {Law)  munsif  ka  madadgar. 
Amid,  Amidst,  prep,  bich  men ;  bich :  men ; 

amidst  the  rest,  b&qiyon  men.  [chuk  se;  galati  se. 
Amiss,  ady.  ashudh ;   bure  taur  se;   bhul  se  ; 
to  take  amiss,  bura  manna ;  na-raz  h. ;  khafa  h. 
Amity,  n.  [S.   mUrta,  from  mitr   a  friend] 

dosti ;  mitrtaL  [daylL 

Ammonia,  n.  E.  yumUnia;  hosh  meii  lane  ki 
sal  ammoniac,  nausadar. 
Ammunition,  n.  asbab-i-harb ;  ^min-i-jang; 

barut-gola ;  megzin ;  lariU  ka  s&man. 
Amnesty,  n.  mu&fi;  afu-i-jurm;  jan-bakhshL 
Among,  Amongst,  prep,  bich;  men ;  dar-miyan ; 

min-juml&.    Among  us.     Ham  meh. 
Amorosa,  n.  shokh-dldah ;  ramjani ;  chat&kli- 

chirya ;  uchhal-chhakka ;  uchhalchittL* 
Amoroso,  n.  ashiq. 
Amorous,  a^j.   ashiq;   ashiq-mii&j;    sh&yaq; 

rasiya;  rangila. 
Amorously,  ady.  ashiqana ;  ishq  se.  [i^^ 

Amorouiness,  n.  ishq-bazi ;  tamash-bini;  ras; 
Amorphous,  adj.  be-daul  yii  rUp. 
Amort,  adj.  murda-sa;  udas ;  sust 
Amount,  y.  n.  tadad  h. ;  bona. 
Amount,  n.  jama ;  jumla ;  tadad ;    mublig ; 

raqam;  inajuiua;  miqdar;  basil;  jo^;  shum&r. 
registered  amount,  asl  jama.  [tadSd;  tak. 

to  the  amount  of,   ba-qadr;    ba-andaza;  ba- 
Amour,  n.  ashnal ;  int  sant ;  at  sat ;  ishq. 
Amorous,  adj.  ishqija  ;  ashiqana ;  rasiUL 
amorous  glances,  ras^i  ya  mithi    mithi  nasre& 

y&  ni^hen.  [jal-thal-char. 

Amphit^ous,  adj.   do-unsar!;  bhumi-jal-char; 
Amphibological,  adj.  mushtabah. 
Amphibrach,  n.  (/'z  o«.)  jagan.    [ghar;  akhi^ft. 
Amphitheatre,  n.  dangal ;  tamasha-gah ;  n&oh- 
Ample,  adj.  [Lat.  pleo,  Skr.  pri,   H.  pwr  fill, 

P.  jnir  full.]  1.  extended,  bara ;  yasi ;  farftkh  ; 

kushadah ;  kalan  ;   lamba-chaunL 
2.  abundant,  bahut  sa  (Abundant). 
ample  provision,  bahut-sa  khana  3r&  rasad. 
Ampleness,  n.  1 .  vasat ;    phail&o ;    phail&va ; 

fkrakhi.   2.  hahntat  (Abundance). 
Amplification,  n.  1.  barbae;  phailao. 

8.  (Rhet)  bist&r ;  tQl ;  mub&lga. 

AiBplifSf,  ▼.  a.  barhana;  tul  d. 

Antplitade,  n.  1.  extent^  phail&y& ;  vusat ;  fa- 
^khi.  2.  See  Abundance.  3.  {Ast)  dun  purab 
pachchham  ke  chakkar^  y&  khat-i-iatawa^  ya 
maddh  rekha  se. 

Am^,  ady,  ba-kasrat ;  ba-ifr&t;  bauhtat  se; 
lel  pel  se ;  mala-mal ;  bharpur.  [d&ln&. 

Amplltatey  v.  a.  azv  k&tna  ya  qalam  k, ;  kat 

Ampiitatloii,  n.  qate-azv ;  chir  phar;  kat  kut. 

Afluuk,  adv.  andha-dhufid ;  be-taLhash&;  be- 
dharak;  munh  uthg&  [jantr;  tayiz. 

Anuilftti  n.  [A.  amaly  S.  mantra  a  onarm]  gand& ; 

Kmmmif  y«  a.  1.  divert^   bahlan&;  khusb  k.; 

tafiih   d.;    khilana;    khayal    bat&na;     dil 

laganft.  2.  delude,  dam  d. ;  jhansa  d. ;  dam 

pk  iMoik  men  rakhna.  [/oAiuon. 

fie  oaiMctl  his  folio  wen  with  idle  promigee. 

U9  fie  dpne  tdthiyoh  ho  vdde  valid  meh  rakkhd, 

|9  amu9e  fmetdf,  dil  bahlana ;  ji  khush  k. 
Amiiminmit^  n.  dil-bahlao;  tafrih-i-taba;  dil-lagi; 

sair;  tam&sha.  [kijagah;  sair-g^h. 

^louot  of  tmituementy  raDg-bhQm ;  sair  tamEshe 
Amuiagy  a4j.  1.  (Mngs)  dil-chasp;  dil-bahlao. 
2.  (persona)  dil-lagi-baz  ;  nuql-i-majlis. 
An  omurina  story.     DU-ehatp  kahaiA. 
Aii  art.  1. 4nUy  ek ;  kd ;  koi  8&. 

2.  ecuh^  bar;  harek;  har-kcn.  [yaqt. 

Anaehioniam,  n.  t&rikh  ki  galati ;  ikbtilaf-i- 
Anagxaniy  a.  tahrif ;  madhilapa ;  laff  o  nashar. 
Anagram,  ▼.  a.  tahrif  k. ;  ek  kl  jagah  dusre 

ko  rakhna;  jagah  badaloa. 
Aulogieali  adj.  mushabeh ;  mutabiq ;  muta- 

misU ;  milt&  jhulta ;  ham-shakl. 
Analogically,  adv.  tamklan;  tashbihan;  tashblh 

ke  sith ;  mal&biqat  6e ;  upma  se. 
Aaalogoaa,  a^j.   mushabeh;  mutabiq;    yak- 

tfA ;  ek-rQp ;  ek  surat  ka ;  ham-shakl. 

Aaalogna,  n.  mushftba ;  ham-shakl. 

Aniljniiy  n.  1.  bhanjan;  tashrih;  tajaiKsa;  tafriq; 

biittrn;   jabr;    kan-tor-fiodban.    2.  (Math,) 

WKMah  ko  jabar  muqable  se  nik&lne  ka 

taifqa.  3.  (Chem.)  kan-khoj ;  tat-nikas. 

4.  (Gram.)  padh-chbedan  ;  tarldb ;  anva^ 

§mmUrical  analynSj  uqlaidas  ko  jabar  muq&- 
bile  se  Abit  L 

qmHiattve  analym]  gun-bhanjan. 

fumiiiijUiw  anali/na,  bojh'bhanjan.  [tafiiq-dan. 

Aa^tflt,  iL  sodhi ;  sodhne-wg.Ul ;  tajazza-dao ; 

Aai^tie,  Analytical,  adj.  tashrihi;  tafriql; 

Aii^ftical  Cteometry,  bat&tl  lakir-n&p ;  gahrl 

gintl'D&p;  bijganit-nap.  [tafriq;  ba-tashrlh. 
Analytically,  adv.  bit-tashrili ;  tashrihan ;  ba- 
AnaMicii  n.  (pi.)  tlm-itashrih. 
Am^miae,  adj.  lial   ya  tashrih  ke  layaq ; 

hhin-jog;  qabil-i-tafriq ;  tajazsu-pizTr. 
tm^fw^  v.  a.    tafriq,    tajazza,   tashrih,  juz, 

takre,  y&  kan  k  ;  sodhna;  bhanjan  k. 
Analjfwri  d.    I,  the  pereoH,  sodhue-vals.  See 

Aaalyat.   8.  the  ivbiiance,  galane-vala. 

AnapflBSt,  n.   (Pros,)  ek  vazan  ya  chal  jis  men 

do  clihoti  aur  ek  ban  niattri  ho  ;  sagan. 
Anarchy,  n.  1.  political,  gadar ;  padshah-gardi  ; 
balva;   fasSUl;  bad-ami! ;  chaupat-raj ;   sik- 
khan-shahi ;  marahti ;  shah  ji  ki  amal-d&rl. 

2.  general,  hal-chal ;  ghabrahat ;  afra  tafri ; 
hangama;  khalbali. 

Spread  anarehv  and  terror  all  around.    Cowper, 
I  JBad-amU  aur  aar  sab  jagah  phaU  gayd, 

Anaa,  n.  (Omith)  murg-abi. 

Anasarca,  n.  (Med,)  jalandar;  istisqi;  soth. 

Anathema,  n.     1.  sarap;    phitklr.    2.  huqqe 

p&ni  kl  band! ;  kiry&  karam  se  nik&la  jana. 
Anathematize,  t.  a.phitkarua ;  huqq&  pani  band 

k. ;  z&t  bahar  k.;  bir&dri  se  kharij  k. 
Anatomic,  Anatomical,  ady.  ilm-i-tashrihya  ang 
biddy&  ke  mutaalliq  ;  k&t  kdt  y&  chir  phar 
ke  sambandhS.  [chime-vala;  jairah. 

Anatomist,     ang-biddya-guni ;     tashiih-dan ; 
Anatomize,  v.  a.    1.  dissect,  chlm&  ;  chU*  phar 
k. :  kat  kt\t  k. ;  katna ;  ohak  k. ;  azv  juda  k. 
2.  analyze,  kholn&  ;  tuk^e  tukre  k.;  juz  juz  k. 
Anatomy,  n.  1.  dissection,  chir  phar ;  kat  kilt ; 
jarr&bL    2.  the  science,    ang-biddya;    ilm-i- 
tashrih ;  badan  ka  ilm. 
comparative  anatomy,  ilm-i-ta8hrlh4>haL¥^auat. 
An^tor,  Q. /or^Ai^Aer,  purkh&;    pitr;   jad^ 
bap-dada  ;  d&dJa  par-dada.  [ek  dada' 

common  ancestor,  mfiris-i-alS.;  muris-i-muttahad  * 
Ancestorial,   Ajiceatral,  adj.  t\M;   maurOsi'^ 
jadd! ;  bap-dada  kl ;  bapauti ;  pushtainL      * 
anc6«^ra/ />ra/7er^y,  jaed&d-i-maurtSsi;   bapautl- 

dhan ;  bapauti ;  imlak-i-jaddL  . 
Ancestry,  n.  1 .  lineage,  nasi ;    hasab  o  nasab ; 
ghai^na;  kbandan ;  pusht;  piihl;  kul. 

2.  high  birth,  Eli  khand&n ;  bara  gharana ; 
&1!  nasi ;  bara  ghar.  [&8r& ;  bharo^L 

Anchor,  n.    1.    langar.    2.  (Met.)  ja^panah; 
.  sheet  anchor,  bat  a  langar. 
to  be  (St  anchor,  langar  par  h.;  tbaira-hua  h. 
to  come  to  andior,  langar  dSina ;  jahaz  khara  k. 
to  foul  anchor,  langar  ulajhnl 
to  weigh  anchor,  langar  uthftu&;  jahaz  chalana. 
Anchor,  v.  n.    1.  ccut  anchor,  langar  dalna. 

2.  stop,  thaima ;  muqim  h. 
Anchorage,  n.  1.  harbour,  bandar. 
2.  tfu  dfUy,  bandar  k&  mahsal. 
Anchoret,    Anchorite,  n.  goshe-nashin ;  tartk- 
ud-duniya;  tyagi;  sannjSsi ;  udasi ;  bairagi ; 
Anchovy,  n.  ek  qism  ki  chhoti  bahri  machhll. 
Ancient,  adj.  1 .  old  (in  time),  puiatia ;   prachiu  ; 
qadlmi;  derina;  san&tau-k%.  2,of  long  dura- 
tion,  rauddat-ka;    bahut   din-ka;     zamane 
salaf  y&  peshin  Idl ;  pable  zam&ne-ka. 
Z.past,  agla;  peshin;  salaf. 
ancient  times,  agla  ya  purana  zamana ;    zama- 

na-i-sabiq ;  agle  vaqt. 
Ancient,  n.  (pL)  purane  y&  qadlm  vaqt  ke  log ; 
prachln  log;  purkh&;   qudama;   mutaqad- 
damin;  buzurg. 

And,  cooj.  aur;  y&;  o.  [h&z-al-qay&a. 

and  so  foH\  cmd  so  on,  vagaira ;  isl  tarah ;  ala- 
and  that,  cooj.  aur  yeh  ki. 
Andante,  adj.  (Mus.)  maddham,  fthista  (sur). 
Anecdote,  n.  hik&jat;  chutkuli;  naql;  rav&- 

yat.  [bojh-n&p. 

Anemometer,  n.  hav&-n&p ;   pavan-nftp ;   bio- 
Anemone,  n.  shaq&yaq-i-nom&ii ;  gul-i-havi. 
Anent,  prep,  b&bat ;  b&re ;  dar-b&re ;  madde. 
Anenterons,  adj.  bil&-rodah ;  afitri-rabit. 
Aneroid,  adj.  bagair  p&re  ke. 
Anenriim,  n.  rag  k&  tatn&. 
Anew,  adv.  naS  sire  ee;    phir-ee;    phir-ke; 

phirke  ee ;    sire  ae ;  ulat-ke ;   az  ear i-naiu ; 

'  dohr&-kar.  [h&tif. 

Angel,  n.  X,aspintua!beingfia.nnhtBi;  malak; 

Like  hngiU  riiita,  few  and  far  between. 
QAk$  make  H  muUqU.    iJi  eh&hd  kidhar  u 
mkld  t)  [fell  Shakes. 

Angels  are  bright  itill,  though  the  brighteet 
Oo  farishtah  bard  hUd  mardw, 
Parfariehte  haiH  ab  hfn  nUrdni. 
2.  beautiful  person^  pari;   parl-sftd;  bflr; 
apcbharft;  paryi;  tnab-laqft. 
angels  who  question  the  dead,  (Mah,)  Munkir 

Nakir;  Jamrftj ;  naldrain. 
the  angel  of  death,  Izrill ;  roalak-ul-raant ;  jam. 
the  recording  angels,  Kirjman  k&tibln ;  Chitr- 

the  world  of  angels,  &lam-i-malakat. 
Angelic,   Angelical,     adj.     fariahtE-khaslat ; 

farisbtakhtl ;  malakl-eiflit 
Angelica,  n.  (Bot,)  anjaliq. 
Anger,  n.  kirodh ;  gussa ;  khafgl ;  taieb ;  iULb ; 
tebU;  t&mas;  obbo;  jhQnjal. 

Anger  is  the  fever  and  freniy  of  the  loaL  ProT* 

Kirodh  Atom  juar  haM. 

Anger  may  glance  into  the  breast  of  a  wiae  man, 

but  rests  only  in  the  bosom  of  fools.    ProT. 
Bwdh-jan  ur  mehjhalke  kirodh,  mUrcdch  hirde 

hose  kirodh. 
Anger  punishes  itself.  ProT.  Kirodhi  nij  drohl. 

flushed  with  anger,  gusse  men  l&l  ho  gayii ;  l&l 

pila  hu&. 
A]^per,  v.  a.  ri8&n& ;    cbbo  y&  jbQnjal  dil&n& ; 

gutt^  dilaD& ;  khaf^  k. 
Angle,  D.  (Geom.)  kona ;  kon ;  z&viya. 
acute  angle,  z&viya-i-b&dda ;  suk^il  kona. 
adjacent  angle,  z&viya-i-muttasila ;  mil&  kon. 
aXtemate    angle,    adal-badal    kon;     s&viya-i- 

mutab^alah.  [i-mubitl. 

angle  at  the  ctrcamferenoe,  obakkar-kon ;  ziviya- 
angle  at  which  a  plane  is  inclined,    (Geom.) 

dhalao  y&  jhuk&o  kona.  [kon&. 

angle  of  depression,   a&viya-i-tabt&ni ;    nicbl& 
angle  of  friction,  (Mech.)  ragay-koni. 
angle  of  incidence,  paf  t!  icon.  [i-mur&jaat. 

angle  of  reflection,  likalkon ;  palatkon;  z&viya- 
angle  of  the  eye,  koy& ;  goeba-i-chaehm. 
angle  of  the  mouth,  b&chb. 
curvilinear  angle,  cb&p-kon ;  z&viya-i-manbanl. 
exterior    angle,     b&harl-kon;   zlviya-i-bertini ; 


half  angle,  &db&-kon;  nisf-s&viya. 

interior  angle,   bbitarl-kon;   z&viy-i-andanm! ; 

mixed  angle,  ek  eldbi  aur  ek  gol  lakir  k&  kon. 
oblique  angle,  qftcfmi  se  bar&  y&  cbbot&  z&viya. 
obtuse  angle,  pbail&-kon& ;  z&viya-i-munfarija. 
plane  angle,  cbauraa  koo ;  z&viya-i-muBatta. 
plane  rectilineal  angle,  z&yiya-i-mueattab  moa- 

taqim-ulkbattaiu ;  sldbl  laklrofi  k&  cbauras 

kon&.  [taqlm-ul-kbattun. 

rectilineal  angle,  endb-lakir  kon ;  z&viya-i-moa- 
right angle,  sam-lcon;  pOrft  kon;  dviya-iq&Sma. 
solid  angle,  tbos  kon ;  z&viya-i-mujassam. 
splierical  angle,  gol  kona ;  cLftp-kon ;   z&viya-i- 

mustavl  y&  roustadlr. 
vertical  angle,  sir-kon  ;  i^viya-i-rilB. 
visual  angle,  driebt-koo ;  z&viy&-i-nazit. 
Ansle,  ▼.  n.  hfish,  banei  lag&n&  y&  kbelnft; 

abast  pbenki^ ;  k&nU  d&ln&. 

2.  (v.  a.)  employ  artifiee,  ob&r&  d&loi;  jil 

bicbb&n%;    goud&  dikb&D&;    dilpba&sftnft; 

d&n&  jam&Q&.  [nft. 

to  angle  with  a  silver  hook,  sone  Id  katJLrl  mir- 

Anglemeter,  n.  kon-nftp ;  z&viya-m&p.  [kbili^ 

Angler,  n.    tite  person,  banelb&z;    banal  kE 

An  cmgter  eats  more  than  he  gets.  Prov. 

Bansl  kd  khUdft,  Ubse  thojrd,  khttoe  bahut. 

2.  (Ich.)  fishing  frog,  m&bi-g^  me^ak; 

ek  qism  kl  macbblL 
Anglican,  adj.  aogrezon  ke  maihab  k&. 
Anglice,  adv.  angrezi  me& 
Angliciim,  n.  angred  mab&vra. 
Anglicise,  v.  a.  angrezi  banftaft ; 
Angling,  n.  bansi-bftzl. 
Anglo,  adj.  Angrezi;  Inglist&nL 
Anglo-Indian,  n.  Hindust&n  ke  Angrez. 
Angrily,  adv.  gusse  y&  kbafgl  ee ;  jbu^jl&-kar ; 

cbbo  ho-kar.  [kirodhi ;  t&miL 

Angry,  adj.  kbaf^;  gnssail;  bar-bam;  cbbo; 

An  angry  man  is  again  angry  with  himself 
when  he  returns  to  reason.  Prov.   \jhwkjUU* 
Ousu  meh  d-kar  jhuhjldM  jab  Spe  meh  di  to  dpept 
He  that  is  angry  is  seldom  at  ease.  ProT. 

Kirodhi  ko  chain  kahdht{TaiMh  meh  aishkakdfit) 
to  be  angry,  gusse  j&  khaf)^  b.;  cbbo  b. 
Angnish,  n.  dard ;  pii-i ;  kasbt ;   d&run-dnkh. 
Angnlar,  adj.  1.  gosbe-d&r ;  kone-dar  ;  koniyL 
2.  stiff,  sharp,   kai-ft;    cbubbt&;    lagUL; 
kbatakti;  kbubt&. 
angular  motion,  nisf-qutar  k^  daur. 
angular  section,  kon-k&t ;  taqnlm-i-z&viya. 
angiUar  velocity,  nisf-qutar  kl  raft&r.  [pan. 

Angnlaritf,  n.    1,  koo-pan,    2.  (Met,)  nukili- 
Angnlate,  adj.  (Bot)  kon-dar;  gosbe-d&r. 
Angnlodentate,  adj.  (^o/,)  datlll. 
Angnlometer,  n.  b&barI-kon«n&p. 
Anhelation,  n.  h&npml ;  bankni ;   dam  cbafh- 

!)& ;  B&us  pbuln&  y&  bbam&. 
Anil,  n.  nil  il  pauda;  (Ist  year)  nandho;  (2nd 

year)  pe^ ;  (drd  year)  tilafig^ 
Anile,  a^j.  bu^'hiy&jaisft;  buddhi aurat  8& ;  saif. 
Anility,  d.  bu^'b&pa ;  piri ;  zaill ;  kam-zori. 

angrezi  me& 




AninuidTeriion,  n.  mal&mat;    4^t   dapat; 

aarsaniah ;    ihrat-dih! ;    tamblh ;    chashm- 

nam&i.  [tamiuli  k. 

AniinadTert,  v.  n.  inalamafc  k. ;  sarzanish  k ; 
AwiTnal,  n.  janvar;    pashQ;   haivin;   dhor; 

dingar.  [diKur. 

an  irraiUmal  animal^  haiyiiMHnutlaq ;  pashQ  ; 
a    ralional    €tmnial,    haiv&n-i-n&tiq  j    ins&a; 

idmi;  manuah;  m&nas. 
Antina!,  adj.  haiv&nl. 
ammal/ood,  gosht ;  m&s. 
mdmal  keat,  har&rat-i-garizi ;  jiv-agni. 
ammal  kingdom^  jiy  jantQ ;  haiv&o&t. 
aaamal  pauion  or  gratificaiionf 

ahahvat;  lazaiz-i-haii^oii;  k&m ;  k&m-deo ; 

indxi ;  havae*  Daft&Di. 
ammal  spirits,  tabiat  ka  josh ;  man  ki  lahr. 
Aaimaleiile,  n.  ohhot&  k^  jo  khurd-bia  hi  ae 

dikblii  de. 
Aaimallam,  n.  aiySshi;  shabvat-parasti ;  hairSl- 

nijat;  laz&ia-i-haiv&nT ;  indii-bhog. 
Animatey  y.  a.  I.  quicker^  jilaoa;  jaa  d&lD&; 

stnda  k.   2.  encourage,  himmat  y&  dh&raa 

bandhina;    taqviyat    deii&;   jurat  dilanH; 

hanalah  ya  dil  barh&oa. 

3.  Mo^eytaigib  denlL ;  uki^nll ;  bharluUda. 

Anhnata,  adj.   1.  char;  jlt&;  jaa-dftr;  zi-rOh. 

2.  aindah-di].  [be-jan. 

fmimaU  and  inanimatey  char-achar ;  jan-dftr  o 

tmiwuUed  language,  jan  d&bie-Yali-&v&z;  sindab- 

dilo&  ki  avaz  y&  zaban. 
Aniiiuttiimy  n.  aindah-dill ;  jan ;  josh, 
Animoaitj,  Ajumna,  n. 

dnahmani.;  a<^yat;   bair;    birodh;   bngz; 

khoaumat;  Idna;  lag;  8hatrut&. 
AniMy  n.  saunf  k&arq;  anisun.  [birhali;  bady&n. 
Aniseaeedy  Aniseed,  n.  tukhm-i-anisun;  aaimf; 
Aaiiette,  n.  saunf  ki  sharab. 
Ankle,  n.  takhni;  k&b.  [tukh&n-i-k&b. 

Ankle-bone,  n.   takbne  ki  haddi;  gatU;  us- 
Ankle-deep,  adj.  takhne  takhne ;  takhnon-tak. 
Anklet,  n.  p&yal ;  pazeb. 
Annalist,  n.  yaqae-oi^r. 
Aanala,o.  salanah-sarguzasht;  tavankh;  itihSls. 
annals  of  the  past,  ta^rikh-i-salaf. 
A»iiaa^i^  V.  a.  shishe  ko  rangne  ke  vaste  garm  k. 
Annex,    v.    a.    lag^ua;  milana;    shamil  k.; 

jornA ;  natthi  k. 
fa  annex  territory,  qalamrau  men  shiimil  k. ; 

molk  men  milanft;  apne  liLj  men  mil&na; 

ilhSq  k. ;  mulhaq  k. 
Annexed,  adj.  jurSrhi^;    munsalak;    mash- 

mdla;  mulhaq;  natthi  kiy&-hu§. ;  shiLmlL 
annexed  papers,  kigaz&t-i-munsalaka ;  k&gazat- 

shiiuil-i-misl ;  natthi  kiye-hue'  kagaz.  [ilbaq. 
Annexation,    n.    lagao;    mel;  jor;    ittis&l; 

The  annexation  of  Ondh..    Ilhdq-i-Avadh. 

Anaihilato,  v.  a.  [Lat.  nihil,  P.  nest,  nothing,  S. 
iidiA,  U.  nds  destruction,]  mit&na;  madum  k.; 
btnAinA;  ni-paid  k;  saty&nas  k.;  nest  o  n&bfid 
k. ;  fani  k.;  kaladam  k;  khak  men  mil&nE. 

Annihilatiwi,  n.  nas ;  bin&s;  fan&;  saty&n&s; 

nivirnSs;  nestL  ^din. 

Anniyeraary,  adj.  salana;  barsaun;  barasyen 
Anniyeraary,  n.  baras  din  kA  din ;  barkhi ; 
I       bars!;  barsauri;  sftl-girah;  baras-^ntb. 
(cf  one's  birth)  janam  drn ;  yaum-i-paid&isb. 
{of  on^#  death)  barsi ;  dasa ;  din» 
Ajino  BMolii^  n.  saun-i-isvi. 
Ajmo  Hundi,  n.  8an-i-paidaish^i-dimiy&. 
Ajinotate,  y.   a.  tikH,  sharah,  h&shiy&,  ya  tafsir 

likbn&,  ya  cha^han&.  [sa-tik;  "tika-sahit. 

Ajinotated,  adj.  muhashsoa;  musbarrah; 
Ajinotation,  n.  tika ;  sharah ;  tafsir ;  hSishiya. 
AjinotatoT,  n.  tikl-k&r;  mufassir;   shareh; 

Announce,  y.  a.  zHhir  k. ;  mashbur  k. ;  khabar 

dena;  (Cor,)  gazatk. ;  chbapni,;  dhandonl 

ya  daundi  pitni  ;  ittila  k.  ;  pargbat  k  ( Ad- 

yertise)»  [tahir  k 

to  announce  to  the  public,  elan  den& ',  muah- 
Annonuoement,    n.    khabar;    beora;    ittila; 

&g&hi  (Advertisement). 
Annoy,  y.  a.  sat&na;  diq  k ;  taklif  d. ;  dukh 

d. ;  iz&  dena  y&  pahnnchana ;  hairan  k 
Annoyance,  n.   taklif;   dukh;   iza;   diqqat; 

tasdiya;  mazarrat. 
giving  or  causing  annoyance,  iza-rasanL 
Annoying,  part.   adj.    azar-deh;    takllf-deh; 

dukhd&i;  i^-rasan. 

Annual,  adj.  1.  barsi  ( Anniversary ).  [ei. 

2.  lasting  only  a  year,  fasli;  rut  k& ;  ek-bar- 

Annual  examination.    SdlAna  imtehdn,   Annu(U 

meeting^  Jalta-i-tMnd  ;  sSldnd  9abkS  yd  Jdlsa, 

AiiTiim.1^  n.  1.  (Bot,\  fasli  ya  rut  ^  pauda» 

2.  publication,  sEl&ua  ris&la. 
Annually,  ady.  s&l  ke  s&l;  sil  bansS.!;  har 

sal ;  s&1an& ;  har  baras. 
Annuitant,  n.  s&lSna    vazifa-khuSr ;  barsauri 

pane-v&lk;  s&l^a-dar;  salana  pinshan-dar; 

inglisya;  salana  vaslqe-dar.    [&na;  barsauri. 
Annuity,  n.  sSLlana  vazifa  ya   mashEhia ;  aal- 
Annul,  y.  a.  radd  k  ;  mansukh  k  (Abolish). 
Annular,  adj.  chhallft-sa;  halqe-num&;  chhalle- 

dar ;  chballe  ki  m&nind. 
Annulet,  n.  chhoU  chhall&.      [tardid ;  bhang. 
Annnlment,  n.  kal-adam ;  mansflkhi;  tansikh; 
Annulose,  adj.  kire  makaure  j&tL 
Annimciation,  n.  bash&rat. 
Anodyne,  n.  pir-haran  aukhad ;  taskin-bakhsh 

dava ;  musakkin-dav&.        [d&ln&,  y&  malna. 

Anoint,  v.  a.  1 .  rub  with  oil,  tel  chuparna,  laganl^ 

When  thou  fastest  anoint  thy  head  1 
Jab  roia  rakkho  sir  men  td  lagdo  / 

2.  consecrate,  riij  tilak  k ;  tel  ban  k.  (a 
Anointed,  p.  adj.  rSj  tilak  hu&.  [ku-rit. 

I  Anomalous,  adj.  khil§.f  qaeda  y&  zabita ;  an-rit ; 
Anomaly,;  khiliif-sarishtagi;  an-rit. 
Anon,  adv.  1.  soon,  jaldi ;  abhi;  fauran ;  anau 
f&nan  men.  2.  sometimes,  kabhi;  kabhi  kabhl; 
1       kadhi  kadhi ;  gahe  nwlhe ;  phir  ;  g^he  gahe. 

ever  and  anon,  ab  tab ;  tbair  tbair^ke. 
AxLonyma,  a.  (Slang)  qabba;  kh&mp&ra;  kutiya. 
AnoaymoxiB,  a<iy.  gum-n&m;   gupt-n&m;  be- 

n&m;  l&-alam. 
AxLouymoiiBly,  adv.  be-n&m. 
AxLorexy,  n.  (Med.)  arucb.  [rabna. 

Anosmia,  u.  (Med.)  quvvat-i-sb&mma  k&  j&tft 
AxLotber,  adj.  1.  no^  ^ii^;  aame,  aur ;  dCuuri ;  digar ; 

mukhtalif;  gair. 

This  is  another  pftir  of  shoet.    Slang, 
Yek  aur  jo  f  6  hai.    Yeh  aur  bdt  hoi, 

2.  one  more^  ek  aur ;  dClsrfi. 

3.  any  others  ko!  aur ;  aur  ko! ;  kol  diUrft. 
Diaoover  not  a  secret  to  another/  ProT. 
Kin  aur  m  bhid  mat  hahol  [ProT. 
Let  anolher  praise  thee  and  not  thy  own  mouth  I 
Aur  chiiheh  tumh&ri  tdr\f  4»reA,  par  turn  apiM 

mUhh  $e  ajml  Ulrlf  mat  karo. 
(Apne  mUhh  miydh  miUhU  mat  bono  /        ProT.) 

4.  not  on^s  eel/,  gair  ;"parftjl. 

Answer,  v.  n.   1.6^  like,  muv&fiq,  mut&biq,  ja- 
T&by&jorb.;  lagn&;  takkarkb&ni;  milo&. 
Heart  answereth  to  heart    Dil  kA  dCiid  dSL 

2.  he  sufficient f  k&ft  b.;  ptM  h. ;  ptbr&  pafoft. 
I  do  not  need  two,  one  will  antwer. 

Do  nahih  ehdhlMh,  ek  hi  k^  hoL 
Honey  antwertth  all  thinn. 
Rupaye  le  $ah  kucKh  ho  taktd  hoL 

3.  to  be  correlative,  l&ziin  malztiin  b. 

4.  succeed,  riUt  &aft;  tbik  &Q&,  bann&,  y&  hon&; 
nibbni;  sadbni;  tbik  baithni;  mauzOfi  b. 

5.  be  aecountahUf    zimmeb^ib:  b.;    z&mia 
b.;  javab-deb  b.  [kahn&;  ja^b-deb!  k. 

Answer,  y .  a.  1 .  reply  to,  jav&b  y&  uttar  deu^ ; 

To  anttoer  one  in  his  own  language.  Proy. 

Javdb'i-Tarkl  ba  TurH.  Proy. 

Blows  will  antwer  blows.  Proy.      [den^,  Proy.) 
OhUnse  kdjaM  ghAAsd.  (Tkt  H  lenl  patthar  H 
2.  «a^H^,  pQr&  k. ;  ada  k.;*  nib&bQ&;   an- 
fim  denE ;  barfibar  k. 

Does  this  antwer  your  expectations  f 
Yeh  tumhdri  ummed  ke  muvi^/lq  hait 
This  will  not  answer  at  alL     Yeh  nahlh  Kogd, 
S.r^'/uto,  lH-jayabk.;  band  k.;.raddk.  4. 
correspond  with,  mulliiq  b. ;  jayiLb  b. ;  miln&. 
The  door  on  this  side  antwert  to  the  one  on  that 
side.     Yen  darvdza  ut  darvdte  kdjavdb  haL 
Answer,  n.  1.  reply,  jayab;  uttar. 

A  soft  antwer  turneth  away  wrath.  Proy. 

Mithd  uttar  idle  krodh, 

(Tkcmdd  loh'd  garm  lohe  ko  kdttd  hai,        Proy. 
Cold  steel  will  cut  through  hot  iron). 

2.  (to  a  problem)  jay&b ;    uttar ;   pbal. 

3.  (to  a  riddle)  bfljb ;  pbal.  4.  (Law)  tardid; 
radd-i-kalam  ;  priti-lAd ;  jay&b-d&y&. 

anstffer  in  appeal,  jayab-i-mt^ibftt. 

answer  to  a  plaint,  jayaib-d&v&. 

decisive  answer,  do  tQk  jayib.       [javib-i-qatal, 

definiU  answer,  '^Mih-i-AlXl]   jav&b-b&H3ay&b ; 

evasive  answer,  til  matol. 

plain  answer,  s&f  javab. 

Answerable,  adj.  1.  opp.  of  unanswerable,  mum- 
kin-ul-jay&b ;  uttar-jog.  2.  accountable,  bis&b- 
deb ;  q&bil-i-b&z-purs ;  jay&b-talab.  3.  respon- 
sible, zamin;  zimmeb-yar;  jay&b-deb.  4.  liable, 
8az&-y&r;  mustaujib;  l&yaq;  mubtamaL 

Ant,  n.  cbefiti ;  obitli&tl ;  cbinti ;  klii 

large  ant,  cbenU ;  cblanU ;  ohfiita. 

red  ant,  l&l  cbefitl. 

white  ant,  dimak ;  Pa^f.  seonk. 

Antbear,  n.  obeGiitl-kbor. 

Anteateher,  n.  mor-g!r. 

Ant-bill,  n.  cbenti  kft  UVk. 

Antacid,  n.  kbat&im&r;  d&fe-i-tursbi. 

Antagonism,  u.  bair ;    l&g ;  birodb  ;  mukb&la- 

fat ;  tanOzi  ;  muq&bila  ;  kbusiimat. 
Antagonist,   n.  opponent,    barif;     mukb&lif; 

muq&bil;  mukh&sim ;  jor;  priti-b&d!. 
2.  (Anat.)  ek  pattb&  jo  dusre  ke  kbiUlf 

barakat  karta  bai. 
A2itagonistie,  Antagonistical,  adj. 

biprit;    birudb;    bimukb;    mukb&lif;    kbi- 

l5f;  bar-aks;  zid.  [junQbf. 

Antarotio,  adj.  juuQbi  qutab-y&U;  qutab-i- 
Antartbritic,  adj.   gatbiy&-m&r;  d&fa-i-yajaU 

muftsil.  [dama. 

Antastbmatic,  adj.  d&fa-i-zlq-ul-nafis;    d&fa-i- 
Antatropbio,  n.  tap-i-diq  k&  il&j. 
Ante,  (In  compos.)  age ;  pable ;  pesb ;  qabl. 
Antecedent,  adj.  muqaddam ;   pabl& ;    qabl ; 

Antecedent,  n.  1 .  what  goes  before,  pable  &no-y&1&; 

agr-gaml;  mlqabl.    2.  (Math.)  pabli  Ink; 

raqam-i-ayval.  3.  (Gram.)  mausQl.  4.  (Logic) 

sbart;  jumla-i-sbartlya ;  muqaddam. 
Antecedently,  ady.  pablose;  pesbtar  se  ;  &ge; 

qabl-az-In.  [deo^-bi;  dabliz;  paull. 

Antecbamber,  Anteroom,  n.  b&bar  ks  kamra ; 
Antedate,  y.  a.   1.   date  beforehand,  agli  miti 

y&  t&rikh  Iikbn&.     2.  anticipate,  pesb-baudi 

k. ;  pesb-dasti  k.;  pabal  k.  [m&ne  ka. 

Antediluvian,  adj.  qabl-i-taau;  Nob  ke  za- 
Antelope,  n.  cbhalle-dar  sing-vftlft  mirg  ;  mirg. 
Antemeridian,  A.  H.  adj.  dupabr  pablo;  qabl 

az  dopahr.  [duniyR  bo  pable. 

Antemundane,  adj.     qabl  paid&isbi-duniyft ; 
AntennsB,  n.  smgh  jis  se  kire  tatolte  bain. 
Antenniferous,  adj.  sifigb-dir'(kive). 
Antenniform,  adj.  singb  jaisa ;  Bingh  kl  sbakl. 
Antepenult,  n.  lafz  k^  &kbir  sc   t!dr&  tuk|% ; 

aikbiri  do  tiikron  se  pabl&  tukiH 
Antepenultimate,  adj.  5.kbir  ke  do  juzv  y& 

tukfofi  ko  cbborkar.  [i-sara. 

Antlleptic,  adj.  mufid-i-sara  ;  mirgi-mar ;  d&fa- 
Anteposition,  n.   (Oram.)   ek  lafz  ka  pable 

rakhni  jo  plohbe  ftyil  kart&  bai. 
Anterior,  adj.   pablii ;     muqaddam  ;    pesbin  ; 

s&biq-l^;  avyal. 
Antbelmintic,  adj.  (Afed.)  ki^e-mar  (aukbad) ; 

kencbye  m&rne-y&l!  (daya). 

Antbem,  n.  bbajan;  astuti;  madab;  munajit 
Antbemis,  n.  (Bot.)  babun&. 
Antber,  n.  (Bot.)  zira  ;  zar-i-gul. 
Antber  dust,  n.  (Bot.)  zire  ki  dbol. 
Antherifsrons,  Antberoid,  a^j. 

(Bot,)  zire-dar;  zar-dar  (pbdl). 

lAthMis,  n.  (Bot.)  khilanti ;  shigafUg^ 
Anthology,  n.  galdasta-i-nazm. 
Anthony's  fire,  n.  surkh-bada ;  bimb. 
Anthracite,  n.  jhQU  koel&. 
Anthropography,  n.  insan  ki  qaumon  ka  ba- 

yan  ;  maDuah-baman.  [thar  ban  j&na. 

Anthropolite,  n,  (Pal.)  admi  ke  jism  ka  pat- 
Anthropology,  n.  iUn-i-tashrih  (Anatomy). 
Anthropomancy,  n.  ins&n  ki  antrion  ko  dekh-ke 

ahugon  ya  fill  lena. 
Anthropomorphiflni,  n.  autar  lena ;  deh  dharan 

k. ;  qadir-i-mutlaq  ka  ghakl-i-insan  met  an& ; 

jiam  insan  men  ruh-i-pak  ka  hultU  k. 
Anthropomorphite,  n.  Parmeshar  ko  manush 

sa  rfip  aamajhne-vala. 
Anthropophagi,  n.  (pi.)  manush-bhakshi ;  mar- 

dom-khor;  adam-khor. 
Anthropophagous,  adj.  adam-khor. 
Anthropophagy,  n.  manush-bhakshan ;   mar- 

dum-khori;  adam-kbori. 
Anthypnotic,  adj.  nind  dOr  kame-i^i ;  nindii^ 

haran;  mana-i-khuab.  fnaqlz;  khilaf. 

I  Anil,  priv,  haran ;  biprit ;  bimdh ;  zid ;  dafe ; 
AntiMlions,  adj.  {Med.)  pit-haran;  pit-mar; 

^Lfa-i-ya  qata-i-safra.  [jan. 

Aatics,  n.  tamaaba;  khel;  thatta;  chhalbali- 
Aiticlucist,  n.  duahman-i-Maalb. 
Aatictpate,  y.  a.    1.  do  or  take  before  anotlher, 

peeh-daati  k.;    pahal  k.;    pesh-qadmi  k.; 

pahle  se  lena  ya  qabza  k.   2.  preclude,  pahle 

se  rok  ja  dab  rakbna.    Z,  foretaste,  pahle  se 

ToaA  chakima ;  ji  hi  ji  men  pahle  se  khush 

h.  ya  maaa  lena ;  socb  men  marna. 
Anticipation,  n.    l.adof  anticipating,  peeh- 

dasti;  peah-qadmi;   peab-bini;   aabqat 
t.foretatte,  khayal!  maza. 
h$  prttemi  in  atUieipation  of,  ummed  par  hazir  L 
latiiiotal,  adj.  zahr-mohia  sa ;  tiryaq-sai 
Antidote,  n.  bls-mar ;  bia-haran ;  zabr-mohra ; 

Astimonlal,  a^j.  aurmarjai^;  aurma-agin. 
Antifthnle,  a<^.  juar-nasik;  tap-mar;  dafa-i- 

bnkhar  ya  tap. 
Antimony,  n.  surma ;  anjan. 
Antipathy,  n.  bair ;  dushmani;  adavat;  naf- 

rat;  ghiu;  karabiyat;  chi^;  gilao.    . 
mUmrtU   anUpaihy,  nafrat-i-iati ;   jibilli-dush- 

mani;  bagz-i-lillahi,  [cUl&-i-yarm. 

Aitiphlogistic,  adj.  (Med.)  sOjan-utar  ya  mar ; 
Ait^odes,  n.  (pi.)  1.  bhtkgol  ke  tale  ke  admi; 

kiura-i-aamin  ke  dOBri  janib  ke  l^Lshinde. 
8.  oppanite,  bi-rudh ;  zid ;  naqis. 
Anti^inrian,  adj.  rdaUng  to  antiquity,  punlna ; 

praebfn;  poiatam;  qadim;  Bala£ 
Antiqaniian,  Antiquary,  n.  purani  batoik  ka 

tahqiq  kame-yila;  praofahii;  muhaqqiq-i-salaf. 
Aatiq[nnte,  ▼.  a.  matrdk  k.;  be-riyaj  k. 
Aitiqnated,  part.  adj.  purana;  matrdk;  gair- 

Antiqne,  adj.  1.  emaenif  parana ;  qadim  (An- 

deot).  2.  oddf  anokha;  niiala. 

Antiquity,  n.    1.  old  times,  pahla  y&  purana 

yaqt;  agli  zamana ;  zamana-i-sabiq ;  zamana- 

i-salaf.    2.  great   age,  sadamat;   qadamat ; 

bahut  din  k&.  3.  ancients,  purane  log ;  agle 

log ;  mutaqaddamia  (Ancients). 
4.  relics,  tabarrukU ;  Ss&r ;  ohinh. 
Antiscorbutic,    Antiscorbnticfl^,     adj.    labQ- 

chhant ;  musaffi-i-khun. 
Antiseptic,  n.  (Med.)  saran-rok. 
Antispasmodic,  adj.  (Med.)  aintban-ndr ;  d&fa- 

Antithesis,  {Ehet.)  sanat-i-tazad ;  birudh  alan- 

kar ;  ijtimae  ziddain. 
Antithetic,  Antithetical, adj.  zid;  naqiz;  biprit. 
Antitype,  n.  mQjid;  asl;  bani;  mukhtare. 
Antivenereal,  n.  (J/ec?.)  atshak  ki  daya.  [gayazn. 
Antler,  n.bara  singe  ka  sing;  l»r&-8inga;shakh-i- 
Anus,  n.  ganr;  guda;  miqad. 
Anyil,  n.  ahran ;  nih&I ;  sandaA. 
it  is  on  the  anvil,  (Met.)  ban  rahi  hai;  hath  men 

hai;  ( VTcMAcTm^n)  bhatti  charhag  hain;  ghan 

dala  hai. 
Anxiety,  Anzionsness,  n.  soliciiude,  fikr ;  chin- 

ta ;  andesha ;  tashvish ;  taraddud. 
Anxious,  adj.  mutaraddid;   fikr-mand;   ande- 

sha-nak ;  mutafakkir. 
Anxiously,  ady.  chinta  se;  fikr,  ya  taraddud  se. 
Any,  acy.  1.  a  single  one  of  many,  koi;  koi  sa; 

jaunsa.  Any  of  you,  koi  turn  se. 
Are  there  amjf  witDesees  present  ? 
K<A  gavdh  hdtir  hai  f  [kuclih. 

2. an  indefinite  number,  kisi  qadar;  koi; 
Who  will  show  us  any  good  ? 
Baihoiuplsdrif  Hat  hol<ihama  ddtdt 
3.  of  whatetfer  kind,  kaisa  hi ;   kuohh  hi ; 

kisi  tarah  ka ;  jai^  ho. 
any  body,  any  one,  koi  admi ;  koi ;  koi  shakhs. 
at  any  rate,  kuchh  hi  ho ;   ho  so  ho  ;   ba-har 

sdrat ;  bar  che  bada  bad. 
Any,  ady.  kuchb;  kuchh  ek;  kisi  qadar. 

Are  you  any  better?  Kuchh  turn,  ho  dram  hai  f 
any  thing,  koi  chiz ;  kuchh. 

Do  you  want  any  thing  ?    Kuchh  chdhiye  t 
any  how,  any  mse,  kisi  tarah ;  jaise  bane ;  jis 

tarah  bo-sake ;  kaise  hi  ho  ;  kisi  tarah  se ; 

ba-har  nau.  [kahiu  na  kahin. 

any  where,  kahin ;   kisi  jagah  ;  jaha&  kahin ; 
Aorist,  n.  (Gram.)  muzara ;  lu&g-lakar ;  ades. 
Aorta,  n.  (Anat.)  shah-rag  ;  rag-i-jan. 
Apace,  ady.  jaldi  se;  turant  se;  shitabi   se; 

fjEkuran;  zQd. 
Apart,  ady.  1.  separately,  alag;  niyara;  ekant; 

ek-lang;    ek-kinHre ;    juda;   ek-taraf;   ek- 

bagal;  alaihda. 

2.  away,  dOr;  pare;   alag;  fasle  par. 
Apartment,  n.  kotha;  kamra;  kothri;  khana. 
men^s  apartments,  mardaiia  makan ;   baithak ; 

chaupar;  divan-kbana;  nishast-gah. 
women* s  apartments,  rauyas;    zai^na  makan;. 

zanan-khana;  mahal-sara;  haram-sara.  [mehr. 
Apathetic,  Apathetical,  a^j.  murda-dil;  sard- 
Apathy,  n.  murda-dili ;  sard-roehri ;  be-paryaL 

Ape,  n.  [A.  S.  apa,  Skr.  iapi.] 

1.  bandar ;  bandar;   b&nar;   bilasna;  mai- 

mQn;  mannti;  {Fern,  bandariya). 

The  higher  the  ape  goes  the  more  he  shows 
his  tail.  Prov.    Joh  joh  ubhre  hdhdrd  won 
v)oh  pfihchh  dikhii. 
An  apt  is  an  aptt  a  varlet's  a  variety 
Though  they  be  clad  in  silk  or  scarlet.    ProT. 
SiJlA  0  bandar  haih  §add  i\/ld  o  bandar,  gar 
Pahne  makhnuU  kd  vohjcfd  yd  ki  retkampur'mr. 
{Khar-i-Itd  agar  ba  Makka  ratad, 
Ck&h  bidyad  hanoz  kkar  bdshad.      Per.  ProT.) 

2.  a  servile  imdiator,  ris  kame-valSl;  hirsiya. 
Ape,  y.  a.  naqal  k.;  ris  pitnii,  yh  k.;  hirs  k. 
Aperient,  adj.  (Med.)  rechak;  raulaiyan;  munzij. 
Aperient,  n.  (MecL)  halkS.  julab;  rechak  aukhad; 

mulaiyan-dava.  [rauzan. 

Aperture,  n.  mokhn ;  jhiii ;   chhed ;  sOrakh ; 
Apery,  n.  bandar-kh&na. 
Apet^lons,  adj.  (Bot.)  ni-patya. 
Apex,  n.  nok;  ani;  sin ;  bhal ;  sikhar ;  choti. 
Apheresis,  n.  1.  (Gram.)  lafz  ke  shura  ke  harf 

y&  tukre  men  se  gii&   dena ;  hazaf-i-BhoriL 
2.  (Surg.)  qata-i-azv ;  jor  kktna. 
Aphelion,  n.  (Ast.)  stlraj-dQr. 
Aphidian,  n.  (EtU.)  nab&tati  kira ;  telL 
Aphidiyorons,  adj.  (Ent,)  teli-khor. 
Aphlogifltie,  adj.  nir-jot ;  be-lau. 
Aphonons,  adj.  be-av&z ;  nir-lriuiL 
Aphony,  n.  (Med,)  galE  baithn& ;  ay&z  na  bona. 
AphoriBm,  n.  kaban;  kabayat;  bacban;  maqQ- 

la;  masaL 
Aphrodisiac,  n.  day&  ya  gi^  jo  ebabyat  ko 

barhaye;  ebahyat-angez  daya  ya  giz&;  pusbt 

kame-yali  aukhad ;  mubahl. 
Aphrodite,  n.  rati,  [ga ;  land  mund ;  barabna. 
Aphyllons,  adj.  (Bot.)  be-i»t;  pat-jbaril;  nan- 
Apiary,  n.  [Lat.  apis,  a  bee.]  mub&l;  kukri. 
Apiece,  ady.  ek  ek;  har-ek;  fi  (A,  4). 
They  received  two  rapees  apiece. 
Unko  do  do  rupai  mile. 
Apish,  adj.  1.  like  an  ape,  bandar-sa;  machb- 

andar ;   maimtin-khaslat. 

2.fooUsh,  ullQ;  abniaq;  boli  ka  bbarvlHsa. 
Apishness,  n.  ris;  hirs  ;  ri^b. 
Apocalypse,  n.  asmaui  kitab. 
Apocopate,  y.  a.  (Gram.)  lafz  ka  akbri  barf  y& 

juzy  gira  dena;  tarkhim. 
Apocope,  n.  (Grgim.)  tarkhim. 
Apocmstic,  adj.  (Med.)  qabiz ;  qabz  karne-yali. 
Apocryphal,  adj.   be-sanad;   na-qabil-i-etib&r ; 

Apodal,  adj.  be-par;  be-gal-pbaye. 
Apogee,  n.  See  Apbelion. 
Apologetic,  adj.  uzr-khuab.  [uzr-khuah. 

Apologist,  n.  cbbima  ya  muafi  cbahne-y&la ; 
Apologize,  y.  n.  uzr  mizrat  k.;  uzr  khu&bi  k.; 

afa  cb&bna;  muafi  ya  cbbima  miingni. 
To  apologize  for  not  answering  one's  letter. 
Khat  kejavdb  na  dene  kd  uzr  k. 
Apologue,  n.  qissa ;  kab&nl ;  hikayat. 
Apology,  n.    1.  excuse,  muafi ;  uzr ;  maazarat ; 

uzr-khuabL  2,  e^«nce,  jay ib-daya ;  jayib. 

Aponeurosis,  n.   (Anat)  ragjil  pattben  k& 

Apophthegm,  n.  maqQla ;  kab&yat ;  bit ;  masla. 
Apoplectic,  Apoplecticid,  adj.  adbra^i;   sak- 
tab-zadah.  [adhrangl 

Apoplectic,  n.  laqya-zadab ;    laqye  ka  m&:& ; 
Apoplexy,  n.  mirg! ;  sara ;  sakta. 
Apostasy,  n.  dbaram-naabt ;  apna  dbaram  tya- 
gan;  inbiraf;  ilbid.  [dbaram-nasbtl. 

Apostate,  n.  dharm-acbut ;  munnarif;  adharmf ; 
Apostatize,  y.  n.  dbarm  tyagni  j%  cbboiuJl ; 

apn&  mazbab  tark  k.  ya  chborna. 
A  posteriori,  n.  (Logic)  natija  mabni  bar  amsa- 

la  y&  tajraba. 
Apostle,  n.  bavari. 
Apostrophe,  n.   1.  (Rhet.)  ^yab  kl  taraf  mu- 

kbatib  b.  2.  (Grark.)  alamat-i-bazaf. 
Apostnme,  Aposteme,  n.  pakk^l  phor&. 
Apothecary,  n.  attUr ;  daya-farosb ;  day&-tilz. 
apothecary* s  shop,  attlLr  kl  duliiui ;  daya-kb&na. 
Apothegm,  Apophthegm,  n.  maqQla ;   masla ; 
kab&yat  [n&n&. 

Apotheosis,  n.  deokar ;  pirtishthE ;  deot&  ba- 
Appall,  Appal,  y.  a.  daran& ;    bbae  dikb&n& ; 

baibat  dikb&nii ;  khauf  d. 
Appanage,   Appenage,   Apanage,   n.    (Law) , 
masbabra  y&  j&gir  jo  badsbUb  apne  n&-b&lig 
bachcbon  ke  yaste  muqarrar  kar  dete  bain. 
Apparatus,  n.  &lat ;  auz&r ;  saz  o  saman ;  sar- 
anjam;  s&magri. 

Surgical  apparatus.    Jarrdhl  auzdr. 

2.  (Phys.)  system  of  organs ;  tart!b-i4l^e 

jismani.  [bastar;  paushUk. 

Apparel,  n.  kapre ;  pabanne  ke  kapre ;  libas ; 

Apparent,  a^j.  1.  visible,  jo  dekbne   men  &e; 

zabir;  pargbat;  asbkara;  raushan. 

2.  plain,  indubitaJble,  sarih ;    ayan ;  rau- 
sban ;  badih  ;   bavaida.    3.  seeming,  ^bir ; 
zabir! ;  dekbat  men ;  numayan. 
apparent  altitude,  (Ast.)  sadi  unobiuL 
apparent  horizon,  (Phys.)  dikbao  nazar-gbera. 
apparent  motion,  zahiri  harakat 
heir  apparent,  yali-abd ;  tika  ji ;  raj-kuMr;  ma- 

lik-i-takht  o  iaj. 
Apparently,  ady.   seemingly,  zahiill;  zabiran; 

zikbir  men ;  dekhne  men ;  ba-z&hir. 
Apparition,  n.  1.  ^  thing  appearing,  rfip ;  su- 
rat;  sbakl.  2.  spectre,  paret;  bh&t;  say  a; 
&8eb.  3.  (Ast.)  udae;  sitaron  y&  saiy&ron  k! 
namddari;  tulQ. 
Appeal,  y.  n.  [Lat.  appellare  to  call,  H.  pukdr], 
1.  munsif,  salis,  ya  panch  banan&  ya  k. 
I  appeal  to  you  !     Ap  merd  insdf  kareh  / 
2.  (Law)  murafa  k. ;  apil  k.  3.    appeal  to 
one  as  a  witness,  gayab  banana  y&  k. 
Appeal,  n.  (Law)  mui^fa ;  apiL 
admitted  appeal^  ap!l-i  manzur. 
appeal  fivm  a  decision,  apil  ba-narazi-i-faisla. 
an  appeal  to  aims,  batbijar  se  faial&. 
court  of  appeal,  ad&lat-i-murafa. 
cross  appeal,  murafa-i-mutakb&lif. 

^roMndi  of  appeal,  mujib&t,  YujOh&t,  y&  subflt- 

m  appeal,  tnur&fe  ke  Bige  mei^. 
place  of  appeal^  {Law)  niarj^. 
regular  appeal,  apil-lambari ;  apll-i-am. 
T^etUd  appeal^  murilfa-i-kh&rij  yft  moBtarad. 
•pedal  appeal,  apTl  khas. 
nmmmary  appeal,  apil-i-sarsari. 
AppealaUe,  adj.  q&bil-i-mura&  ya  apil. 
an  appealed  eaee,  muraf&-8hud&  muqaddima. 
Appear,  v.  n.  1.  he  vieibU,  8ujhn&;  dikh&I  d. ; 
Ukhon  ke   s&rone  &u& ;  nazar  &d&  ;  nig&h 
men  &n& ;  dikhni. 

And  God  said,  Let  the  dry  land  appeco'/ 
Kkmdd  nefarm9yd,  hhu$li  zamln  niklef 
2.  stand  or  come  in   the  presence  of   a 
superior,  bazir  b. ;  kbar&  b. ;  s&mne  ya  Slge 
ioi ;  pesb  bon&. 

To  appear  in  Court.  Ka^aihH  men  hSMir  hona. 
8.  be    manifeit,    ugba^&;   parghat    b. ; 
kbnl  j&n& ;  zibir  b. ;  ayan  b. ;  isbkara  b. ; 
numiy&n  b. ;  bayed&  b. ;  vazeb  b. 

It  doth  not  yet  appeaw  what  we  shall  be. 
Nak%k  mOlUm  ham  hy&  hohge, 
4.  seem,  dikb&I  d. ;  m&lQai  b. 
He  appean  to  be  a  good  man. 
Wok  bkala  ddml  mdlam  hotA  hat, 

Appeerance,  n.  I.  ad  of  appearing,  dikb&vft; 
fubiir;  rflyat  2.  that  uhieh  is  seen,  rQp; 
Borat;  bbes;  sbakl. 

l^ui  regardeth  the  outward  appearoMe. 

Duni^d  zdhir-parad  hai.  FroT. 

Judge  not  according  to  appearances. 

JKfip  pe  mat  bkiUo, 

Z.  personal  presence,  baziri;  maujudgL 

4.  eniTjf  into  a  place  or  company,    &ii&; 
imad ;  dakbl ;  ras&i ;  paitb ;  bar-y&bi. 

5.  sesManoe,  z&biri  sural ;  dikbal;  namiid. 

6.  sign,  nisban ;  cbinb ;  Ssar ;  al&mat. 
Appeaie,  ▼.  a.   tbainda  k. ;  dhima  k.;  manda 

k. ;    kam  k. ;    mama ;    dabana ;    manana ; 

faro  k. ;  sbant  k. 

To  appeaae  wrath.    Ouu&  ham  Jt.  yd  mifdnd, 
to  appease  the  soul  of  the  dead,  piraui  ko   sukb 

deoa ;  pitr  ko  pan!  dena.  [apilaDt. 

AppeUanti  n.  (Law)  mvunJk  karne-vala ;  (Gor.) 
Appellate,  adj.  murafa. 

AppdUtU  court.    Addlat'i-murdfa, 
AppdUsU  judges.    Bukkdn-i-apU. 

AppelUitloiL,  n.  nam.  [nakarab. 

AppellatlTe,  adj.   (Gram,)  jati  nam-baobak ; 
Append,  ▼.  a.  [P.  paivand]  1.  attach  to,  la^^na ; 

milana ;  mulbaq  k. ;  mutaalliq  k. ;  vasl  k. ; 
2.  annex,  satb  lagana;    jorna;    tankna; 

chipkana ;   nattbi  k. ;  dakbil  k. ;  sbamil  k. ; 

mnnsalik  k«  [ma ;  ilbaq. 

Appendage,  n.    pancbbala ;   zamlma ;    titam- 
Appertain,  ▼.  n.  taalluq,  ilaqa,  sambandb,  lagao, 

janisbatrakbna;  mutaalliq  b. 
Appetite,  Appetence,  Appetency,  n. 

1 .  natural  desire,  cbab ;  kbuibisb ;  ragbatj 

mail;  rajban ;  isbtiyaq.  2.  desire  of  food,  bbQk; 

kboddiyft;  rucbi;  isbtiba;  gursaoagf. 

Applaud,  y.  a.    1.  dap  hands,  tali  baj&na;  vab 
vab  k. ;  sbabbasbl  dena. 

2.  praise,  sanLbna ;  gun  gaua ;  taiif  k. ; 
afrin  k. ;  tabslu  k. 

I  would  applaud  thee  to  the  very  echo,  that 
should  applaud  again.  Shakes, 

KarUh  teri  tdrif  is  sar  se, 
Ki  gUnje  jahdh  uske  phir  shor  se. 
Applause,  n.  taiif;    astut!;    vab  vab;    afrin; 
marbaba;  sitayasb. 

The  applause  of  the  people  is  a  blast  of  air.  Prov. 
Duniyd  kd  sardhnd  bdo  kd  hahnd,  [Dry den. 
The  brave  man  seeks  not  popular  applause. 
Bahddur  ko  parvd  nahih  ndm  H. 

Apple,  n.  1.  seb ;  seo ;  sev. 

AppleSf  pears,  and  nuts  spoil  the  voice.    Prov. 
Seb,  bihi,  aur  ckh&liyd  kareh  avdz  khardb. 
He  that  would  an  old  wife  wed  mnst  take  an 
apple  before  he  goes  to  bed.  Prov. 

Jo  burhiyd  se  hare  hiydh  pushil  rakh  le  pahle  pd. 
apple  of  discord,  \BJfil  ka  gbar ;  jbagre  yft  fasad 

k!  jar ;  bis  kl  g^ntb. 
apple  of  the  eye,  putli ;    mardumak-i-cbasbm ; 

ankbon  ka  tara ;  kaleje  ki  kor.        [tamatar. 
hve  apple,  apple  of  love,  valayati  baingan ;  {Cor,) 
Applelight,  n.  (Em.)  titli ;  titri. 
Applebrandy,  Applejack,  n.  seb  ki  bar&Adi. 
Appledmnpling,  seb  ki  pakaupyan. 
Apple-green,  n.  seb  sa  bara. 
Apple-pie,  n.  seb  \A  sambosa. 
Apple-paring,  n.  seb  la  cbbilan.  [tartib. 

Apple-pie  order,  n.  durusti ;  aobcbba  intizam ; 
in  apple-pie  order,  saja  sajaya ;  tbik  tbak« 
Apple-sauce,  n.  seb  ki  cbaUii. 
Apple-stall,  n.  seb  k!  duk&n. 
Apple-woman,  n.  seb  becbne-vali;    seb-yali; 

ber-yall  (plum- woman). 
Appliances,  n.  auzar ;  saman ;  cbizen ;  asbab. 
Applicable,  adj.  lagne-jog ;  jo  lag  sake ;  tbik ; 

durust;  munasib;  mutabiq ;  sazavar;  mau- 

ziin;  cbaspaii. 
applieahle  to  tJu  ease,  munasib  bal  muqadme  ke. 
he  applicable,  lag  sakna ;  tbik  baitbna. 
precisely  applicable,  tbik  tbik  milH ;  kbab  mil- 

ti;  kursi-nashin. 
Applicability,  Applicableness,  n.  lagao ;   mu- 

tabaqat;  munasibat;  durusti 
Applicant,  n.  darkbuast-kunindab ;  sail ;  and 

kame-yala;  ummed-var.  [person. 

The   court  require  the  applicant  to  appear  in 
Sdyal  ko  asdlatan  adAlat  mA  hdxir  hond  chdhiye. 

Application,  n.     1,   the  act,  lagao;    bartao; 
istemal,  jaise  dava,  marbam,  lap,  vagaira. 
The  pain  wss  removed  by  this  application. 
Is  davS  ke  lagdne  se  dardjdtd  roMU 

2.  what  is  applied,  lep ;  inzimad. 
Outward  application.  Lep,  td,  vagami, 

3.  petition,  darkbuast ;  savil ;  arz ;  arzi ; 
pi^tbna;  ardas;  arzdasbt;  guzarisb;  ilti- 
mas ;  nivedan.  4.  close  study,  lagan ;  taa- 
debi;  tavajjob;  lag;  masbgiUiyat. 

AppUeation  makes  the  ass.  Prov. 

Jtdt  dinkdpUnd  Uli  kd  baU  band  detd  hau     . 
(Working  night  and  day  turns  a  man  into  an 
oil-man's  ox). 

5.  sense^  bartao ;  istem&l ;  mauqa-i-istemftL 

application/or  aid,  ifltida ;  istimcUUl ;  isteinat. 

^VP^Ji  ^«  A*  !•  lajforplaee,  dharna;  rakhni; 

lagana;  bandhna.  [Ihyden, 

He  said,  and  to  the  sword  hiB  throat  applied, 

Teh  kak  khanjar  U9ne  gale  par  nikKS. 

2.  i^se  or  employ ^  kam  men  l&n& ;  baratnE ; 
kharch  k. ;  iste^i&l  k.;  la^ua;  sarf  k.;  nimit  k. 

How  is  this  word  applied  ? 
Teh  lafz  kit  mauqe  par  dt&  hai  t 

3.  give  ihe  mind  to,  dil,  chit,  dhiyaiii  ya 
Burat  lag&na  ya  d. 

Apply  thy  heart  unto  infttraction ! 
SVeh  men  chit  do  I 
ixpply  one's  self  in  earnest,  man  jk  dil  lag&n& ; 
dil  o  jan  se  tau-dihi  k.;   kamar  b&ndbn&; 
garm-josbi  se  kim  k. ;  sar-garmi  se  kam  L ; 
garq  h. ;  lagnsl ;  lagft  rahDiL 
Apply,  y.  n.    1.  suit,  lagn&;    milni;    taalluq 
rakboa ;    tluk  an& ;    durust  ana ;   layaq  b. ; 
jog  b. ;   munasib  yH  sbfty^  b.    2.  make  re- 
quest, mangn& ;  cb&bna ;  darkbuast  k. 
He  applied  to  his  father  for  assUtaQce. 
Us  ne  apne  h&p  $e  maAad  mdngi. 
Appoint,  V.  a.  1;  establish,  tbai]iai&;  kbaf&k. 
muqarrar  k. ;   nasab  k. 

2.  {to  an  office)  muqarrar  k.;  taqarrurk. 
taaijun  k. ;  muaiyan  k. 

3.  equipf   8aj&n& ;   arastah  k. ;    taijir  k. 
musallab  k. ;  s&z  o  sam&u  se  durust  k. 

Appoiatment,  n.  \.  act  of  appointing,  taqar 
run ;  taiyun  ;  tain&ti.  2.  stipidation,  vftda 
bacban ;  iqrar ;  abd ;  qaul ;  qarir  ;  sbart 
3.  office,  asami;  il&qa;  obda;  mansab 
kbidmat ;  jagali.  4.  eq^vipment,  asbib ;  b&- 
m&n ;  saz  o  saman ;  yardK 

Apportion,  v.  a.  bantnai  (Allot). 

Apportionment,  n.  bat&I  (Allotment). 

apportionment  in  kind,  bat&I ;  batauti. 

Apposite,  adj.  milta;  muafiq;  maiizu^;  thik; 
durust ;  jog ;  bar-mabal ;  mauqe-ka. 

Appositeness,  n.  miit&baqat;  miiv&faqat; 
munasibat ;  durusti. 

Apposition,  n    1.  jurti&;  barbautrl;  izafieu 
2.  (Gram.)  do  isroon  k&  ek  b&lat  me& 
ijtima;  zul-b&l. 

Appraise,  v.  a.  mol  laganft;  qlmat  j&ncbn&; 
dar  thairana;  jauchni;  tasbkbis  k. ;  &nkn&; 
kutn& ;  andaza  k. 

Appraisement,    n.    ank;    j&ncb;     taabkbis; 

appraisement  of  crops,  kan-kut. 
appraisement  of  land,  lagan ;  tasbkbis-i-jami ; 

jamS-bandL  [kan-kut. 

Appraiser,  n.  jaAcbvaiyi ;  ankvaiya ;  kany&  ; 
Appreciable,  adj.   pasandidab;    qabil-i-qadr ; 

qadar  ke  layaq ;  umda. 
Appreciate,    y.  a.    qadr-dani  k. ;    qadr  k. ; 

gun  paiobbanna ;  d&d  dena.  [dibl. 

Appreciation,  n.  qadar-dinl ;  gun-giySn ;  dad- 
Appreciative,  Appreciatory,  adj. 
gun-gyani;  qadr-dan. 

Apprehend,  v.  a.  [A.  S;  geheniam,  ^Vv.grak,  P. 
giriftan,  to  seize.]  1.  seize,  pakarnft ;  pakar 
leua ;  gabnS  ;age    dbar  lenft  ;  giriftar  k. 

2.  understand,  samajb  lena ;  bujbna ;  b&t 
pana;  t&^ai;  matlab  ko  pahuiicbna. 

^.fear,  bbae  kbanSL  ya  manna;  dam&; 
darapna;  kbaufk. ;  andesba  k. 

Apprehensible,  adj.  jo  kbay&l,  ya  samajb  men 
&  sake;  qabil-i-fabm ;  bicbar  kame-jog; 

Apprehension,  n.  [Lat  pree,  Skr.  pra  before, 
Lat.   hend,   A.   S.  gehentan,   H.  gah,  Skr, 
^oA  lay  bold  of]  1.   s^zure,   pakar;  girif- 
tan. 2. perception,  btijh  ;  samajb;  fabm. 
A  man  of  dull  apprehension, 

1.  fhos  dimdg  k&  ddmi.    2.  OaH. 

2.  distrust,  fear,  sandeb  ;  dabk& ;  ande- 
sba; dagdaga;  sbanka;  dar;  bbag. 

pulgar  apprehension,  &m-&bm.  [n&k. 

Apprehensive,  adj.  fearful,  sandebi ;  andesl^- 
Apprentice,   n.    1 .  sikhtar ;   sbagird ;  nan-a- 

moz.  2.  (Law)  taidi. 
hind  apprentice,  sbSgirdl  meh  den&. 
Apprentice,    v.  a.   kar-kbane  men  bitb&na; 

sb&gird  bauana,  ya  kar&na. 
Appr^tice-fee,  n.   dakbila ;    nazr&n& ;  haqq-i- 

shlLgirdi;  ustadk&baq. 
ApprentioeHdiip,  n.  sbagird! ;  miyiUl-i-sbagirdL 
Apprise,  v.  a.  kbabar  d.;  agah    k.;  yaqif  k.; 

ittila  den& ;  muttila  k. ;  bat&na ;  jatan&. 
Approach,  y.  n.  [Lat  prope,  Fr.  procke  near,  H. 

pahunch]    1.    draw   near,  nazdik  ana;    pas 

ana ;  qarib  iiu& ;  pahunchua;  pas  pabuncbna ; 

a  lagna ;    anqarib  ana  ya  h.    2.  (Fig,)  come 

near  or  resemble,  milta  jhultH  ya  larta  b. 
Approach,  n.  I,  act  of  drawing  near,  nazdiki; 

qurb ;  arnad ;  amad  amad.  2.  See  Access. 
8.  passage,  lilstab ;  nib.  4.  (Fort,)  morcba. 
Approachable,  adj.  jane-jog;  pabuncbanb&r ; 

pabunchne  ke  qabil. 
Approbation,  u.  approval,  qubdliyat ;  pasan- 

didgi;  mauzurl;  taslim;  marzL 
Appropriate,  y.  a.  1 .  make  one's  own,   apnana ; 

apua   k.   ya   banana;  apne  vaste   rakbua; 

leua ;  le  lena ;  le  rakbua ;  akbz  k. ;  qabza 

k.;    ikbtiyar   kar   lena;  apne   qabze    men 

l&na.  2.  set  apart  for  or  assign   to,    alaibda 

rakbn&  ya   nikalna ;  uik&l  rakbni ;  makb- 

sus  k.;  kbas   k.;  utba   rakbna. 

3.  (Law)  alienate  a  benefice,  dbarmSlrth  k. ; 
sankalp  k. ;  dbaram  men  lagana;  krisbn- 
arpan  k.;  dharam  nimitt  k. ;  vaqf  k.;  Khuda 
ke  nam  ya  Allab  kl  rah  deua. 

appropriate  in  account,  hisab  men  lagana; 
mabsub  k. 

appropriate  wrongly ^  battya  lena ;  daba  lena ; 
dab  rakbna ;  akhz  beja  k. ;  na-jayaz  taur 
par  qabza  k. ;  gasab  k. ;  gaban  k. ;  tagallub 
k. ;  khurd-burd  k. ;  ghao-gbap  k. 

Appropriate,  adj.  uebit;  vajib;  liyaq;  yog; 
sablb  (Applicable). 


ApfMpxiAtsIy,  adr.  T&jbi ;  thik ;  mun&nfo  taur 

ae ;  khiUu  se ;  thik  dhang  se. 
Appropriation,  n.  1.  application  to  a  parti- 

emiar  use,  takhsis ;  taqarrur. 

2.  the  thing  9et  apart,  mad ;  raqam ;  nimat. 

3.  (Lau)  dharam-het ;  Krishn-arpan ;  vaqf. 
Approval,  n.  pasand ;  pasandidagi ;  manzQrL 
Approye,  Approve  of,  v.  a.  1.    think  yodl  off, 

paaand  k. ;  maozor  k.  2.  to  commend,   pa- 
sand,  j&    manzflri  ke    l&yaq  k. 

3.  9anction  offUiaUy,  mauzur  k. ;  paaand 
k.;  manni;  augik&r  k. 

To  approve  the  deoiaion  of  a  oouri  martial. 

Jtutgl  addkU  kefaitU  ko  manzHr  k. 

AppCdved,  adj.   pasand  kl  hui ;  pasandldah ; 

mini  hoi ;  maqbul ;  manzQr-shuda. 
Approvor,  n.  (Law)  mujrim-i-iqrari. 
Approvingly,    adv.    manzfbr    kar-ke;  pasand 

kar-ke.  [ne^;  qarib;  anqarib. 

IppBOziniate,  adj.  near  to,   pas-ka;    dhore; 
ipproziBUite,  V.  a,  nazdik  k. ;  qarib  ]kn&. 
Appiozisiate,  v.  n.  p&s  {^  b. ;  lag  bbag  h.; 

qarib  1l 
AfpnudiBately,  adv.  pas  pis ;  lag  bhag ;  qarib 

qarib;  takbmlnan;  qarib  kar-ke;  taqriban. 
Approzimation,  n.  nazdiki;  nagch&i;  qurbat; 

Approzimative,  adj.  nazdik ;  nagich ;  qarib. 
AppaUey    n.    1.     takkar;    thokar;    sadma. 

2.  (Aet.)  jog;  lagan;  qiriln. 
Appurtenance,    n.    sambandh;  taalluq;  mn- 

taalliqat;  miiz&£  [b&nL 

n.   cbilQ;  sard-SlQ;    shib-ilQ;    khii- 
n.   aprail;    angrezi  chauibft  D)ahin&; 
ehait  aur  baisakb. 

JbrU  showers  bring  forth  May  flowers.  Prov. 
Jowukk  bane  bauSkkphSl  khiU  jeih  he  mdt. 
J^prU  and  May  are  the  keys  of  the  year.  ProT. 
SikkHkunii  CkmU,  Baiidkk, 

Afrfl46ol,  n.  holi  k&  bha|vi.  [fooFs  daj.) 

April-CMilhi  day,  n.  yakum  aprail.   (See  All- 
Apciori,  adv.  &p  hi  &p;  az  khud;  ba-na&ahi; 

ba-aEftiihl;  ba-s&t-i-khud. 
Apnm,  n.  1.  ka{»&  yft  chamrft  jo  kapron  ke 

bach&o   ke  liye  pet  par  baAdh  lete  hai& ; 

pitv& ;  gnla-band.   2.  {of  a  gig)  banAtl. 

3.  dtin  covering  the  belly  of  a  goose,  haos  ya 
battakh  ke  pet  ki  kb&l 

dit^  to  one^i  apron,  lipatni;  chimatQ&;  gbut- 

DOy  ya  dbonge  se  lag&  rahna. 
Apooi^tring,  n.  pit^-band. 

At  his  mother's  apron  ghings. 
JpM^  stcl  he  dkokge  m  lagd  rahnd. 

A'|Pt|HTit  adv.  bar-vaqt;    bar-mahal;  manqe 

par;  nme  ndiit;  same  anus&r. 
Ipii^fti  n.  pL  (Ah.)  markaz  se  madar  Id  sab 

ae  nyida  dUri  anr  nasdiki. 
Aft,  adj.    1.  M  ^^;  durust    (Applicable). 
%  UabU,  liyaq;jog.    3.   indined,  t^L^h  \ 
mijaL  4.  proNipf,  mastaid,  obatur;  q&bil. 
A  pupa  mjp€  to  learn.    CkcUiwr  HddiydrtkL 
ApCora,  n.  {£nlom.)  be-par  kqre. 

Apteryx,  n.  be-b&za  k&  parand.  [rujl&n. 

Aptitude,     1.    disposUion,    mailan;    ragbat; 

2.  ability,   liy&qat;    istedad;  qabliyat 
Aptly,  adv.  maqCQ,  y&  achcbbi  taiuh  se ;  thik; 

Aptness,  u.  I.  fitness,  mutabaqat;  muvafistqat; 
sazavari.     2.  tendency,  ragbat    (Aptitude,!.) 
Iron  is  apt  to  rust.    Lohe  ko  zang  lagtA  KaL 

3,  quickness  of  apprehefision,   tez-fahmi; 
zud-rasi;  chaturai. 

Aqnafortis,  n.  shore  ka  tezab.  [bauz. 

Aqnarinm,  n.  abl  paude  y&  janvar  j^lne  ka 
Aquarius,  n.  (Ast,)  kumbh;  dalv;  dot;  gha^ra. 
Aquatic,  acy.  [A.  S.  ea,  Ger.  ahe,  Skr.  ap,  Per. 

db  water]  jal-cbar;  abi;  daryai;  mai. 
Aquatic,  n.  (Bot.)  abi  pauda ;  jal-bin^.     [var. 
aqiuUic  animals,  jal-char ;   abi  parinde  ya  j&n- 
Aqua-vit8B,  n.  (Cor.)  barilndl       [tab ;  bamba. 
Aqueduct,  n.  n&li ;  raj-baha ;  p&ni  jane  ka  r&s- 
Aqueous,  adj.  pani-B&;  &bi;  martub. 
aqueous  hwnor,  (Anat.)  &ukb  ki  rutUbat. 
aqueous  rocks,  pan-patthar. 
Aquiline,  adj.  uq&b  ki  choAcb  8& ;  stLe  ki  se  n&k. 
Aquilon,  n.  ahimal!  hava ;  uttriL 
Aquosity,  n.  nami;  tan;  g^I;  sll;  &1. 
Arab,  Arabian,  n.    1.  arab  k&  bashinda;  arab. 

2.  arab  ka  ghora ;  arabi ;  tari. 
Arabesque,  adj.  chitan-kari  kiy&  hu&;  bel  bute- 

dar;  naqshin;  munaqqasb;  cbit&-hu&. 
Arabic,  adj.  arabi ;  arab-ka. 
Arabic,  n.  arabi  zabau ;  arabi ;  tazL 
gum  arabic,  samag-i-arabi. 
Arable,  adj.  [LaU  aro,  A.  S.  erian  to  plough] 

jutaQ;   bone-jog;   kheti-jog;  q&bii-i-zaiaat; 


arable  land,    kheti-jog,  yft  bone-jog  dharti; 

chalti  dharti ;  zaraati ;  mazrUa  zamin. 
Arbiter,  n.  (Lau)  panch;  salis;  mansif. 
Arbitrable,  adj.  q&bil-i-ti^riz  y&  tashkbis;  q^ 

bil-i-infisal.  [salis. 

Arbitrament,  D.  faisla ;  pauch-fiaisla;  faisla-i- 
Arbitrarily,  adv.  zabardasti  se;    apni  marzi 

se;  jabran. 
Arbitrariness,  n.  khudsari;   sarzori;  mhea- 
.    dasli;  haDia-hanil;  zoravuri. 
Arbitrary,  adj.  1.  despotic,  aunij^;  s&lim. 
2.  capricious,    be-qa6dah ;    be-taur ;    be- 

dbaog;  bevajah. 
arbitrary  government,  khud-mukht&r  saltanat ; 

hukatnat-i-shakbsi;  saltaQat-imutlaqiil-inan. 
Arbitrate,  v.  a.  panchayat  k.;  faisla  k.;  s&lisi 

k. ;  niyao   k.  ya  ohukaoa ;  iosaf  k. 
agreed  to  arbitrate,  panch  badne  par  ram  hua 

taqamir-i-salisi  par  razi  hua.  [salisi 

Arbitration,  n.  nibtera ;    £aisla ;    paucnayat 
deed  of  assent  to  arbitration,   pancliaSt!   iqrar 

nama;   iqrar-nama-i-panchayat ;  iqrar- uama 

i-salisl;  hasr-uamab. 
privcUe  arbitration,  khangi  panchayat ;  &pas  ki 

panchayat ;  panch&yat  bi-khudh&. 

Arbitrator,  n.  l.judge^  monsif;  hakim;  (Eng,) 

jaj ;  faislah-kunindah.  2.  umpire^  sar  panch ; 

panch;  ^lis;  bichauliya. 
Arbor,  n.    1.   hower^   mandba;    man^ap. 

2.  [Mech.)  axU^  dhura;  dhuri.  [biddj&. 
Arboriciiltare,  n.  ilm-i-sardarakhti ;  per-lag^ 
Arc,  Q.  (Geom.)  segment  of  a  circle,  Ghakr-(uk- 

1%;  qata-i-fda^ra ;  qaus;  dhanuk;  kaman. 
Arcade,  n.  chhatt& ;  kam&nchah. 
Arcana,  n.  bbed ;  r&z ;  poshidab  bat. 
Arch,   n.    1.   mehrab;    kam&ncha.    2. ''t^atiZt, 

math ;  gummat ;  mandh ;  giimbaz  (sky). 
Arch,  ▼.  a.  mebrab  ya  kanmnchah  bauina. 
Arch,  adj.    I.  ckief,   baril;    mukbja;    mukh; 

mudh;  afsar;  sardar. 

2.  waggish,  ai.var ;  khilari  [cbizon  kH  ilm. 
Archsology,  o.  pi^hln  ba8ttl-biddy& ;  qadfm 
Archaic,  Archaical,  adj.    pur&n&;    priUshin; 

qadim;  matrHk. 
Archaism,  n.  pur&Dayamatrtlklafzy&  mnh&vara. 
Archangel,  d.  malik-ul-malakat.       [ka  sarcULr. 
Archbishop,  d,  bar&  latb-p&dri;    mujtahidon 
Archbishopric,  n.  bai'e  l&th  padii  kl  hukQmat. 
Archdeacon,  n.  bare  liith-padri  k&  nayab ;  muj- 

tabid  \^  n&yab.'  [gumbaz-d5r. 

Arched,    part.    adj.    mehr&bi;     mehr&b-d&r; 
arched  brows,  kamafi-abiQ. 
arched  roof,  ladSo  ki  cbhat.  [shaitiin. 

Arch-enemy,  n.  jani  dasbroan;    shait&n   ka 
Archer,  n.  dbanush-db&ri ;  tir-aiid&z. 
Archery,  n.  tir-aodHzi. 
Archesconrt,  n.  mazbabi  baton  kl  ala  adalat. 
Archetype,  d.  the  original,  asl ;  mal.    [jazayar. 
Archipelago,  n.  tapuon  ka  jbund ;   niajma-ul- 
Architect,  n.    1.  {of  a  building)  mir-imarat; 

luabir  fan-i-mem&ri. 

2.  a  contriver,  bani ;  mf^jid ;  karta. 
Architectural,  adj.  imaratl ;  tamlr-ka. 
Architecture,  n.  memaii ;  fan-i-imarat. 
Architrave,  n.  (Arch,)  margol. 
Archives,  n.  purane  kagzat 
Archly,  adv.  aiyari  se. 

Archness,  n.  aiyarL  [g^rQ  gbantarl. 

Arch-viUain,  n.  pakki  ya  gbuU-biuL  badma&sh ; 
Archway,  n.  cbhatta. 

Arctic,  adj.  shim&li;  uttar  ki  taraf;  qutab-ka. 
arctic  circle,  dSfira-i-qutab-i-shimalL 
arctic  ocean,  babr-i-sbimali. 
Ard,  {in  camp.  )-val& ;  -i,  a«  a  drunkard,  sharab-i. 
Ardent,  adj.  1.  hot,  garm;  tattft;  bar. 

2.Jierce,  tund;    tez;   atisb-miMJ ;   khun- 

khiiar ;  phar-kbaQ ;  jallad. 
3./6rwtf/i/,8ar-garm;  dilaoz. 
Ardent  desire.  Kamdl  thauq.  Barl  ehSh  yd  lagan. 
Ardently,  adv.  nih&yat  shauq  se;    sargarmi 

se ;  josh  se ;  garm-josbi  ke  satb. 
Ardor,  n.  lalak ;  garm-joshi ;  lagan ;  ishtySq. 
He  pursues  his  studies  with  ardour. 
Woh  kUak  %e  parktd  hai. 

Ardnons,  adj.  katban;    kasbt;   sakht;   dusb- 
var;  bikat;  mehnat-ka;  dubhar. 

arduoHs  task,  kathin  kam ;  k&r-i-dushv&r. 
Ardnonsness,  n.   eakhtf;  katbintai;   mehnat; 

parisharam;  dusbvarl. 
Ax^  n.  1.  definite  space,  maid&n ;  arsa^  satah. 

2.  cowl,  cbauk ;  angan ;  saban ;  h&ta. 

3.  (Geom.)  lamb&n  chaufan ;  bist&r ;  raqba ; 
arz  o  tnl ;     masabat. 

4.  (Med.)  iMllkhora.  [phaL 
Areca  nnt,  n.  sup&ri;  pbal;  chbdliyi;  pflngi- 
Arena,  d.  pi.  akh&i^;  maidan;  kbet;  la^  k& 

maidan ;  muqable  ki  jagah ;  daxtgai^  [na. 
appear  in  the  arena,  akhare  y&  dangal  men  utar- 
Arenation,  n.  bala-asnan ;    ret-nab&n ;    bim&r 

admi  ko  garm  ret  se  uahlftua. 
Areometer,  n.  arq-n&p ;  ek  auz&r  jis  se  shartb 

ka  vazan  aur  girh&-pan  dary&ft  ky&  j&tS  hai; 

miqy&s-ul-m& ;  paimiiua-i-sbaiilb. 
Argent,  adj.  rupahrf;  cb&ndi-ka. 
Argil,  n.   {Min.)  chikni  mitti;    kumhlr  ki 

mitti.  ' '  1^1^ 

ArgiUaeeons,  adj.  (Min.)  chikili  mitti  k&  y& 
Argne,  v.  n.  bad  k. ;  badnl ;  bibad  k. ;  bahs- 

X1&;  babask.;   mubabisak.;  mun&zara  k.; 

sav%l  0  jav&b  ya  radd  o  badal  k. ;  hujjat  k. ; 

taqrir  k.  [deni ;  zShir  k. ;  thairiin&. 

Argne,  v.  a.  prove,  dalalat  k. ;  S&bit  k. ;    subUt 
Argument,  n.  1.  reason,  dalil ;  vajah. 

2.  sufyectrfnaUery  mazmQn ;  lAt. 
argument  agai)ist  a  decision,   dalil  nSrjavasu-i- 

feisla ;  dalil  kbilaf-i-faisla.  [bahs. 

room   for  argument,  bahs  ki   gnnj&isb;    jiS 
Arc^unentation,  n.  bahs;  mukalama;  mub&- 

hisa;  munazara. 
Argumentative,  adj.  b&-dalll ;  mudallal. 
Argnmentam  ad  hominem,  n.  (Logic) 

dalil-i-la-tayal  ya  li-hasil,  as  turn  bhi  to  karte 

ho,  tumhe&  kaisa  lagta  hai.  [galta ;  bhul&va. 
Arg^nmentum  ad  ignorantiam,  n.  (Logic)  mu- 
Arcnunentnm  bacnlinnm,  sou^  ki  dalil.  [SdmL 
Argns,   n.    1.   sahausr-akshl.     2.   chaukaima 

Ar^us  at  home,  but  a  mole  abroad.  ProT. 

Ohar  men  siydnd,  bdhar  andhd. 

3.  a  pheasant,  ek  qism  ka  titar. 

Arian,  n.  (Fhil.)  Aria. 

Arian    laoguages.      YUndni,  Ldtlni,   Angrez^ 
SanikrU,  FdrH,  vagaira ;  dryd  zabdneh. 

Arid,  adj.  stikha ;  khushk ;  be-rutfibat ;  yabis. 
The  arid  deserts  of  Airica. 
4friqa  ke  khuakk  registdn. 

Aridity,  n.  sQkha-pan  ;  khusbkl. 
Aries,  n.  (Ast)  mendha;  mekh;  hamal. 
Aright,  adv<  thik;  thik  sir;  durust;  sehatse; 

rasti  se;  kama-haqqaha ;  ba-kbabi;   mSqfU. 
Aril,  Arillas,  n.  (Bot.)  post ;  doda ;  chhilka. 
Arillate,  Arillated,  adj.  (Bot.)  chhilke-dar. 
Arise,  v.  n.  1.  mount  upward,  GbarhD&;(incha 

h. ;    uthna ;    baland   b.    2.    rise,   nikaln^ ; 

udai  h. ;  ugna ;  tulu  h.  3.  get  up  from  sleep, 

uthDa ;  jagna ;  bedar  h. ;  khara  hona. 
He  arote  early  in  the  morning. 
Woh  bahut  savcre  utlhd. 



4»  appetar^  z&hir  h.;  zuhOr  men  IsA;  park&sh  h. 
There  arou  a  new  king.    Nayd  Ud$hd  huA, 

5.  he^n  to  be,  shuru  h. ;  &rambh  h. ;  paid& 

b. ;  Tuqtl  men  &d&  ;  bar-p&  h. 
AxiitAte,  adj.  (Bot)  b&l-d&r. 
Axiftoeraej,  n.  I. /arm  of  government^  huka- 

mat-i-nmariL  3.  the  nohUUyy  umar&. 
Axiftoerat,    n.    mudammig;    magrQr    &dml; 

abbim^I;  navaib. 
Aristocratic,  Aristocratical,  a^j.  amirilna. 
Axtthmetic,  n.  ilm-i-his&b ;  ganit;  ilm-i-Bijrftq ; 

ganit-bicb&r ;  ganit-prak&sb. 
hook  of  arithmetic,  fais&b  ki  kit&b ;  phail&vat. 
Arithmrtical,  adj.  hisabL 
antkmetiad  mean,  ausat ;  bich*k&. 
arithmetical  progression,  (Math,)  jof  gbatSo  l&g ; 

tUaila  jam&  o  tafiiq.  [si j&q-d&n. 

Azithmetician)  n.  his&b-d&n ;  mub&sib ;  ganik ; 
ktk,  n.  (lloah'sark)  NOh  ki  kUbtl. 
Ann,  n.  1.  limb,  b&nb;  bbuj ;  b&zQ;  biith. 

Stretch  your  arm  no  further  th&n  your  sleeve 

will  rewjh.  Prov. 

^Sn  i  eMidar  dekho  utne  pair  pat&ro,         ProT. 

S.  hough,   dil;  sbakh;  tabni.  3.  inlet  of 
water,  kballj;  kb&rl.  4.  might,  bal;  shaktl; 
lor ;  quTvat ;  t&qat  5.  (Mil.)  fauj  k&  bissa. 
arm  chair,  lAzQ-d&r  kura! ;  ar&m-kurel. 

from  the  elbow  to  the  wrist,  fore  arm,  b&Mi 
koni  ae  pannfacbe  tak ;  Mtb. 
full,  kaulibbar. 
at  arm*s  length,  ch&r  qadam  par. 
to  hold  at  arm's  Imgt^t,  dOr  kl  s&bab  sal&mat 

rakbni ;  ftge  qadam  na  barbne  den&. 
Ann,  ▼.  a.  1.  furnish  with  arms,  batbiy&r  ya 
•hastar  den&.  2.  provide  against,  tadbir  k. ; 
npie  k. ;  bacb&o  L 
Amiy  y.  n.  batbij&r  Hndbn& ;  musallab-jang  b. 

Tia  time  to  arm, 

TalvOr  par  kdtk  dkaro,  y6  talvOr  thdmo  / 

Armada,  n.  jangi  jab&zon  k&  beffl. 
AmiaiiMnt,  n.  bahrl  y&  barri  fauj. 
Azmatiire,  n.  1.  armour,  zirah ;  zirah  baktar. 
2.  (Arch.)  lobe  kl  salakb.  3.  (of  a  magnet), 
maqn&tb  k&  zor  bacb&ne  k&  lob&. 
AxmaOfp.  a^j.  muaallab;  batbiy&r-band ;  ha- 
tbiyir-bUdfae;  sbastar-db&ri ;  kamar-band. 
armed  to  the  tedh,  p&ficbon  batbiy&r  b&ndbe- 
buc.  [mobri. 

Axmkole,  n.  1.   kiAkb ;  bagal  {of  a  garment) 
Asidllarj  spJiere,  Skfts-gola ;  karrab-i-falakL 
Amiitice,    n.  moblat-i-jang;    sulab-i-cband- 
rosah ;  iltaTi<$  jang ;  la^I  k&  cband  roz  raau- 
qftf  rabni.  [pacbheli. 

Aniet,     n.     b&za-band;     b&zQ;     jausban; 
;  D.  sdrab-baktar. 

;  n.  zirab-bardftr.  [ne-vil&. 

\  n.  zirilb-eaz ;  zirab  becbnc  \a  ban&- 
bearingiy  n.  kbftndani  nish&n. 
,    n.      Bilah-kbftna;     batbiy&r-gbar ; 

AxBpit,  XL  kaftkb ;  bagal ;  kinar. 


Arms,  n.  (pi),  bathiy&r;    sbastar;  ftlit-i-jang; 

aslib;  8&m&n-i-jang. 
ai  arms,  batbiy&r-band. 
he  under  arms,  batbiy&r-band  b. 
elaUer  of  arms,  batbiyf  ron  kl  kbar  kba^. 
coat  of  arms,  nisb&n-i-mansabi. 
pUe  arms,  bathiyar  rakb  dena,  y&  kotal  k. 
present  arms,  salami  ut&rn&. 
Mulder  arms  1  kandbe  par  bandf&q  rakkbo ! 
stand  of  arms,  batbiyiirou  ka  dber.       [jang  b. 
take  up  arms,  larne  ko  mnstaid  b. ;  musallab- 
to  arms  I  musallab  bo  1  batbijar  bindb  lo  i 
to  ground  arms,  banduq  tekna.. 
Annsreach,  n.  bath  ki  pabuncb ;  ras&i. 
Army,  n.  1.   body  of  troops,  fauj;  lasbkar; 

sip&b;  sanniya;  katak;   katakdal;   askar. 
2.  a  mtdiitude,  ek  y&  ba^  kbalqat;  bblf ; 

bbif  bh&f ;  dal;  tiddi  dal;  bujUm;  izdib&m; 

mor  0  malakb. 
collecting  or  levying  an  army,  fauj-kasbi ;  fauj 

k&  ikhatt&  k. ;  l&m  biLndbni.  [bicb. 

the  centre  of  an  army,  qalb-i-lasbkar ;  fauj  ka 
theftank  of  an  army,  fauj  ki  b&z(L  [ki  saina. 
the  main  body  of  an  army,  qalb-i-lasbkar ;  bicb 
the  rigid  and  left  wing  of  an  army,  d&^  b&en 

kl  fauj ;  yamin  o  yas&r. 
Aroma,  n.  kbusb-ba ;  sugand ;  mabak. 
Aromatic,   Aromatical,    adj.    kbusb-bQ-d&r; 

muattar;  sugandi;  sugandit. 
Arotmd,  adv.  &  prep,  gird ;  cbau-gird ;  cbaron 

taraf ;  sab  taraf. 
Arouse,  v.  a.  jag&n&;  utbinft;  bed&r  k. 
Arrack,   [A.  arq  juice]  dirfl;  mad;  tbarrtl; 

desi  sbarab.  [illat  lag&uiL 

Arraign,  y.  a.  mujrim  tbairftna ;  makbOz  k. ; 
Arraignment,  n.  ilz&m ;  d&v& ;  n&lisb. 
Arrange,  v.  a.  [Fr.  rang,  H.  la^  a  line] 

saj&na ;  sariy&nft ;  sanvima ;  sudb&ma ;  tarUb 

k.  y&  d. ;  tartib  se    rakhna ;   murattab    k. ; 

tbik    k.;     cbunn&;    tbik&ne    sir    rakbu&; 

durusti  se  rakbna. 
Arrangement,  n.    1.  order,  saj&vat;  sudb&r; 

tartib ;  ar&stagi ;  durusti.  2.  settlement,  tas- 

fiya ;  baud  o  bast ;  saflLi.  3.  preparations,  sar- 

anj&m ;  taiyari&ii ;  band  o  bast 

To  make  arrangements  for  a  meeting. 
Jalte  ki  taiySridh  kamd. 

Arrant,  adj.  pQiiL;  k&mil;  p&k;  nipat;   niiA; 
mabz;  asl;  katti;  bil-kul. 

An  arrant  fool.    Nipat  andri. 

Arras,  n.  musbajjar;  div&r  ka  parda  jo  tas- 

yiiit  se  &rSstab  bo ;  div&rgIrL 
Array,  d.  1.  order  (chiefly  of  toar)  saf-&r&i; 

panl-bandi;  saf-bastagi. 

2.  apparel,  abrau;  paush&k;  lib&s. 
Array,  y.  a.  1.  put  in  order,  8af-&riLi,  saf-ban- 

di  ya  pari-bandi  k. ;  tartib  k.  yH  den&. 

By  torch  and  trumpet  fast  amtyed. 
Each  horseman  drew  his  battle  blade.  CampbtU. 
Le  moMhal,  iurai,  aur  parcn  kojamd, 
Sav&roa  ne  larne  ko  kkanjar  liyd. 




2.  ditk^  ibhOfllian  pahnfto& ;  nfhftiA  pahnft- 
na;  singirna;  banana  sanvftmi;  aiistah 
paiiflstah  k. 

Arrears,  n.  pichhli;  pichauU;  biql;  baqijft; 
baqiyat ;  ba^^  baqi ;  l^i  siqL 

arrears  occurredy  b^i  pari ;  b&ql  rah&. 

arrears  of  renty  biqi  lagau ;  bhej ;  ba^jft 
lagti  jtk  lagauta ;  lMiqay&  sar-i-zaroin. 

arrears  of  revenue^  baqftyii  mil-gntfri  ya  jami. 

arrears  of  the  ffrececUng  ffear,  l^i  sal-gUBsh- 
tah;  baqftya-i-silbiqaii.  [biqi  charhnft. 

be  in  arrears,  lAqi  parni  ya  rahnft ;  talab  yft 

recovery  of  arrears,  vosQl'i-biqL 

Arreaty  v.  a.  1.  stop,  rokna ;  atkana;  lAirakli- 
na.  2.  seise,  pakandL ;  girifUr  k. 

To  arrest  the  attention.    MifUm  hitndkmd. 

Arresti  n.  girifUri ;  paka^ ;  m&khii^     [hokm. 

arre*t  of  judgment,  mina-i-hukm ;  taarms  yrSe 

Arrival,  n.  amad ;  vurfld ;   pahunch ;    taahrif- 
&Tuii ;  raunaq-afroii ;  qadam-ra^jah  farmii. 
On  his  arrivMl  here.     Ushe  jfohSn  ine  par. 

Arrive,  v.  d.  pahunchna ;  h  pahui&chD& ;  a  j&ni ; 
&na;  dakhil  h.;  manzil-i-maqsad  ko  pa- 
hunchna ;  raunaq-afrbz  h. ;  taahiif  l&na. 

Arrogance,  Anogaaqr,  n. 

garbh;  takabbur;  kibr;gar]:i;dimig;abhi- 
miui;  gU8t&khi;  magiHri. 

Arrogaitee  is  the  obetruotion  of  wMonu  Prov. 
(Tor&A  samfyk  kd  bair  haL 

Arrogant,  adj.  garbh- van;  abbim&ni;  gna- 
t&kh;  mutakabbir;  mudammig. 

Arrogantly,  adv.  garbh  se ;  takabbur  se. 

Arrogate,  v.  a.  [H.  garbh  pride]  garbh  k. ;  tak- 
abbur k.;  garrak. ;  d&va-i-beja  k.;  apne  ko 
khenchnU;  nakhvat  se  ikhtiyar-i-la-hasil  apne 
upar  lena. 

arrogation  of  aathorily,  khud-h&kmi ;  be-ikh- 
tiyar  kuchh  k. ;  i»-j&ydz  ikhtiy&r. 

Arrow,  n.  t!r  ;  ban  ;  sar ;  khadang. 
Straight  as  an  amm.     Tir  sd  tUdklL 

an  arrow's  flight,  partab ;  tir  ki  parvEz.       [tir. 

an  arrow  without  the  point,  thothi  tir ;  khundE 

barbed  arrow,  ankre-d§r  tir. 

the  feather  of  an  arrow,  parrllh ;  pargiri. 

the  notch  of  an  arrow,  photik  ;  sOfar.  [paikln. 

tlve  point  of  an   arrow,   bhal;    nok;   ginsi; 

Uu  shaft  of  an  arrow,  qalam ;  siri. 

shoot  an  arrow,  tir  chalana  y&  mamIL 

Arrowhead,  n.  1.  tir  ki  nok;  ban  ka  siiil;  sa^ 
i-paikan;  nok-i-n5vak.  2.  (Bot.)  ek  qism 
ka  abi  pauda  jiske  patte  tir  ki  nok  jaise 
bote  hain.  [ban-sa. 

Arrowheaded,  adj.  tir  ke  nok  jaisa ;  tir  jaisa ; 

Arrowroot,  n.  (Cor,)  ararot ;  bimaron  ke  vaste 
ek  halki  khurak ;  maranta. 

Arse,  n.  chatar;  ganr;  sunn;  kQn.  [yar-ghar. 

Arsenal,  n.  silah-khana;  (Cor.)  megzin ;  hathi- 

Arsenic,  n.  bartal ;  sankhiya ;  gopajit  hartal ; 
zarnikh;  aamm-ul-far. 

Arsenic,  Arsenical,  adj.  hartal-k&. 

Arson,  n.  (Lau^  ag  lagana ;  atash-zani ;  atash- 
zadagl;  jurm-i-atash-zani;  grah-dah. 

Art,  n.    1.  prmeHcal  huosUeige^  gun;  konar; 
kartab;  &n. 

Art  helps  nature,  and  experianee  art.      Prov. 
Banar  hofkOixe  jamhar,  tajrmbak  barkdm  hmmar. 
2.  skiU,  k&rigari ;  k&rast&ni ;  ustkdi ;  jogat; 
aaliqa;  hatau^;  hath-kandi;  hikjmat. 

The  heiffht  of  oH  ia  to  conceal  art  Ptot 

Munar  id  ekhmpdnd  kunar  kai. 
8.  cunning,  aiyari ;  failsOf  i ;  ohSlikI ;  fitrat. 
fine  arts,  n&zuk  ya  umdah  funfUiy  jaise  ahtoi, 

musawiri,  mOsfqL 
liberal  arts,  ulQm ;  bidd]^ 
the  arts  and  sciences,  ulttm  o  fandn ;    ilm  o 

hunar.  I%e  mechameal  arU,  dast-k&ri. 
Artemisia,  n.  (BoL)  marva;  daunlL;  aftantfo. 
Arteriae,  n.  (Med.)  ek  dava  jo  tefktue  jk  halq 

ki  bimftri  ko  mufid  hoU  haL 
Arterial,  adj.  rag-i-«hiryin  ke  mutaaOiq. 
Artery,  n.   rag-i-jan ;    rag-i-shiryan,   y&nl  vdi 
rag  jis  se  tamam  jism  men  khCUi  pUm^hta 
hai ;  lal  rag. 
Artfol,adj.  chhaliy&;   &rebi;  aiy&r;   fidlsOf;  I 


An  artful  fellow  ie  the  defilin  adimblet^  Ptot. 
Bard  aifdtr  tkaitSn  kd  for. 

ArtfUly,  adv.  chhal  se ;  chlJ&ki  se;  aiyirl  se. 
Artfdlness,  n. 

aiyari;    chalaki;  failsflft;  hirfitt;    fitrat; 
fareb;  chhal;  robSh-lrik^;  phulasfe-b&zly 
Artichoke,  n.  hiti-chak. 
Jerusalem  artichoke,  hati-pioh. 
Article,  n.  1.  a  single  clause,  data;  simn.  2. 
UipulaJUon,  hor;  pratagya;  shart;  iqrlr ;  ahd. 
S.  commodity,  jins;  chiz  bast;  shae. 
An  artidt  of  food.     Kkdnt  |>iiie  ii  cAis. 

4.  (In  journalism)  mazmiin.  [paper. 

There  was  a  very  good  ariieU  in  yeeterdaj's 
Kal  ke  akhbdr  men  eh  bard  achchhd  mosmAa  Md. 

5.  (Gram.)  harf-i-tankir. 
article  of  property,  jaedad ;  shae;  jina, 
each  article,  ek  ek  chiz ;  bar  adad. 
Article,  v.  a.  ahd-name  ki  sharton  se  bindhni; 

sharton  ka  p&-band  k. 
an  articled  derk,  iqrari  moharrir.  [ratib. 

Articles,  n.  (pi.)  ruqOmat;  umOrat;  dafe;  ma- 
articles  qffcU'h,  mazhabi  masail. 
articles  o//>0actf,  sulah-name  ya  milap  ki  sharten. 
articles  of  war,  ain-i-jangi.  [dir. 

Articular,  Articulate,  jor-dar;  gathil&;  girah- 
Articulata,  n.  (pi.)  See  Annulose. 
Articulate,  adj.  dvstinct,  saf ;  khuli  hua. 
Articulate,  V.  a.   saf  talaffuz  k.;  uchoh&ma; 

uebcharan  k. 
Articulation,  n.  1.  (Anat)  har-ior. 

2.  (of  words)  uchcharan ;  talaffus ;  labji. 
3.(£ot.)joT;  girah;  ganth;  band;  porL 
Artifice,  n.  cbhal ;  chalaki ;  aiyari ;  hila;  fareb. 
Artificer,  n.  kari-gar ;  dast-kar. 
Artificial,  adj.    1.  banavti;    masnOi;    ftvurd; 

banaya-hua ;  sakhta ;  taiklbi. 
2./a/*<;,  jhuta;  naqlL 

Artificial  diamonds.     Jhute  hire. 

Irtiicudity,  ArtificialneM,  n.  banavat ;  dikha 

▼&;  Akht;  tasaiiiio. 
Artilkaally,  adv.  saklitagi  se ;  tarkib  se. 
ArtfQefj,  n.  1.  top-khana ;  top. 

2.  weapons  of  war,  s&man-i-jang. 
ArtiBU,  dast-k&r ;  kari-gar  (Artificer). 
Artift,  D.  1.  one  skUUd  in  the  fine  artSf  saDnaa; 

aanat-kar;  ahl-i-eauat.    2.  a  ehil/tU  person^ 

^i^S^iSB^ ;  guui ;  sughar ;  chatur ;  hunarmand. 
Artistay  n.  uetid;  kaiigar.       [muafiq;  sanatl. 
Artiglie»  Artistieal,  adj.  karigar  y&  iistlld  ke 
artuide  skiUj  iiatadi ;  sanat ;  k&rigari. 
Altiitieallyi  adv.  sanat-kari  se ;  ustadi  se. 
Altlen,  0dj.   simple^   sadah;   bhola;  bhondQ; 

bliol&  bhkla ;  modhd ;  mathu. 

AxtlBSsljy  adv.  sadagi  se ;  bhole-pan  se. 
AxtksmesSy  n.  sadagi ;  sidha-pan ;  bhola-pan. 
Ai,  ady.  A  conj.  [H.  a«,  otm.  Per.  dsd  like.] 

1.  like^  jaisa ;  jaise-ki ;  sa ;  jis-tarah ;  vaisa ; 
taisi;  xnanind;   misl;  goya;  muafiq. 

Do  it  (u  before.    PakU  ki  tarak  karo, 

2.  whUe,  jab-ki ;  jonhi ;  jia  vaqt. 
And  whistled  <u  he  went. 

Anr  hakUe  kheUe  apnl  rah  IL 

3.  for  example  J  maslan ;  jaise ;  chunauche. 

4.  inaemMcii  as,  cbOnki ;  jo  ki;  is  sabab  se  ki. 
The  beggar  is  greater  at  a  man  than  is  the 

man  merely  9$  a  king.  Dewey. 

Bt^kAaydl  ddmi  hone  1^  ekfaqir  hentar  Aoi  us 
ddwd  ie  Jo  tiff  bddthdh  hai. 

at  hefore,   aglasa;  jaisaki;   peshtar;  aizan; 

jairil  ki  pahle  bo  chuka  bai. 
Of  /or  Of,  tak ;  jahau  tak ;  tabau  tak. 

Come  at  far  at  the  bridge  !    Put  tak  do  t 
Atfof  at  I  can  tee.  Jahdh  tak  mitjhe  sujhtdhai. 
9tfor^  at  to,  b&bat;  darbab;  par;  baq  men;  iiisbat. 
Qt  how,  kts  tarah ;  kyon.  [jaue ;  jane. 

QtifyOM  though,  jais&-ki ;  jano ;   goya ;    roilno ; 
at  it  ought  to  be,  jaissa  cbabiye ;  bayad  o  sbayad ; 

kami  haqqabtL 
at  U  toere,  goy&ki ;  jaisa-kl 
at  Umg  at,  jab-tak ;  tab-tak. 
at  wutny,  at  much,  jitua;  jeta;  jis  qadar. 
at  often  at,  jai  l^r ;  jab  kabhl.  [taur  par. 

Of  usual,  vaisa  hi ;  badastfir ;  mamulT  tariqe  ya 
at  well  as,  bbi ;  aur ;  niz ;  mae ;  ba-mae. 
at  will  appear,  jaisa  ki  ^bir  ho^ ;  jaisa  likha 

y&darj  bai. 
••  yet,  ab-tak ;  abahUfi ;  ajahuu ;  hanoz. 
at  you  were,  jis  tarah  turn  the. 
at  fm  watUd  toy,  arthat ;  goya ;  yani. 
iii  proportion  as,  ba-hisab ;  ba-qadr. 
to  as,  taki ;  aisa-ki ;  ki ;  jo. 
to  that,  taki ;  is  liye-ki ;   nazar-barau-ki ;   bad- 

m-DAzar;  ba  in  libaz  ya  khayal. 

nuk  as,  jaial  ki,  us  qism  ka ;  jo. 
Anfivtida,  n.  hing. 

Aftefloty  n.  (Min.)  ek  resbe-dar  kani  sbaS. 
Afcsrides,  n.  pi.  chunne ;  cbunie ;  cbuncbune ; 

chtin&ne;  kirm-i-sbikam. 
AfOtady   V.   D.    1.  mount,   cburbna;     nthna; 

bilangiia ;  balaud  h.  2.  go  toioards  the  source, 

charhna ;   pichhe  jilna ;  saud  k.    3.  improvSf 
barhna;  taraqqi  k. 
Ascend,  v.  a.  f  Lat  scando,  Skr.  skand  mount] 

climb,  charhna;  Clpar  jana;  bilangna. 
Ascendency,  n.  1.  fauqiyat;  galba;  t&sir;  bas. 
Custom  has  an  ascendency  oyer  the  under- 
standing.   Rivdj  ko  aql  par  galb&  haL 

Ascendant,  n.  (Ast)  urOj ;  udaS. 

His  evil  star  is  in  the  ateendani. 
Us  kS  hurS  siidrd  fl  gayd  hag. 

Ascendant,  adj.  saresht;  bis-bisvo;  var;  galib; 

fayaq;  ala;  afzal.  [bona. 

he  in  tfie  ascendant,  galib  ya  sresht  h. ;  nrQj.  par 
Lord  oftfie  ascendant,  uch  ke  girah  h. 
Ascending,  part.  adj.  chafhta-hua;  uthta-bua; 

uda6  hotft  baa. 
Ascension,  Ascent,  cbarhao ;  uthao ;  uri\j ;  satid. 
the  ascension  (of  a  prophet,)  meraj. 
Ascent,  n.    I,  act  of  rising,  utb&n;    charh&o; 

ubh&r.  2.  acclivity,  cbarhai. 

3.  eminence,  unchai;  balandi;  irtifa. 
ascent  in  capillary  attraction  {Mech,)  nali-kbin- 

cbao  men  utbao-bal. 
Ascertain,  v.  a.  [Lat.  cemo,  H.  chhdnna  to  sift] 
1 .  m^Jce  certain,   nisbcbe  L ;  pakka  k. ; 

tahqiq  k. ;  thik  k. ;  janchna ;  nirne  k. ;  tash- 

khis  k.  2,  find  out,  daryaft  k.;  malflm  k. 
Ascertainable,  adj.  qabil-i-taliqTq ;  nisbcbe-jog. 
Ascertainment,  n.  tahqiq;  tabqiqat;  nisbcbe; 

tanqlh;  tashkbis. 
Ascetic,  adj.  abidana;  zahidana. 
Ascetic,  n.  tapasbsbl;  tapesri;  sant;  sanyasi; 

abid ;  atlt ;  ^bid ;  jati ;  jogi.  [riazat ;  zohd. 
Asceticism,  n.  tap ;  tapashiya ;  jog ;  darvesbi ; 
Ascites,  n.  (i/isd)  jalandar;  istisqa. 
Ascribe,  v.  a.  lagana ;    thairana ;   mansUb  k. ; 

nisbat  k. ;  makhstis  k. ;  mabmQl  k. ;  taalluq 

k. ;  bais  samajhna  ya  jaiina. 
Ascription,  n.  lagao ;  taalluq ;  nisbat. 
Ash,  n.  rakh ;  khak. 

Good  tobacco  bears  a  white  ash. 
Achchhe  tambdkH  ki  dhaull  rakh. 

Ashamed,  part  adj.  sharrainda ;  lajjit ;  lajalG ; 
sharm-nak ;  pasbeman ;  nadim ;  kliafif ; 
munfail;  khajil. 

to  be  ashamed,  v.  n.  lajana;  sbarmana;  pasbe- 
man h. ;  munfail  ya  kbajil  h. 
Never  be  ashamed  to  cut  your  meat !  Prov. 

Kkdne  men  kyd  tharm  f  Prov.  (It  is  no  shame  to  eat). 

Ashcolor,  n.  khaki-rang. 

Aahcolored,  Ashy,  adj.  khaki ;  fakhtai. 

Ashes,  n.  pi.  1.  rakh ;  bhabut ;  bhnsam ;  cbhar. 
2.  remains  of  the  human  body,  pbal ;  astbL 

liot  ashes,  garm  nikh ;  bbiibal. 

pit  for  ashes,  i^b-dan. 

reduce  to  ashes,  jal&ke  nlkh  k. ;   matti   meii 
milana ;  kh&k-i-siyah  k. ;  kbak  men  milana. 
Ash-hole,  n.  rakh  nikalne  ki  mon. 
Ashore,  adv.  sabil  par;  kinare  par.    [ek-bagal. 
Aside,  adv.  ek-taraf ;  alag;  kinare;  juda ;  ekant ; 

But  soft !  aside,  here  comes  the  king.     Shak, 

Chvpf  dUr  ho!  padshdh  ate  hain. 

io  lay  aside,  ek  taraf  rakhn&;   alag,  ya  kinare 

to  Set  aside  (a  decision)  rad  k. ;  maQS&kh  k. 
Agjnine,  adj.  gadha-sa. 
Ask,  V.  a.  [Du.  eisehen  demand,  Skr.  and  H.  ick- 

chhd  wLidi]  1 .  question,  pQchhna ;  punish  k. ; 

saval  k. ;  l^z-purs  k. ;  istifsar  k. 

2.  enquire,  darjaft  k. ;  puchhna. 
Wherefore  dost  thou  oslr  after  my  name  ? 
Tarn  merd  nam  hyoh  puchhU  ho  t 

3.  solicit,  chahua ;  maugua ;  darkhuSlst  k. ; 

ardas  k. ;  arz  k. ;  istidaa  k. ;  iltimas  k. 
Ash,  and  it  shall  be  given  you. 
Mango,  our  woh  turn  ko  nUUgd, 

4.  dem<md,  talab  k. ;  davi  k. 
Askance,  adv.   [Skr.  and   H.  ekdnJt  secluded] 

tirchhi  nazar  se  ;  kanakhyon  se. 
Askew,  adv.  tirchha  ;  terha.    [salami ;  dhalao. 
Aslant,  adv.  [Sw.  tlinia,  H.  phisal  slidejtirchha ; 
Asleep,  adv.  uind  men;   sota  hua;    niudasa; 

unlda;  aram  men. 

By  whidperi  ng  w  inda  soon  lulled  asU^ .  MUUm. 
Chalat  bayaJL  to  gai  tatkdl. 
Asleep,  adj.  1.  sleeping ,  sola;   sot^huft;  2ram 
karta  hua.  2.  (Fig.)  dead,  murdah;  mara;  mu&. 
Aslope,  adv.  dhalHo ;  salami. 

Set  them  not  upiight  but  aslope. 

Unko  sldhd  mat  khara  karo,  dhalifdn  rakne  do. 

Asp,  n.  kal-sarp;  afai;  Imlishtiya-^np. 
Asparagus,  n.  nagdaun ;  marchobiL 
Aspect,  n.  [Lat.  specio,  H.  pekhnd  view]  1.  look, 
rup ;  stirat ;  shakl ;  paikar.  [jog ;  lagan. 

2.  view,  or ;  janib ;  rukh ;  simt.    3.  (Ast.) 
Aspen,  n.  bedi-majuQu  ;  majnon  ka  darakht. 

To  shake  as  an  aspen  leaf. 
Bed-i-majniLh  ki  tarah  tkarihardnS. 

Asperate,  v.  a.  khurdara  k. ;  ua-hamvar  k. 
Asperity,  n.  1.  roughness  of  surf  ace,  khurdarii- 

pan  ;  na-harnvfiri ;  uiichan  nichan. 

2.   harshness    of  sound,   nikhal;   sakhtl; 

karakhtagi;  akkhar-pan.    3.  arrimony,  tezi; 

karvahat;    talkhi;     turshl.     4.   moroseness, 

rukha-pan;  tursh-rui;  bad-mizlji. 
Asperse,  v.  a.  [Lat.  spargere,  H.   bakhemd  to 

scatter]  kalaiik,   lx>htan,  tohmat,  aib,  lim, 

dfig,  tufau,  ya  ilzam  lagana. 
Aspersion,  n.  dag ;    kalafik ;    ilzam ;    tohmat ; 

bohtan;  tufan ;  barf;  lira;  thudda. 
Asphalte,  n.  (Min.)  kani  ral. 
Asphyxia,  Asphyxy,  n.  niQrciiha,  ya  gash  ka  der 

tak  rahna;  murchha-gat;  8akta. 
Aspirant,  n.  [Lat  s}nro  to  breathe,  H.  hdnpnd] 

umraedvar ;  chahne-vala. 
Aspirate,  v.  n.  ho  kl  avaz  nikalna. 
Aspirate,  n.  ha-kar;  bisarg;  harf-i-he. 
Aspiration,  n.  [Lat,  spirare,  H.  sans   lend  to 

brcatbc,  H.  hdhpnd  to  pant]  1.  ardent  wish, 

chah;  arzQ;  mahl-piran;  tamanna;  harak ;  lau. 

2.  he  kahna ;  bisarg  lagana. 

Aspire,  v.  n.  arzu  ya  tamanna  rakhna ;    bahut 

chahna;  nigah  ya  tak  rakhna;  hurakna. 
Aspiring  to  be  ^ofla  if  angel.-*  fell 
Aspiring  to  be  yngela  men  rebel.  Pope, 

Hmimard^SkaitakgmKkMdghms  keddrtatt 
To  A'loM  ne  boffSvat  H  wialak  bamme  he  meBuk€  se, 
aspire  to,  as,  uiyat  y&  ummed  rakhna ;  asm  k. 
Aspiring,  adj.  baland-nasar;  ali-himmat;  baland- 
hausla ;  lli-dimag.  [se ;  bhenge-pan  se. 

Asquint,  adv.  kan-a^hiyon  ya  tirchhi  nanr 
Ass,  u.  [Skr.  Qshv,  Per.  asp  horse] 

1.  the  animal,  gadha;  khar. 

An  ass  among  perfumes.  Prov.  Oadke  ho  «•• 
giiri  bdg  /  Ftov.  (A  Tinery  for  an  ■» !) 

Says  the  act  tether  me  in  the  same  rtall  wHh 
the  king's  horses !  Oadhd  hake  mMJke  hkdsok 
wenbdndho/  [^LhiL 

2.  doU,  gadhi ;  mflrakh ;  be-vuq(if ;  ahmaq ; 
Assail,  v.  a.    [Lat  saUre  to  spring,  Skr.  m 

flow].    I.  aUack,    dhava   k.;     chafh  jioi; 

hamla  k. ;  hilla  ya  chot  k.   2.  eensisre,  mal&- 

mat  k. ;  ili&m  lagana ;  hajv  k. ;  buril  kahna. 
Assailable,  adj.  charbai-jog ;  hamle  ke  qibil. 
Assailant,  u.  I.  hamla-avur;  hille-vila. 

2.  (Law)  baul-i-fosad ;  mufsid. 
Assassin,  u.  [from  A.  hashishin  heib-eater,  S. 

han  tokilljgupt-gh&ti;  fiureb,  daga,  y&  chori 

se  marne-Y&la. 
Assassinate,  v.  a.  chhup-ke  mama;  gh&t  se 

ndrna ;  chori,  daga,  ya  fareb  se  mami. 
Assassination,  n.  gupt-ghat;  qatl;  halakat. 
Assault,  n.    1.  o^toel:,  charhai ;   harola;   hilUl; 

v&r;  dhava;  takht;  ytlrish.    2.  (J/i/.)  hilla; 

dhava.     3.  (criminal)  milr-pit;   zad  o  kob; 

jtltl-pai^r;    lappa-dukki;    hkthapal;     huri 

mukki.  4.  (Eng.  Law)  hamle  kl  surat. 
assault  and  baitery,  bamla  aur  zad  o  kob. 
assault  of  arms,  kartab-dikhavH ;  kartab. 
assault  with  wounding  or  personal  injury,  zad 

o  kob  sath  majruhi  ya  dusre  sadme  badani  ke. 
criminal  assaiUt,  hamla-i-mujrimanah. 
make  an  assault,  zad   o   kob   k.  petty  assavU, 

khafif  hamla. 
shoio  of  assault,  hamle  ki  numayash;   ghunsa 

ya  chabuk  dikhaua;  amadagi-i-hamla;  darauL 
Assault,  V.   a.  charhal,  dhava,  takht,  hamla, 

ya  yurish  k.  [mama ;  ratvai  k. 

to  assault  at  night,  chhapa  mama ;   shabkhdn 
Assay,  n.  1.  attempt,  koshish;  qasd.  2.  exami- 

nation,  Vms;  paiukh;  pariksha;  imtehau. 
assay  office,  taksill ;  dar-ulayar  ya  zarb. 
Assay,  v.  a    1.  try,  siti  k. ;  qasd  k. ;  koshish  k. 
2.  test,  kasua;  parakhua ;  tao  deua ;  izmami ; 

imtehau  k. 

Assayer,  u.  parakhya;  sarr&f;  naqqad. 

Assemblage,  Assembly,  n.    1.  group,  majma; 

niajmua;     ijtima;    hujum;    amboh;    jam- 

ghata;  maudli.  2.  association,  majlis;  jalsa; 

sabha ;  bazm ;  anjuman ;  akha^ ;  pancbayat. 

Imperial  assemblage.     Darbdr-i-qaisari, 

a  public  or  general  assembly,  majlis-i-am. 
Assemble,  v.  a.  [Lat.  simul,  Skr.  sam,  A.  shA- 

mil  together]  ikhatte  ya  batle  k. ;  jama  k. ; 

jorna ;  ek  ja  k. ;  faraham  k. 
Assemble,  v.  u.  ikhatte,  ya  batle  h. ;  jama  h. ; 

junia ;  faraham  h. 




•room,  n.  nacb-ghar ;  majlis-khflna. 
>t  u.  [H.  sStfiy  sang  together]    raza ;  raza- 
maodi;   marsi;   qubQliyat;  mauzari;    angi- 
kftri ;  hknu ;  auflmat ;  ittif&q-i-rile  ;  prataggya. 
deed  of  Oisent,  r&zi-u&ma;  sumat-patr. 
roftd  as$enif  shihi-matiztlrl ;  ]ilj4lggy&. 

▼.  u.  man  lenft ;  manna ;  bin  k. ;  hA- 
mibharnH;  manzOrk.;  qubQl  k.;  rHzI  h.; 

▼.  a,  [Lat  8ertumf  H.  sdM  join] 
1.  over,  yaqinan  bay&u  k. ;  ishar  k. ;  istiqiil 
■e    kahnE;    isr&r  k.    2.  vindicate  dav&  k.; 
miiddal  h.,  y&  banni.. 
oiseri  a  daim^  d&Ya  k. 
AMtftiony  u.  1.  ^  adiauy  dEvE;  isr^r. 

S.  iJ^fimuUion^  kahan;  bat;  bachan;  ba- 
jia;  ^al;  taqrir. 

AsteriioH  is  not  proof.  Baydn  iublU  nahh  hai, 
{Kakmd  amr,  our  tMU  anr.) 

▼.  a.  [Lat  sedere,   H.  baiihnd  to   sit] 

1.  to  taXj  kar  lag&nE;    tikas,  y&   mahsfil  la- 

g^LnL    3.  nalvie,  mol  y&  nirkh  thair&na.  3. 

ettimaie,  &Akn&;  k(itn&;    jEnchuE;    audaza 

k.;  atkalni;  takhmlha  k. 

dasnageiy  zar-i-harja  ya  tcjta  thairftna. 
fTfeftNe,  jama  l^Mbn&  ya  nmqrrur  k. ; 

milgudLri  thair&oa;  jam&-bandi  k.;  jam& 

AlWiMinanty  n.    1.   ^A^  ocf,   tasbkhis-ijama ; 

band-o-bast.    2.  vcduatUm^  janch ;  auk ;  kat ; 

mol;  dar.  3.  ^o/rft^mue^  malguziri;  barij; 

lagtl;  lagan;  bbej;  potah. 
oBiomnt  of  oMtument,  jama-i-musbakhasa ;  miq- 

d&r-i-jama;  t&di&d-i-jama. 
amtnuwt  according  to  the  nuvuher  of  ploughsy 

balbar&r;  hal-pa^ 
amgnneni  in  kind,  batlli;  ain-i-^jins.  [rasadi  bissa 
on  a  share,   bacbb;  bebrl;  bant; 
on  houses,  teks  cbaukidara. 
Jnefrom  assessment,   kar-rabit;  parta-cbbut; 

^khiraj;  muafL  [malguzail. 

§nss  asscfsntent,  khftm    jama-band!;  kacbcbi 
iMerease  ofassfssmeni,  besbi  rasad ;  izata-i-jama ; 

ba|iiotr!-lagan.  [yE  sanglii  jamE. 

(mer-iusessment,  bhar!  jam3l  j&   lao^ii ;  sakbt 
redudion    in    the    assessment,    gh&t-jaroa    ya 

la^n;  minhid;  mnjraL 
kumoTf    n.  I.   one  wJta  assesses,   aiikvaiyi; 

^ocbiya;      kQtiyft;      takhralna-kunindab ; 

jftahslil  la^ne-vala.  2.  assistant  in  council, 

tflis;  Emil;  pancb;  £.  asesar. 
iattii  n.  (pi.)  pQfijt ;  asEsa ;  jaSdad ;  m^l  o 

•niiril ;  jama  anr  vajib-ul-vu-sQl ;  dban. 
saseis  {from  land)  paidkvar! ;  nikE^i ;  mabftsil ; 

pM  ki  nikatsL 
ptrmmal  assets,   uthau-dhan ;  asbSLb ;  jaedad-i- 

■MoqQla.  [erazi. 

umI  aswets,  atal-dban;  jSedftd-i-gair-mauqQla ; 
unrealized  assets,  p&iia;    niutabibab;  yaftani; 

bai^ya-i-roilgnsiri;  b&qlbbej.  [kabna. 

AlaeYerate,  v.  a.  bachan  k. ;  qaul  k. ;  bar  bar 

Asseyeratioii,  n.  bachan ;  qaul. 

Assidaity,  Assidooiuaiess,  u.  [Lat.  sedere,  H. 
baithnd  to  sit]  bar!  tavajjob ;  lagan ;  tan- 
dibi;  pitte-mftri;  mehnat  masbaqqat;  jadd 
o  jabad ;  kad  o  k&visb ;  shiram  ;  parashram. 

Assidaoiu,  adj.  mehuati;  tan-deb;  pitte- 
mar ;  piUsbirmi. 

ABsiduously,  adv.  pitte-m&rl  se ;  tan-dihl  se. 

Assign*  V.  a.  [Lat.  signum,  H.  cbinh  sign]  1. 
apportion,  lag&n& ;  manstlb  k« ;  dil&uH ;  bhftg 
lagauE ;  hissa  muqarrar  k. 

2.  specif  If,   makbsOs   k. ;  n&m    nib&d   k. ; 
muqarrar  k. ;  taiyun  k. ;  (bairilna. 

3.  transfer^  iutiqal  k. ;  h&th  den& ;  becbi 
k, ;  nftm  likhua ;  nmntaqil  k.    [muqarrar  k. 

assign  a  day  for  trial,  niuqaddaroe  ki  t&rikh 
assign  limits,  bad  bandbna  ya  tbair&uft.  [batli&nS. 
cusign  reasons,  vajab  pesb  k. ;  sabab  y&  karan 
assign  waste,  jangal  zamlu  den&. 
assigned  places,  muqarrail  jagah;    apni    apni 

jagah  ;  jae-muaiyanah. 
Assignable, adj. {Law)  bechijog ;  qibil-i-intiq&L 
Assignation,  n.    L  Hie  act,  dena;  supurdugi; 

hayala.  2.  (Law)  becb! ;  intiqaL 

3.  appointment  to  meet  onsy  milne  ya  mul&- 

qat  karne  ka  iqrar.  [ileb ;  valL 

Assignee,  n.   muntazim ;  k&r-kun ;  muntaqal- 
assignee  of  jamd,  mustaliaq-i-jami. 
Assignment,  n.  1.  ^  act,  supurdagi;  tafviz. 

2.  (Law)  becbi ;  intiqal ;  jamog. 
assignment    of   dower,   tarka-i-jaedad    ba-nam 

zauja ;  istiri-bet  dlian  sankalp. 
assignment  of  land,  jagir ;  jaeJ&d.  [i-j^gir. 

assignment  of  property,  dbaa-sankalp ;  intiqal- 
assignment  of  title,  intiqal-i-baq. 
Assimilate,  v.  n.  [Lat  similis,  Skr.  soman  like] 
\,heoome  similar,   mil  jan&;   eksan  h. ; 

mushabab,  ya  ham-sbakl  h.    2.  be  converted 

into  the  substance  of  the  body,   ang   lagna ; 

khuu  bannil;  ek  jigar  b. ;  mil  jaua. 
Assimilate,  v.a.  [Lat.  similis^  Skr.  saman  like] 

1.  bring  to  a  UkenesSj  ek-mel  k.;  yakaan 
k. ;  rausbabah  k. 

2.  {Physiol,)  hazm  h. ;  pachnE ;  ang  lagnE. 
Assimilation,  n.  \,the  act,   ek-mel ;  yaksani- 

yat;    nmshabahat      2.    {Physiol.)    hazm; 

bbojan  ka  ang  lagna. 
Assist,  V.  a.   [Lat.  sisto,  H.  ihairdnd  cause  to 

stand,  H.  sahdyatd  help]  sahayata  k. ;  saliara 

dena ;  bath   dena  ya  pakaf  na ;  dast-giri  k. ; 

B&tb  dena;  madad  k.;  mada(kari  k.;  taid 

k.;  pushti  k. ;  hilth  bacb&na;  k&m  ba^u&; 

imdad  k. ;  eUnat  k. ;  kumak  dena. 
Assistance,  n.  sabaeta ;  sabaril ;  madad ;  s&th ; 

dast-giri;  taid;  yarl;  yavri;    eanat;    mua- 

▼anat;  pushti;  kumak. 
Assistant,    n.    sahayak;    sabi^;    madad-^; 

muavin;  dast-gfr;  mumidd. 
assistant  in  an  office,  munshi ;  bftbti ;  kirani. 
Iiead  assistant,  sar-i-daftar ;  sarisbtedar. 
Assise,  n.  mahakma-i-adalat ;  daura-supurd. 


^■ociate,  v.  a.  [I At.  somu,  H.  nmpat^]  jo^; 

ek-aith  k.;  miUoii;  ahftmil  k. 

Auoci&ta.  V.   u.  iiiili)ti;  sohbat  rakhn*;  mel- 

jhol  rnklini;  mili   ruhua;  auiigat  k. ;  a&th 

raliiiil;  <iath  bnithnii;  rttif&q  k.  [Skate*. 

h'rieii-li  sbould  mmriatt  {rieniU  in  grief  ud  woa. 

Riiai  0  gaat  men  titK  da  Ibm  ttoil  Ul  I 

Asiociate,  Auociated,  adj.  miU;   jiit&;  a&Ui- 

kaj  muttikfiq  ;  sajlie  mvi'i. 
Aljociate,    n.     I.    cotnfanion,    Hathi;    lafiq; 
Haii^ti ;  Hobbati ;  ham-Bohhat ;  ham-uaBhiu ; 
yar;  jalia.  2.  partner,  B&jhli  sliarikj  Bh&mil. 
Tbe  one   (iden)  no  eooner  c^>niea   unto    Iho 
underatandiiig   th.iii    iU   runnciaU    «ppe»r9 
with  it.  Lorie.     JoiU  dc  bat  jl  wuh  dtl  Kai 
voiki  take  tSth  Al  ditrl  bdt  atl  luti. 
Aavodatioil,  n.  1 .  wtion,  mcl ;  jur ;  mil'ip ;  mel 
iQilSip;  meljliol;  s&jha;  shirkat;  itharftkat; 
ittifaq ;  wihbat ;  itteh&d ;   tiam-iiaahfiii. 

2.  a  society,     jikmant;     majrai;    aabh&; 
maAdlij  p&n^it;  majlifl;  anjiiman. 
attoaUition  ofideat,  biiudish-i-khajil&t ;  biohlr- 

jiir;  ijtini&&-khay&ISt.  [tnazhahi. 

rtligioiu  autoeitaum,  dhann-sabhil ;  anjiiman-i- 
»eienl'fii:  rtfioeiation,  anjuinan-i-iltni ;    biild^- 

maiidal  j'i  ahili. 
Anonuioe,  n.  1.  ham-ava^i;    hiim&hftAgl. 

4.  ( Prot.)  qifiyft ;  q&fiye-er4l  i ;  sutfiiit-tuk. 

Anonimt,  ailj.  [[At.  toiuire,   H.  xaeA  sound.] 

1.  having  the  game  eoiind,  liam-uTi;; ;  hfvm- 

ahaiig.     2.  {Pros.)   qafiya-band;    tiik-bHud; 

Aiaort,  V.  a.  tartil)  d. ;    lAclilia  k. ;    tafriq  k. ; 

alagalagk.;  bantna;  jiida  jnda  k. ;   taq'^Im 

k.;  aary&nii;  clilifti'itim;  muklitalif  kh&Aon 

mei'i  rakiina.  [im ;  tliik  h. 

ABiort,  V.  11.  [H.  saja   aortcd]  Rajnil;  tartib  [A- 
ABSortment,  II.  1.  the  ocf.snj&vut;  tarlib.  'i. goods, 

kbeji;  dlicr;  iniikbtaUfqiain  kosaiidc  ya  cbiz. 
Abbh^C,  v.  a.  kam  k. ;    dhimi  k. ;    lialkil  k. ; 

tianik  k. ;    thatida  k. ;    maiuU  k. ;    HiintuHli 

dcna;  ta-ikiii  duiift;  ta^batfl  yil  tatulK  deiia. 
Assume,  v.  a.  1.  odoitt,  A\i\\&a  k. ;  ikhtiyar  k. 

Tile  god  ottHintd  hia  Dative  furtti  A|{Hiti.    I'upe. 
Dtcta  lie  pklr  apna  $ackck&  rUp  I'lUrun  jtijio. 

3.  take  upon  oiieiel/,  apiie  fipar  Iciia;  zim- 
mab  luna;  otiiii.  3.  api'ro}>riale,  leiia;  Akhi 
k.;  a|iii£  k.  4.  take  for  grautrd,  mfuiiia;  fori  k.; 
taitliink.  d.;>ret«n^  (c,  jataiia;  iahirk.;l>be« 
bliitrnil ;  rflp  baiiaua. 

Attiimt  a  virtue  if  jou  have  it  ant.        Sfuiiet. 

Agar  turn  neh  ncki  itakiA  kat  tan  titbi  ta  r^p 

t«  dkaro. 

ossrnne  ar'iilrarily,  be-vajiih  ya  j  aiihiii  qarvir  d. ; 

ji  ae  thairaiiH  ya  bouiLuai    upiii  tabijat  se 

qiiyaiii  k. ;  farz  k. 

Asaome.  v.  ii.  bcja  ikiitiyar  k. ;  akiiriia;  aiiitJi- 

iia ;  liad  se  bufhiw ;  ban  d&\  a  k. 
Assamption,  u.    1.  the  act,  apiic  upar  Icna; 
ikhliyiir;  zimme-vjLri;  akiiz.  '2.  a stippMilion, 
farx;  fare!  Idt, ;  aniar-i-qa}ilii ;  iluFluz. 
o.{Tlieol.)  mcriy.  aiitariUiiyiin. 

Aisirauce,  n.    1.  eerlain  a^Metaticti,  btttron; 
yaqiu;  bisTas;  etebkr;  eteqid. 

2.  stenrity,  itmla&ii ;  dil-jamti ;  khitir-junft. 

Br»e  men  meat  dnnger  with  cunmuMC.  tfimlbj 
Sar  bJr  UrCdE  H}iMu>h  kd  tdmiiA  harU  kaU 

i.  self-reliance,  dhiras;  jurat 
4.  imjmdetKt,  gustakhl.  5.  inturanee,  biu^ 
assunmee  company,  blma  kartie-viloii  ki  janwat. 
atsKraneeinGod,  tavakkul  bakhudajbharoM. 
asiuraiue  office,  bime  ki  kotlii. 
life  oMiiranee,  j&u-bima. 
Aasare,  v.  a.    I.  give  cmifidenee,   niahche   k.; 

ynqm   dilaniL    2.  maie  safe,  dil-jamal    k. ; 

khatirjunia  k. ;  itniliian  k.    3.  {Law)  bim&k. 
Assured,  adj.    I.  certain,  thi^ ;    pakki;    pukh- 

tab;  tabqiq;  iiuiqarrurj  motabu;;  bila-shak 

o  aiiubnb ;  mtitayuqqau.  [lagttiii. 

2.  bo/d  to  Atce^,  giuitakh ;  in&^iphat;  bad- 

3.  (A'lts)  insured,  bitiii  kiya-hua. 
Attniedly,  adv.  nisbcbe;  hL'-shak;  b<sehnbab; 

albatta;  liil-yaqini  yiqiuan. 
Aiiarer,  n  {Law)  biiui  yi  tboka  karne-TSlL 
Asteriik.  n.  [Lat.  aslerisevs  frona  osier  star, 
H.    &    Per.  Mfdrd,  H.    t&rd   ator]    kbirijX; 
iiisbfiui;  BJt&ri  jo  nisbaiil  ke  tAur  par  haabye 
met)  baua  dote  haiti,  jatac  (*}. 
Astern,  adv.  1.  behind  the  s/U/',  jab&z  ke  pichhe 
y&  picbhvare;  jabiz  ke  aqab  men. 

2. backward,  iiiuhbe;  pichbafi;  pichhvaie; 
pichbe  ko ;  piehliU  tiiraf. 
I  to  go  a'Irrn,  piclilic  hatiia. 
Asteroid,  n.  (.(</.)  chhobi  cbalU  tarii.  \iA&\t. 
I  Asthma,  II.  duiii'i ;  gaivt  ka  rog;  xiqim-uafi; 
Asthmatic,  Aithmatical,  adj.  daine-k&. 
Astir,  ailj.  elialta-)>liirl&;  mutAbHi-rik. 
i  Astooista,  V.  a.  aclianibc  mcii  daliitl ;  bluicbak 
I  k.  ;bbiijkaiiriitiaii'at  mcu  dalna;  mutabaiyar 
I       k.;  miitaajjib  k. 

!  to  bf  asliiitithed,  V.  11.  acbamlic  b. ;  acbambe 
'.  iiiunaua;  auhi-aj  b.  j  miittiajjib  li.;  bakk& 
I      biikkil  mil  jrnia.  [iidbbiit. 

Astoniiking,  part.  adj.  acbmj ;  ajib;  ajnliai 
I  Astoniihiugly,   udv.    t.iajjub,    aDliaiiilibe,    ya 

lifiinit  se;  ajab  larnb  se. 
ABtonisbntent,  n.  auliambii ;  acbmj  ;  &sbobarj ; 

taajjiib;  haimt;  tuhaiyttr. 
Uut  in  astonishment,  bhiichakki ;  avbambe  meii 

diil>a  liua ;  aiigiisht  ba-daiidau. 

AstoDnd,  V.  a.  fl:>kr.  and  H.  Mh,  streteh]  hakki 

liakka  k. ;  acbambe  meu  dalua;  mutabaiyar 

k.  ■  [lat  Hjlb. 

AstoiULdiiig,  part.  adj.  acbarabc-Ki ;  ajib ;  aiba- 

Astraddle,  a<lv.  (iborekasaasan;    piiir  phailaG 

bue;  Iambi  tttiiigeii  kiyo  hue. 

to  lit  astraddle,  i«ir  pbaila-kc  baithni. 

Astral,  adj.  tare-ka-sa;  t&ioiVjaisa ;  sU&re-diir. 

Astray,   adv.   bhatakt£-hiia;    bbatk'i;    bhfila- 

bbatka;    giim-rab ;    avara;    bhiila;    bb&la- 

bisri;  giun-goitbtab  ;  gum-sbudah. 

to  ^0   astray,    bhiitjikiia;    gum-ilLh    ho  jS>i&; 

bbalakta  ja  avani  phiriii. 




to  be  led  aitray,  gum-rilb  h.  [pa-bandi. 

Aatrietum,  d.  [H.  suker  contract]  1.  bandmh; 
2.  (Hed.)  Buker;  ar;  qahz.  [ya  asan. 

Aftride,  adv.  t&ngeh  ch!r-ke ;  gHorl  ki  hi  say8.r! 
io  git  asiridey  {a  horse)  ghore  ki  sav&t'I  baithna 
Aflrmgemqf,  u.  kosao ;  qabz ;  ufusat ;  baudbej. 
Aitrini^nt,  adj.  sukeru ;  kasae^ ;  kas&o  karue- 

Tali;  qibiz;  afis;  btikta. 
AftriagiOLt,  n.  kasail^pan ;  qabz. 
Aftrolabe,  n.  UBtarlab. 
Astrologor,  n.  jotshi;  joshi ;  nnjurai;  mnnajjim ; 

Hliaiii>-bid ;  akhtar-Ahiuas.  [ka. 

Aftrologic,  Astrological,  adj.  jotish-ka ;  najQm- 
Astxology,  n.  jotish ;  ilm-i-nujum. 
AltrMLomer,  n.  hajat-daA ;  rassad ;  Riddhantt ; 

khagol  j&nne-^ala.  [runtaalliq. 

Astoonomie,  Astronomical,  adj.  ilm-i-hayat  ke 
asiramomieal  tables,  zlj  ;  zlch. 

Astronoxigr,  n.  t&ron  k&  ilm ;  ilm-i-hajat ;  kha- 

gol  biddyft;  siddhant. 
phfsical  astronomy,  hayat-i-tabai. 
Artote,  adj.  sugbar;  siy&uil;  bosbiyar ;  tez-fabm* 
Awmdwr,  adv.  alag;  alabda;  alabda  alabda; 

alag  alag ;  juda ;  jud&  juda ;   bicbcbbe  se ; 

&rq  se ;  kbulasah  kbulS&ab. 
Afjlum,  u.  I.  a  place  of  securitif,  ja^panah; 

aarau-astban ;  paiiab;    dar-ul-amaii ;    malja. 

2.  a  charitable  institution,  kbairat-kbanab ; 

asylum  for  the  poor  ^  garib-kbana ;  kangla-saran. 

IwMtic  asylum,  pa^l-kbaaab. 

At,  prep.  1 .  in,  men ;  par ;  ke ;  se ;  balat  meu. 

At  peace.     Ar&ni  mtk.    At  work.    Kfim  men. 
2./ranft,8e.  [KizhKsosef 

At  yuur  request.   JphehnJinest,  At  what  rate? 

3.  towards,  or;  taraf;  jauib;  simt 
To  point  at  cue.    Kui  kl  taraf  ishSrd  h 
To  aim  aU    Nishdnd  hdMhua. 

(U  aU,  bilkul ;  mutlaq ;  bargiz ;  kucbb ;  zara.. 
Do  you  know  him  at  all  t 
TumkSri  tukl  kacfih  bhi  mulaqdt  hat  f 
at  all   events,   bar  sttrat    men;  ba-har-surat ; 

ba-bar-h&l;  ba-bar-kaif;  ba-bar-nau;  barek 

bSlat  men. 
ai  all  times,  bar  dam ;  bar  ya  bar-ek  vaqt. 
at  any  rate,  jis  tarab  mumkin  bo ;  jis  tarab  bo 

sake,  ya  ban  pare. 
at  best,  acbchhi  ise  acbcbbi  balat  men.      fracu. 
at  first,   pable ;  pahle   hi  pabal ;    avval ;  ad 
at  first  sight,   dekbte   b! ;  pahli  bi  nazar  ya 

nigih  men ;  badi-un-nazar  men. 
oitfM  length,  tafsll-vir;  mufassal;  kbol-kar. 
at  easSj  ar&m  se ;  cbain  se ;  sukb  se. 
at    hmdf    p&s;    nasdik;    anqarib;    maujud; 

hizir;  fiar-i-dast. 

ai  home.  1.  gbar  men ;  bbltar ;  andar. 

2.famiUar,  bamndam ;  betakalluf. 
to  make  oneself  al  home  with,  be-takalluf  b. 
at  how  much,  kitne  Ilo  ;  kitte  ko ;  kitiie  par. 
at  leasts  I.  there  se  thofft;  kam  se  kam. 

2.  stilly  taubhl;  t&ham ;  tis  par  bbl. 

ai  length,  at  last,  akbir  ko ;  ant  ko ;  nid&n  ; 

bare;  akbir-kar;  akbtrasb.  [az-bad. 

at  most,  babut  se   bahut ;  ziy&dab  se  ziyadah  ; 
at  once,  abbi ;  is!  vaqt ;  yak-lakht ;  yak-qaltiiti ; 

yak-bargi ;  ek-niiisht ;  dafatan ;  bili-tavaqquf. 
at  peace,  aman  cbain  se ;  aman  o  aman  se. 
ai  pleasure,  marzT  muafiq ;  kbnsbi-kbuan ;  jab 

ji  ch&be  ;  sbanq  se. 
ai  present,  abbi ;  is  vaqt :  fil-bal. 
ai  random,  atkal-pacbcbCl ;  alaltappQ ;  qay&san; 

jo  mai&b  meii  ae;  bo-socbe  samjbe. 
ai  sea,  1.  samandar  men. 

2.  {Met )  awarah  ;  havas-bakbtab. 
ai  sight,  (bills)  darsbiiui. 
at  times,  kabbi  kabbi ;  gabe  ^be  ]   gab  ^h, 
at  war,  larai  meii ;  lau*  raha ;  roasruf  ba-jang. 
at  worst,  buri  se  biiri  b&lat  men ;  barh-kar. 
At  wont  it  will  cost  my  life. 
Ziyddah  bar  in  nest  ki  meri  Jdn  j&^gl. 

nothing  at  all,  kucbb  nabin.        [niauqa  takna. 
to  be  at,  picbbd  b.;   darpae  b. ;   gbat  meii  h. ; 
Atelier,  u.  kar-kbana. 
Atheism,  n.  [Gr.  tJieoe,  Skr.  devatd  a  god]  dab* 

riya-pan ;  nastik-pana ;  Kbiida  ko  na  manna; 

ilhad;  kufr. 
Atheist,  n.  dalirya ;  nastik ;  munkir ;  mulbid. 
Atheistic,  Atheistical,  udj. 

iilUtik ;  raiilludaua ;  munkir.    [sa  ;  tisbna. 
Athirst,  adj.  [H.  tis.  Per.  tishnagl  thirst]  piya- 
Athlete^  n.  pablvan  ;  mal ;  larait ;  kasrati. 
Athletic,  adj.  1 .  bdonging  to  an  athlete,  kasratl ; 

kusbti  ke  mutaalliq. 

Athletic  sports.     Kamdld ;  kasrat. 
2.  robust,    liatta.  kattg;   mazbut;  tbada: 

qavl;    bal-vant;  ball;    zoravar;     pablvan; 

tak|u;  miuibtanda;  rusbt-pusht;  dhQkar. 
Athwart,  prep,  ara ;  a^  men ;  tirchba ;  &r  pai*. 
Atlas,  n.  naqsboii  kl  kitab ;  E.  atlas. 
Atmosphere,  n.  bava ;  bao ;  batfls ;  kurab-i-bava. 
Atmospheric,  Atmospherical,  adj.  bava-ka. 

Atmospheric  engine.     Havdi  anjan. 

Atom,  n.  kan ;  atQt  kan ;  zarra ;  parm^iti ;  juz-i- 

Atomic,  adj.  zarrou-ka;  zarri;  kanl. 
Atone,  Atone  for,  v.  n.  kaf ara  ya  daud  dena ; 
parasbcbit  k. ;  tapasbya  k. ;  evaz  k.      [Pope. 
The  murderer  fell,  and  blood  atoned  tar  blood. 
Gird  qdtU,  hifd  kkUii  khun  ke  badle. 

Atonement,  n.  kafura;  daud;  parasbcbit. 
Atop,  adv.  upar;  sir  par;  cboti  par;  pbulaug 

par;  bala. 
Atrabilious,  adj.  saudavI-misuLj.  [p^pi* 

Atrocious,  adj.  bad-zat ;  nibayat  bura ;  maba- 
Atrociously,  adv.  bad-zati  se  ;  bur!   tarab   se ; 

nibayat  shararat  se ;  be  rabmi  se. 
Atrocity,  u.  bad-zati ;  maba-j^p ;  be-rahraf. 
Atrophy,  n.  [Skr.  trip  content]  (Med,)  kbtlrSlk 

ya  giza  ke  bazm    na  bone  se  dubla-pan ; 

kbauE  ang  na  lagne  se  dubla-pan. 
Attach,  V.  a.  [H.  t&iih,  tak,  attach]    1.  join, 

lag&nH ;    milana ;    sbamil  k. ;    jorua ;    sath 
I      iM^dbna;  nattbik. ;  mutaalliqk.;  mulbiq 

k. ;  muDsalik  k.  2.  fasten^  b&ndhu& ;  jakar- 

dE  ;  girah  dena ;  ^^th  d.    3.  gain  <meT^  leua ; 

apu&  k. ;  apnana ;  apiil  taraf  lana ;  dil  leoa. 

4.  (Law)  zabt  1l  ;  qurq  k. ;  qiirqi  men  l&n&. 

ailach  tmpartante  (o,  qabil-i-gaur  ya  bare   mar- 

ke  ka  Bamajhna;  ban  j&  surori.bat  samjhDa. 
Attach^,  n.  nayab ;  elchi ;  (CorJ)  ajant.  [tab. 
attached  estate^  mahal-i-maqruqah  y&  munzabi- 
Attaehment,   il    I.  adhermee,  8&th;  rifaqat; 

hamdami;  waHniaTi  2.  affctum,chsh;  piy&r; 

muhabbat ;  ulfat ;  una.  3.  (Law)  qurqL 
attachment    before  judgment,    qurqi    qabl  as 

faislah.  [qi  men  dakhl-andaa. 

Itreach  of  attachment,  mu^thimat-i-qurqi ;   qur- 
legal  froeeu  of  attaekmaU^  G.  G.  ain-i-tariqa-i- 

qurqi.  [TaguaAsht. 

remomd  of   attaehmenU  qurqi    se    chho|f&ii&; 
revenue  atta^^ment^  qnrqi-i-tahol. 
temporary  <Utachment,  qurqi  tahsU-i-chand-rosah. 
warrant  of  attachment, 

parvaoah-i-qurqi ;  sabti-ulmah. 
Attack,  Y.  [H.  tdnk  tack.]  1.  charbna;  chaf^ 

hai  k  ;  dh&va  k.,  mama ;  tHkht  k. ;  hamlk 

k. ;  hamlft-avur  b. ;  fauj-kasbi  k. 

3.  impugn,  aib-joi  k. ;  aib  nik&lna ;  harf- 

giri  k.;    burft  batlana;    khil&f  riU>  deii&; 

etiraz  k. ;  motariz  b. 

to  attack  as  a  feint,  fiamle  k&  dboki  denS. 

to  attack  in  front,  ag&ri  mani& ;  mohr&  mimi. 

to  attack  in  rear,  pichbar!   m&rua ;  picbbe  se 

bamla  k.  [bamla  k. 

to  attack  the  Aank,  bagall  m&ma;  i^aiX  par 
the  attacking  party,  bamlab-avur   sbakbs  ya 

jamaat.  [yOrisb;  billa. 

Attack,   n.   cbarb&i;  bamla;  dbava;    takht; 
Attain,  v.  a.    [Lat.  tendo  Skr.  tan    stretcb] 

pabunchna;  b&sil  k. ;  piua;  tabsil  k. ;  paida 

k. ;  bar  lana. 
to    attain  perfection,   kam&l   ko   paliuiicbua 

kamal  basil  k. ;  sidb  bon&. 
Attainable,    adj.   pabuucbne-jog ;  qabil-rasM 

milan-har ;  mumkin-ul-bnsuL 
Attainment,    n.    the    act,    pabuncb;  pirapt 

busul;  tabsil;  yaft;  iktisab. 
Attainments,  n.  pL   tabsil;  yaqfiyat;  dakbl 

jaubar;  buuar. 

Literary  attainmentt.     TaJM-i-ilml, 
the  attainment  of  one's  wisJi^s,  manoratb ;  busQl- 

i-murad;  kam-yabi;  siddbL 
Attempt,  v.  a.  [Lat  leiido,  Skr.  tan  stretcb]  1. 

try^    kosbisb   k. ;  qasd  k. ;  sai  k. ;  azm  ya 

iridab  k. ;  jabad  k. ;  jadd  o  jabad  k.;  iqdam 

k. ;  bath  pair  bilaoa. 

2.  attack,  cbarbai  k. ;  bamla  k. 
attempt  to  commit,  jabad-i-irtikab,  G.  G. 
attempt  to   commit  culpable   homicide,    qatl-i- 

insan  mustalzim-i-saza  ke  irtikab  ka  iqdam. 
attempt  to  commit  robbery,   sarqa-i-bil-jabr  ke 

irtik&b  ka  iqd&m.  G.  G.  [irtikab  ka  iqdam. 
attempt  to  commit  suicide,  kbiid-kusbi  ke 
attm^  to  murder,  qatl-i-amad  ka  iqdam. 

I  attempt  to  rescue,  cbhnra  le  jane  ka  iqdam. 
Attempt,   n.    1.   koabisb;   qaad;  sai;  jabad; 

iqdam.  2.  attack,  cbarbai ;  bamla.  [i-jurm. 
attempt  to  commit  an  offence,  iqdam-i-irtikab- 
Attend,  y.  a.  [Lat  tendo,  Skr.  tan  atretcb]  1. 

vfait  on,  hazir  rabna ;  kbidmat  k.- ;  chikri  k. ; 

naukn  k. ;  mnlazmat  k. 

2.  be  present  with,  satb  y^  laga  rabna. 
Attend,  y.  n.  1.  gitfe  heed,  dbiyan  d.;  dil  deni 

ya    la^na;    cbit,   man,    ya  kan    lagini; 

mutavajjab    b. ;    tavajjob    k.;    gaur     k.; 

iltifat  k.  2.  wait,   bazir  rabna;  dast4)a8ta 

kbara  rabna ;  muutazir  rabni. 
attend  to,  dbiyan  dena;  libaz  k.;  iltifilt  k. 
Attendnnoe,  n.]»act  of  waiting,  b&ziii;  hizir4)i- 

sbL  S.  sernce,  kbidmat ;  naukri ;  cbikri ;  ta- 

hal ;  seYa ;  mulazmat;  mul&smL  3.  attendani, 

tabalva ;  hazir-basb  ;  naukar  (Attendant). 
attendance  on  the  sick,  bimar-dari ;  limi&r-d&rl 
attendance    regiHer,  rajistar-i-htai ;    naqsha4- 

bazr!  o  gaii>h&zri. 

average  attendance,  ansat  bazii  t  [naukii. 

dose  attendance,  kbari  cbakri;   h&dr-^hi  1^ 

in  attendance  upon,  b&zir-lMisbi  k. ;  bazir  bisbl 
men  rabiiE ;  bam-rab  rabni. 

irregular  attendance,  gande-dar  bSzri. 

regular  attendance,  la^t&r  bazri. 

sdiool  attendance,  hazri-i-madrasa. 

to  dance  attendance,  alb  pabar  bazir  rahni ; 
koltlh  kH  bail  bauna ;  nacbn&. 

Attendant,  adj.  ham-rab ;  satbL 

Attendant,  u.  1.  a  companion,  sathi ;  bamrabi 
bam-rakab ;  naukar ;  chakar ;  mul&zim 
kbidmatgUr ;  pancbbal&  ;  kbSdim  ;  dis 
picbb  lagu  ;  pat-rau ;  bazir-basb ;  fdrakab 
daraau-gir.  2.  one  present,  bazir ;  bazir^b&sh. 

3.  concomitant,  ^tbi ;  lagta. 

Attention,  n.    I,  heed,   dbiy&n;    man;    cbit; 

cbinta;    surat;    sucbeti;    libaz;    tavajjob; 

kbayal ;   gaur.    2.  courtesy,  adar  man ;   io 

bbagat;    adar   satkar;     tavajjob;     iltifilt; 

khatir;  kbatir-dari;  riayat;  mudar&t 
attention  to  a  guest,  meh  man-na  vazi(  Atten  tion,  2). 
draw  aUention  to,  tavajjob  dilana ;  mutavajjah 

kama.  [mutavajjah  b. 

give  or  pay  aUention  to,  dbiyan  d. ;  tavajjob  k.; 
strict  attention,   gabra  dbiyau ;   takid-i-mazid ; 

takid-i-akid ;  babut  takld. 
Attentive,  adj.  cbetaut ;   savadban  ;   dbiyan! ; 

suchet ;  surta ;  mutavajjah ;  multafit 
Attentively,  adv.  dbiyau  se;    kau   dbar-ke; 

surat,  gaur,  ya  tavajjob  se. 
A  tenoate,  v.  a.  [Lat.  tenuis  thin,  Skr.  tan 

stretch]  patla  k. ;    raqiq  k.;    barb&ua;    jan- 

tari  men  kheiicbna. 

To  aitenuaU  the  blood.    Kh&n  patld  h 

Attenuation,  n.  patla-pan  ;  riqqat. 
Attest,  V.  a.  l.e«r/e/y,  tasdiqk.;  sahik.;  dast- 
khat  likhua.  2.  bleb  men  d. ;  gavahi  dilvani. 
I  Attestation,  n.  tasdiq ;  shabadat. 




aiion  of  ike  eaurty  sahl  aur  mohr-i-adalat ; 
Lshi  aur  chh&p  rilj-asthao. 
e  aUesiatian,  mahzar. 

9  adj.  1.  shahr  Athens  k% ;  suba  Atlka 
2.  ptwe^  kharil ;  theth  ;  taksali ;  shusta. 
urU,  sarafat ;  laU&t ;  uuktah. 
I  n.  bala-kh&ua ;  r&oti ;  chaub&ra. 
e,  D.  lib&s ;  pausLak ;  kapfe. 
ad,  part  adj.  [P.  drdstah  decked]   &ras- 
I ;  saja  hua ;  singra. 

ndSy  D.  [Lat.  aptus  fit,  Skr.  ap  H.  pa  ob- 
i]  thit ;  dhaj& ;  dhaj ;  yam ;  dhahg  tarah ; 
laz;  halat 

adinize,  y.  n.  th&th  ya  yaza  dikhan&. 
nej,  Attorney  at  law,  n.  [Lat.  iomare,  H. 
Id  to  turD]inukht&r;(C'or.)tarni.  [mukhtar. 
lie  attorney f  roukhtar-iadalat;  kachabrika 
ejf  general,  n.  sarkari  vakil. 
orneyf  mukht&ratan;  mukhtar  ki  marifat. 
t/  attorney,  inukhtar-i-kul ;  mukhtar-i-am. 
,  letter,  or  warrant  of  attorney, 

'.e  attorney,  khanagi  mukhtar. 
ct,  y.  a.  [Lat  traho,  Skr.  kriah,  H.  hhench, , 
luuh  draw,]    1.  to  draw  to,  khenchna; 
hua ;  kashish  k.  2.  allure,  man  harnil  ya 
i ;  moh  leni ;  fareftah  k. ;  girvldah  k. 
ction,  n.  1.  povoer  of  drawing,  khinch&oj 
nch  ;  kashish ;  &karshan.   2.  pL  charme, 
b&o;  dil-kashi;  dil-rubai;  moh;  fareftagi. 
Power  of  attraction,  Khihek&o  bal;  zori-hasKUk, 
ctive,  adj.  khenchne-val^ ;  lubhaCl ;  man- 
ia; raan-mohan;  dil-kash;  dil-fareb. 
mtable,  adj.  mansilbi;  nisbati. 
mte,  y.  a.  [Lat.  tribuere^  H.  dend  to  give] 
istlb  k.;    lagan&;  hav&lah  k.,  dena,    de- 
i&.  [khilssa. 

nit6,n.gun ;  bh&o ;  sifat ;  kh&siyat ;  yasf ; 
mtion,  n.  lag&o ;  nisbat 
Ion,  D.  ragnr ;  ghisEo. 
e,  V.  a.  sur  rail&ni ;  lae  y&  &v^   milina. 
H,  adj.  surkhi  m&yal  bhQr&. 
>n,  n.  uilam ;  lilam. 
»  room  or  hall,  niUm-ghar. 
iy  eold  by  auction,  jaSdad  nll&m-shndah. 
yld  by  auction,  nilam  meii  bikua ;  nilam  h. 
ineer,  n.   nilam  karne-vala;  bo)ija;  ni- 

ions,  adj.  1.  bold,  diler;  dil-chala. 
.    insolent,    gustakh;    be-adab;   shokh; 
iiar;  ujad;  be-lihaz.  [khaua. 

iously,   adv.    be-bak;    be-dhab;  gusta- 
ionaness,  Audacity,  n.  1.  boldness,  jurat; 
ri.  2.  impudence,  gustakhi;  shoki. 
le,   adj.  jo  sunne  men  ae;  sunne-jog; 
nkin-ul-sami,  [parna;  k&n  parna. 

udiUe,  y.    n.   sunai   d.   y&  papia ;  sun 
lille  voice,  baland-avaz;  avaz  jo  sunai  de. 
Ly,  adv.  hsiland  &vaz  se. 
[ice,n.  1.  a  AeartY^,  bar-yabi;  mul^zimat. 
.  atidiVory,  sunne-vale ;  samain;  hazirin. 

hall  of  audience,  Imr-gah ;  divan-i-Hm. 
private  audience,  darbar-i-khas ;  nij-sabba. 
public  audience,  darbar-i-ara. 
Audience-chamber,  n.  divan-khana. 
Audit,  V.  a.  partalna ;  janchua ;  hisab  dekhna. 
audit   of  accounts,    hisab    kl   jauch ;  partal ; 

badr-uavIsL  [aditar. 

audited  bill,   bil   manzur ;  bil-dast-khati  sivil 
audit  office,  musahib  k&  daftar. 
Auditor,  n.  1.  a    hearer,    sunne- vala ;  sama ; 

sarota.  2.  one  who  audits,  jaiichvaiya ;  par- 

taliya;  jachak;  amin. 
Auditory,  adj.  sunne-jog  ;  sunne-vala. 
Auditory  nerve.    Sunne-vdli  nas. 

Auditory,  n.  an  audience.  See  Audience,  3. 
Au  fut,  adj.  punl ;  kamil ;  ustad. 
Aug^r,  n.  barma. 
a  pod  auger,  sapat  barma. 
a  screw  auger,  pech-dar  barma. 
Auger-hole,  n.  1.  barme  ka  sarakh. 
2.  narrow  space,  tang  jagah. 

Aught,  n.  kuchh ;  koi  chiz ;  kisi  qadar.  [tazad  k. 
Augment,  v.    a.  barhan& ;  ziyadah   k. ;  mus- 
Augmentation,  n.  barhotri ;  besbi ;  izafa. 
Augmentative,  n.  (Gram.)  afalo  tafzil. 
Augur,    n.    sauniy^ ;    peshln-go ;     gaib-daii ; 

fal-go;  agr-giy&ni;  shnganiya. 
Augur,  v.  a.  saun  dekhn&,  bichama,  ya  batlana; 

shugan  batlUna ;  gaib  ki  b3,t  kahna ;  agam 

kahn& ;  peshin-goi  k. 
Augur,  v.  n.  shugfln  ya  ^1   lenE ;  qajas   k. ; 

f  &1  dekhn& ;  shugan 

Augury,  n.  1 .  prognostication,  peshin-gol. 

2.  an  omen,  saun  ;  shugun  ;  sugan  ;  fal. 
August,  n.  angrezi  athuan   mahma;  Bh«adou. 
Aug^ust,  adj.  [Lat.  augere,   increase,  Skr.  agr, 

H.  dge    before]  buzurg ;  ali-shan ;  azim-ul- 

shau  ;  ali-jah ;  jalil-iil-qadr. 
Aunt,  n.  [Lat.  amiia,  H.  mdtd  mother]  phQpi; 

{father's sister);  khal§.;  maosi (mothers sister), 
maternal  aunt,  mausi ;  mass! ;  khala. 
paternal  aunt,  phflpi ;  phuaL ;  bua. 
Aureate,  adj.  sunalira  ;  tiUi ;  zarrin ;  pur-zar. 
Auricle,  n.  (Anat,)  dil  ke  khanon  ke  parde. 
Auricular,  adj.  1.  relating  to  the  ear,   kan-k&  ; 

sunne  ke  mutaullaq. 

2.  knoum  by  report,  suui-hui ;    kan-pari ; 

sam&L  [se  kiy^  ja^*. 

auricular  confession,  gunahon  ka  iqrar  jo  padri 
Auriferous,  sidj.  7ar-khez;  sone  sc  bhara. 
Aurist,  n.  kan  ki  bimarl  ka  ilaj  kame-vala. 
Auspices,  n.  (pi.)  pan&h;  saran  ;  himayat. 
Auspicious,  adj.  subh ;   mubarak;   nek;    ach- 

chha;  muafiq;  said. 

auspicious  moment,  subh  ghari. 

auspicious  star,  subh  lagan. 

Austere,  adj.  sakht ;  tez;  tund;  bittar. 

Austerity,  n.    I.  severity,  sakhti ;  tundi ;  tezi 

2.  pi.  mortification,  tapashya ;  riyazat 
Austral,  adj.  dakhni ;  junubl. 

A  I .  I 


■  ■  ^ 

A  V  t 

■  I.l  .    .khI   ,    HiM-        i     itfiithh.^   iiffiliilfiii    ,    Mill 
1. 1  Hill  I  ,  •■•«'  1*1  liii     A    li  'jnllif  ullt  ^  jiiil  iiiillJlll  \ 
iif.lii     .liii'l'ili  J    •iiiiliiliiiij'iii'l  ,    ||Hliiiiil>lui|il. 
AllllM*<llli'  Will  ll      iMii'dtitiiiil  iillii^ii 

HiiIIH'IiIII'hI'U,  ■'    •(      i    1 1  Hit- 1  ituihiiiiii,  liiiiill<| 

U    ,    |i>iiin>in   I-       •t-iiil  t>     .  iiiitiiii|ilil<|  ti  I 

U    1/  /'fifiiH       III    >/i  iifiiJii-.    uiilil,    iiitiil,    yil 

•  ■iiiti.ill    |l|i(h  •Mill    .      llliiliilMII     l|i|iai     illMlil 
.l|4i/i    <■</     i^<    l»«*     «/        ihilliul    1    lllillll>|  •itlllllllll   , 

.i.iiiiii|  I  Hill  •>t-lil-i>|'i  I    lilt  iiii^iu.  I  iiiiilm(|(|iii|iili. 
I^iilli»*iilli>tiiliii(,  It    (.1  >ihi|  ,   |iiiiiiiiui. 

4uil(l*Ulli'tl-V.   II     I'litU  I  ,    lilii|>|)ii|(|. 

AuiUiit,  II     I    ." -V- ..•:>•'     luuii  ,    iiii\|u|  ;    Umw 

\*\\    .     kuM,     k  ^.ill        1       .'<;«.i-".ii  I  .      IllUiillllul'i 

k.itili  tii(i(iii>  \  \\\,  k,. II. mill  U.iitii,  \i\  liU'liit^^. 

•  ..         .    ,«i       i    ■•       Ulllu^   UMtt    llUlVUIItll. 

I  h  «. '      •  iii.k  I  \|ii«ki.ii  ,   iii.i\a  riU'liiC.i. 

4uiUtt|%'44.    II        .      iFi       I.  Itll|-4.illllll.k)k 

i.^li  .     mil  .lull  I.     liu'l  I'Mt    ,     }Skllll.i;U. 

.VuiU%»\4t>.  ki       I  >%..«'.    ik!i.-\i-   .    huWu 

II.  «  I  '\kii4.UI  ;.«>!     Xl'.  k    .l.t.    oA    t. 

,     .#  «.  »      k     ■ ,       Kl  V.';)  ,    '1  .;.x't:  1(U1  ; 

ki>  1 1 




\  »     \  I 

\  ' 

-k:   ■■  .\  1:  I. 

■       ■>       ■«■-  .      i« 

\  .  .S 


*  \ 

»       1 

>.v  > 

V    •  ■     V 

AuUibicii^rApher,  n.  [dr,  ou^,  Skr.  ahttm  Helf] 
iiHMtiiiiiiri  tit/kuru-i-khud ;      ap4)irtaut-li- 

kiii>ii;   tii/iik-iiiLViH. 
Aiilubiography,  n.  ui/jnk  ;  apna  tHzkuril  jo  liia 

ItiiViii  iitci'i  H|>  likklu'.  [ikiitiyari-bila-qaid. 
AtlUiuritGy,  11.  khud  nmklitari;  iiiiitlnq-ul-inaiiT; 
Autourat,  n.  kliuil  iiiiiklitar  ya  mutlaij-ul-in&n 

liiuliliiih  ;  iiialiai-iiji'i  adhiraj. 
Autitcrutio,  Autocratical,  mlj.  kluulmnkhtar; 

Miiiilhui  ;  mutlnqMil-iiiaii. 
Autograph,  11.  upuo  hath   ka  ]ikkha-hu&  khat 

ya  ki^a/. ;  apiia  hkkhn. 

Autogra\ih,  uilj.  ^alaiiii;  da<ti;  hath-ka. 
Autograiihic,  Autographical,  adj.  apue  liath 
ki  likklia  hua.  [kanie-vala;  :ia-chalta. 

Automatic,  Automatical,  adj.  kiind   h^inikat 
Automaton,  ti.  kltiid  harakat  karDe\-&Ir  kal. 
Autoi&omou$.  ailj.  stiadhiu  :  klmd-otiikhrar 
Autonomy,  u.  :kht:y  Ir-i-kiuid  iutizaii.L  [kliarif. 
AuCuuui.  11   I    :.\i    xr'.r^.</«.   khi^u:    patjhar; 

i.txzfil  ;  utar ; 

r  iri. 

f.usi  i  'rdiarif. 

«■  .-!«■        K  «       talk*.**        ft  ■  b  BNi  •  •  *    «•  4«       k  « 

k!i-  .1:1  .   -ot";   iiir*  :     'i:r!ii;  a 

AufiUJUUJd.  .ii\  '4  1  .:.i:.-i.l .   '  har  ka. 
i!k   fi4ifc,'4    *■•  .     -.■   lU'*  ■•  *•'".  '^a-  '.: 

Auxiliary,  iv!;.  .:.  i.i.  .i  .  :.n; -rlr  .  ^oi'vak 

Ax\:LiX7.  -.        i.  ,'  -  -*  T(t..l^    ?.;.4a-*-.k  :  ruadad 

.  .  S  .i^daiii  £iuj 

.'•  .      .-.      ^       ..\.-  .^1  -vwk'        jL'i:iiak 


V-  i*. 


s    » 

-»    ■^. 

%  .^« 

••  ^ 

~  -^ 

I       % 






Aftr*  ▼.   su  [H.  M  speak]  bayaa  k.;  kahnfl; 

barnaa  k. 
Attnge,  n.  aiisat;  bich ;   bioh  ki  ras;   madh; 

aariaarf ;  pn?^;  katn  o  besh. 
general  average  cr  toUU,  antKit-i-am  ya  kul, 
tirike  on  aiferagey  ausiit  nikaliia. 
j  Mjiom  OA  average^  ausat  nikal-kar. 
Attnge,  adj.  ausati ;  mutavassit. 
amrage  price,  parta  daiu  ya  mol ;   madh  mol ; 

l^h  ilk  mol ;  mutavassit  qimat. 
ATannflnty  n.  birtint ;  bayan ;  qaul ;  izhar. 
Averse,  adj.  mukhalif;  khilaf;  birudh;  bairi; 

rO-gardftu;  terha. 

Areru  alike  to  flatter  or  offend.  Pope,  [lurfrat, 

KkwAkkkuihdmadkhwdfibezdr  karnd,  aouah  st 

Afendoiiy    u.     1.  repugnance^    nafmt;    ghiu; 

karahijat ;  ikr&h ;  tanaffur.  2.  contrariety  of 

nature^  bair;  birudb;  ikhtilaf;  mukh&lfat; 

luu^  $.  object  of  aversion^  ghiu&ona;  iiafrat* 

anges  ahaS  yi  shakhs ;  buii  chiz. 

Pain  their  avertiot^  pleasure  their  desire.  Pope. 
Dmkk  9t  bair,  nJch  ki  chdh. 
kmtt  ▼.  a.  [Lat.  ftertere,  U.    talnd  to   turn] 

diir  k. ;  hatana;  mor  d. ;  phenia;  tSJua;  b&z 

nkfaii&;  daft  k. 

To  avert  the  evil  eye.  NazarjKdrnd;  utdrd  utdrnd, 

knaxjf  n.  [Lat.  avis,  Skr.   and  eend  vi  a  bird] 

krUitff  n.  lalach ;  hire;  tama;  havas.  [dhanda. 
AToeationy  n.  kara;  uddam;   pesba;    shugal; 
iToidy  V.  a.  parfaoz  k. ;  baclma ;  kiu&ra  k. ;  baz 

rahoft;  alagrahn&;  Ul  jatia;  t&lam-tol  k. ; 

hamr  k. ;  ijtioab  k. ;  gurez  k. 
ofoid  a  diBirese,  tadbir  karni  ki   mal  qurq  na 

hone  p&ve ;  m&l  ko  qurq  hone  se  baciiana. 
Q9oid  exenftUon  of  decree^  ijrag  digii  se  bachne 

kf  tadbir  k. ;  digii  ijra  na  hone  den&. 
naid  judgwteiU,  n.  digri  ae  bachne  k&  upae'  k. ; 

tadbir    kania  ki   faisU  kilr-&mad  na  ho; 

fiuale  ko  kiur-amad  na  hone  den&. 
to  avoid  pwUshnent,  Baz&  se  baohne  ke  v&ste ; 

dand  se  bachne  y&  chhutne  ko. 
Avoidablet  adj.  bachne-jog ;   qabil-iparhez  y& 

hasu* ;  alag  rakhne  ke  layaq.  [bazar ;  ijtin&b. 
AToidanoe,  n.  bachava ;  parhoz ;  kinai-ft-kashl ; 
ATOWy  Avoiieh,  v.  a.  [M.  E.  vourheny  H.  bachan 

speech,   Skr.   vad  speak]  bay  an  k. ;  kahna; 

ATOwal,  n.  bay&n ;  qaul ;  izhar. 
ATowedlyy  adv.  s&f;  khula  khula;  bar-mala. 
Await,  T.a.  [H.  bat  road]  takna;  rah  ya  rastah 

dckhiia ;  asra  takna ;    bat  dekhna  ya  johua ; 

intiz&r  k. ;  muntnzir  rah  Da. 
mwaii  orderi^  hukm  ya  sudur-i-hnkm  ke  mun- 

tazir  rahn& ;  isd&r-i-hukm  ka  intizar  k. 
Awake,  Awaken,  y.  a.  1.  rouse^  jagana;  utha- 

oi ;  bed&r  k.  2.  arouM,  khabnr-d&r  k. ;  ho8hy- 

ir  k. ;  k&n  kholn& ;  &^h  k. ;  mutanabbah  k. 
wide  awake,  jftgt& ;  hoshiyar ;  chaukas. 
Awaike^  ▼.  n.  'figoJk;  jSg  uthn§.;  bed&r  h. 
Awaike^  adj.  jigtil ;  bed&r ;  chaukanna ;  suchet ; 

Award,  v.  a.  digrI  k. ;  fatT&  d.,  dilaiia,  ya  den&. 
Award,  n.  faisla;  panch-fai^Ia ;  digri. 
Aware,  adj,  a^h ;    viiqif;    chetan  ;   chaukas; 

Bucheta;  khabardar;  hushiyar;  muttala. 
to  be  aware,  v.  n.  muttala,  agah,  y&  v&qif  h. ; 

Away,  odv.  [G.  toeg,  Skr.  t*ag  to  go,   H.   mdrg 

road]  1 .  bahar ;  bichhra  hna ;  gair-hftzir ;  g&- 

yab;  dur. 

Whither  aioay  so  fast  ?    Aiii  jaidi  hakd^  f 
2.  (In  comp.)  dena;  dalua,  [nthao  ! 

away  with  him  I   dur  karo !    lo  chalo  !    le  j&o  ! 
come  awapy  chala  ana. 
do  or  make  away  idth,  alag  k. ;    diir  k. ;    pare 

k. ;  gum  k. ;  le  urna ;  mar  daJna;  le  bhagna. 
^ve  awayy  dedalna;  dedeua;  dena;  bakhshni^ 
go  awapf  chala  jaiia. 

let  us  atvay,  chalo ;  chaliya 
throw  away,  dal  dena. 

Away,  iutj.  [Ger.  weg,  S.  vak,  H.  bag  to  go] 
hat !  hato !  hisht ;  alag  ho  !  jao  !  dur  ho  ! 

dur  par !  chalo  !  uttho  !  pare  ho  ! 
Awe,  n.  [Dan.   ave,  Skr.   bhae  fear]   dahshat ;. 

khauf;  dar;  raub;  dh&k;  haibat. 
Awe,  v.  a.  darana;    dahshat   dikhaua;    dhak 

bandhna ;  sikka  bithau&. 
stand  in  awe^  dan)& ;  (labn§. ;  dabao  m&nna. 
strike  with  awe,  dar  dilana  y&  bithaiill.  [in£nda. 
Aweary,  adj.  thak&  huS.;    ajiz;    tniig;    thaka 
Awe-inspiring,  adj.  ^araoua ;  bhayanak;  muhlb. 
Awe-stmclic,  adj.  dahla-hua;  dahsluit-ssada. 
Awful,  adj.    daraoni;  bhayaAkar;  khauf-n&k; 

haul-iiak;  muhib. 

An  awful  sound.  Bhaydnak  shahd  ;  mnMhStdz, 
Awliile,  adv.  chand  roz ;  kuohh  der  ya  arse  tak. 
Awkward,  adj.  [H.  dr  athwart]  1.  clumsy,  anarf; 

phuar ;  kurh  ;  mflrakh ;  ua-tarashidah ;   be- 


2.  ungraceful  l)e-daul;    be-dhanga;    bad- 

vaza;  bhoudQ;  be-saliqa;  be-tamiz;  badaslub; 

ua-shaistii;  na-maqill.  3.  untoward,  na-mu&dq ; 

terha;  khilaf;  a-subh ;  ii&-mubarak. 
Awkwardly,  adv.  be-tarah ;  be-dhnb ;  buri  tarah 

se ;  be  dhango-pane  se  ;  phuar- pane  se. 
Awkwardness,  n.  auaripana ;    be-dhauga-pan ; 

phuar-pan;  na-sh&istngi.  [8(ij&. 

Awl,  u,  [Skr.  drd,  H.  dr  an  awt\  sutari ;  sua ; 
Awning,  n.  sh&miyanah ;  pal ;  tirpal ;  s&eban  ; 

uam-gira ;  chaudoySl. 

Awry,  [H.  mor  twist,  ureb  bias]  tirchha ;  terha; 
bonda;kaj;  [kajrau;  ore b  van. 

Nothiug  more  atcry  from  the  law  of  Ood  and 
nature  than  tliat  a  woman  shoaki  give  laws 
to  men.  MUUm,  Ahlcdm-i-Kkud^o  qanuu-i 
oudratmeii  it  m  ziydilnh  hoi  shag  itd-zebd  iiahik 
kai  ki  aurat  mardoh  par  huhnmat  Irare. 
Az,  Axe,  n.  kulhM;  kuhati;    basiUa;    tabar; 

t&u^;  teshH. 
Axil,  Axilla,  n.  bagal.  [par-ka. 

Axillar,  Axillary,  adj.  1.  bagli.  2.  (Bot.)  dali 
Axiom,  n.  [Skr.  aj  to   drive]   ulum-i-mutarf& ; 
amar  badlhi ;  &p  h!  sach ;  snam-sidh. 

Ajdomatic,  Aziomatioal»  acy.  badihi;   z&hir; 

prataksh.  [dhura. 

AlXMy  u.  [Skr.  aJMa  axle,  aj  to  drive]  mahvar ; 
axis  of  Qu  ceUsUal  9pher€^  akk&s  ^role  ki  dhori. 
aids  of  the  horitoUj  uazar-ghere  ki  dhuri. 
Axle,  Axle-tree,  n.  dhur&;  dhuri;  gol  dandu 
Azle-boz,  n.  ftvan. 

Ay,  Aye,  adv.  [A.  S.  yes,  Mag.  ge,  H.  Adii] 
1.  hlik ;   beshak ;    ire ;    bale ;    albattah ; 

achohhi.  2.  [Skr.  dytZ  age]  every   hameahah ; 

sadi ;  nit ;  mud&m. 
AiiiinitiL)  n.  [A.  al-MinU]  kon  bich  nazargheril 

aur  chut! ;  gbari  ki  uap. 
ofimuth  circles,  ohakkar  jo  cboti  se  pat&l  tak 

nasar-ghere  k&te.  [lajvardi ;  anaqL 

Ainre,  adj.   ftsmaDi ;    abi ;    iiil-gOn ;    kabudi ; 
Aiure  aky.    Chmrkk-i-mVi. 
Asure  nudxL    Bokr^-nil-glA* 


Baa,  ▼.  n.  [Ger.  6d,  Fr.  le  sheep.]  bhen  bheu  k. 
Babble,  n.  [U.  bar  bar,  Skr.  vak  to  speak]  bak 

bak ;  jbaK  jhak ;  bakvis;  yiTigoL 
Babble,  v.  n.    1.  praiiUy  bachche  ki  tarah  bol- 

Da;  huu  hi&  k.  2.  talk  idly,  baku&;  bafbari- 

dI;   baf  rnirni;   bank&mi.    S.  tdl  secreiiy 

pet  ki  l^t  kahni;  bhed  kholna;  bhed  lihir 

K. ;  dil  ki  bat  bat&iOL     [jhakki ;  bakTisiyi. 
Babbler,  d.  bakvadi ;  bakyisi ;   bakki ;  gappi ; 
Babbling,  n.  bakvis ;  bakvid. 
Babe,  Baby,  n  [Skr.  wats  young  of  animals,  H. 

babrd  a  child]  dodh  pita  ya  god-ka  bacbcha ; 

shir-khora ;  bacbchi ;  babik ;  tifl ;  chhamasra. 
bobisi  t»  cn^s  eyes,  anJLhon  ki  putli;  mardu- 


She  diiDg'about  his  neck,  gmve  him  ten  kives,  [mmi. 

Toyfd  with  hu  locks,  looked  babiei  in  hia  ejet.  Htg- 
OaU  $e  Upat  utki  das  baUn  tVu 
Kkmnk  zm^fy  dkkkak  m  dkHtk  mlttk. 

Baby-furming,  n.  bachche  ki  khufva  panrarish. 

Baboon,  n.  langQr ;  bandar  ki  ek  jati. 

Babyhood,  n.  bach-pan ;  bal-pan ;  tiffi :  khurdL 

Babyhoose,  n.guriTon  ka  il^  t&  ghar.  [chiballa. 

Babyish,  adj.  baohchon  kl  tanth ;    chulbula ; 

Bacchanal,  Bacchant,  n.  [H.  bKaikg  a  drug] 
bhangar;  bhangijangi;  mafi-panist;  nmd- 
priya.  [rang-mljan. 

Bacchanalia,  n.  pi.  nashel^azon  ka  jumgliata ; 

Bachelor,  n.  [Skr.  rack  speak.]  1.  KJiM'imVi 
Mcct,  kuira ;  anbyaha ;  nakat-khuda ;  mukhlis 
(Europeans).  2.qr  ari«,  B.A. ;  faxil. 

Bachelonhip*  n.  kuir-pan;  nakadkhndai ; 
muklilisi  (Europeans). 

Back,  u.  1.  o/tke  bod^y  upper  wide,  pith;  pnsht. 

The  imtk  and  the  heUj  had  ererr  one   biuj. 

PiDT.    TdpHpit  kl  idrme  mbj^  hmr  kart, 

2.  of  the  head,    y:uddL  3.   rmr,  pichha; 

pichbTiim;  pichhari;  aqab.   4.   of  a   boot, 

puahta.  [ojhal ;  pas-i-pardah. 

beiitki  ONcf »  ba^kj  pith  piehbe  ;  pichhe  ;  ankh- 

gtve  back,  pber  d. ;  ulta  d. ;  lilpis  d.,  yi  k. 
keep  back,  rok,  ya  d&b  rakhn& ;  pIcUie  rahidi, 

ya  rah  j&n& ;  baz  rakhna. 
OHt^s  back  being  up,  gusse  men  bharft^huft. 
OH  oTU^e  bcu^,  chit ;  charoi&  shine  chit. 
turn  ow^a  back,  1.  pith  d.,  y&  dikh&ni. 

2.  (on  one)  mtlnh  pher  leiUU 
Back,  V.  u.    1 .  ^  backward,  hatn&;  pichhe  hat- 

n&;  ulte  paon,  ya  qadam  phimS.  hjih^  afni. 
back  out,   mQnh  morna  ;  bachan  himft ;  qiaol 

ya  bat  se  phima ;  pichhe  batni. 
Back  ,v.  a.  1.  mount,  charhiA;  savir  h. 

2.  strengthen,  back  up,  sah&rft  d. ;  madad 
d. ;  mazbGt  k. ;  taid  k.  3.  furnish  a  book  with 
a  bark,  pushta  charhin&.      [tahrfr-i-iohri  k. 

back  a  warrant,  parwaneh  ki  pusht  par  likhni; 
Back,  adv.  1.  reversing  one's  steps,   ulte-pioA; 

ulta.  t,  backwards,  pichhe;  picbhli  taraf; 

pichhva;^  3.  in  return,   badle  men  ;  evas 

men.  4.  again,  pbir ;  du-bara ;  mukairar. 
Backbite,  v.a.  pith  pichhe  bura  kahna;badgol 

ya  niuda  k. ;  chugli  khaua  ;'|pbat  k. ;  bigonl. 
Backbiter,  n.  nindak;  buraiyi;  chugal-khor. 
Backbiting,  n.  chugli;   chugal-khoii;   g^bat; 

Backbone,  n.  rirh  ki  haddi ;  kamar  kl  bids. 

Backdoor,  n.  chor-khirki  (wicket) ;  cbor4arfid^ 
The  backdoor  robbeth  the  hooM.  Pkor. 

Ckor-kkirki  ghar  kd  nSt,  Pkvr. 

A  nice  wife  and  a  backdoor  do  oAen  maks  a 
rich  man  poor.  Ptot.  fkkmSr. 

Sundar  ndr  amr  ekordmdr,  dhamodk.  ho  hank 
Backer,  n.  madad-gar;    puth-Til;    him&yati; 

h&ml;  ari;  pusht-panah;  pushti-ban. 

Backgammon,  u.  takhta-i-nard ;  nard  ka  takbti. 

Background,  Backyard,  n.  picbbvira ;  pichhe 

ka  sahan ;  pdn-gah  [(V^^Sf)* 

Backhouse,   n.  pichhvare;    paikh&na;    tatti 

Backroom,  n.  picbhla  kamra. 

Backside,  n.  cbutar ;  suriu.  [harif  h. 

Backslide,  t.  n.  phir  jaua ;   bigar  jana ;    mun- 

Backstairs,  n.  chor-sirhi ;  chor-ziui.  [ki  zariji. 

i  baek4dairs  influence,  khangi-Tasila ;  ghar,  yi  bi?i 

Backward,  adj.    I.  bthind  in  time  or  progrtsi, 

pichhe;    phisadiii;    akhir.     2.   slow,   sust; 

kahil.  5.  unwilling,  naraz ;  be-man ;  bad-dil 

Backward,  adv.  (opp.  offorteartL)  pichhe ;  ulte. 

Backwardness,  n.  1.  unteHlingHess,  bad-dili;  ni- 

razgi.  2.  slotmeas,  susti ;  dhiL 

3.  being  behind,  pichhe  h.,  ya  rahna. 
Backwards,  n.  ulta ;  ulW-pi'jn ;  pas^A. 
Bacon,  n.  [Ger.  backer  a  wild  boar,  Skr.  rdrdh] 

!       sQar  ka  namkiu  gosht.  [bach  jani. 

to  MJr  one's  bicon,  %pni  jin.  \i  izzat  bacbaua; 
.  Bad,  adj.  [Ger.  bOte,  P.  bad,  H.  bnrd,  Skr.  pad, 
H.  par  fall]. 

1.  good-jor-noihimg^  nikhad  ;  nikamma  ; 
kisi  kam  ki  nahin  :  kharab ;  ui-kiii. 

Bad  U  a  bad  aerrant*  but  'tis  worM   to  be  withoat 
him.Pn>T.^ni  »amkar  bmrd^bimd  bare  ms  se  bard, 

2.  deftfctirey  kachcha  :  adhOri ;  khim ; 
niqis ;    ua-tamim.    3.  corrrHf4y     bigra-hui ; 




khoUl ;  fasid.  4.  perninous,  dukfa-dai  j  takllf- 
dihaudah.  5.  unfortunate^  tnanhQs;  kam- 
bakht;  bad-bakht;  be-nasib. 

Btid  luck  often  brings  good  luck.  Prov. 

6.  vidout,  bur& ;  durjau  ;  bad  ;  raggi ; 
aibi;  aib-d&r.  7.  contrary  to  reason  or  law, 
khil&f-i-q&nQn  ;  na-rav&  ;  n&-jayaz  ;  nSrdu- 
nist.  8.  {In  Comp,)  ku  ;  ka ;  <»,  ku-karm  a 
wicked  deed;  ka-pQt  a  had  son,  [oha ;  gtindft.  j 

a  had  charaeUrf   bad-maaah  ;  shohdab ;   lucb- 

a  had  hand  <U,  anap  ;  angbar. 

a^orf^  nikamm^yakhoUHdmi.  [kbusbk-s&li. 

atodymr,  bur&sama;  khar&b  fasal  y&  sakh; 

bad  heimg  the  hest^  nabot  mea  bur&  bbi  bbal&. 

h%i  Urnes^  bore  diu ;  kboti  gbq^i. 

Bidce»  n.  l.niabUn;  uisbani;  cbinh;  alarnat. 
Sweet  mercy  is  Dobility's  true  badge.    Shak, 
Bakm  tkarifat  kl  nUh&td  hai. 
S.  cbb&p ;  mohar. 

hetdge  of  a  peon,  cbapr&s ;  patU ;  partaU. 

hadgt  of  nobility^  turrab ;  kalgi.         [i-gulamt. 

hddge  of  slavery^  jbinji  kauri;  balqS;  tauq- 

Ba^^9  n.  bijjQ. 

Bailhiage,  n.  tliatta ;  bans! ;  makbaul ;  maz&q ; 
dil-lagi ;  maskbara-pau ;  tamaskbur. 

Badly,  adv.  1.  unskilfully^  angbar-pan  se; 
aDifi-pane  se.  2.  severely ,  buri  tarab  se ; 
ahiddat,  ya  sakbti  se. 

Badmwii  n.  1.  vice,  bur&i ;  bad!.  2.  wickedness^ 
had'Aii;  kbu^i;  kbotk-pan. 

BafllSy  y.  a.  1.  bahfc&na ;  dlioka  denS  ya  patti 
piqrb&na.  2.  topi& ;  baiilaa ;  mat  k. ;  akilrat  k. 

Bag,  n.  [A.  S.  hoslg.  hcelig,   U.  bord.] 

1.  tbaill;  tbaili;  bora;  palla;    ki<ia. 
2.  {in  shooting)  kbalta. 

He  made  a  good  bag,    Aehckhd  skikdr  mdrd. 
bag  of  musk,  n&f&;  mirg-n&bb. 
a  hag  of  eloihes,  j&md&n! ;  buqcbab. 
a  waterman's  bixg,  pakbal ;  masbk. 
biUtoek  bag,  gon ;  gQn ;  lad. 
addle  bag,  kburjt  ;  sbalfta;  bogband. 
Big,  V.  a.  1.  put  in  a  bag,  tbaili  men  bbama, 
lakbna,  yS  band  k. 

2.  shoot,  mai>ke  abikar  k. ;  mama. 
He  bagged  a  bird.    Ek  chiriyd  m&ri. 

Big,  ▼.  n.  pbOlni ;  ubbama. 

Baggage,  n.  1 .  luggage,  asb&b ;  cbiz-bast ;  derSU 

dflJida ;   dei'a-kbem&. 

2.*  a  worthless  woman,  pbuar;  allama. 
bag  and  baggage,  badbna  boriya ;  kb&t  kbatola. 
Bagpipe,  n.  pfing!;  bin. 
Bafl,  a.  1.  security,  zamni;  zamanat;  kafalat; 

binbL  2.  surety,  zamin ;  kafll. 

3.  handle,  dasta ;  batti ;  batt& ;  mutb. 

4.  (f«  cricket),  gulli ;  gilli. 
lailfor  good  conduct,  fel-zamoL 
giwe  or  statid  bail,  z&min,  y&  kafil  b. 
peetmiary  hail,  m&l-almn!.  [kar  h. 
to  gim  leg  bail,  bb&g  j&d&  ;  iarar  b. ;  rafQcbak- 
Bai]»  T.  a.  1.  gvfs  haU,  zamni,  ya  zamanat  d. 

2,  admit  to  bcUl,   muchalka  lena;   zUraui, 

ya  zamanat   par   chborna,   ya  riha  kama; 

zamni  manzflr,  ya  qubal  k. 
Bailable,  adj.  laiq-i-zamui ;  qahil-i-zamauat. 
Bail  bond,  personal  bail,  n.  bazir-zamui. 
Bailiff  n.  nazir ;  girift&r-kuuiudab ;  piyadab-i- 

nazir ;  {Bng. )  sbarif. 
Bait,  n.  I.  (to  allure  fish),  cb&ra ;  dan&.  [zahr  hai. 
The  bait  hides  the  hook.  Pruv.  Shakad  ke  niche 
2.  enticement,  lalacb ;  lobb ;  lubhao ;  hirs ; 

tama.  [men  lan&. 

Bait,  V.  a.  obara  la^na;  jal  pbailaua;    dam 
Baize,  n.  mot!  banat. 
Bake,  v.  a.  [A.  S.  bacan,  0,  H.  Ger.  pcuihan, 

Slav,  peku,  Skr.  pach,  H.  pak] 

1.  cook,  pakana;  pona;  kama;  ban^a; 
tanddr  men  pakana.  2.  harden  by  heat,  suk- 
bana ;   sakbt  k. ;  pajaw&  cbarhau&. 

Baked,  adj.  tandUr  ka  pakka. 
baked  meat,  haudi  kab&b. 
Baker,  n.  roti-vaia;  nan-bm. 
Balance,  n.    I.  a  pair  of  scales,  tarazti ;  narja ; 
kai&ta;  tak;  takbrl. 

The  balance  distinguishes  Dot  between  gold  and 
lead.  Prov.  Tardzamen»ond$i9daabbardbar, 

2.  equipoise,  bam-vazui ;  barabri. 

3.  surplus  weight,  barbti ;  faziL 

4.  remainder,  baqi ;  zar-i-baqi ;  vasil-baqi ; 
bacha-kucba;  ralia-saba;  nikalt&-bQa. 

5.(Ast,)  Librae  tula;  mizan. 

6.  {balance  wheel),  cbal-tbik  cbakkac 

balance  against  one,  b&qi-ba-zimme-i-falan. 

balance  has  arisen,  baqi  pari. 

balance  in  favour  of  one,  b&qi  falane  kL 

balance  lies  over,  baqi  cbali  &tl  bai. 

balance  of  an  account,  baqi ;  kbate  baqi ;  bacbat. 

balance  of  former  years,  l^i-sanvat. 

balance  of  trade,  &mad  aur  kburi\j  ki  fard. 

balance  payable,  baqi-ada ;  baqi  daiu ;  dena. 

balance  receivable,  zar-i-yaftani ;  pani ;  lena. 

balance  sheet,  pakka  chittb& ;  fard-i-baqaiya. 

balance  struck,  bisab  ki  baqi ;  cbukta  baqL 

demands,coUections,  and  balances,  jam& vasilbaqi. 

inefficient  balance,  takbmiaa  baqi. 

irrecoverable  balance,  batte  y&  gal  kbate.  [baqi. 

nominal  balance,  baqi  bara^  n&m ;  n&m-cfa^r  ko 

old  balance,  picbbla  baqi ;  baqi  qadim. 

one  who  owes  a  balance,  baqi-dar ;  den-dar, 

outstanding  balance,  zar-i-baqi ;  pana. 

rough  balance  sheet,  kacbcba  cbittba. 

settle  or  discharge  a  balance,  cbukana;  lekbft 
ebukaua,  y&  pfUH  k. ;  baqi,  ya  bi^b  cbuka- 
na ;  biaab  bebaq  k. ;  bis&b  pilk  k. 

trial  balance  sheet,  cbittba  babi. 

undisputed  balance,  la-kalam  baqi,  G.  G. 

Balance,  v.  a.    1.  vfdgh  in  a  balance,  tolna; 
dbanl  utbana ;  jancbnE ;  vazan  k. ;  and&za  k. 
2.  counterpoise,  pftsang  k. ;  dbanl  k. ;  paire 
barabar  k. ;  barabJEur  k.  3.  adjust,  cbukta  k. 

balance  an  account,  {the  hooks),  bidb  milana; 
baqi  nik&lnil. 

Balcony,  n.  [Per.  hdldkhd$ia\    Fr.  haleon;   H. 

bdrjd]    ek   qism   k&   bar&fida;  barja;    bar- 

Bald,  adj.  [Sp.  t  Pg.  baldo  bare  or  haldor  to 

cripple,  W.  moelf  Arm.  mow^,  €rael.  Jt  Ir. 

moo/,  H.  nmn^^  bald,  Lith.  6a/u  to  be  white, 

H.  Mu  sand].    1.  hairless,  gauj&;  kal. 

B4Ud  heads  are  soon  shaveo.   Prov.    Oct^fd  sir 
jaldl  muHdjdtd,  kai. 

2.  uneoveredf  sar-imftgfL ;  birahni. 

3.  uMtdomedy  phika ;  sada ;  biua-gahne. 
A  bald  Btyle.    Beras,  pklkl,  yd  belutf  ibdroL 

Balderdaah)  n.  wahiy&t ;  muzkhurafilt 
Paldness,  n.  1.  want  of  hairy  ganj ;  b&lkhOr&. 
2.  {of  «<^/^),rQkb&-pan ;  rOfh&pan ;  be-lutfl 
Baldpate,  u.  ganji  khopri ;  ganja  sir. 
Bale,  V.  {water)  ulichua ;  ulachna ;  ubachn&. 
Bale,  n.  [Low.  Lat.  bula,  H.  bor6\  giithri ;  gaoth ; 
gattha;  mutbn;  tbail&;  bonIL 
A  bale  of  cotton.    Mul  kd  gaddd, 

Balefol,  adj.  bin  a ;  bad ;  sabClu ;  muzir. 
Balk,  V.  a.  brithft  k. ;  be-kar  k. ;  bifir&rii&. 
Ball,  u.    [Skr.  bilva,  H.  gold,  batld  a  ball] 
l.globe,go\2L;  go1i;piud&;  girda;  kurah. 

2.  If  or  jD^y)  gend. 

3.  {of  the  eye.)  aiikh  k&  dhelft.  [nnch. 

4.  [Lat.  hallare  to  dance]  danee,  Angrez! 
ball  and  socket  joints  konl.  [{Cor^  ril. 
hall  of  thready  &at  k&  gola ;  gola ;  pechak ; 
to  have  the  hall  vnder  one's  feet, 

hkz\  hath  men  hon&.  [panwfira ;  ala. 

Ballad,  u.  [Skr.  M,  H.  W  speak]  s&kh&;  kariia; 
Ballad-singer,  n.^'panvanja ;  karkait. 
Ballast,  u.  bojh  bhar ;  n>ra ;  loh&  lakkar. 
Ballet,  11.  paryou  ka  nSch  ya  jh&fiki  jis  men 

qisse  k&  rQp,  aur  u&cli,  aiir  bb&o  dikhaya 

jatil  hai ;  nihas. 
Ballister,  n.  kat  ihni ;  kangfln. 
Balloon,  u.  [Sp.  halon,  H.  hydl  wiud,  gold  ball] 

gub&ra ;  havai-burj. 
Ballot,  n.  dar-jmrdah  ra(; ;  poshida-nie. 
Ballroom,  n.  tiach  ka  kamra ;  niicli-ghar. 
Balm,  II.  ointment,  marhani  {Com.  inallnm). 
Balmy,  adj.  \.  soothing,  sital ;  thanda ;  sukh- 

d&i;    taskiu-bakhsh.    2,.  fragrant,   muattar; 

sondha;  siigaiuihit;  khushba-dar ;  inahak-dar. 
Balsam,  u.   1.  the  plant,  balsan;  gulinaiiidi. 
2.  an  um'tnous  application,  mugaiii -balsan ; 

marbam;  tila. 
Balustrade,  n.  katuhra;  l)ar;  jaiigla. 
Bamboo,  n.  baus. 

hamboo-s putter ^  ii.  baiis-phor.  [shir. 

bmnboo  sugar  or  nunina,  n.  bana-lochan ;  taba- 
hanifyoo  tooi'k,  n.  thatar ;  jafri. 
Bamboozle,  t.  a.  bulla,  yadain  jhauuM  d.  [kela. 
Banana,  n.  kelE ;  cbanipli,  martabain,  ya  chin! 
Band,  n.  [A.  S.  bindan,  Skr.  bandJt,  P.  band,  U. 

bdndh^  1 .  tie,  band ;  bandhan. 

2.  a  company,  jriroh  ;  gol ;  mandii ;  jatha ; 

para ;  jamaat ;  firqa.  [vali. 

band  master,  (Cor.)  Imi-mastar ;  baj&  sikhane- 

band  of  daeoiis,  dakuon  kl  dhSr ;   qaz»qo£i  k& 

band  of  musicians,  ta€f)& ;  bije-v&Ie. 
hatfd  of  soldiers,  sip&Iiion  ka  par&. 
Band,  v.  a.  para  b&ndhna ;  ikhatt&  k. 
Bandage,  n.  patti;  band. 
Bandage,  v.  a.  patti,  y&  band  l^iidhni. 
Bandbox,  n.  j&md&ui ;  pit&ri. 
Bandiooot,  n.  gliHi^        [r& ;  rah>zan ;  qaszSq. 
Bandit,  pi.  Banditti,  n.  dakQ ;  bat-m&r ;   lute- 
Bandy,  v.  a.  1.  beat  to  and  fro,  idhar  se  udhar 

phenkna;  ek  se  dtlsre  par  m&m&. 

2.  gite  and  take,  rad  o  badal  k. 

3.  toss  about,  cbaroha  k. ;  zab&n  par  lanft. 
to  bandy  words  with,  takrlr  k. ;  hujjat  k.;  bahs  k. 
Bandy-leg,  u.  phiiil-haa  paon ;  terfaa,  y&  mura 

Bane,  n.  [A.  S.  bana,  H.  bii\ds  destruction.] 

1.  poison,  bis;  bikb  ;  zahr;   sam. 

2.  calamity y    bipta;    bitha;    bala;    afat; 
musibat;  bipat.  IHtfUn. 

Monev,  thou  hoM  of  blis8,  and  source  of  woe. 
Zmr,  khu^i  hd  foAoi*,  our  ranjok  Id  jar. 
Baneful,  adj.  muzir;  qatil;  mohlik;  ghatik. 
Bang,  [H.  bhang  break]  thokna ;  m&mi ;  pTtna. 
Bang,  n.  dhamak&;  dbtia;  kharka;  khatki. 
Bangle,  n.  kara ;  kail ;  chdr!.    '  [soth. 

Banian,  ti.  baniyk ;  mah&jan  ;  sahOkar ;  sarr&f ; 
Banish,  v.  a.    1.  drive  avmy,  ddr  k.;   nikaln&; 

b&har  k.  2.  exile,  dcs-nik&lH  d. ;  shahr-badar 

k. ;  jala-vatau  k. 

3.  transport  beyond  the  seas,   kale    pinl 
bhejua;  ubflrdaryag  sliork. ;  dip-antar  k. 

Banish  bunint^as,  banish  sorrow. 
To  the  ffodH  belongs  tomorrow.  Cmclty. 

Chkor  ahamldy  alag  gam  kar, 
Kal  kd  malik  hai  Panmeihar, 
Banishment,  u.  des-uikala;  ban-bas;  jala-watani 
banishment  for   life,  jalavatuf-i-umri;    jauam 

bhar-ka  des-uikahl. 
Bank,  Banking-firm,  u.    1.  heap,  dher;    toda; 
ambar ;  band  ;  pushtah. 

A  bank  of  clouds.  Dal  hddal. 
2.  {of  a  river)  kinara;  tir;  tat;  kara^; 
lab;  sahil.  3.  (for  money)  bank;  basua; 
saiTafa;  kothi. 
Bank,  v.  a.  I,  enclose  with  bank^,  baud  ha.\idhnK; 
pushte-baudi  k.  2.  keef?  accounts  with,  bisab 
kitab  rakhna ;  rupaya  jama  k. ;  Icn  den  k., 
ya  rakhua.  [«"qqa;  {Cor.)  chik 

Bank-bill,   w.    sarrafi   chittbl;     liiuidi;     tip; 
Bank-credit,  n.  dharor ;  aniauat. 
Banker,  n.  sarrilf;  sahtikar;  sab;  kothi-w&L 
the  ctyrpe/  09i  which  a  banker  sits, 

saliukail  g;iddi,  tat,  ya  tappar. 
village  banker,  bauhra ;  bobra ;  sab ;  s&hQkar. 
Banking,  n.  sahQ-kara ;  sarrafa ;  dhan-beobar. 
banking  system,  sahQkarl  rit ;  beohar  rft.      [ka. 
Bank-note,  n.  (E.)  nut;  {Cor.)  lot ; kagazi sik- 
Bankmpt,  n.  <k  adj.  divaliya;  tat-pQiijiya. 
Bankruptcy,  n.  divala.  '  [yl  tet  ulatnL 

to  declare  bankruptcy,  diyala  nik&lna ;   tappaf, 




Bimk-ctoek,  n.  kothi  k&  sarmaja,  jami,  yft 

pftnji ;  ba&k,  j&  kothi  ki  pattl,  y&  hissi, 
BuBer,  u.  [U.  pAof  flutter,  6dikiA  biudj  jhauda; 

jhaiMfi;  bioUi;  pharair&;  dhaja;  uuihau* 
BaililaBj  n.  (Cor.)  baulau ;  kurUL 
BasBoek,  n  chapatL 

BttUUy  u,  pL  dauudi ;  ishtehar ;  ol&n.  [i-ehahi 
BmqiMit,  n.  jaun&r ;  jimaii-var ;  jag ;  siyafat- 
BaaqttBt  hall  or  house,  n.  jaunar-bhavau. 
BaBt«r»  u.   tbatta;    thathol;    ohhe|^  oUhar; 

tamaskhur ;  maskhari. 
BaBtOTy  V.  a.  thatta  k. ;  clihqfn& ;  chhef -kbanl 

k. ;  chhei*  k. ;  baiisi  k. ;  dil-lagi  k. 
Baatlhigi  u.  bachQngpL ;  phdusri ;  chhichp&. 
n.  istibag  ;  (Cor.)  baptisma. 
VL  istibagi  [Mldri  ya  chela. 
V.  a.  iatibag  d. ;  kiristaii  k. ;  baptiama  d. 
;  n.  [ti.  baUi  a  pole,  bar  bar]    I.  of  nutalf 
taiakh ;  aikh ;  sikhcha ;  sarya,   2.  {across  a 
door  igal;  billi.  3.  a  counter^  takhta;  mez. 

4. 6arr»8r,  baf ;  rok;  ar.  b.bodyofharrti' 
(erWf  kid  kauusii ;  jumla  vukala.  [hoL 

He  18  reading  for  the  bar,    Woh  qSnUn  parkLd 
^.exeepUoHt  baudi;    barjit;  istisuft;  mu- 
manaat.  [i-roud&ni. 

perpetual  bar,  sada  a^ ;  d&iSmi-insidad ;    istisiia 
tpeeial  bar,  istisaa^-khas. 
temporary  bar,  iusidad-i-chand-roza. 
Bar,  Y.  a.    1.  shut,  band  k. ;  mundna ;   bill!, 
igal,  y&  ball!  lagaua.    2.  exclude,  kh&rij  k. ; 
istisiia  k. ;  bahar  k. ;  nikalna. 

S.prohibU,  barajna ;  maua  k.  4.  object,  eter. 
az  k. ;  motariz  h.  5.  obstruct,  rokua ;  afSaik, 
Inrred  (a  suit)  mamnQ-ul-sainaat 
barred  by  the  law  of  limitation, 

qanQn-i-had-i-sama<it  ariz  hai, 
barred  temporarily,  mtv^dud  chaud-rozah. 
Of  barred^  ba-vajoh  nmninQ-ul-saiuaat. 
daim  barred,  davac  masdQd. 
Barh.  II.  khar;  kaiita;  aiiknU  [rakshaa. 

Barbarian,  n.  vahshi ;  bhil ;  malechh ;  umleksh ; 

Proud  Greece  all  UAtiuns  else  harbiuriant  held. 
Dfnham.  [iamajhtt  the. 

YQndni  abhlminl  aur  tab  logon  ho    Jan*fii 
Barbarian,  adj.  vahsln;  jangli;  jahil;  akkhnr. 
Barbariim,  Barharonsness,  Barbarity,  il    1. 
wiHt  of  UamiiMg,  vah^hat ;  jah&lat.    2.  ^k- 
tality,  vahshat-pana ;  hn^vatiiyat.  3.  of  Ian- 
gun^,  akkhar;  karl,  yatakn&l  bahar  boll. 
Btfbarons,  adj.  I.  savage,  vahshi. 

2.  cm^/,  be-rahm ;    uir-dai;    saug-dil;  ka- 
tbor;  vahshiyaua. 
Birbaronsly,  adv.  be-mhmi  se ;  buii  tarah  se. 
Barbed,  adj.  ankre-dar;  khar-dar. 
Barber,  n.  uai;   nau;    navva;    usta;    napith; 

nipi;  hajjUm;  khalifa. 

The  6ar6er  leama  by  shaving  fools.  Prov. 

SVtkeyd  iiAl  kd,  kaiegd  bat&IL  hd.  Prov. 

Batbeiiiae,  n.  zarishk.' 
Burber-snrgeon,  n.jarriUi;  fassad. 
Barber-asrgery  n.  jarrahL 
Bttbatte,  n.  damdama. 

Barbiean,  garh-gaj ;  fJE^il  k&  buij.         [rautrib. 

Bard,  11.  [H'bhm,  Skr.b/ulshd  speech]  bli&t; 

Bara,  acy.    1.  naked.  naiig& ;  barahiia ;  uryah. 

As  bare  as  the  palm  of  my  hand.    Nauffd  kof-i-doit, 

2.  uncovered  {from  respect)  sir  uun^  (6are- 

headed) ;  nange-paou  (bare-foot),  [Prov. 

iKare- footed  men  mu^t  not  g^  among  thormi. 
Nahff'paird  kjfoh  chutt  kdhtnk  he  hlch  t 

3.  unadorned,  be-<;ahiie  *y&  zevar;  sada; 
naiigi.  4.  destitute,  be-kauifi  patse;  garfb 
muflis;  be-nava.  5.  mere,  sirf;  khali;  faqat. 

6.  threadbare,  ghis&huil ;  rua&  uril  hua. 
Bare  words  buy  no  barley.  Prov. 

Kkdii  bdtok  hdm  nakUk  ckalid.  Prov. 

bare  ground,  kh^li  zamin;  bhdn;  khali  dhartl. 
bare  of  leaves,  pat-jhara;  thunt ;  luud-muud. 
under  bare  sails,  be-ma^tQl. 
Bare,  v.  a,  naiigft   y&  ughara  k. ;  barahna  k. 
Barebone,  n.  haddiyon  ki  ro&li ;  pinjar. 
Barefaced,  adj.   1.  not  masked,    khule-munh; 

muiih-ughare ;  be-ghOngat  ya  burqe. 

2.  shameless,  Di-lajj& ;  be-sharm ;  be-haya ; 

Barefacedly,  adv.  be-hayai,  be-sharmi,  ya  be- 

gairati  se. 
Barefacedness,  n.  ni)ajja-pan ;  nili^tft ;  be-hayai; 

be-sharmi ;  be-gaira  tL  [p&. 

Barefoot,  adj.  nan;^  pairou,  y&  p&on ;  barahii&: 
Bareheaded,  adj.  naiige  sir;  sir-khule;  mtlfid 

bakhere  yil  phik&re. 

Barelegged,  adv.  nangi  tangcii ;  nangi  tai&g. 

Barely, adv.  l.sirf;  faqat;  keval;nir&;  kluili. 

2.  muuhkil  se. 

You  have  bardy  time  to  reach   the  station. 
Shdjfod  Ml  i$  arte  meh  ijftf$han  tak  paM^cko. 
They  have  barely  bread' tu  eat. 
Unheh  roil  bki  muihkil  sejufU  kaL 

Bareness,  n.  1.  nakedness,   birahnagi ;   uryaui ; 
Danga-|)an.  2.  poverty,  kaugali ;  giu'ibi ;  luuf- 
lisi;  taiig-ilasti. 
Bareribbed,  adj.  pinjar;  lakp;  tinka;  sQkatya. 
Bargain,  u.  1.  contract,  bat-chit;   muamla;  ba- 
chuu ;  qaul-qarar ;  ahd  u  paiuiau.   2.  a  Jieap 
lot,  achchha  tjauda ;  ot ;  kifayat ;  faedah. 
On  a  good  barjaia  tliink  twioe. 
Suttd  taudd  8och-ke  fo  / 

{SaHl  bhfr  kitd>\a  tithd  uthdlee delhU  halii.Vrov.) 
bargain  mttde,  sauda  ban  gaya,   ya    pat   gaya; 

bat  thair  gai ;  mii&mla  pQri  hua. 
a  bad  bargain,  totdl;  khisara;  kiusar. 

a  good  bargain,  sasta ;  arz&ii. 

Ho  got  a  good  tHirgdin.     Aehrhhd  sattdd  band  ; 
8a$idt  yd  ot  te  niUd;  manddhdtk  lagd,  [men. 
into  tlic  bargain,  rdkaii,  ya  InbhAo  men ;   muft 
make  the  best  of  a  bad  bargain, 
gale  pare  ki  nibhana  (saud&). 

Oalt  pari,  lufide  ndk.    Prov.    The  drum  hung 
from  your  neck  you  play  on  must. 
private  bargain,  gharelu  len-den;  kharld  farokht- 

i-khaugi ;  qarar-dad-i-bahanii. 
strike  a  bargain,  chuka  leua;  chnkta  k. ;  pak- 
ka  nmanilah  k.  [ya  nchat  gaya. 

t/kc  bcugain  is  off,  sauda  iiahiu  baua,  nahin  i^atTi, 

to  conclude  a  bargain^  mftmli  pak&D&  y&  pakk 

k. ;  8aud&  ohuk&ui. 
Bargain,  v.  n.  mol  k.,  ya  thair&n& ;  ohuk&nft. 
bargcUnandaale,  becb&-khochI ;  kbaiid  farokht ; 

b^'  o  sbarft. 
Barge,  n.  [H.  bajrd,]    1.  pleasure  boat,  bajri; 

uiv&r&;  mor-pbaiik!. 

2.  cargo  boat,  asbab  yil  m&l  ki  n&o. 
Bargeman,  n.  mall&b ;  kbevaiyi. 
Bark,  u.  [Icel.  bdrkr,  Skr.  balkal,  H.  bakkal] 

1.  (of  a  tree)  cbhUl ;  bakkal ;  chhilka ;  post. 

2.  [Icel.  barki  throat,  Skr.  bhdsh,  KMiauAk- 
nd]  (a  dog's)  bhaufi  bhaui^;  hauA  haiin; 
bhuufik;  bhQus.  3.  a  small  ship,  cbhotH 
jah&z;  safiuft.  [ut&mk. 

Biurk,  V.  a.   bakkal,   y&  chhal  ut&rnft;  post 
Bark,  y.  n.  bbaimkna ;  bhQii8n&;  bhaun  bbaui&  k. 

Barhina  dogs  seldom  bite.  Prov. 

BkauukU  haih  so  hdthU  nahlh. 

Barley,  n.  jau ;  Java. 
barley  land,  jau-nar ;  jau-bham, 
barley  sugar,  daDd&u-misrf. 
barley-water,  &sh  jau ;  jau  ka  p&ni. 
green  barley,  hare  jau ;  khud ;  khaw!d« 
j^earl  barley,  jau  kl  girl ;  gh&t. 
pot  barley,  chha^-hu&  jau. 
Barley-beer,  n.  jau  kl  sharab;  bazab. 
Barley-cake,  n.  jau  ki  rotL 
Barley-corn,  {the  site  of  a)  jau-bar&bar ;  til  bhar. 
Barley-meal,  n.  jau  ka  at&. 
Barley-mow,  n.  khaljan ;  khirman ;  pair. 
Barley-sick,  n.  raatvala;-  mad-hosh. 
Barm,  n.  khamir.  [mug-bacbi. 

Bar-maid,  n.  sharab-khane   kl  tahlni ;   saqan ; 
Barn,  u.  khalyan;  kliatta;  kothft;    bhandar; 
aml)ar;  khirman. 

Barnacle,  n.  1.  sip  k!  machhll.  2.  ainak. 

Barometer,  n.  hav3-nap ;  niiqy&s-ul-hava. 

Baron,  n.  thakur;  taalhiqe-dar;  navvab. 

Baronage,  n.  nmara, ;  arakin. 

Baroness,  n.  th&kuraui;  thukraul;  bcgara. 

Baronet,  n.  chhoti  navvab. 

Barony,  n.  taalluqa;  jaglr. 

Barouche,  n.  char  pah!)' on  kl  khull  gborS.  gad. 

Barrack,  u.  ((7or.).barag;  fauj!  gorou  kikoth* 

Barrator,  n.  muqadme-saz. 
Barrel,  n.  1.  a  wooden  vessel,  pipa. 

A  barrel  of  gunpowder.     BdrHd  hd  plpd, 

2.  (of  a  gun)  nal ;  uM ;  nalL 

A  doubled  barrelled  gun.     Dii-ndU  bandUq. 

3.  {of  a  drum),  khol ;  khoki-a. 

4.  cylinder,  bolan ;  daud&. 

Barrel-bellied, adj.  pakhalpetya ;  tondal ;  pcto. 

Barren,  n.  [Fr.  brelumge,    H.  bat^far]  banjar 
zamin ;  bnQf  ki  dharti;  Qsar  dharti. 

Barren,  adj.    1 .  not  prolific  a-phal ;   nis-phal ; 
be-bar;  la-htoil.  2,  sterile  (land),  \isAr ',  ban- 
jar;  bhflr;  kallar;  loni;   nonlli;   gair-mun- 
kiu-ulzaraat ;  {a  woman),  banjh  ;  aqiiiiah. 
A  blnak  and  barren  wiiutc.  Kaf-idast  tnaiddn. 

3.  scanty,  kam  ;  kh&li ;  tbo^. 

4.  dull,  kund;  be-hazz. 
a  barren  cow,  baiia. 

a  barren  plain,  pat-paf  maid&n.  Fpusbta. 

Barricade,  n.  kachcbi  morcbil-bandi ;   kachcha 
Barricade,  v.  a.  naka-bandl  k. ;  rok  t<ik  k. 
Barrier,  n.  See  Bar,  4.  [sili  rakll. 

Barrister,  Barrister-at-law,  n.  kaunsili ;  kaui&- 
Barrow,  u.  hath-g&fi ;  thela.  [badala. 

Barter, iL adlSrhaidia ;  badlal;  her&pherl;  mu- 
Barter,  v.  a.  adla-badla  k. 
Bartisan,  n.  ohhajja.;   kangOril;  adgrezidhafig 

kS.  katigUr^ 
Barytone,  n.  (Mus.)  gahri-^w&z ;  bhftri  sur. 
Base,  adj.    1.  itiuvgs)  heoh;  pQch;   nikammi; 

u&-chiz.    2.  (jmrsons)  Unmlnah ;   pAji;   sifl&; 

dan ;  arzal.  3.  of  low  station,  nich ;  adna.  4. 

bueborn,  chboti  z&t-k& ;  harilmi ;  baram-zada; 

har&mi-pilla;    bad-asal;  kam-asal;   bad-s&t. 
b.  (metal  or  alloy)  khoU;  mil&o-k&;  ninsi. 
BaiCf  n.  [0.  H.  bais,  H.  bai^i  sit  down.] 

1.  bottom,  peAdi;  tal&;  talahti. 
*L/oundfition,    nlu;  neo;    bunyad;  binft. 

3.  pedestal,  p&y& ;  kursi. 

4.  {Geom.)  nia;  &dbar  bhflmi;  q&^ah. 

5.  (Chem,)  jo  chiz  tez&b  se  mil-ke  uamak 
si  ban  jati  hai,  jaise  sajjl  ek  tez&b  se  mil-ke 
naraak  si  ban  j&ti  hai. 

Base-bom,  adj.  1.  bom  out  of  wedlock,  har&mT; 

haram-z&dfil ;  ku-mflt ;  har&m  ka  jauft ;  baran- 

shankar.  2.  of  low  parentage,  uicb ;  nicb-z&t; 

ghatiyal;  kam-zHt;  kam-asl. 
Base-ndnded,  adj.  kamliii;  sifla;  ochha;  thu|;- 

dila;  siflamizaj. 
Baseless,  adj.  be-bunyad ;  be-asl ;  jiska  sir  na 

paoii;  be-tuki;  be-par-ki. 
Basely,  adv.  na-l&iqi,  daga-bazi,  ya  na-mardi  se. 
Basement, n.  I,  foundation,  bunyad.  Sec  Base,  2. 

2.  louder  story,  niche  ka  makan  ya  manziL 
Baseness,  n.    I,  meanness,  kamitia-pan;    rizal- 

pan  ;  pajl-pan.  2.  of  metals,  khota-pan ;  uir^a- 

pan.  3.  bastardy,  hararu. 
Bashful,  adj.  1.  modest,  sharminda;  lajwanti; 

sharm-sar ;  sharnialfl ;  haya-vala.  2.  slieepish, 

lajja-wan;  tal-nazari;  nazar-chor. 
Bashfully,  adv.  haya  se ;  laj  se ;  sharm-sari  se. 
Bashfalness,  n.  laj ;  shann ;  haya. 

Boihfulneti  is  an  enemy  to  poverty.  Prov. 

Hay&  aur  mufiial  mdi  hair  hai. 

{Jis  ne  kl  aharam  uske  phSUe  karam.)         Prov. 
Basil,  n.  kali  tnlsi;  nazbo;  niyaz-bo. 
Basilisk,  n.  Imlishtiva  sanp;  afai.  [zarf. 

Basin,  n.  [H.  6^anJ.  1.  vessel,  basan;  bartan; 

2.  a  small  pond,  talalya ;  hauz. 

3.  a  wa/thrhand  basin,  chilamchi. 

Basis,  n.  [A.  bind]  1.  bunyad.  See  Base  (2.  3). 
2.  gronndtoork,  first  principle, m\i\ ;  biua ;  nsOl. 

The  basis  of  all  excellence  in  truth.      Johnson- 

Rasll  sah  khiibyoh  ki  jar  hai. 

The  basis  of  public  credit  is  good  faith. 

Sdk'k  kijar  imdnddri  hai.  [scknft. 

Baskt  V.   [^^]   tilpna;  dhupkhana ;  sikna; 




to  baJi  im  the  ntn,  dhtlp  men  t&pna. 

Baskfit,  n.   [H.  6ot^,  from  6ttn  weave]  tokra; 

tokrf ;  pitarft ;  pitari ;  daliya ;  jbapa ;  dh&ka ; 

daari ;  chhiba ;  jhallL 

Uuhet  for  btrad,  ch&uger ;  ohangeri;  chhabrL 
workhcuhet^  katn! ;  boiy&. 
Baskst-iiilt,  n.  qabzi ;  dasta  ;  mQth. 
Btikflt-wonuuiy  Q.  tokri-v&li ;  dbii^vrL 
Bis-veliei;  Basso-relievo,  n. 

tanlUi-bua,  y&  ubbarv&u  k&m. 
Bass,  n.  nicbft  gahr&  snr. 
Basterd,  n.  barami ;   baram-zadah ;    va1ad-uz- 

BDa;'ka-mQt;  besva-putrj  pap-jatak ;  barami- 

pilll;  harim  k&jana. 
Bastard,  adj.    1.  iUegUimate,  har&mi ;   bar&m 

kl;  ku-mQt.    2,fahe^  jbata;  kboU;  b&til. 
Bastedjy  n.  baram ;  ziua ;  jari. 
BsstS^  ▼.  a.    1.  {meat),  cbuparua ;   pucbilrE  d. ; 

gfal  lagaaa.  2.  heat,  mama ;  pItnsL 

3.  ttUck^  kacbchi  silai  k. ;   langar  d&lna  ; 

tagy^Dl;  t&ga   dalna  ya  bbama;   pisQjn&; 

kbafi  k. ;  tepcbi  bbam^.  [mama ;  pa-kobl. 
Bastiiuub,  d.  1.  latb!  se  pitua.  2.  talvon  men 
Bastion,  n.  garbgaj ;  burj.  [bagal. 

Bat,  o.  (fiying  fox)  cbimgada^ ;  badmr ;   gar- 
Bat,  n.  (crifkeiy  ete)y  balla ;  dand& ;  pattT. 
UU  and  hall  J  gend  balla;  goiS-cbaugan. 
Batdi,  n.  glulQ ;  tbok, 
Bita,  ▼.  [H.  pit  beat]  kam  k. ;  gbatanft. 
Batfowling,  n.  roasbal  jala-kajr  nit  ko  parind 

pakapia ;  hikari  sbil^r. 

Batli,  D.  [U.  Ihapdra  vapour]  1.  the  place,  gusal- 
kbana ; hammaro  {Turkish  bath);  asnan-gbar. 
2.  &UAf'n^,  gusal ;  nahau;  asnan. 

wudieai^  baih,  gusl-i-daTal ;  aukbad-naban. 

mud  bathj  balQ-asuaiL 

Aower  bath,  pbu&iil-naban. 

nlphur  bath,  gandbak-naban. 

npor  bath,  bba|»ra ;  unah. 

warm  balh,  garm  p&ni  ka  gusal. 

Bathe,  v.  1.  take  or  give  a  bath,  nabaml ;  asn&n, 
ya  bammam  k. ;  gusal  k.,  ya  d. 

2.  wash,  dboua ;  saf  k. 

haikfd  tn  blood,  kbQn-alUdab ;  labQ-luban. 
Battalion,  n.  piltan.  [bah  b. 

Batten,  v.  n.  [B..'motd  fat]  motatazab,  ya  far- 
Batter,   V.  a.   [H.  pit  beat]   torna;     katn&; 

u;&D&;  gir&na;  db&na;  mismark. ;  munba- 

dim  k. 
Batter,  n.  ande,  dudb,  aur  ate  kl  lapsL 
Battering-raxn,  n.  mabsar  divar  ke  torne,  ya 

gir&ne  ka  anjan ;  qila-sbikan-^ri. 
Baitaj,  n.  1.  (In  law),  mXr-pit ;  mar-kat ;  mar- 

katii ;  zad  o  kob ;  (/'on/.)  bQre-mukki. 
l  {of  guns)  top ;  topen ;  top-khana. 

3.  {JSiec.)  dhaton  k&  tez-abi  silsila. 

to  raise  a  battery,  damdamft  baudbna ;  morcha 

Battle,  n.  [H.  bhet  meeting]  larai ;  judb ;  ran ; 

Jang;  jaug  ojadal;  razm,  kar-zar;  marka. 

battle-array,  la{&i  ki  saf-arai ;  saf-i-jang. 
baUlt-royal,   royal  battle,  bari   larfti;   gub&r; 

mftrka-i-azlm.  '        *  [rezi 

a  bloody  battle,   ghamsin ;   kbani-larai ;   khtin- 
a  pltcJud  battle,  saf-i-jahg ;  jang-saf-basta. 
drawn  battle,  qftim-laral.  [raaidan-i.jang. 

the  field  of  battle,  lapu  ka  pala;  kbet ;  maidau ; 
Battle,  V.  n.  larna ;  judb  k. ;  larai  larui ;  jaiig  k. 
Battle-axe,  n.  gand&sa ;  pbarsi ;  tabar. 
Battle-dore,  n.  balls  (bat).  [i)aii&h ;  fosil. 

Battlement,  n.   siua-panab;  morcba;  shabar- 
Bauble,  u.  kbilauna ;  dikbave  ki  cbiz. 
Bawd,  n.  |H.  bharvi[   bbarva;  kutni;  dallala; 

kuttan;  kutua;  qurramsaq;  qaltb&n. 

niotlier-baiod,  n.   uaeka ;  mabal-daml. 
Bawdry,  n.  1 .  ^A^  practice,  bbarva-pan ;  bbarvai ; 

kutna-pa.  2.  o6«c69aty,  pbakkar;   baknibat; 

fobsb ;  gandi,  ya  rizfiJi-bat.  '  [wabiyat. 
Bawdy,  adj.  gaudah ;  baknl;  fobsb;  be-hada; 
Bawdy-house,  n.  randi  ka  kotba;  adda;   patur 

ka  gbar ;  kothi ;  {Panj.)  chballa  kotbi. 
Bawl,   V.   n.    [Skr.  ir   H.  60/ speak] 'chillaua; 

cbikua;    obikbu&;'*cbikb  mama;  pukama; 

b&iik  m&rna ;  shor  macbau^. 
Bawler,  n.  1.  one  who  makes  a  noise,  gul,   y& 

shor  maobaue-vali ;  gaugai. 

2.  a  crier,  avaz  lagane-vala. 
Bay,  adj.  kumaid. 

Chettnut  bay,  I&khl.  dark  hay,  teliyft  kumaid. 
Light  bay,  suraog. 

Bay,  Bay  tree,  n.  taj ;  twacb  bay  leaf,  tej-pat 
Bay,  n.  [A.  S.  btge]  kbafl ;  kbalij. 
bay    sait,    pSiiga-uamak ;   samandari  namak; 

Bay,  V.  n.   [Lat.  baubari  to  bark  gently,  H. 

bhaun  bark].  1.  bark,  bbaunkna.  See  Bark  (1.) 
2.  to  be  cHeompassed  about,  ban  bandbna; 

gberil  j&na. 
to  keep  at  bay,   dab-kar,  ya  tang  ho-kar  mu- 

qabla  k. ;  bkz  rakbni. 
to  stand  at  bay,  s&mne  daU  rahna ;   s&mne  dat* 

ua ;  samua  k. ;  muq^la  k. 

to  turn  to  bay,  laut  parna;  ulat-ke  muqabla  k. 
Bayonet,  n.  sau^n. 

Bdellium,  n.  gUgal.  [bhae  is] 

Be,  v.  n.  [A.  S.  beon,  Per.  bUd,  Skr.  it,  be  H. 

1.  exist,  bona ;  maujUd  h.  {to  be  present). 
To  be  or  not  to  be,  that  is  the  question.  8hak . 
Jind  yd  ffwrnd,  ab  yehl  sav&t  hai, 

2.  btcome,;  badalua;  badal  jana. 

3.  remain,  rabna ;  rah  jani. 

be  it  so,  so  be  it,  yobin  sab! ;  aisi  hi  ho ;  Emm ; 

acbobha;  acbcbbi  bat;  isi  tarab  ho;   kbair; 

kbab.  [uhatakb ;  champat  ho. 

be  off,  int.  bat  pare ;  dtlr  ho ;  pare  ho ;    cbal 
if  so  be,  jo  aisa  ho;  dar-in-b&lat ;  ba-sbarte. 
let  it  be,  jEne  do  ;  chhor  do ;  da^guzar  karo. 
tobeoff,Y,n.  cbale  jana ;  ravanab  b. ;  rafli  chak- 

kar  h. ;  kaftlr  h. ;  chalta  phirta  nazar  ana. 
Beach,  n.  samandar  ka  kinara ;  sabil. 





Beacon,  n.  (NatU,)  akk&s  cliy&;  raushan^mfoftr. 

Mtxlwt  doubt  in  called  the  beacon  of  the  wise.  Shak, 
WAjihl  thubek  ho  aqaiwumdi  ka  nishdn  baUUe  kain. 

Bead,  u.  1.  small  ptr/onUed  baUsy  daua ;  mauk& ; 
pot;  inani&. 

2.  a  roiOTf^  mSLla ;  japni ;  tasblh.  fPror. 
Beads  aloiig  the  neck  and  the  devil  in  the  heart. 
Hilth  sumamlf  pet  kataml,  Prov. 
(Counting  hiA  beads,  he  conoeala  a  dagger  in 

his  breaHt.) 
teU  or  count  one's  beads,  mala  phorn&,  japD&,  y& 
sumaruft.   Hin, ;   tasbfU  hil&ua,  phern&y  y& 
parhna.  J/oA. 
the  e^Uef  b^d  in  a  rosary,  sumer ;  im&m. 
Beadle,  u.  ohaprasi-i-ad&lat.         [tasblh-khuau. 
Beadsman,  n.  n)illa-pher& ;  ja^man&v& ;  dua-go ; 
Beak,  n.  bill,  chonch ;  tout ;  thor ;  lol ;  mitiqar. 
Beam,  n.   [A.  S.  bedm,  Skr,  vriksh,   U,  barvd, 
briclih  tree] 

I.  timber y  lattha ;  shahtlr.  2.  {of  a  balance) 
daiidi ;  taraza  ki  dandl.    3.  pole,  bam ;   phaf 
4.  ^oom,  tir.  6.  of  a  plough^  barns. 
6.  of  a  sugar  mill,  dheiika;  Utha. 

to  kick  the  beam,  pal^ll  dandl  ko  lagiift. 

Beam,  v.  cbamakua;  jhalakii&;  jagmagana. 

Beaming,  Beamy,  adj.  cbamakta  hiia ;  oham- 
kili ;  uj&gar ;  raushan ;  darakhahaii ;  tabindah. 

Bean,  n.  phali ;  chbimi ;  lob!j& ;  sem. 

goa  bean,  ehewiux  defrtse  bean,  char-koni  sera. 

Bear,  v.  a.  [A.  S.  beran.  giberan,  V,  bwdan,  Skr. 
bhrt  to  bear ;  H .  bhdr,  P.  hdr  a  load].  1.  snp- 
port,  Baiibhalua  \  tlmtnua ;  uthau&.  2.  carry, 
le-cbalni  ;  le-jana ;  pabQnchana  ;  dlioiia. 

3.  e/<c/u?r,  sahna;  sahania  ;  jbeliia;  utha- 

na;  pljana;  l)ardri8ht  k. ;  tahammul  k. 

But  man  u  l>oni  to  bear.  Pope. 

]idmi  Mhne  hi  ko  paidd  hud  kai, 

4.  dk/erish  in  the  mind,  dil,  ya  man  meii 
raklma.  5.  have,  raklina  ;  bona.  6.  be  ra]fable 
of,  admit,  lagna ;  deua ;  giinjaitjb  mkbna. 

Bear  a  nieaiiing.  Mane  rakhnd  yd  dend. 
7 . p^^oduce  (as  finiit),  IfL^im ;  ^aua;  phabia. 

8.  bring forili,  janna  {Wonu) ;  bacbcba  d., 
byana,  daltiii  (animals), 

9.  afford,  batb  b.,  ya  jana. 

To  bear  one  company.      Svth  jdnS. 

\0,  behave,   cbalna;    dbaug   baratua;    vati 

rali,  ya  tarl(iah  ikbtiyar  k. 

bear  a  burden,  bojb  uthaua. 

bear  a  Jiand,  bath   lagilna ;   algana ;    utbana  ; 

sabara  d. ;  madad  d.  [ya  jlicbia. 

bear  ajffllcHon,  taklif  nthaua ;    muslbat  Habiia, 

bear  ai^ns,  batbyar  bandlmS.  [ana. 

hear  doum,  chafh  ana ;  dabana  ;   zcr  k. ;    gaiib- 

Truth  is  borne  down.  JhUle  he  drje  saehchd  ro  mare. 

Prov.  (Before  faUohotnl  truth  weepti  and  dien). 

bear  down  njon,  a-parni  ;  an-tutna  ;  charb-aua. 

bear  liard  upon,  dabana ;  tafi«^  ya  sakbti  k. ;  zor 

cbalana ;  afyat  tang  k. ;  saklit-iiiri  k.  [pi  jana. 

bear  meekly,  sahna ;  Imrdanht  k. ;  laliQ  kl  J^i  ghflut 

bear  off,  \i2h\iiv^i\H. ;  ntha  le-jana.  [haiai  k. 

bear  office,  olubvdar  b. ;  niansab  rakbna ;  ohdeb- 

hcar  on,  clialta  lakhna;  kiyujana;  jari  rakhna. 

bear  o%U,  sah&tfta  k. ;   t&id  k. ;   mustahkam  k.  ; 

taqvlat  d.  [ser-b&r  h. 

bear  ike  expense  or  cost  of,   kharcb   uth&na,  ; 
bear  through,  anjaiu,  ant,  y&  akhir  tak  pahtbCi. 

ch&ua ;  uib&bu&.  [ua  bam&, 

bear  up,  db&ras,  y&  bimmat  rakbna ;    hunmat 
bear  upon,  taalluq,  ya  rishtab  rakhni. 
bear  mth,  sabna ;  uth&ua ;  aab&rua ;  bard&sht  k. 
able  to  bear  assessment,  adafi  jama  ko  q&bil  L, 

ya  gunj&ish  rakhn&. 

Bear,  n.  [A.  S.   bera,  Skr.  bfuUlui,  H.  bhdla] 

riobb;  bhalQ;  kbirs.  [Prov. 

He  roust  have  iron  nails  that  scratches  a  bear. 
Nockne  ko  riehh  ke  loke  kt  nUkkun  chdhiyeh. 

The  Great  Bear,  bapL  ricbb ;  sapt  risbl  j  dubb-i- 

Tl^  Leaser  Beat,  cbhot&  rfcbh  \  dubb-i-asgar. 
Bearable,  adj.  sabaa ;   sabne-jog  \  bardasbt  ke 

Beard,  n.  1.  d&rhl;  risb.  2.  (Boi.)  biQ;  balQ. 
a  pointed  beard,  kthicbi  si  a&fbl;   bakre,  yii 

julbs.0  ki-si  d&fbi.  [banana. 

shave  the  beard,  d&f bi  mdndna ;  kbat,  yft  tho^ 

Beard,  v.  a.  muqEbli,  ya  silmnJi  k.  [lofnH, 

To  beard  the  lion  in  his  den.  Sher  se  bani  mek 

Bearded,  adj.  da^byiU;  d^i-bl-valft. 
having  a  thin  beard,  chbidrf  da^'bl-v&la;    kosi; 

Beardless,  adj.  ni-mucbebbs. :  bo-rlsha. 

a  beardless  youth,  gabrd ;  pattha ;  amrad ;  sabsa* 

&ga/;  nau-javan. 
Bearer,  n.  1.  carrier,  ntbane-vali  ;  lo  janc-vala; 

kaliar ;  barindS, ;  banimal ;  (m  Comp)  bar-d&r. 

2.  (of  a  letter)  cbittbi  Je-java ;  nam^bar ; 
bamil-iruqqa;  qasid.  (of  a  tvater-jiot  orpCdkl) 
kabar ;  mahra.  3.  farter,  quli ;  mutya ;  palle- 
dar ;  niazdur.  4.  vakt,  sard&r ;  bebra.  5.  pro- 
ditcer^  phal-dar  ;  mcve-dar ;  pbalue-val&. 

Bearberd,  n.  bbiilQ- villa;  ricbb-vala;  qalandar; 

Bearing,  n.l.  with  resj^eet  to,  dinba ;  simt ;  janib : 

rukb.    2.  ih^rtmeiit,  dbang ;    waza. 

I  know  hiui  by  his  heaHnrj. 

Mniix  HBki  f«2o  fe  pahrhdntd  htin,  [luq. 

3.  relation,  lagao;  sanibandb;  nisbat;  taal- 
bearing    a  stamp,    tikat-dar;      tikat-cbaApaii; 

niusbatab-l'istamp.  [marqQmah. 

bearing   date,   m\i\;    ba-tarikb;    muvarrakha; 
hearing  interest,  biyaju;  sQdi. 
hearing  }>oHage,  mabsuli ;  (Cor,)  bairaug. 
Itearlng  signafwe,  dast-khati. 

Beast,  n.  pashu  ;  cbau-paya  ;  charinda;  baivan. 

A  riKbtoouM  man  regaixleth  the  life  of  hie  Iteast, 

Pi*ov.  xii.  10.  [ral'htd  hat. 

Nfk  dilml  apne  jdnvar   ki  bhi  jdn   kd   khaydl 

heast  of  bvrdev,   laddfl;    biiamt ;    cbau-paya; 

liar  Iwrdiiri  ke  janvar. 

heaH  of  prey,  sbikan-janvar  ;  darinda. 

f/ecuts  of  the  chase,  shikar;  wild. 

heasfft  of  the  fit  Ul,  ga(j  bail.  [janvar. 

wild  f)east,  jan<ral,  yii  ban   kc  janvar ;   jangli 

Beastliness,  n.  baivaniyat :  janvar-pana. 




y.  a.  [A.  S.  heaian,  H.  piMi.]  1.  strtke, 
pftni;  inftm&;  thokn&;  zad  o  kob  k.  2.  pound, 
ntol :  knchalui.  3.  thresh,  chha]&tn&. 

4.  Aamni^r,  gbarnlL ;  chhetn& ;  kt&ttia ;  p!tn&. 

5.  (an  egg)  phetni ;  mathna ;  lathni. 

6.  conquer,  jituk;  haiitni;  hat&a&;  chhek- 
Hi;  m&t  k. ;  &tah  k. ;  shikast  d. 

▼.  n.  I.  d^uh  against,  fakr&na ;  ni&m&. 
S.  tkrcb.  dhapiku&;  dhak  dhak  k.;  uchhal- 

ni;  pharakiii. 
^eat  €^ul,  dhMd  dhind  k.,  tappa  dhoi  k. 
bmU  about  Ae  bu^  her  pher  ki  baten  k. 
hetd  a  drum,  dbol,  daf,  ya  tambar  bajaoa. 
hett  again^  the  wind,  bava  bandh-kar  jana; 

havi  ke  mkb   par  jana;    bava  ki  thaper 

Mkna;  cbafbte  jana. 
itai  on  alarm,   agib   k.;    ittila  6L;    kamar- 

bandi  karani.  [j&n&. 

kat  a  retreat,  picbhe  batna ;   pas-p&  b. ;    bh&g 
te  at  cards,  kbiUl  d. 
kat  at  chess,  mat  k.,  ya  den&. 
hut  (a  foateh),  bolni ;  bajna ;  kbat  kbat  k. 
heat  hade  or  off,  mar  batani ;  bat&n& ;  pas-pMl  k. 
heat  Uaek  and  blue,  m&rte  mirte  nil  dil  den&. 
heat  down,  torni ;  pimal  k. ;  g&rat  k. 
heat  down  the  price,  dim  tnrini,  yigbatina ;  mol, 

7&  bfaSo  gbstinS;  qimat  kam  k.  [jbatas  ina. 
heating  (cu  rain),  bancbhir  &na ;  paacbbir  ina ; 
htst  into  om^s  head,  sir  men  bhami,  yi  tbOsna. 
heat  on/is  brains  out,  Btr  tor  d. ;  sir  pborna. 
heat  om^s  breast,  cbbiU  pitna,  yi  kQtna.  [na. 
had  oat,  chapt&y  ya  cbaun  k. ;  barhini ;  cbbet- 
heat  (the  heart),  dbarakna;  dbak  dhak  k. 
tetAe/im^Ify  sbik&r  jagina.  [prey.  Prhr. 

To  heat  the  woods,   aod  rouse   the   bounding 
Maehd  ffuljagdnd  uehKaUd  sktkdr,         [raktift. 
heat  {the  pulse),  nabs  cbalni ;  beat  (a  aem)  bfaa- 
hest  the  tattoo,  gmtl  ki  brgul  bajani. 
heat  tiate,  (Mus.)  til  d. 
heat  to  a  jelly,  heat  to  a  mummy,  mirte  mirte  rafi- 

ti  kar  deni;  kacbiUnar,  yi  palethan  nikilna. 

heat  to  arms,  tabal-i-jang  bajina.     [ki;  sadmab. 

Bltt» n.  [H. j9t<]  1 .  strobe,  mir;  war:  cbot;  tbap- 

2.jurisdietion,  gasbt ;  balqi ;  ilaqi  ;  bad. 

a  heaien  path,  purini  lakir  ;  bap  didi  kl  lik. 
He  keeps  to  the  beaien  path.  Pvrdiii  cAdZ  cAo^td  &ai. 
(Lakir  par  fmq§r  Aoi.  Prov.  Hehaslavetocustom). 

lnler«  n,  I.  the  instrument,  tbapi;  kobi;  mogri; 

aamath;  pitanr;    pfaarv!;   dormat.    2.  {for 

goose)  narsingyi;   sbikir  jagine-vila. 
Beatmgy  n.  mar ;  saza.  [albeli. 

n.  [H.  bdnkd]  binki;  cbikaniyi ;  chbaili ; 
adj.  albetil ;  rangili ;  binki;  cbikani- 

ji;  chbablli. 
BBOBiimdfly  n.  amir,  jftkboiih-yase  log ;  asbiifl 
BiaullAll,   adj.  1.  beauteoiu,   sundar;  sobni; 

•ohiTni ;  riip-vant ;  raaitik;  khub-surat;  khub- 

rfi;  sbakll;  haain;  qabtll-stlrat. 

A  ciiele  is  more  heatUi/ul  than  s  sqnare. 
Ohambor  se  ekaJtibar  kkob-sttrat  la^td  koL 
%JUsa,9MuA;  pftkisa;  nafis;  umda. 

Beaiitiftally>  adv.  aundartil  se;  kliab;  khftb- 

a^LtU   86. 

The  room  was  heaatifuUg  decorated. 
Kamrd  kkUb  drOttd  tUtl. 
Beantif/,  v.  a.  banana ;  singimi ;  banao  sifigir 
k. ;  saavimi ;  kbQb-sfirat  banini ;  zeb  deni ; 
irasta  k. ;  zinat  d. ;  iriiisb  L  [jamil. 

Beauty,  n.    1.  grace,  rUp  ;    Idiab-^rtl;   bosn ; 
Becmty  consists  of  a  certain  composition  of  color 
and  figure,  causing  delight  in  the  beholder. 
Xodbc  KhObHirti  rang  our  rOp  kd  eklMs 
mel  haifie  te  dekkne-vdU  ko  kkusla  koU  has. 
Beauty  is  no  inheritance.  ProT. 
Butn  Khndd'ddd  Aot.  Pror. 
^eav^y  is  bought  by  judgment  of  tbeeye.  Shai. 
Sauddi  kvsn  Ute  kaih  dnkkoh  kt  dnk  par, 
2.  a  heauti/ul  person,  sundar ;  goil ;  kim- 
n! ;  rati ;  padmani ;  pari ;  pari-paikar ;  hasliL 
Beaotyspoty  n.  bindi ;  til ;  khal. 

Beealniy  v.  a.    1.  to  keep  from  motion,  thimni; 

tbir   k. ;    tbairiui ;    rokni.    2.   (the  mind), 

thimni;  tliandik.;  tasallid.;  dhlmik. 

Soft  whispering  airs  becalm  the  mind. 

Manii  bkini  kavd  dil  ko  Utskin  dett  kai. 

Because,  conj.  is  kiran  se ;  is  liye  ki;  kjoft  ki; 

kis  viste  ki ;  is  biis  se. 
because  of,  is  kiran ;   is  sabab  se;  is  vajah  se; 

is  bais  se ;  is  dalh  se ;  is  nazar  se. 
Beck,  n.  sain  ;  ishari.  [ishire  se  bulini. 

Beckon,  v.  sain  mirni ;  sir  hilini ;  ishira  k. ; 
beckon  with  the  eye,  sain,  yi  afikh  mirni.  [deni. 
beckon  untk  the  hand,  bnlina ;  bith  ki  jboli 
Become,  v.  n.  boni;  bo-jiDi;  ban-uthni.  [parni. 
become  a  duty,  farz,  vajib,  yi  lizim  h.;  zurOr 
Become,  v.  a.  thikini;  sajui;  cbbajni;  pbabni; 

sobbni ;  sobni ;  kbilna ;  zeb  d. ;  mauztln  b. 
Becoming,  adj.  1.  suiting,  uebit ;  durust ;  zebi; 

aazivir;  liyaq;  munisib;  mauzQn. 
2,  pretty,  sohni;  sohini. 

Bed,  n.  [A.  S.  bedd,  H.  bicfihaund,  0.  H.  Ger. 
disaund,  petU,  Skr.  paryahk,  H.  palang  bed- 
stead, handha  bound] 

1.  floor,  bhllm ;  dbarti ;  farsh. 

2.  layer,  parat ;  raddi ;  tab ;  tabaq. 

3.  bottom  of  a  river,  etc,  tbi ;  talaiti ;  tah. 
i,frlot  in  afield,  etc,  kiyari;  takbtah. 

5. a  sleeping  couch,  kbit;    kbatoli;    sej ; 
manjha;  palan;^;  cbir-pai 

i^rly  to  bed  and  early  to  rise  makes  a  man 
healthy,  wealthy,  and  wise.  Sidausi  so  losere 
jdffe,  sukk,  samp€U,  aur  buddkl  dte. 

6.  marriage,  byib  ;  sbadi  (Met.)  bivi  jorQ. 
He  had  a  son  from  his  first  bed, 
PahUjorAu  utke  ek  betd  thd. 

7.  (Arch.)  raddi  ;  chahki ;  tah.  [nafqa. 
bed  and  board,  kbina-pioi;  roti  kapya;  nan  o 
bed  piece,  patti  yi  servi. 

bed  stays,  dori ;  kasni ;  sej-band. 
foot  of  the  bed,  {^enti ;  paitini.       [taliq  qatai. 
from  bed  and  hoard,  (Law)  taliq  bili  nan  o  nafqa; 
head  of  t/te  bed,  sirhini.  [bistri  la^^ua. 

make  tlie  bed,  bicbliauni,   yi  sej  bichbiui; 
to  be  brought  to  bed  of  a  son,  beti  jauni. 

Bed,y.  I.  cohabit,  BAthsoiA;  bishek.;  bhogk.; 

hambistar,    ham-khuSlb,   ja   bam-agosh  h.; 

bam-sohbat  b.    2.  plant,  bon& ;    bij  dalua ; 

lagaua.  3.  lat/,  bitbana  ;  dbariiil ;  jaraft. 

To  bed  a  atone.     Na/flnd  jarnd,  [ashrat» 

bed  of  roses,  pbulon  ki  sej ;   asbab-i-aisb ;  aiah- 
Bedochamber,  Bedroom,  u.  sone  ka  kamrab ; 

kbuab-gab ;    Slramg&b  ;  cbitr-sala. 
Bed  clothes,  n.  palaiig-posh.  [tosbak. 

Bedding,  n.  bicbbaunSi;  biobbavan;  bistarSi; 
Bedeck,  v.  a.  singar  k.    See  Adorn. 
Bedew,  v.  a.  bbigou&  ;  gil&  k. ;  nam  k. 
bedewed    with    tears,     jburte,    ya    dabdab&te 

naiuai^;    ab-dida;     obasbm-tar;    cbasbm-i- 

pur-ab ;  cbasbra-i-giryan. 
Bedfellow,  Bedmate,  n.  ham-bistar;  ham-khuab; 

dugaiia;  zanakbl;  bam-kinar. 
Bedhangings,  u.  parda ;  masabrl. 
Bedlam,  n.  pUgal-kbaniL  [div&na;  saudSI. 

Bedlamite,    n.   baola;    siri;     pagla;     p&gal; 
Bed-linen,  n.  palaug  ki  cb&dar,  gilaf,  wagaira. 
Bedpan,  n.  hajati. 
Bedpost,  n.  cbbapar-kbat  k&  danda. 
Bedpresser,  n.  (Obs.)  palajoig,  y&  macba-tof ;  ahdt. 
Bedquilt,  n.  razai;  sauf;  libaf. 
Bedridden,  adj.  sabib-i-farash ;  kbat-lagfL 
Bedside,  adv.  palang  kc  pas. 
Bedstraw,  n.  pal ;  pual ;  bicbali. 
Bedswer^er,  n.  cbhiual;  jar;   cbbinra;  chhin- 

ri;  bad-kar;  baram-kar. 
Bedtick,  n.  tikau. 

Bedtime,  u.  so  van  bcla  ;  sone  ka  waqt. 
Bee,  u.  niad-makbi ;  muhal,  ya  shabd  ki   mak- 

kbi;  nabal. 

Where  bees  are  there  is  honey.  Prov. 

Jahdn  nahal  wahdh  ascd.     Pror.  [firftm  h. 

(0  have   bees   in   the    head,    be-chain   h.  ;     be- 
He  h:i3  a  bee  in  his  bonnet.  Khalal-i-dimdg  hai; 
divdnd  hai ;  jun&h  ho  gayd  hai. 
Beef,  n.  giic  ka  gosht. 

Beef-headed,  Beef-witted,  adj.   bail ;  murakb  ; 
tbo8 ;  iijad ;  be-waquf ;  bachhya  kii  bava. 

Becf-tea,  n.  gilc  ko  gosbt  ka  araq  ;  roa-ul-lahm. 
Beehive,  n.  makkhyoii  ka  chhatta ;  nmbal. 
Beeline,  n.   lit.     maksb-pantb,    bence, 

sidha  rasta  ;  nak  ki  bidh. 
Beer,  n.  jau  ki  Bharab ;  buza. 
Beerbarrel,  n.  bir  ka  pipa. 
Beerhouse,  n.  bit*  ki  bliatti :  buze-khana. 
Beestiags,  Biesting,  Beasting,  n.  [A.  S.  byst] 

kbis;   peosi;  kill. 
Bees-wax,  n.  mom. 
Bees- wing,  n.  pbul ;  phapbuiidi. 
Beet,  n.  chuqandar. 

Beetle,  n  [H.  bhiii  bum]  1.  the  insert,  bbaimra. 
3.  Hammer,  mogi  i ;  kobii ;  diirmut ;  mekh- 

Beetle-brow,  Beetle-head,  n. 

aundhi-khopri ;  aimlhi-peshrini. 
Befall,    V.    bitna ;     apariia ;    iitarna ;    parna  ; 

giriia;  pabuncliiia  ;  nazil  li. 
Befit,  V.  phabua.  See  Become. 

Befool,  V.  ullu  banana ;  abmaq  ban&n&. 
Before,  adv.  1.  ahead,  age ;  pable.  2.  brforetime^ 

age ;  pable ;  agle  va^toii  men  \  s&biq  meft. 
before  and  after,  fore  and  eft,  age  picbne. 
cu  before,  jaisa  pable ;  ba-dastdr ;  dastiir-mu»- 

fiq ;  basb-i-sarisbtab ;  basb-i-zabitab. 
to  look  before,  age  dekbna ;  pable  socbna. 

Who  look*  not  before  finds  himself  behind.  Prov. 
Dekhe  na  agdt%  rake  pichhSfL 

Before,  prep.  I,  in  front,  samne;  &ge;  robrlL 

2.  in  sight  of,  i,n]shoii  ke  ftge^  yH  s&mne ;' 
dekhte  ;  saumukb  ;  nazron  men. 

3.  {in  time)  pable;  pesbtar;  qabl ;  ma-qabal. 

4.  in  the  power  of,  b&th  mefi ;  tabt  mefi ; 
q^bu  me&.  5.  under  trial,  &ge ;  pesbi  men ; 
zer-tajviz.  6.  higher,  Q&cbE ;  baf h-kar ;  bala ; 
bal&-tar;  avval;  muqaddam. 

before  one's  eyes,  or  vose,  Snkboft  ke  samne. 
b^ore  onisface,  milub  ke  samne  ;  kisi  ke  robrfl. 
Beforehand,  adv.  pable  se;  pable  bi;  agaii 

se ;  pirtbam-bi ;  pesbtar-bi ;  pesb-dasti  se. 
to  be  beforehand,  age  b. ;  pable-hi  batb  m&ma; 

pesb-dasti,  ya  cbalaki  k. ;  ucbak  len&. 

Before-mentioned,  adj.    See  Above  cited. 
Befriend,  v.  batb  paka^ na ;  satb  dena ;  sahaita 

k. ;  da^t-gii  i  k. ;  rifaqat  k. ;  pitb  pe  h. 
Beg,  V.  [A.  S.  biddan,  Gotb.  bidjan,  H.  bhtk!\ 

1.  beseech,  maugna;  bbik  mangna  (a  beg* 
gar) ;  saval  k. ;  arz  k. 

I  btg  leave  to  say.    Arz  kame  hi  ijdsat   ehdhH 
hih  ;  arz  kartd  h&h  ;  Utinias^  yd  gUzdrish  hai. 

2.  take  for  granted,  beg  the  question,  davS 
ba-daija-i-subut  qaim  k. 

beg    humbly,    binti    k. ;    girgirana;    ajizi    k; 

minnatk.;  inkisar  k. 
beg  from  door   to  door,   gbar   gbar   mnngni; 

bbik   mangna;  bhik   mangte   pbirn&;    dar 

dar  maugna ;  daryuzab-gari  k.  • 
Beget,  V.  [Skr.  ja;»  to  be  born.] 

1 .  generate,  janna ;  paida  k. ;  utpan  k. 
Health  begets  pleasure.  Prov. 
Tandurusti  hazdr  nemat  hai.    Prov.   [paidfl  k. 

2.  produce,    upjanil ;    utbana  ;    kbai-a   k ; 
To  beget  strife.     Upadro  uthdnd. 

Beggar,  n.  [S.  bhzkshu]  bbikari;  bbicbcbuk; 
mangta  ;  gada ;  faqir ;  kaiigla. 

A  beggar  begs,  that  never  begged  before.  Shak. 
Ek  gadd  hai  mdhgta,  jisne  kadhi  mdhgd  ndhin. 
Beggars  breed  and  rich  men  feed.  Prov. 

Jane  faqir,  khildS  amir.  Prov. 

The  beggar  may  sing  before  the  thief.        Pro?. 
Nang^khard  vjdr  men,  *  hai  koi  kapre  leVVrox. 
(Naked  on  the  plain  he  stands  and  says  *  Who 
dare  strip  me  ? ') 

Beggar,  v.  a.  1.  impoverish,  kangal  kar  dena; 
tukre  mangvana ;  bhik  maiigvana ;  faqir  kar 
deiia.     2,  exhaust,  tang  k. ;  ajiz  k. 

It  beggars  description,     liaydn  se  bdhar  hai. 
It  beggars  fancy.     Qayds  mm  nahih  did. 
Beggarly,  adj.  \.poor,  kangal  ;  dalidri ;  muflis ; 

gaiil).  2. 7/i^rt«.  gbatyal ;  puch  ;  bocb. 
Beggarmaid,  Beggarwoman,  n. 

faqir  ki  larki ;  faqirni-vali;  kangli. 
Beggary,  n.  kangali ;  daliddar ;  ua-dari ;  iflaa. 

V.  n.  1.  camMence,  arambh  h. ;  lagni ; 
•hoitl  h. ;  igas  h.  2.  enter  upon  existence, 
ntptX  h. ;  upajii& ;  paida  h.;  wi\jad  pftna. 

Well  begun  ia  half  done.  Prov. 

Nek  iff&g ttnjam  bakhair. 

Bef^  [A.  S.  ginnan  begin,  H.  ginnSi  count] 
irambh  k. ;  uthana ;  paida  k. ;  shuru  k. ; 
igas  k;  ▼ujud  dena. 

BBg^mneTy  n.  \,  the  original,,  bani;  bani-kar; 
hid!;mujid;  mubtadi;  shurQ  karne-vala  [aoioz. 

2.  youing  practitioner,  tyro,   Bikhtar ;  nau- 
Wmiiming,  n.    1.  commencement^  arambh;  &d; 

Qtb&n;  ibtida;  igaz;  shariL 

A  good  heginnvng  makeB  a  good  ending. 

Ant  bkaU  k&  bhaUL  Prov. 

3.  eoMTce,  nik&s,   utpatti;   mamba;    da- 
Ittoah ;  mOnh  ;  sot ;  jar  j  bunyad ;  bina. 
ICgfatj  ihingB  from  small  heginningt  grow.  Jhyden, 
Biff  bdti  nikie  kaik  chkote  ihuru  i€, 

hgimmng  of  a  months  midline  k%  shuru ;  gurra 

(the  first  day), 
hegitming  of  a  poem,  mukh-band;  uthan;  matla. 
fnm  beginning  to  end,  ad  se  ant  tak ;  avval  se 

ikhir  tak. 
in  tke  beginning,  shuru  men ;  pahle ;  ibtida  men. 

In  the  beginning  Ood  created  the  heaven  and   the 

earth.  PoAle  pahal  Khudd  ne  zamin  dtmdn  bandg, 

make  a  beginning,   &rambh  k. ;  kam  lagana ; 

shurQ  k. ;  ^l^  k. 

behind  a  screen,  ot  men ;  &r  meh  ;  dar  parda. 
Behindhand,  adj.  plphhe ;  phisaddi ;  pachhatit. 
Behold,  y.  dekhua;  niharua;  nig&h  k.;  uazar  k. ; 

mulahza  k. 
Behold,  intj.  dekho;  yeh   dekho;  kya  dekht& 

hai,  ya  dekhte  hain ;  lo ;  e  lo  ;  lijie. 
Beholden,  p.  adj.  marhun ;  mamuun.         [shai. 
Beholder,  n.   dekbne-vala ;  dikhvaiya ;  tama- 
Behoof,  n.  labb  ;  faida ;  vasta;  garaz;  kbatir. 
BehooTe,  v.  [U.  bhdnd  to  become]  jog  b.;  cbah- 

na  ;  farz  h.;  munasibh. ;  vijib  h. ;  laziin  h. 
Being,  u.    1.  existence,  hasti;  zindgi ;  vujad ; 

hayat.    2.    entity,    bastii ;    chiz ;    madduh ; 

shae;  mutanaffas;  vujQd. 

state  of  being,  halat ;  abval. 

Belabour,  n.  pitna  ;  kutua ;    thonkna  ;  dhuns- 

na  ;  sakht  mar  dena. 
Belated,  p.  p.  rat  bo  gai. 
Belch,  n.  dakTir;  dhikar.  Qena;  daklnii. 

Belch,  V.  n.  [H.  tUiehnd  to  bale   water]   duHr 
Beldain,  Beldame,  n. 

1.  an  old  tooman,  burbiya;    dokr! ;    n&ni 
burhiya ;  dukarya ;  dhaddo ;  buddhi ;  pir-z5l. 

2.  a  /tag,  dayan  ;  churail ;  phekui ;  bhutiii. 
Belfry,  n.  ghanU-gbar.  [takzib  k. 
Belie,   v.  jhuta  k. ;    jhutlaoE ;    jbata  banana; 

HU  face  bdies  hifi  heart. 

l/ski  shakal  iejhPt  m&lAm  hot&  hau 

HiB  deeds  belie  his  words. 

Kake  huchh  kare  kuchh  {Pd  digar,  qwd  digar.V, ) 

Y.  ghemi ;  ihata  k. ;  muhit  k. 
Bagoney  intj.  [A.  S.  gdn^  Skr.  gam  go]. 
€hal;  cbal  chakhe;  chalS  ja;  alag  ho;  hat   j  Belief  n.  1.  credit,  partit ;  patyara  ;    bharosa, 
pare; pare  hat;  hat;  dOrho;  dur  par;  jata  j      bisvas;  etebir;  yaqiu;  etemid.  2.  opinion; 

rah;  aidhiro;  nikal  j& ;  bava  kh&o ;  dar ;  apn& 

imsta  pakro ;  chalte  phirte  nazar  &o ;  daian 

ho ;  dafe  h. 
Befottan,  p.  p.  (in  Comp,)  jan&;  zada. 
Begrime,  v.  a.  mitti,   yS  rakh  men  milan^; 

al^a  k. ;  bhama ;  mail&  k. 
Bagrndge,  v.  a.  bhich-ke  dena ;  dab-ke  dena ; 

dareg  k. ;  kur  kura-ke,  ya  khunsake  den&. 
Bagnile,  v.  a.  bahlana;  dam  d. ;  bhulaua. 

Beguile  the  day.    Din  bahldnd. 
beguile  pain,  dukh  bhulana ;  gam  galat  k. 
BAaU^   n.    or;  pichhe;  liye;    karan;  janib; 

taraf;  vaste;  kh&tir;  haq. 
Bthsfe,  Y.  n.  chalna ;  baratna ;  pesh  an&. 
Baha^ioiir,    n.   chalan;  ch&l-chalan;    dhang; 

chal-dhang;  cb&l-dhal;  lacbchhan;  ravalya; 

nishaat  o  barkhast. 
good  behaviowr,  achchhi  chalan  ;  su-lachclihan ; 

aehchha  raTiu^a;  nek  chalan;  nokchalnl; 

kboah  atYar.  [katna,  ya  ura  deua. 

Bahead,  v.  gardan  mama ;  qatl  k  ;  sir,  ya  mund 

hkmt,  n.  S^ggya;  hukm.  [pu8htpar;aqabmeii. 

Behiild,  prep.   1.    the  rear,   pichhe ;  pit   par ; 

BAimi  the  house.   MakSn  he  pichhe  yd  piekhvdre. 

2.  (mi  time)  pichhe ;  der  kar-ke ;  der  men. 

3.  (in  rank)  kam ;  ghat ;  niche ;  pichhe. 
Btfady  adv.     I.   out  of  sight,   pichhe ;  pas- 

gubat ;  pit  pichhe ;  pas-i-pusht ;  gaebana ; 
men.     2.  baehoards,  picfaiie;  pichh- 

mat ;  saroajh  ;  gyaii ;  bichlir ;  danish  ;  rae. 



vire ;  pichhe  ki  taraf. 

S.  creed,  isht ;  m»nt& ;  mat ; 
q&d  ;  aqidah ;  im&n. 
Beliere,  v.  a.   isht  rakhna;   bisvas  k.;    sahl 

samajhna ;  yaqln  l&na. 
Believe,  v.  n.  manna ;  iman  lan&. 

Believe  me  Tours  sincerely.    Apkd  dost  tUdiq, 
Believer,  n.  manne-vala ;  upasak  ;  motaqid. 
Bell,  n.  [A.  S.  beUan\  gbantk;  ghantl;  ghuug- 

ru;  tel;  nipur.  [pahnehm. 

With  bdU  on  her  toes.  Ahgf^thoh  meh  gkOngrU 
Bell,  book,  aud  candle.    OhanUi,  kitdb-i-muqad' 

daa,  aur  $hamd  te  nikSlnd. 
{Jdt  bdhar  kar  ne  ki  rit). 
Who  *11  bell  the  cat  ?   Medoh  ko  kaun  pakrega  ! 

bell  of  aflotoer,  piySl& ;  kutori. 
bells  for  the  feet,  painjni;  payal;  ghungrO. 
to  bear  the  bell,  bazi,  ya  sabqat  le  jana. 
Belladonna,  n.  inabussalib ;  mako  ;  makoi. 
Belle,  n.  [Fr.  belle,  H.  bdl,  bald  woman] 

got  i ;  sundar  ;      kamin  ;     albeli ;     rangili ; 


Belles-lettres,  n.  pi.  biddya-ras ;  ilm-i-adab. 
Bell-flower,  n.  ishq-pecba. 
Bell-faunder,  n  ghante  banane,  ya  dhalnc-vala. 
Belligerent,  adj.  lar&ka ;  jangi ;  jo  larai  men 

sbamil  ho ;  jang-ja ;  jodha. 
Bellman,  n.  dhandorcbi ;  dhandore-vala. 
Bell-metal,  n.  bbarat ;  azdhat ;  ashtdhat. 
Bellow,  V.  [H.  ramJbhdnd.'] 



1.  {Hie  a  buU)  dakrinm;  dartkna.         [na» 

±  ffot'ififrxtte^  Chilian^;  chikhna ;  ehilch  mir- 

IWIows,   a.  [A.   S.   bmUf.  H.  btMr€  bug.] 

I.  dhaiuikiii ;  kh&I ;  biuLcL 

^  (^loTtf^)  phepr&  (loDgs). 

kydrostatic  oei  ««Ri,  paa-dhmnnkni 

BaHwetitfi,  a.  ftf^lS-bher. 

'MtHjj  XL  [A.S.  ^«/(^,  E.  iord  a  bftg.]  I 

pet ;  jhend;  jboj ;  dhidh;  adr; 

The  6^%  tiaehai  all  ar^ 

i>^«  «^  ibidU  karitd  koL  Ptov. 

TIm  6e2;y  m  nut  ttUtHl  witJi  fiur  ivordik      Prov; 

C7i«;bii  idtoift  tff  pet  makik  bkartd.  Ftor. 

3.  womb^  kokk;  dliAzaxi;  pet;  kothi;  \mehr 

chardaa;  rehm. 
Bdljr  T.  a.  phalli ;  ubhar  iai ;  &pbam£. 
Bdlj-adift»  n.   pet  IdL  dard;  nui^ri;  (iEucd4> 

ahilnMn  :  qulinj. 
Bdlj-bajuL  a.  petl ;  patka ;  tadg  ;  kunar-baniL 
Bdljboiind,  adj.  jiske  pet  med  ar  ho;  jiae 

(|abz  ho ;  qabs-band. 
BdDtjfU*  Q.  pet-bbaraa ;  bhar-pel 
Bsl^rgod,  n.  babttt  khaoe-Til2;  petft;  kba^; 

BBDj-pindiedt  adj.  bhak£;     bhftka  bangili; 

bhiik-mua ;  pet  ka  m^ri ;  k^  k&  ma ;  kil 

kamara;  oadida. 
Briljtimlltr,  cl  (^lang)  gtqrbi  bharna ;    rOUie 

sokhe  tiikre ;  miiui  kuaai ;  di^.  daliTa. 
BeOywani^  n.  sinnioft ;  gindar ;  kenob^a. 
BiloBgy  T.  a.  [Ger.   bHanjtsn  to  c<>acenx«  H. 

la^i*k]    l.b€  the  profMrty  or\  kis»i  ka  b. ;  mil- 

kiyat  h. ;  baq  \l  ;  haqivac^  pL  niiLk  b. 

Thu  book  Mmtp  to  me.    TffA  nttfri  ib<u6  iot. 
2.    4(^2^   rfslcLtioa  to,   saiubaia>ih     rakhuiL ; 
sarokar  rakbna ;    lagua  ;    taalluq   rakbo^  ; 
ii.u|;i  rakbna.  3.  be  eomnmcted  wHk,    mila    b. ; 
hk^l  h  ;  m^Q  ae  b.;  sbamil  b.;  mulbtq  b. 

-i.  be  includifd  iiL,  men  b.;  shaaiii   b. ;  da- 
khil  b.  [mah. 

Beloiipngs»  n.  mal  o  asbab  ;  chlz-bast ;  lava^ 
BdongiPg  to,  prep,   ka ;  ki ;   ke ;    mutsiaUiq  : 

yake-'jzaa:  aaaa-i-kbas. 
BeloTCd,     a>ij.   pijara  ;  piyan :  cbabiti  :    dil- 
arain;  dil-dar;  mabbQb;  mabbilba;  luiLibCLq  ; 


This  13  mj  hel*ivtd  son.  Teh  mer^  pi^*ird  ftrtti  4tt*. 
0  my  bfhiMiL  ae  men  jaa !  ae  meri  pivari !  be 

priya !  jan-i-man. 

Belov,  adv.  1.  nicbe  ;  tale ;  ler ;  tabt.  [Drrd^a. 

Thii  siid ;  h«  l«d  th«ixi  up  th«  mountaia**  brov» 
An* I  4howeii  th«m  all  th«»  shintug  iitfld»  Mow. 
Y<k  htk  mr%ko  pt^rhitt  ki  c'*y>tl  tkarKd 
Hxrt  kket  niche  die  *t^  dikkd. 

2.0/1   earthy    dbarti    par;     lamlu    par; 
lamin.  ja  dunya  ke  parde  par. 

Z.  tn  h^i,  i^Ltal  men ;  narak  meii:  jabaunum 
men;  taht-ul-sari  men ;  doiakh  m^u. 
Below,  prep,    l.iot^er,  uiohe  ;  tale.  ^,  in/'^nior, 
kaiu;  uiohe.  S.  iuiirorM|fa/.  au-ucbit;  ui-laiq; 
na-munasib  :  baisivat  ke  laiq  oabiii ;  adni. 
j    }j^loir  ^mir,  iitra  hiia  ;  kamti. 

n.  L girdle,  petl ;  patba;  mintaqft;  patti ; 
partala;  kamaisbaad.  'L  {GHttf,)  aamodr^Bo- 
kat&;    ib-Qie.  3.  {Aet.)  miutaqik-barrah. 
4.  (Snrtj,)  pattL    5.  (Jfeai)  mil 
6.  (^rc^)  izara  ;  pa^loL 
heU  of  a  MMy  papl ;  laogar ;  bimail ;  alSbaoi 
hett  of  a  noordy  partala ;  datx 
a  Moulder  bdt,  xl  partalS  :  pattS. 
Bftt^  ▼.  XL  gbema ;  ab&c^  k. ;  halqa  biadhiuL 
B^M^  p.  p.  kamar4>asti. 
BBihinhi  BiAntIt  t.  a.   maila  k. ;  mit^  ^Uii& ; 

dbabbi  diliii;  ainna;  bharni. 
Buiiu%   T.  a.    kkba^  men  bbamft;    sianft; 

latherni ;  latbar  patba^  k. 
Bbhmd*   t.   bil&p  k. ;    rooik ;    ains    bfaamii ; 
aftoe  k. ;  ib  bharna.  [g^T^  ^  <^  >  ^riUivail^ 
BBBonaf^  Q.   btlftp ;    rou^itni;    rojarSt; 
Bmeh,  a.  L  <■  Um^  mU.  takbta.     %.  mtt  \f 
jmatice^  mahkami ;  ai&Iat :  ijlas :  (Cor.)  j^ 
3.  hodjf  of  jttdgee^  hakkiinH-«(&iat ;   siliK 
^tfA<tiMi  6ar.  jalaa-t-adilat ;  hnkkim  o  wiika&» 
ftUl  bendi,  ijlio-i  kiLmiL 

'i  or  qmene  beneK.  yiia^i-ahibL 
T.  a.  I.  crook,  terb&  k. ;  mo^rn2 ;  phenijl ; 
kham  deui.  2.  imcidae^  jhukiLu& ;  tnMil  k.  ; 
mja  k.  S.  app^3r>  la^c^o^ ;  dil  diDii^  jt  jamft- 
n^  4.  middntfy.  baa  OMn  l&ui ;  ler  k. ;  Miiki 
k. ;  ma^flb  k. ;  q&ba  men  I^&. 

5.   baWy  bend  tke   htae^    jhuku&  ;     niTni; 
niburuE  ;  air  jbiikiLua  ;  rukU  men  jSLziiL 
bend  ona'e  (iyes  ikpon,.  mii^k«)  dekbua. 

Bmtduttf  k«r  t}v««  trt^m  txma  to  uiu«>  upoa  k«r  | 

parent.  w.   :<<jvCt.  [^L 

Ghari  jhari  mar  iHur-ia  ijtpne  md  biip  ktf  iitkkfi 
b«md  o/m's  m**y^  cbalua  ;  rab  leua. 
btfmi  the  brow^  bhart^n  cbarhatia«  ja  taaol ;  teori 

meu  bal  dalu^ 
Bi&d»   T.  u\  L  jbokna  :  murua ;  bal  kbioA ; 
terha  bona  :  kham  khaua. 

1.  iJtc&M^  to,  mail  k. ;  ruja  k.  3.  bmdomU 
eowTTte^  muruJI ;    chakriua  ;  phirtia. 
Bend*   u.    [H.  bMk]  bank;  mo^  ;   bed;  tefh; 
kaji '  pber  ;  cbakkar ;  ktiam  ;  pecb. 

Bitmi  \}i  .x  riwr.    l>vry*i  kd  mufr. 

Beaeath»  adv.  uiohe.     St^e  Below,  adr. 
BiMath>  pre(.N  1.  See  Below «  prep. 

3.  wttaorthy  o/,  ui-liiq  (^Below^  3.) 

Tbw  U  'mututh  vv»ur  uoCtw. 
Yfih  iip  ^  k^t^iJtC  kt  JvM4(  mjthik  4a«.  [UUq  mahik 
ben^ith  your  dit/i^Uy,  ap  ke   rutin?  ke>  y&  &p  kd 
Btnedick»  a.  Beuevlicc  bvaha;  katkbudik 
Benediction,  u.  a>u  ;  a.shirl>aa  ;  kalUy^  ;  du&; 

dua-i'khatr  ;  l^rakat  ;  dua  ^va  ;  mubarkL 
Benefaction,  u.  bar  ;    Ik*. a  ;  dau  ;    bakbahiah; 

khairat  ;    atlva ;  via^i  o   diihiab  ;    puu-d&n; 

iuil^m  o  ikr^iu.  [waqt 

pMic  btm-^r^'tion,  aaukalp:  khairat;  ril^h-t>im; 
Bene^Mtor,  u.  data  ;  dtu-da\al  ;  dayavau  ;  ap> 

kari ;  davaU  ;  karuu  ;  moham  ;  taiyaa  ;  pun* 

uiyacina  ;  dbarmi  ;  vUianu>acma.     F&iyiian. 
Bene£actreas,  u.  dayalau;  davavanii ;  Wiaian; 



:8,  n.  Krishn-arpan ;    Panmeshur-het ; 

^au-nimat ;   muafi-i-khauqah,  ji  dar- 

;  haq-i-ira&m. 

^ence,  n.  den ;  upkir ;  karam. 

»iit,  adj.  upk&rlj  mehr-ban;  sakbi;  d&t&; 

kz ;  karini. 

^9  &<)J*  gun-kari  ;  sfid-mand  ;  phal-d&- 

;  achchha  ;  mufid  ;  faida<Diand. 

daily,  adv.  Hude^se. 

,  n.  1.  a  favor   conferredj  kirpa ;  anu- 

;  bakhshish ;  mehr-baai ;  inayat  ;    al- 

ehsan.  [are  fresh. 

Ben^fiUy  like  flowers,  pleMe  most  when  they 
Tazah  ehtdn  tdzepktl,    bdal  ehtdn  bdH  phUl. 
profit,  labh  ;  l&ha ;  pr&pti ;  jaft ;  basil ; 
I ;  faida  ;  nafa. 

K  performance  given  for  one's  hen^/U, 
Eh  9wdny  yd  rdg  tnandU  kisi  he  ttpkdr  lee  liye. 
rf  cUrgy,  khas  haq  padrf  ki  rihai  ka. 
»  V.  a.  bhala  k.;  f^eda  k.^  upk&r  k. 
,  y.  n.  faed&  uth&na  ;  nafa,  j&  ftledil  h. 
lenoe,  n.    1.  good  mU,  bhala  chitna ; 
-khwahi ;  khair-andeshi;  shafqat.  2.  com- 
ry  ratey   bhet-pi^a ;  nazi-ana ;  salami, 
lent,  adj.  khair-khw&h  ;    khair-andesh  ; 
lihad;    nek-niyat;    kbair-sig&l ;   bhal& 

ted,  adj.  rilt  a  gal ;  andheril  ho  gaya. 
»  Benignant,  adj.  shafiq;  khallq;  hallm; 
I ;  mehrban. 

ity,  n.  kirpa ;  mehr-bani;  karam;  altaf ; 
lat ;  liitf.  [mat  se. 

[jt  adv.  kripa  se ;  mehr-bilni  se;  mul&e- 
L,  n.  asis ;  dua.     See  Benediction. 
.  l.^fearure,  jhok;  kaj  ;  mor;  kham. 
tension^  ati  jhok,  ya  kham.  3.  incUna- 
jhukao ;  ragbat ;  mail ;  roail&n.  4.  de- 
nationj  ichchha  ;  qasd  ;  iraJa  ;  azm. 
^j.     1.  curved,  mura-hOa;  kham-dar; 
lidah.    2.  resolute,    dridh ;   jama-hua ; 
JT  bandhe-hue ;  mazbQt. 
T,  {Meek.)  muri  dandi. 
it  on  Mischief,  shar&rat  ke  sir  bona, 
t>,  V.  a.  thitrana ;  sun  k.;  akran&. 
e,  V.  a.  saiihnil ;  ba|-ai  k. ;  tailf  k. 
L,  n.  loban. 

th,  V.  de-mam&  ;  chhor  mama;  de-j&na; 
likh  dena;  vasiyat  men  dena;  tarka 
hiba  k. 

I  for  a  public  purpose,  rif&h-i-ani   ke 
waqfk.;  sankalp  k.;  waqfk. 
;,  n.  saAkalp;  waqf;    tarkah;    mil-i- 
h  ;  mal-i-matrukah. 
bequest,  hiba-qatai. 
bequest,  biba-muqaddam. 
S  Y.  a.  le-len& ;  chbin  len&. 
nnent,  n.  ganii ;  maut ;  mauta. 
p.  p.  hidi ;  bin  ;  khali. 
^  means,  bcHvasiU. 
.  pah&r ;  bim-ichal ;  koh-barftni. 
1.  [H.  ber]  plum,  ber ;  pipli;  barkaula. 
D.  1.  cabin,  jahaz  \Sk  kamrah. 



2,  a  poH,   naakri;  asami;  ohdah;  jagah.  I 
to  give  a  wide  berth  to,  dar,  y%  pare  rahni. 
Berjl,  n.  firosa.  [Sjiti  k. ;  girgi^fani. 

Beseech,  V.  a.  bint!  k.;    mint!  k.;   minnat  k. ; 
BeseeiB^   y.    [H.  bkdnd]  sohn&;  zeba  h.;  jog 

b.;  shaist&  h.;  munftsib  h. ;  laiq  h. 
Beset,  y.  a.    I.  hem  tn,   ghem&;    gher   lenil; 
gheril  dalna;   muh&srah  k.  [gkerliyd. 

We  ar«  bent  with  thieves.     Choroh  ne  kamek 
2.  fall  upon,  a  parni;  tQtparni;  charh- 
na  ;  charh  janl.  [k.;  &jiz  k. ;  bairan  L 

8.  harass,  tang  k. ;  satana;  nak  men  dam 
Beshrew,  y.  a.  [A.  S.  searwa  =  Skr.  srap,  H. 
hos  curse]    kosna;  kosn&-k&tu&;    kalapna; 
sariLp  d.  ;  dusisi^ ;  bad-du&  d. 
Bdshiew  kbn,  int  ag  lage ;  bhUr  men  ja^ 
Beside,  prep.  1.  wear,  pas;   nere;   kane ;    sar 
mlp ;  nikat ;  lag  bhi^ ;  as  {mIs  ;  dhore  ;  ore 
dhore;    nasdik;    pahla  men;     muttasil; 
qarib.    2.  distinct  from,  pare  ;   alag ;    aur  ; 
nijari;  bacha-hu&;  juda.  [MAor. 

Betide  the  question.    Baks,   yd  muqaddama  se 
Beside  the  purpose.  MaUab  se  hdkar, 
beside  oneself,  ape  meA  nahin ;  ape  se  b&har ; 

az  khud-raltah ;  be-ipe;  be-khud. 

Besides,  adv.  aur ;  flpar ;  filtG  ;  uprint ;  ziyi- 

dah ;  sivEe  iske ;  mft-siva  ;  alawE.  [sivE  iske. 

besides  that,  aur  yeh  bai ;  alavah  barto ;    ma- 

to  be  beside  one's  self,  ape  se  b&har  bona;  az- 

khud-raftah  h. 
Besiege,  v.a.gherad&ln&;  gher  len&;  muh&sr&k. 
Besieged,  n.  ghire-hue ;  roahstlrin. 
Besieger,  n.  gberfl  dalne-v&le ;  muhSsirln. 
Beslayer,  Beslobber,  v.  a.  thak  chatna ;  ch&p- 
lusik.;  khuaye  sahlana;  khushamadkibatenk. 
Bealime,  Bennear,  v.  a.    1.  bedaub,  chuparni ; 
til§  k.  2.  foul ;  bi^Urni ;  lathepia  ;  bhamS ; 
aladah  k.     8.  disgrace,  rusyi  k.;  ab  ya  lali 
bigarna ;  pagii  utami.  [sohni ;  jarob. 

Beaom,  n  [H.  buhdru]  jharti ;  buhari ;  barhni; 
^etomof  destruction.  Tabdhi  ki  jkdri. 

Besot,  v.  a.  1.  stupefy,  be-hosh  k. ;  madhosh  k.; 
nashe  men  ullQ  k.  2.  infatuate,  pagal  banani ; 
div&na  k. ;  saudai  k. 
Bespangle,  v.  a.  sitare  lagina  ;  bindi,  pot,  ya 

shisha  lagani  ;  afshfca  k. ;  afshaii  chunnX. 
Bei^atter,   v.   a.     1.    soil,   bigaru&;    ohhlnte 
dalua ;  gandS  k. ;  ni-pik,  y a  kharab  k. 

2.  asperse,  kalank  lagiua ;  battt  laginS; 
tobmat,  bohtan,  ya  dag  la^a ;  barf  Una. 
Bespeak,  y.  a.  fannan& ;  hukm  d. 
Besprinkle,  y.  a.  chhiraknft ;    chhirkiio  k. ;  ab- 

jwLshi  L  ;  cbhintna ;  chhinte  d&lna. 
besprinkle  with  rose  water,  gulab  ohhirakna ; 

gidab-p&shl  k. 
Best,  adj.  achcbhe  se  aohcbha ;    sab  se  ach- 
chha ;  bbale  se  bhala ;  uttam  ;  siresht ;  um- 
dah  ;  tohfa ;  aula  ;  afzal ;  ahsan,  behtarin. 
The  best  is  best  till  better  is  found. 
Hoi  hektar  yeh  jab  iak  ki  bdOar  mUe.  [luUhih  Prov. 
The  6«ft  is  best  cheap.    Prov.   Kamkhmrek  bdlA- 
The  6€si  of  it  is.  Tsarfd  fytkhai. 



at  its  best,  ur&j  par ;  bahar  par ;  joban  par. 
make  the  best  of,  bare  bhale  nibahna ;    jaise 

banc  vaise  k&m  nikalnil ;  bhugatn&  ;  nibahna. 
make  the  best  of  one's  time,  vaqtkohathse  nadena. 
tlie  best  man,  dQlba ;  sbabbala  (bride's  man). 
io  do  one*s  best,  apne  par  basate  sab  kuchh  k. ; 

apnc  jante  khQh  koshish  k.  ;   hat-ul-maqdfir 

zor  marua. 
to  put  one's  best  leg  foremost,  chalta  pSlon   &ge 

dharna ;  himmat  k. 
Bestial)  adj.  [H.  bhtshtaf]   bhishtal;  bhirasbt; 

pashil'saman ;  jiliivar-ki-Bi;  haiv&ni;  haivan- 

sii-at;  haivan-khaslat. 
Bestiality,  n.   bhirashttai;   n&-paki;    baiv&ni- 

yat ;  nafsanyat.     See  Penal  Code. 
Bestir,  v.  a.  hath  pair  inSUuft ;  sir  ^r!  pair 

paly  a  k.  ;  daur  dhup  k. ;  kb&b  koshish  k.  ; 

jad  o  jahad  k. ;  sal  k. 
to  bestir  oneself^  kasmasan^  ;  pahlQ  badalni. 
Bestow,  v.  a.  [A.  S.  steow,  Skr.  stha  place] 

1.  place,  dharna  ;  rakhna  ;  tikana. 

2.  confer,  de-dalna  ;  deoi ;  bakhshish  k.; 
ata  k. ;  inayat  k.;  marahmat  k.  3.  (cu  cha- 
rity) dan  k. ;  pun  k.;  khairatk.  4.  (in  mar- 
riage) sagai  k. ;  mangni  k. ;  byahna. 

5.  apply,  lag-ana ;  kharch  k. ;  sarf  k.  [aUl. 
Bestowal,  n.   dcna ;    dan ;    bakhshish  ;   aim; 
Bestrew,  v.  a.  chhirakna;  bakhema;  khindana. 
See  Strew.  [var  h. 

Bestride,  v.  n.  charh   baithna  ;  savari  k. ;  sa- 
Bet,  n.  hor ;  daoi'i  ;  bazi ;  biird  ;  shart. 
Bet.  V.  a.  [H.  bad]  budna;  hor  ya  shart  badna; 
daoii  lagana. 

I  het  you,  you  can't  do  that 

Main  shart  lagdtd  hUh  hi  turn  nah^  Icar  sakU. 

Betake,  v.  a.  lagna ;  rnju  b.  ;  mutavaj.jah  h. 
Ho  betool-  himself  to  flight.  Woh  hhag  niUa. 

Betel,  Betel  leaf,  n.  pan  ;   tambol-patr  ;  barg- 

betfl  6r>^, pan-batU ;  pitari;  pan-dan;  khasdan. 
betel  plant,  nagar-bel. 
betel  seller,  panvan  ;  tamboli 
prepared  betel,  bm  ;  khili  ;  gilauri. 
Betelnut,  n.  chhaliya  ;  supari ;  kasaili ;  phal. 
Bethink,  v.  n.  sochna  ;  bujhna.     See  Think. 
Betide,  v.  n.  [H.  bitnd,  Skr.  byatit] 

"iii-parna  ;    ana  ;      a-jana  ;    bitna  ;      bona  ; 

pcsli  ana  ;    gnzama ;  vaqe  h.  ;  nazil  h. 
Wh.itever  may  betide.     Kuchh  hi  ho. 

Betimes,  Betime,  adv.  savere  ;  ago;  pahle  ;  bar- 

viKit :  vaqt  se  ;  thlk  vaqt  par  ;  bar-mahal. 

To  rine  betimes  in  often  harder  than   to  do  all 

the  (lay'H  work.  Barrow.  Snvtre  uthnd  aksar 

$dre  din  Ice  kdmoh  se  mushkU  hat.  [Shak, 

He  tires  hetimts  that  spurs  too  fast  betimes. 

JaUH  daare  so  jcUdi  hare.  Prov. 

Betoken,  v.  a.  batlanS, ;  jatan^  ;  chin,  ya  lach- 

cbhan  dikhana  ;  alamat   zahir  k.;  dalalat  k. 
Betray,  v.  a.  1.  give   vp  treacherously,  daga  so 

dushman  ke  hnvale  k.,  ya  pakarva  dena.  2. 

mislead,    bhulaiia;    bahkana^  gum-rah    k. ; 

dhoka   d. ;  ulti   rah   batana ;  3.  close,   bhed 


kholna ;    bhanda  phorna ;    pard&    f^h  k. ; 
fash,  ifsha,  y&  ashkara  k.    4.  show,  dikhana ; 
jatan^  ;  pata  dena  ;  zahIr  k. ;  khol  dena. 
to  betray   one's  secret,  raz  ifsha  k. ;     bhanda 

phorna ;  bhed  kholna. 
Betrayer,  n.  kaptl;  daga-baz ;  be-vaflL 
Betroth,  n.  sa^I  k.;  madgni  k  ;  sambandh  k.; 
nisbat,  ya  mansflb  k.  [ropna  ;  nisbat. 

Betrothal,   Betrothment,  n.  sagal;    mangni; 
Betrothed,  adj.  sagai-bul ;   mangni-hui ;  mange- 
tar  ;  mansiib. 
Better,  adj.  [P.  behtar,  Skr.  hhadra  good]  ach- 
chha;  bhala;  behtar;  aula. 

He  is  better  than  I.    Voh  tnujh  te  achchhd  haL 

He  is  better  now.     Vohab  achchhd  haL 

Half  a  loaf  is  better  than  no  bread.  Prov, 

An-hot  te  ddhi  bhaU.  Prov. 

It  is  all  the  better.    Tohhi  bekUxr  yd  sahl. 

It  is  better  to  trust  in  the  Lord  than  to  put 

confidence  in  princes. 
Parmeshar  par  bharotd  rakhnd  rdjdoh  fe  bhor 
roan  rakhne  u  achchhd  hai. 

better  of,  khata-pita  ;  asQdah-hal ;  khush-hal. 
to  get  the  better  of  one,  kisl  se  age  barhna  ;  kisi 

par  galib  ana,  ya  sabqat  le-jana. 
(yn?s  better  half,  ardhangi ;  pran-priya. 
for  better  or  worse,  jo  ho  so  ho ;   chkhe  bhala, 

chahe  bar&  ho. 
Better,  v.  a.  banana;    sanvamE;    sudhama; 

barhana ;  behtar,  rast,  durust  ya  islah  k. 

Love  betteri  what  is  best.  Words, 

lahq  kar  detd  hai  behtar  ho  bhl  us  se  behtar. 

Betters,  n.  superiors,  bare;  achchhe;  achchhon; 

I  have  seen  your  betters. 
Main  we  tumhdre  achchhoii  ko  dekh  liyd  hai. 
Betting,  n.  hor,  ya  bazi  lagana ;  shart  budna. 
Between,  Betwixt,  prep,  bich  ;  bich  men ;  men ; 
darmiyan  ;  mabain. 

Between  two  stools  he  fell  to  the  ground.   Tror. 
Dubdhdmehdono  gae,  mdyd  Rdm.  Prov. 
between  ourselves,  ham  turn  men;  ham  men  tum 

This  is  between  ourselves. 
Yeh  bdt  ham  tum  men  hi  rahe. 

Beverage,  n.  daru;    bhang;    shaiub;    kashid; 

mad  ;  arq ;  sharbat. 
Bevy,   n.     1.    (of  birds),  jhund;  tukri;    gat; 
jhillar;  bar;  gol.   2.  company,  mundW ;  toll; 
jhund;  jhiimar;  jliurniat ;  para;  gol. 
Bewail,  v.  n.  hath  roalna;  afsos  k.;  rona. 
Beware,   v.   n.   savadhan  h.;    khabar-dar  h.; 
agah  h. ;  hoshiyar  h. ;  chaukas  rahna. 

Beware  of  the  dog !  Kutte  se  khabar-ddr  raho  t 
Beware  of  him  who  regards  not  hia  reputation. 

Prov.    Jo  apnl  UzcU  se  na  dare  usse  darye. 
Beware  of  all,  but  most  beware  of  man.  Pope. 
Chaukas  rah'iye  sab  «e, par  sab  se  chaukas  nar  se- 

Bewilder,  v.  a.  bhatkana;  bhulana;  gbabrana; 
gumrah  k.;  sar-gardau  k.;  pareshan  k. ; 
hai  rati  k. 

Bewildered,  adj.  bhula-bhatka;  harbaraya-hua ; 
ghabraya-hua ;  gumrah  ;  sar-gardan  ;  par- 
eshan; havas-bakhtah;  paragandah;  hairan. 


Bewilderment,  n.  ghabr&hat ;     sar-gardanl ; 

paresh&Dl ;  hairioi ;  paragandag!. 
Bewitch,  V.  a.  1.  afftci  hy  vntchcraft^  jadG  k.  ; 
ton&  k.;  mdth  phenkna;  mantr  k.;  muth-oba- 
laii&  ;  afsQn  k.;  tilism  k.;  sehr  k.  2.  ftuci- 
ncUe,  mohua  ;  rijhana ;  lubhana ;  bilmana ; 
&refta,  y&  maftQu  k. ;  &sbiq  kar  lena. 

The  charms  of  poetry  bewitch  oufsouIb.   Dryden. 
SkAin  dU^fareU  hai. 

Bevitehing,  adj.  mobni ;  cbit-cbor ;  roan-lei^ ; 
Inbh&Q;    dil-fareb;      faslin-s&z;    dil-ruba; 
jida-cbashm ;  sebr-amez. 
Bqrend,  adv.  pare ;  udbar ;  p&r ;  dur ;  us-taraf. 
bepond  expectation^  ummed  se  bahar. 
B^ond,  prep.  [A.  S.  ^eo/id.]  1.  on  the  further 
die  of^  p&r;  parle-par  ;  udbar  ;  dusri  taraf. 
Beyond  the  sea.    Samandar  par. 
2.  above,  bahar ;  barbti ;  ziyada ;  sivae. 
It  is  beifond  my  power. 
Mere  ikhtiydr  se  bdhar  hat, 
Beyofnd  one's  reach.   QAbU  se  h&har ,  pahuneh 
se  bdhtKT.  '  [bdKar. 

Bepond  one*s  means.   HaisiycU,  yd  fnaqdUr  se 
Z.  farther  than,  dOr;  bahar;  age  ;  pare. 
heymd  the  limits  of  the  said  territories, 

qabtmrau  mazkur  ke  babar;  us  ilaqe  ki 
badd  se  babar. 
beyond  oneself,  ape  se  babar  ;  az-khud-raftab. 
I  ffo  beyond,  badd  se  guzarua ;  tajavuz  k. 
BeMl,  Bexil,  n.  kagar ;  bar 
Beioar,  n.  zabr-bad  ;  zabr-mobnl ;  tiriyaq. 
BL[Lat.  bis,  S\T,dva,  H.<fePer.  do]  (Incomp,)h^ 
BJangnlate,  Biangnlated,  Biangolar,  n.  du- 

koniya  ;  dq  kone-dar ;  do-gosbL 
Bias,  n.  [Fr.  biads.  It.  sbrissare,  H.  phiealnd  to 
slip],  pas ;  pacb  ;  mail ;  mail&n  ;  taraf-dar! ; 
iltifat  ;  taassub.  [pas  k. 

Bias,  y.  a.  mail  L;  rilgib  k.;  6k  tarf  jhnkn&; 
Bias,  adv.  an ;  ureb  ;  urebvan  ;  katarv&n. 
Bib^  n.  gaddl. 
Bil^  v.  D.  [Lat.  bibo,  Skr.  pd,  H.  pi  drink] 

cbiiski  lena ;  gbunt  bbama. 
Bibacions,  adj.  mad-priya;    ma^parast;    sba- 
rabi;  badah-kasb;  sharab-kbuar.         [sbap. 
BibUe,  Babble,  n.  bakvas ;   jbak ;  zatal ;  gap- 
BiUe,  n.  kitab-i-muqaddas ;  anjil  aur  taumit. 
Believers  in  the  Bible,  i.  e.  Christians,  Jews, 
and  MusalmanSy  Ahl-i-kitab. 

the  Hindu  bible,  bed ;  ved ;  grantb ;  shastar. 

the  Musalman's  bible,  qunln. 

the  new  Testament,  anjTl ;  abd-nama-i-jadld. 

the  old  Testament,  taurait ;  abd-u&ma-i-atiq. 

BiMeoath,  n.  anjil  ki  qasam ;  quran  ki  qasam. 

Hblical,  adj.  kitabi;  pustakT. 

Bibliography,   n.     pusbtakbiddya ;      grantb 

biddy&  ;  kit&bi-ilm. 
BiUiolatry,  n.   potbi-ptijan  ;     pustak-pfijan  ; 

Bfldiology,  n.  ilm-ikitab ;  kit&bl  ilm. 
BibliomaiLGy,  n.  fal ;  pu^htak  se  shugOn  lena. 
BiUJomania,  n.  kit&b  ka  hauka. 
BiWomaiiiac,  n.  kitabon  ka  klr& ;  kit&bl  klr&. 
Bibliophile,  n.  sbauqfn-i-kitab. 



Bibliotheca,    n.    girantb-alae ;    kutub-kbanil ; 

kitab-gbar  ;    majma-ul-uliim  ;    makbzan-ul- 

ulQm.  [khana. 

Bibliothecary,  n.  darogab,  ya  mubafiz-i-kutub- 

BibaloOB,  adj.  1.  ab-kasb  ;  jazib. 

2.  mai-parast ;  sbarSlbi ;  mai-kbuar. 
Bi-capsolar,  adj.  (Bot.)  du-dodya. 
Bicephalons,  adj.  du-sira ;  du-magza. 
Bicker,  v.  n.  kbat-pat  k.;  nok-jbok  k.;    jbagra 

k. ;  larna ;  jbagarna ;  tanta  k. ;  rar  k. 
Bickering,  n.  jbagnL ;  tantk  ;  jbarap  ;   noka- 
•    jbokl 
Bi-color,  adj.  du-rang&;  du-rangi;  dbup-chbau; 

ganga-jamni ;  cbap  ;  kiial ;  ablaq. 
Bi-comous,  adj.  dii-8ingl ;  du-siaga;  du-sbakba. 
Bi-corporal,  ady.  dobre-badan-ka ;  mota  (fat) ; 

Bi-cmral,  adj.  du-tanglL ;  du-paya. 
Bi-cnspid,  adj.  jarh  (grinders) ;  du-noka. 

Bid,  n.  boll ;  dam. 

Any  bid  for  this  1    Isle  waste  hiy&  dam  f 
Bid,  V.  a.  [Skr.  vad  speak]. 

1.  order,  aggya  k.;  irabad  k.;  bukm  k. 
Do  as  you  are  bidden,  and  youMl   never  bear 

blame.    Hukm  bajdo,  dosh  na  pdo  I 

2.  call,  invite,  bulana  ;  nautna  ;  davat  k. 
1  tLmbid  forth  to  supper. 

Mi^he  jeon&r  k&  bul6v&  haL 

3.  offer  a  price,  boll  bulna ;  dam  lagaua. 
to  bid  at  an  auction,  boll  bolua ;  dak  bolna. 

it  bids  fair,  as  bandbti  bai ;  ummed  bai. 

bid  farewell  or  adieu,  bida   k. ;    Kbuda-bafiz 

bid  goodday,   rukbsat  k. ;    kbair-bad    kabna ; 

bandngi  k. ;  salam  k. ;  Allab-bafiz  kabua. 
to  bid  God-speed,  Allah-b&Bz  kabna  ;    Ram  ko 

saunpna ;  Kbuda  ke  supurd  k. :  Allab  nigcb- 

ban  kabna. 
Bidder,  n.  boll  bolne-vala. 
to  be  sold  to  the  highest  bidder,  barbti  boU  ko 

bikna ;  ziyada  bolne-vale  kc  nam  cbbutna. 
Bidding,  n.  aggya ;  farman;  farmaisb;  irsh&d; 


To  do  one's  bidding.    Hulem  bajd  ISna  ;  Ifggyd 
anus&r  Ic, ;  hah&  mSnna ;  tdmil-i-hukm  k. 
Bide,  [A.  S.  hidan],  v.  n.  See  Abide. 
Bide,  V.  a.  1.  endure.  See  Bear  (3).  2.  wait  for, 
ausar  takna ;  sabr  k.;  mauqa  dekhua. 

I'll  bide  my  time.    Apnd  mauqd  dekhUhgd. 

Gh&t  men  rahnhgd. 
McUh  mauqd  dekhra?M  huh,  [dfint  hon. 

Bidental,  adj.  du-dan(&  ;    du-sbal ;  jiske    do 
Biennial,  adj.  {Bot.)  du-barsi ;  du-sala. 
biennial  settlement,  band  o  bast  du-sala. 
Bier,  n.  artb! ;  bivan  ;  buii  (Wom);  sirbi ;  kat 

ki  gbori  (Poet.) ;  janaza. 
Bifer,  n.  (Bot.)  du-fasli  pauda;  dumrczi. 
Bifid,  adj.  (Bot.)  du-chira. 
Bifidate,  Bifidated,  adj.  cbira-hua ;  chak-shuda. 
Biflorous,   adj.  (Bot.)  du-phulli;  du-bute-dar; 

do  pbiil-dar  ;    do-phulya. 
Bifol^  adj.  dobra  ;   do-tab.  [barga. 

Bifoliate,  adj.  du-pattiya;  du-patte-dar;  du- 


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Bi^^.   -    ;   V''     ^  -.1  't 

li^^n.    ■  -...:    :■•... -r.--       ::'-.^-«*. -. 

3i- w   •   I  ••■•.    -i- •.*.: 

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•rr?,.-7'.-:     —  :•■  ;uz?.     n^~'     *-:^^.    ":»   iIa"Z  iSc 
-  ^'.11      :  .H'.-i-!!.— k.r. 

^  .  •    .f     ■       r. 


•■  ■     ;■:.  ■■:.?/      71 
— •«    I       1^1.  ill  J. 

>.         -  ■       •    .    i    -  >   w"   •:  ■-. 
^n    ".>*■■    '     —"■.■'■'.•'■  1-- J? 
•ii     ■."■4      •  i-  •  i.  .v,i-.ift*:ah. 


;....,     .        *  ■■  ■  -.^  ••■  .■^-  --V    "A'V 



Vmeny  measure,  da-t&l;  da-t&l&.         [aus-nam. 

\Uary  nomenclaturej  jins  o  fasal  nam ;    Barb- 

BDUla»  Bmoua,  adj.  1.  jotia ;  jofe-d&r ;  tuam. 

3.  (Bot.)  du-pattiya. 

Bimd,  Y.  a.  [Pen.  hand,  Skr.  &  H.  handh,] 

I.  tie  together,  bandbn&;  gathri,  gattbi,  ya 

gaddl  bandhna  ;  ek  jagah,  y&  ildiatU  bandh- 

nil;  inil&-ke  bandhnl. 

Bind  them  in  bundles  !    Oaddiydh  hdMh  lo  f 
Bind  eo  m  you  may  unbind.  Prov. 

4i9d  bdhdko  ki  kkol  tako, 

S.  (a  book)  pattba  cbarb&n&;  jild  bindhni. 

3.  make  fast,  pakkft  k.;  drir  k.;  mazbtit  k.; 

mohkam  k.;  oiustalikam  k.  [uthd.  Prov. 

Bind  fast*  find  fast.    Prov.   S<Mhdlrakh,  gi» 

4.  enwrap,  lapetnft ;  bindho^. 
Bind  op  my  wounds !   ZakhmoA  ko  hdhdk  do/ 

5.  enchain,  bindb  len& ;  jakarna ;  hat-kari» 
fi  beryan  d^na;  musbken  b&ndhii& ;  gitiftilr 
L;  qaid  k.  ( 

6.  restrain,  b&ndhn& ;  rokn^ ;  b&z  rakhni. 

7.  congeal,  jam&na.  [jiud  hau 
Frost  binds  the  stream.    POle  m  iidld  jam 

8.  moke  eoetive,  ar  k. ;  qabz  k. 
Certain  food  bindt  the  bowelf . 
Bdz  gitd  qabz  harH  koL 

9.  oblige  by  kindness,  ehsaa  se  Ul&dbna ; 
mamnun  k. ;  ehs&iimaQd  k. 

10.  oblige  by  contract,  abd-u&ma  likbv&ii&; 

shart  kaiiln& ;  p&-band  k.  [y&  8au&pn&. 

IMt  appreniice,  abagird  k. ;  sbagirdi  men  l&na, 

bind  by  oath,  qasam  len& ;  bacbaa  lena. 

hind  over,   1.  bukman  talab   k. ;  saman  bhej- 

kar  talab  k.    2.  hSLzir-z&minl,  y&  fel-sdUninl 

lena.  (bOr  k. 

hind  to,  b&&dhn& ;  sambandb  k. ;  zor  k. ;  maj- 

hind  up  in,  mil  j&na ;  jot  men  jot  sam&nSl ;  ek 

jigar  ho  jana  ;  lau  lin  b. ;  dori  lagni. 

His  life  U  bound  up  in  the  lad's  life.  [koL 

Usk%  tindgH  vske  lafke  ki  Mlndgi  ke  tdth  la0  kul 

Biaier,  u.  1.  one  who  binds,  bafidbanyi;  ban- 
dhanh&r;  bandkne-w&UL  2.  bondage,  ban- 
dhan ;  patti ;  band.  3.  astringent,  qabii* 

hook-binder,  jild-fi&z ;  jild-gar. 

Binding,  n.  1.  See  Binder  2.  [daftL 

2.  cover  of  a  book,  gattS;  pattbi;  jQd; 

Bfaiding,  adj.  vajib ;  lazim ;  vasiq. 

nudwiUy  binding,  lazim  malzum. 

Bmdwaed,  n.  bel ;  lattar. 

Vm,  n.  [Lat.  vinea,  vine,  H.  bel,  Litb.  pin^, 
H.  lipatnd  to  twine]  bel  Isa  sut. 

BiBooalar,  adj.  du-ankha;  du-cbasbmft. 

Blaoevlara,  n.  du-nall,  y&  du-ankbi  durbin. 

l»fa«m^^j  adj.  1.  (Maih,)  do-adadl. 

2.  (Bot.)  See  Binary.  [usul. 

KBomial  theorem,    do  adad  ki  phail&vat  k& 

BiBomialy  n.  jur?a&  ftnkh ;  do-adadi  miqdar. 

Biiotcnioilt,  adj.  do-euriL  [navis ;  r&vL 

Biog;ripher,  n.  birtUnt  likhne-v&l&;  tazkara- 

Bfegxmpliie,  Biographical,  adj.  birtilntik;  taz- 
ke  mntaalliq;  birtant  sambandhl. 


Biography,  n.  birtant;  tazkara;  aaor-guzasht; 

Biology,  n.jiu-biddya;  ilm-i-bay&t. 
Biological,  a^j.  mutaalliq-i-ilm-i-hayat. 
Biparons,  adj.  ek  sath  do  bachcbe  dene -vale. 
Bipartite,  adj.  do-bb&ga;  do-juzl.    [uisfa-nisfi. 
Bipartition,  n.  &dbam-^b;  adliam-ud;  tansif; 
Biped,  adj .  [Lat.  bi  =  H,bd  two ;  Lat.  pedes  =  S. 

pad  foot  dwi-pad ,  do  pSon-vala ;  du-paya. 
Bipennated,  adj.   do-pankb-v&la;   do-paukhi; 

Bi-pinnate,  a4j.  (Bot.)  dohra-paril&. 
Biq[iiadrate,  n.  mal-ul-mal ;  chautbi  quTTat,  ya 
cbarhao ;  murabbe  k&  murabba.    [bed ;  ket. 
Birch,  11.    1.  a  tree,  sanobar  ka  pef.     2.  cane. 
Birchen,  adj.  sauobrl. 

Bird,  n.  paldieru ;  'ohiriyft ;  pakshi ;  panchbi ; 
bibant; ;  parind  ;  t&ir ;  mnrg  (fowl). 

Birds  of  a  feather  flock  together.  Proy. 

Urth  ebirfM  ikkatti  ek  rakg  kt 
{kunad  ham  jins  bd  ham-jins  parwib.  P.  PtoT.) 
To  kill  two  birds  with  one  atone. 
Ek  panth,do  k^,  Prov.  (One  means,  twoendsV 
A  bird  in  the  lurnd  is  worth  two  in  the  bush. 
Prov.  Nau  tmqd  na  terd  udhSr,  Prov. 

(Kine  cash  better  than  thirteen  credit.) 

,  n.  pinjril ;  ^bak ;  qafas.       [salyad. 

Birdcatcher,  n.   cbiri-ro&r;    bbeljil;   pardhi; 

Birdaeye-Yiew,  n.  cbil  kl  nazar;  Onche,  y& 
isman  se  dekbna. 

Birdlime,  n.  lasa. 

Birdsnest,  gbo^la ;  kbot& ;  &8by&n&. 

Birr,  v.  n.  ghar  gbar  k. ;  ghan  gban  k. ;  ghu- 
mar  gbumar  k. 

Birth,  n.  [A.  S.  beordh,  byrd,  H.  bynnd,  Gotb. 
gdbaurths,  Skr.  garbh,  H.  gydbh.]  I.  act  of 
coming,  janam ;  paidaisb ;  vil&dat.  2.  extrae- 
tion,  bans ;  vansb ;  gbaiiUia ;  utpat ;  nikas ; 
kh&ndan ;  nasi ;  bunyad ;  asaL  3.  inJ^erited 
rank,  got ;  al ;  pusbtaini  khit&b,  y&  darja. 

4.  production,  utpan ;  paid&ish ;  tawallud. 
Poets  are  fwc  rarer  births  than  kings. 
Bddshdh  bahtU,  shdir  kam. 

5.  act  of  bringing  forth,  j5pi;    jannS; 
(animals)  byana,  dena,  biyant. 

birth'day,  janam  din ;   bars-g&nth ;   sal-girah ; 

yaum-i-  v  iladat ;  roz-i  -paidaisb. 
birthrplaee,  janam-bbum ;  janam-asthan ;  jae- 

paidayash;  zad-bQm;  maulad.  [paidayasb. 
birth-right,  janam-adbkar;    maurO^;    baq-i- 
to  give  birth  to,  paid&  k. ;  janni. 
Birthsong,  n.   bolar;  jacbcb&-glri;  badhaya; 

badbal;  bihm. 
Birthwort,  n.  1.  (long),  zarawand-taTH.  (1) 

2.  (round),  zarawand-mudawir.  (1) 
Biscuit,  n.  [Lat  bis  =  H.  du-bdrd,  &  Fr.  cuit 

=■  H.  pakdrhu&\  a  kind  of  hard  bread,  mathp; 

tikiya;  tikkl;  raattbi;  qure. 
Bisect,  V.  [Lat.  bis  =  H.  do,  Lat.  seco,  A.  shaq, 

seetum- H.  kala\  do  tuk  k. ;  sambbag  k. ; 

do  barabar  tukre  k. ;  do  bisse  k. ;  &dbam  ad 

k. ;  bich  men  se  k&tn&. 





Bisection,  n.  sam-bbag  ;  do  barabar  ke  tukre ; 

do  qaU  ;  do  hisse ;  &dham  Qd  ;  nisfft  nisfi. 
Biserial,  adj.  do  silsilon-ksl ;  dobia  silsile-v&r. 
Bisezoal,  adj.  (Bot.)  nar-m&da  mi)&-hue. 
Bishop,  D.  L  bar&  l&th-padri.  2.  (Chess)  rukh. 
Bismntii,  n.  phal ;  phul-k&nsL 
Bissextile,  n.  s^l-i-kabisah ;  barkb-adhik. 
Bit,  D.  [A.  S.  bitolf  gehcUelj  Ger.  gdnsz,  from 

bitan  to  bite]  1.  curb,  dah&nIL ;  nab&rf. 

2.  morsel,  niv&la ;  giras ;  kaur ;  luqmi. 

3.  small  piece,  tukr& ;  phank ;  kiracb  ; 
dalT ;  chit;  p&rchS;  purzi.  4.  smallest  degree, 
zar^-sfi ;  kuchb  bh! ;  tanak  sa ;  bahut  thor&. 

5.  (a  tool)  barmil. 

Not  a  hU  the  better  or  worse. 

Kamtl  na  barh^,  joh  led  tok. 

Kuehh  bhcUe  na  bure  ;  joh  ke  toh. 
bit  by  bit,  thor&  thor& ;  raftab  raftah. 
eight-anna  bit,  ath-anni ;  dheli ;  t&li. 
four-anna  bit,  paola ;  chav-aDnl ;  masha. 
two-anna  bit,  du-annl. 
Bitch,  D.  kutly&;  kutti;  kukri. 

An  October  bitch.    Kdtak  hi  lutiyd 
Bite,  y.  a.  [A.  S.  bitan,  H.  burkl  a  bite]. 
\,  c\U  with  the  teeth,  katni;  ph&^;  k&t 
kban& ;  bhanborn& ;  biirkl  bham&. 

If  you  cannot  bUe  never  show  your  teeih.Proy. 

Kdi  taho  na  dAht  dikhHo, 

2.  pain,  lagna  ;  chirm  ir&nS;  jal&nH.  rjUt. 
Pepper  bites  the  mouth.  Mitch  se  nMhh  jaltd 
Frfwte  bite  the  meads. 

Pdldjahgal  ho  mdr  j&td.  hai,  [thftmbnS. 

3.  taJce  hold  of,   pakarna ;    pakav  lena; 

The  anchor  bUes  the  ground. 
Langar  zamin  pakar  ikd  hai, 

4.  tcdce  a  bait,  mQnh  marn&. 

5.  cheat,  thagn& ;  chhalnft ;  jul  d. 

bite  the  dust  or  the  ground,  khet  rahna ;  kam 

ana;  m&rajana. 
bite  the  lips,  hoiith  chab&na ;  honth  kStn^. 
to  bite   (a  snake)  dasDi ;  kat  khanii ;  (a  wasp) 

dank  mam&.  [y&  chiplna. 

to  bite  OTie's  thumb  at  one,  angtithi  dikhana ; 
Bite,  n.  I,  seizure  by  the  teeth,    burk&;   bu^ki. 

2.  (a  fish  taking  the  bait)  chhef. 

3.  checU,  dhoka  (Cheat). 

Biter,  n.  1 .  one  who  bites,  kataha ;  kat-kbanil ; 
(a  horse)  mfliih-marfl ;  mozaglr. 

Great  barkers  are  no  fitters.  Prov. 

Jo  bhatiukie  haiH  to  kdUe  nahth, 
(Jo  garajte  haih  eo  baraste  noKin.  Prov. 

Clouds  that  thunder  dont  rain). 
2.  a  cheat,  daga-baz ;  chhaliya  (Cheat). 

The  biter  bit.     1.  Chor  ke  ghar  mor.         Prov. 
2.  Jaise  ho  tai*d.     Prov.     (As  yoti  were). 

Bi-temate,  n.  (Bot)  dohra-ti-patya. 

Biting,  adj.  1.  piercing,  toz;  sakht. 
2.  sarcastic,  chubhtT;  taiia-amez. 

biting  toords,  chubhti-hui  baten. 

Bitnoben,  n.  churan  ;  nafte  ka  namak. 

Bittacle,  n.  See  Hinimcle. 

Bitter,  adj.  1.  karva;  tlta ;  nlm  ;  talkh. 

Bitter  aloes.  Kaj'vn  elvfi.  Truth  is  bitter.  Prov. 
Sack  kaiyd  luti.  {Al-haqn  murrun.  A.  Prov.) 
Hitter  as  gall.     Pit-sd  karvd,  karvd  zahr. 

2.  severe,  tund ;  tez ;  sakht. 

3.  calamitous,    kam-bakht ;     bad- 
santapl;  sakht;  kar&;  manhds.   [ma% 

A  bitter    day.      Kam-bahfU    din ;    b 

4.  unpleasing,     bun;    an-bhaoni 
pasand ;  na  gavar. 

Bitter  words,  Karvt  bdteh,$ahht  lafz,  so 

5.  distressing,  dil-soz ;  dard-nik  ; 
angez;  gam-nak. 

to  say  bitter  things,  lagti  huL  yS  chubht 
sun&na;  blndhni:  kalej&  s&lna.  y&  cbl 

Bitter,  n.  1.  any  thing  bitter,  karvi  chlz 
sha«.  2.  (Med.)  k&rv!  aukhad';  talkb 

Bittergourd,  n.  tonb&  ;  tit-kadua. 

Bitterly,  adv.    1.  piteously,  phut-kar 
roiSLr-ke ;    dard-n&k!  se.    2.  severely, 
sakbt ;  shiddat  se;  sakhti  se ;  tezi,  ya 

Wept  bitterly.     Bahut  royd,  phU^-har 

Bittern,  n.  bagl& ;  bag. 

Bitterness,  n.  1.  bitter  tcute,  karvahat; 

pan ;    talkhi.    2.  malice,  dab  ;    kliia ; 

bugz;    adavat.    3.  (of  temper),  kar\ 

turshi ;    tundl.    4.  sorrow,   sog ;    s 

jalan ;  ranj  ;  azurdagi ;  afsos ;  dil-sozi 
The  heart  knoweth  its  own  bitterness. 
Dil  hd  dard  dil  hi  jdne. 
Bitters,  u.  p).  chiraeta ;  narangl  ke  chh 

arq ;  karva  arq ;  talkh-ab. 
Bitnmen,  n.  ral ;  naft. 
Bivalve,  adj.  du-pharki;  do-pata;  do-k 

Bivalve  motion,  khul-mundnl  chal. 
Bivonac,  n.  fauj  ka  parao  ya  muqam. 
Biweekly,  adj.  pandharve  din ;    pandi 

men  ek  dafa,  ya  ek  bar. 
Blab,  V.  a.  kholna;  bhed  kholna;  raz  za 

fash  k. ;  zahir  k. ;  ifuha  k. 

Our  foreheads  blab  the  secrets  of  our  1 
Ji  men  base  so  mastak  dose. 

Blab,  y.  n.  tattle,  bakna  ;  gap  hankna. 
When  my  tongue  blabSf  then  my  eyes 

Zabdh  meri  se  gar  nikle  mere  dide  pata\ 
Blab,  n.  pet  ka  halka ;  chhichhora. 
Who  will  open  himself  to  a  blah  ? 
Pet  he  halke  se  laun  bhed  kahe  f 
Black,  adj.    I .  like  coal,  kKlvi ;  kalauta; 
koda ;  kala  tava  ;  sly  ah. 

A  black  hen  lays  a  white  egg. 
Kali  murgi  ke  dhaule  ande. 
{K6li  ma  ke  gore  bachche.  Prov.) 

2.  dark,  undhera;  aiidhkar;  ghup-nn 
tank.    3.  sulL.i,  kalT-pili;  nllT-pilI  (di 
4.  liorrible,   liaibat-nak  ;  baul-nak  ; 
shat-angez.     5.  dismal,   bhyanak ;    si 
udasi;   sogl ;  niatami;  syah. 
a  black  horse,  niushkl;  shab-raug. 
a  black  sheep,  1,  kfili  bher. 

2.  a  b'ld  man,  buraiya ;  khota. 
A  black  sheep  among  white  lambs. 
(Met.)  Bhaloh  meri  bnrd. 

the   black   arts,  jiidu   tona;    mnntar   j 

to   beat   black   and    hhie,  martc  marte 




h  black  upon,  buri  nazron  se  dekhna. 
;  n.  1 .  black  color,  kalas ;    kalak ;    kala- 
i;  kalauns;  sijihi;  tarikl. 

Black  is  the  iMdge  of  hell.  Shakes. 

KtUak  dozakh  ki  nUhanU 

Blads  will  take  no  other  hue.  Prov. 

Kdle  pe  ra^sf  nahih  ehajrhld.  Prov. 

Imourmng,  kale  kapre;  matami  libas ; 
pe  ki  tlyal.  3.  a  negro,  blackey,  black- 
xw,  kalja  ;  kaltla ;  kala  admi ;  zangi ; 
ri;  shldi;  habshl;  bilal. 
ck  and  while,  likkha,  ya  chhapa-hua 
5tivez).  [karana. 

p  tn  black  and  white,  likhtam  parhtam 
,  Blacken,  v.  a.  1.  make  black,  kala  k. ; 
h  k.  2.  defame,  kala  munh  k. ;  kalank 
ma ;  dag  lagana ;  ru  aiyah  k. ;  rusva, 
Mulnam  k. 

U  in  black,  (Met)  mfinh  kal&  k.;  bad- 
i  k. ;  niazammat  k. 

imoor,  n.  habshl ;  zangl.  See  Black,  3. 
h  a  blackamoor  while,  kale  ko  gora  k. ; 
t.)  birtha  kam  k. 

tMdlyD.  1.  jute, y abut klsiyahl.  2.kalIgoli, 
latne  ka  chin  ;  na-manzuri  ki  alamat. 
tMdl,  V.  a.  kali  goll  sauduqohe  men  dal- 

na-manzur  k.;   khilaf  rae  d.;  naraza- 
idi  zahir  k. 
berry,  n.  anchha. 
tnrd,  n.  kastOra. 

board,  n.  kala  takhta  ;  hisab  ka  takht^ 
book,  n.    1.   k&l!  kitab  ;  rajistar-i-qusQr 
rayam.  2.  jadu  ki  kitab. 
»at,  n.  (Met)  padri. 
ieath,  n.  kal ;  mari ;  vaba. 
iranght,  n.  sana  ka  mushil,  ya  jullab. 
^arth,  n.  kali,  ya  chiknl  matti ;  chiknaut. 
311,  v.  a.  See  Black,  v.  a,  (1,  2). 
in,  y.  n.  kala  ho  j  ana  ;  siyah  par  jana. 
•eyed,  adj.  sivam-naini ;   siyah-cliashro. 
•&ced,  adj.  kal-mOnha ;  bur-mOnha ;  ru- 
b  ;  aiyah-rQ. 

flag,  n.  samandar!  choron  ka  jhanda. 
^ame,  n.  kaia-tltar. 

piard, n. luchcha ;  luchchagunda ;  p&ji; 
maash ;  luqandra. 

rnardism,   n.  shohd-pan;  luchcha-pan; 
da-pan;  bad-maashi;  bad-zatf. 
haired,  adj.  kale  b&I-vala  ;  siyah-mfL 
hearted,  adj.  siyah-dil  ;  tira-dil ;  sluah- 
b;  bad-batin;  siyflh-batin. 
lole,  n.  kal-kothri;  andh-kQp. 
Qg,  n.  jQte  k!  siyahi.  [siyahT-mayal. 

sh,   adj.    surmai ;    kala-s& ;    kaljhfiuiva ; 
sad,  n.  slsa  ;  murda  surma. 
A  Uaeklead  penciL   Surme  kl  qalam. 
^g,  n.  chendia;  rauntiyH;  badzat;  shohda. 
lail,  n.  chauth ;  sima-richohha. 
Konday,  n.  kali  jumerat  (Thursdai^,) 
nouthed,  adj.  manh-phat ;  bad-lagam ; 
'^ban  ;  miiuh  k&  phui*^* 
ess,  n.  1.  (color)  l^las;  kalak;  siyahi. 

2.  darkness,  andhera ;  tarfkl ;  timtr. 

3.  wickedness,  bad-zati ;  nlhayat  buriu. 
lamp  black,  kajal ;  siyahL 

Bladder,  n.  phukna. 
gall  bladder,  pitta;  sahra;  talkhS. 
Blade,  n.    1.  (of  grass)  pattha;  patta;  patti; 
tarn.  2.  (of  a  sword)  phal  ;  pbalra. 

3.  a  dashing fellow,hsAt)sA;  chhabili;  chhail 
chikanya;  tirchha;  kaj-kul&h. 

Blade,  n.  (Slang,)  1.  a  soldier,   banka  sipaiya; 
chhail  tarvaryk  ( Worn) ;  chhaila. 
2.  (m  knomng  fellow)  siy&na;  chatur. 

Blade,  v.  n.  (as  corn)  phQt  ana ;  phutua  ;  kopal 
nikalna;  ankur,  kura,  phutao,  ya  sui  nikalna. 

Bladebone,  n.  mondhe  ki  haddi.  [chhaliu 

Blain,  n.  1.  phora ;  phunsi.  2.  phaphola ;  abla ; 

Blamable,    Blajne-worthy,  adj. 

gunah-gar;  q&bil-i-ilzam ;  qusQrw&r. 

Blame,  n.  dosh ;  dokh ;  pap ;  bat ;  har£ 

incur  blame,  barf  ana;  ilzam  an&;  dosh  lagna. 

Blame,  v.  a.  dokh  lagana;  dokhn&;  ilzam laga- 
na; qusOrwar  thair&na ;  harflana. 
He  ia  to  blame,     Uikd  qutUr  hoi. 

Blameless,  adj.  nir-dosh;  pak;  be-gunah;  be- 

qusflr;  m&stim. 
Blamelessly,  adv.  nir-dosh ;  tai  se.        [taqsiri. 
Blamelessness,  n.  nir-dosh  ita ;   be-gunahi ;  be- 
Blanch,  t.  a.    1.  whiten,  dhaula  k. ;  sufaid  k. ; 

ujalna;  pakhalnil;  ujlak.  2.  chhilna;  chhilka 

utama;  muqashshar  L 
Bland,  adj.  komal ;  narm ;  mulaim. 
Blandishment,  n.  mithib&ten;   ohochla;  ras- 

batyau ;  naz ;  gamza ;  (of  the  eyes)  ishva. 
Blandness,  n.  narmi;  komaltai;  mulaemat 
Blank,  adj.  1.  unvoritten,  dhaulft ;  chitta ;  kora ; 

safaid ;  sad&.  2.  vacant,  khSli ;  kor& ;  khuk ; 

h&th  pasare.     3.  confused,    ghabraya-hua ; 

hakk&bakka;  hosh-bakhta;  pareshan;  hair&n. 

4.  without  rhyme,  l)e-qa6ye ;  be-tuka;  gair- 
mnqaffa.  [Uiat. 

blank  endorsement,  sirf-dast-khat ;  mahaz-dast- 
to  look  Hank,  dekhte  rah  jana ;  baglen  jhanknft ; 
situ,  jk  chaukri  bhQlna ;  javab  na  ban  parna ; 
baton  ke  tote  urna ;  faq  ho  jan&. 
Blank,  n.    1.  void,  safai.    2.  paper  unwritten, 
khali  jagah ;  safaidi.  3.  lot,  khall  chitthi. 
To  draw  a  ft^ofO;.  Kort  raknd,  y&  kksK  ckiltkl 

4.  (tn  a  column)  na-darad ;  kh&li. 
a  blank  column,  kh&li  khana. 
blank  book,  kori  bahi ;  sadi  kitab ;  bayaz ;  safina. 
to  leave  a  blank,  safaidi  chhorna;  s&di  ya  khali 

jagah  chhorna. 
to  leave  a  blank  margin,  hashiya  ^da  chhorni. 
blank  door  or  window,  rtikir-i-darvaza ;  band 

rukar;  javab;  jayab-i-dary|za.  [gudma. 

Blanket,  Blanchette,  n.  kambal ;   kamli;   lof; 
to  throw  a  wet  blanket  upon,  rang  bhang  k. ; 

thanda  kar  dena :    thithra  dena ;  aish  mu- 

naggas  k. ;  dil  sard  k. 
to  toss  in  a  blanket,  kambal  nrhana. 




Blare,  v.  n.  lalkarna ;  rtiksl  dena ;   sor  se  pn- 

karna,  [laasaul;  chaplOsL 

Blarney,  n.  lallo-patto ;   chikDi  chupii  baten ; 

Blaspheme,  v.  Ishvar  uindi  k. ;  Bed  nind&  k. ; 
kalxna-i-kufr  kahD&;  mazam  mat  k;be-adabi  k. 

Thou  didst  bktspheme  God. 

1.  T$  ne  Khudd  ki  be-odoH  H. 

2.  Tu  ne  Pamtethuar  H  nitidd  hi. 

Blasphemer,  u.  Isbvar,  ya  Bed-nindak ;  kufr 
bolne-vSlla;  din  ki  mazammat  karne-vala; 
rnulhid.  [kafir;  kufrija. 

Blasphemous,    adj.     IshTar,   ya  Bed-nindak; 

Blasphemy,  n.  Isbvar,  ja  Bed-nind& ;  dharm- 
ninda;  kalma-i-kufr ;  mazammat-i-din. 

Blast,  D.  1.  gust  of  wind,  jbakkar;  jhoka; 
hava  k&  thappar.  2.  saundj  Svaz.  3.  visUa- 
Hon,  bala;  gazab;  qabr;  afat;  bipta. 

Blast,  v<  a.  1.  destroy,  nfis  k. ;  sattyanis  k. ; 
dba  dena ;  marua ;  g&rat  k.  2.  blight,  jhu- 
ks  d. ;    mar  d. ;    murjhaDi ;   pasuiurd&  k. 

To  be  Matted  in  the  bud.    KhUU  hi  jhuku  jdnd, 

3.  (tnth  gunpowder)  surang  lag&na ;  b&rud 

se  u^-^  dena. 
Uast  a  mdVkS  charoGUr,  bad-n&m  k. ;    rusv&  k.; 

dag  lagaua.  [mei^  pare. 

hlast  it,  iutj.  ag  lage;   cbOlhe  mefi  ja@;   bb^ 
Blastema,  n.  (BoV)  dddb. 
Blastfomace,  d.  lub&r  k!  bbattT. 
Blasting,  n.  bSlrud  se  uran&. 
Blastoderm,  n.  jbilli  jis  men  zardi  rabtl  hai. 
Blastpipe,  n.  bhap-uall ;  pbukni. 
Blaze,  n.  l.^ame,  lat;  luk&;  lau;  lahar;  lapat; 

dhadbak;  sbola. 

2.  fuhlicatton,  pargbaf; ;  sbobrat ;  ifsba. 
like  blazes,  (Slang)  ba^-I  tezl  se ;  pbak  se ;  gazab 

ka ;  ag  babula. 
Blaze,   V.    n.    dabakna  ;  bbarakna ;  lahakna ; 

lapten,  ya  sbole  ulbna ;  sbola-zan  h.       [hai. 

The  fire  llctzes.  1.  Agld  lat  nikalti  hai.  2.  Aghharttkti 

Blaze,  Blazon,  y.  a.  pbailaua ;  dbandboi*a  pitna ; 

mashbur  k. ;  sbobrat  d.  ;  sban   dikhana. 
Blazon,  v.  singar  k. ;  baDao-tbauao  k. ;  cbam- 

kana ;  ariata  k. ;  anLsta-pairasta  k. ;  tasvir 

Blason,  n.  explaining  coats  of  arms,  kbandanon 

ke  nisb&uon  ke  n^m  bayan  k. 

Bleach,  v.  a.  [A.  S.  blican,  Skr.  bharg  to  shine, 
H.  6Aara^;id  to  blaze]  (dhiip men)  ujla,dbaula, 
ya  safaid  L 

Bleach,  v.  n.  ujla,  ya  safaid  bon&  (dliUp  men). 

Bleak,  adj.  1.  chill,  sital;  sard;  khunak. 

2.  exposed,  kbula;  be-ot. 

3.  cheerless,  sunsan;  stinl;  udas. 
Bleah  and  barroD.    Laq  o  daq  maiddn. 

Blear,  Blear-eyed,  adj.   dbundha;   cbundba; 

dbundhi;  cbipnl. 
Bleat,  Bleating,  n.  bhabn  bba^u ;  bhen  bben ; 

bber  ki  avaz.  [bha^ii  k. 

Bleat,  y.  n.  mimiyana ;  men   men  k. ;  bbaen 

Keed,  y.  n.  1.  lose  blood,  lahQ,  y&  kbnn 
nikalna,  yS  babna ;  fasd  kbulna.  2.  drop  as 
blood,  tapaknS ;  lahQ  tapaknS ;  cbuna ; 
nikalna  ;  labQ  jar!  h.  3.  die  a  violent  deaths 
mare  jana  \  kbOn  h. ;  qatal  b. ;  ziba  h. 

4.  pay  or  lose  money,  mundna ;  hajamat 
banna.  5.  {mentally)  dukbyan&;  kurbna; 
dU  dukbna,  ya  jalna. 

Mv  heart  bleeds.  1.  Merft  dil  dukhtft  y&  jaltft 
hai.  2.  MerS  jl  kattA  hai. 

bleed  at  the  nose,  naksir  chbutna. 

Bleed,   y.  a.   let    blood,    lahu    lena;  nashtar 

mama,  ya  lagana ;  rag  kbolna ;  fasd  kholna. 
bleed  to  death,  labu  nikalte  nikalte  mar  jana. 
Blemish,   y.    a.     1,   make   defective,   bigarni; 

nak  kan  k&tna;  bad-sbakl  k. ;  dag  dena. 
2.  defame,  kalank  k&   tika   lagana  ;  batta 

lagana;  abru    bigarna,    lena,    ya    utarna; 

barf  lana. 
Blemish,  n.    1.  stain,   dbabba ;  obit;  cbitti; 

ran  ;  dig  ;  aib.  2.  disgrace,  kalank ;  dbabba; 

dokb  ;  dosb ;  barf;  dag. 
Blench,  y.  n.  fH.  bhUch]  See  Bhiik. 
Blend,  y.   n,  [H.  ghulnd]  milua;  gbnlna;  ek 

bona ;  makhlfit  h. 
Blend,  y.  a.  milana;  kbalt  malt  k. ;  imtizaj 

dena.  [amezisb. 

Blending,   n.   milao;  milaunl;  mel;  ghulna; 
Bless,  y.  a.    1 .  ask  a  blessing,   du&  mangni ; 

kbair  mangna ;  dua  k. 

May  N&rftyan  Has  you  with  milk  and  children. 
Ndrdyan  kare  turn  dUdhoh  nahao,  piUoh  phalo. 

2.  mahs  happy,  asis  d. ;  barakat  d. ;  dua  d. 

Blest  them  which  persecute    you ;  blesa,  and 

curae  not !  [ma^  / 

Jo  iumho  satdveh  unheh  dud  do;   du9  do,  koto 

3.  praise,  astuti   k. ;  gun  gani  ;  hamd  o 
Sana  k.  [na. 

to  bless  from,  mabfilz  rakbna;  am»nmenrakh- 

bless  God,  dhan  bbagvaii  kahna;  gimabad  k.; 

shukr  al-bamd-ul-allah  k.  ;  hamd  o  saua  k. 

bless  me,   bless  us,  bless  my  sotU,    Ram    Ham  ; 

bap   re    bap;    ya    Khuda ;    la   haul     yali 

quyvat ;  astagfir-ul-lab  ;  al-azmat   o  lil-lah. 

Blessed,  adj.   1.  happy,  bbagi;  kbusb  o  kbur- 

ram;    shad;  bag    bag.     2.   l^oly,    maqbOl; 

mnbarak ;  mujib-ul-davat. 

blessed     disposition,     nek-niyat ;    nek-kirdar ; 

kbusb-mizaj ;      khujista-kbisal ;      mubirik- 


Blessedness,  n.    1.  felicity,   auand ;    parara- 

anand ;  sukb ;  param  sukh ;  khusbi ;  kalliyan. 

Single  blettednett.    Jo  kudrd  to  khiuh. 

2,  sanctity,     pakl ;    tabarruk  ;    burmat; 

quds.  3.  divine  favor,  kripa ;  fazl ;  karam ; 

barakat;  rahmat ;  fazl  o  karam. 

Blessing,  n.  [A.  S.   bletsttng]  1.  divine  favour, 

Ram  jiki  den ;  Khuda-dad ;  karam ;  fazl ;  faiz ; 

rahmat.  2.  See  Benediction.  3.  See  Benefit,  1. 

Blettingt  are  not    valued  till  they   are  gone. 

Qjadr-i-nfiyat  hue   ddnad  ki    bamutibat-igi- 

rif tar  dyad.  P.  Pror. 




xdl  blessings  on,  asls  d. ;  du&  d. 

is  is  a  blessing  to  this  oounlryj  is  mulk  meh  unke 

dam  ki  barkat  ha;  y&  uskll  dam  ganlmat  hai. 
Iks  fsrson  who  is  a  blessing,  ghar  ki  barakat. 
rend  or  pronounce  the  blessing,  ikhii  du&  pa|fbna. 
BUght,  n.   [Ger,  blichy  Bi.  plld  pale]  kanjv&; 

lundvil;  phOf;  p&la;  jholil;  th&r;  tusar. 
Blight,  V.  a.  jhulasua ;   mSrn& ;  jhola,  y^  pal& 

mar  j&n&. 
Btind,  adj.  1 .  deprised  of  sight,  andha ;  &&dbar ; 

netr-h&i;  sUr;  n&-bln&;  kor;  zahir;  ummij 


A  Htlnd  guide.    Andh&  hSdn  yd  murshid. 
As  blihd  M  a  mole,  bat,  owl,  beetle,  or  buzzard. 
Andkd  sBs  (blind  porpoise),  (iivor  (wall). 
Who  80  hUnd  as  he  that  will  not  see  /      Ptot. 
Jan-ke  dekhe  futhih  ut  te  andhd  haun  ? 
The  blind  man's  wife  needs  no  paint.       ProY. 
Keh  par  karUn  sihgdr,  ji^  mor  dhdKar  t     ProT. 
(For  whom  should  I  painty  my  love  is  blind  f), 
BUmd  men  must  not  run.  Prov. 

Andke  andhe,  hhSg  mat  /  Ptov. 

He  that  is  stricken  hlind  cannot  forget,    \8hah. 
The  precious  treasure  of    his   eyesight  lost. 
Andkd  Jo  ho  ehU'd  hai  voh  l^Hlegd  iil'O  hyd, 
Anhhiydh  jo  jd  ehuki  hwh  voh  nemat  tki  be- 
hahdf    (Andhd  jdne  dkkhoh  H  s&r.      ProvX 

2.  imtelleetually    dark,   hlye   ka  andha ; 
be-aamajh;  be-tamlz;  be-sbaur;  aql  ka  andha. 
S.  mthout  an  outlet,  band. 
A  blind  alley.    Band  kOchd. 
A  blind  boil.    Muhh-band  yd  iachehd  pkofd. 
blind  at  nighty  rat-aundhya ;  shab-kor ;  Fan], 


Untd  in  the  day,  din-aundhya.  [cbashm. 

Uind  of  an  eye,  katia ;  kanra ;  ek-ankha ;  yak- 

becovu  blind,  andha  b. ;  ankh  phCLtua ;  dide 

patam,  y&  chaupat  h.  [be-tamiz. 

Uind  reception  of  evidence,   ta8lim4-8hahadat 

Blilld,  V.  a.  1.  make  blind,  audha  k. ;  netr-hln 

k. ;    a&khefi  phorna ;    nil   ki  sal&I  phema ; 

uikhen  nikalna ;  na-bitia  k. 

2.  to  deceive,  andha  bauana;  andhen  dena, 
y&  dalna;  &nkhon  men  khak  dalna ;  dhokad. 
Blind,  n.  1.  6/tfK2f,  jhilmill;  pardah. 

2.  that  which  misleads,  dhoka;    andherl; 

bbulava;  &reb;  hlla;  raugalta, 

BliiiGfjld,  a(y.  ankh-band;  ankhmund;  ankhon 

par  pardah  para-hiia.  [k. ;  andheri  d. 

Blmdfoldy  V.  a.  ankh  ralchna,  mundui,  ya  band 

nindly,  adv.  andha-sa ;  ankh  munde ;   andhe- 

pane  bc  ;   andha-dhund ;   andhon  k!  tarah ; 

be-socbe  samjhe. 

to  follow  blindly,  andhon  ki   tarah   ptchhe  ho 

leoa ;  bheviya  dbasan ;  bheriya  chaL 
Bluichiian'slilifl^  n.  ankh  roiohaull.    [andh-kar. 
SUndmaii'B  holiday,  n.  andhera-gup ;  andheri ; 
Uindness,   n.    1.  audha-pan;  andhlal;    kori; 
Da-b!nEi.  2.  (Met.)   aggyan-pan,   anjan-pan ; 
nik-dani;  jah&lat. 
BUmcUnattLe,  n«  be-kh&r  bichchhu. 
Blindfide,  n.  kam-sor  bazQ ;  %ikh  bache  ka. 
To  get  on  the  bUndaide  of  one. 
Kmrn-aor  bdtA  H  taraf  and. 

Blmdwotni)  n.  du-miU;  kecbva. 

Blink,  V.  n.  L  palak  marua,  yH  michkana; 
ankh  jhapakua.  2.  tlilna;  ankh  pherua^  y& 
mofna ;  na  dekhna ;  mQnh  pher  len& ;  igmaz 
k.  3.  chauudhiyanil ;  ankhen  michmichaua, 
y&  timtimana. 

Blink,  n.  1.  glimpse,  disht;  ek  ni^h;  nazar. 
2.  gleam,  tirmire;  ohamak ;  jhalak;  raushni, 

Blinkard,  n.  palak-pfta ;  chundhS. 

Blinker,  n.  andheri. 

Blink-eyed,  n.  palak-piU;  chundha.    [mai^gal. 

Bliss,  n.  1.  3.nand;  bilfts;  khushi.  2.  kallivan; 

eternal  bliss,  Parmauand ;  masarrat-i-jSTiaani. 

Blissfol,  adj.  magan ;  anandi ;  ramnik ;  khush ; 

Blister,  n.  [H.  pJiold,  from  phtU  swell.] 

1.  ohhala ;  phapola ;  phola ;  Jlbla. 

2.  marham  jis  se  chh&la  pa|:  jae;  upa^r. 
smaU  blister,  tap-kb&lS. 

Blister,  y.  a.  abla,  chhalft,  ya  phol&  dalna. 

Whose  sole  name  blisters  our  tongue.     Skak, 
Z<ibdh  jaJti  hui  usld  nSmlete, 
Blister,  v.  n.  abl&,  ohhilft,  ya  phol&  parnH. 
I  If  I  proTe  honey  mouth,  let  my  tongue  bUster, 

Shiih.  [jal  jdi. 

Jo  maih  chiknl  cJmpH  hdUh  ItaT^htovienMhdn 
Blithe,  Blithesome,  adj.  ziuda-dil;  khush-mizaj; 

khusb-dil ;  khush  o  kburram. 
Blithely,  adv.  kllol-pane  se;  harak-ke;  khush- 

dili  se ;  khushi  se. 
moat,  V.  n.  phaln&;   aphama. 
Blobberlipped,  adj.  baf-honta. 
Blohnose,  n.  pakaui-^  si  nak. 
Uock,  n.  1.  Iheavy  wood,  lakkar ;  kunda.  2.  mass, 
dher;  madda.  3.  {foi-  hats  or  turbans)  gola; 
kalbQt;   kalbud;  qalib.   4.  (/or  beheading) 
takht&,     0.  a  row  of  houses,  lang ;  lafig  kl 
lang;  alang.    6.  (Falconry)  adda;  chakkas. 
l,(Mech,)  kfli;  khana;  lakri. 
8.  obst7*uetion,  ar ',  rok  ;  baip. 
Block,  Block  np,  v.  a.  arana ;  rokna ;  band  k. ; 
muMna ;  ghema.  [muhasara ;  inhisar. 

Blockade,   n.  ghera ;   nak e- band! ;   qila-bandi ; 
Blockade,  v.  a.  gherna;  a^  bandhna;  ghera 
dalna ;  n&ke-baudi,  inhisar,  ya  muhasara  k. 
Blockhead,  u.  uUu ;  kat  ka  ullu ;  gadh&;  sath ; 
bachhiya  k&  bava ;  mtlrb  ;   raflrkh ;  khal ; 
kundai-na-tarash;  be-vaquf ;  ahmaq;  kaudan. 
Bloclc-tin,  n.  dabal,  yH  mo^  tin. 
Blonde,  adj.  gori. 
Blonde,  n.  reahmi  fita,  ya  kinara. 
I  Blondlace,  n.  resham  ki  lais. 

Blood,  n.  1.  lahQ ;  rudhir ;  rakat ;  khtin. 

Blood  is  thicker  than  water.  Prov. 

Lah^pdnln  gdrhdhai.  {Apnd  apnd,  gair  gair. 
One's  own  is  cue's  own,  auother's  is  another's.) 
Fleeh  and  Uood  can't  bear  it. 
Inaan  te  iski  bardasht  nahih  ho  saktL    [kul ;  nasi. 

2.  lineage,  gbaraua ;  bans ;  got ;  khandan ; 

3.  high  pedigree,  uttam  kul ;  all  khandan ; 
achchhi  nasally  a  zat;  achchhakhet  (StcUlion). 

A  gentleman  of  blood  aud  breeding.  8hids, 

Mard'i'diarif  dll-khduddn  aur  khush-salljnu 




4.  temper,  teha  (Anger) ;  joeh ;  gussa. 
His  blood  was  up. 

U»e  joik  d  gayd,  yd  giutd  ekark  gayd, 

5.  man  of  fire,  gusail ;  ag-bsbOla. 

6.  murder,  battya ;  badh ;  kh^ ;  qatL 
Blood  for  lAcod, 

Jan  hi  evazjdn;  hkin  lee  hmUe  lAitn. 

7.  red  juice,  khun  ke  rang  ka  arq,  pani^  ras, 
ya  sat ;  lal  pan! ;  gtdabL 

The  blood  of  grapea.  Mai  Wa-giHL 
flesh  and  blood,  basbrijat ;  iDsanijat ;  adamiid. 
haif  blood,  sautela ;  dthoi  miJi,  ja  b&p  ka. 
in  cold  blood,  jan-bujh-ke ;  bil-amad ;  qaadan ; 

mvrder  tn  cold  blood,  qatl-i-bil-amad. 
in  tcarm    blood,  joeb,    gusse,   j&  kirodh  ki 

balat,  ya  gazab  men ;  josh  men  &-kar. 
blood  diseases,  amriLz-i-khon. 
blood  purifier,  musaffi-i-kbtln. 
Uood'ihirsty,  labu  ka  piyasa ;  khim^Lsham. 
blood  vessel,  kbtin  k!  naU.  [adi. 

prince  of  the  blood,  raj-putr;  kanvar;  abah- 
princes  of  the  blood,  salatln ;  al-i-aultanL 
to  be  frozen  (one's  blood),  kbun  stlkbnS,   yi 

kbusbk  b. 
to  be  full-Uooded,  snrkb  sufaid  b.;  lal  banni. 
to  shed  on^s  blood,  kbun  babana ;  kbOn  k. 
to  suck  one's  blood,  laha  cbOsni ;  kbiin  pini. 
whole  blood,  sagi;  sabodra;  ek  ma  bip  k&;  baqIqL 
Bloodfroien,  adj.  jiske  labtl  ka  pani  bo  ga\a  ba 
Bloodheat,  n.  damv!  bar&rat ;  bararat-i-kbOn. 
BloodhoTse,  n.  asU  gbora. 
Bloodhound,  n.  1.  ebikkn  kutta  jo  kbun  ki  bd 

se  sbikar  ka  khoj  lagata  bai.  2.  (i/^^)picbb- 

lagu  ;  jan  ka  leva.  [be-rabmi  ae. 

Bloodily,  adv.   kattar-pane  se  ;    sang-dill  ae ; 

Bloodiness,  n.    I.  the  state,  lobu-lub&ni ;    pnr- 

kbuDi;  kbun-aludogl. 

2.  blood-thirstiness,  kbun  ki  pijas. 
Bloodless,  adj.    1 .  without  blood,  murda ;    be- 

khun ;  murdar.   2.  without  slaughter,  bagair 

kbOurezL  3,  tcithout  spirit,  ^u&t;  be-bimmat. 
Bloodletter,  n.  rag-zan;  nasbtar-zan;    fassad; 

Bloodletting,  n.  fasd  kholna,  ya  lena. 
Bloodmoney,  n.  khun-baba. 
Bloodred,  adj.  kbun-sa  surkb.    [dnda  k!  aulad. 
Bloodrelation,  n.  gotl ;  ek  pirbi  ka ;  ek-jaddi ; 
Bloodshed,    n.    kata-kutl;     kbunrezi;    kbun- 

khaiaba;  qatl. 
Bloodshot,  adj.  lal;  lal  angara;  kbuni;  surkb. 
Bloodstained,  adj.  khuul;  kbOn-aluda. 
Bloodstone,   u.    sabz  patthar  jis  men   surkb 

cbittiyan  bon  ;  brgar-ud-dam  ;  saiigijitarab. 
Bloodsucker,  n.  1.  a  leech,  jouk. 

2.  a  cruel  man,  kattar  ;  jallad ;  qossTib. 
Bloodthirsty,  adj.  lahu  ka  piyasa ;  khuiVkhuar ; 

Bloodvessel,  n.  rag-ikbun  ;  sbiryau. 
Bloody,  adj.  1.  stained  with  bloody  Inbu-luban; 

lahu  bhara;  khuiValuda.  2.  murderous,  hatti- 

yara;  kbuii-kbuar;  kbuu  rcz ;  jidlad ;  qatil. 

3.  attended  with  bloodshed,  kbuni. 
Bloody,  adv.  excessively, ( Fulg)  babut  hi;  niba- 

Bloody finz,  n.  ano-labO;  labu  baitbna;  antisar; 

Bloom,  n.  1.  blossom,  pbul;  kali;  gul. 

2.  rosy  colour,  gulabi  rang ;  pb&l  gulftbl; 

gal  ki  surkbi.  3.Jiushf  lali;  surkbl. 

4.  pi-ime  of  life,  joban ;  babar ;  umandta 
joban ;  gadribat ;  cbarhti  javani ;  nan- 
javani ;  javani ;  bbabab ;  nan-khezi ;  agas-i- 
javani;  idam-i-ahabab. 

Bloom  of  youth.    Jardni  ki  bakdr. 
Bloom,  V.  n.  I.  yield  blossoms,  kbilna;  pbolni; 

pbul  ana  ya  lagni;  bikasna ;  sbignftab  b. 
2.  flourish,  babir  ana ;  joban  umagua,  ya 

cbarhna ;  sbab^  men  b. ;  nan- ja  van  b. 
Bloomary,  n.  bbatti. 
Blooming,  part.   adj.    pbala  phUl&;    phalti- 

pbQlta;  bari  bbara;  labrati-bn&;  lalab&ta- 

bna;  labar-babar-karta-bna;  abadab;  taro 

taza ;   shigiiftah. 
Bloomy,  adj.  pbul-dar;  babar-d&r.      [sbigUflL 
Blossom,  n.  pbol;  kali;  pu8bp;gul;guncb&; 
blossom  (of  mangoes),  maul;  maur;  baur. 
BloMOM,  V.  n.  1.   kbilna;  pbolni;  babar  par 

&na;  pbQl  ana; maul,  y&  baur  ana;  sbiguflah 

b.  2.  flourish,  pbalna ;  pbulua ;  ear  sabz  b. 
Blot,  V.  a.  1.  erase,  metni;  dbo-<]aln&;  katua; 

obbilnii;  kburacbna;  qalam  phemft. 

2.  disfigure,  chblutnmcbhaDtak. ;  dUg,  ya 
dbabba  lagaiia;  dagi  k.;  dag-d^  k. 

3.  stain,  kirkira  k. ;  dag  ya  dbabba  lag> 
ana ;  rusva  k. 

Blotted  with  ink,  syabl  ka  dbabl>&  laga-bua. 

blot  out,  met,  ya  mita  dalua. 

Blot,   n.    1.   obliteration,    niituo;  cbbll-cbbal; 

kat-kfit   2.  staiv,  dbabba;  kalauk;    kalak; 

kalas;  kalauns;  dag. 
Blotch,  u.  dad  a  urn ;  dapphar  ;  dag. 
Blotchy,  adj.  dbabbo-dar;  dag-dar. 
Blotter,  Blotting  paper,  n.  Hiyabi-cbat  k&gaz 

ki  kitab. 
Blotting  paper,  n.    siyabi  sokb;  sokbti;  siya- 

bi  cbat ;  kagaz-i-nam-uosb. 
dry  with  blotting  ja^ier,  aiyabi-cbat  se  sukbanS. 
Blouse,  n.  kanirl;  kurtl;  kot. 
Blow,  v.  n.  [A.  S.  hlawan.  Genu.  WaA^^,  H.  ^oAtid]. 

1.  (xcind)  babua;  chalua;  dolua.  2.  pant, 
bahpna ;  haunkna ;  haplmpriua ;  sans  cbarh- 
na. 3.  sound,  ]>buiik  se  bajna;  bajna;  bolna. 

4.  bloom,  kbilna;  pbul  par  fiiia. 
blow  over.  \.  {as  a  staiin)  baithua;  tbam  jana; 

nikal  jana;  jata  rahua;  faro  b. 

2.   (tcithout  efet't,)i\x\]x\w\\.',  guzar  jana. 
Blow,  V.  a.  1.  dnve  by  the  mud,  iirina ;  ura  d. ; 

ura  le  jana. 

To  blow  a  gtile.     Jhalhir  chalnd,  [ProT. 

He  that  blotcs  in  the  du^t  t\lL$  his  own  eye«, 
Dkul  urd^  80  ih'dh  andhyaS.  [b&n&DiL 

2.  tvflatt  with  air,  huva  bharna;  bulbula 
To  bli'W  bubbkns.      HulLuU  uthdnd. 


3.  kindle,  dahklnl;  salgfiii&;  phu&k  mir- 
tk;  pbUokni;  inch  k.,  y&  lagina. 

Blow  6rat  uid  tip  &fterw*nli.  Prov, 

i^iiifc  Bulr-ie  ptgo.  Tkau^d  tar-it  lASo.flot. 

BloK  unitb,  aod  yoi  '^" 

DhaaUnf  Mauiio  c 

To  blow  up  ■  mio*  „    . 

4.  ipread  wide,  pbailiuia;  pmsidb  k.; 
nutshhur  k.  6.  to  depotU,  atfiiet  their  egg», 
mckkhi  b&ithna;  sjahi  d.        [haitkdhua  in. 

The    meit  U  all   flj-blovD.     0<>tht  noiUI 
Um0  a  tloud,    (Slang)   damik^  lagsnE ;    dam 

Uienchu& ;  bugif  a  nikaluti. 
ilcw  away,  Ufini;  un  deni;  pbak  ae  urani. 
Um«  dow),  chbatiKDi;  lut&ni;  girt  den&j  pat 

ku  deul. 
Um  Ao<  otkf  evld,  kabhi  garm  kabhi  tbauda  h. 
blom  IK,  haT»  bhami  ;  phulaoL 
bbmme!  (Slang)  merl  n&h  kit  dilna  I 
ikmtif,  ho  chukni;  nikal  jauS. 
Um»  oMt,  phank  d. ;  bujhft  d. ;  bujb&na;  gnl  k. 
Usw«p,V.n.  l.tu^lwHh  breath,  phftiai;  phol 

jlDl;apbani&;kuppibojaiiaibaTabbar  j&na. 

2.  inflate  with  pride,  akarnaj  aiathii&; 
phfilaX;  aphami;  gunir  k.  [bo  juii. 

3.  burtt  vi/h  gunpouder,  uf  jSni ;  bhak  ae 
T.  a.  teold,  jbtriikti&;  dhatkSrii&;  Utftnd; 
jhim&;  jhara  k. ;  are  bath  leui. 

Uoimujon,  kah  dena;  bbed  kboloa;  phMk  d. 
Binr,  n.  1  (tmie,  obot;  zarb.  2.  {with  the  jiat) 
ghimd;  gnrnma;  diik;  dukka;  dhamDka. 
Thit  but  this  iioie  might  be  the  be-all  and  the 
end-*Uber<l  SkA 

Far  ho  haA  yih  rSr  ekhir  td  i/iia, 
Jar  an  le   m&  hijhagrt  lv>h  iiAtiUn/ 
A  word  and  s  blow. 
gt   Ml   oar  et   h   Ut.  Bale  am  pari. 

3.  mdden  ailanuly,  bola;  afat;    sadmi; 
guab;  qahar;    hadisft.  i.   (Naut.)  gale  (^ 
teirnd,  jbokft;  jhapet.  fi.  egg  ofafiy,  mskkhi 
ki  andi;  bj&HI;  baiza-i-magafi. 
a  blMB/or  a  blow,  ghaiiae  ke  badle  ghansi. 
a  Uour-oiU,  (Slang)  jeonir ;  (^vat. 
n  uaexpeetat  blow,   az-gaibi  goll;  iiat-i-naga- 

hini;  balae-nagablDi. 
at  a  Uoa,  ek  bi  bath,  y&  v&r  men;  bhutU-s&. 
la  tame  to  Uowe,  gbuaam-ghiai,  raukkam-muk- 
ki,  ji  diikkum-dukka  h. ,-  bOra-mukki  k. 
Prom  wordi  it  cams  to  hlota. 
Batoit  bitok  meh  kaO-pil  he  gM. 

Blamn,  n.  randi ;  kasbL 
BlowOT,   n.     1.  oTte    who    hlowt,    phuknniyi; 
pbftbkne-Til& ;  dbnunkne-Tala. 

2.  blowpipe,  nali;  nal;  phukiii. 

3.  {Slang),  chhokri;  laundiyL 

SoWB,  p.  adj.  1.  pnfed  out,  hava.  Be  bbara- 
hxSt;  pbult-biu.  2.  out  of  breath,  dam-ohar- 
hi;  be-dam;  biinpt&;  a&Ds-tutiL 

I  am  quite  btatm.    itaUt  b^iut  be-dawt  Aun. 
3.  (Far.)  matof. 
fidl-btowH,ahigaha,h;  khila-hu&. 
Bknr^pe,  n.  nali.  See  Blower,  2. 
Blowift,  IL    l.a  red-faced  uench,   chuqandar 
(anrat).  2.  bioute,  kurti;  kamri. 

Blowij,  a4j.  Ul;  surkh-rd.  ni  obarbl. 

Kabber,  n.  dudh-pilane-vile  ■amaudrf  janvar 
Mobber,  v.  n.  [H.  bilbildna.] 

1.  It^C.aisaroniikig&l  afljh  jaSa;  rote  rote 
Ukheii  ai^li  jana,  yi  ubalinl;  bilbilSni. 

She  wept,   «he   bUibbeTed,   and  she  tore  her 
hair.  Svift. 

Woh  rof,  mAptii  IJLuot  apne  hSl. 

2.  (at  a  eamel)  balbal^ntl. 

Bladgeon,  Q.  sontft;  khutka;  kntki;  kuttak; 

daud&.  [kabOd. 

Kne,  adj.  oUa;  lila;  liljvardi;  akkiisi;  aamaul; 
blve-et/ed,kara,ni&;  kanj^;  kair&;  anaq-ohaahm. 
black  and  blue,  nlli-pIlL 

to  beat  lilaek  and  blue,  niirte  mirte  nil  d&l  denft, 
BlnSt  Q'  nil&,  jl  jbimani  nitg. 
Bluebottle,  l.^tp,  gtih-makkhL 

2.Jlotaer,  ek  nili  phQl. 
true  blue,  pak^;  eachcha. 
Blnebell,  a.  ghante  jaiaa  nil&  pbOl. 
Blaebook,  n.  sarkkri  rapot. 
Knfl  devili,  n.  udasi ;  gamglni. 
»ky  blue,  akka^;  Ssmaiil. 
^Delight,  n.  mabtabi. 
KneneSB,  n.  nila-pan ;  nil&hat. 
Bloe-oilitmeilt,  n.  zangftd,  y&  Dili  marfaam. 
Bine  nun,  shishe  ki  deo;  sbar&b. 
BlaestocUng,     n.     pandUyan;    ilim  aurat; 

Blvestoue,  Hue  vitriol,  n.  nUa-thotS;  saugar. 
Blne-Teined,  adj.  ni)  raggi. 
Blnifi  a.  l:obtiue,  chauta;  chakl&, 

2.  blustfring,  katUr;  dhiog,  3.   churliih, 

akkhar;  dbith;  damdhasai';  moghil, 
Blnfi^  n.  karafa;  dhang. 
Blni^,  adj.  nUfi-st;  nll-gOn;  abi. 
Blviahaeai,  a.  nil-guni. 
Blunder,  r.  n.    I.  obakni;  bbfllni;  bhol  k.; 

khati   k. ;  galat!   k.  2.   confound,  ghal  mel 

k. ;  ekam  ek  k. ;  khicbri  k.  (galaU. 

Kander,  n,  mott  bbill;  chilk;  kbot;  UiaU; 
Blnnderbiisi,  n.    bandaq;  qar&bia;  dhaniaki; 

Blnndenr,    n.    galaU    kame-vala;    galat-go; 

galat'na'viB.  [be-vaquf. 

Blimdeikead,  n.  bhulakkar;  modha^  kaudon; 
Blunt,  adj.  [Dan.  blunde,  H.  bhutra,  land  not 

sharp.]  1.  bhutiH;  kund;  khundi;  kbun^; 

muthi'a.  2.   dull,    kuud-iahn;  gabl;    tbas; 

thos.  3.  abrupt,  ujadj    angbar;  be-dhanga; 

ui-sblista;    bad-aaliqab.  4.  rlaintpoken,  bi- 

dha;  Bidha   aada;  Baf;  khara;  do  tiik. 

A  plain  blunl  man.    SAorloZ  idal. 

Blvnt,  T.  a.  I.  dull  the   edge,    kund,    kbundi, 

j&muthiik.;  dbftr  band  kar   dena;  bhut- 

r&n&;  dbar  mam'i.  2.    weaken  the  appetite, 

kam   k.;  dabana;  band  k.;  khuibJBh  kam 

k.,  gbatatia,  ya  marua. 
Blnnt,  n.  Slang  for  money,  chilki;  chitU. 
Bluntly,  adv.  akkbar-paue   se;  be-dbiinge'pan 

so;  na-si^stagl  B(}. 




Slntiilness,  n.  1.  want  of  edge,  kknttd&*paii; 
bhutrill.  3.  coarsenestf  ni-shiistagi;  akkkar- 
pan;  ganv&r-pan.  [2). 

Blimt*witted,  adj.  bhoi&dti;  matya-tkas  (Blunt, 

Blur,  n.  <k  V.  iSSm  BloU 

Blurt,  blurt  out,  t.  kah  deoK;  be-soche,  y&  be 
taamraul  kabni;  kab-baitbn&;  kah-uthu&j 
bol-uthna;  kah-dalni;  sSf  kah  dena. 

to  blurt  (Uy  aiBa  waisa  batl&na;  haqir  batl&na. 

Blnak,  v,  n.  1.  turn  red,  g&lo&  par  surkhi  & 
jaua ;  surkh  h. ;  lal  ho  jaua. 

Blutking  like  the  rose.     CfnlShi  ehkSnd. 
2,  he  ashafnedy  skaroiaaa;  khajil  h.;  laj&na; 
sakuchna;  mahjQb  h. 

b^tMh  (as  a  flower,)  chuhchuh&na. 

Blush,  n.  1.  laj;  hayS..  2.  a  red  color,  surkh 
rang;  gulabl  ra&g;  surkhi;  lali. 

at  the  first  blush,  pahli  jhalki  men;  dekhte 
hi;  avval  hi  nazar  men;  l^di-un-nazar  men. 

to  put  to  the  blush,  sharmana;  lajyana. 

Bluster,  v.  n.  1.  roar  as  a  storm,  sannata 
bhamfi;  sansan&na;  satin  sa6n  k,  ya 
chalna ;  phQu  phan  k. ;  lalkarna. 

2.  buUy,  bhabakna;  gurfish  k.;  akiH-takri 
k. ;  dhamkana;  ghurakna. 

Bluster,  n.   1.  roar  of  storms,   saunati;  farra- 
ta.  2.  ftfr6ii^fnce,  gulgapara;  adham;  kallS. 
kall&zani;  gul  o  shor;  garfish;  ak^  takri 
l)arang.  3.  boasting,  shekhi;  laf-zani;  bapii 
gafang;  ding.  [dingiya. 

Blusterer,  n«    kalle-vala;  kalle-dar&Zy  laf-zan; 

Blustering,  n.     See  Bluster,  2. 

Bo,  iutj.  bui;  ha  ha;  havva;  iQlQ;  h^;   hain. 

He  could  not  say  -flo  to  a  gooee.    Wok  hahri  ae 

bki  dart&  hai.   (He  is  afraid  of  r  goat  eren). 

Boa,  Boaconstrictor,  n.  1.  ajgar;  azhdaha. 

2.  (fur),  sabar  ka  gulQband. 
Boar,  n.  [A,  S.  bdr,  Skr.   vdrah]   sGar;  barah. 
mid  boar,  jangl!  sQar ;  banaila 
Board,  u.  [A.  S.  bred  plank,  U.  botd  a  piece  of 
wood.]  1.  a  plank,  takhta;  pat;  patift, 

2.  table,  mez ;  dastar-khuan.  5.  deck  of  a 
ship,  takhta-baudi;  patiutan. 

To  fall  over  board.    Jakdz  par  n  gJr  paptS. 

4.  side  of  a  ship,  jahaz  ka  pahlu. 

5.  pasteboard,  pattlia;  dafti;  vaslL 
In  boarcU.  Patthe'Uigi  hui\  poMhe^Mr, 

6.  council  J  mahkama;  ijlas. 
Board  of  revenue,  Mahlcma-i-mdl. 

7. /ooi,petiyll;  khurak;  khaua-pTna;  rotl; 

chabeni;  bbojan. 

a  small  wi-'Uing  board,  tcakhti ;  pattl. 

iwtice  board,  takhta-i-ishtihir. 

Sadar  board,  adalat-i-aliah. 

sign  board,  takhta. 

Board,  v.  a.  1.  cover  toith  boards,  takhte  lagana; 
pfttna;  takhte  dali)a,  ya  bichhana;  takhta- 
baiidi  k.  2.  (a  sJdp)  ganim  ke  jahaz  par 
charh  jiina.  3.  supply  with  board,  theke  par 
khana  dena. 

board  with  one,  ek  chulhe  rot!  khana. 

Boarder,  n.  theke  par  khana  khane-viila. 

Boarding^lMuid,  n.  rahne  anr  kh&ne  pi 
ghar;  talib-i-ilmoi^  ke  rahne  k&  makfai] 
dy&rthi  bhojanHsb&li. 
Boardiug-sehool,  n.  madrasa  jis  meft  iXXWi 

rat  din  rahte  haifi ;  bhojan-pat-shala. 
Board-wages,  n.  khQraki;  vasifa;  rozin& 

beni;  bbatta. 
Boarish,  adj.  brutal,  zalim;  sang-dil;  kat 
Boast,  V.  n.  [8w.  posa  H.  phUlnd  to  swell] 
m&rna  y&  haukna ;   baraftg   h&nkua;   s 
k.,   y&  bagharu&;  lamb!   chaun   chha 
dan  kl  leua;  Uf-zanl  k. ;  taalli  k!  lena 
Boast,  n.  1.  (boasting)  shekhi;  lantaranf; 
11;  l&f  0  gaz&f;    baral;  ding;  barang; 

Oreat  hoast  little  roast.  Prov. 

l/hchi  dUhSfi,  phikdpakodn.     Pror. 
2.  just  pride,  fakhr ;  naz. 
Boaster,  n.  dingiya;  shekhl-khor;  shekhi 

bar  bola;  lAb&r;  ba^angi;  garangya. 
Boastful,  adj.   shekhl-khorft;    di^giyH;  g 

giyi;  labiryft. 
Boastfully,  adv.  shekhi,  yi  ding  se. 
Boat,  n.   [A.  S.  6a«  (H.  Mf  road)  H.  b*rd 
ufto;  kishtl;  safina;  navarya;  nalya;  b 
a  fl^U-bottomed  boat,  pateli;  bera;  ohaurp 

ya  nao. 
a  ferry  boat,  ghat,  yi  utire  ki  n&o. 
Boat-head,  n.  kishti  ka  mohra,  ya  mathi. 
Boating,  n.  nao  kl  sair. 
Boatman,  n.  mallah;   m&njhi;  dsindi;   k 

b&n;  nao-vala;  khivaiya;  khevatya. 
Boatracing,  n.  jhinjri. 
Boatwright,  n.  kishti-saz;  nao  banane-val 
Boatswain,  n.  [A.  S.  6  itswan\  sarhaug;  gait 
Bob,  n.  [from  bib  bob  the   sound.]    1.  pen 
latkaii ;  jhnmka ;  s&qttl ;  goshw&ra ;  bun- 
In  jewels  dressed  and  at  each  ear  a  bob.  D 
Pahan  galtna,  h&noh  men  jhumkoh  ho  ddl 
2.  a  jerk,  jhatka;  dhakka;  dhachkR; 
kola;  hal. 

A  bob  of  tbe  head.     Oar  dan  hd  tordu 
3, the  burden   of  a  song,    antra;    as 
baud;  tek;  maqte  ka  baud.  [L'Est 

To  bed,  to  bed,  will  be  the  bob  of  the  sc 
*  Ckalo,  so  raho  /'  hof/d  band  rdg  kd, 
4.  trick,  dhoka ;  jul ;  jh&nsa ;  patti ;  i 
bala;  batola. 
Bob,  V.  a.  [  Beau.  <k  Fl.  they  bob   with.] 

1.  jerk  up  and  down,  utbaiia  girana; 
niche  k. ;  uhdub  k. 

He  bobbed  his  head.     Woh  sir  matkdtd 
(Like  a  cork  in  the  water.) 

2.  flap,  b-tat,  tamacha  yk  thappar  lag 
To  be  bobbed  on  the  face.  Muhh  par  thappar  t 

3.  cheat,  butta,  ya  jul  deua ;  chhalni. 
I  have  bobbed  bia  brain  more  than  he  hai 

my  bones.  Sluikes.  Troiltis  and  Cressid( 
Jitni  usne  meri  haddiydh  kail  fiaih  uste  z\ 
maine  uska  sir  khdyd  hai. 

Bob,  V.  n.  1.  dub  dub  k.;  dubakna;  jhuk 
2.  angle,  machhll  pakarna. 

These  are  the    baits    they  bob   with. 
Idltich  dc  ke  look  phanaate  haih. 

;  laftdflri;  dum-kftU. 
BoUerj,  n.   {Slan^)  jhagri;   dangft;  ^nU; 

gill  o  shor;  bahd&. 
BobldB,  n.  [Lat.  bombus,  H.  bhin  bhin  humming.] 
1.  jftn  banne  ki  sal&T.  2.  dor!;  (Cor,)  b&ban. 
Bo1»bmet,  (Car,)  b&bannaif,  b&barnait,  b&bar- 

Uit;  lotj&li;  j&l!  lot. 
Bobblairork,  n.  jtll  k&  k&m. 
Boblliflii,  adj.  (Sloprtg)  khUsft ;  chokhft ;  khush. 
Bobbjy   n.    {Slan/q)    dande-T&l&;     patte-vili; 

Boae,  T.  a.  [A.  S.  bod^  a  message,   S.  vad  to 
qwak]  fliiagfilii,  y&  saiin  den&;   ftindah  k& 
\al  batanl. 

It  bod£$  ilL  Yth  bwrH  ikagHn  yd  ku-tmun  hoi. 
Good  onset  bodei  good  end.  Spemer, 

Nek  dffdZf  nek  anjdm,  Pit>7. 

BoWea,  n.  ai^y&;    &Eigf;    cholf;    mabram; 
I     aliti-baQd;  kachukT;  chhoU  kap^a. 
BottoBB,  a4j-  nir-aAgktr;  nir-akar;  be-jism. 
BmKIj,  adj.  dehl;  angi ;  jismani;  jismi;  badanl. 
bodily  defect^  nuqs-i-jismanf;  kay&-khot. 

Virtae  Atonee  for  hadUy  dtfeeU,    VEairange. 
Kayd'kkoi  bo  gun  purdve.  [ehaqqat. 

bodiljf  laboTj  mehnat-i-jismaol;  mehnat;  ma- 
bedily  power  or  itrength,  sarir-bal,  y&  shakt ; 

qHTTat-i-jismini;  taqat-i-badanl. 
BodfljyadT.  ba-jinse-bi;  bilkul;  mulan;  mfd. 
Bodldn,  n.  su&;  sal&i. 
to  ride  hodkin,  (Slang)  g&ri  meh  do  admiyoi^  ke 

bfoh  men  bhicb-ke  baithua. 
Bodj,  n.    [A.  S.  boddg,  (ET.  baMhd  bound)  A. 
badan,']  1.  substance^  vujQd  ;  maddah  ;  sbae ; 
baata;  cbiz;  tat.  2.  ma^maZ/raiTte,  badan; 
deh;tatt^;  saiir;    kaj&;  q&lio-i-kbiki;  ang; 
jum;  dbanch;  pinda;  katbl;  jussa. 
Absent  in  the  body,  Intt  proseot  in  spirit. 
Dek  u  dar,  man  te  dhore. 
S.  corpse,  murdah ;    l&sh ;  n&sh ;   jan&za ; 
loth.  4.  collective  mcas,  gol ;  majmCla ;  jatba ; 
jhand;  giroh;  jam&at;  mandll.    b.corporc^ 
{ton,  xumrah ;  bir&dari;   bhai ja-ch&ril ;  pau- 
ch&jat.     6.  person,  shakhs;  adml;    nafor; 
kas;   jan;  koT;  mannsh;    insan;    log. 

Any  body;  Kol  ddmi.  Every  body. 
ffar  ihakktyd  tab  koi  ;  har  fard-i-batihar. 
Let  the  poor  bidy  alone.  Beeh6re  murde  ho  jdne  do 

7.  main  part,  qalb;  bicb;  matan« 

8.  (a  iolid)  jism ;  dial-dar  bastfL 

9.  Hrengikj  zor;    bal;  tftqat. 

%hamo^€Moui  bodp,  jism-i-basit ;  yaks&&  bastfl* 
s  vegetable  body,  maddah  nab&ti,  y&  nabatati. 
iR  amimal  body,  m&ddah-i-baiv&ni. 
Ml  «  hody,    ek   sang;    ek    ho-kar;    ikhatte; 

jhond  kk  jhund;  gol  kH  gol. 
Ml  the  body  of,  matan  men ;  bfoh  men. 
Aehetmemiy  bodise,  ajrilm-i-flBJaki;  Ekas  basta. 
lie  body  of  a  boat,  khol. 
1h$  body  of  a  book,  matan. 
tie  body  of  a  carriage,  hand& ;  sandiiq ;  phay. 
body  of  «»  army,  qalb-i-lashkar ;   katak-madh. 
bodfy  of  a  pUmgkeharej  akvisi. 

body  of  a  mfiting,  matan;  asl.  [mohfifis^i-tan. 
Body-gnard,  n.  kb&sa-bardar;  (Cor.)  b&rl-ghftt; 
Bog,  Bog-laad,  n.  [H.  ^pdnk,  Skr.  pannya  water] 

daldal ;  dhasan ;  andan ;  phasao ;  pSnk ;  ghan- 

ghri;  k&dofi. 

He  walks  upon  bog»  and  whirlpools,  whereso- 
eyer  he  treads  he  sinks.  South, 

Daldal  aur  bhanvar  par  woh  chaltS  hat,  jahfih 
pdoh  dharta  kai  umhih  dkoi  Jdta  KaL    [totll. 

Bog«honse,  n.  (Slang)  ba^a-darbar;  paikh&na; 

Boggle,  y.  thitakn&;  cban&kna;  bichakn&;  jhi- 

jhakna ;  pas  o  pesh  k.  [moe.    GlawfdUe. 

We  start  and  boggU  at  erery   unusual  appear- 
I  JhiiKakU  bkuchaJcU  haih  nag  tUp  pe. 

Bogy,  n.  [H.  bui,  from  Skr.  bhc^'  to  fly]  havT&; 

haQ;  koko;  lultt;  bui.  [Thackeray, 

I   am   bogy  and  I  frighten  every  body  away. 
Main  hatwd  hUn  aur  mujh  te  bhdge  haik  »ah, 

Bohea,  n.  black  tea,  k&ll  ch&h. 
Boil,v.n  [H.  ubdl,h^t,  bulla,  H.  I^6tf/abubble] 
ubalna;  auntna;  joshkhan2l;khaulnft;  phUt- 

boil  over,  uphanni  ;  ubal  chalnft.  [kbUnft. 

boil  (one^s  blood),  kb&n  josh  men  anS;  khdii  josh 
Boil,  T.  a.  ubalna;  josh  d. ;  auntanft;  khatil&nS. 
He  keeps  the  pot  boiling,  1.  Wok  ddl  rotl  te 
khuth  hai,  2,  Utkehdh  kan^yd  ehdrhiraht^'kai, 
to  boil  clothes,  kapre  bhattT  chafh&nft. 
boil  away,  yi9^n%',  p&nijal&ni.  [pho^ri. 

Boil,  n.  [H.  phaid  swelled]  dambal ;  g&i^an ; 
Boiler,  n.  deg;  patilll.  pian. 

Boiling-water,  n.  khaulta  y&  phau  pftni;  ad- 
Boisterous,  adj.  tund;  tez;  ndhmL 
Boiiteroosly,  adv.   dham  se;  shoe  o  ^il   ke 

s&th ;  tundt,  y&  tezi  se.  [tundf. 

Boisterousness,  n.  gul-shor;  gangi;  adbani; 
Boke,  V.  [H.  oknd,  ubaknd  to  vomit]  See  Vomit. 
Bold,  adj.     I.  brave,  bahadur;    dilavar;    sQr; 

sCLrma;    bir;    diler;     shnj&;    jav&n-mard; 

mardana;  sher-mard;  sher-dil. 

2.  conspicuous,  numayati ;  dld&iH ;  alH ;  ali- 

sh&n;  jaiyad.    3.   ahnypt,  khara;  sidh&.  4. 

spirit,  kushada;  faillkh;  dil-chal&;  ulul-azm. ; 
5.  immodest,  ni-lajja;  shokh;  shokh-didah 

be-hay&;  bad-lih&z;  be-sharm  ;  didah-dalel. 

What  a  bold  creature !  Kaiti  thokhdldah  haii 

to  make  bold,']wri3X  k. ;  diler!  k. ;  paon  ba|'han&; 
mubadarat  k. 

Boldface,  n.  shokh-didah;  didah-dalel;  ni-lajji. 

Bi^dfaodd,  adj.  shokh;  shokh-chasm;  ni-lajjL 

Boldly,  ad V.  dilerana ;  mard&na;  be-bak&iia; 
be-parvai  se ;  be-muhaba ;  be-rok. 

Biddliess,  n.  1.  courage,  dileri;  jurat;  muba- 
darat; be-baki;  birtai;  mardangi;  javan- 
mardi;    bahadurl;    shuj&at. 

2,  freedom  of  hand,   etc,  h&th  k!  rarai)!. 

3.  immodesty,  nilajj&-pan;  didah-daleli. 
Bole,  n.   1 .  trunk,  tanah ;  maudi&. 

2,elod,  dhela;  dala. 

Bole,  n.  (Armenian)  gil-i-armanf. 

Bolero,  n.  ek  nach  jo  Haspanya  meA  hot&  hai. 


.  »w. 



»..x--    -fc-^.  _'ai 

J    -    -     jr 

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■r?       tx 

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'  -I  -r.     _ 

•■'■:-*^    _•-!_, 

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•JCr      -IT    ■  -^        -r 

iXkk-.:  .aA        ^.._. 

^ «-   "i- 

.-      •'*       ■'»»rf      I.         ULI.*~Li 


..i./      ^  v     :i:i.    zarra 




■      —  - 



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■  >• 

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^     5* 

»*     « 

•/•  — 

«     *    ■ 

.-       . 

V  • 

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1  — ■  . 


r-  r       -i        ?*^^?TT!^ 


•w  -A»-  r.* 

■»      .% . 


/.-  --•■>-*    • 
//■  ^  ■  •  -  -    .-  ' 


■-».    «r-:-   ■» 

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■    ^        ■-  uMV'      .■ 

■      •■■  .^U~. 


:  :-4 

■  I 


— i,-5.  Ea.i::ir 


»-    -c 

:.    4.  . 


loik,  T.  a.  buhli  yft  ohitthe  met  likhn&;  his&b 
mvh  n&m  oharhin&i  Vajistar  men  d&khil  k.; 
tipol;  likhnft.  [band. 

BookUnder,  n.  jild-sis;  jild  ban&ne-v&U|  jild- 

loikbuding,  n.  jild-baDdi;  jild-sAz!.' 

BookMM,  iL  kiUb  kl  almftrL         [likhtara«rin. 

Book-debt,  n.  qana  az  rQ«  bahi;  qarza-i-tahrin ; 

Book-depot,  n.  sarkar!  kutitb-khinl.       [uavfs. 

Booking  derk,  n.  tikaf  ban^ae-T&li;    liiB&b- 

Bookmg-offlee,  n.  tika^ghar. 

Bookilk,  adj.  muuila-dost;  kitib-dost* 
A  bookiah  man.     Kitdbt  ddwa, 

Bookkoapor,  n.  jama  kharch-navis ;    munlm  | 

hieEbkitabrakhne-vala;  k&gzi;  sy&hi-Davia 
Bookkeeping,    n.    lekh&-jokba;    hisftbkiUb; 

babi  kbitft  [pushtak-biddjl. 

Bod&*knowledge,  Book-learning,  n.  kit&bl-ilm ; 
Book-learned,  adj.  mullana;  maulvl;  pandit. 
Book-maker,  n.  mualHf;  grantb^kftr;   grantb- 

Book-making,  n.  tallf ;  graQtb-rachn&. 
Bookmate,  u.  ham-sabaq;  bam-dars;  ek-pftfbL 
Booksale,  n.  kitibou  ka  nilam. 
Book-seller,  n.  kutub  farosb;  potbl-bechA. 
Book-selling,  n.  kutub-farosbf;  pustak  becbni. 
Book4hop,Book-8taU,  n.  kutub-farosb  kf  dukHn. 
Bookstand,  n.  rebl ;  chaukl. 
Book'Worm,  n.   1.  the  insect,  kiUlb  kH  ki^L 

3.  a  great  reader,  kitibl-kifi. 
Boom,  n.  1.  long  paU,  ball!;  chbaf.  2.  a  chain 

ar  bar,  iy  (Bar,  4).    3.  sound  of  cannon,  top 

k!  ft?iz;  dban  dhftfi;  danft  dan ;  daSn  da^i^. 
Boom,  ▼.  n.  1.  drone,  bhinbbinanll;  jbing&m&. 

2.  roar,  dandan&n&;  dbln  dbiii  k. 
Boon,n.  d&n;  bar;  bakbsbisb;  atiyt* 
Boon,  adj.   l.^ay,  kbusb-taba;    khusb-miz&j ; 

siDdi-dil;  j&rbHsb. 
a  boon  companion,  1.  yar-i-sbatir ;  dil-lagi-biz« 

2  kind,  kripalQ;  mebr-bftn. 
Boor,  n«  [A.  S.gebure,  H»ganvdr,  H.  bogd  sower, 

tiller,  H.  phuhar  booby]  dehati;  j^;  dab- 

qin;  kbal;  jabil;  na-8b&i8t&  ^diui. 
Boorish,  n.  gafivir;  ujad;  jar,  ja&glf;  vahshl. 
Booriskness,    n.    ganvar-pan;     aiigbarpana; 

phubar-panil;  vabsbat.  [uobr&. 

Bsose,    n.    gafl-sili;    gatvar;    kbarak;  gait; 
Boose,  Boose,  t.  n.  pTni;  cba^b&na;  dokoa. 
Bsosing  ken,  n.   shar&b-kbana;   kal&lkhUna; 

bhat^;  blize-kb&uah. 
Booeer,  Booser,   n.  sbar&bi;    sbarilb-kbuir; 

nashe-blz;  ma^parast. 
Booff ,  Boosj,  adj.  mast ;  sururya 
Boot^  T.  n.  b&ail  b. ;  prilpt  b. ;  kam  b« 
It  boaU  not.     Be-fdidah  hau 
WhMt  boots  iil    Kyd  fdXddkt 

to  boot,  epri ;  rHkan ;  lubbao ;  rQn^ ;  mangnf  \ 
rairoivie.  [manfaat. 

Boot,  D.  b&sil;  priipt;  y&ft;  labb;  a^&;  nafa; 

Boot,  n.  f  H.  bok  a  he-goat.]  1.  {for  the  leg)  (Car,) 
but;  men;  jQta.  2.  a  rack,  katb;  Lai  khSn 
\Jk  lakfi.  8.  {cfacoaeh)gl!Ci  ka  sandttq. 

pnt  on  one*s  boots,  mose  cba^ b&nS ;  jaUL  pahannft. 
Booth,  n.  [H.  bait/uik  a  seat,  H.  bathdn  a  stall] 

(a  temporary  stall  at  a  fair,  etc*)  chbati ; 

kutl;  jhonpra;  mafidbl;  banglS;  defft. 
Bodt-Jack,  n.  jftti  ut&rne  ki  auz&r. 
Boot-last,  n«  farmi;  k&lbQt. 
Boot-less,  adj.  a-k&rath;  nis-phalj  l&-hS8il;be- 

fa^a;  be-sQd;  be-arth;  khall. 
Boot-lick,  adj.  khusbaroadf;  chaplus;  cbaran- 

bardar;  khnsye  sahlane^vale:  chaparqanatyi; 

kbusbamadi  tattu  ;  jGty&fi  8idh!  karne-wSlla. 
Boot-maker,  n.  J Qtr  ban&ne-Tal&;  kasbfdoz. 
Boots,  n.  b&t  8&f  kame-v&l&. 
Boot-tree,  n.  kalbQt. 
Booty,   n.   [Swed.   bpis,    H.    bdfH  sbare]  Ifl^; 

rahzani,  ya  dake  ka  mat ;    maUi-ganimat. 
Ba«peep,  n.  U;    jba;   jbSt;    ftiikba  mankbii; 

&ukh-micbaull;  chor  cbor. 
to  ptay  bo-jteep,  tukhtk  m%kh^  k.,  yft  kheln&; 

jh&t  k.  I  ta  jha  kbelni* 
Borax,  n.  [A.  burdq]  suhagi.  [garagar. 

Borborygm,  n.  garga^bat;  garbari    qatilqur; 
Border,  u.  [H.  odr.]  1.  edge,   kiu&ra;  hashiya; 

kagar;chhor;  d&man.  2.  confine,  sivanil;  badd. 

3.  (in  a  garden)  raush ;    ravish ;  patrf. 

4.  (on  cloth  or  paper)  bel;  h^hiyi;  daur. 
border  of  a  field,  mefid,  dftnla)  bar. 

border  of  a  garden  bed,  kyari  kl  mend  \  daull. 
border  of  a  garment,  ntoiili;    magzl;   b&sbiy&; 

incbal;  kor;  got;  kanni. 
Border,  v.  n.    \,tobe  in  contact  witht  laga-ha& 

b. ;  d&nd&  meAda  b. ;  mil&-hna  h. ;  ek  had  b. ; 

mnlbiq  b.    2.  approach,  pas,  qarib,  nazdik, 

y&  muttasil  b. 
Border,  v.  a.    1 .  adorn  with  a  border,  bftsbiya 

lagana;  got,  sanjAf,  yH  kinar^  Iagan&;  raush 

la^ui.  2.  touch,  chh^nKi  mihia. 
Border  land,  n.  bicb  ki  zamin ;  bich  kft  mulk. 
Bore,  v.  a.    1.  pierce  into,  chhedn&;    bii^dhu&; 

bai*man&;  tiithni;  sQrilkh  k.;  raazan  k. 
To  bore  ft  hole.     SUr'lH,  yd  chhed  k. 
2,  pester,  diq  k.;  tang  k.;  bairan  k.;  kftn, 

ya  ma^z  kh?lnlL 

^art  to  death,  tatS  mdmd;  tang  har  d. ;  kalkdn  h 

Bore,  n.    ].hole,  ebbed;   sftrilkh;    sil;    sorT; 
gbar;  kbin&;  rauzan;  rakbni.  2.  size,  gher&; 
gber;    cbakkar;    golaL    S,  the  instrument, 
barma;  sutirl.  4.  person  that  annoys,  bh&ri; 
ajiran;  kan-khaQ;  majjaz-cbat;  pran-levS. 
He  is  a  greftt  frorc.     Teh  bard  jdn-kkSU  kai, 
6.  (of  a  river)  jhal ;  charbao ;  tugyftnL 
bore  of  a  gun,  bandflq  ke  n&l  ka  chakkar. 
Boreal,  adj.  utrSyanl;  utrtyan;  sbimili. 
Boreas,  n.  [Skr.  giri  a  mountain] 
badi-shimal;  uttiilyan. 

Boreeole,  Kale,  n.  karam-kallH. 

Bordr,  n.  bindbera. 

Bom,  p.  p.  1 .  janSl ;  jayi ;  zaida. 

J^ofn  with  ft  silver  spoon  in  one's  mouth.  Prov. 

Potfvn  h&  amir ;  ehhati  hd  rajd.  Prov. 

2.  (In  comp.)  zad&;  zad;  si. 

horn  iHindy  janml-andhft;  andkft  m&d&r-z&d. 

bom  in  ike  housey  kh&na-z&cU 

to  be  homy  7.  n.  janamDi;  janam  len&;  muta- 

vailid  h. ;  hon&;  paid&  h. 

Borough,  n.  £A.  S.  61177,  ^*  9<*V^  oastle,  P.  buri 

tower  A.  S.  beoi^an  to  defeud,  H.  barajnA  to 

prey  out]  gasbft  jisko  Pariimeut  men  member 

bhejue  k&  ikhtijUr  hai. 

Borrow,  iu  a.  1.  UJbb  on  cre*Uif  udh&r,  ^an^ 

qarx-v&m,  dast-gard&i,  j&  hath-udhar  lenlL 

He  that  goei «  borrowiitg  geei  m  sorrowing. 

Prov.     Udhdr  kkU  kaleM  bitA9.  [Pror. 

To  bopraw  on   usury   brings  sudden  be^ary. 

Motd  kiffdj  bhik  maha&vt.  [lenS. 

2.  for  use,  m&uge,  arijatan,   ya  musta&r 

The  axe  goes  to  the  wood  from  whence  it 

6ofTOWMt  its  helve.  ProT.  \jdi. 

Jdh  H  knlhdrt   beiiid  M,  %t$i  pir  ho  Jedtcm 

{/UMni  par  bailhe  utl  ko  kHU.  ProV. 

He  evte  down  the  branch  on  which  he  sitR.) 
Borrowed  garments  neyer  sit  wdil. 
Makge  ke  kapre  tk\k  naMk  AU,   Prov.    [mol  It. 
Better  buy  than  borrow,     Prov.     Mdiigl  n«  2t^ 

Borrower,  n.  m&nge,  jk  musta&r  Iene->¥&1&; 
qara  iene-Tal&. 

Neither  a  borrower  nor  a  lender  be  I         Shah, 
Udhdr  (0,  na  udkdr  do  I  [ohhftti ;  sinft. 

Bosom, n.[<X  H.6er.;>tiotum,  P.pis^dfi.]  \Mtaity 

Put  another  man*s  child  in  your  botoni^  and 

heMl  creep  out  of  your  elbow.  Prov. 

Fox^i;* pfton  knun  mpUHl  Prcnr. 

(Who  ever  made  another's  ohild  kis  ownl) 

2.  {(3fetJ^  dil^  man^  bTyJL;  kirda^  jigi^r. 

3.  embrace,  kaulT;  bag) J-glrl ;  hamagosl^. 

4.  interior^  blntarf ;  andrQiiu 

In  the  bosom  of  his  family.  Apnoh  meA. 
boiom  secret,  dil  ki  liat,  ya  bhed^  raz-i-dill. 
a  bosom  fri&Hdy    dili-dost;  ham-r&s^  mintar^ 

piyar&,  y&  g^*ba  iniutar,  y&  dost. 
Bosom,  v.  a.   1.  enclose  in  the  bosom,  dil,   man, 
y&  pet  men  rakhna.;  poshida  rakbn&. 

Bosom  up  my  counsel.  Mtvl  scd&h  dil  meh  rakhnd. 
2.  concecdy  chliupaua;  piub&n,  makhff,  ya 
kbufiya  rakhna. 

Bosomed  in  vines. 

Angiiroh  hi  beUm  meh  chhupd  hUS, 

Boss,  n.  [(^er.  biUz  point,  H.  biUa  buncb.] 

1 .  protuberaftt  part,  ubbar. 

2.  sttsi,  phal.;  gul;  buta.;  phulli;  kari. 
Botanical, Botanic, adj.  [Ft.'botani(j[u^,  H.  bull, 

A.  nabdt,  a  plant]  nabatati.;  banaspat!-ka. 
botofucal  garden,  nal)atatr  bag.  [gyanl. 

Botanist,  n.   iiabatat-shin&s^    bati-vala  ^  jarl- 
Botanize,  v.   m.   paudoii   ko   daryaft    \L,    ya 


Botanomancy,  n.  peron  se  skugftn  lena.  [batat. 

Botany,  n.  ban&HpatI  ya  buti-biddya;  Una-i-na- 

Botch,  n.   1.  sweFlmf,  pborri;  pkunsi;  muhasa. 

Botches  and  blains  must  all  his  flesh  emboss.  MUtot^ 

1.  Uske  hadan  pe  phore  phansl  nikkhge, 

2.  Phnt  pkiJt-ke  nikUffd, 

2.  pat''ky  thejjiT,    X.  dumsy  performance 
kac3icU~i,  ya  naqis  kam. 

Leave  no  rubs  or  botches  in   the  work.     Shuk. 
Kam  meh  koi  chehl  yd  rag  tr  mat  ehhoro. 

Boteh,  V.  a.  I.  pcUck,  theglf,  yft  pevand  laginft. 

2.  spoU^  anaf i-pan  se  k. ;  big&f n& ;  aoghaf- 

pane,  ya  pWQar-pane  se  k. ;  sattyan&s  k. 

Botcher,  n.  an&vi;  angbar;  phQar;  big&vCL 

Both,  adj.  [A.  S.  ba,  butvd,  from^  botb,   tv4 

^wo^Skr.  K6^two.;  H,donoA,]douak;  har4o. 

She  alone  is  heir  to  both  of  us.  ShtJt, 

Mam  etoKoh  M  ek  yehi  vdris  hai 
I  will  do  both.     Math  donoh  kdm  kar  ffiilfS. 
Both,  conj.  bhi;  nlz^  ham. 

We  both  saw  and  heard  these  things. 
ir«jii  ne  ddthd  bhi  mur  sund  bhL 

Bother,  ^  a.   dig  k..;  jau  kh&a&;  bhejK,   jK 
magz  kbana^  n&k  men  dam  k. 

Dont  bother  /    3iq  mat  haro  / 

Botheration,  n.jbamela^  khat-khs$&;  bakhepi; 

makbmasa;  diqqat. 
Bots,  n.  pi.  joHin;  jonkti;  kife  Jo  gho(«  M 

&tit  tarn  bote  haiu. 
Bottle,  n.  botal;  Hblsh>l^  min&;  qar&bS^ 
The  love  of  a  woman  nnd  a  bottle  of  wine. 
Are  sweet  for  a  season,  but  last  for  a  time.    Prov. 
Taashshttq  biitoh  kA,  a*ir  kdh  mai-parmit, 
Main  kh%sk,  Isk  thore  din  hai  inH  hsutU         F.  €L 
botiie  companion,  ham-piylia ;  ham-k&8&. 
Bottle  of  hi^,  gh&s  k&  gattb&. 

To  search  for  a  pin  in  a  bottle  of  hay.       Prsv. 
Ohds  ke  gatthe  msh  s(H  dhUndnd,  [band  k. 

Bottle,  V.  a.  sklslie,  yi  botal  men  bharu&  ya 
Bottle-gourd,  n.  kaddQ;  glviyi;  lamba  ghly&. 
Bottle-green,  n.  hari  kaiich. 
Bottle-nolder,  n.  ar^  satbn;  pittliil. 
Bottling,  II.  botal  men  sharab  bharna. 
Bottle-nojed,  adj.  pakau|>a  tii   nak-v3il&;  baf- 

nakkil;  ban  nak-vala. 
Bottom,  n.  1.  [H.  baith  sitj  lowest  part,  baitbak; 
peiidu.^  peidl^  tala^  taJi^  thah^  tab. 

In  the  bottom  of  the  sea.  Samandar  H  thih  m<A. 
2,found'ttion,2>^rj;  nlo;  nlm;biua;  buuy&d. 
To  go  to  the  bottom  of  a  matter. 
BSt  kl  tah,  yfiJQf  ko  pahdhehnd. 

K.  vessel,  jahilz. 

Ky  ventures  are  not  in  one  bottom  trusted. 
Merd  sauda  knckh  ek  hijotfidi  men  nahih  hai. 

4.  dregs,    tal-ckhat;  gad;  kiidUrat;  mail. 

5.  loiv  ground,  nichan ;  nasheb.  6.  stsimind, 
*datn.;  kbam;  pani;  khot;  asl;  nasi. 

A  horHB  of  good  bottom. 
1.  Ackchhe  k'ltt  kd  ghord.     %.  AsU  ghord. 

7   (fundiitient,)   cliQtar;    peAdI;    pemdi; 
baithak^  ni.shast.  [Prov. 

More  bottom  than  brains.  Sir  se  khdgd  bhSri, 
(His  testicles  carry  more  weight  than  hts  head). 
bottom  of  aiaue,  gaJi  kii  dflara  sira. 
at  bottom,  adv.  dar-asal;  salu;  dar-baqiqat. 
He  wai  at  bottom  honeet  and  sincere. 
Da/r  asal  voh  tuchchd  aur  dipdnat-ddr  thd» 
chair^ottom,  baitbak. 

on  one's  oum  bottom,  apne  bal,  y\  bharose  pe. 
Bottom,  V,  a.  1.  found,  buniyad,  biua,  nlv,  yi 
neo  dilliia.  2.  to  farnisli  imVAa  ^eo/,  baithak, 
yll  penda  chiirhana,  ya  lagana.  [baithv&u. 
Jialbott>med,  cbauri,  ya  chaptT  pencli>d;ir; 
Bottomless,  adj.  be- 1 bah ;  agaui ;  athah ;  aroiq. 
Bottomry,  n.  jahaz  bandhak,  y&  kafalat. 


Boudoir,   n.    kbilyat-gah.;    saoitia;.   ranvScB^ 
saQto-khitna ;.  mahalsara^ 

Boniph,  Ik  [Skr.   baha,   H.   ^^  arm] 
d&U;;  tahu&;  shikh;  gudcUU. 
The  bought  that  bear  most  haug  mott.  Prov;. 

JUmd  piale  ut^i  jkuke,  Pto7. 

{liikad  Bkdhki'jmr  memh  tar  bar  tarnlk.     P.  Pror. 
"^asall  heir  jpj  the  ripened  f raits- to  tend, 
Andeee  the  Uughs  with  hiipt>jrbardena  bend.  P^pCi 
Pakkt  phalok  la  ekamhtl  karnt  ki  iki  kkathi* 
A  ur  dtkhne  ki  tkiikk  ko  phal  t^-UuU  huL  F:  C. 

Bcmghft,  Bont,  n.  bow-knot.,  i.  ttvUty  gjiljhati; 
g&ath ;  tnaroTi ;  khara;  kajT ;  bal ;.  p^eh. 

3.  of  a  ilinj,  gopfje  ki  jVi  jis  men,  pat- 
thar  rakh-kar  phenkte-  haiu. 

B»iu;io»  n.  batti  (sakhmi  kl). 
Boimli,  XL  iibl&-ha%  gosht;  shorbe-dir  gosht 
BDOiUoxif  a..8horbft;  shurvi;  jakbiu. 
BottMsr,  n.  batU ;  gol  mol  batiyi,  y&  pattbar; 
Bomnc^   t.   n.  [E.  601711  the  souadj    1.  spring- 

wmddinlf;    chbaJang     m&ru&;.     pbaU^Q&; 

phindnt ;  uchakiUl ;  asaqan,  yi  kulSJioh  mlLrn&. 
2.  bra^,  l&f-zaulk.;  dlog  m&raa;    garang 

mi&nift;  dQn  ki  len&. 
BooBcs,  n.  I.  sudStn  hlow^   kfaat  khat;  khat 

khat&bat;    dhakk^;    dhamftki.     2.'  b^yiuid' 

dihttUd^;  chaukrf^  kal&nch.  3. 6rajr,  ahekhi;. 

namAd  ;    ding;:  Iftf-zaiii;  ba^ng. 

4.  {Bf>uneer) }\i^i\\  g^PPi;  lab&ry&. 
BOQAcnr;  ik    1.  one  uho-  bounces^   phal&ag».  jSl 

chaukrii  mli^Qe-v&lS;  kudkL     2.   a  booaUry 
gappi;  labir;  laC-ssati;  shekhl-baz. 
BftliaeiiL^,    adj.    taiy&r;    mi>tJ-t&zT;.  khingi;. 
ditti;,  khun^ri;    saud-musaad;  musbtAQdi. 
BdUdy  a.  pbalan^ ;.  dihalang ;.  kulaacb  ;.  zaq^iQ  ;^ 

Imutdofa  baU^  tapp&- 
BoQMi,  v.  a.  had,  sarbad,  ya  abatai  bladbaa;, 

had-bandi  k. ;  mahdtid  k.  ;.  gbera  d&la&. 
Boandy  r.n.  1.  kap^  kiliu&;.kudakuil;,ucbbala&; 
chaakrl  bbarna;  cbbalang  mama;.  kulSfusb 

And  the  warea  bovnd  beneath*  me  aa  a  steed. 
That  knows  its  rider.  Bffron, 

Niche- tmere  uehKakl  hai  Hhehitaraiig  y^, 
Itan  tale  tavdr  ke-kOdc  tvtrahgjAi.  F.  C. 

2.  reboundl  (at  m  b%U)   cbat ikaa;:  uch- 
ulatuS;  palatua;  lautaa;  phirua. 
p.  adj.  cmfined^  bandha-bua;  pS^baud;, 

piTbasta;  imiqaiyad;,  majbdr;.  nicbaf. 

They  that  are  bound  mast  obey.  ProF; 

Nuikar  ko  wer  kfd  I  Pro  v.  (C\n  a  serraot  object  t) 

Boamd  hand  and  foot.     HSUh  pdoa  bandhe^hue. 

2.  detUned   for^     j&ne-v&Ia;.   j&oe     ko;. 

ratioa  bon^v&llk 

&.  bounden,   farz;  v&jib;  lazim. 
Aj  in  duty  bound,    Jhutd  ki  farz  hail 
We  are  boani  to  be  honest  not  to-be  riish.  Prov^ 
Athe  isiJH,  jA9  tab  kttehh,  PaoT. 

(Eenaia  bat  integrity,  perish,  all  beside). 

4»  (/jft  comtp}  basta;;  jor. 
iMMdSm  dmiy,  fars-i-am.. 
hm^d  (m  a  book)  bafKttir  hal;  tnujallad;  shldtoi- 



bound  for  a  place,  jKne-vUS,^.  fitie-  ko;  ravana 

Where  are  you  deunel  ?'  Jp  kahdh  jdne-vtde  haim  f 
bound  in  wedlock^  nuinaqad-i-nikSh;  bandhe-hue*.. 
bound  together^  ahd  0  bandbe-hu&;,  { 

&pas  men  ahd^o  paim&n  bai* 
u  bound',  zartlr,  v&jib,  avaab)  y&  lH^tm^bal. 
is-  boun  d  by  law  to  do^.  qf  n aaau> karniLyii ib  bat. 
is  bound  to-pay^  vajib-ik-adH  liai.  [jabat. 

hofn^ward  bound  (er  ship}*  valayait    j&oe-Tftli 
overetep'Or  exceed  boundk,    badd   se-  giiBarn&; 

taj&vas  k. ;  p§r>i&  bihar  nikalniw 
BauLda;^,  Bonndarias,  n.   8ivAna;,8i&i&;  sar- 

hade6;    badOd;    chau-baddi;    budfld-arbi; 

badd;  dilnd^-mendi.  [q^ddaxnat-i-sarhaddi. 
boundaryr  etuea,  dinde  me6de-ke  qadme;  mu*- 
bowidxry  dispute,  tan&za-i-sarbft'ii ;  budild    ke 

jbagre;.  sioivbibid.  [me&d;  dbfi&;: 

boundary^  mari    or    Une^    siy&aah;    sarhad; 
boundary-{of  afield)  b&f;  mend;  dauliL 
b9tmdary^/  a  viitaye^  gao&k&  siyanab. 
boundary    roadi    between    two    states,    d&&d&' 

meuda;  sarbadi-sarak.  [mabdfid.;  munhasar. 
Bdonded^  adj>  gbir&'baSl;  abatftr  kiy&..  bat^ 
Boundleu,;  adj.    be-had;    an-ant;^^  beriotihi;.. 

anginat;  ISriotihi;  beHshumftr. 
Boandleasiidsi,  n.  be-tntihSi;,ba-baddl; 
Baanteous,  Boontffiil,  adj. 

sakhi;  karTm^  faiyai;.  dfibTr.  d&t&;;  dWr^^ 

lafttmi;  hatim^.  mukhaiyar. 

Bountiful  as  the  sea.    JBtrun^-midM, 
bountifuCto^lhe  poor,  garib<{>arvar ;  garib-aav&t. 
Bounteausly,  adv.  faiyaai,  yfr  sakhi vt  se. 
Bountifalness^Boiuiteoasiiess^  Bounty:^  ik  1.  sa- 

kbavab;  bakhshish;  dSd-dabish;  karam^faiz. 
My  bounty  is  as  boundless  aa  the  sea.  Shak.- 

HtU  fail  dm  merM  jaS^  bdhr-i^-kofUh. 

21  premium,    sahalUi;.    madad;.  e&nat;. 
istimd&d;  dast-giiii 
by^your  bounty^  ap  ki  bardaulat;,ap  ke  fais^  yi 
iqbal  se^;   &p  ke  tufail,  y&  anugrab.  se;;  &p 
ke  pariSp  8e<. 
Bouquet,  n.  1.  gt]l-dtota;.pbftlon.k&^guchchh&, 
ya  turrab;   {Eng)  gilas;,  pbaloii  ki  chhari, 
ya  dastah.  2.  {of  wins,   eto;)-  kbash-bQ   y& 
lazzat  ^  zaSqa.   [burn.]  X^  rivulet;  dbara;  nSla. 
Boam,  Boome,  n.  [A.  S.  byman,  H.  balnd,  to 
2.  bound,  cbhor ;  kiu&r& ;  tat;  mauzil ;  had. 
That  undisoorered  country  from  whose  bourn 
no  tniTeller  returns.  Shah, 

Ui  lohtekol  prAni  nahik  pKirtd.  ProT. 

Bttune^  n^  mabajanl  bis&b-gbar. 

BdUt,  Q.  [loel.   boyinn^    H.   bdfika  bant] 

bar;  Iwtri;.  bela;  dafa;.  ausar. 
a  dHnking  bout,  shar&b  k&r  daur ;;  sbai^b-khuarL 
BoFlne,  adj..dangar  jaisa;  dhagga. 
Baw,  ▼.a.[A.  S.   bOgan,  Skr.   ttu;,    H.  bd^ 

to  be   bent.}    I.  hendiL  jbukani^   laohkan&; 

morna;.  niburftnat,;.  kaman  k.;,  kha<adeua; 

khatiiidab  k. 

Tb  6049^  the  neok  to  tyranny. 
Zulm  ke  t&mmt  gai'dan  jhrnkanS, 




2.  (in  token  of  respect ,)  niTn& ;  sir  jhuk&nS ; 
Bia  nivana;  salam  k.  fneoni. 

Bow,  v.  11.  jhukua;  laohakn&;  laohni;  uihartii; 
Better  to  bow  than  brealc.  Prov* 

Jhuk  chaU  io  tate  kdhe  f 
Admired,  adored  by  all  the  oiroling  crowd. 
For  wheresoe'er  she  turned  her  face,   they 

bowed,    Dryden, 
Utbf  dthiq  to  har  ba$har  dthhd, 
Jhuk  gaik  gardaneh  jidhar  dtkhiL  F.  0. 

to  how  to^  jhukua;  sal&iii  k. 
Bow,  xi.\.aci  of  reverence  or  tvbiniHvon^  sal&m ; 
baudagl;  uamaskar;  adab;  mujra;  taslita&t; 
kornish.  2.  (o/ a  «^«/>)  saiuni ;  ag&rl ;  matha ; 
mafltak;  pesh&ni.  3.  (for  arrow9\  kam&u; 
ch&p;  dhauush;  dhauuk. 

A  bow  long  bent  at  last  waxeth  weak.  ProT. 
KhiGhUhkieliUkamSnhojKdhdl.      [vad.  P.) 
( Kamdn  eho  tan  ba-koMhidan  dlhud  kabddah  tMa- 
To  draw  the  long  bow, 

Lambl  ehauri  Kdhknd  ;  jUd  jhAt  bolnd,     [cKip, 
Bow  and  arrows.  Tir  kutndn ;  dkanuth  bdn;  tar 

i,o/aJiddlefgixz,  d, (of  ribbon), ^^hUd;  obilla. 
bow  of  a  saddfCf  agva. 
a  pellet  bow,  gulel. 
carder  9  bow,  dhutikl. 

to  bend  a  bow,  kamau  cha^hanft ;  kam&n  t&anft. 
to  unbend  a  bow,  kamSla  uUlm&. 
Bow-compasaea,  n,  parkikr-qalam. 
Bow-drill,  n.  barni&. 

Boweh,  n.  1.  inUstinee,  pi.  &&t;  ante6;  ant^T; 
autrijau;  roda.  2.  inner  part,  darmiy&ul 
hidsa;  pet;  bich;  darmiyaa. 

3.  compassion,  day  a;  rahm;  dard;  taras. 
He  has  no  bowels  for  any  one. 
Uiko  kUl  par  taras  nahih  did,  [dwell.] 

Bower,  n.  [A.  S.  bHau,  Skr.  bhavan,  H.  basnd  to 

1.  retreat,  khilvat;  gosha;   gupha. 

2.  cottage,    kutl;     mandhl;     maudhaiyft; 
baii<:la.  *6,ai*bour,  mandha;  tattl;  baiigla. 

Bow-hand,  u.  1.  (Archery)  kamaii  k&  hath; 
bayaii  hath;  dast-i-chap.  '2.{Mus,)  gsiz  k& 
hath;  dahnaliath;  daist-i-r&st. 

Bow-knot,  n.  derh  gauth ;  dhlli  girah  ya  ganth. 

Bowl,  11.  [A.  S.  bolla,  H.  bel<l]  I,  piyala;  bela; 
badya ;  kassa ;  sagar ;  jam  ;  qadah. 
The  sparkling  bowl  goes  round. 
Jdin  ckhalaktd  chal  raJid. 
2.  loooden  ball,  kat  ki  geiid. 

Bowl,  V.  a.  dhuikana;  lurhk^ni;  rurk&n&. 

to  bowl  out,  m&t-n& ;  mar  den& ;  takra  de»&. 

Bow-legged,  adj.   bainda;    tirhbauga;    kaj-p&. 

Bowler,  u.  gedd  phekue-v^la. 

Bowling-green,  n.  gefid  ballii  khelne  ka  maidin. 

Bow-maker,  n.  kain&n-gar;  kamangar. 

Bowman,  ii.  tir-andaz;  dhanush-dh&rl. 

Bowshot,  n.  tir  kl  mar;  tirva;  ek  tir;  tir  ka 
fasila.  [dhara. 

Bowsprit,  Boltiprit,  n.    tirchhil   mastul;    sab- 
Bowstring,  n.  1.  trint;oharhao.  2.  (for  strangula- 
tion) gaiaghotue  kii  lassa;  ph&iisl. 

Bow-window,  u.  mehrab-dar  khifki;  gol  kamre 
kl  khifkl.  See,  Bay-window. 

Bow  wow,  a,  1.  bhaun  bhauu. 

2.  cavalier  servenie,  picbhIagQ ;  kuttS. 
Box,  n.  \,  a  case,  sandSq;  sanduqchi;  sanduq- 
chl;  ((7or.)bak8;  dibba;  dibyi;  pitaril. 

2,  dice  box,   chonga;   sauduqcha  jis   me& 
p&se  hila-ke  phenkte  haiu. 

l,dr:vei^s  seat,  jua;   (Cor.)  kooh-baks,. 

4.  (of  a   theatre),  kh&uah ;    darja.     5.  an 
iron  ring  in  the  nave  of  a  wheel,  &mau ;  ivau. 

6.  a  shooting  box,  shik&ri  ghar. 

7.  (In  eomp.),  dan,  as  poi  box,  qalam-dan. 
box  drain,  pati  hui  mori,  ya  badar-rau ;  khassf 

parnaU ;  RandQqT  mori  [haiu. 

box  office,  daftar  jahau  n&ch-ghar  ke  tikat  bikte 
box-ordisr,  uHoh-ghar  meA  jiue  ki  ij&zat 
in  a  box,   muahkil  men  phansa-hua;  mubtiU; 

Pandora's  box,  bis  kl  ^nth ;  jhagve  ki  jaf ;  lain 

k&  mal ;  seh  k&  k&uta ;  kaaer  kH  phal. 
pill  box,  1.  dibba ;  dibiyi.  2.  Hakim  ki  giri. 
Box,  n.  [H.  but]  blow,  ghUhsk;  mukka;  diik. 
box  on  the  head,  dhaul;  dhapp&;  ch&iita. ' 
Box,  V.  a.  1.  shut  up  in  a  box,  baud  k. ;  saadQq 

men  band  k. ;    piUre  mei'i  rakhna.    2.  strike 

with  the  fist,  ghiimal,  duk,  ya  mukka  m&mi; 

ghugiy&n&;  mukiyaua*;dukiyan&;  miuhtsanl 

k.;  but  piUuft;  butyaui. 

To  box  one's  ears.  Kdn  pe  thappaf  mdmd, 
box  the  cotnpcus,  qutb-uum&  k&  kh&u&  bat&ui. 
Box,  v.  n.  ghilsam-gh&sa,  mukkam-mukk&,  yi 

dukkam-dukk&  larna. 

•  •  . 

Boxer,  n.  ghai\se-baz ;   dukkon  se  larae-viUL; 

dukait;  musht-zan. 
Boxing,  Boxing  match,  n.  ghunsam-ghasa;  duk- 

kam-dukki;  mukkamukkl;  musht-zaiiL 
Boxing-night-day,  n.  uau-roz  ke  bad  ki  rat  jis 

din  tohfa  tahayaf  apas  men  bheje  jate  haio. 
Box-iron,  u.  istirf. 
Boy,  u.  [N.  H.  Ger.  bube,  Skr.  bdl,  H.  bdlak, 

babud;  P.  bachd]  larka;    lauiida;  chhokra; 

chhora ;  chhauua ;  dhota;  nikk&;  muuda. 

Boys  will  be  men.     Ydnoh  se  syane  hote  Aata. 

All  work  and  no  play  makes  Jack  a  dull  boy. 
Prov.  PiltepUU  ddml  koln  kd  bail  hojdtd 
hai,  Prov.  Constant  grind  will  turn  a 
man  iuto  an  oilmftu's  ox.  [kaUk, 

Boys  wake  boys.  Prov.  Larke  apnd  sd  kar  lek 

{Kharbdzth  ko  dekh  ke  kharbazah  rang  pakajrU 
hai.  Prov.  Melons  take  their  oolor  ttosk 
regarding  melons). 

boy-king,  bal  raja. 

boy's  game,  boys  play,  larkon  ka  khel. 

boy's  love,  larkou  ka  ishq. 

boys'  7'hyme,  larkou  ki  tukbandl;  tukbaudL 

draw-boy,  larka;  shagird. 

Boyhood,   u.   bal- pan;    bach-pan;    larak-pan; 

balak-pan;  larkai;  tiflf.  [chhiitpau-ki. 

Boyiah,  adj.  1.  belonging  to  a  boy,  lurakpan-kl; 
2.  childish,  larkou  ka  sa ;  chhotl;  haiku 
Boyishness,  n.  larak-pau;  ohulluilahat;  chibal- 

la-pan ;  halka-pun ;  chhacbora-pau. 
Brace,  u.    [Lat  brachium,    H.   bdhh   arm.]   • 
1.  cincture,  band;  baudbau;  kasni;  (aul. 




.  tupporty  qainchl;  ar;  arval.  3.  tension, 
vmi;    sah&r.     4.  (Print)   khat-i-vahd&ui 
h  )  >  gher-lakir.  5.  a  thick  strap^  kassan ; 
aa.  6.  (mining)  kho  k&  munh. 
V.  a.  1.  furnish  with  braces,   arval,    y& 
ichi   lagani.    2.   bind,    baiidhn&;    band 
Ihna.  3.  make  tense,  kasna;  charhan&; 
krn&;  khenchni. 
To  brace  a  drUm.    f>holH  eharhdnd, 
.  hold  firmly,  dapaa;  janina;  drirhrahna. 
He  braced  himself  agaiiut  the  crowd. 
Vok  akeld  bkir  tt  iamnejamd  rakd. 
tp,  mazbut  kasii&. 

ety  n.  1.  paunch! ;  kar&;  churl;  kangnl; 
^n ;  naugri ;  lachchhe.  2.  (Slang)  hand 
t,  hath-kari;  (Fac)  sark&ri  gahnft. 
(Math.)  ek  daul  ki  laklr;  kosht;  qaus. 
y  XL  (Cor.)  galis ;  tasmeu ;  kassan.  [band. 
of  a  bed,  ad  van;  palang  ke  tasmeu;  sej* 
of  a  drum,  don  ;  kasni. 
It,  n.  1.  div&rgiri.  2.  []  khutfit-i-vahda- 
gher-lakir.  [khenchna. 

Bt^  y.  a.  khutut-i-vahdani,  ya  gher  laklr 
ilh,  adj.  khara;  kh&ri;  narakin;  shor. 
ialinesi,  n.  kh&ri-pan ;  namkin! ;  short jat. 
II.   [K.  barang,  from   Skr.  bhat^'  break] 
Lhl;  ding  (Boast). 

Bra/^s  a  good  dog,  but  that  he  huth  lost  his 

t*iL   ProT.  Vihg  aekekhl  hoi,  par  nakti  hoi. 

,  a  game  at  cards,  ganjfe  ka  ek  khel. 

ldoei3,n.  shekh!-bi^(Boastl.).[(Boa8ter). 

ftrt,  Bragger,  n.  [U.  barangl]  shekhi-bUz 

n.  baukn;  rnendi.  [balna;  bhanna. 

▼.  a.    [H.    bat  twist]   gQuthn&;  batna; 

d  tlte  hair,  sir  karn&,  yH  gOndhna ;  choti 

bil  k.  [magz. 

u.  [A.  S.   brazen,  H.  bhtjA."]   1.  bheja; 

.  understanding,   aql;    budh;    samajh; 

i;  dimagh. 

His  brains  are  addled.  Prov. 

Uskil  dimdj  pardganda  ho  gayd. 

The  brains  dont  lie  in  the  beard.  ProT. 

pSrhi  pc  aql  naklh  hai. 

{Baxuryi  ba  aql  ast,  na  ba  adl.  P.  Prov. 

Greatness  is  mind,  not  years.)  [dllnft. 

▼.a.  magz,  ya  bhejS  nikal  dalni;  sir  phor 

dyer,  n.  sarsam. 

djs,  adj.  be-samajh;  abudh;  be-yaqilf. 

»aii,  n.  khopri;  kapal;  pali;  k2sa-i-sar. 

ick,  adj.  kurh-magz;  be-vaquf;  mOrh. 

n.    [H.  bihar  rough   broken   ground] 
1;  kaute. 

The  deer  has  sought  the  brnke. 
Hiran  jhdri  wieh  chhup  gayd. 

n.    1.  Oil  instrument  for  dressing  flax, 
^hi;  kakai;  un,  yagairah  saf  karue  ki 

2.  harrow,  patra;  raaiira. 

(for  breaking  horses),  kharkhnriya. 
.  shai-p  bit,  khardar  naharf,  ya  qazai. 
.  (Mech,)  pahija-rok;  thaii Ho-pech. 
ran,  n.  rel  k!  pichhli  gari. 
irlieeU  n.  ch&l-rok  pahiya.  [beri. 

ilBy  n.  jh&ii;  khir-dar  panda;  jhar-beri; 

Bran,  n.  [H.  bar  chaff]  bhOsI;  bur;  chokar. 

Much  bran,  little  meal.  Proy* 

Bh^i  bahut  aur  did  thord, 

Branchf  n.  [Lat.  bra'^hium,  Bret,  brane,  H.  biiiih 
arm.)  1.  shoot,  dall;  tahni;  sbakh. 

The  hanging  branchit  of  the  willow  tree. 
Bed  majnUh  hi  lataktl  ddlydn. 
2.  antler,   sing;  shakh. 
5.  sub-division,  hissa ;  tukri ;  sh&kh ;  feri. 
Branch  school.     Shdlck-i'madrasa,    O.  O. 
Branekes  of  knowledge.     Urn  kl  skdkheh, 
^.descendant,  aulad;  nasi. 
branch  of  a  family,  phatao. 
branch  of  a  river,  <di\iSkXdk',  kat;  sh&kh;  sota. 
branch  office,  n.  ma-tahat  daftar,  ya  mahkamah. 
Branoh,  Braudi  out*  y.  n. 

1.  spread,  ph&tna;  phailna.  2.  (branch  out) 
kabhi  kuchh  kahna,  kabhi  kuchh  kahua. 

Braachy  y.  a.  1.  divide  into  branches,  bantna; 

taqsira  k.  2.  adorn  with  needlework,  karhn&; 

bel-bCLte  k&rhn&,  ya  ban&ua. 
Branching*  adj.  1.  (trees),  shakh-d&r;  tahni-d&r. 

2.  (antlers)  bilrasinga. 
Branchless,  adj.  be-sh&kh;  tbunth;  mund&. 
Branchlety  n.  chhoti  tahni,  ya  sh&kh. 
Brand,  y.  a.  [A.  S.   brinnan,  H.  bamd  bum.] 

1.  mark  with  a  hot  iron,  dagn&;  dagik.; 
chlulp  lagani.  2.  stigmatiie,  kalank  ki.  tika 
laganA;  bad-nUm  k.;  dbabl>a  lag&u&. 

Brand,  n.  1.  a  burning  stick,  jalti  hui  Ukri; 
lukti;  lukatyi.  2.  a  mark  made  by  a  hot 
iron,  d&g;  chhSp;  gul.  3.  tr<tde  mark,  sau- 
d&garon  k&  nishan.  4.  stigma,  dag;  kalank 
katlka;  kalauns;  batta;  dhabba. 

5.  sword,  khanda;  kharag;  talvar^  kirach. 
Branding-iron,  n.  dag  dene  ka  lohi.   ' 
Brandish,  y.  a.  [0.  F.    brandeler,  H.  bhdnnd, 
Skr.  bhram  whirl,  disha  side]  ghumana;  phir&- 
n&;chakkard.;  h&th  phenkna;  bhanni. 

To  brandish  a  sword.     TalwSr  kUdnd,   bhdhy 
nd,  yd  phehhid. 

Brand-new,  Bran-new,  adj.  [H.  barnd,  burn, 

nayd  new]  sif ;  nayi ;  nayi  tahdarad. 
Brandy,   n.   [Du.  branden,    H.  bamd  burn] 

brilndi-sharib.  [P.  biranj!\ 

Brass,  n.  [GaeL   prdii,   Skr.  pittal,  H.  pital, 

\.  (the  metal)  \i\t9A',  hix^ny  2.  impudence^ 

dileri ;  shokhl ;  be-hayai ;  dide  kl  safaL 
Brasswork,  n.  pital  ka  kam ;  pitli  kHm. 
Brat,  n.  [Gael,  brat,  H.  chithrd  rag] 

phQnsi-a;  danthla;  chenuhla;  chhich^ 
Brats,  n.  kachohe-bachche ;  kilal-bilal;  kil-hil; 

chiiigapoti;  chingna  chingnl. 
Brayado,  n.*  bhapki;  dhamki;    ^dar-bhapki; 

ding  dharakka;  ba^h-bol. 
Braye,  adj.'[H.  blr]  1.  courageous,  surbir;  bir; 

surma;  diler;    diliivar;   javao-mard;  baha- 

dur;  roard&na;  shuja;  bahadurf-ka. 

2.  grand,  khub;  bahuti  achchhi. 

brave  actions,   bahaduri  k&  kam ;    mard&n&,  yi 

mardaugi  ka  kam. 

Brave  actions  nerer  want  tntmpets.         ProT, 
Bahddurl  kd  kdm  na  ehdhe  nitm. 






brmm  09  a  {ton,  sber-mard. 

brave  to  the  backboney  rag  rag  men  bah&duri  hai. 

Brav.e,  v.  a.  samna,  y\  muq&bla  k. ;  jand  rahni; 

drirh  i'abn&. 
Brayely,    adv.    1.  eourageoudy^    balUldur&iia; 

dilerau&;  sbuj&at,  y&  mard&ugi  se. 
2.  splendidly y  kbUb. 
9rayery,  11.  birial;  Rur-blrta;  8urm&-paQ;  dileri; 

babaduri;  mardaagl. 
Bravo>  n.  aMassiny  gupt-gb&tik;  kbQDi. 
Brayo,  intj.  vab-v&b ;  vibjl ;  bal-be ;  dbao ;  dbao 

bo;  kja  kahna;  sba-basb;  afrlD;  marbabi. 
Brawl,  v.  n.  [Skr.  vi  mucb,  H.  rauld  row.] 

1.  quarrel  noUilyy   jhagr&,   j&  tant&   k. ; 
jbagarni;  qaziya,   ja  babda  k. 

2.  make  a  noise,  gul,   ebor,   gulgap&^  y& 
ganga  k. ;  dbdm   macb&na. 

3.  roar  as  water^  pbupp&n& ;  dbaf  dhar  k. 
WUere  the  brook  brawls  along  the  painful  road. 
Aujhat  ghdtjah&h  naddi  pkuppdve. 

Brawl,   n.  jbagra-ragri;   gul-gapapl;  gauga; 

tanta;  kbarkhasba;  babda;  qaziy&. 
Brawler,  n.  gaugal;  gal-gapa|'y&. 
Brawling,  adj.  barh-kalla;  kailadaraz;  gaug&t 
Brawn,  n.  [/\.  S.  bar,  Skr.  vdrah  a  boar.] 

1.  the  flesh  of  a  boar,  sdar  ka  gosbt. 

2.  mufcular  part,  danr;  kbam.  [gril;  taat&. 
Brawny,  adj.  musbtanda;  sand  musaod;  kua- 
Bray,  y.  n.    I.  (as' an  ass),  renku&;   dhi&oba- 

dblnobak.;  riagiia;  bin9n&.  [bray. 

When  all  men  say  you  are  an  ass,  it  is  time  to 

Panck  kiheh  billi  to  bUli  hi  sahi,  Pro7. 

(If  the  Court  dubs  you  a  cat  a  cat  you  are.) 

2.  make  a  harsh  tioisey  sbor  maoh&ui;  gul, 

ya  gul-gapira  k. 

And  varying  notes  the  war  pipes  brayed. 
Aur  mukhtallf  dv&teh  narsingoh  men  te  nUdih, 
Bray,  n.  [Lat.  y^ugire,  H.  rlngna\  renk;  dheuoba. 
Bray,  v.  a.  bruise,  kutna;  kucbalua;  chbetaa; 

pitiia ;'  maru&. 

Though  thou  should  at  bray  a  fool  in  a  mortar,  yet 

will  not  his  foolishuess  depart  from  him.      Pro7. 

Oadhd,  pUe  ghord  nahin  hUd,  ProT. 

(You  oanuot  pound  an  ass  into  a  horse.) 

Braze,  v.  a.  [Per.  birai\j  brass.]  1.  jh&ln^;  pital 

k&  jbal  la^ana.  2.  be-haya  k.,  y&  banaoH. 
Brazea,  adj.  \,m%de  of  brass,  biranji;  pital-ka; 
pitli.    2.  (Brazenfaced)  impudent,  be-baya; 
be-sharm;  ni-]ajj&. 
the  brazen  age,  duaparjug;  dwEpar. 
Brazen,  v.  n.  be-hayal  k. ;  sbokhi  k. 
Brazen-face,  n.  be-haya;  dldahdbol;  ui-lajji. 
Brazier,  n.  1.  worker  in  brass,  kaser& ;  tbatberil. 

2, firepan,  bursl;  an^ithl;  atisb-dan. 
Breach,  n.  [A  S.  brecan,  H.  murahnA,  Skr.  ftfetn 
jflrt,   to   break]  1.    breaky     stJrSLkb;    darar; 
ghatta;  rakhiia;  sendb;  kQnbal;  naqab. 

Once  more  unto  the   breach,  dear  friends,  once 
more,  [5ikail;. 

Or  close  the  wall  up  with  our  English  dead. 
Chalo,  bhdi,  gkcUle  pe,  ek  aar  hamlah  1 
Kara  band  divar  Idshoh  se  varnah.  F.  C. 

2.  rupture,  phut;  bigar;  aii-ban;  na  ch&qi; 

3.  viotaXdon^    bbaojan;    bbang;    iahinf; 
breach  of  laws,  harkat  kbilaf-i-qavinla. 
breach  of  peace  appreliended,  &in&dgM-dang& ; 

amadgi-i-sbor  o  fasad ;  dange  k&  kbatr&. 
breach    of  privilege,  tajavuz-i-ikbtyar;  kbil&f- 

varzi;  jurm. 
breach  of  promise,  or  contract,  abdHsbikanl. 
breach  of  the  peace,  amau  men  kbalal-andizi. 
breach  of  trust,  bad-dyiaati ;    pratit-bbanjan ; 

amiaat  men  kbay&aat. 
aggravated  breach  of  the  peace,  kam&l  futClr; 
futilr-i-sbadid ;  bangamah  y&  bbaWa-i-sbadld. 
commit  a  breach  of  the  peace,  aman  men  kbalal 
daln& ;  dafig&  o  fis&d  k. ;  busn-i-siy&sat  men 
futar  barpi  k.  G.  G. 
criminal  breach  o/ trust,  kbay&nat-i-mujrim&aaL 
violent  breach  of  the  peace,  fa^d-i-azim ;    baril 
bb&r!  fas&d.  [k. ;  pbor  deui. 

Breack,  y.  a.  ebbed,  rakbnl,  rauzan,  ya  dar&j^ 
Bread,  n.    I »  (of  ground  com),  roti;    cbap&tl; 
pbulka;    nan.    2,  food  in  general,  roil;   dil- 
rotI;  daaa-paal;  kb&oi;  an-jal;  kbaQ&-pia&; 
ab-o-kbur;  rozL 

Give  us  this  day  our  daily  bread/  Ildhl,  rixq  dst 
Do  do  mad^Wl  sShj  savers  diyejd/  OopdUL 
(Give  me  two  cakes  each  mom  and  two  at  ema, 

In  the  sweat  of  thy  face  shalt  thou  eat  bread. 
ChoU  kd  peulnd  qri  ko  dBgdjab  takrd  milegd. 
One's  bread  being  buttered  on  both  sides. 
Chaprlaar  do  dot  Prov.  (Buttered  cakes,and  twof) 

bread  and  butter,  makkhan  rotl. 

They  that  have  no  other  meat  bread  and  butter 

are  glad  to  eat.  Prov. 

Jinko  gosht  naKih.  voh  makkhan  roll  hi  meh  k\u^ 

(Jii  kogekah  ki  nahlh,  woh  chane  hi  ki  te  rdzi.  ProT.) 

a  loaf  of  bread,  u&a-pao ;  dabal  roti.  [shabioi. 
daily  bread,  adb  ser  ati;  tukra;  roziiia;  nao-i- 
eat  of  any  one's  bread,  kisi  ka  namak  khana. 
eaJl  the  bread  of  idleness,  baithe  rotyan  torna. 
fight  with  one's  bread  and  butter,  bhari  thai!  men 

lat  m'lrna;  rizq  se  larna. 
not  to  know  on  which  side  one's  bread  is  buttered, 

apua  uafa  nuqsau  na  jaiina.  [rotl 

plain  bread,  rnklii  rotl;    rukb!  sukbi  roti;  abl- 
Brdadfroit,  n.  rot-phal.  [tukp. 

Breadpndding,  u.  mithe  tukre;    nan  pao  ke 
Breadstuff,  n.  daua;  ata;  cbClu;  arad. 
Breadth,  n.  cbaural;  pana;  arz;  cbakl&i;  pat. 
breadth  (of  a  river),  phSt ;  pat. 
breadth  (of  a  wall),  asar. 
BreaX,  v.  a.   [EL  murak,   Skr.   b?Mr{f  break.] 

1.  rupture,  tora&;  phorna;  tarkana. 
To  break  one's  head.     Sir  tornd. 

2.  shatter,  tukre  tukre  k. ;  chUrS  k.;  purze 
k, ;  reza  rezi  k. ;  chUr  cbar  k. 

Broken  down  with  care.  Chintd  ne  char  liyd, 

break  to  pieces,  tukre  tukre  k. 

3.  destroy,  quvvat  torni,;  tor  dalna;  nas  k. 

4.  impair,  rogl,  ya  daim-ul-mariz  bauini. 
Broken  health.  Rogl.  [kain  k. 

I  5,u}eaken  the  force  of,   zor  ghataua,  yi 

tofQ& ;  uchhtana ;  rok  y&  ^  baaQ& ;  sadd-i- 
r&h  h* ;  hkrij  ya  mukhil  b. 

To  ir§ak  one*i  sleep.  Nmd  tornd,  ytf  uehidnd. 
l.vMaU,  khil&f,  inhirilf,  *y&   bhaoigk.; 


To  hr^ak  a  l*v.    QditAa  Ire  MO^i/  h. 
8.  ea#Aier,ohda,]^  hiidd&torii&;  mauqQf  k. 
%,  mdce  bankrupt,  div&l&  uik&lna,  ja  pitaft. 
Broken.     Divdljf/l, 
10.  <ai»5,  hilana;  p&lna;  sadhaoft.  II.  pro- 

paundf  E&bir  k. ;  kbolna ;  bay&n,  y&  faab  k. ; 

kahoi ;  bblndi  pbornK ;  u<j:b!lra!l ;  pargbat  k. 
To  break  one's  mind.    /{  ki  bdt  kahnd. 
hmii  a  bank,  kotbi,  ya  bauk  tora& ;  diT&l&  pit- 

lA,  y&  aiK&lna;   tappar  y&  t&t   ulatua;  init* 

bk&tk&  divala  Dikalnft 
kuJt  a  butterfly  upon  a  wheel,  makkbl  ko  top 

•e  uf&u&;  chint!  ko  bUbi  se  marvina, 
hnak  «  ekarm,*pr  epeU,i^iVL  utarii&. 
keak  a  /a/^  obot  bacbftaa;    cbot  ae  bacbn& ; 

tkVnb  leua. 
break  a  jest,  tbatti,  ban^i,  y&  inaB\q  k. ;  tbatta 

mftmft ;  usbgulK,  y&  sbigiif^  cbbornft. 
hnakaiaH':€y   s&mna,  y&  muq&bla  k. ;  lara&; 

daugal,  y&  akbare  men  utarnl.  [nildllaa. 
knak  a  paih,  riUitab  kbolnH ;  sarak  k&tna,  yi 
hreaka  proinut,  T&dab-kbiUfi  k.;    mukarni; 

baohaa,  b&t,  iqrir,  y&  qaul  se  pbirnl;  v&dah 

ynfl  na  k. 
bnak  hulk,  bojb  ut&rn&y  balk&  y&  kam  k. 
break  company, }VLdSk,B\fig,jt  alabdab.  [bb&-^na. 
break  cover,  jan^al  ae  bahar  ia&;  jb&ri  ae  nikal 
brmk  down,  tdtna;  b&r  jaiii. 
break  ground  or  land,   1.  hal  obalaoft;  zamTn 

jotni;  lamiti  torna.    2.  begin,  klm  j&ri,   y& 

•kara  k. ;  baddbft  Iag&Q&. 
break  in  a  horee,  gbora  nik&ln&;    kba^kbarye 

men  sadb&ni,  ya  nik&ln&. 
break  into,  tabar-daati  andar  gbasnt. 
break  into  a  houte,  mak&n  meQ  naqab  d. ;  se&db 

la^Ui&,  y&  mirna;  kamal  k. ;  gbarpboroK. 
A''^  J<^f  jel-kb&oab,  y&  qaid-kb&aab  to^^-ke 

bb&gua;  qaidi  k&  bb&g  J&Q&. 
break  of,  cbbiir&uil;  nik&l  den&. 

He  broke  the  horse  of  the  hsbit  of  jibbing. 
U9  ne  gkore  ki  ar  ni(:Sl  dl, 
break  of,  cbborni;  band  k. ;  tark  k.  [jbat&ln&. 
break  one^ejasi,  n&sbta  k. ;  kalevi  k. ;   mu&b 
break  on^e  neck,  gardan,  y&  sir  tof  Q&. 
keakopen,   tor-ke   kboloi;   tax  dalQ&;   kbol 

leD&;  khol  daln&. 
break  eiience,  bol  utboa ;  mfiBib  kbolni. 
break  the  hack,  kamar  to^ai. 
break  the  heart,  dil,  y&  ji  to^ai.  [sbarll  k. 

break  tkb  ice,  bimniat  k. ;  db&raa  b&ndb-ke 
break  through  troope,  aip&b  ko  cb!r-ke  nikal  jaua. 
break  up,    I.   to|^n&;    barkbiUt  k.;    iitb&Q&; 

chbot^I  deu&.  2«  dieb  tnd,  to^  d. ;  burra  k. 
break  upon  the  wJieel,  paiye  ke  tilobe  kucbalv& 

den&;  gi^  pbirvi  danft;  kola  ine£i  piW&ua. 
break  {waee$}f  labred,  y&  inaujeA  in&rn&. 

Break,  v.  n.  1.  part  in  two^  do  tuk^e  b. ;  tQt* 
u&;  pbutuS.  2.  burst,  phatn&;  pbatna;  tut- 
n&;  khilj&i)&;  tuk^e  tuk^'e  b. 

3.  (as  waves),  takran^;  takkar  kb&na;  tba- 

per  khaaa;  tu^  parn&    4.  (as  moi-ning)  pan, 

ya  pill  pbatiia ;  din  nikalna;  roz  rausbau  h. ; 

tarka  b.;  sQraj  nikalua;  bbor  b.  [Shak. 

"  Tae  day  begins  to  break,  and  night  is  fled." 

Bhor  bkal,  ahdkydr&  bhdgd, 

(SHraj  ne  bkfin  ubhdn,  rujnl  ghar  tidhdri). 

5.  beeomt  bankrupt,  div&l&  nikalna;  t&t, 
ya  tappar  ulatai;  bav&  ukharuft;  baithiia; 
bigarni.  *  [ghun  lag  jiiia;  zaTf  b. 

6.  (Break  up)  decline  in  health,   rog,  yi 
break  away^   kbifidui.;    tiii-terab  b. ;    al^  ho 

j&ti&;  cbhof-ke  obal&  J&I1& ;  bbagnil. 
break  down,  baitb,  ya  b&r  jau&;  bimmat  b&r- 

n&;  (cattle)  kandb&,  ya  jitS  dalua 
break  forth,  nikal  paraft;  pbat  para&. 
break  from,  or  loo*e,  chbutn&;   chbnt  j&n&; 

nikal  bb&gn&;  tur^  bbUgna;  kbul  j&a&. 
Ha  broke  from  his  capture.  Hirdtctl  se  bhdg  gagd. 
break  in,  dakhl  d.;    &n  tapakua;  &q   paru&; 

yakayak  ghoa  &a&.  [ruk  jaiia. 

break  off,   ruk  j&n&;  tbair  j&n%;  tham  j&u&; 
break  out,  \&g\x%;  bba^kna;  pbQtoa. 
break  up,  barkbast  b. ;  band  b. 
break  upon,  &  parna ;  tut  pa^ na. 
break  wind,  hav&  cbbofui,  y&  nikilni;  padui; 

p&l  mUrna. 
break  with,  dosti  jati  rabn& ;  y&ri  kut  h. 
a  broken  number,  kaaar;  bbiun  ank.  [buH. 

hrokeu-winded  (horse)  b&r&,  y&  tQt&  bu&;  thalul- 
Break,  n.  I,  opening,  tut;  pbut;  pb&&k;  sbigaf; 

rakbnl.  ^.spa^.e,  kb&ii  jagab;  filsila^bicbcbba; 

antar.  3.  pause,  tbaii-ao;  vaqfa;  tavaqquf. 
break  of  day,  bbor;  tark&;  bhins&r;   sabab; 

banfajar;  8aver&;  prat-k&l. 
Breakage,  n.  1.  the  act,  tttt;  tatpbQt;  sbikast- 

o-rekbt.  2.  the  charge  for,  daud;  tav&n. 
Breaker,  n.  wave,  labr;   samandri  lahr,  yH 

mauj  jo  cbat&u,  ya  karare  se  takr&ve;  mend. 
Breakfast,  v.  n&sbta.  y&  jalp&n  k.;  bazri  kba- 

n&;  kalev&,  y&  b&l-bbog  k. ;    Panj,  parsbtd 

cbbakn&.  [ohHsbt. 

Breakfast,  n.  kalevft;  n&sbta;  b&zrl;  nab&ri; 

Hope  is  a  good  breakfast,  but  it  is  a  bad  sup- 
per. Prov.  BhaR  ds  kalevd,  bgdla  dsji4evd. 

Breakneck,  adj.  gardan-tor;  kbatar-nak. 
Breakwater,  n.  labr-tor ;  baud. 
Breast,  n.  [0.  £.  hresten,  H.  phatnd  to  bnrst.] 
1.  obb&ti;  siua.  2.  (woman^s)  cbunobi;  ku- 

cben ;  cbbatiyan ;  dddbi;  pist&j^;  mamma. 
3.  heart,  htrd& ;  biyi ;  jI ;  dil ;  maa ;  gba^. 
hrecut  to  hrxut,  Bioab-ba-siaab. 
make  a  clean  breast,  bhed,  yi  ji  ki  bbed  kab 

den&;  sab  kuobh  kab  d.;  saf  saf  kab  dalnl; 

dil  k&  bakhar  uikaln&. 
swollen  breast,  tbanaili. 
Breaitboae,  n.  obh&tl  ki  baddi;  sar-i-sina. 
Brdast*deep,  adj.  ebb&tl,  y&  sine  tak  (gahr&). 
Breast-high^  adj.  ohh&tl,  y&  sine  tak  (Qnoba). 


Breaitpin,  n.  Bone  yl  ch&fidi  kl  ktl  jo  atktne, 
yi  numliyash  ke  v&ste  duo  par  lag&ta  haiA. 

Breastplate,  q.  chSr-iina. 

breattj'late  (of  a  hone),  sloa-band. 

Broaatwoik,  n.  kaiiguni ;  kuDgt&. 

Breath,  [H.   biyir  wind.]   1.   tar  drawn   in, 
tAiia;  dam;  pliQiik;  nafas. 

Fuul  brflath,  aandddahml.  [hlTl 

2.  breett,  huvi  ki  ramaq,  y*  jhoki;  maodi 

Not  a  brtaUi  of  wiod.  Ifunl  H  ranaj  noAli). 

3.  fragrance,  mahak;  lapat;  augnnd, 

4.  retpiu,  dam;  fursat;  chliutti;  moblat; 
vaqfah;  tavaqqiif;  fartgat. 

fi.  in»taiU,  dam;  pal;  lahza;  lamha. 

He  imile*  and  he  frown*  in  a  breath.  Drgdttt. 
Sam  men  ilafiM.  ifiu>  mrA  jrAurrU. 
(OlUirl  mcii  ndtU,  ^AafE  Piti  toU.  Tmv. 

Id  au  hour  a  p«pp«rcorii,  in  an  hour  a  pound). 

draw  or  take  breath,  dam,  y&  aana  leoL 
hold  in  one't  breath,  b&ub  rokui. 
to  be  out  of  breath,  aans  ukharni ;  h&upnl ;  dam 
bbar  jia&,    y&   cha^huA;  a&na  phfilai,    ji 

Breaflie,  t.  n.  I.  rafire.  Bins,  yi  dam  lenL 

I  can  hardl;  brcaAt.  Miahkil  tt  tiAi  itd  kai, 

2.  live,  jliii;  linda  raboK;   dam    baai 

rahnft.    3.    jiauH,    dam   lenK;   cbhutU,   yi 

furaat  p&ui;  saatSidl;  thairuft. 

BnatbB,  t.  a.  1.  intpire,  s&nB  lenl;  dam  lenL 

2.  vtter  to/tljf,  chup-ke  h  k&u  meA  kalui&; 

ihista  kahn&. 

3he  eoftly  bnalhtd  bia  name, 

I'l  ne  katilt  K  uiM  ndm  iijrS.  raaatSnS. 

9.  tufer  to  tak'.   brtath,    dnm  lene  deDS; 

A  inoment  bttathtd  hid  pauting  steed.       Scott. 

Ekdan  mhSkpttghoTtho  datitUnt  ka  titAhbi. 

4.  in/utt,  rQliphQukna;  phOiikna;  jilaml; 
j&u   d&liii;   lindah  k. 

Aljle  to  bi-tatht  Viie  into  a  itoiie. 
PultAar  miilji'i  ddlta  hai. 

breathe  one's  hist,  i.'iMirl   dam,    yi   Bins   tens; 

sails    pure   k. ;   dam-i-T&piBm   len&;    lambe 

yl  akalire  Bins  lena. 
BlBathiUK,  ».  1.  rupiralion,  dam-kasbi;  si&s 

teoii;  tiLiineriis.  2.  tcuA,  khu&hiBh;  ch&h;  icb- 

cliba;  dil  ki&rzQ;bb&»]i&;  manoratli ;  mano- 

kan)u&;  taniatina.   3.  {Gram.)  he  kl  ivai. 
Breathing  place,  n.  thairae  ka   makftu ;    tliai- 

rao;  bixrirn;  rahao. 
Bieathlng  time,  n.  aada  lene  ki  ubbQt ;  dam,  yi 

ariin  lene  ka  vaqt;  thuirio;  sastao;  furaat. 
Breatbleas.  a<<j.  hnuptvbul;  dam  cbarltabua; 

s&As-pliula ;  be-da.m. 
Breech,  a.  1.  6aci/;<ii',  cbotar;    ;.i^1ihl;    pnt- 

tha.  2.  (of  cawion)  top  ki  pendi,  yii  picltha. 
bre'ech-loader.Aihiyi  ki  bandhq;  (Cor.)l.icli  lodar. 
Breech,    v.    a.    i.    put    into   breechet.  jingiyft, 

kanhb^,  yi  pajim'i  pahii^nS.  2.fiag,    chQtnr 

par  cbibuk,  j&  kora  raariii. 
Breeches,   n.  Breeki,   pi.   kaobbn&;   k&chld; 

jaiigiyii;  obania;  ghiitann&. 
viear  the  brteehet,  pag^I  biudh  teni. 

BrawhH  pooket,  n.  gojbi;  jeb;  girafa;  gUth; 
Kill  a  inaD'i  famfl; ,  and  ha  may  brook  it,  [Bptm. 
But  keep  your  haiidi   out  at  hii   irttcha  foettL 
Kara  qati  lBt.d>i  tut  ki  U,  toK  It, 
Magarjth  kargU  voh  chhuat  na  dot.  F.  & 

Breed,  v.  a.  [A.  S.  bitdan,  P.  jmrvardnr 
nouriBb,  Du.  broeden,  Skr.  vridh,  H.  bafknd  to 
grow.]  l.i^d,paidi  k.;  jaan&:  nikSlnl;  (bird*) 
Bea&;  bachcha  deii&;  {animalt)  by&u&,  dilnS. 

Breiy  mother  bretit  Dot  ions    alike.         SKak. 

Bar  tt  nd  kl  ek  tt  belt  nakiit  kott.  [Pra 

What  ia  tied  iq  the  bone  wont  out  ot  tha  Sad 

Jo  tkilqat  DwA  wok  idol  men. 

(Aj  the  father,  >o  the  (od.  Jaui  hdp  hhikI  kfl). 

2.  bring  up,  pftlna;  pilai  poanl;  utbLnl; 
Jwrwarish  k.  '  (p„t. 

To  bring  forth  with  paia,  aod  br*»d  wttb  s 
J)<Jcktejanna,  JUlAydi-ln  pdlnd. 

3.  educate,  t&llm,  yi  tarbiyat  k.;  pafhini 
guukni;  baulnL  [aabab  b, 

4.  produce,   paidk  k. ;    niUIni;    upjlnl; 

The  north  doth  breed  a  race  of  sturdy  men. 
Uttar  ka  ikOdd  adaa  hoti  KaS. 
Breed,  v.  u.  \.' bring  forth  yowig,  iajva:k\  b«eh- 
oba  d.  2.  raiee  a  breed,  jorilag&nft;  bacbebe 
ntkilid;  nasal  ba^hiiA,  y&  chaluK. 
breed  in  and  in,  got  meA  bj&hnil ;  apntjat  taxA 

ahftdl  k.;  brj  millni  (animalt). 
Breed,  n.  1.  race,  nasi;  lat;  khaml. 

2.  hateh.jho\;  byaAt;  p&l;J&tak. 
eroM  breed,  dogU;  du-nasla;  jodhri;  mel-ld. 
of  a  good  breed,  achchhi  nasl-ki. 
pure  bleed,  asil;  kharft;    khalis. 
Breeder,  n.  1.  janani;  janni;  janti;  janne-vili; 
paid&  knriie-valL 

She  w«>  n  great  breedtrl  Woh  hartja-me-tilt  Iklt 

2.  a  proliAc  female,  bacbcba-kash ;  baraa- 

breeder  of  cattle,  dhor^palak. 

Breeding,  n.  1.  nmlure.  palan;  parvariah. 

3.  education,  tarblat ;  talim. 
lam  ag.-llllBman  of  blood  and  (ireediMj.  Skat. 
Main  lAarf/  kitdfiddn  kd  aiir  tarbiyat  yS/lak  hi*. 
3.  manitert,  tabzib;  va£it-daii;ilm'i-niajlil; 

nishast  barkh&sl ;  utii-baith  ;  adab  qUdak. 
Breese,  n.   [Skr.  bhram  whirl,  H.   b^ydr.] 

1.  light  wind,    maud   pavan,  y&   baylr; 
nasim;  bid-i-taba. 

Soft  brtett  did  dangle  with  her  anbuni  hair. 

Sabd  kK'Urt  iarli  t/il  <jir  kt  bhfire  bttok  m. 

2.  if(«(uriance,  kaha-smti;    tQ-takir;   tak- 
rar ;    taiita ;     shakar-ranjl ;    ranjiBh ;    bad- 

3.  atkt*  and  c-ndrrt,  lakh ;  bhQbal. 
land  breeze,  barrl-havi, 

tea  breete,  habri  hnva. 

Breexy,  adj.  hava-dar. 

BretliTen,  n   pi.  bbni;  bbai-band;  bii^ditria. 

cffle  brethren,  n.  biradrl;  j&t  bliM;  sit-biradri. 

Brerity,  n.  ikbtiBir;  sauksbep;  babut    maine 





,  T.  H.  (H.  w6d;  boil.]  1.  (liquor)  iiturib  ' 
tOohniL,  yi  k&nhld  k.  [barpl  k. 

t.  ouiUrive,  mathni;  uthiul;  puldi  k. ; 
i&o  bretn  ni»cluef,  jhagur  jinjal;  fitu&- 
^x.  [banu&i  bQza-kasbl  h. 

,  V.  R.  1.  (of  a  brevier,)  bir  kblAulini,  ;a 

I  ira-fh,  wring,  bnio,  bake,  soaiir.  Sktlc.  Harry 
wivH.  i,  4.  Pakand  riiidiai,  iwliUnd,  cUond, 
•icAi^Kd,  ikardti  iHdieKiid,  tai  Mail  AI  kartl 
AM.  [rauiiinduSi  chhlna. 

l.^olAer,  (clouds)  umandiia;  gliumtuidnV 
,  n.  kivshU;  miu&le  kl  stiar&b.  [buza-kuah. 
CT)  u.  bIr  kbeaohae,  ji  baii&ue-vil£ ; 
mj,  BraW'liaiue,  n.  biUQ-khftii& ;  bir  ki 
f-khiua.  [aiMh-bbar&I. 

I,    u.    risbvat;  ghQAs;  ghtlui   pnohcbar; 

Uudue  reward  Cor  auj  Ibiii);  ngiiiut  juaticn  ii 
k  briit.  S'liart.  SiH  n-I-jdyui  Murind  tiit 
ftl  khiUf-iiiutf  kt  nfiCc  rUliaal  iaUdU  Aai. 
abiolat!,  risbvat-i-gitirnituhrut;  dubii. 
€aatinj:iU,  riahvat-shar.I ;  tiruia. 
I,  V.  a.  rUhvat  deai,  yl  kliilint;  kof 
u&;  ghtU  d. ;  miLab  bhami;  chatlna; 
ittbi  garui  k. 

n  6ri'i«,  riahvat  leak;  gbaa  kbiuS, 
IT,  n.  riabvat  deiig-viti. 
s/-*ott  bi-ibtJ,  ghas-kbtii,  yl  levA;  riBbrat- 
.or  y&  kb&ue-T&lK. 

iry,  D.  riahvat -khari ;  rishTat-BitfuI. 
c,  D.  1.  Idt;  kbuhL 

You  cuiuut  nuke  brhkt  without  itnw. 

liaihaa  b'mi Ul  noMk  ban  taJcU  t 

A  briet  in  hu  bAt.     Oiindgk  £a  eiori  rakl  \at. 

2.{Slaity)  iiek;  yar-b^h;  ybroA  ki  y&r. 

Aa  uld  trUk.    Pardti  j/it. 
■ct"!/,  chikiil  raitti. 
(  briet,  pakkl  I&t'. 
brick,  ^ajave  kl  Itit. 

f  brick,  gumma.  [pakkS. 

I  o/ bri'ti,  briekhaill,  lAtofi-ka;  kbisbtl; 
rut  brick,  kaoliolil  {iit.  [lutou  ka  farah  k. 
k,  V.  a.  lilt  bicbb&im;  kluirauj^  bichh&u&; 
'  up,  dlvir  men  ohun  deiii. 
k-bat,  a.  lut  U  tiikfi;  rori. 
k-doBt,  n.  aurkhi;  lall;  Ii'iU-kboyi;  pI[lfL 
k-fleld,  Briok-7»d,  u.  lh\^  bauiue  U 

k'kils,  n.  paJ4v&. 

klaysr,  Brick'mason,  o.  rij ;  mem&r. 
k-layiusi  u.  rij-girt;  mem&r!, 
k-makei,  □.  iut'patbeir&. 
k-trawel)  Q.  karui. 
k-tBd,  adj.  lilt  tA  l&l. 
k-Wftll,  D.  liiton  kl  divlr. 
k-'wark,  u.  1.  lay  tap  nf  briet*,  lut  i&kKm. 
2.  (rfkide  o/bricii)  lutoii  k&  baaa-huK,  yi 
ikka  (tuitkan). 
al,  u.  bivab;  bivib;  shadi;  biySh  sbadl. 

Sweat  day,  (o  oool,  ao  calm,  k>  bri({bt, 
Tha  bridal  uf  tba  eirtb  and  iky.         Berbtrt. 
MoMur  diiiu,  lUal,  iCAir,  eh'untat  haicJiutvi  or, 
■   Mtao  ij  ait*  U  bhtn  niy  ttydA  hot.         F.  C. 

al,  adj.  biyiha;  biy&oll;  sbidiSul;  urOal. 

Ifridtd  eerrmoiof,  biyib  kl  rit  raBaio. 

bridal  drau  or  preMiUt.  g&obaq;  orbul;  ohuiiri; 

biiili  j&mi;  uh&dl  ka  jori;  biyKha  jurft. 
bridal  bed,  biy&hQpaIiid^;8Ubig-sej. 
9ride,ii.  dulbm;  bi&oll;  bahfl  bi}>&all;  bajinl; 
baoii;  urOs. 

Tiie  briiUgott  to  ber  marriij^  bad,  but  knows 
not  wLat  iiLull  happen  to  bnr.  Fruv. 

BaJH,  eharhi  uj  naji'it  kfS  kyd  ko. 
Hat  by  hm  owu  aipdrianee  tried,       [Lj/ttltlon. 
How  muob  tba  wifa  it  dearer   tb>a  the  bridi. 
MhA  titbit  gt\  apne  tajrubc  le 
Kifgirl  luxi  bahr,  nti&ut  daVtan  Ice.  V.  C. 

Brid»-oake,  n.  chh&k;  mattbi;  toaba. 
Blldo-Oluuilbw,  n.  diUbau'k&  kaiora;  kobbar. 
Bridagraom,    u.   dOlbS;  bar;  bani'i;    bauua; 
nau-sbaL  [sbab-v&la;  Bbiv&lft. 

BridagiMm'i-nuui,  Best  man,   n.   sbah-bili; 
Bridsimald,  a  dulban  kl  sabell;  lukoL 
Bridewell,  a,  havalat;  jel-kb&ua. 
Bridce,  □.   ).  pul;  net;  neta;  Barit.  2.  (of  the 
noM)  tOk^ltiix-ii..  2.  (J/tu.)  ghoTl;gbu|Mh. 
bridge  of  boaU,  n&o  kA  pul ;  £.  poutoou. 
draa-bridife,  pid-takhtah. 
flging  briiije,  pIpoA  1^  pul. 
girder  or  traet  bridge,  qainohl-d&r  puL 
lattice  bi-idge,  jalid&r  pul. 
ateto  bridge,  tirobhi  pul. 
MjjMflfion  bridge,  jb&le  kS  pul. 
tubular  bridge,  ual  ka  pul. 
BTldfS,  T.  a.  put   Uftdbuk,   t*"  baniid;  pnl- 

buiidl  k. ;  kisbtioa  ka  pul  baniiiL 
throai  a  bridge  over,  pul  bifidhu&. 
Biidlfl,  n.  1.  keaditall  and  rtitu,  lag^ra;  ialn. 
K  bridl€  far  the  tongue  i>  »  neceiury  [NSoe  ot  fur- 
niture. ProT.     Zabia  b)  lag/Lit  tarllr  lai. 

2.  curb,  rok;  atk&o;  band;  lagam.[obaftAu&. 

Blidler  T.  a.  1.  put  a  bridU  on,    lagim   d.;  y& 

3.  rutraiii,  roknK;  d&bui;  baz  rakhui. 

Bridie  tba  pamoiu  1     tiidri  batUarel 
To  briiitt  oua's  tongue,    Zitid*  ho  Ju^dn  d. 

Bridle,  t.  u.  ai&tbua;  aka^uk;  tanni;  kbiooh- 
iA;  idchut';  btvl  k. 

bridle  up,  (apne  tela)  dQr  kheaobn&. 

Bridle-luuLd,  u.  lagani  ki  hath  ;  Id&yiA  bath. 

Bridle-path,  oi  n»d,  n.  gbofs  k&  tist&. 

BridlB-atrap,  u,  galUnl;  baddbL 

Blidoon,  □.  (Hit.)  risale  U  lag&m. 

Brie(  a^j.  1.  Aort,  tbo^;  kam;  kotfib;  qalll. 

How  hri^  tbs  Life  of  mau.  SKak.    Ckir  din  kl 

liiu^I  utidH  1:1.   (Life  luta  but  four  dftyij. 

2.eoiKiie,  mukbtiiaar;  Bankiba|I;  mujmal. 

f  will  be  brief.     Uathtaiar  kait  dttd  kth. 

Bllet  o.  1.  epitome,  iutikhab;    kbul&sa;  muj- 

mu);  ikhtU&r;  aaAkshep. 

^.  (£aui)  kain;at,ylkhuiasamuqaddama. 
Briefless,  udj.  be-kir  ya  tbali  (mkil). 
a  briejleii  lai-ritter,  Tukll-i-be-muqadama^ 
Briefly,  in  hrie(  adv.  mukhtaaar;    ikbtia&ran; 

qisiui-kotib ;  al-qisaa ;  h&ail  kal&ia ;  mukhtaaar 

btar  se;  bil-ikbtiair. 
Brier,  a.  [E./Adr]  k&Ate-dir  jbiJ^. 
Brig,  Q.  ao-ma«tal  ki  jahix. 

Brigadt,  n.    topkh&na,  risiU,    aur  paidal  ki 

fauj  ;  lira. 
Brigandi  a.  bat-m&r;    d&kil;  dakait;  qaaszaq; 

lutera;  rahzan.  [qassaqi. 

BrigandagOy  n.  ba^m&ri ;   dakaiti ;    lat-mEr ; 
Brigiit,  brilliant,  adj.  1.  shining^  ujla;  ujjal; 

raushau ;  t&ba&  ;  chamak-dar ;  munayvar. 

Bright  aa  nooadty.    Do-pakar  $d  ratuKan, 
Silvery  bright.     Ckdhdi  »d  eham-AKL 
The  earth  wai  dark,   but  the  heaveni  were 
bright.    Drakt.      DhaHl  pe  aadherS,    aur 
dkdt  pe  ujdld  thd.  [mujalli. 

2.  tramparetU,  shaflaf;  alaah-sS;  musaffU; 

3.  (splendid  in  charms)  chande&ftab; 
ebaude-QLahtab;  chaudr-badan ;  sim-tan; 
cbandr-mukhi ;  mlh-i-tabao.  4.  sparkling 
ufUh  toiiy  ztix'i^ ;  naql-i-majlis  ;  gul. 

Be  bright  and  jovial  'mong  your  guests  /  SktA, 
Mekmdnok  he  sdth  hhush  o  khurram  raho. 

5.  illustrious^  n&mi;  n&mvar;    n&m-s&d; 

height-eyed^  ujjal -nainL 

bright  eyesy  ujjal  nain ;  iakheA  moti-cbflr.  [v&ll 
bright-haired  maidy  chamkile,  j&  sunahrl  baloft* 
bHght-hued,  cbamak-dar;  chamkila. 
Brighten,  v.  a.  1.  fiuike  luminous^  chamk&n&; 

ujalna;  jilak.;  jhamkaua;  op  den&. 

2.  make  efieerful,  kbush,  sb&d,  bashsh&sh, 

j&  kbusb  o  khurrum  k.  3.  ennoblty  n&m  k. ; 

shobrat  d. ;  mashbfLr  k. 
Brighten,  ▼.  n.  1.  chamakni;  ujjal  h. 

Aud  night  shall  brighten  into  day. 

Aur  thab  ros-rautkan  ho  jd9gl.  [kurftoft. 

2.  khusli  bo  jaiia;  kbushl  zahir  k. ;  mus- 
His  face  brightened  up.    Utke  chehre  »e  khuihl 

bariune  Ictgi, 

Brightly,  adv.  cbamak,  yi  ab  o  t&b  ke  satb. 
Brightness,  Brilliancy,  n.  obamak;    jbalak; 

obamak  damak ;  op ;  &b ;  ab-daii. 
Brim,   n.    [Skr.   bhram    whirl]   kinara;    kor; 

kanna;  kagar;  lab. 
Jill  to  tfie  brimy  miiuhi-mttAb  bbarni. 
Brimful,   Brimming,    adj.  bbar-par;   mtli&ba- 

maiib;  laba-lab;  lab-rez;  sar-sbir. 
Brimstone,  n.  [H.  b&md  burn]  gandak. 
Brindled,  adj.  [Icel.  brenna^  H.  hamd  to  bum] 

krtbra;  chitkabr&. 
Brine,  n.  [A.  S.  bryne  salt  liquor,  burning,  H. 

h&ni&  bu  rn .]  1 .  salt  water y  nona  pan? ;  namak 

ki  pan! ;  ah-i-shor ;  kharl  piui.  2.  sea,  sagar; 

samandar ;  samudr ;  babr.  [Thomson. 

Lathed  into  foam,  the  fierce  conflicting  brine, 
Samandar  ulhi  taith  men  josh  khd. 

3.  tfarsy  afisO  ;  asbk. 

Brinepit,  n.  non-kbatta ;  namak-sar ;  sar. 
Bring,  V.  a.  [Skr.  bhri  bear.]   1.  lana;  le-aua; 

lete-ina ;  utba  Kna;  pesh  k.  2.inducef  amadah 

k. ;  ragib  k. ;  mail  k. ;  razi  k. 

I  cannot  6rtn^  him  to  do  this. 
Maih  us  se  yeh  kdm,  nahih  kard  taktd. 

bring  about^  karvana ;  bar  lana. 

bring  back,  pber  lana;  utba,  ya  vapis  le-ina. 

bring  down^  gir&ni ;  ghat&ni ;  past  k. ;  nicb&  dl* 
khini ;  dhani ;  fannaa-bardir,  ser,  y^  mntl  k« 
To  bring  down  high  looks. 
Oar&r  dhdnd^  yd  rdehd  dikhdnd. 
bring  forth,  (woman)  janna ;    bachcba  den& ; 

(animals)  byini ;  (trees)  pbalna. 
bring  foripard,   age,   y&  samue   lina;   hinr, 

maujQd,  ya  pesh  k. 
bring  in,  1.  place  in  any  condition,  kisi  halat 
men  lini.  2.  recover,  pakar  lini;  tabt  men 
l&ni ;  3.  supply,  lini ;  babam  pahUncbana ; 
mubaiyi  k.  i.  introduce,  lini;  dikbil  k.; 
pesb,  yi  hizir  k.  [ham  k. 

bring  together,  ikbatta  k.;  ekjagah   k. ;  £airi- 
hring  to  life,  jilina ;  zinda  k. 
bring  to  light,  zkh'iv,  ifsbi,  aya6,  yi  fash  k.  [ni. 
bring  to  mind,  yad  k.;  dbiy&a  men  lini;  bichar- 
bring  of,  cbhnraui ;  bacha  lini ;  uikal  lini. 
bring  on^  lini ;  le-ina ;  karvana. 

He  brought  it  all  on  himself.  Apne  Upar  dp  dftU 
IdyS.  Fatigue  brought  on  a  fever.  TKakan  ss 
bukhdreh(srh  dyd, 

bring  on  the  rent-roll,  tauiih  meik  cbarhina. 
bring  otU,  kholni ;  zahir  k. ;   praghat  k. ;    ni- 

kalna.  [phor  leoi* 

bring  omr,  kbench  lini ;  mili  leni ;  tor,  y& 
bring  round,  L  bring  to,  hosh  men  lana;  ohe- 

tau  k.  2.  reconcile,  maniiii ;  rizl  k. ;  khush  k. 
bring  to  (a  ship)  th&mbni  ;  rokui ;  thair&ni. 
bring  to  one^s  senses,  bosh  me£i  liui;  ohetiuUi^ 

sfdhi  k. ;  thik  baniiii. 

bi-ing  to  pass,  guzama ;  amal  men  lana. 

bring  under,  zer,  muti,  yi  idbiii  k.;  dabalena; 

apue  tabat,  igiya,  bas,    qabze,  ya  bath  men 

bring  up,   1.  nurse,  palua;  poena;  parvarishk. 
2.  educate,   tilim   d. ;     likbini  parbini; 

tarblyat  d. ;  dhang  sikbaua.  [bar;  lavi. 
Bringer,  n.  1.  lane-vala.  2.  (In  camp.)  ivur; 
Brink,  n.    [Irish  bru  belly,    brink,    H.   ubhrd 

swollen]  kinara;  karira;  tlr;  tat;  lab;  sihiL 
Briny,  adj.  namkiu;  saloua;  khiti;  sbor. 
Brisk,  adj.  pburtila;  pburtya;  turturyi;  chi- 

lak  ;  obust  cbaiak ;  ohaq  chauband  ;  tea. 
A  brisk  fire.     Tez  akch, 
Briske!;,  n.  gao-siaa.  [chusti  se. 

Briskly,  adv.  pburtl  se  ;  jbapake  se  ;    tezi  se; 
Briskaess,  n.  phurti ;  chuiiti;  chalaki;  tezi. 
Bristle,  n.  sQar  ka  bal ;  suar-balla  ;  kari  bil. 
Bristle,  v.  a  suar  ke  bal  ki  tarab  khafi  k.; 

ruan  kbara  k.  [rung  kand rani. 

Bristle,  v.  n.    ruen  khare  b.;    phurairi  leni; 

His  hair  did  brittle  on  his  head. 

Uike  sir  ke  bal  k'lare  ho  goB. 

The  fort  bristled  with  guns. 

Qileh  par  topeh  hi  topch  charhl  hul  thin. 

Bristle  bDard,  n.  pattlii;  vasli;  vasllu;  dafli. 
Britannia  metal,  u.  ek  dhat  jis  men  sau  hisse 

tin,  ath  hisse  surma,  do  hisse  tauba,  aur  do 

hisse  bismuth  bota  bai. 
British,  adj.  inglistaui;  angrezi;  valayati. 
British-born  subject,  iuglistan  ki  riayi. 






Briluk  Oommment^  saltanat-i-Bortiuiyi^  sark&r- 

Britvi^  India^  sark&d  Hindustan. 
Sriiish  Nation,  abl-i-inglist&n. 
Britoa,  n.  Augrez  ;  ahl-i-iuglistau. 
BdttlA,  a^j.  [&i.  £.  briUn,  H.  phornd  to  break] 

kar&ri;    bhurbhuril;    karako&;    ma^akua; 

Two  ftriyiUttl  britUait  wrthXj  Udngs, 
A  Udy'»  fiMXi,  and  China  wara.  8w^ 

Jhtn^n  men  do  hi  shai  haih  bahut  n^nUc  o  i4Adh, 
Bk  Ckin  kebartan  hain,  doyam  drU-i-jdn&h,  F.O. 

hriUie  a»  gla$Sy  obtlrl,  y&  ktlnch-si. 
Brittleaeis,  n.  bburblmr&bat;  uaz&kat. 
Broadi,  t.  a.  I.  let  otU,  kboIu&;  raU  dena;  ni- 

kiioa.   2.  utter,  kabua;  zikr  k. 
Broad,  adj.    [H.   bard^  Skr.  vridh  to  grow.] 
1.  wide,  ciiaufa;  mokla;  cbakla,  2.  extend- 
iif   phailabaa;  kusliada;  farakb.    3.  amide, 
bafi;  Yaai;  babut.  4.  open,  kbula;  rausbau. 
Mroad  op«a day.    Din  doMrt;  roiiraiuUan, 

5.  imdelicate,  bakui ;  gaudi ;  fobsh. 
m  hroad  a$  long,  jitoA  latuba  utu&  bl  chauf^; 

ars  tfil  barabar;  ekis&n;-  jraksan. 
gmabr€adhint,  kbuiakbul&kahu&;  safkaha&i 
•mid,  OL  obauK^  (  Breadth). 
on  the  broad  of  kU  back,  kamar  ke  bal ;  chit. 
iRMid-liaokdd,  adj.  chauri  pitb-v&I&;  obakli- 

kMd-lnll,  n.  jangl!  battakh.  [tall  kft. 

Sroad-battomed,  adj.  obaure  pe&deki;  obau^ 
Bfoad-lireasted,  adj.  chau^,  }ll  cbakle  siiie- 

v&UL  [kberua. 

Bxoadeast,  sow  broadcast,  v.  n.  paberu&;  ba< 
Broadcast,  adv.  paber-ke,  y&  bakherke  (bona). 
Broadcloth,  n.  b&uat.* 
Broad-day,  u.  roz-raushan ;  khul&  din. 
at  broad-day,  adv.  din  dab&re ;  din  dliaule. 
Broaden,  ▼.  n.  chaur&  h. ;  obakli  b.  [cbakUu&. 
Broaden*  v.  a.  obaura,  y&  obakii  k. ;  chauriD& ; 
Broad-eyed,  acy.  cbaurl,  y&  pbati  ankh-vala; 

pbat^kokbE;  ^j-cbasbm. 

Broad-foot,  adj.  chaure  panje-ka. 
Broadclieaded,  adj.  cbaure,  ya  bare  sir-vili. 
Broad-bomed,  adj.  cbaure  smgb-luL. 
Broadish,  adj.  cbaura-s&;  kucbb  cbau|il. 
Broad-leaved,  adj.  cbaure  patte  ka;  chaur- 

patya.  [taur  se. 

Broadly,  adv.  kbul&  khula;  s&f  s&f;    behuda 
Broad-nunthed,  adj.  cbaure  mtlnh  ki ;  chau^;- 

mllnb&.  [bar. 

Broadness,   n.   cbaurai;  ohaklal;  arz;    pau&; 
Broad-slioaldered,    adj.    cbar-shaua;    obaufe 


Broadside,  n.  I,  (of  a  ship),  pahlu;  baza. 

2.  a  volley,  jah&z  kl  shallak. 

$.  (Print)  ek  rukbah  cbbapa-hu&  k&gaz. 
Bioadsword,  n.  obaufe  phai  ki  talvar;  tegft, 
Broadwije,  adv.  obaurau  men ;  araau. 
Brobdignagian,     adj.  gbagas-aa;    r&kshas-sa; 
bahut  hi  bari ;  niblyat  bar&. 

Brocade,   n.   kamkhulb;   kimkhSb;    zarbaft;. 

tam&inl;  zarl;  rasma;  ta3b;b&di&.  [rnf  ka. 
Brocaded,  adj.  bidlS-posb;  kamkhu&b!;  tamar 
Brjoooli,  n.  ek  qisam  ki  gobhi. 
Brociiurd,  u.  risila ;  cbau-van]a. 
Brogue,  n.  I.  a  coarse  ehoe^  ganv&ri  jat& ;  derh 

talekijar&;  kbaunsra.  ^.corrupt,  ganvari 

bol  cb&l ;  sakkar-survi. 
Broil,  n.  jhagra;  larai;  dangl. 
Broil,    v.  a.    [P.  birydti,  H.  bamd,  bkunnck  to 

burn]   bhQiuiS;  kab&b   k  ;  sekna. 
Broiled,  adj.  bbuna,  y&  sikft-bua;  kabib  kiya 

h'la;  biry&n. 
Broiler,  n.  1  one  who  broiUy  jbag^la ;  fasEJi; 

dangai.  2.  gridiron,  (Cor.)  greldau.  [gliain. 
Broiling,  adj.  bbunne-vali;  jahi;  bh&dou  ka 
Broken,   part.   adj.   1.   crushed,  tfita;  pbata; 

sbikasta.  2.  eubdued,  maglub ;  muti ;  dabail. 
3.  bankrupt,  divElya. 
broken-backsd,   kamar- tuta:   thaddi*tQt&;  kar- 

t&ta;  kubfu;  kubri;  kOzab-pu^bt. 
broken  doutn  with  misfortunes,  t&te-h&l ;  pliate- 

hal;  tabah-lial;    patla-b&l;    zada-ii&l;    kba- 

rab-kba^ita;  sbikastab-b&l. 
brohen-hearted,  man-man;  iii-m&ua;  ni-Diatii; 

shikaata-dil,  va  kl>atir;  mau-mallu;  afsur- 

dab-dil;  murdab-dil. 
broken  meat,  bacba  goabt ;  baob&-kuch&. 
broken  sleep,  tQti,  ucbat,  y&  kaohcbi-uliid ;  ulm- 

broken  vessels,  tQte  pbate  bartan;  phut;  tbikre. 
broken-winded,  sber-dam. 
Broker,  n.  1.  agenit,  bicbauliya,  dall&l. 

2.  dealer,  kabaf i ;  gud^i^S* 
Brokerage,  u.  dall&U;  dastdri. 
Bronchial,  adj.  pbepre,  ya  gale  ke  mutaalliq. 
Brononit.s,  n.  pbep^'e  ki  stijan. 

Bronse,  n.  kids! ;  kuskut. 

Bronse,  v.  a.  kan»i  k&  rang  k.,  y&  pherua. 

Bronsed,  adj.  kansl  ka  sa  radg  pbii-ik  hu&;  dhup 

ki  jaia  hni. 
Brooci,  n.   [0.  F.  broche,   H.  harchhi  a  lance] 
jugni;  dbukdbuki;  tikfi.  IBsnJonton. 

iiooor's  a  good  brooch  to  wear  in  a  maa'a  bat. 
Iztat  asal  tarrah  Aot  p(igfi  pe  b<uhar  ki. 

Brood,  V.  n.  sit  on  eg<j$,  ande  sena ;  senft;  an- 

don  par  baitbni. 
brood  ooer,  soch  men  dabna ;  gaur  k.j  khauz  k. 
Brood,  n.  jbol ;  by  ant. 
Brood  mare,  n.  by  ant  ki  ghorl. 
Brook,  n.  [Skr.  b&H  water  ]  nadi ;  nili;  sarta. 
Brook,  v.   a.    bardasht  k.;    sahna;    utbaui; 

jheina;  angejua. 

Shall  we  who  could  not  brook  one  lord 

Crouch  to  the  wicked  ten  t  MaeaHla.}/, 

Jin  te  na  utthe  ek  ki  bdt, 

Wok  hob  sahtfeh  da$  kilAtt  [the  kicks  of  ten). 

(Shall  they  who  could  not  brook  a  word   endure 

Broom,  n.  [H.  barhnl,]  1.  «/irii6,  jbia;  sink. 

Brootti,  boy  I,  brootn,  it  grows  on  youder  hill. 
It  bears  a  little  yellow  flower,  junt  like  the 

lemon  pilL   Song, 




lllfc    till 






Sihkf  larloh,  ugti  hai'h  fHirhat  he  Upar  9&mne, 
Pile  ekhoU  pkiUjitke  rakqtare  kt  rang  htUh,  F.  0. 
2.  besom,' ^hki^^ ;  bub&rl;    sohuf;   j&rob; 

A  new  broom  sweeps  clean.  ProT. 

Nayd  natikar  »her  mdrtd  hau  ProV. 

(A  new  servant  will  slay  a  tiger.) 

I  am  sent  with  broom  before  [K.  D.  V.  3. 

To  sweep  the  dust  behind  the  door.  Sh<ik,  Mid. 

Main  paJde  Me  dyd  AAn  U-kar  yekjkSfA, 

Ki  it  deori  kd  main  kfifd  buhdr^h.  F.  C. 

Broom-stioki  n.  jha^a,  till,  y&  sink  ki  mutthl. 
Broth,  n.  yakhni;  shorbS. 

Chicken  broth,    Murgi  hd  tkorhd. 

Brothel,  n.  randl  k&   mak&n,  gbar,    yft  kotb&; 

cbakU;  kotbi  chhallE;  add%;  iAturbir&.* 
Brother,  D.  [P.  birddar;  S.'bhiratd;  H.'6//di.] 

1.  one  bom  of  the  eanu  parents,  bh&i;  bir; 
bir&dar-i-haqiql ;  sahodar ;  sagi  bh&I ;  sagt 
8ohdr& ;  mft-jftyft ;  barilbar  kl  b&nb. 

2.  <m  cusocicUe,  saugitT;  s&th!;  raflq;  ham- 
sobbat;  bam-dam;   bb&I-bir&dar. 

brother  in  law,  (eister'e  husband)  jlj& ;  bahnol ; 
bblnft;  bhagn!-patl;  dQlb&  bhfti;  {wife's  bro- 
ther) 8&li;  nisbati  bb&i;  khusar-purab ; 
(Slang)  sal&r-jai^g ;  parv&ne  kl  naql.  [i-a]&tl. 

brother  of  the  half  blood,  8autel&  bb&I ;  bir&dar- 

brother*s  daughter,  bh&I  kl  betl ;  bhat^I. 

brother* s  son,  bb&I  k&  beUl ;  bhatlji. 

brother's  wife,  bh&bl ;  bb&VHJ ;  bbauj&I.       [dftu. 

elder  brotlier,  baril  bhal ;  birftdar-i-kal&n ;  d&d& ; 

foster  brotlher,  dha-bbal ;  kok& ;  bii&dar-i-raz&I. 

h%Lsband!s  elder  brotlier,  jetb. 

husband! s  younger  brotlur,  devar ;  deoril. 

own  brother,  liaqiql  ya  8ag&  bb&I;  sabodar; 
biradar-i-haqiqi ;  ina-jay&. 

step  brother,  sautel&  bbal ;  bir&dar-i-akhyafL 

sworn  brothers,  bam-dam  ;  pakk&  y&r,   y&  dost. 

twin  broUiei',  jorl&  bh&T;  bii*adar-i-tuam.    [anuj. 

younger  brother,  cbbot&  bbai;  birildar-i-khurd; 

Brotherhood,  n.  bbal-bandl;  bb&I-cbari;  biradrl; 
zat-biradrl;  apnayat. 

Brotherly,  adj.  bbHi'ka-8&;  apn&eti;  bir&dar- 
aiiS ;  bir&dat-&i)a  tarlq  se ;  Epas  y&  apn&yat  kl. 

Brought,  p.  p.  Bring,  q.  y. 

brouglU  io^fether,  ikbatU  klya;  ikbatt&  klyft 
gaya;  sh&mil  klya  hu&;  mujmal. 

how  a  suit  in  to  be  brought,  muqaddama  pesb  kar- 
ne  k&  tailq,  G.  G.  [karnc  ka  tariq,  G.  G. 

hoto  brought  before  the  court,  ad&lat  meii  talab 

lawfully  brought,  q&nQnan  dayar  kly&  gayfl. 

Brow,  1).  [A.  S.  bruva,  Skr.  MrtZ,  H.  bhaun.  Per. 
abru,]     1.  eye  brow,  bbauu;  abrtl;  bhirkiitl. 

And  arched  brow,  pulled  ov'r  his  eyes 

With  solemn  proof  proclaims  him  viiBe.Churehil. 

Bhavth  ahkhriyoh  pe  tanih  jHh  kamdh 

Uai  dandi  kd  wke  pakkd  niiJidh,  F.  C. 

2.  forehead,  mat  ha ;  mastak ;  pesbini ;  lilat. 
knit  the  brow,  teoil  cbnrhftna;  mathe  men  bal 

dalna;  chin  bsi-jjibln  boiiS. 

3.  bnnk,  clioti  (pahdr  kl). 

Browbeat,  v.  a.  gburakua ;  dhamkaiiE ;  dabanft ; 
darina;  diutna;  jbirakua. 

Browbeating,  n.  gburkl ;  dbamkf ;  dar&Tft. 
Brown,  adj.  (A.  S.  brOn,  H.  bhard,  from  bdma, 

Icel.  brenna  to  barn]  bbflr&;  khairiL;  b&d&mf; 

8anol&;  salonft;  sabzab. 

Now  like  I  brown  (0  lovely  brown  thy  hair); 

Only  in  brownnest  beauty  dwelleth  there.    />my<<Mfc 

Baikg  bh&rd  mujhe  bhdid  hai  tere  bdloh  kd, 

Jfusn  dlam  men  band  haigd  faqat  rang  bhi^rd*    F.  C. 

brown-bread,  Ifil   roti ;  siki  rotl. 

broum  maid,  tAhoM ;  s&iioll  salonL 

brown  study,  socb  men  dilbii& ;  kbay&l  ment  hon&. 

Brownish,  adj  bbnr&-sa;  sanoli-BE;  mallb 

Browse,  v.  palft,  y&  sag-pat  kb&iia ;  cbam&. 
Wild  beasts  there  browse,  and  make  their  food.  Milton, 
Wahdk  vohjdrtvar  rharte  aur  apndpet  bharte  hain. 

Browae,  u.  p&lll;  gbJU-f^t;  chilt^* 

Brain,  n.  bhaia;  richb;  kbirs. 

Broiie,  v.  a.  kncbalnft ;  kQtnil;  cfaakn&K^bftr  k.; 

chQrS,  k. ;  ch1irm&  k.  [Jhydeik 

They  beat  their  breasts  with  many  a  bruising  blow. 
Wok  apnl  ehhdtloh  meh  dkafddhaf  mukkt  m&rtlkmk, 

Bmise,  n.  chot ;  8adm&.  [kut&-chbiti. 

Bruised,  adj.  'kucbl&-buft;  chitb&buk;   kntfr; 
Bruiser.  (Slang)  tbokQ ;  musht-zan ;  dukait. 
Bruit,  V.  a«    [Skr.  barh  to  speak]  charch&  k.; 
shobrat  d.;  niasbhUr  k.;  kirti  k. ;  shor  mach&oi. 
Bruit,  n.  cbarcbi;  shobrat;  kIrti. 

Much  bruit,   little  fruit.  Pro7.     Uheh%  dMb^ 
phikd  pakvdn,  ProT.  (Great  boast,  little  roast) 

Brunette,  n.   bbUil;  s&uoll;  gebu&n  y&  gan- 

dumi  rang  kl  aurat. 
Brunt,  n.  sad  ma;  cbot;  zarb;  hamla;  dh&v&. 

The  brunt  of  battle.     Lardl  kd  sadmd. 
Brush,  n.    1.  bursb ;    burush.    2.  {apainter*s) 
baton  ki  qalam;  qalam.  3.  (Met,)  mu^b-bhe^; 
jbarap ;  kbata-pati ;  jbarpa-jba^pi;  uok-jhok. 
4.  (of  a  fox)  lomri  kl  pQncb. 
brush  for  flies,  cbaubri;  cbaiirar;  raorcbhal. 
Brush,  y.  a.    \,  clean,  jbarna;  jba^  d. ;   gard 
jba^ n& ;  jbar  poucbb  k. ;    saf  k. 

2.  tou^\,  in  pamng,  ragar  kbiln& ;  bhi^na. 

3.  sweep,  malyamet  k. ;  cbaupat  k. ;  bnh&r 
dena ;  safai  kar  dena.  [taza  k. 

brush  u/),  cbamkana ;  jila  k.;  ujalnS.;  nikbarna; 
br\tsh  up  oii^s  learning,  amokbta  pberna. 
Brush,  v.  n.  skim  lightly,  achbv&ye  jan&;  halke 

jana.  [ubbar  jUnl 

brush  or  scamper  off,  kafiir,  ya  champat  ho  jSn&; 
Brushwood,  n.  jbar! ;  jbar •jbaukai;'. 
Brusque,  adj.  akkbar;  ujad. 
Brutal,  adj.     1.    animal,    haivan-sa;    haivSnt; 

vabsbi ;  bllsb ;  jangli.     2.  cruel,  nir-dai ;  be- 

rabm ;  zalim;  kathor;  sang-dil.  [saug-dili. 
Brutali^,  n.  kathor-pan ;  katbor-taf ;  be-rabmi; 
Brutalize,  v.  a.  vabsh I  ya  katbor  banana ;  be- 

rabm,  ya  saf  g-dil  k. 
Brutally,  adv.    nir-dal-pano   se;   be-rahmi  se; 

katbor-tai  se ;  aang-dil!  se.  [samajh. 

Brute,  adj.    I »  senseless,  a-budb  ;    na-dan;   an- 

2.  savage,  vabsbi;  nir  dai;  Latbor;  sang-diL 
You  brute  1  Are,  nir-daif 

3.  rough,  akkbaf  ;  ujad. 

BRU  \ 

I,  ii4j-     1-  hatiat,  haivin-sS;  haivkol; 
or-Bi.     2.  /er«ctou«,  tuod;  pbifkhia; 
idft;   khtln-khiilr.     3.  carnal,  shahvat- 
tt;  bmi;  kain&tur. 
uwiviliitd,  gauv&r ;  akkfaBf ;  uja(|. 
insu,  n.  haiv&nyat;   be-vaqaH 
,  a.   [Skr.  6»/6iMf,  H.  biUbuli,  from  the 
liDg  souud  bud  bud.]  1.  bulbula;  hulAb. 
any  thing  frail,  o8  kemoU;  uaqsh-i-bar 
plul  kt  bulbula. 
TfasD  >  ■oldier. 

SMking  tha  bMU  repuUtion, 
Etbd  iu  the  catmoD's  mouth.  SkaJc. 

not-karjdn  tap  ke  neAiU, 
BuOiOa  ndN  ks  npihl  diBnJe.  F.  C. 

a  cheat,  dhoke  kl  tattl;  dhoki. 
,  V.  n.  bulbule  uthni;  kbad-badini. 
IK,  adj.  hulbule  utbte-hue. 
n.  [Ger.  fruit,    H.'io6o  breaats] 
Qiiubl;  dadhi;  pistin. 
I,  [Lat.  b%ibo,  H.   baghl,    lad.'\    1.   tore, 
b&ghi;  kiikrili.  2.  ovl,  ek  qiaam  ka  uilO. 
.eer,  n.  daryal-d&ka;  samandrl  chor. 
.eeiing,  II.  darjii  dika  k&  peshL 
1.  kapra  dhoue  ki  paiiL 
1.  [A.'S.  fineca,  H.  hok  a.  he-goat] 
tnale  deer,  mirg ;  hiran ;  hiroiL 
fitati,  binka;  chhaila;  albelL. 
idc,  k&l&  hiraa. 
r.  D.  kuiel  k. ;  kilol  k. ;  alol  k. 
uket,  n.  tokri  jis  mefi  mule  kapre  dho- 
a  le-jate  haii>.  foharu. 

,  n.  [H.  &xt  goat]dol;  dolchi;  bok&; 
f  leather,  charaa ;  muth ;  chamre  Id.  doL 
fal,  D.  dol-bhar;  charas-bhar.  [pat^i. 
i;atool,'u.  dbobi  pit;  kap^e  dhone  U 
,  u.  batuuK;  boklaa. 
,  V.  a.  bakdui  lagatia;joru&,  [salla-jang h. 
m  one't  annour,  hatbyir  Hudhul;  mu- 
Ti  n.  dhal;  sipar;  phail. 
T,  V.  n.  baohaiui;  daatglrl  jrt  bindjat 
nahftlz  rakhuK. 

I'll  haekUr  tLe«  agsioit  >  million.  Siak, 

T^iK  ko  IdUurh  men  ntaih  baeliaaAyi. 

tm,  a.  myin-tah;  kutti;  kut. 

dn,  n.  luirg-chhala;  hiran  kl  khftl. 

heat,  n.   ba; e  d&ne  ki  gehaa ;  pamman 

ID ;  mots  gehOn. 

1,  adj.  charviS  yi  ablron  b  git;  ratviL 

,    [Ger.  butle,   H.    bOti  flowered  plant] 

;  guiicha;  Bhigflfa. 

.  n.  kali  ana;  ehigufa  ana.       [atkaaiopat. 

A.  bidding  virgin.     BSUjt^iia;  laeluAl  kali; 

.  a.  paivand  ja  qalam  lagani, 

V.  n.  [Lat.  bullire,  S.  ubulnd  to  boil, 
fc  Port.  bitlUr  to  boil,  stir]  hatiul;  sarak- 
talna;  digai. 

not  budge  aa  iDch.  £i  til  bhar  tu^k  tarksiga- 

I  not  move  no  much  u  n  muatiinl  aeed. ) 

t,  n.  [0.  Eiiz.  hogelt,  H.    Udri  a,  aack.] 

a  Itey,  tluull;  khiaa  (bag,  1.)    3.  itore. 


pOqjI ;  ^th ;  gatbrl.  3.  {fiManeial),  molk  kft 
&iU»i  takhmlaa-i-biaib.  [goooh. 

Bndlike,  adj.  kali  kl  minind ;  kall-jaia ;  mial-i- 
'BioB,  D.  [Fr  buffle,  H.  bhai^  a  biiffiilo.j 

1.  bliaifiai;     adhnurl.     2.  military   coat, 
B'i{Ahiy&ua  poatlQ.     3.  color,  lard-rnAg. 

BnfTalo,  n.  [LaL  hot  buialui,  Skr.  tnahithi.  Per. 

me$h,  H.  bkaMt]  bhainsi;  bhaina. 
bufalo  hide,  bhaiua  kl  chamn;  bhainaa ;  adhau^ 
wild  buffalo,  B.Tu\  bhaiDi>&.  [parya. 

Voun^  &ujfa/<ica^/,  katra ;  jboU;   jhoti;    piri; 
Bnifer,  n.  [0.  Fr.  6u/«-,  H.  phiUnd  to  "puff  out] 

Bnffe^  n.    l.blov,    ghoma;    miikkl;  mukki; 

thappaf ;  thaperi;  tamacba;  dhaul;  muHbt; 

yW.     2.  {Fr.  buffet)  khine  pine  ^  kamra. 
Boflbt,  T.  a.  mukki yaghQuU  mama;  ghusiyi- 

ni;  butj-iiii;  dukijaua;  dhapjiui;  dhaut, 

yi  thappar  manii;  dnk  lagani. 
buffet  Ihe  wavee,  1.  lahrou  se  larua  ;l  takriui; 

pini  Htna.     2.  muahkilit  se  lafua. 
Bi^o,  0.  maskhora. 
Bntfoon,  n.  maakbara;  boll  ki  bhafTi. 
BuffiMtneiy,  n,  maskban-pan. 
Bug,  n.  khatmal ;   khat-kipri;  ufis. 
hugjly,  gaodhl  khatmal. 
Bi^ibflu,  Bugaboo,   q.  [H.   bui  a  devil,  fVom 

Skr.  6Au  to  be.  See  Be]   havvi;  Ifila;  bui; 

koko ;  ghQui ;  kankata ;  d&l  roU ;  d&l  chapktl ; 

nekl  bibl. 
Bnggerai,  □.  lauude-biz ;  igliml ;  IflU. 
BugCT.  o.  {Cor.)  baggi;  ghori-gifi. 
Bugle,  n.  [Lat.  bueulm,  W.  huelin,  H.  5ml,  A. 

haqar  an  oi]  bigul ;    fauj  ^i  shikir  ki  uar- 

singi ;   karui. 
Bnglehorn,  n.  narsiugi;   turhl;  tnnu. 
Bugler,  n.  bieul  bajiue-vila. 
Build,  V.  a.    [A.  S.  bold,   IceL  bU,  P.  bad,  H. 

b&»A   dwelliii}:]    chunni;   ban&ui;   uthiiA; 

makan  ya  imirat  banana;  tamlr  k. 
The  boiue  wu  iuildtd  of  tha  earth, 
Aod  ahall  bit  aguu  to  ground.        Ttmnyton. 
Saekeki  miUi  td  vioh  band  lAd  ghar, 
MU  mkjifgi  kkSk  mek  gir-kar.  P.  C. 

Bnild,  V.  u.  l./ouitd,  dharna;  rakhni;  load&r 
rakboi ;  qlim  k.  2.  depend  on,  etilAr,  etimid, 
ummed,  is,  yi  bbarosa  rakhni. 

buHd  outlet  in  tiu  air,  man  ke  laddQ  phorna 
ytlu^hini;  dhal  kl  raaslbatni;  khaj&ll 
pulio  pabiil;  khijil-i-kbam  biudhni. 

Builder,  n.    I.  rij ;   memar;   mistii, 

2.  bill!;  majid;  karti.  [timlr. 
Building,    n.    ghar;  m>ibu;  haveli;    imirat; 

Building  ia  ■  meet  impoveriihing.  Pror. 

Ivtirat  ^dral.  ProT. 

Bulb,  n.  1.  {Sol]  gattbl  (ryot);  gattha;  daU 
{thalgam) ;  potfal  '(^ahtan). 

3.  {of  a  thermnmetcr)  pet;  kothi. 
Bnlhoui,  a4j.  gathiti ;  ginth-dir, 

b^bovt  root,    gatbilija;-;  kaiid.  [kat-iiia. 

Bulge,  Bulge  out,  t.  n.  phfllni ;   nbhariii ;  ni- 

Balk,  n.  [H.  dnl,  Tir.  dalfar  soliditr,  kd  of,  H. 
4^ldj  Sant.  dhalak  a  clod  of  earth.] 

1.  iiu,  jaflltnat ;  dll-daul. 

2.  ^roM,  aksar  ;ba;iL  hidsa  ;bahut-s&.  [bojhi. 

3.  itoaage,  bhilr;  bharat ;  bharot!i;  bojh; 
huUc  of  the  peoiVi^  aksar  ashkhis ;  bahiit  idmL 
brectkb^fk,  l.iiiii<HM/,kL8ht!  jajahas  kliilik.  2^i 

out.  pQnji  kam  k  ;  mil  men  baddhi  lag&a&. 
BnlkhMd,  n.  takhton  kf  dlrir. 
BnlkiaeaSy  n.  janamat ;  &k&r ;  bari-pan ;  bojh. 
Bnikj,  adj.  bare  ikar-ki. 
Boll,  n.  [H.  hail,  A.  S.  heflan  to  bellow,    H. 
ramihdnd.^   1.  nar gio;  sand;  bijar. 
2  (Ait,)h%\\\  saur;  birakb. 

At  Uut  from  Aries  rolls  th«  boiint^otis  sail, 
Aad  the  bright  B%U  receives  him.      Thowtmm, 
Hamal  te  nuLu  faiz-bakhth  aftdb, 
CKald  5s»r  men  woh  batad  ab  o  tab.  F.  C. 

%, stock  jobber,  n&m-ch&r  ko  khai  Id&r-i-hisaa. 
take  the  bull  by  the  horniy  bail  ko  singou  se  pakaf 

leni;  jurat  se  samiii  k. 
Bully  n.  I .  blander y  galatT ;  chtik ;  khatS ;  dhoki. 

2.  {the  Pope*i)  Pop  ka  farm&ii  y&  fatva. 
an  Irish  bidl,  maz^qy&  gnlati. 
Boll-baiting,  Bnll-ilglit,  n.  biud  ln^n&. 
Boll  calf^  D.  1.  bachhri;  bachchhi. 

2.  a  stupid  fellow,  bail ;  bachhji  k&  bivl. 
Bull-dog,  n.  (Cor.)  guld&iik. 

Ballet,  n.  golf. 
Ballttia,  n.  gasat ;  jftd-patr. 
Ballet  prjof,  adj.  goii-rok.  [mdbi. 

Ball-faced,  adj.  s&nd-niaha;   <;&o-chehr&;  ba^- 
Ball  frog,  n.  Amerika  ka  bara  menduk. 
Boll-hide,  n.  khal ;    gaukha. 
BoUion,  n.  chiiidi  ja  sorie  ka  d  il&,  jK  iut. 
Bollock,  n.  bail ;  balad. 

bullock  cart  or  tfain^  bail-jrail;  kiriaclil.    [viti. 
bullock-driver,  ha\d'\y^;  bakii;  bail-viu;    girl- 
Bollock'a  eye,  n.  gao-(  Ida. 
Ball's  eye,  n.    1.  (Naut.)  paTya.  2.  (Arch,)  rau- 
shancian  ;  baiza  ;  mokhii ;  bQi&kh. 

3.  (Gunnery)  chand  ;  nishan  ;  gnlzati. 

4.  a  2'oliceman*e  lantern,  sipahi  kl  liltain. 
BoUy,    n.    dangai;    larak&;   akar-baz;      kbau; 

ainthe  khaii ;  aiuthe-siiigh. 

It  is  8o  ridiculous,  but  so  true  withal, 

A  huUy  cannot  sleep  without  a  bmwl. 

Yek  sack  kai,  agarckek  kantl  ki  kai  bdt, 

Ki  jkagrdlu  bin  jkajre  tore  na  rdt.  F.  C. 

Bolly,   V.   a.    dhamkaiia;    ghiirakna;   dbamki 

dikhana;  dabana;  istirieu  charitatia. 
Bollying,  n.  dhamki;  ghurki;  gurtissh. 
Bolrosii,  n.  bara  nagar-rootba ;  ba^a  moth&. 
Bolwark,  n.  fH.  bahdn  strong.] 

1.  bastiony  fafcil ;  shahr-panah ;  char-dlvW. 

2,  fortification,  qila  ;  kot;  garb. 
Bom,  n.  chQtar;  suriii. 

Bom-bailiff,  n.  nayab-uazir.  \\k\  makkbi. 

Bomblebee,  n.  [H.  bhauhrd]  bhauurii;  shahad 
Bomboat,  n.  kuiijre  ki  kisbti.  [sadmi. 

Bomp,  11.  [W.  dJiokkd,]  1.  blow,  takkar;  dhakki; 
2.  protuberance,  ganth  ;  gola ;  gamril ;  iinM. 

Bomp,  T.  a.  takrftni;  bhtpii;  jatoft. 

Bamper,  n.  fk.  bhard  fall]  1.  agUmfmlL,  lab- 

rez;    Iab&hib-piy&l& ;    jitn-t-labrea ;    mfkfthft- 

mOnh  k  itori.  2.  a  buMfier  house,  ek  kbalqat ; 

ba^  Idiiil;  admtoa  se  bharft  hiii  ghar ;  amboh. 
Bompkin,  u.  ganvir;  gai&Teli;  ganvlr  ki  lath; 

ghftmar;  baurO;  dbaggi;  bail ;  gadbi. 
BiUBptioos,   adj.   khud-biu;   abhimini;  ahaa- 

ki  I  f ;  khud-pasand.  [khiicf ;  ahank&r. 

Bomptioosness,   n.   kbud-biiJ;   khudpAaatidl; 
Ban,  D.  chbuti  mithi  rotl;  chholl  mlUif  tikvK. 
Boneh,  ti.  [H.  guehehkd;  P.  khosha]  guobobhi; 

gupphi ;  hatta  (of  ilantains) ;  turrah. 

Banek  of  flowers.     Pk^k  hd  guckchkd  ;  gul-da^^ 
bwich  of  greens,  gaddl. 
Bondle,  d.  [H.  6lfii/A.  S.  blndan.  H.  bdMknd 

to  biudj   gatli(I;   mutbri;  potil;   palanda; 

biiqcha;  basta;  (Cor,)  baudal. 
bundle  of  eow-pats,  ebb 01 ;  hel ;  kh&s. 
bundle  of  grass,  gh&s  ki  gat^bi,  gathri,  bojhi, 

bharoti,  y&  liuL 
bundle  of  papers,  ki.;asoi&  ki  mutthi,  yi  gaddl 
Bondle,  v.  a.  ga^hfi  muthil  blMIn  i;.biii«ihi 

bOiidLI  k.  [ga^*  yi  lata  patti  utbi.ii. 

bundle  out,  badhni  bor}*i  bindliiii ;  angnf  kbiA* 
Bonk,  Q.  baithne  yi  sone  ki  takbta. 
Bong,  n.  gatti ;  dlt. 
Bong,  y,  a.  gatti  yi  dit  lagini ;  band  k. 
Bongalow,  n.  bangli ;  kothf ;  ghar. 
Bang  dole,  u.  pipe  k\  cbhed,  sOtikh,  yimfbUi 

jis  men  se  shaiib  bharte  haiu. 
Bangle,  v.  a.  [H.  6  c/tibd  crooked]  bigirni;  kharib 

yi  uikirl  k. ;  angliar-pane  se  k. ;  nikammik 
Bangle,  u.  kacbcbi  kim ;  chOk ;  khali. 
Bongler,  n.  atiiri;  pbQa^ ;  kam-bigarO. 
Bonion,    n.   [Kr.  bignf,    H.  sH/an  a  swelling 

(b  =  s)]  gokhra ;  gatt'i ;  dll. 
Booting,   n.   birik   0:>ikapr'v   jis  se  jahiz  ke 

jhande  yi  pharaire  bante  baiu. 
Booy,  n.    [H.    Widow,   float,  btikdhd  bound] 

langar  yi   knrilre  li^  nishiu ;  latigar-numi; 

piiil  {lar  tairiic-\ala   ui8bati ;    boyi;  tareri. 
Booy,  V.  UL   tair?ua;  bahiiii. 
Booy  op,  ji,  man,  ya  hiinmat  bambini. 

Kisiii]^  merit  will  baoy  up  at  last.  Pops, 

Parktil  gun  tire  par  tire. 

Booyaocy,  n.  I.  uthlil;  halki  pan. 

2.  (of spirits)  ziuda-dil;  khush-tabal. 
Booyant,   adj.     I.  halka;   subuk.     2.  {spirtis) 
zinda-dil;  khush-taba.    [load,  8kr.  6Artbear.] 
Borden,  n.    [A.  S.   beran.    Per.   bar,    H.    bhdr 

1.  I'Xid,  bojh;  bojhi;  bliir;  bir;  lad;  lidl. 
No  one  knows  the  weight  of  another's  burden, 
Kaunjane  dUsre  kd  bojk  bhdr  ? 

2.  (of  vessels)  bbarat. 

A  ship  of  great  bunUi,    Bare  bharat  ldj<ikds, 

3.  ani/  thing  grievous,  gale  ki    bar ;    pion 

klbori;  patthar;  pahif. 

Deaf,  giddy,  helpless,  left  alone, 

To  all  iny  friend.'*  a  burden  grown.  Sw\ft, 

Akeldy  bahr>i,  heckdr^,  subuksar. 

Hud  bdr-igardh  sab  dotkok par.  F.  C. 




6f  dhtiff,  antii;  tek;  adth&t. 

At  eTerr  cidse  sbe  made,  the  attending  throng 
Replied  and  bore  the  burdeiA  of  the  song.  Dryden, 
Wok  jab  thdp  deU  to  iah  idth  ke    . 
Mil  asthdl  §dtt  barha  apnl  lai.     F.  C.      [dSvft. 

of  proofs  (Lo^fc)  bkr-i-subiit ;  dalil-i- 
btrden  df,   bhar!,   nagawir,  j&  ajirail 

m  h. ;  garaii  ^uzarni. 

^  v.  a.  bcjh  daliia;  zer-bar  k.       [ajtran. 

S91II6,  adj.  kara;  sakht;  ddbar ;  garaii ; 

fltmieneas,  n.  garaui;  bar;  sakht L 

,  n;  1.  likhue  kt  mez. 

an  offlUy  daftar ;  daftar-khaaa.     puima. 

il  deparlmnii  of  GoverhMent,  sarkarl  mah- 

dracy,  n.  daftar-\i&lon  ki  hukQinat. 

i,  Burgher,  n.  [M.  H.  G.  hurc,  A.  hnrj.  H. 
fort,]   1.  aVt3€n,  shahit;  shaharv&t&. 

1  rfpres^mtafii^e  of  a  borough,  rali ;  zl-ikh- 

;  kumaiti-vali. 

Borough,   n.  qasba  jis  ke  bashindofi  ko 

ment  men  mimbar  bbejue  1»  ikhtiyar 


Ti    n.   iiaqab-Kac;    kOnbbal    dene-vala; 

7,  n.  kuubhal  dL ;   uaqab-zani ;   seudh 

.r  lagHiia.  [ka  sar-pauch. 

laster,  n.  qasbeb  ki  roajistrait;   shabr 

n.    [A.  S.  byrgin^    fl.  gdrn&   to  bury] 

i ;  gor-garba ;  dafiiauft ;  tajbiz  o  takftu ; 

-dafan ;  mittt  dena.     [turbah ;  madfan. 

ptaee.  Or  ground,   goristao;   qabrist&a; 

ervice,  jauaze  ki  namUz. 

.  a.  cbbupana ;  daba  rakhna; 

ae,  n.  tbatta ;  kbilli ;  tamaskhun 

ae,  y.  a.  haiisi  ki  naql  k 

idj.  [H.  hhard  full,  Irish  borra  a  knob, 

hrd  swollen]  bharl;  mush^andii;  th&4^) 

: :  saud :  taluit :  hatta  katta. 

.  a.  [A.  S«  by  man,  P.  birydn  H.  bamd 

]  bariii ;  j&laua ;  phunkna ;   ig  dena  ja 

a;  dajrna;  pakinii  [Dindlvaiih. 

V  bum  dajrlight.  Prov.  Din  dhauU  diya  bdlnd. 
?« m  the  candle  at  both  ends.     Prov.  [hands)* 
"yono  kathoh  s€  lutdnd.  (To  squander  with  both 
'his  tyrant  fever  burns  me  Up. 
r  zcUim  bukhdr  ne  to  mujke  6AAn  diyd. 

fricksy  pakkl  int. 

€  dead)  dUhna ;  dag  deni ;  d&h  karilin 
lunkua;  jalana;  dah-krijll  k.;  dUgd; 
,  jaU-kar  khak  kar  den!L. 
n.  balnft ;  jaluH ;  dahnU ;  ag  lagua. 
timt  child  drawls  the  fire.  Prov. 

\d  jald  chhSch  phuhk  phiLnk  pUd  kai.  Prov. 
calded  with  hot  milk  blows  before  he  drinks). 
a  Hindoo  widotc,  sati  h. 

^9finjersin  another* s  pan,  du^re  ki  auch 
aloa ;  aurou  ke  jhagre  men  parna. 
'.  jal  bujhn&.  [mastaua. 

A  lust,  balbalana;  jbal  ja  chul  uthua; 
n.  dija;  dipak;  chirsLg;  ]§li. 
;,  adj.jalta;  bhunta;  tez.    [huemaiddn- 
le  burning  pbina  of  India,  mndnttam  k^  jalt€' 
cofi/,  jalta-hua  koell;  augara. 
gl^t,  marghat;   roiaF4-^a(ti;  masan; 

bumtftg  mountain,  juali  mukhi ;  koh-i*atiah-khez; 
BnnuAg  glass,  n;  Utahi-sbi^ha. 

Biurouii,  V.  a.  chamklua ;  jil&  k; ;  tijalna; 
]^ow  the  village  windows  blaze, 
JSuruithfd  by  the  setting  sun.  Cunningh. 

Ab  ck4niiaHi  kai^  gdoii  hi  khitki, 
Eimek  idraj  hi  dabti  parti,   *  [bhat 

]AlirroW|  n.  ^H.  bitd.]l.  Idle,  bil;  bil&;  ebbed; 
^o  liVe  in  b^n'ow.    Bhdt  men  rahud. 
2.h^ap,  dher;  todab. 
Bnrtow,  ▼.  n.  1.  bil  khodna  yi  banani. 

2;  hide  itself,  bil  ya  bhat  met!  rakhni. 
b^irrow  Wider  ground,  bhnt  ya  bil  khodua. 
Butiar,  n.  \.of  a  cdltege,  mad  rase  ka  khazancbl. 

2.  sctiotatship'holder,  vazifd-kbuar. 
Butit)  v.u.  [H.  phat]  1.  break,  ttitna;  phatnS; 
phutua;  dhatakhua;  tarakhua;  khilu&j  sbaq  h. 
No,  no.  my  heart  will  btiittan  if  I  speak.  [Shak. 
And  I  will  speak  that  so  my  heart  may  borst. 
Jo  kholuh  zfihdh  hojigarpfitkpdih, 
Magar  kholUL  Afin,  ki  ho  Jag  ka4A  /  F.  C. 

S.  spring,  phut  nikalna ;  nikal  pafnii 

He  burst  into  tears.  Woh  phut-kar  ro  payd. 
hursi  xoiih  taughUr,  mftre  bunsi  ke  lotn^  ya  pet 
phdlua  \  qabqah&  m&rua,yalagaQ&.[chatkhauiL 
Burjt,  V.  a.  pho^na;  phaipna;  tofuaj  tarkaiia; 
Burst,  Hi  ka^'ak;  chatakh. 
Bury,  r.  a.  [H.  g&r]  1.  intet,  ^rua;  mittl  dena; 
dafau  k. ;  dafbana ;  mad^Q  k. 

I^Uve,  thou  hast  slain  ine  I 

If  thou  wilt  ever  thrive,  bury  my  body.    SKak, 

Jityd  qatl  ta  ne  mujke^  dS  gmami ^ 

T&  kar  dafn  mvjh  kojo  ko  terd  kdm.  F.  C. 

2;  cover  up,  topna ;  daba  dena ;  chhupana. 
I  will  bury  my  giief  in  a  bowl  of  wine. 
Jdm-i'tkardb  men  main  duboungqi  ranj  iso, 

burp  one's  seif  alive,  jirH  gar  jana ;  samadb  lena ; 
samE  lb  men  baithna.  [milap  k. 

bury  the  hatchet,  hatliyir  rakh   d*;    sulah  k. ; 
bury  the  old  dead,  kbak  dalo;    ga;>e  m'urde  na 
iikbero;  daba  do.  [jhnnd. 

Bnsh,  n.  [H.  j^ar.]  1.  thicket^  jhari;  jhanklr; 
2.  bou^K  jhar ;  jhari. 
Qood  wine  needs  no  bush, 
(Miishk  dn  ast  ki  khud  bot/ad,  na  ki  attdr  goyad. 
Musk  scents  itself,  not  what  the  f^rfumer 
makes  it  out). 

BtLshel,  n.  battis  ser  ka  paimana; 

His  reasons  are  as  two  grains  of  wheat  hid  in 
two  hikshels  of  chaff.    Shak.     [ddne  gehdh  ke. 

Vski.dalUeh  ai»i  haihjaisedo  tokre  bllise  men  do 

Bush-fighting,  n.  j bar-khan d  kl  laral. 

Bushy,  adj. /tt//  of  bushes,  jbar-dar;  jhaii-dar; 


£ushy  tail.  Giippheddr  ditin. 

Busily,  adv.  tan-debi  se ;  mehnat  se. 
Busiaess,  n.  [H.  bos  dwell.]    1.  employment, 
kam;  kaj;  uddam;  shtigal. 

Business  i«  the  salt  of  life.  Prov. 

SkM^l  zindagi  kijdH  hai, 
( Khdli  St  hegar  bhali.  Kaiber  be  pressed  than  idle.) 
2.  iransaett4in,  kam  kaj ;  kar  o  bar ;  beohar ; 
muamla;  dado  si  tad. 

Pusiness  neglected  is  business  lost.  Prov.      [red. 
Kdm  bisra,  kdi/^  W#r^.   Work  forgotten,  work  mar- 




8.  (mercantile)  k&r  beoh&r ;  saud&garl. 

4.  office,  dbandi ;  pesha ;  kasab ;  rozg&r. 
Mind  ooe*t  own  huiineu.  Apne  k^m  §e  hdm  ridti^. 

5.  duty,  farz;  dbaram;  chikd;  kbidmat. 

6.  matter  in  qitestion,  amr  mutan&zefth;  b&t ; 
amr-i-tas6 ja-talab ;  maqsad;  matlab;  k&m. 

What  is  your  butineu  f  Kyd.  Hm  hai  f  [kftm. 
biuineet  of  importancey  zurQtl  k&m;  bar&  bh&il 
carry  on  a  busineesy  sarauj&m,  baud  o  bast,  y& 

k&r  o  b&r  k. ;  k&m  chal&n&;  k&r-bariLiI  k. 
eurrerU  bueineeSy   cbalt&   k&m ;    k&r  o  b&r  roz- 

marra ;  rozmarra  k&  k&m. 
despatch  of  bueineas,  k&r-giu&  I ;    k&m  obal&Q&, 

nik&ln&y  y&  bhugt&n& ;  bhugt&u.  [q&. 

do  one's  business,  1.  thik&ne  la^ii&;  k&m  bivll^- 

2.  h&jat  rafil  k.;  zurOrat  nik&lQ&;  k&m  karQ&. 

drive  a  business,  k&m  cbal&ii&. 

extensive  business,   ba;il  k&r-kb&aa ;    pbai1&-bu& 

k&m;  bh&rl  ^r  o  b&r.  [lab  rakbD&. 

have  business  with  onSy  kisi  se  Bar  o  K&r  y&  mat- 
hnowledge  of  businesi,  tajruba-k&rl ;   k&r-d&nl; 

mu&mla-d&iil.  [dak&u. 

losing  business,  gb&te  y&  tote  k&  k&m ;   mandl- 
man  of  business,  blmi ;  k&rb&rl ;  k&r-d&ii ;  muam- 

la-d&n;  beoh&rI-&dmI. 
place  of  business,  kothi ;  daftar ;  k&r-kh&na. 
thriving  business,   obaltl  dak&n;    bafht&-ldlr; 

cbalt&  pesba. 
BoBiness-like,  adj.  kb&sa;  acbobb&;  kbtlb. 
Basldn,  n.  gurg&bl  jQtl;  ui^ohi  eri  1^  jat&. 
Buss,  n.  [0.  Eti$;.  basse,  H.  babbl,  Per.   bosah] 

babbi;  chtlm&;  bosab;  mitthi;  macbobhi. 
Bass,   V.  a.  obam&  leQ& ;  baby&n& ;  bosa  leQ& ; 

babbl  lena. 

Kissiag  and  buuing  differ  both  in  this,  [Rerrid, 
We  busi  our  wantons,   but  our  wives  we  kiss. 
Babbi  chUne  men  itnd  bcU  haigd, 
Babbi  randi  ki,  chUmd  bivi  kd.  F.  C. 

Bust,  n.  apar  ka  dhar ;  gat ;  baiza. 
Bustard,  u.  tukdar. 

Bustle,  n.  khalbali;  bai^'barf;  daur-dbUp;  tag 
o  dau ;  daw&-dawiBb ;  taga-pii ;  obalat-phirat ; 
cbahl  pahl;  raul-cbaul;  bal  cbal;  bbi;'- 
bh&r  I  dhQm  dharakka. 

The  bustle  of  preparation.  Talydri  hi  ghabrdhat. 
BU3tl9,  V.  n.  daui^'dhUp  b.,  ya  maohua;    khal- 
bali parii& ;  dhUm  dham  h. ;    raulcbaul  h. 
Busy,    adj.    [A.  S.  biseg,  byseg,  H.  bas  dwell.] 
l.masrQf;  masbgUl ;  k&Qi  men;    dhaude 
men  laga-hua ;  kam-ka. 

He  is  busy.  Woh  hdm  meh  lagd  hud  hai.  [v.  8. 
To-morrow  is  a  bu$y  day.    Shak,    Richard  III, 
Kal  kdm  kd  din  hai. 
Busy  as  a  bee.  Makkhl»d  matrQf, 

2.  active,  cbalak  aur  mebnatL 

3.  officious  meddling,  fuzUl-khidmat,  y&  kam 
karne-vala ;  dakhl-andaz ;  kbushamadi;  har- 
degl  chamoha ;  bar  kam  men  tang  a^ne-vala. 

Busy  folks  are  always  meddling.  Prov. 

Fazul  kdm  karne-vdld  sadd  pdoh  ardtd  phirtd  hai. 

the  busiest  part  of  a  city  or  town,  cbauk ;  mandi ; 

bara  baz&r;  gudn. 
Busy,  V.  a.  k&m  men  lag&n& ;  masrUf  rakbn&. 

be  busy,  Idlm   roeA  Iagn&;     masrftf    rabnl; 

mashgtUh. ;  masrUfh. 
Busybody,  n.  p&xio  af&ne-v&l&;dakhl  dene-v&UL 

Busybodie$  never  want  a  bad  day.  Pro?. 

Pdho  ardne-vdU  ko  tab  din  achehhs, 
I  But|  oonj.  [Skr.  paranid,  A.  5a/.] 

1.  except,  lekin ;  magar ;  par ;  mul ;  pftnint ; 
amm& ;  ill& ;  vale ;  valekin. 

BiU  me  no  butsl    Agar  magar  mat  hsrof 

2.  except  that,  m&  sivE  iske ;  aur ;  al&va ; 
yarna.  3,  on  the  other  hand,  bar-kbiiftf  iske ; 
balke ;  bar-aks  iske. 

When  pride  oometh  then  oometh  shame,  but 
with  the  lowly  is  wisdom.     OuH^r  ke  sdih  to 
sUlat  dtl  hai,  parfarotani  ke  tdlhddndL 
4.  Otherwise  than  that,  ba-juz ;  8iv&. 
but  thai,  ke ;  jo ;  magar  yeh  ki.     [kar ;  ohbut 
But,  adv.  8iY&;  ba-juz;  kb&II;  sirf;  juz;  obhof- 
Bom  but  to  die.    Mame  hi  ko  pitidd  huS  haiL 
{Paidd  hud  hai,  $o  nd-paid  bo.      Prov.) 
But  one  egg  and  that  addled.  Prov. 

Bk  an^  w>h  bhi  gandd.  Prof* 

Buteher,  n.  [H.  baddhak,  bok,  0.  F.  boe,  goai] 
badhik;  qasa&b;  qas&f;  (Contempt.)  qeLsMaifil 
buralyft,  bUcba^,  rabba^. 

The  buteher  looked  for  his  knife  when  he  had 
it  in  his  mouth.  Prov.    QaeM^i^ehkmi 
aur  ehhurl  uake  mMh  meh, 
{pod  meh  lafkd  ehahar  meh  dhah^ord,  Prov. 
The  child  in  the  arms  and  the  towu-crier  oriet 
lost  child.) 

Butcher,  v.  a.  1.  zibab  y&  bal&l  k.  2.  khtta  k.; 

hatn& ;  badh  k. ;  gardan  ra&m&. 
Butcherboy,  n.  qas&I  k&  Iark& ;  qati&o|&. 
Butcher's  block,  n.  qasal  k&  kund&. 
Butcher's  meat,  n.  gosht;  qaliya;  s&lati. 
Butcher's  shop,  n.  qas&I  kl  dQk&ii. 
Butchery,  n.   1.  qasa!-pau.  2.  (Met)  qas&I-pan; 

qatl ;  kbUn ;  khuD-khar&ba. 
Butler,  n.  [H.  bkanddrl]  kL&u-8&m&n;   bhan- 

dill;  rak&b-dar;  (Cor,)  butrail. 

Butt,   n.    I,  a  cask,  (>!p&.    2.  object  of  ridicule, 

dalb&;  kbi]aun&;  goe-mahfil ;  kutt&;  ohilchilo. 
He  was  the  butt  of  the  company. 
Sdrl  majlit  ne  use  dalbd  band  liyd. 

Butt,  u.  1.  Hiick  end  of  a  musket,  kunda. 

2.  object  of  aim,  nish&na;  hadaf;  ch&i^d. 
Butt,  y.  siiigofi  se  takkar  m&rn&;   sli^g  m&ru&; 

dhun  m&ru&. 
Butter,  n.  1 .  oily  part  of  milk,  makkban ;  mas^ ; 
nonighl;  ghi;  raugan-i-zard. 

Batter's  once  a  year  in  the  cow's  horn.      Prov. 
Sal  meh  ek  bdr  gdi  ke  sihgh  meh  ghi  hotd  hai 
Butter  is  gold  in  the  morning,  silver  at  noon, 
and  lead  at  night.     Prov.  [ko  siss. 

Makkhan  tarke  sond,  do  pahar  ko  chdhdi,  rdt 
{Luqmai'Sabdhl,  beh  az  murg  o  mdhl.  P.  Prov.) 

2.  substance  resembling  butter,  gLI ;  raugan ; 
makkhan-fii  cblz.  [la^ul 

Butter,  V.  a.  chuparn&;    chikii&i  y&  makkhan 
His  bread  is  buttered  on  both  sides.       Prov. 
Chuprl,  aur  do  do/  Prov. 

Buttercup,  n.  I.  makkhan-d&n. 

2.  (thefloioer,)  ek  chbota  pn&  py&la  8&  phQl. 
Butterfly,  n.  titil;  titii;  parv&na;  far&sb. 




ttnfBitlki  n»  ohhich ;  chU ;  matthl ;  maherf ; 
[>iloji-huft  vA  makkhan  nikla  dfldh. 
ItenroBUuCn.  makkhan-valf;dahi-w&lI;gtljrL 
tteiy,  adj.  gblsa;  raugul;  ghi-&la;  ghiv&l; 
^ht-dir;  mfd^hnl.  [khina. 

tteiy,  u»  {pcmtry)  bhandir ;  bhandar&;  modi- 
ttodc,  D.  [Fr.  bot  end,'  U.  pMhd]  cbtltar; 
mriu;  puttlul;  pura.  [Skah 

It  k  like  a  barber's  chnt  that  fite  all  hUtoekt. 

Nii§  H  H  tfrti  kar  kdkA  kg  kdtk,  ProT. 

(Like  a  barber's  glass  in  every  hand.)  [ghimdi. 

Mob,  n.     1.  taichy  (Cor.)  ba^an,    botin^; 

I  doDt  ears  a  button.  Maim.  Use  paihm  hardbar 
nakik  tcoM^ktd.  (1  dout  regard  him  as  my 
pubet.)  [pakaptd. 

To  hold  one  by  the  button,   KtH  M  giribdii 
l^knoby  l*ttfl;  gola. 
Iton,  y.  a.  ghun^  yt  batan  ]ag&D&. 
ttonholey  n.  k&j ;  ghar ;  halqa. 
n.  pushta. 

y.  a.  pasbta  bantnt  y&  l^dhi^. 
womf  adj.  cbancbal ;  acbpal ;  obapaL 
f,  y.  a  [A.  &  byr^an,  H.  biidnd^  A.  bag] 
mol  lent;  kharidni;  biaftuft. 

Buy  at  a  msrket)  but  sell  at  home  I  Pror. 

B4l  men  to,  gkar  mtk  heeko/ 
f  and  seflj  len-deii   y&  kharld-fkrokht  k. ; 
anitiinala  k« ;  becht  khochi  k. ;  bae  shriLi  k. 
fim^    and  uUing^  leii'^den;     bechi-khoohl; 
kharid-farokht;  banaj;  beopftr. 

Buffing  and  selling  is  winning  and  losing.  Pror. 
Ltm-dtu  mm  lahk  awr  Adn»  Prov. 

f  fif  or  out,  y.  n.  mol  le-ke  alag  k  ;  tor  leni. 
^on^ecfti^,  udbarkharidut ;  dikhparkhartdn&. 
jeTf  n.  gibak;  kharidir;  liyaiyi;  mol  leoe- 
fU;  mushtari 

Bugen  want  an  hundred  eyesi  sellers  none.  ProT. 
Oikakio  imu  dkkktk,  ckdkijfeh  dukdn-ddrko  ek 
hkl  nakik, 

0)  y.  n.  [H.  bhin]  bbin  bhioHDt ;  bhinakni ; 
bhin  bbin  k. 

Biy  y.  a.  phuspbusUnt ;  k&u&-phtl&8t  k. ; 
kfausar-phusar  k.  [mei^  phQAknlL. 

t  tW  one*9  ear,  kin  khint ;  kin  bham& ;  kan- 
l,  XL  bhiubhiuihat ;  gOnj. 
n.  shikra.  [phu<>t  karne-T&lt. 

Tf  11.  pbusphnsiyi;  kan-phukkE;  kani 
,  ady.  [A.  S.  be,  Per.  ba.]  1.  near,  pis;  nai- 
lik;  qaifb;  nibit;  nere;  dbore;  tak. 

Stand  by.     Pit  kkard  kond. 

2.  in  one*$  fresence,  age ;  dmne ;  robrCi. 
There  was  no  other  person  by, 
KoH  amr  ddmU  aSmne  na  tkd.  [thahar-kar. 

amd  by,   phir  kabfal;  thoif  der  men;  phir; 
I  shall  catch  him  by  and  6y.  Pror. 

PJktr  fo6iU  u$e  pakri^gd* 

nMgkt,  rit  ko ;  shab  ke  waqi. 
thai  time,  tab  tak;  us  waqt  tak. 
wkai  time,  kab  tak;  kis  waqt  tas. 
»  pnp-  [A.  S.  5e,  6t ;  P.  bo."] 

l.nearto,  pis;  qarlb;iiikat;  iief«;  dhig; 
dhore;  kaoe;  muttasi).  \baiiknd. 

To  sit  fty  the  side  of .    Pd»  baU\n&\  pakUk  mok 
To  kesp  by.    Pd»  yd  nmadtit  rmkmd* 



i.iktougk  or  fmVAimeA;  se;  ba-yasTle; 
inirftit ;  kiran  se ;  duire ;  ba-sabab ;  ba-l^is ; 
ba-yajeh.  [prov. 

By  other's  faults  wise  men  eorfeet  their  own. 
Budk  jan  H  yek  kaigi  »6r, 
Anhar  kkot  h  karek  «aAiMFr» 
By  doing  nothing  we  leam  to  do  ilL         Prov. 
fkdli  bailke  utpdt  tifjhe.  Prov. 

They  judge  of  the  future  by  the  patt. 
Piekkh  bdtok  mdytkdkdl  darydift  karU  kain. 
i,by  means  of,  ba-yasile;  se;  ba-zarije; 
rlhse;  teryese;  mirfat;  hith. 

8end  it  &y  a  coolie !  Kuli  ke  kdtk  6A9  do  I 
^•per,  it;  plohhe;  par;  sire. 

5.  according  to,  ba-mfijib ;  muifiq ;  anosir ; 
as-rOS;  basb. 

By  law»    ^t-HUr  qdnibi,  [jtUiib ;  ai-jlnib. 

6.  from  the  part  of,  taraf  se ;  or  se ;   min- 
By  the  father's  side.    Bdp  H  tam^  se. 

7.  di,  on,  in,  par;  meia;  se;  ba. 
By  rail.    Bd  mek. 

8.  (measure),  ba-miqdir;  bhar. 
Too  big  by  hall    feifrkd. 

^^(AritK.)  Be;  par;  bate-hue. 

Four  divided  by  two.     Ckdr  bate  do.  [Ion. 

10.  not  later  than^  tak;  talak;  tim;  to{!;  lag; 

by  all  means,  by  all  manner  €ff  means,  bar  tarah 

yi  taur  se.  [achanak. 

by  chance,  ittiftqan;  ittiflq  se;  kadichit; 
by  digress  and  sale,  ba-sariye  qur^  aur  nilim, 
byJUs  and  starts,  yak&yafc;  kadEchit ;  mauj  se. 
by  gift,  az-rQe  hiba.  G.  G. 
by  God,  Khudi  k!  qasam ;  Ram  kl  sQA;  Vallah. 
6jf  A«ar<,  nok-zabin ;  hifz;  as-bar;  kao^h. 

To  leam  by  heart.    KanUi  h  [kar-ke. 

by  hook  or  by  crook,  khench  t&n-ke ;  jon  ton 
by  land,  khushk!  se ;  khushkt  k!  lib  se. 
by  marriage,  iidayaj  ke  sariye  se,  G.  G.;  nikih 

se;  bivah  se. 
by  means  of,  ba-yasile ;  duire ;  ba-yidtat. 
by  myriads,  Iftkhon ;  lakhflkbi ;  karoron. 
by  night  and  day,  r&t  din ;  shab  o  roz. 
by  no  meant,  bargiz  nabin;  kisi  tarah  nahi&. 
by  one*s  self,  akeli;  tan-i-tanh|;  ba-z&t-i-khis. 
by  post,  d&k  me& ;  ba-zariye  yi  ba-sabll-i-^Lk. 
by,  hard  by,  close  by,  lagbbag;  p&s  bL 
by  reason  of,  is  yajah  se ;  is  sabab  se. 
by  such  a  day,  us  roz  tak;  us  din  lag. 
2y  suit,  ba-zariye  nalish. 
6y  the  law  qf  India^  qinUn-i-Hind  ke  mutibiq. 
by  the  prophet,  nabi  ki  qasam ;  nabi  k!  sUft. 
by  the  way,  aur  yeh  ki ;  aur  dekho  to ;  suno  to. 
^  this  act,  ba-mCijib  eloit  hiz&  ke. 
by  virtue  of,  ba-etil^;  ba-haisijrat 
by  warrant,  iud-ul-ijrae  wirant. 
by  water,  tail  yi  p&ni  ki  rah  se.        [dosti  mefi. 
by  way  of  friendship,  az  lah-i-ikhlis  y%  dosti ; 
by  your  bounty,  ip  ^  ba-daulat ;  ip  ke  iqUll  yi 

iniyat  se ;  ip  ki  dayi  se. 
come  by,  miloi ;  hisil  h. ;  hith  ani. 
day  by  day,  to%  ba-roz ;  din  ba-din. 
one  by  one,  ek  ek;  fardan  fardao.  [sau^^. 

year  by  year,  sil  ba  sil ;  siliua ;  bar  tSA ;  bar-  | 



Bj  and-bye,  adv.  kuch  der  meu;  tliair-ke ;  ajkal 

I  will  oom«  by  and  bye,    7%ori  der  men  dungd.  [hat. 

li^-and-bye  U  easily  shM.  Prov.  Pkir  hah  den<i  Airtu 
By-bidder,  n.  bolf  barhinc-v&la. 
By  aegTdea,  adv.  i-afUi-rafta^  hote-hoto;  datjah 

ba-darjah;  ba-tadiij.  ^^giipt-artlu 

9y-€Ad,  By- view,  n.  poMbl  iahy&k1i!LugI  inatlab ; 
By-gOA%   a(lj.    gaj&giizra;    ga}i;    gayi-Uta; 

raft-guzasht ;  guzaiihta. 
By-gones,  n.  guzii  biii  vard&t  y&  bit. 

Let  by-gonet  be  by-gone*.     J/nA  to  hud.      Prov, 

{Onzashta  rd  mlvdt.     P.  Prov.) 

By-lane,  By-path,  By-Toad,  By-walk,  By-way,  n. 

Ilk;  pngdandi;  baliya;  cbor-rasta. 
Bylaw,  n.  q&edui-makbsQH.  G, G. 
By-play,  u.  Buaiig  men 
Byre,  u.  batlian ;  |:ac  iistban ;  go-s&la. 
By-8tander,  ii.  pas  kakba^bone-v&l&;  dekhne- 

vaia;  tani&shui.  [iiakkfl. 

Byword,  n.  zarb-ul-masal ;    zabau-zad;    uddQ; 
to   h  come  a  byword,   imkk&  h. ;   zarb-ul-xuasl 

bamia:  uddu  li. 


Cab,  Cabriolet,  n.  ok  giiore  Id  ba<rj!l ;  ikk&  baggl. 
Cab-driver,  Cab-man,  u.  baggi  b&nkno-vala. 
Cab-stand,  n.  ba^'<^f  ya  garl  ka  ndd&.         [bant. 
Cabal,  n.  Bazisb  ;  baiidisb ;  at-sat ;  gusbtl ;  sUnt- 
Cabal,  v.  n.  sllzihb  k, ;  at  sat  k. 
Cabalistic,  adj.  fj;u|)t;  chbu|>l;  posbidah. 
Cabaret,  n.  maekliana;    sbarab-kh'ma;   kalil- 

klriiia:  bhattl. 
Cabbage,  n.  I.  a  plants  karam  kallS. 
2.  chipj'injs,  katran  ;  chhiintan. 
caJl)hage  worm,  jhanjba ;  goblii  ka  kii*i.  [byontk. 
Cabbage,  v.  a.  qatn  karnc  men  chuiiua;  katar 
Cabbage-roae,  n.  karatn  kalla. 
Cabin,  n.  [O.  Eng.  caban,  A.kiihH,  H.  kothfi,] 

1 .  cotta^ff  jUopni ;  kutT ;  chbappar.  [kbana. 

2.  stnail   room,   kotbii;    hujia;    bazirah; 

3.  (^hlut.)  dabusa;  kotbri. 

Cabin,  v.  n.  kutl,  kotbri,  y&  Imjre  meA  rabni. 
Cabin,  v.  a.  k  ►thri  ii»en  band,  ya  qaid  k. 
Cabin-boy,  n.  jalmzi  tahlva.  [kamra. 

Cabinet,  n.    i.  c/osH,  kotliri;    linjra;    cbhoti 

2.  pnvate  hox,  clib<»tf  alnmii;  sanduqcba. 

3.  (for  vaiuM^-^)  hAki;  cbiiubachcba. 

4.  (/(fr  c(4isKlfatioii8)  ulvAu-Mi^"^;  kbilvat- 
khaiia.   T).  miiiutri/,  ina^ 

cahinet  of  ijlasswure,  slilibo-bartiu  ki  iluk'iu. 
Cabinet-council,  n.  maAbiron  ki  kalln^>al. 
Cabinot-maker,  n.  barbaT;  inistrT. 
Cab'not-miaister,  n.  niasblr-i-kannsal. 
Cable,  n.  ,,aliaz  ka  rassfl  ya  /.anjir;  labas. 
pay  out,  weer  <nU,  or  tilip  the  vahlcy 
laliaji   dliiil  k. ;  rassa  cliboriia. 
neroe  the  caUes,  labas  bjlndhna. 
Cabooje,  n.  jabaz  ka  bavarcln-kbaiia. 



d&ut  pliarna,  ja  bana. 
Cackle,  n.  1.  (a  A«n*«)  q&  qa ;  kut  kut;  knr  kof, 
2,  idle  talh,  bar  bar;  bak  i»ak;    ga|>8hap; 
bakvls.  [b&n. 

Cacoethei,  n.  kharib  &dat,  y&  kbo;  bun  lat  y& 
Caeoetket  Bcrtbendi.     Likhne  yd  inthd-geiri  k^ 
chnl;  kdgaz  thitnd  yd  tySh  k, 

Cacog^aphy,  n,  bad  kbat;  galat  itnlfl. 
Cacjpboay,  n.  biiri  avaz;  kaiih-ul-saut 
Cactus,  n.  n&g-phani  (j^richfy  pear). 
Cad,  n.  kamina;  sifla;  p^ji;  adu&. 
Cadastral,  adj.  j&ed&d-i-gair  manqllla  ke  mu- 

taalliq;  atal-dbanf. 
I  Cadaverous,  adj.  murdar-ea;  murd&. 
Cadence,  n.  utrao ;  tal ;  sam. 
Cadet,  n.  [Skr.  ktmishia.']    1,  n  younger  hviker^ 
cbbota  bbSI;  birftdar-i-khurd;  anuj,    [karet. 
2,\Mil),  taukbu&b-d&r  ballamter;  (CW!) 
Cafe,  n.  qabva-kh&na. 

Caftan,  n.  qafUln;lranIj&ma;kbaft&n. 
Cage,u.[Lat.cavta,A.  9a/a«,H.XAohalk)w.]  \^qt 
animaUf  pinjra;  qafas.   2.  prison,  qaid-kbaoa; 
qafas.  3,  large  cage,  katabri;  pinjiil;  katkif. 
Stone  walls  do  not  a  prison  make, 
Kor  iron  bars  a  cage.  Lov^aet. 

Na  pattkar  H  dlt/ire^  mahbcu  karek, 
Na  lohe  ki  fV^hon  se  pivjre  bane'i,  F.  (X 

1  Cage,  v.  a,  pinjrc  men  band  k. ;  qaid  k. 
Cairn,  n.  pat' baron  kc  dbcrqabar  par. 
Caitiff,  n   baram-zada;  paji ;  pajaura. 
Caitiff,  adj.  kamiua;  jiaji. 
Cajole,  v.  a.  1.  coajCy  pluisllna;   kbusbamad  k.; 
cbiplilsi  k. ;  lallo  patto  k.  2.  deceive,  dam  d,; 
butta  d. ;  Jul  d  ;  dam  jbausa  d. 
Cajolery,  n.  pluislabat ;  lallo-patto ;  dam-jbansa. 
Cajaput,  n.  kayapatti  tel. 
Cak3,  u.  [Gcr.  luo:he,from  Lat.  coquere,l{.pal'dnd, 
♦Skr.  ;>ac//  to  cook]  l.dotijhbak2d,n)\i;  kak. 
There  in  no  cake  but  there  id  the   like   of   tUu 
same  make.  Prov. 

Ilai  h'lr  *ft<i^  kd  dnnyn  men  tdnl  surQr. 
{£k  tare  ki  r(tti,  ktfii  chha€i  kyd  motif         Prov.) 
2.  ijldt)  cbajiati;  tikiya;  subal. 
cake  an!  wine,  sbarab  o  kabab ;  gazak ;  nSsh- 
tab  ;  cbakkba  cbukklit;  munb  bitalua;  zi^a 
fat ;  jal  pan  ;  balwa  purl. 
a  c<i\'e  of  soap,  saban  ki  likiya. 
Cake,  V.  n.  papriyaiiS;  papri  jamna;  paprlni. 
Calabash,  n.  Wiappar;  tonba;  tonbi.  [kam-b.ikht. 
Calaaiitou3,  adj.  afat  ya  muslbat-ka;   biptaka; 
Calamity,  n.  [Lit.  ca'amitjs   loss,    from    cala- 
mus reed,  A.    qafam.    Per.    ktlk,    H.   kilam 
reed,  more  probably  kfdCi  mirt  black   death] 
bipat;  nuisil)at;  afat;  bala;  bbir;  sankat. 
Ci/<i'/<tV// ii  the  tonchHtoueof  a  brave   luiud.    Prov. 
liipffi  5'2r  b'lr  ki  kasaiiti  k  d. 

cahtmitji  6'/  (llvlnt  permission,   afat,    qabr,    y» 
l);ilae  asuiaui;  afat-i-samavi. 
/  Calcareouj,  adj.  cbune-kl ;  cbunila. 




aldaation,  n.  ras&yan  ka  banana ;  phdukna. 
ildne,  V.  a.  kushtah  k.,  ya  banana ;  phuukui  ; 
mima;  ra^yan  banana. 
lldniBd,  adj.  kttshta;phiika-hu&. 
ddum,  u.  cbana. 

ilenlable^  adj.  ganit-jog;  jo  gin!  j&  sake; 
ginti  ke  layaq ;  shumar  karne  kc  qabil. 
U€lllate,v.a.  [Lat.  calculus,  H.  kankur  a  pebble] 
l.giutlk  ;  giuna;  jorna;  phailana  ;  bisab  la- 
giiia ;  sbumar  k.  [andaza,  ja  atkal  k. ;  ktltna.. 
2.  fslimaie,   bicharua ;    ankna;  jauchna; 

To  ciUculate  »  nativity.  Jaruim-poUn  dekkiid. 
lleolatioil,  n.  ginti;  hisab ;  sbumar ;  pailavat. 

By  what  calculation  ?  KU  kisSb  st  f  [be-ginti. 
yond  catculaiion,  ahumar,  ya  liisab  se  bahar ; 
\Mgh  ecUtidaiian,  atkal;  andaza;  takbmina; 
k&t;  takdama.  [muh^sib. 

iknlator,  tu   ankwalya ;   bi83,b   la^ne-vala ; 
llflaloas,  adj.  patbr!la;kaukrila. 
ligulniy  n.    1.  (Surg.)  pathri;  sang-i-masana ; 
sangreza.  2.  {Math.)  gabil  ginti. 
lldron,  n  [Lat.  caldaria,  H.  karh&pdf  Lat. 
calduSf  H.  kdrhnd  boil]  deg;  handa ;  karhaya. 
ilafiictioiLi  n.  garmi ;  hararat ;  josh ;  tapisb. 
ieadar,  u.  jantn ;  patra ;  taqvlm. 
kndar  numthy  mab-i-shams!  ya  taqvimi. 
Undar  ofcrimeSy  fehrist-i-jaiuim. 
ilnder,  t.  a.  gbotnS ;  mohra  k. 
lU^  n.  [Irish,  colpa,  Skr.  ka/ild  brown  cow.] 

1 .  bacbbia;  bacbchha;/^7».  bachhiy a.  [vaqOf. 

2.  dolt,  bacbbiya  ka  bava;  bail;gaodi;  be- 
If-hindinff,  chamre  ki  jild. 

if  of  a  iuffah,  pilra;  katra;  katiyi. 
1/  of  the  leg,  pindli;  saq. 
ilf-lik0y  adj.  bachbre-jaisa. 
Jflkuiy  D.  bacbhre  ki  khal  yS  chamri. 
JibrOi  n.  [A.  qdlib  a  mould.]  1.  banduq  k!  nal 
ya  mobr!  kS  ghei-&;  tir.        [i-dimagi;  idr&k. 
2.  {Fi<f.)  malika;  ras&i;  pabunoh ;  quvyat- 
ilico,  n.  chhmt;  (Cor,)  dares.  [cbbapera. 

ilico-printeT}    u.  chhipl;   cbhaperi;  obhiiit- 
Jioo-pTiatillg>  n.  kapre  cbbapnS. 
JipeXB,  n.  kham-dSr  y&  dbauuki  park&r. 
iistlieiiios,  u.  zanani  kasrat.         [kah  speak.] 
illf  v.  a.  [Lat.  ealare  to   talk,   A.   qal,   H. 

1.  namey   nam  rakbna  ;  bolna ;  kuhnS. 
What  do  you  call  it  in   Peraiau  ? 

ImJco  J^rn  men  ky&  kakte  haiik  f 

What  do  you  call  it  /    Uskd  hya  ndm  f   [ySd  k. 

2.  summon,  bul2na;  bula  bhejna ;  talab  k. ; 
CcUl  not  a  surgeon  before  you   are  wounded. 

Prov.   Atfd  na  ghdo,  bait  bulio  t 
(Ne'er  a  wound,  call  the  surgeoo.) 

3.  f proclaim,  pukSr-ke  kahna;  pukarna; 
jnanadi  k. ;  dhaiidhorS  pttna,  ya  phertia ; 
moshtahar  k.  4.  (tppoint,  muqarrar  k.  ;  mu- 
tafyan  k.;  talyunat  k.;  muaiyan  k.;  stbapau  k. 

CalUd  to  the  bar.    Kavisli  muqarrar  hud. 
5.  appeal  to,  farySd  k.;  dubal  dena. 
U  aloud  for  jtistiee,  dnh^i  d. ;   dad&r^ad  k.; 
dahai-tehM  maoh&n&. 
U  away  or  off,  bu^  lenS. 
//  badt,  nlti  yft  tapis  balana ;  lantfina. 

call  hy  name,  nSm  le-kar  puk&rni. 

call  for,  mau^na;  talab  k. 

call  for  help,  madad  yasahaeta  m&ngnik 

caUfor  information,  istifbar  k*;  pucbbna;  kaifl- 

yat  talab  k. ;  dai-yaft  k.  ( jQd  k. 

ealifwth,  samne  k« ;  khnra  k. ;  bazir  k. ;  mau- 
callin,  sametna  ;  jama  k.  [tariz  h.^ 

call  in  question^  uzr,  etiraz,  yS  h^jjat  k. ;  md>- 
call  namu,  gali  d. ;  nam  dharn&. 
call  on  God^  Kbuda  ka  nam  lena. 
call  on,  or  upon,  mulaqat  k.  ;  milua.  [niangna. 
call  on,  or  upon  (for  payment  taqaz&  k. ; 
call  out,  muq&bla  chahna ;  kham  thoknS.  [lena. 
call  over  the  naniee,  n&m  ba-nam  pukama ;  hSzri 
eaU  to  account,  mubasiba  lena;  muakbaza  k.  ; 

bisab  mangna,  yS  talab  k. ;  bSz-purs  k. 
call    to  arms,   kamarbandi    ya  hatySr-bandi 

karana;  musalla-jang  k.  [ko  sakshtk. 

call  to  heawn.  KbudS  ko  gavSb  k. ;  Parmesbar 
call  to  mind,  or  consider,  yad  k.  ;  ohetnS. 
call  up,  L  summon,  talab  k. ;  bul&nE. 

2.  awaken,  mau  yil  chit  men  laua. 
call  vpon,  1.  invoke,  nam  lena;  mananS.  [n&  k. 

2.  jfiTay  to,  dua  ya  ardas  maligna ;  prarth- 
Gall,  n.  1.  demand  or  order,  aggya;    bukm ; 

irshUd.    2.     requisition,     bulav& ;     nauta ; 
pukar  ;  av&z ;  hank. 

I  rose  at  thy  call,  but  found  thee  not.  Milton. 

Main  teri  didz  pe  utf/id,  far  tujhe  na  poyd, 

3.  divine  vocation,  hukm-i-ilahl ;  daiv-a^gyiL 

4.  summons,  talbL     5.  instrumait  to  call 
birds,  etc,  zaiil;  sitL  6.  visit,  mulaqat ;  bheut. 

call  for  cattle,  biyo ;  abi  ahl;  diyo. 

call  for  dogs,  to  to;  to  le. 

call  for  hawks,  biya  biya ;  ao  ao. 

call  of  nature,  paekhane  k!  hajit  ya  znrflrat; 

paekhana.  [o^&i  nSm-burda. 

Called,  adj.  kablaya  gay  a ;  maustim ;  musam- 
to  he  called,  kahl&ua ;  kahana ;  bajua. 
Calligraplier,  n.  kbush-navis ;  khusb-khat. 
CaUigraphy,  n.  khush-uayisi ;  kbush-kbati. 
Calling,  n.  kam ;  dhanda  ;  pesba ;  kasab  ;  hirfa. 
ancedral  calling,  pesba-i-abEi ;  bSp  dada  ka 

peshab  ya  kilr. 
Callosity,  n.  sakhti ;  gntte  ;  dheth&. 
Galloos,  adj.  [H.  kard,  P.  karahht  hard.] 

1.  hard,  sakbt;  kaia;  gatblta. 

2.  insensible,  sakbt ;  kathor. 
become  callous,  katar  honS. 

Calloualy,  adv.  nirdai-pane   se ;  nithuc&I  se; 

sakhtr,  katbortal,  ya  be-dard!  se. 
Callausness,  u.  1.  hardness,  sakhti;  kaia-pan. 
2.  insensibility,  nitburSi ;  kathort&I ;  sang- 

dill.  [leda;gedX. 

Callow,  n.  [A.  S.  coin  bald]  be-bal-o-par;  munda; 
Calm,  adj.    \^  quiet,  still,  sun-san  ;  chnpcbap; 

thairabua;  khamosb;  istbir;  thir;  khula; 


In  a  calm  sea  every  one  is  a  pilot.  Prov. 

Jhairepdni  men  har  loi  khivaiya. 
Now  all  is  calm,  nnd  fresh  .iiict  Ktill.       Bryant. 
Sohdnd  0  Bwudn  ktU  sab  satna. 

2.  composed,  thir ;  mutmain ;  dil-jama. 
Calm,  Cahnness,  n.  1.  sthirtfti;  qai^r;  qay&ro. 

2.  (calm  repose)  &ram  ;  i^hat ;  sukh. 
ae^Um  be/ore  a  stonn,  andhi  pahle  thir. 
Calm,  v.  a.  see  Allay. 

Calmly,  adv.  fthista;  fthista,  y&  muIftSmat  ae. 
Calomel,  n.  p&re  k&  kushta. 
Caloric,  n.  [Lat.  ecUor,   H.  <fe  P.  garml  heat] 

garm! ;  harilrat ;  m&dda-i-gariu!  y&,  harirat. 
Calorific,  adj.  hararat  y&  garmi  paid&  kame- 

vala.  [h&thi-chioghaf. 

Calthrop,  Caltrop,   n.   gokhrO  ;   khir-khasak ; 
Calumet,  n.  qaly&ii ;  pechw&u  ;  farshl-huqqa. 
Calumniate,  y.  a.  [Lat.  calumniari,  H.  hala^] 

ninda  k. ;  kalank  lagana ;  bandhDH  bindhna. 
Calumniator,  n.  uindak ;  gibat-kame-y&la. 
Calumniatory,  Calunmioua,  adj.   niudak;  ka- 

lanki ;  limm! ;  t-ohmati ;  ilz&mi  [lim. 

Calumny,  n.  ninda ;  kalank ;  tohmat;  bdit&n ; 

Be  thou  as  ohatte  at  ice,  as  pure  as  snow, 

Thou  sbalt  not  escape  caiumnff,  Shak, 

TU  ho  pdk  old  H  yd  miH-i'barf, 

Pa  miuhkil  hat  4ve  na  ifat  fe  kairf.  F.  C. 

Calve,  y.  n.  bachoha  d^  bij&n&.  [hul  dliAt. 
Calx,  n.  dhat  ka  kiiahta  ;  khSkistar;  phuki 
Calyx,  n.  [Skr.  kalikd,  H.  1^  a  bud] 

(Bot.)  pbai  k&  katora. 
Cambric,  n.  kamrakh.  [Ontni;  rilfidnL 

Camel,  n.  [A.  jamo/]  Unt ;  shutar ;  {fern)  n&qa; 
eamel'^xMcJlKdy  kubr& ;  kubjS ;  kUza-puaht 
camel-bridlCy  nakel ;  rauhkr. 
camel-driver^  s&rbaii ;  shutar-bSui. 
carnal  saddle,  unt  ki  kathL 
camel  sheds y  sbutar-khaoa.  [sawSr. 

one  who  rides  a  eamel^   8andni-saw&r  ;   8hutar- 
Cameleon,  n.  girgat ;  hirba  ;  krikla  ;  kirlia. 
Camelopard,  n.  shutar-gfto ;  gflopalang. 
Cameo,  d.  ubharvaii  naqsh. 
Camera,  n.  aks  y&  uaqsh  lene  kl  takbtl 
Camera  lucida,  n.  ek  ala  jis  raeu  sQrat  k&  aks 

k&gaz  par  nazar  ata  hai. 
Camlet,  n.  tlni-reshml  kapr&. 
Camomile,  n.  b^bQna. 
Camp,  n.  1.  ground,  chhaoni ;  par&o ;  kampQ. 

2.  tents,  dera  ;   khema. 

3.  army,  saina  ;  fauj ;  lashkar ;  askar. 
camp  equipage,  fai  &sh-khaua. 
Camp,  v.  u.  khema  khara  k.  ya  d&lna ;   parao, 

cbhaom,  ya  lashkar  dalna, 
camp-bed,  safii  palang. 
eamp-cliair,  safrl  kursL 
camp-follower,  bahir-obun^b. 
Campaign,  n.  1.  plain,  raaid&n  ;  dasht. 

2.  (of  an  army)  jang;  larai;  muhim;  razm; 

karzHr;  mark&. 
Campaigner,  n.  nabard-azm&. 
Camphor,  n.  [Lat.  canfora.  At.  and  Per.  kafur, 

Skr.  harpHra,  H.  kap\ir\  kaftlr;  kapur. 
camphor  candle,  shama-i-kaftiri. 
camphor  oil,  kaftlr  ka  tel ;  raugan-i-kifur. 
Camphorate,  y.  a.  kafur  gholna.      [kafuramez. 
Camphorate,  Camphoraceous,     adj.    kaftiri; 

Can,  n.  kalsa ;  kupp&. 
oil  can,  tel  Id  kuppL 

Can,  y.  n.  [A.  S.  etmnan,  Skr.  gnd  to  know.] 
\,iobe  Me,   sakui;  q&bil  ya  l&yaq  b.  ^ 
mumkin  h. ;  bo  sakni. 

Do  what  you  can,   Jo  ho  take  $o  karo, 
I  can  do  it.  Main  kar  taktd  Ada. 

2.  ham  means,   yasili,  ya  zariya  rakbn& ; 

ikhtiyir  b. ;  baielyat  rakhna. 
a»  far  as  I   can,   adv.  bat-ul-yasa  y&  imk&n  ; 

yatha  ahakti ;  apne  par  baaate  ;  jaba&  tak 

mujh  se  bo  sakta  hai. 
eon  do,  ikhtiyar  ya  adbk&r  hai ;  kam&  jiyai  yi 

ray&  hai ;  kar  sakni. 
Canaille,  n.  kamlue ;  arzal.  [2.  a  vein,  rag. 
Canal,  n.  [Skr.  khan  dig.]  1.  (for  water)  nalir* 
eanal  department,  nahr  ka  mahkama. 
canal  laws,  qayftniu  mutalliqa  nahr.  [agihL 
canal  rents^  mahsul-uahr;  nahr  ke  pAui  kl 
breach  of  canal  laws,  barkat  khilii  qavii^-i- 

Canary,  n.  ek  yalayati  gane-yftla  parand. 
Cancel,  y.  a.  katua ;  qaiam  phema  ;  mitiidL ; 

metna ;  utha  d. ;  tonifi  ;  ohhekn& ;  manaakh 

tansikh,  iiskh,  ya  radd  k.  [pheml. 

cancel  a  debt,  udbar  chhekna ;  qarae  par  qalaM 
cancel  an  obligation,  ebsan  mitani. 
Cancellation,  n.  i.  (Law)  mansakh! ;  tansikh; 

ohhekna ;  fiskh.  2.  (ilnifA.  and  Alg,)   naaah- 

numa  aur  bhumar-kuuinde   ko   katn&,   }-a 

ikbtis&r  k. ;  ikbtisar.  [khat-i-sartan. 

Cancer,  n.     1.   (Ast,)  kai-ak ;   kekra;   sartSn; 

2.   disease,   sartaii  ;    kekra;  bandar-gbao. 

calms  of  cancer y  (Ast.)  kekre  ki  mandi  bava. 

Candelabrum,  u.  [A.  S.   omdel,  A.  qandll  a 

candle,  Skr.  kdnd  splendour] 
baithki  ka  jhar;  farsbijhar. 
Candid,  adj.  [Lut.  candidusyyrh'ite]  khula;  M; 

khara;  nis-kapat ;  saf-dil;   8af-go;   sine-saf; 

Baf-batin ;  be-lag  lapct.  [khiiast*gar. 

Candidate,   n.   ummedwar;   khwah'>n ;  t&Iib; 
Candidateship,  n.  ummedwari;  kbu&st-gail. 
Candidly,  ady.  khula  khula;  saf  slf ;  saf&i  se; 

safdili  86  ;  be-lag  lapet. 

Candied,  adj.  misrl  ya  qand  miia-bua. 

Candle,  n.   [Lat.   camUla,    A.  S.    candd,   A. 

^a/tef?/]  shama;  batti.  [HoiBf-    «SAal. 

Out  weut   the  eandU^  and  we   were  left  dark- 
Chirdg  gul  ho  gay d,  aur  hamandhere  men  rah  gai* 
How  far  that  little  candle  throws  his  beams ; 
So  shines  a  good  deed  in  a  naughty  world.  Shak, 
SHraj  ki  jot  si  nekl  kaljug  meh  phailti  hai, 

candles  of  the  nighty  tare ;  qandil-i-shab. 

a  wax  candle y  mom  ki  batti. 

bum  the  candle  at   both   endsy  din   diyal!   k. ; 

donon  hathou  urana  ya  lutana. 
carriage  candlcy  gaii  ki  batti. 
not  to  be  able  to  hold  a  candle  to,  kuchh  nisbat 

ua  rakhua  ;  uske  age  pan!  bharna. 
Candle-holder,  u.  maahalchi. 
Candlelight,   n.   sanjha-bati;   obiriLg  batU  ki 

waqt ;  sanjhauti;  shama  ki  raushui. 

Cuidlefticl^  n«  shama-dftn. 
Caadlettnii;  n.  koi  chiz  jiski  battUlii  banil  iUt 
Ctadmr,  Candour,  n.  Atil ;  s&f-dill ;  khariL-pan. 
Caiidj,  T.  a.  [H.  gaiidd  sugarcane,  H.  khdnd. 
Per.  aud  Ar.  qand  sugar]  galefu&;  murablis 
pakini;  pigoi. 

The  frosto  that  winter  brings 

Which  candy  every  green.  Drafion. 

Jo  jdrd  hi  did  kai  pdU  ke  iahg, 

Ckkifokid  kai  iobze  kt  Upar  vok  qand,       F.  C. 

Gndjt  Caadj-iiigar,  u.  qand ;  misil 
mtet  as  candy,  misri  sa  ;  mlsri  ke  mase  kft. 
Gntyii.  I.  walking  Htci,  chharl;  jarib;   asft; 
litbL  tf.  sugar-cane,  ikh ;  CLkh ;  gann& ;  paiin* 
di ;  na^shakar.  3.  reed,  bed ;  l^t. 
Ottiv  T.  a.  bed,  ja  bet  m&nia. 
Onmill,  n.  kolbCL 
ftnMinsilt,  adj.  safaidi  m&il ;  njli. 
CttkllA,  n.  [Lat.  cams,  A.  kalb  a  dog.]  (Ast.) 

kaiiiiij&;  surobula. 
ftmlwilar,  adj.  mutaalliq-i-sumbula. 
GulliOy  adj.  kutU  sa. 
cmim  letter,  rarr& ;  rak&r ;  ri«  mobmala. 
teeth,  kuchli ;  kil&. 

u.  tia  k&  baks ;  tin  ;  kanastar. 
;  n.  [A.  S.  cancer,  Skr.  kark,  H.  kekfA] 
1.  larva,  ki|iL 
In  the  sweetest  bud 

The  eating  canker  dwells.  8kak, 

Skirik  terfn  gml  meh  kai  kirS  ekkupd-kuiL 

t.  cancer,  sart&n  ;  kekra. ' 
Qnter,  v.  n.  sapiS ;  sar  j&n&. 
cankering  care,  chintz  gbun. 
CukBrMt,  adj.  Idjpon  ki  khayH  hu&  ;  ki^blji. 
Cnkeroua,  adj.  sarane-vil& ;  kirm-kburda. 
Qmiabts,  n.  (Bot)  san  k&  paudIL 
Gumel-coal,  n.  kani  koifla. 
ftinnllMlli  n.  idam-kbor  ;  mardum-kbor ;  ma- 

nash-bbakhsbf ;  ricbcbbas. 
BnwlTwiliim,  n.  Sdam-kbori;  mardum-kborf. 
Cumon,  n.  top ;  zarb ;  rabkala. 
three  pieces  of  cannon,  tin  zarb  top.  [goHU 

OumoiL-tMiU,  Gaiuon-shot,  n.  top  ka  gol&; 
Oumonade,  n.  topen  cbal&n& ;  gol-and&z!. 
Cannonade,  y.  a.  topen  dftghna,  cbboru&,  m&r- 
ni,  7&  chal&n& ;  gole   m&ma  y&  phenkni ; 
gol-and&zi  k. ;  golon  ki  baucbhS^^  k.,  &g  bar- 
iAn&.  [topcbL 

Gannoneer,  Cannonier,  n.  gol-andaz;  tupakchi; 
Gumy,  adj.  [Skr.  gnd  to  know]  sy&ua ;  boshj&r. 
Canoe,  n.  [Skr.  khan  dig]  dongi ;  dengi. 
GttMB,  n.  [A.  q&iifln]  l»law,  qaufln ;  iln. 
3.  ffoiy  Scriptures^  sbara ;  sb&str. 

Sacred  eanont,  PavUr  skOttr  ;  qdnQt^i'pdk, 
S.  a  dignity,  pftdrion  k&  ek  darja. 
Guonie,  Ganomeia,  adj.   1.  according  to  ^ 
canon,  sbarai ;  q&natii.  2.  regular,  ba-qSSda ; 
thik.  S.  spiritual,  dinl ;  roazbabL 
CsBonienlg,  n.  p&drion  Id  yard!. 
Caiunuiation,  n.  wftliyon  men  nam  cba|^b&nS. 
Owmitift,  y.  a.  wall  samajhni. 
CaaofiiB  (Ast.)  nfto ;  suhail ;  agastya. 

Canopy,  n.  chbatr ;  mandap ;  chandoyi ;  meg- 
dambar;  atli-kbamb&.  ,      [zahird&il. 

Cant,  n.  istil&u  ;  boli;   fipri  b&ten;   dikhXya; 
Cant,  y.  n.  ban&-kar  bolua. 
Cantankerous,  adj.  k&en  l^en  kame-yala ;  kan- 

k!LlI ;  bujjati ;  takriUi ;  kiiy&u  ;  jhag^'alu. 
Canteen,  n.   1.  bartan  ya  sbarab  rakhne  k& 

kh&nedar  sanduq.  2.  place,  (Cor,)  kantin. 
Canter,  n.  1.  one  who  cants,  riy&-k&r;  makk&r; 

banaotL  2.  slow  gallop,  mitha  poija. 
Canthari'des,  Cantharig,  u.  pi.  e&  qism  kl  mak- 

khi  jis  se  lep,  ja  pal&^tar  banta  bai. 
Canticle,  n.  Sulemau  ka  git  jk  hbajan.  [khand. 
Canto,  n.  [Skr.  khand  to  break]  kai&d ;  bib ; 
Canton,  n.  qaum ;  firqab. 
Cantonment,  n.  ohhaonl;  sadar ;  lasbkar;  urdiL 
cantonment  magistrate,  obb&oni  k&  h&kim. 
Canty,  adj.  kbusb  ;  khusb-o-khurram.     [Bums. 
Contented  with  little,  and  eanty  with  mair. 
I  Thore  tneh  rdzi,  bakut  meh  kkusk. 

*  CsaiTUS,  n!  I.  hempen  doth,   kirmicb;   yal&e'ti 

tat.  2.  sails,  p&l ;  b&dbin. 
Canyass,  n.  1.  examination,   pariksbi;  j&noh  ; 
imteb&n  ;.  azm&isb.     2.  solicitation  of  votes, 
Canyass,  y.  a.  1.  examine,  j&ncbn& ;  imteb&n  | 
lena ;  azm&ish  k. ;  parikhshi  k. 
2.  discuss,  bat  k. ;  kalam  k. 
S.  {votes)  kiu  asami  ki  darkhist  k» 
Canzonet,  n.  tbumri ;  tappi. 
Caoutchouc,  n.  rabar. '  [kul&b. 

Cap,  n.  [Lat.  caput,  Skr.  kapcH  head]   1.  topi; 
If  the  can  fits  you  are  welcome  to  wear  it. 
Agar  yea  topi  dp  ke  iir  par  ^kik  dve  to  dpko 

Ckor  ki  ddrki  mtk  tinhg.     ProT.  [beard. 

The  thief  is  betrayed  by  the  straw  in  hia 
2.  cltie/,  sardir ;  mukbyi. 
Thou  art  the  cap  of  fools.  Skak. 

TA  be'Vaqi{fon  kd  sarddr  kai. 

cap  of  a  gun,  bandOq  ki  topi ;  patakbi. 

set  one's  cap  cU,  kisi  ku   sbadi   men   pha£i8&n&. 

cbahna ;  sb&dl  karne  ki  khu&hisb  k.    (aurat 

kl  taraf  se.). 
to  touch  one's  cjip,  salam  k.  [rakbni. 

Cap,  y.  a.  topi  ya  top  pahnana  ;.  kulah  sir  par 
cap  verse$,  bait-bahsi  k. ;  bait-bazi  k. 
Capability,  n.  q&bliyat;  liyaqat;  isted&d;  bal; 

zor  ;  samarth ;  sbakti.  [istedad-i-arazL 

capability  of  soil,  dharti  bal ;  zamin  ki  taqat ; 
Capable,  adj.  I.  having  capacity,  layaq  ;  q&bil ; 

jog ;  sazavar.  2.  susceptible,  sabne-jog.    3.  m- 

telUgent,  hoshy&r  ;  cbatur ;  nipun ;  mustaid. 
capable     by     law     of  committing  an  offencCy 

q&nunan  jurm  karne  ke  Uyaq. 
he  capable,  sakna ;  mumkin  h. 
Capacious,  adj.     kusb&da;  faiilkb;    chau|&; 

chakla ;  yasia ;  Umb&  cbaur& ;  mokU. 
Capacity,  n.  1.  power  of  containing,  gu^j&ish  ; 

sam&i ;  pet ;  yasat ;  zarf ;  jagab. 

2.  (of  mind)  samajh  ;  qabliyat;   istedad  ; 
zahn;  rasli;  pabunch;  liyftqat. 






3.  condition,  charaoter,  haisljat. 
in  ff judicial  copaaVy, bahaisiyatjajiyHhakiml. 
in  one*9  official  capacity,  ba  lihaz  apne  obde  j& 

ikhtijar  ke.  [paim&na. 

msasurc  of  capacity,   mflp  ;   andaza  ;   uapanSL ; 
Capita,  adv.  sar-tSl-pa ;  8ar-&-pa  ;  sir  se  p&ou 

tak  ;  kul ;  tamEm. 
Caparison,  n.  zla-posh  ;  saz ;  jhal. 
Capariion,  t.  a.  jhal   dtlna;    s&z  pabn&nii, 
Caparisoi^ddf   adj.   saja  liQa  (ghoiil);     Crista 

0  pairSlsta. 
Cape,  n.    1 .  headland,    tks  ;     gardan-i-zainiu  ; 

antrip;  biui-koh.  2.  neckpiece,  bfirani;  gardani, 
Capev,  n.  [Lat.  caper,  H.  bcdsra  a  goat]  uchhal- 

kad;  kad-phaud;  khel-kud;  kilol;  khil&riji&; 

CiVpCT)  ^«  13 •  ktldna  ;  uchbalna;  pbandoa ;  n&ch- 

n&kQdn&;   kbeluSL-kOdua ;  kudakre  m&rn&; 

jast  lagana. 

He  capert  like  a  fly  in  a  tar  box.  Prov.  [makkkl. 

Voh  aiid  ndektd  Jiai  jaiie  gur  ke  mathe  men 

Capias, n.  giriftari  ksl  parvana ;  hukm-i-giriftan. 

Capillary,  adj.  [Lat.  capillus  hair  (of  the  head) 

from  kaput,  H.  capdt  head]  b&l  s^  bUrik  y& 


capillar}/  attraction,  {Phys.)   kashish-i-ittisU  \ 

Capillary  or  simple,  (Phpa,)  sadi. 
Capital,  adj.  [Lat.  caput,  H.  kapdt  head] 

1 .  criminal  in  the  highest  degree,  kablr ; 
sakht;  saugin,  2.  chief,  bara;  maha;  azim;  al&. 
3.  large,  bara ;  kalaa  ;  mota.   4.  excellent, 
barhka;  sireslit ;  iimdah  ;  uttam;  afzal. 

Capital  letters,  Capitals.  Bare  harf;  jail  karf. 

capital  crime,  maha-pap;  jurm-i-azim,    kabira 

ya  sangi:i ;  jnrni  vajib-ul-qatl. 
capital      punishment,      phans!;      sazae-maut; 

pii*an-dand  ;  saza(5-qatl. 
Capital,  n.  1.  (Arck.yiiVin  ki  choti.    2.  (Geog.) 

dar-us-saltauat ;  raj -d haul ;  dar-ul-khilafa. 
3.  stock  or   money,  jama ;   maya ;  pOiiji ; 

sarmaya ;  uitil  ;  asl ;  ras-ul-mal. 
Capitalist,  n.  punji-wala  ;   sar-maedar ;  maha- 

jan  ;  sahukar  ;  kotbi-val ;  seth. 
Capitalize,  v.  n.  mal  vagaira    bech-ke   rupaiyo 

rakhna  ;  naqdl  k. ;  nipaya  khara  k. 
Capitally,  adv.  1.  by  capital  punishment,  jan 

se ;  phausi  pake.  2.  well,  khub  ;  khub  taral^ 

se  ;  bahut  achchhi  tarali  se. 
Capitate,  (Bot.)  takhta-sa. 
Capitation,  n.  1.  nmi'^ration  J^  A«a</*,  mardum- 

shumari;  sir-ginti.  2.  poll-tax,  jaziya  ;    sir- 
dan  d  ;    pag  ;  tag. 
Capitulate,    v.  n.  iiaat  qnbul    karna;    hatyar 

dhar  dena  ;  qila  de  dena. 
CapitulatiDli,  n.  fiiuj  ya  qile  ka  hawalah  k. 
Capitolum,  (Bot.)  takhta;  tatti. 
Capon,  n.  khassi  niurga. 

Capons  were  chickene.  Pror. 

Zeroh  se  sher  hole  haih,  Prov. 

(Larnba  grow  to  lioDf^).  [labSda ;  ab^ 

Cn^te,  D.  [S.  karpat,  H.  kaprd  cloth]  chuga; 

Caprice,  Ci^ricio^neas,  n,  yahm;  gumSti; 
aui&dhi  mat.  [misSj. 

Capricious,  adj,  yahmi;   vasv&sl;    talavrnn- 
I  Capricorn,  n,  khat  i-jadi ;  makar.  [hair&. 

I  eiilms    cf  Capricorn,   (Ast^)  makar    k|  mandi 
*  cnpricornus  (Ast.)  jadi;  makar. 
Capsicum,  u,  iS^-mirch ;  filfil-i-surkh,  [palatni. 
Capsize,  v.  a.  ulatna ;  auudh&ni ;   auudha  k. ; 
Capstan,  Ci^stern,  n.  langar  kk  charkh. 
Capsulate,  Capsulate^i  adj.  chhilke-dar. 
Capsule,  u.  (Batn)  khanah ;  ghar ;  t&t ;  dodi. 
Captain,  n.  [Lat,  caput  he&d]  I,  chief  command' 
6r,  sipah-salar;  senft-patJ.  2,  commander  of  a 
ship,  jah&z  kaptan,  3.  commander  of  a  company 
or  troop,  (foot)  subeh-dar;  (fiorse)  risai-dir. 
Captious,   adj.    takrari ;   hnjjati ;  nukta-chl& ; 

harf-gir ;  mutaarriz ;  aib-jo ;  qaz£  kaiyftu. 
Captiousness,  n.   nukta-chini;   aib-binl;  alb- 

jol ;  mlu  mekh  ;  bitrana;  khurda-glri. 
Captivate,  t.  a.  [L^t.  capere,  Per.  girifian,  Skr. 
grah,  H.  pakar  take]  moh  len& ;  moha& ;  dil 
le  len^ ;  farefta  k. ;  ishiq  kar  len&. 
Captivating,  adj.    mohn| ;     man-mohan  ;  dil- 

fareb ;  ohit-chor ;  dil-ruba  ;  man-haran. 
(Japtive,  n.  U  prisoner,  ash*. 

2.  one  charmedy   asir  ;   maftUn ;  £eurefta  *, 
giriftar;   mubtila;  shaida. 

take  captive,  giriftar  k. ;  asIr  k. 
Captive,  adj.  qaidi ;  giriftar  ;  asir.  [bandl 

Captivity,   n.   giriftari ;  aslrl ;     qaid  ;   nazar- 
Captor,  n.  giriftar  karne-vala  ;   pakarne-?&l& ; 

giriftar-kunandab  ;   {in  Comp,)  gir. 
Capture,  u.  1.   giriftari;  pakar.  2.   prize,   lut; 

lut-khasot ;    luttas ;   yagma  ;   garat ;   gaui- 

mat.  2.  {of  a  town),  fateh  ;  taskhir. 
Capture,  v.  a.  pakarua;  giriftar  k,;  sar  k.  [veshL 
capture  of  cattle,    dhor   pakar  ;    giriftari-i-ma- 
Capuchin,  n.  1.  cloak  and  hood,  fargul ;  labida 

chuga.  2.  Friar,  zahid  ;  darvesh  ;  abid. 
Caput-mortuum,   u.     talchhat;    gad;   phok; 

suful;  fuzla. 
Car,  n.  [H.  gdrl]  1.  a  small  carriage  of  burden ; 

gari;  ikkil ;  chliakra  ;  bar-kash  ;  laddha, 

2.  a  cliariot  of  war,  rath. 

3.  (Ast.)  dub-i-akbar ;  bari  richh. 

Carabine,  Carbine,  n.  qarabln. 
Carabineer,  n.  qarablu-vala  sipahl. 
Caracole,  n.  kavah. 
Caracole,  v.  u«  kavah  dena. 
Carafd,  u.  [A*  qardba]  sbishe  kl  surahl;  mini. 
Carat,  u.  [A.  kirat.]  a  weight,  ratti. 
fifteeii-carai  gold,  Yifxii'Tu^^Wxysi,    fsarauh  ;  mednl 
Caravan,  u.  karvau  ;  qafla  ;  banjara  ;  jatrioii  ki 
Caravansary,   n.    karvau-sarae ;   l>ai\jaroi^  yi^ 
jatrioii  ko  utame  kl  jagah. 

Caraway,  n.  zira. 

Caraway-comfit,  n.  zire  ko  nuqul. 

Carbon,  n.  kocla. 

Carbonate,  n.  namak  jo  koele  ke  tezab  se  nikle, 

Carbonic,  adj.  koclo  ka. 

Cailmiie-aeid,  n.  ko^le  1^  tez&b. 

Carliojy  n.  qariLbah. 

CMAunfilei  n.  1.  preciotu  stone,  lal ;  shabohirSlg, 

2.  pimple,  l&l  chakatta ;  phora ;  gaogaq. 
Ov«BUt»  n.  jawahirdt  ki^  gulu-band. 
Carcass,  d.  1.  a  dead  hody,  j&nvar  kf  lash;  loth, 

3.  careoii^iell,  gole  kSL  ghar  ya  khaaah. 
Curd,  n.  I,  (for  playing)  tish. 

I  would  cheat  my  own  father  %t  cards,    Pror. 
GoMJft  mfft  BiaiA  apne  bap  te  hhi  rvahih  chaktd, 
in  {o/ihenuariners  cQ7it/)a«<)naqsha-i-qutub 
nain^.     3.  (vmting  card)  piiUaqat  )(a  tikat. 
card  boardf  pattha ;  dafti. 
etrd  partpy  t&sh  ke  khilSri. 
tardydaying,  tash  ka  khel. 
•Jiul  m  cards,  b&n;  h&th. 
tMi  the  e€$rdsy  tarSshiii ;  katn&. 
hntthe  cards,  %h  one's  liand,  jitn&;  galib  %xA^ 
immg  eardt  hirue-yala  patta. 
Mfce  a  mUslead  ai  cards,  haut  mefi  gahtl  k. 
play  ai  cards,  tash  kheln&. 
play  ane^s  cards  well,  chal  chalna. 
fuslal  card,  k&rd  ;  paise  ka  ^ikat. 
dkujfi€  Hit  cards,  abtar  k. ;  phei^na ;  mil&na. 
wmming  card,  jftne-vala  patti. 
I  Ci|ld,  V,  a.  [H.  kdrh,]  1,   dhunna;  dhunalpna; 
plana.     2.   unravel,  ttlmua;  kholna. 
Gudamoqi,  n.  ilaechi ;  ilachf. 
large  cardamom,  bail  j&  piirln  ila^h!. 
small  cardamom,  chhoti  jH  gujrEti  ilaScbi. 
CurdxeyD.  [H.  iadhera]  {of  cotton)   dhunya; 
dhnna;  kadhei^;  kaude^^;  pombU;  bebn^ 
a  cardet^s  bow,  dhunkf. 
CttdiftC,  a(y.  1.  inutaalliq-i-dil ;  dil-k&. 

2.  cordial,   muq^y v{ ;    pusht ;   xnafarrah ; 
tiqat-bi^khsh ;  rusbt-pusht. 
Cardiiial,  adj.  a^m ;  aizal ;  baiH ;  kal2ii. 
cardinal  numbers,  ed2d-i-zati,  ek,  do,  etc.  opp. 
of   ordinal    nutfibers,    edad-i-si^tl,    pi^hla; 
dtail,  etc, 
cardinal  points,  (Geog.)   charoii   disa;  chf^tur- 

dishs ;  ptirab,    pachham,  uttar,  dakhan. 
car^i^al  Migns,  6^1  j&  ek  baras  ki  ch&r  faslei^. 
cardinal  virtues,  param  dharani ;  savab-i-azfm. 
Cat dini^,  u.  K^ithlak  fsaiyo^  ka  mahaiit. 
Carding,  n.  dhun&i ;  pinaL 
carding  slick,  mu|hiya;  belaa;  dasta. 
Csre,  u«  1.  anxiety,  phinta;  silnsa;  fikr. 

Oart  killed  a  cat.  Proy.  Chintd  Imrl  fta/d^Pror, 
Cart  it  no  cure.  Prov.    Fikr  te  kya  fdedah  t 
Perplexed  with  a  thoasand  cares.  Shai. 

ffoMroh  sdnte  lagt  hui  haih.  [SKctl'. 

Aod  where  care  lodges,  sleep  will  never  lie. 
/d  tuUnd  chintd  hose  nindrd  bcue  na  tdhe, 

2.  caution,  khabar-dari ;  hoshyar! ;  chauk* 

Bl;  tildtd.    3.  business,   \Am;  farz;  zimme« 

din.     4.  olyect  of  care  or  regard,  madar-i- 

khabargirf;  ri^]uhanye;   &nkhoii    ka    tara; 

hatell  Idl  phapolft. 

care  of  Abbr.  c.  o.  m&rfat ;  hath ;  duare.  [h. 

1$  wnder  one^s  care,  chauksi,  ya  mnhafazat  meu 

take  care,  intj.  khabar-^r !  hoshyar ! 

take  care  of,   khabar  lena;    khabar-gfrl  k. ; 

gaur-pardHkht  k. 
Care,  Y.  D.  I.  be  aniious,  chinta  ya  soch  meu. 
h.     2.  (for)  chahna ;  parv&  k. 
I  dont  care  to  do  it. 
Maiii  yek  ham  nakln  hama  ekShm, 
\  (loot  care  if  I  do. 
^ujhe  is  kdm  se  kuchh  uzr  nahln, 
dont  care,  kuchh  parva,  ya  muzaoqa  nahiii. 
Cigraer,  n.  [Lat.  curro,  A./arr  to  ruu.]  1.  ghur- 

dau^  kamaidan.  2.  course,  daur ;  zamana. 
Carefal,  adj.  hoshyar;  chaukas;  khabar-dSr. 
Carefully,  f^dv,  hoshjail  se ;  chauksi  se ;  khabar- 

dari  se ;  ehtiyati  se. 
Carefolneaa,  u.  khabar-dari;  chauksi;  hoshyarl. 
Careless,  adj.  be-parvA;  la-parva;  be-fikr;  be- 
khabar;  ^fil;  aohet. 

A  eareltts  watch  invites  th«  vigilant  foe.  Prov. 
Chaukidar  tovCy  ddku  mare. 

Cfurelessly,  adv.  be-parval  se ;  gaflat  sc. 
Carelessness,  n.  acbiutal;  be-iikri;  be-parval; 

be-ehtiyati;  gaflat;  besurtl. 
CfUpess,  V.  a.   puchkarni ;  chumkarna ;  chhatl 

se  1ag&n& ;  hath  pherna. 
Caress,  n.  puchkar ;  lad  chao ;  dular. 
Caret,  u.  chOk-chinh  (a),  [ladaunt;  bar4-jahaz. 
Cargo,  n.  jahaz  ka  bharat ;  bhartl;  khep,  y& 
Caricature,  u.  bajv  ki  tastir,  y&  bay  an.  [hananft. 
daricatore,  y.  a.  hajv  k. ;  khaka  uraua;  gudda 
Caricaturist,  n.  gudda  banaue-vala.  [meii  liasur. 
Caries,  u.  (Surg.)  haddi  ka  sarua,ya  galna ;  haddi 
Carious,  adj.  sai*a.  [shah  ;  dagdagah. 

Cark,  u.  chinta ;  fikr ;  khatk& ;  dabka ;  khad- 
cark  and  care,  soch  fikr. 

Fling  cark  and  care  aside. 

Soekf  fikr  sab  d^r  karo  /  [bin. 

Carman,  n.  gari*bin ;  garvala ;  bahlw&n ;  rath- 
Parminatiye,  n.  b%o-haran;  d&fai-riyah. 
Carmine,  u.  krioizi  ya  lal  raug. 
Qamaga,  d.  kbunrezl ;  qatl ;  ghamfl»n. 
Carnal,  adj.  I.  fleshy  (not  spiritual)  badani; 

jismaui;  khaki;  duuyavli  angf. 

2.  lecherous,  kami;  shahyut-parast ;   shah- 

yatl ;  mast ;  bhog! ;  bhog  bil&sl ;  vishayL 
cenmal  connection  or  intercourse,   vishe ;  bhog- 

bilas;      mub&sharat;     sohbat-d&ri;    jima; 

voh-bat,  [jarl. 

carnal  knowledge,   mubasharat;  yishe;  zina; 

Carnalfminded,  adj.  dunyavl;  laukik;  sausarL 

Gamatioi^,  )i.    I.  flesh  color,  gosht  ka  rang; 

surkhr.     2.  theflwver,  guln&r. 
Jonquils,  parnationt,  pinks,  and  ti^lips  rise. 
And  iu  a  gay  confusion  charm  our  eyes.    Jenqkirts. 
Ldlff,  gtklabj  nargis,  gulndr  khU  rahehaifif 
Paehmel  vangaton  se  dhkkoh  ko  chhalrokehaiH,  F.C. 

Carnival,  n.  Kaithulak  Isaiou  ki  fd  ya  holi. 

Camivora,  Camivqrous  animals,  u.  pi.  gosht- 

khuar  janwar,  jaise  sher,  bheryS.    [dariuda. 

Camivorpus,  adj.    gosbt-khu&r;     masSdhari; 
I  All  that  have  sprrate  teeth  are  camtvoroiij.Ray. 

/injbe  kuchlydh  haih  woh  mdtddhari  haih. 

Carol,  n.  mangla-ohar;  git. 
Carol,  V.  n.  gaua;  nagma-sarai  k. 

Garoatal,  n.  mA^aoshl ;  sharilb-khu&ii. 
Carouse,  t.  n.  dat  ke  plD&;  cbhak-kar  plQ&. 
Carp,  n.  ek  qisam  ki  maohhlL 
Carp,  T.  n.  khurda-giri  k. ;  aib-jol  k. ;  aib,   yft 

khot  nik&lna;  mia-mekb  nika)n&. 
Carpenter,  u.  bafhai ;  kb&ti ;  najjUr. 
Carpentering,  Carpentry,  d.  bai'balka  k&m; 

k&m-barhai;  najj&i*!.  [khurda-glr. 

Carper,     n.     nukta-chin;     aib-jo;     harf-glr; 

A  carper  can  cavil  at  any  thing.  ProT. 

Nnkta-eKin  kar  ek  bdt  men  aib  nikdUd  A<m. 
Carpet,  n.  farsh ;  q&lin ;  gILlioha. 
Turkish  carpet,  q&lin-i-RtliDi.  [safrl  thaili. 

Carpet-bag,     n.     hath-tbail&;     dast-buqoha; 
be  on  the  carpet,  robkarl  meii  h. ;  pesbl  meh  h. ; 

pesh-i-nazar  b. ;  ser-i-tajvlz  b. ;  zikr  h. 
Carpet-Knight,    n.  sber-i-q&Iia ;  tldinar-kb&&; 

n&m  ki  Kustara ;  gbar  k&  mard. 
Carpet  walk,  n.  qallu  ki  patti ;  gb&s  kf  pat;l 
Carriage,   n.    1.   transporiatum,   bUr-bard&r! ; 
bb&^.  2.  velucU,  g&p ;  ratb ;  baggi ;  sayitl. 
A  pleaaant  oompanion,  upon  a  journey,  is   aa 
good  aa  a  carriage.  Pro?. 

Bdt  meh  dil-bahlfio  edthijaue  gdfi  k\  tavdri, 
(Bdioh  meh  rattak  nakik  mdlUm  hold,        ProT.) 
3.  deportment,  cb&l ;  dbang ;  waza ;  andas. 
iMchuy  carriage,  kirilje'  kl  gE|*! ;  tbeki-gifl. 
Carrier,  D.  \,iliat  which  catries,  le-jine-y&l& ; 
b&r-bard&r;  bEr-kasb;  ohaupaijc^Talft ;    hi- 
mil.     2,  porter,  BXY'hojhVi;  mazdilr;  kull. 

3.  messenger,  ddt;  ravanna;  paigim-bar; 
q&sid;  paik;    nima-bar. 

4.  (in  Comp.)  -bar ;  -rasi^ ;  -Tili. 
carrier  pigeon,  cbitthi  le  jine-vili  kabQtar; 

letter  carrier,  dikiji;  bar-kira;  chitthlrasan. 
Carried  forward,  p.  adj.  bar-ivurda. 
Carrion,   d.    loth;    la^b;  murdar;    mari-hui 

dhor ;  sanL  bua  gosht. 
Carrion  eater,  n.  raurdir-kbor ;  lamdhek ;  gid. 
Carrot,  n.  [H.  gcijar,  A.  k/iart]  gijar;  gazar. 
carrot-shaped,  adj.  gajar  daul ;  makbrutl. 
wild  carrot,  jaiigll  gajar. 
Carroty,  adj.  gijar  ke  rang  ki;  lal. 
Carry,  V.   a.     1.    convey,    le-jiaa;    le-cbalni; 
dboDi;  pahunchani;  utbani. 

When  he  dieth  he  shall  carry  nothing  away. 
Mart  pe  kuckh  tdth  nahih  jSid.  Prov. 

He  cairiet  fire  in  one  hand,  and  water  in  the 
other.    Prov.     Ag  lajd  pdni  ho  daure,  Prov. 

2.  urge,  impel,  barhini ;  tahnk  k. 

3.  efect,    jitni;    kim-nikalna;    karana; 
nibihna ;  anjim  ko  pahQuchaaa. 

To  carry  one's  point.  Muddad  pdnd  yd  hdtil  k. 

4.  capture,  le-lena ;  jitna ;  fateh  k. ;  sar  k. 
The  town  was  can'ied.    Shahr  tar  kar  liyd. 

6.  bear,  support,  saharua;  tbimua;  (bojh) 

utima ;  (bel)  charbana.  [batlatia. 

6.  imply,  arth  ya  rnine  dena ;  dalalat  k. ; 

This  argument  carries  weight.     1.  It  dalU  meh 

toazahai.     2.  Yeh  pakkl  dalll  hai. 

carry  away.  1.  uthi  le-jaua ;  apne  sath  le-jaoa ; 
lejaua  ;  le-urna. 

2.  {yatU,)  tofni;  phofni;  u^i  le-jini.. 
We  carried  away  our  miaen  masts. 
Havd  te  hamdrd  bich  kd  mattdl  «f  gayd» 
To  carry  ooals  to  Xeircastle.  Pror. 

Ulte  bdht  Barell  ko,  Prov. 

carryforward,  le-jiui ;  Qpar  likbna ;  bar-iwurd. 
carry  goods,  asbib  dboni. 
carry  into  effect,   timil   k.;   baji  iSni;  pOrl 

k. ;  jiri  k. ;  amal  men  liai. 
carry  it,  carry  it  off,  ufioi;  khijSlat  mitini; 
bans!  meh  tilui.  [leni. 

carry  off  {by  disease)  mir  dilni ;  dharti  se  u(hi 
The  fever  carried  off  ten  thousand  peopW. 
Bakhdr  te  das  hatdr  ddml  mar  gai. 
carry  off   (a  person)    le-bhagni;    bbagi  le* 
jina;  bami.  [pairavfk. 

carry  on,  obalini ;  chaiti  rakhni ;  jiii  rakhiUl; 
carry  oneself  well,  cbil  se  ohalni. 
carry  out  or  through,  baji  liiift;  anjim  yt  ant  ko 
pabu&cbiai;  takmll  k. ;  nimtini;  pdri  k. 
carry  to   an    account,    hi  sib    par    oha^'fakiii; 
sijibi  k. ;  hisib  men  likhui.  [k. 

carry  two  faces  under  one  hood,  do-rukhl  bite& 
Cbxtj,  ▼.  n.  1.  (a  gun)  mirni.  2.  (in  the 
womb)  pet  se  b.;  garbh  se  h.;  pet  meft  rakbni. 
Carrying  trade,  d.  bahri-tijirat;  saudigrl-jabis. 
Cart,  n.  [A.  S.  crcet,  Skr.  gantri,  H.  gOfl] 
gifi;  cnhak^. 

The  best  cart  may  overthrow.  Pro? . 

A  ekehki  gdrl  bki  ulat  jHi  hau 
The  cart  before  the  horse.  PJNi?; 

Ohore  ke  dge  gdrl.    {Ohore  ks  dum  wwk  ktgim!^ 

cart  rut,  gin  ki  lik ;  Ilk. 

a  bullock  cart,  bail-girl. 

dog  cart,  tamtam. 

Cart,  V.  a.  1.  girl  yi  chbakre  par  lid-ke  le-jioi. 

2.  girl  par  charbike  phiriiii  (sazd). 
Cartage,  n.  bir-bardiri  ki  kharoh ;  kariya. 
Carte,   n.    1.  (in  fencing)    bul    deni;  hOda 

mirni.     2.  a  bill  of  fare,  kbiue  ki  febrist. 
Carte-blanche,  n.  1.  mahz  dast-khat. 

2.    discretionary     power,   ikhtiyir-i-kul; 

sampuran-adbkar.  [wiu. 

Carter,  n.  gari-baii;  gari-win;  garvili;    bahl 
Cart-horse,  n.  chaupuiye  ki  gbori.  * 

Cartilage,  n.  kurri,  chabni  yi  murmuri-haddl. 
Carting,  u.  gin   lidni   yi   bharni;  gip   men 

Cartload,  n.  gar!  ki  bbarat  yi  bojb ;  giii  bbarat 
Cart-tail,  n.  cbalti  gar!  se  bindbiii  aur  cbabuk 

mirte  jini. 
Cartoon,  n.  bar!  tasvir. 
Cartouche,  n.  tosdin ;  tosbadan. 
Cartridge,  n.  kirtus ;  tohba. 
ball-cartridge,  goli  ka  kartOs. 
cartridge  pajer^  kirtQs  banine  ki  kigas. 
Cartway,  n.  gin  ka  rasta ;  lik. 
Cartwheel,  n  cbhakre  ka  paiya. 
Cartwright,  n.  chbakra  baniue-vili. 
Car 70,  v.  a.  I,  (in   wood  or  stone)   tar&shni; 

surat   banana. 
2.   cut  meat,   katni;    boti-kitai. 




Out*  out,  t.  n.  apne  bal  jft  quyyat-i-baitl   se 

wmtf  n.  1.  semlptor^  sa^-tarish ;  but-tariUh. 
S.  {ai  iabU)f    parosne-ir&la. 
3.  carving  hu/e,  chhuril ;  bugd&. 
^t  11- «^-^<kriLshi;  kandi-liArL 
n.  jharua ;  ab-shir ;  p&ni  ki  chidar. 
n.  [Old  Fr.  caiHy   A.   q<usa  hollow.] 
1.  i^kl&f ;  khol ;  mi^n ;  kh&nah ;  chong& ; 
nalTft;  ghar;  peti;  sandiiq;  dibiyi. 

1.  {In  C<nnp,)  -d&o.  A  pen-coMt^  qalam-d&n. 

A  watck^ate,  gba;i  1^  khiaa. 

M^  n.  [It.  Fr.  coiif,  Lat.  cac2o,  Skr.  ga^  to 

Idly  airop»  A.  qe  happen.]  1.  e^ent^  xnajriL ; 

^mqft;  hidisa;  sar-gusasht.  2.  (inLmo)  mu- 

,;  irilliah;  biULd;   mu&mla.     3.   ques- 

amr;   \M;  jhagra:   amri-mutauaziS 

i;  amri-tasfija-talab;  uqdah.    4.  repr^seit- 

ly  gan ;  ara-h&l ;     surat-h&l ;     haqfqat- 

kil;  ajTS-mirvu ;  guzirish.  5.  instaneef  nazir; 

kaiftla;  panang.    6.  candiU<m^  hil;  h&lat; 

gat;  ahvil;  dashi;  rdp;  sQrat 

Thm  COM  ia  altered.    SHrtU  Ai  6aiiai  ^1. 
7.  {Oraai.)  karak;  halat. 
■r  midMced,  miaftl ;  nasir. 

€io9td  muqadma  taiy&r,  y&  mnrattab  htUu 
mm  of   addrem    {Gtowl)     sambodan;     mu- 

^mriom  eam^  bhari  yi  nasuk  muqadma. 

m  lie  eoM  maif  6f,  jaisE  mauqah  ho ;  jaiaa  ho. 

diXwmUamcm  of  the  ecue^  kaifiyat-i-muqadma ; 

m&fild-i-muqadma ;  ruedftd;  sflratih&l. 
mmplexicm  of  a  eoje,  sOrat-hil ;  sQrat-i-muqad- 

ma  j&  ma&mla. 
frf  tip  a  cote,  muqadma  kha|fl  k. 
im  «  eate^  ek  aur  muqadme  men. 
immtigcam^  ba-har  h&l;  ba-har  surat;  ba-har 
fajah ;  bar  tatah ;  ba-har  kaif ;  ba-har  taur. 
»  mm^  dar-stlrat ;  ba-luLlat ;  shayad ;  kadichit ; 

ah^inan;  mab&d&. 
m  coie  of  non-payment,  dar  sOrat  ad&  na  hone. 
w  Mdk  a  cam,  is  muqadme  meA ;  aisi  halat  mei& 
m  iku  earn,  is  surat  me&. 
itfreqmenilg  ike  earn,  aksar^hui  karUl  haL 
aorilf  of  ike  eoMe,  haq!qat-i-muimla ;  aaliyat- 

iflraimla;  kaifiyat-i-muqadma. 
pm  ike  ease,  maslau ;  farz  karo ;  ml^no. 
Aepe^rt  of  a  eate,  misl.  [\al ;  nafis-ul-amr. 
Af  IraCft  of  ike  case,  muqadme  kl  asl ;  haqiqat 
is  be  in  good  case,  moU  t&sa  h. ;  sand-mund  h. 
One  hmtdat^  t.  a.  b&har  ki  taraf  se  sakht  y^ 

n.  garhgaj ;  rand  ?  rainL 
n.  jharoki;  khifkL 
adj.  panir  ki  mauind. 
n.  pL  muqadam&t. 
9fgra»aied  cases,  muqadm&t-i-sangin.    [bandi 
kmndoTf  easm,  muqadm&t-i-siv&ua,  y&  had- 
fiiSilMit,  n.  gabftre  kft  goll ;  girilb;  ohaddar. 
Cidi,  n.  naqS ;  roluq* ;  paisa ;  mpaya. 
mk  aecommit  naqd  his&b ;  nnqd  len  den. 

cask  hook,  roka^-bah! ;  naqd  hidb  k!  kitab. 

cask  boac,  naqdi  k&  sanduqcha. 

cask  credit,  naqd  ka  his&b. 

cask  sale,  naqd  bikri ;  rokar  bikil 

CSash,  V.  a.  bhunftua ;  naqdi  k. 

cask  a  hill,  hundi  pat&na,  yus&lk.,  y&bhun&ni. 

Cashier,  n.  khaz&Qchi ;  rokariya;  rukar-muuim 

fote-dar;  tahvil-d&r. 
priveUe  cashier,  ny  roka|iy&. 
Cashier,  v.  a.  mauquf  k. ;  m&zQl  k. ;  kh&rij  k.; 

bartaraf  k. ;    barkhast  k. ;     nim    katna  ; 

javab  d.  [mauqOf  k. 

lo  cctskier  hg  court-martial,  kot  m&sQl  karke 
Cashmere,  n.  kashmiri  shiL 
Casino,  n.  im  x^h  ghar. 
Cask,  n.  pip&, 

A  cask  U  toon  set  a  rolling. 

Bin  pekdl  ka  badkndjaldi  lufkaijdtd  Aoi. 

Casket,  n.  sanduqcha ;  peti ;  dibb& ;  sevar  ki 

Casque,  n.  khod. 
Cassia,  n.  tej-pat 

Cassock,  n.  jhubba.  [blgn& ;  genii. 

Cast,  y.  a.  [H.  phdt]  1.  ihrots,  phekni  ;   dUn&  ; 

To  cast  a  atone  at.    Paitkar  phekiUL 

To  etui  an  old  shoe  after  one.  Prov. 

iTiii  ke  piekke  purinl  jutiydn  pkekknd. 

To  cast  a  glance.     Natar  ddlnd. 

To  east  a  sheep's  eye  at  one.  ?roy. 

Kanakk^dk  mdmd. 

To  eosl  oilinto  the  fire  is  not  the  way  to 
quench  it.  Pror. 

Td  ddlne  u  dg  kakih  fti^'Ali  kai  t  Prov. 

To  eatt  pearls  before  swine.  Pror. 

Qadkok  ko  angihri  bdg,  Pror. 

(A  Tineyard  for  a  donkeyji 

2.  emit  deni.  3.  sked,  jh&rnS  ;  knriz  k. ; 
ut&m& ;  chhorni.  4.  overcome,  pachh&pi& ; 
gir&nft ;  de-mim& ;  patakni  ;  niche  ^ni, 
y&lini.  5.  found,  dh&lna.  To  cast  type. 
karafdkdlnd,  [hue. 

Cast  in  the  same  mould.  Bk  sikeks  ke  dkaU 
6.  compute,  }onvk;  phailana;  lagani;  karna. 
To  caii  an  account.  ffU&b  kamd. 
To  east  up  old  scores.  ProT.  Oart  koile  ukkepiil. 
t ,  fix  tke  parii  among  ike  actors,   bar  ek 
ki  khel  bar  ek  ko  saunp  deui. 
cctst  a  calf  bachcha  d.  ya  dalni ;  biyahni. 
cast  anchor,  langar  d&ln&. 
cast  aside,  phekuft;  alag  k. ;  dOr  k.;   alag  yft 
pare  phekn&  ;  bigni.  [khoiii. 

ea*i  away,  phek  d. ;   pare  pheknft  ;  ganv&na ; 
To  east  away  one's  life,  /in  kkond  yd  gakvdnd. 
east  in  a  mould,  dh&lni ;  safiche  meik  dhiln&. 
cast  in  a  trial,  muqadma  jitni. 
cast  in  on£s  lot  wUk  oa^,  kisi  ki  bhalil  burii  y& 

nafe-nuqsan  men  sharik  h. 
cast  its  skin,  kenchli  utarni,  yi  chhorn&. 
east  lots,  nam   nikllna;   qura  dilna;  chitthi 

nikalna,  yi  dalni ;  patti  gema. 
cast  off,  utima*;  dOr  k. ;  mauqOf  k. ;  bar-taraf 

k. ;  nikal  d. ;  chhor  d. 

Cast  me  not  of  iu  the  time  of  old  age  ! 
Jlaki  f  <A  mufjke  bufkdpe  msk  mat  Mof  I 

\  — 





ccut  of  eloAfi,  utran  kutran  ;  atran  putran ; 

ut'iran  ;  phutii  piiranil ;  mailkhora. 
east  out,  uil^l  dctia ;  nik&l  buhar   k.  ;   darvft- 

zah  80  baliar  uik&lna.  [ko  botiyaii  denS. 

cast  to  the  winds,  cast  to  tfie  dogs,    chil   kavvon 
east  up,  I.  compute,  joriia ;  jor  lagatia ;   inls^n 

lagliia  ;  jama  k.    2.   vonift,   genia ;    dalna  ; 

rad  k. ;  okiu  ;   qai  k. ;   ulti  k.  ;  obhandna ; 

dhartl  y^  zamlu  dokbim  ;  istifrftg  k. 
<:ast  up  aooounts,  bisab  lagAu&  ya  jofnil. 
part t/ cast,  niaglub-digii;  madfui-digrl. 
to  be  oast  dowti,  xidvLa  ja   dilglr   h. ;  sust   h. ; 

afaiirda  h.  [par  lauil. 

to  oast  ui  on^s  teeth,  ukatna;  ehsan  jat&na;  niQiih 
Casti  V.  11.  1.  (metal,)  dbalua.  2.  contrive,  up!Lo 

k. ;  jatau  k. ;  tadbir  k. ;  tajviz  k. 
Caat,   n.  1,   throw,   phenk ;    d^l.  2.  distance, 

tappa  ;  pallH  ;  mar ;  dQri ;  fasla. 

3.  (of  thr.  eye),  bbciigapan  ;  kajL 

4.  (of  dice),  pbeiik  ;  dao  ;  diil. 
I  have  set  luy  life  iipou  a  cast^ 

And  I  will  stand  the  hazard  of  the  dX%,    Shale. 

Jan  ar  di  hai  dio  pe  al^to, 

Pdsd  htichh  hi  pare;  jo  ho  so  ho.  F.  G. 

5.  tmiuld,  slkuohe  ki  dball  bill;  dbal.  [vaza. 
G.  appearance,  dbai'ig ;  dbab ;  taiir;  tarlq; 

Cast,  adj.  1.  (IwLato),  b&ra-bua  ;  magluh;  zer. 

2.  (metal),  dbalwati;  dihalft-biia;  q&libL 
ectst  iron,  dbala  lob^ 
Castanet,  u.  kbartal ;  obakobakl. 
Castaway,  adj.  gay&  giizr& ;  nikammS ;  uakErS; 

ua-layjui ;  rad  klya  bua ;  pbeiiktl  gaya  ;   ni- 

kala  bua  ;  mardud  ;  matruk  ;  nazri. 
Castaway,  u.    kharab-kliasta  ;  awara ;  rauda  ; 

kbadera ;  bidiifi. 
Caste,  11.  zat ;  j'lt ;  btiraii ;  qaum  ;  dudb, 
diUinction  of  caste,  zat  bbed  ;  baran-bbed  ;  z^t 

ka  furq  ;  qaumi  ikbtilaf ;  jat  parekba. 
high  caste,  aiicbi-zlt ;  bari-zrit ;  ujjal  baran. 
low  caste,  nicbi  cbbati  ya  uauul   zat ;  kamm  ; 

adua  qaum. 
of  one  caste,  zat-bbai ;  bracbi ;  bam-qaumi. 
2Mt  out  of  caste,  zat  ya  biradrl  se  bibar  k. ;    zat 

80  nikahia  ya  kbary  k.  ;  buqqa-pani  baud  k. 
the   head  of  a   caste,     cbaudbrl ;    niukdam ; 

niuddb.  [bfibar  b. 

to  lose  caste,  ziit   kbona ;  zat  jfiti   rabua ;    zat 
Castellated,  adj.  burj  jaisa. 
Caster,  n.  1.  (}fe(aUurgy),  dbalaiya. 

2.  a  small  wheel  on  a  swivel,  pbirkl. 
Castigate,  v.  a.  sarzauisb   k.  ;  saza  d. ;   gosb- 

niaii  k. ;  kore  mama  ;  aro  batb  leiiii ;    hitlr- 

ua;  jbai-il  k. ;  jbilnia  ;  tazh*  k. 
Castigation,  u.  gosb-m"ilI ;   sarzanisli ;   tarau  ; 

tai-ua ;  saza  ;  tazir ;  kore-bazi. 
Castigator,  n.  gosb -null  ya  sai-zauisb   kamo- 

valfi  ;  saza-deue-vala. 
Castle,  n.  [A.  S.  cast  ell,  A.  qila,  Skr.  kott,    H. 

kotfd]  1.  a  fortified  f  lace,  kot ;  kotla;  gaybi; 

bala-bisir  ;  garli ;  qila. 

Every  luan'a  houue  ia  hw  cattU,  Prov. 

Apn&  nial'dn  hot  samSn. 

2.  (fn  chess)  rukb. 
cattle  building,  kbiyali  pulao ;  bao-bandL 
to  build  castles  in  the  air,  kbiyali  pulao  pak&n&; 

baobaudi  k. ;  mau  ko  biddQ  pbora&,  yk  lur- 

bana  ;  kbiyali  tukko  lagana. 
Castor  Oil,  n.  araudi  k&  tol ;  reuri  k&  tel  ; 


castor  tree,  araud  ;   reur ;  bedanjli'. 

Castor  and  Polluz,  sanak  sauandan. 

Castor-bean,  u.  (iht.)  ai-aucll;  reni-i. 

Castrate,  v.  a.  [Lat.  cctstrare,  H.  kcUnff,  A. 
qafa]  (briUes)  kbassi  k. ;  (men)  khoja  k.  ; 
nluiard  k  ;  hljif^  k. ;  mardi  kat  dalii&  ;  (a 
bull)  badbiya  k. ;  (a  horse)  akbta  k. 

a  castrated  animal,  badbiya  ;  kbassi ;  akbtaL 
Casnal,  adj.  ittifaiji;  arzi ;  daiv-sanjogi. 
a  casual  incident,  amar-i-ittifaqi. 
Casually,  adv.  ittifaqan  ;  saujog  se. 
Casualty,  u.  maut. 

casnaltT/  »card,  zakbuiiou  ya  gbailoii  ka  kamra. 
Casuist,  u.  murabid ;  bad! ;   pir ;   guru  ;   muj- 
tabid ;  muftarl. 

Casuistry,  n.  ijtibad  ;  updesb;  bidayat. 

Cat,  u.  [Fr.  cliat,   II.  ehdt  liokj   (3Iale}  billo, 

billa ;  bilar ;  birrd  ;  gurba;  mirj&r ;  (femaU) 

biill;  bilai ;  pQel;  m&no. 

A  cat  may  look  at  a  king.  Prov. 

Bilti  bhl  rajA  lo  dckh  ttikti  Aai. 
The  cat  loved  &ih,  but  «he*8  loth  to  w«t  htr 
feet.  Prov. 

£Uli  cUdhe  machhli,  pdoa  bhir^oti  tukche. 
{Kdm  choi%  uivdU  hazir.  Prov.) 

cat-eyed,  kaiijS  ;  kaira ;  gurba-cbasbm. 

cat  onine  Uxi/Sy  Cor.  kail. 

cros^  as  a  cat,  adj.  cbirruidl ;  cbirdiiri. 

to  let  the  cat  out  of  the  bag,  bbiindi  pbopiX; 
garl  dabi  baton  ugbrirufi ;  bbed  kbalna,  yi 
zabir  k. ;  ifsbac  raz  k.  [larni. 

to  live  a  cat  and  doj  life,  bill!  kutte  k!  tandi 

to  rain  cats  and  dogs,  cblifijou  ya  musladhar 
meiib  barasna  ;  jliamfi  jbam  barasua. 

Catacomb,  n.  sard  aba. 
Catalepsis,  Catalepsy,  u.  sakta ;  murcbbagat. 
Cataleptic,  adj.  murcbbit ;  be-bosb. 
Catalogue,  u.  fard  ;  felirist.         fpatr  ;  chitlha. 
a  catalogue   of  books,    febrist-i-kutub ;    suchi 
Catalogue,  v.  a.  febrist,  fard,  yacbittbil  bauaoi. 
Catamenia,   u.  baiz ;  kapro ;    pbul ;    uabaui; 

nabaiu  ki  bliuarl  ;  mail. I  sir  ;  aiyHm. 
Catamite,  u.  Cor.  o^  Gauytnedes^  bUaj  laoiida; 

gaiidfi ;  bawesiya;  illati ;  auudba. 

Cataplasm,  ii.  pultis  ;  lupn  ;  bburtu. 
Catapult,  11.  (Afil)  Vuuau  meu  tir  ya  patthar 

pliekuo  ka  aujaiL  [ab-ahir. 

Cataract,  u.  1.  jiiarna  ;  ciiadar;  pauI  ki  ohadar 

2.  disease  of  tike  eye,  niotiyabind. 
Catarrh,  u.  zukam  ;  sardi;  bava-zadgi. 
Catastrophe,  n.  bala;   iifat;   muslbat;   bipta; 

sadnia ;  dbakka. 
Catcall,  u.  siti ;  zafU. 




h^  T.  a.  1.  gr<up,   pakarn& ;  pakar  lena  ; 


A  droirning  man  will  catch  at  a  straw*     ProV. 
p't(tU  ko  tinhe  ka  $ahdr&  bahni  kai,  Prov. 

A  cluee  mouth  caiekeih  uo  fly.  Prov» 

Sand  mAkk  mm  makkhl  Ihl  nahihj6(i* 
To  eatck  a  ball.  Geiid  lapaknH, 

3.  ensnare,  pakarua  :   pbausua ;    uljh&ria ; 
\jbau&  \  giriftllr  k. ;  liaudh  leuft. 

To  set  a  thief  to  catch  a  thief.  ProT* 

Ckor  ie  ekor  pakarrSnd  / 

The  spider  eeUckc*  flies  iu  its  web. 

Makri  apncJdU  men  tfiakkhi^hphakialetikau 
i  fit,  liith  iiiarnH ;  jhapata^  [parna. 

i  ft  Tartar y  ulti  taiige  ja  lluteu  gale  men 
i  the  measleM  or  smallpox^  mata  ja  chechak 
kalna  j&  darasua. 

k  up,  chhiQ  lena  ;  jhapat  leua ;    hath   mar- 
I;  ucliakna;  lapakua  ;  jhapatua;  (a person) 
ikaf  lena ;  Imrabar  ho  jaulL 
rcfUigJii,  paki*ajana. 

ieh  a  C'ddy  sardi,  ya  zukam  h. ;  hayazadgf. 
lUJi  the  h'lit,  jal  men  ph&iisna.  [na  deua. 
ft  k  time  by  tfie  forelockf  ff&qt  ko  hath  se 
^h,  V.  n.  [Lat.  <uipere,  H.  pakaf,  galu  S. 
rah^  P.  glrift  take] 

1.  layko^d  of,  pab\]^iia,  gahna. 
The  lock  catckes.  Tali  nahlh  lagtl. 

2.  be  contaglow,  u|'-ke  lagna ;  lagua. 

sii,  u.  1.  seizure,  pakeLT ;  girift ;  girift&n; 
absa.  2.  {of  a  door)  arui ;  bill! ;  agaL 

Z.   (of  a  sotig)   lapak. 

4.  prize,  soue  ki  ohirya  ;  root!  asatni. 
naie  a  catcit,  sone  ki  cbirya  hath  lagua. 
ehing,  adj.  urnl  (bimarl). 
ch-penny,  u.  bbarak  ;  mulamma  ;  lifafa. 
CHword,  u.  (Print.)  tark  ;  jac^ah  ;  tQt. 
eeiietical,  adj.  sawal  jawab  ke  taiir. 
eckise,  v.  a.  i)Qcb  plch Jc. ;  sawal-jawab  k. ; 
itifear  k.      [ki  kitab ;  mubtadlyon  kl  kitab. 
eekimi,  n.  sawaljawabnama ;  sawal  jawab 
eekn,  n.  kath  ;  kattha. 
eckmnen,  n.  naya  kirishtan ;  nau-miirid. 
egorical,  adj.  baf;  sidha;  shafi;  qatid;   bit- 

Ueyarieal  answer,  saf,  do-tok,  ya  qatai  jaw&b. 
Agorkaily,  adr.  safal  se ;  bit-tafsil. 
agery,  n.  mad ;  bibhag.  [musalsal. 

enarian,  adj  zanjir  ki  tarah;  silsilcvar ; 
OUtioiL,  ti.  silslla  ;  tasulsul ;  lau:ao.  [bast  k. 
«r,  T.  n.  khaiia  dena ;  khaiie  ka  band-o- 
eror,  n.  khan-samau  ;  hhandarL 
erpillar,  ii.  jhliijha ;  but  ka  kira. 
onraul,  y.  u.  hyao  hyao  k. ;  mastai  billi 
S  sa  sbor  o  giil  k. 

frwauiing,  billion  ki  Inrai :  hilar  larai. 
ei,  n.  pi.  mohan.bhog;  tar  mil ;  naqd-mal ; 
lemat;    lazi^    khana;     pars^;    pakwan; 

oansalvli.  [part.     Skak, 

Though  mj  eatei  be  mean  take  tnem  in   good 
Mere  dd'  daily e  ko  qabMl  k'tjlye. 
AHs,  how  simple  to  the^e  eaf^f  compared,  [ton. 
Was  that  erude  apple  that  diverted  Eve.  Mil- 

in  n€m<ttak  ke  sAmne  kyd  mdl  thtl  hhaUL, 
jffavwd  ko  kaehche  teb  ne  gumfdh  bar  dljfd  f  F.C^ 
Catgut,  n.  taut ;  rodah.  [rechak. 

Catnattic^  n,  jullab  :  mushil ;  dast-avar  daya ; 
Catkedtal)  n.  bar  l  girjl. 
Catketine  wheel,  u.    1.   toindow,  sQraj-mukbi 

khirki.  2»   suraj-mukhi   charkhi  j  chakkar ; 

ghan-  chakkar. 
Catheter,  n.  ni&tr-nikas  nali ;  salai. 
Catholic,  adj.  1.  universal y  am ;  kul ;  sab ;  kul- 

kail  ail.  2.  liberal,  be-laglU) ;  be-taasub;  a^d 

Catholic,  11.  motaqid  tariq-i-romau  kaithulak. 
Catholicism,  n.  (Uberafity  of   sentiment)  katta 

isai-pan  ;  be^  taasubi;  a-pakshta. 
Catlike,  adj.  biili  ki  tarah;  billi-si. 
Cat*i-cTadle,  u.  cbiryil  ka  panja. 
Cat*s-paw,  u.   1.   a   lig'U  breeze^    mand-baju; 

halk!  hava.  2.  dupe,  dhoka-kh^ii. 
Cattle,  n.  mavesbi;  goril;  dlior }  diugar  ;  dan- 
gar;  gsM  bail ;  jau?ar  ;  go-dbau ;  dhan. 
Their  wealth  consists  iu  cattle, 
Unkl  daulat  dhor  haen, 


tax  on  cMie,  pucbchhi ;   siugautL 

Cattle -show,  n.  dhor  dikhai. 

Caudal,  adj.  dum-ka  ;  dum-sa;  pQuch-aa;  j&n- 

var  ki  dum  kl  manind. 

Caudle,  n.  achhvani ;  harira ;  battisL 

Caul,  n.  1.  net,  bal-jali. 

Her  head  with  rhiglets  of  her  hair  is  crowned* 
And  in  a  golden   caul  the  curls  are   bonnd. 

Wok  ffkuhffrdle  hdloh  kd  $ir  pttr  nukat, 
Rahihjdl'i-zarrih  men  zulfen  Upai.  F.  C, 

2.  omentum,  pet  ka  parda  ya  jbilli 

3.  (of  a  child),  jhilli ;  burqa. 

If  a  child  l>e  bom  with  a  caul  on  his  head,  he 
shall  be  very  fortunate.  Milton, 

Jo  baekcha  huvqa  liptd  hud  paidd  hotd  A  at,  woh 
bari  hi  bhdgwdn  hotd  liai. 

Cauliflower,  u.  pbul-kobi ;  gobi. 
Caulk,  y.  darz  ya  darar  band  k. 
Causal,  n.  (Gram,)  fel-i-mutaaddi  ba-do  maful ; 
paradbiu ;  mutaaddi-ul-mutaaddi.     [tasbib. 
Causation,  u.    fail   y-a   kai*ta   b.,  y&   banna; 
Causatiye,  ndj.  illati;  mutaaddi;  kirgar;  kur- 

ta ;  karau-har ;  sa-karmak. 
Cause,  u.  1.  auHtor,  karta ;  karau ;  baoi ;  ban!- 
kar  ;  banl  inai»ani;  mujid. 

Cauu  is  a  eiuistance  exerting  its  power  into 
act,  to  nia^<e  one  thing  begin  to  be,     Locke. 
Kdran  us  paddrth  ko  kahte  haih  jiike  bal  te 
kol  kdm  kore,  ydjis  u  kuehh  utpatU  ko. 

2.  reason,    karan  ;   sabab  ;   bais  ;    yajah  ; 

jehat ;  mOjib  ;  illat ;   taqrtb.  3.  motive,   mu- 

rad  ;  maiisba;  niyat ;   manorath;   matlab; 

garz.   4.   side^   taraf  ;   oy;    paksh ;   pahlu ; 

laug ;  kani ;  ghain ;  main ;  msLM.         [d&ya. 

5.  suit  in    court,    muqaddama ;    natish ; 

It*s  a  bad  cause  that  none  dare  speak  in.    Shah, 

Bnre  kd  koi  Idga  naHh.  Pror. 

cause  and  effect,  sabab  musabbab  ;  illat  maliil ; 
karye  kiran. 




cause  of  (tctiotif  bini-i-dftva;   mansba-i^lira; 

niaD&t-i-diva ;  vajah  mukhasmat  jft  nSliah. 
eatue  of  complaint,  aabab  y^  vajah  n&lish. 
catuetotke  contrary ,  m&ue;   &f;  rokae  w&]&; 

a  common  eatiiCf  iI1at*i-kuI]I. 
apparent  cause,  zahiri  sabab. 
divide  one  cause  of  action  into   two,    ek  binft-i- 

nmqaddama  ko  do  shiq  k. 
double  cause  of  action,  do  bin&-i-daye* 
efficient  cause,    illat-i-filill;   yajah-qavi;  Idlrje 

espouse  a  cause,  s&th  d. ;   paksh  k. ;  tarafdftrl 

k. ;  sahieta  k. ;  ma  dad   d. ;   h&th  pakapi&; 

kamar  thamn& ;  pushtl  d. ;  bim&yat  k. 
final  cause,  asal  buny&d ;  ant  karan.  [rik  ISran. 
formal  cause,  illat-i-sUarl ;   rQp  k&rau ;   behvi- 
material  cause,  asl   b&is ;  illat-i-maaddi ;   tatv- 

karan.  [d&va. 

multifarious  cause  of  action,  taaddud  biuft-i* 
owing  to  this  cause,  is  vajah,  sabab  j&  karan  se. 
presumptive  cause,  farzl  sabab ;  mftn&  bu&  karan ; 

anum&nik  k&ran. 
primary  cause,  av val  sabab ;  ja;* ;  mOl ;  &d-k&ran. 
proximate  or  immediate  cause,   sabab-i-qarib ; 

up&din  karan. 
small  cause,  muqaddama  yi  mut&Iba  khaflf. 
small  cause  court,  mahkama-i-mutfilbah-i-kha* 

fifah ;  khaftfah.  [k&ran ;  sabab-i-Hlft. 

the  first  cause,  musabbab-ul-asbl^ ;  pirtham 
to  divide  a  cause  of  action,  chand   binad'   dave 

qarar  d. ;  biuae  vabid   ka  mutaaddad   dave 

qarar  d. 
to  lose  one*s  cause,  muqaddama  hama. 
without  cause,   be -sabab  ;  be-vaste  ;  be- vajah  ; 

bila  vajah;  na-liaq;  haq  na-haq ;  khuah  ma- 

khuah ;  char  iiachar ;  be-arth ;  ak&ran ;  bina- 

k&ran.  fyiin  hi 

without  reasonable  cause,  bill  vajah-i-maqfll ; 
Cause,  V.  a.    paida   k. ;  karvanft ;   vuj{id  me6 

]ana;  mOjid  h. ;  sabab  h. ;  bais  h. ;  mOjib  h. ; 

k&ran  h. ;  zahQr,  amal,  ja  vuqQ  men   lanS. ; 

bar  rGe,  kar  lana ;  barpa  k. ;  uthana ;  ma- 

chana.  [sabab  ja  l^ran  h. 

caiue  death,  hal&k  k. ;  mar  dalna ;  maut  k& 
caase  grievous  hurt,  zarar  shad  Id  pahunchtlna. 
causing  an  fffect,  natija  bar-amad  k. ;  kar-amad 

h. ;  kargar  h. ;  lagn&. 
to  cause  harm  or  hurt,  nuqsan  ya  zarar  pahun- 

chana  ;  dukh  d. ;  chot  d.;  ban  k.  (hna. 

Caused,  adj.  asar  kiya  gay&  ;  bais  hiul  ;  karan 
I/m  efect  caused,  natija  mimtaj. 
Causeless,  adj.     1.   uncaused,    be  sabab;    be- 

mfijib;    bila  vajah;    binluye.     2.   without 

just  cause,  be-vajah ;  yunhi ;  bila-vaste ;  na- 

haq  ;  be-sabab.  [yQnhi ;  haq  na-haq  ko. 

Causelessly,  adv.  na-haq ;  be-sabab ;  bila  waste ; 
Causeway,  Causey,  n.  pulke  siren  ki  unchi 

sarak.  [muqarrih. 

Caustic,   adj.  1.    corrosive,  jalane-v&la;    tez; 

Cawtie  lotion.  Chdndi  led  Utdb. 

2.  (Met.)  biting,  kari ;  haddah. 
Caustic,  n.  kat  karne-vall  aukhad ;  kh&T ;  jal&- 

ne-vali  dav&;  tezab. 
lunar  caustic,  chind!  ka  tez&b* 
Cauteriiation,  a  chark&;  d&g;  gnl. 
Cauterise,  v.  a.  dig  d. ;  dagn& ;  jalini  j  charki 

ja  gul  dena. 
Cautery,  n.  dag;  gul;  chark&. 
Caution,  Cautiousness,  n.  [Lat.  €atfer6,  A.  khahar 

take  care].     1.    provident  care,    hoshj&ri; 

khabardari;    ohetanta;    chauku;    ehtiyit; 

surat;  s&vdh&nL   2.  it^'unction,  t&k!d;  hidft- 

jat;  hukm  ;aggy&.     Z,  warning,    ohetioni; 

jat&o;  ibrat;  tambih. 

She  is  a  cott^um.     Wok  to  bald  kai, 
4.  security,  z&mni ;  kaf  &lat ;  b*. 
great  catUion,    kam&l  t&ammul   y&  ehtijUti' 

ban  khabai>dftd. 
necesnty  for  caution,  maq&m  yi  ji6  gaur« 
Caution,  7.  a.  chetan  k. ;    chitanA;  suoheti  k; ; 

jat&uft;    khabard&r  k. ;    hoshiy&r  k-;   kin 

kholnft ;  mutanabbah  k. 
Cautiouaryi  adj.  chiUlvani;  nasthat-ftmes. 
Cautious,    adj.    suchetft;    surtft;  khabarnllr; 

hoshiy&r;  muhtat;  bed&rmagz;  dUr-andesii; 

chaukas ;  Iqbat-andesh. 
Cautiously,  adv.  chetantai  se;  khabar'd&ri  se; 

hoshy&rise;  ba  ehtiy&t. 
Cautiousness,  n.  See  Caution.  [fila 

Cavalcade,  n.  1 .  sav&roii  k&  pari  2.  savfirf  Id 
Cavalier,  n.   1 .  military  horseman,  jangi  sav&r 

ya  ghuy-charha.     2.  gallant  man,   bah&dur; 

sar-blr;  jav&n-mard. 
cavalier  servente,  pichh-lagQ;    laggfl;  b&r-gUr; 

jarya ;  dhag;pa ;  y &r ;  &8hn& ;  lagvar ;  charhait* 
Cavalierly,  adv.  takabbur  y&  ghamand  se. 
Cavalry,  n.  risala ;  ghuvh-cha^^hl  sainE. 
Cave,  Cavern,  n.  [Lat.  cavus,  hollow,  P.  kan,  S. 

khan,  dig]  guph&;  kho  ;  goha. 
Cave,  V.  a.  (Slang)  har  manna;  gardan  jhuk&- 

na ;  lacharl  se  qubtil  k. 
Caveat,  n.   (Law)  elan   ba-mui&d-i-mum&naat 

tajviz    muqaddama;  hukm   ba-imtinae  in- 

Cavernous,  adj.  guphard&r. 
Cavesson,  Cavezon,  n.  gho;:e  ka  mohift. 
Caviare,  n.  ek  machhU  ke  salone  ande. 
Cavil,  V.  n.  chhota  etiraz  k. ;  khurech  nik&la&; 

khurda-giri  k. ;  mm  mckh  chhautn&. 
Cavil,   n.   nuktah-chini ;  khnrench;  khurdah* 

ghi;  hujjat;  hujjat-i-la  basil;  mln   mekh; 

Caviler,    n.    harf-glr;     khurenchya;     aib-jo; 

nuktah-chin;     khurda-glr;     hujjati;    khot 

Cavity,  n.  garha;  g&r;  jauf.  [kan  kan  k 

Caw,  V,  n.  [A.  S.  ceo,  Scot,  ka,  A.  qd,  H.  kdiSn] 
Caw,  n.  kan  kan ;  kaen  kaen.  [miroh. 

Cayenne  pepper,  n.  pis!  hui  l&l  mirch ;  tataiy& 
Caylyz,  (Bot.)  takht;  asan. 
Cayman,  n.  magarmachh ;  uakU. 





B,  V.  n.  1.  Uave  off,  chhoy  denS ;  Mth 
h&n&;  hat  jAni;  tark  k.;  baz  rahuft; 
«i-bar-d&r  h. ;  band  k. 

Importune  him  for  my  moniea,  be  not  cmnd 
with  elight  denUl !  Skak. 

Mere  rupai  kd  tajiid  karo,  unkd  uxr  tk  na 
guno/  [Dryden. 

The  lives  of  all,  who  eeate  from  comb»t,  spare ! 
Jang  u  jo  bdz  dvtk  jdn-bakhihi  kijiye. 

2.  he   at   an  end^   ho  chukn&;  chukn&; 

barnil ;  akhir  h.  [Devteromomy, 

The  poor  shall  never  eeau  out  of  the  land. 
DMnjfd  M  kan^  kadki  MoAiA  jdinye. 

3.  fail,  ho  j&u&y  y&  ohukna ;  Idiatam  h. ; 
i^;  kharij  h. 

ifrjm  labor,  k&m  se  cbhutn&,   y&  chhutti 
\xA;  faragat  h.;  aram  k. 
!  to  be,  mauqtif  h. ;  jata  rahna ;  sftyal  h. ; 
at  h. ;  nest-o-nabUd  h. ;  raar  j&ti&. 
t/rom  strife,  jhag^  mat  karo. 
dMSy  a4j.  lag&tar;  achhQt;  baiubar;  be- 
illk ;  pae  dar  pa8 ;  al-at-tayatiir ;  nit. 
Fast  and  hot   on  them  poured  the  eeaeden 
■hot.     Byron.    Jalti  baUiffoUohkihanckhdr 
un  par  bardbar  parU 

or,  n.  deodar. 

1^  T.   a.   aaunpna;    de  den&;    de  dalni; 

ipnrd  k. ;  ha-^le  k. ;  tafvlz  k. 

The  people  must  ceiU  to  the  Qovernment  for 
some  of  their  natural  rights.  Jay. 

Parjd  ko  apne  adkkdr^n  mek  te  Vkaehk  r^jd  ko 
dene  chdkiyeh. 

i provinces  diUriet,  mam&lik-i-mufiBkyvisah ; 


Ua,  n.  mu  ja  sak&r  k&  shosha. 

Lug,  n.  chhat ;  ch&dar  chbat ;  saqfl 

bnt),  y.  a.   roan&a&;    mann&;  raohin&; 

ohhio  k. ;  khaahi  mananft. 

\raU  a  wedding,  bj&h  rachan&. 

To  edebraU  with  oiusic.  Od^e  hdje  se  harmd. 

To  celebrate  with  pomp  and  show. 

Dkdm  dhdm  u  kamd, 

bratedy  adj.  n&mi;  nam- war;  n&mdftr; 
lashbtlr;  m&raf;  samam;  prasidh;  par 
ahthlt ;  nam!  giramL 

He  was  celebrated  for  the  politeness  of  hit 
manners.  Maeaulay, 

Wok  kkusk  kknlq  wMikdr  tkd. 

bration,  n.  astuti ;  sitajash ;  sipas ;  rach&o ; 
cbh&o;  utshab;  khushi. 

Tlie  celebration  of  a  marriage. 

£iydk  kg  dk&m  dkdm. 

tbritj,  n.  1 .  renown,  n&rowari ;  kirat ;  n&m. 
2.  a  person,  n&ail  j&  mashQr  &dml. 
ffitjy    n.    jaldi;    surat;    shit&bl;    t&Tal; 
)lat;  chusti;  subuk-raTi;  chabuki;  phur- 
.;  tarat-phurat. 
vy,  n.  (Cor.)  pitarseli;  siler!. 
ittialy   adj.     1.   heavenly,   ak&sl ;    Esminl; 
dald ;  swarg! ;  jaonatL  2.  blessed,  bahishtl; 
rdauisi  ;  pik ;  mutabarrak ;  baikunthf. 
tiial  bodies,  ajr&m-i-falakf ;  ak&a-basttL 
ttM  orbs,  &8mini  kure ;  ak&a  gole. 
IbtiCff  n.  ku&r-pan;  tajarrad;  tajrid;  mujar- 
idi;  jati-pan. 

Oellt  n.  1.  sntaU  apartment,  kothvf;  hnjni; 
kh&na;  ghar. 

The  brain  eontaine  ten  thousand  etUs, 

In  each  some  active  fancy  dwells.  Prior. 

Koikrl  bk^e  men  kaingi  das  katiir^ 

Unk'e  andar  ba$td  kai  ckanekal  biekdr.     F.  C. 

2.  Small  cavil jf,  chhed ;  sQrSlkh. 

3.  cave,  guphii;  kho;  gir. 
In  cottages  and  lowly  cells. 

True  piety  neglected  dwelU.  Somerville. 

Jkopfoh  our  ffupkdoh  men 
Sackeke  jcgi  ekdht  rahU  kaii.  F.  C. 

Cellar,  n.  tah-khana ;  Cor.  god&m  ;  bhauniiL 
Cellaret,  n.  sharab  k&  chhota  saudtlq. 
Cellular,  adj.  khatie-dar. 
Cement, n.  [H.  c/umat  stick]!. ^/titf,8aresh.2.mor- 
tar,  gach  ;  chuna ;  rekhta.  3.  solder^  jh&l. 
There  is  a  cement  compounded  of  flour,  whites 
ot   6gg>f   and  stones    powdered,   that  be- 
cooieth  hard  as  marble.  Bacon. 

Bajri  dtd,  aur  ande  ht  sa/aidi  milkar,  aisd 
earesk  bantd  kai  jaiee  paUkar, 

4.  (Fig.)  paiwaud  ;  jor. 

Cement,  y.  a.  jorni  ;  mil&n&;  was!  k.;  ohip- 
]dba&;  paiwand  la^n& ;  ohasp&i&k.;  la^o&. 

Cometerj,  n.  qabrist&n ;  gorist&n ;  ahahr-i-kba- 

Cenotaph,  n.  chbatri;  qabr.  [d&n. 

Center,  n.  dhflpdan ;  agar-d&n  ;   agrant& ;  tld- 

Her  thoughts  are  like  the  fume  of  frankincense 

Which  from  a  golden  censer  forth  doth  rise.  Spenser, 

Kkaydldt  Uike  kaih  loidn  ee, 

Jo  uUke  tonoAri  agarnldn  u.  F.  C. 

Censor,  u.   1.  censurer,    mal&mat    kame-y&U, 

bigova;  dokhyi.    2.  (the  office),  muhtasib; 

mufli;  q&zl;  shaikh. 
Censorial,  adj.  mal&mat!;  dokhja. 
Censorious,  adj.   addicted  to  censure,  aib-jo; 

harf-gir;  khurda-<zir;  aib-bln. 
Censorioosness,  n.  aib-jol ;  nukta-chini ;  harf- 

giri ;  khurda-glii. 
Censorship,  (of  the  press),  n.  sark&r  he  khil&f ; 

chh&pue  kl  man&i.  [nindi-jog. 

Censurable,  adj.  qabil-i-ilzam  y&  mazammat; 
Censure,  n.  ilz&m  ;  dokh. 
Censure,  y.  a.  ilz&m  y&  dokh  lag^na ;  dokhnft ; 

doshn& ;  ils&m  den& ;  qusur  batl&Di ;  mala- 

mat  k. 
Census,  n.  mardum-sbumarl;  manush  gintl. 
Cent,  a.  [A.  sad,  Skr.  shat,  H.  sau\  1.  hundred, 

sau ;  Mid ;  saikriL  2.  coin,  ek  FransisI  sikka. 
cent  per  cent,  sau  pe  sau ;  ek  ke  do ;  dugne. 
one  per  cent,  rupae  8ai&kr& ;  ek  rupae  f!  sadL 
per  cent,  saik|ik;  fl  sad!. 

Ten  rupees  per  cent.     Das  nipae  saikit;  das 
rupaS  ft  sadl. 

Centaur,  n.  nar-ghu^ ;  ek  khayall  janwar. 

Centenary,  n.  sadi;  sad  sala. 

Centennial,  adj.  sad-s&la. 

Center-bit,  n.  val&yati  barmIL 

Centesimal,  adj.  sa^&&. 

Centigrade,  adj.  sau  hissoft  meA  taqsim  Idyft 

gay& ;  sau  dienje  k&. 

A  centigrade  thermometer.      Sam  darje  hd 




Centipede,  n»  khaniihajaril ;   kangojir;   kan- 

salal ;  bazar- pa.  [Taesitah; 

Central,  adj.  bichka;  markadl;    Tasti;  niuta- 
Central  Provinces,  miimiUk-i-mutavassitaii 
Ceatralization,  n.  bich  meii  lina ;   kul  huka- 

mat  vast  meii  rakbna. 
Centralize^  v.  a.  bich  m^n  jama  ja  ikbatta  k. ; 

markaz  par  laui.  [chakr-bicb;kendr;  markaz. 
Centre,  n.  [Ger.  Kentdr  H .  Kantd  a  prick] 
centre  of  a  cirde^  {Oeom.)  chakr-bicb  ;  markai- 

eentre  of  gravity  1*  (Math.)  bojh  bich  (weight 

ceutre) ;  marka7-i-siql ;  gurut-kendr. 

2.  (Phys,)  bojb  kbiiicbao ;  kasbish-i-zamiuj 

bbtl  khiiicbao. 
centre  of  motion^  cbal-blch. 
ceatire  of  oscillation,  jhok-blch. 
centre  of  tlie  earth,  markaz-i-zamiQ. 
Centre,  v.  n.  1.  he  central,  bich  meii  honS. 

2.  concentrate,  lau  lagana  ;  laii  lin  b. ;  tik 

tiki  baiidhna ;  ek  ji  k. ;  jamana ;  garona. 

Whose  tbonghts  are  centred  on  thyself  alone.  Dryden, 

Jiskd  dil  turn  hi  meh  pard  hud  hat.  [Milton. 

One  foot  he  centred  and  the  other  turned  ronnd. 

Ek  pair  woh  gdrlear  ndchan  Idgd  dUje  pdr, 
Ceatreplate,  n.  khaiifti  ki  charkhi 
Centreponch,  a.  (Slech)  toiya  ;  gulaura. 
Csntric,  Cantrical,  adj.  bich-ka ;  mutavassit 
Centrifagal,  adj.  ap-sidbi ;  dafe-ul-mark»iz. 
centrifugal  force,  ap-sidh  bal.  [ba-markaa. 

Centripistal,  adj.    bich   chakkar  k!   or ;  mayal 
centripetal  force,  bich  cbakkar  khichao ;  kash- 

ish-i -markaz.  [sar;  subo-dar. 

Centurion,  n.  tiimandar;  sau  jiivanon   ka   af- 
Centuryi  ".  sadi ;  sau  baras;  sad  sal;  sbat  varsh. 

A  century  ugo.  Sau  bar  it  hug. 

Caphalgic,  adj.  sir  ke  durd  ki  (dava). 
Cephalic,  adj.  sir  ke  nuitaalliq. 
cjJialic  m'-dirlne,  saiit ;  nuiqavviyat-i-dimag. 
Ccraceous,  adj.  [P.  sare^li]  mom  sa  ;  mom  jaisa. 
Cerate,  u.  mom,  rau^^an  ;  marham. 
Csrberas,  n.  dozakh  ka  kutta. 

To  give  a  HOt>  to  Cerbenn.    Katie  ho  Uhrn  ddlnd. 
{I)akaninwjb'%lnqnMhdokhtahbeh.  P.  Prov.) 

Cerdal,  u   anaj. 

Cerabellum,  n.  bliejc  kl  pichhli  kothrl. 

Cerabral,  adj.  magzi ;  muni  bun. 

cerehvcd  l^lt'rs,  murilbau  aksbar. 

Cerebram,  n.  bbeje  M  agli  kotbri. 

Cera-cloth,  Csrament,  n.  1.  mon  i  kapra;  mom- 

jlma.  2.  katan. 
CeramDnial,  adj.  rltmU  sisbtidiari;  rasmi. 

Christ  (U.l  t;ike  away  tliat  external  ceremonial  wor- 
ship that  was  among  Um^  Jews.       Ji.  StilinfjAcct. 
Tsa  MiuVt  ne  YaUHdioh  ki  dikhdve  ki pdjo  p'H  ulkd di. 

Ceremonial,  n.  rasm;  rit;  cbal;  dastur. 

Court-ceremonial,  a  lrib-i-darl)ar. 

Ceremoniea,  n.  pi.  1.  '»'it^h  i'ii^ii"i;  i»^;  cbal; 

dastur;  qacdc.  2./orwi5  of  stale,  adabi-dar- 

bar;  darbari  clbang. 
funeral  ceremonie.%    kirya   karm;    pcor    gnrba; 

dib  karam  ;  bifau  kUhi ;  gor  o  kafaii ;    taj- 

liiB  o  takfiii. 

fttigtout  iserenioniesi   dharmiit;    rUstlnl-i-mas* 

Gerem3mon8j  adj.  pur-takalluf;  takallnfl; 
Ceremoniously,  adj;  takalluf  se ;  qaede  se. 
CeremonionsnesB,  n.  pur^takalhili. 
Ceremony,  n.  I .  oxUward  rite,  rft  rasid. 

Bring  her  up  td  the  high  altar,  that   Abe  m%j 

The  sacred  ceremoniet  ther6  partake;    Spenter, 

Mahdhe  ke  taU  utko  turn  Ido  db, 

Ki  d-kar  hare  rasm-i'$kddi  woh  tab.  F,  C. 

S.  forms  of  civility,  akblaq ;  adib ;  takallu£ 

The  sauce  to  meat  is  ceremony, 

Meeting  were  bare  withoiit  it.  Sktik, 

Jlai  ehcUni  go$kt  pe  iakaflftf, 

Aur  phikd  milnd  be  tdhallnf; 

All  ceremonies  are,  in  themsKlv^S,  very  tillf 
things,  but  yet  a  man  of  the  world  ahould 
know  them.  CheiterJUld: 

JUtimch  aitr  takaUnf  bilhll  tfihiyAt  kaih,magnr 
dunyd-^r  ko  gabjdnna  chdhiye. 

marriage  ceremony,  biyab  ke   tehle ;    ruaUm-i* 

shadi ;  rasmiyat-i-izdivSj. 
master  of  ceremonies,  mir-majlis ;  mohtamim ; 

muiitazim.  [bhagat  k. 

to   receive  toith  ceremony,    adar    miii   ya  ao 
without  ceremony,  be-takalluf. 
Ceres,  n.  an-deota. 
Ce^tftLn,  u.l.  sure,  nishchae ;  pakka ;   tahqiq  \ 

mutabaqqaq)   acliQk.    2.    determinate,  mu- 

qarrar;   muaiyan;    mutaaiyan;   mushakb- 

kbas ;  bandha  hua.  3.  some,  koi ;  kicd ;  ek. 
a  certain  day  or  time,  kis!  din ;  ek  din  ;  ek-ro& 
a  certain  persofv,  ek  sbakbs;  kol;  falani;  amki 

^bamka;  iraka-dbimkA;  ek  log. 
a    certain  quantity,   kisi     qadarj   kitna    ek; 

kucbb ;  tbora  sa. 
a  certain  sum^  mubiig. 
to  bi  c  rtaiii  of,  tabqlq  janna;  VAqin  h. 
to  mtl^  cn'tain,  pakka  k. ;  tbik  k. 
Certainly,  adv.   zurur;   avasiija;  albatta;  be- 

sbak;aurk\a;  yaqinan. 
Certaiaty,  n.  nisbcbae;  yaqln;  tabqiq. 

He  that  l»«aves  cerldint'/,  and  sticks  to  chance, 
Wli'^n  fooU  pipe  he  may  dance.  ProY. 

Niithchaif  ko  chUore,  dubdha  ko  dhdi, 
Nirat  karejnb  mvrh  bojdg. 

Certificate,  n.    {Cor.)  sartiHcat ;   neknam!  kl 

cbittbi ;  sacbauticbittbi:  chittbi  khusbuildi 

mizaj  kl. 
cerfcate  of  a  horse^s  death,  saqti-naraa. 
certificate  of  chara'ter  or   g)od   conduct,    nck- 

certifi  -ate  of  clearance,   i-abdaii    ya    nikiisi    k! 

chittbi;  parmatbabti;  ravauna;    parvana- 

cei'tifrafe  of  d'.athj  fautl-nama;  maut-patr. 
cerfifica'e  of  d''.y)atchy  cbaliiii ;  ravanna. 
Ci*rlifi'ate  of  dismissal,  parvana-i-manqftfi. 
certificate  of  heirship,  sanad-i-virasat ;    sartiH- 

certificate  of  poverty,  G.  G.  inuflisi-naiiia. 
certifc  lie  of  service^    parvana   ya   sanad-i-kar- 

life  certificate^  bajat-namah. 




eate,  v.  a.  tasdiq  k.;  parmla  k.  i  haqi- 
h&l  likhna. 

lan,  adj.  &bl;  nllgilD;  ismatil;  ak&st. 
eiii  n.  k&Q  mail;  kaa-mail;  kia  kft  mail 
ii  n.  safaida. 

al,  adj.  gardan  k&.  [cha  niUlni. 

an  operation,  n.  pet  ch&k  kar-ke  bach- 
#ease3,  n.  pi.  (Law)  abv&b ;  raqam-aiT&l. 
fied/ram  artizana,  chhauti. 
'ied  from  grain  sellers,  ect,  chungi. 
esses^  baliiibachh ;  abv&b ;  ruqiim-i-8iv&. 
.  a.  b&chh,  chandi,  y&  behil  lag&u&. 
[on,  n.  ant;  akhfr;   itm&m;    tawaqquf; 
r&o;  iuqitae-harakat.         [tafviz;  tahviL 
it  u.  saimp ;  supurdagi ;  havalo^ ;  den ; 
ol,  n.  paikhane   kl   moil;    kQ|i;    mail& 
me  y&  d&lne  kl  jagah  ;  chaubachcha. 
,  n.  (Pros,)  sher  men  thaime  ki  maq&m ; 
im ;  tbairao. 

a,  n.  pi.  diidh  pil&ne-v&ll  machhlijai^. 
r.a.l.  tfarm  with  rubbing^  malni;  malish 
mal-kar  garmi  pah{lnch&n&;  sail&na. 
At  last,  recovering  heart,  he  does  begin 
To  rub  her  temples,  and  to  chafn  her  skin. 

A\kir  ho  job  hotk  dyd  tuJto, 
Maine  lasfdjildo  hanpoti  ko.  F.  C.   [bbark&ni. 
irritate,  khisy&n& ;  kbij&u& ;  ros-dli&nS. ; 
Why  do  you  chafe  yourself  so  f       Beaumont, 
hnd  kyok  Ui.ii  karte  ho  T 
V.  n.  I.  rage,  tehll  k.;  lal  pile  h.;  khafU, 
e,  j&  kbashm-n&k  h.  2.  (against),  chhlU 
ghisna;  ragar  lagn&,  }&  jau&. 
a.  1.  husks,  bhOst;  chhil^;  subfits;  cho- 

chh&nas;  chhatan. 
Old  birds  are  not  caught  with  chaff,         ProT. 
Sydnd  kaved  dam  nuk  nahik  dtd, 
worllUess  matter,  bala  bogm&;    akhor; 
isphOs;   fiizla;   sufiil;  mi^tl.  ^.  banter, 
I;  tbatt  ;  phabtl;  khurifat. 
r.  a.  ban^i,  mazlU^,  y&  tbatt&  k.       [kal. 
atter,  Ciiaff-engine,  n.  bhiis!  nik&lne  kl 
f  V,  n.  sisak  sisak-ke  d&m  lag&ui ;  jhaga^ 
lol  lena. 

or,  u.  takr&ri  y&  jhag^lfl  g^hak. 
ch,  11.  ek  qism  ki  gane-v&ll  cbi^ji. 
adj.  (/Jot.)  bhflse-dllr ;  bhilse-si ;  bhuslla. 
;-dis^  u.  angitbi;    baro^I;   atisb-dilQ; 
rl.  [dagl 

1,  n.  kbijavat ;  jhanj  ;    izurdagi ;  ranjl- 
1.  [Fr.  Cfidena,  H.  karyah  links.] 
series  of  links,  zaojlr;  laf^I;  sankal. 
Chains  of  gold  are  stronger  than  chainf  of  iron* 

Prov.  Sone  ke  dgefanUd  naram, 
[Zar  didamj  fauloff.  naram,  Prov.) 

(chains)  bat-knri;  bed;  pai-ka^;  jaul&n. 
measuring  chain,  jai!l»;  aanjlr. 
ornament,  to^ ;  kardhani ;  sikil ;  sone, 
laud!  HI  zanjir.  5.  series,  t&r ;  larf ;  qat&r ; 
a.  [zaiijlr;  sulfl. 

for  fattening   a  door,   kundt;  s&^Aal; 
h<mt*s  chain,  &adQ.  Haka^na. 

T.  a.    I.  bind,  zanjir  se  biiiohna,   y& 

2.  ea</ao9,  halqa  ba-goah  k.;  gnl&m  k.; 
baAdhv&  ban&nft.  [Prior. 

The  monarch  was  ador«d,  the  people  chained. 
Jtdjd  jn^fe,  parjd  bandhe, 

d,giuxrd  with  a  chain,  sanjtr  dllna;  zanjir 
80  rokn& ;  qaid  L  4.  unite  strongfy,  mazbut 
biftdhnS;  jakafn&;  kasni.  [puL 

Ckain-brldgo,  Suspension  bridge,  n.  jbole  ka 
Ckain-pnmp,  n.  sankal-rahat. 
Ciiainsbot,  u.  zanjiii-gol^ 
Oiiain-stitch,  a  zanjite-d&rsilaly&Unki.  [ftsan. 
Oiiair,  n.  [H.  chatJclA  1.  kurbl;  chauki;  sukh- 
They  may  sit  in  the  chair  that  have  malt  to  sell, 
Prov.  JUdlddr,  kursl-nash^ 

2.  seat  of  just '€%  masnad;  gaddl;  kursl. 

3.  presiding  officer,  mlr-m^jlis ;  sadar- 
naahin;  (Cor.)  presiding. 

To  take  the  chair.  SadtM^noMni  ^M  h* 

4.  (rails)  sikh-joi*. 

Cihair,  y.  a.  kandhe  par  charb&ye  phim&. 
Chairman,  n.    1.  (Cor.)  president,   mir-majlis ; 
sadr-nashin ;  sar-pancb.  2.  one  wlio  carries  a 
chair,  mabril ;  kabir ;  jhapp&ul ;  kursi-bardar. 
Chairmanship,  n.  sadar-naisblul ;  mlr-mt^'lisl. 
Chaise,  n.  ikka  baggi ;  ikki-g&p. 
Chalice,  n.  I.  piy&la;  j&m;  k&sa;  sftgar;  t&a. 

2.  (sacramental)  arg&. 

Chalk,  n.  khafy&;  Idiari-ma^tl ;  chhol;  dudhl- 

ma^tl;  r&m-khall;  gil-i-safaid ;  gopT  chandan. 

Talk  of  ehalkt  and  he  hears  of  cheese.       Pro  v. 

Kaheh  khet  kl,  sune  khaiydn  ki.  Pro?. 

ehafk  formation,  kbary&  k!  tab. 

chalk  or  eretaeeous  period,  kha^ y&  k&  Bam&ua. 

not  to  know  chalk  from  cheese,  gadh&  gbora  ek 

samajbna;  rQpe  ral  men  bhed  na  j&niift. 
red  chalk,  gerfi.  [malita,  ya   lagftuft. 

Chalk,  y.  a.    1 .  rftb  with  chalk,  kh<i^ya  mattl 

2.  mark,  laklr  k&f  n& ;  tike  deu& ;  laklrna. 
chalk  out,  rah  yE  tadblr  nik&lna. 
Chalk-drawing,  n.  kbary&-cbltan. 
Coalkiness,  n.  kbaryi  se  musbabahat. 
Chalk-pit,  n.  kba^yi  kl  kiu. 

Chalky,  adj.  kbarya  k&;  dhauUL 
chalky  cliffs,  dbaule  pabaf. 
Challenge,  n.    1.  (to  combat)  IfoflA  y&  muq&blo 
ko  bulanH ;  lalk&r.  2.  (of  a  sentry)  rok  tok. 

3.  (In  Law)  iukar;  eteris;  uzr. 
Challenge,  y.  a.    1.  call  to  ccmhat,  Inral  m&Ag- 

n& ;  muq&bala  cb&hD& ;  tokn&.  2,  (as  a  sentry) 
tokni.  3.  object  to,  uzr  k. ;  nH-manzOr  k. 

Chalybeate,  adj.  lobft-mila ;  lob-mel  ;&ban-amez. 

Chamber,  n.  [Fr.  camera.  Per.  chambar  vault.] 

1,  apartment,    kamra;     bujra;    kothil; 

ko(b&;  cbaubari.  [ProT. 

A  chamber  of  sickness  !s  the  chapel  of  devotion. 
Blmdr  ki  khidmatgoyd  Khudd  ki  ibddat. 

2.  compartment,  gbar ;  darjab;  kb&na.  3.  {of 
a  gun)  kothi ;  khazana.  4.  cot^rf  of  Justice,  adi- 
lat;  mahkaina;  nyao-gbar.  [sharlk-kamrab. 

chamber  fellow^    bam-kamrab;     bam-kh&na; 
chamber  of  commerce,  saud&garoii  kl  jamEat. 



chamber  of  sorrow,  krodh-grah;  shok-ghar,  y& 

bhavan;  gatn-kadah ;  ro^t&m-sai&. 
chamber  window,  kamre  kl  khifki. 
a  private  chamber,  khilwat-gah ;  khilwat-khana. 
;  leasure  chamber,  raAg-mahal. 
Ciiamber-oonncil,  n.  khan^I  mashvarat. 
Ciiamber-counsel,   n.    salah-kar;  khftngl,    jt 

salahi  vakil. 
Chambdr-hangiiigpsi,  n.  kamre  ke  parde. 
Chambering,  u.  khanah-b&z!;  kutnmb-j&i  I. 
Ciiamberlain,  n.  1.  hSjib;  afsar-i-ala.  2.  divftn. 
CiLambor-maid,  n.  &}*& ;  mami ;  naukar ;   tahl- 

ni ;  tablvl ;  dad& ;  d9.L 
Chamber-pot.  n.  hajatl ;  mQt-patr. 
Chamber-practice,  n.  vak&lat  k&  vobkamjo 

ghar  baithe  ho  sake.  [chh&l&. 

Chamois-leather,  n.  hiran  kl  khal;  sabar ;  mirg 
Ciiamomile,  n.  babuna. 
chamomile  flowers,  gul  -i  -babuna. 
Champ,  y.  chabuS. ;  chaban&. 
champ  vp,  chabii  dllnl;  cbaba-kar  tnkre  tukre  k. 
To  champ  upon  the  bit.  DahAaa  c'hshnd.  [kin. 

Champagne,  n.  {Cor,)  sh&mpfti,  simkln,  sham- 
Champaign  n.  maid&n ;  chaurft. 
Champerty,  n.  rauqaddama  is  shart  par  leni 

ki  digil  kil  kiichli  hissa  vakil  ko  mile. 
Champion,   n.   sHr-blr;    bah&dur;    pahalv&n; 
jodh&;  mal;  gazi-mard.  [Shah, 

A  stouter    champion  never   handled  sword. 
h  bahddur  it  bofh-kar  ibiff  ne  tafvdr  nahlh  ehal(U 
A  champion  for  the  truth.  1.  ffaq  kd  hdmf, 
2.  Sach  parjdn  denevdla. 

Championship,  n.  s&rblrtai;  bahadun;  pahal- 

w&ni;  jodha-pan. 
Chance,  n.  1.  accident,  san-jog;  ittifaq;  bhavi; 

bbavl-bhut;  ishwar-gat. 

Chance  is  a  dicer.  Prov.  Sanjog  pdid  hai. 

2,  fortune,  bhag ;    lilat ;    karam  ;   qismat ; 
nasib;  pialabd;  taqdir;  maqsum. 

He  looks  to  the  main  chance. 
Prdlabd  par  baithe  haih. 

3.  opportunity,    niauqa ;     ittifUq ;    dhab ; 
banao ;  banak ;  sanjog. 

There  is  chance  in  tlie  cock's  spur.  Prov. 

Jphab  bane  kl  bat  hai. 

chance   blow,   ittifaqi   sadma;    alal-tappu,   ya 

sanjog  chot. 
by  chance,  as  chance  toould  have  it,   ittifaqan ; 

nag&h  ;  anchitte  ;  yQuhi ;  qazaril. 
game  of  chance,  qistnat-bazi ;     qismat-azmal ; 

pralabd  larua. 
to  have  a  chance,  mauqa  banna ;  dhab  banna. 
It  chanctth  in  an  hour  that  comes  not  in  seven 
years.  ^  Shak. 

Ek  f/harl  meh  hove  jo  idt  baras  men  na  hove. 

Chance,  adj.  sanjogi;  ittifaqia. 
chance-comer  or  quest,  aya  gaya. 
chance-meeting,\tt\(si(\ifi  mulaqat;  sanjog-bheuta. 
Chancellor,  n.  qa/I-ul-quzzat;  raj-pandit;  dS,na- 

chancellor    of    the    exchequer,  dlv^a-i-khalisa; 

mohtamimi-ala  khazana-i-shahi. 
Chancellorship,  n.  olvanl. 


Chance-medley,  n.  ittif)^ya  lar&I. 
Chancery,  d.  sadar-divatii  ad&lat;  hai  kort. 
Chancre,  chat;  tlluki;  nasilr. 
Chandelier,  n.  shishe  kl  jh&r ;  jh&r. 
Chandler,   n.   1.   manufa^^.turer  or  dealer  in 
candles,  shama-saz ;  battl-wil& ;  battl-farosb. 
2.  {In  camp,)  farosh.  a  com  chandler,  galla- 
Change,  v.  a.  1.  alter,  badaln&;  adia-badll  k. ; 
badl&nll ;  tabdil  k. ;  tagaiyur  k. 

Can  the  Ethiopian  change  his  skin? 

KahUh  Htbthi  bid  gore  hni  haih  T 

{Koil  hoe  na  ujri  nau  man  sdban  Idi.  Prov.) 

I  have  since  changed  my  mind. 

Jab  sc  merd  irddah  badal  gayd. 

2.  sxihstUutef  palata& ;  paltiL  L ;  badal  k. ; 
mub&dala  k. 

I  am  weary  of  th!«  moon  ;    would  he  would 

ckMige,    Shak.  [kahik/ 

It  ehdhd  tejl  bhar  gayd,   ah  kdth  wok  hedU 

3.  (money),  bhuiiia& ;  tur&aa ;  khurda  k. ; 

bhtijanil;  bhunj&ni. 

To  change  a  rupee.  Rupaya  bhundnd. 

change  a  horse,  ghorH  badalna ;  ghof  e  kl  badll  k. 

Change,  v.  n.  badia  h. ;   palatuE;  badal  jaoi; 

pal t&  kh&ua ;  badalna.  [Prov. 

'  Women,  wind,  and  fortune  are  ever  changing, 

Tiryfij  bdo,  aur  Lachhmi,  yeh  tinoh  ntihik  thir. 

Change,  n.  1.  alteration,  badal;  tabcilil;  tabad- 

dul;    palat;    phof'phar;    tagaiyur;    farq; 


Four  bells  admit  twenty-four  changes  in  rinffing. 
Bajne  men  chdr  ghanioh  ke  chaubu  badal  hotc  naih, 

2.  exchange,  adla-badll ;  mubadala. 

3.  small  change,  rez-gari ;  khaiij. 

4.  novelty,  nal-halat ;  tabdil ;  iiiqilab. 
change  for  (he  better,  achchl.I  sftrat  ya  halat; 

behtil ;  din  pbirn&. 
change  of  fortune,  qismat  ya  dinou  ka  pher. 
ch'inge   of  gooirnment,     tabcill-i-saltauat,    ya 

change  of  motion,  chal  palat ;    tabdil-i-harakat. 
change  of  opinion,  tabdil-irae.  [dili. 

change  of  seasons,  rut-badal ;  mausam    ki    tab- 
change  of  the  moon,    chand   badal ;   cband  ki 

ghatHo  barhao. 
dealer  in  small  change,   khurdiya;    khurda- 

farosh  ;  sarraf ;  kain"!  paisevala. 
Changeability,  n.  talawun-mizajl;  haft-rangi; 

be-sabati ;  dhil  mil  yaqinl. 
Giangeable,  adj.  1.  capable   of  change,    qabil- 

i-tabdil ;  palat-joiz ;  tabdil  pizir. 

2.  af/pearing  different,    guna-gfln;    haft- 
rangl ;  bahQ-rangI ;  bu-qalmun ;  bahrupyi. 

3.  inconstant,    gairmustaqil ;     be-sabat; 
mutlavvin  ;  dhil  mil ;  athir. 

changeable  as  the  moon  or  a  weathercock,  tball  k& 
baigan  ;  ghari  men  tola  ghari  men  mashi. 

Changeableness,  n.  be-sabat I;  talavvun;  haft- 
rangi;  bul-hawa.'^  I.  [kuchh. 

Changefal,   adj.    athir;    kabhi    kuchh,    kabhi 

His  course  had  been  changeful.  Motley. 

Uike  dhahg  kabhi  kuckh  the,  kabh  kachh. 




Lnj,  n.  1.  ehildf  badl&-hu&  la^ka. 

7aperer,  badlQ ;  khodltL 

.n.  1.  n\\^;  nail;  dii&iii;  soU;   sarUl; 

2,  medium,  Hh;  rasta;   tail|;   sabll; 

;  vasila;  zarya;  v&stah. 

Geog  )  kh&il ;  khalij. 

nsl,  1.  manjh-dh&r.  2.  blob  k&  rftsta. 

•Jiannel,  p&iii  ka  rasta  k&tna. 

dy  (Bot,)  dh&ri  dar ;  nahar-dar. 

r.  a.   [chdeh   chOehy   hdh  ha^   to  sing 

i]  1.  to  sin^f  gaai;  git  g&iil;  al&pu&. 
\ie  cheerful  birds,  of  sundry  kinds,  do  ehani 

sweet  rauaie.  Spenter. 

kdiU  hk^t  he  pancKkX  apn\  opnl  holl  holte  haih, 
ymnsj  lae  se  parhQ& ;  nirt  k. ;  rijb^Qa. 
le  birds  chant  melody  on  every  bush.     Skak, 
aJahl  pakherU  pdt  pfit  par  rat  Irl  boU  hokh. 
hymns f  bbi\jaQ  gani. 

[Skr.  gdyanay  A.  gind  siaging]  1.  song, 
it;  bbajan.  2.  twing,  gbuaghun&bat. 

n.  gavai j& ;  kalwvat.  [sabab-kbwan. 
Mr,  n.  kiiiLkaf ;  marg ;    inarg-i-sabar ; 

lin  thi4  homestead  lived,  without  a  peer, 
crowing  loud  the  noble  chanticleer,  Dryden, 
xurg  thd  khaeh-navd  makdn  mek, 

na  tha  jitkd  hU  jahdh  meh.  F.  C. 

If  n.  lae  se  pa^hni. 

o.  kbaaq&h ;  dbarmsalft.  [haytlU. 

I.  I.  unorganized,  matter,  m&dda-i- 
isTrder,  gadtnad;  gb&l-mel;  abtarl; 
ni  barb  ami.  [bam ;  misl  buyflUU 

adj.  gadmad;  gb&l-mel;  darbam-bar- 
eap,  dher ;  atala ;  todab ;  arob&r. 

0.  pbatnE.         [i-&dml ;  bbal&  m&nas. 

1.  jaw,  jabra ;  jabir&.  2.  fellow,  mard 
>a  are  a  fine  chap  (or  fellow). 

iia  bhl  achchhe  log  ho, 

I.  cbboUL  girj&.  [a  karne-y&Ii. 
If  n.  kuari  aurat  ki  mub&fiz  j&  cbauk- 
U  V.  a.  cbauk&I  j&  bif&zat  k. 

)IL,  adj.  raunb  latkae  y&  lacb&tf ;   shar- 

b ;   sar-nigOn. 

.,  n.  padri. 

cy,  n.  padri  Id  jagab,  y&  &8&mT. 

II.  [Lat.  caput,  H.  kapdt  the  bead]. 

^or  tfie  head)  sebra ;  b&r.  [Dryden, 

ith  chaplett  g^reen  upon  their  forehead  placed. 
s  phahh  kd  tekrd  tohe. 

79arp,  m&lS.;  tasblh;  sumami. 

irch,)  lattQ.  [ley&. 

i.  D.  g&bak;  kharid&r;  mushtarl;  mol 

n.  I,  (of  a  book)   b&b;   addhyi;  ad- 

[ant  tak. 
I  the  end  of  the  chapter.     Bdh  he  akhlr  yi 

EccL)  p^drion  ki  majlis.  [samub. 

(rf  aeciderUe,  majmCLa-i-h&ds&t;  biti- 
*  of  the  quran,  surat. 
house  or  room,  n.  p&drion  ki  majlis. 
roxiaadari  kam. 
hen  thou  hast  done  this  char, 
give  thee  leave  to  play.  Shak. 

b  ttl  yeh  kdm  har  Ugd  iyjhe  khdne  ki  chhuUl 

a.  jbulasaft ;  jal&Qi ;  bhulasnft. 

Char,  r.  [Skr.  kri,   P.  kdr,  H.  kar  do]   roziiia- 
d&ri  par  k^m  k. ;  lAm  pHrfL  k.  y&  bbugt&ua. 
That  char  is  charred,  as  the  good  wife  said 
when  she  had  hanged  her  husband.      Prov. 
Nek-bakht  ne  jab  khoMam  ho  mSrd,  boll  *kdm  ah 
band  hamSrd.* 
Character,  n.  1.  etamp,  m%rk,   chinb;   nish&a; 
nisblni ;  al&mat.  2.  letter,  figure,  sign,  auk ; 
&nk;  hindsa;  akshar;  barf. 

^.  distin'Uive  qucUitMs,  BiihhAo;  gun;  kb&- 

siyat;  khaslat;  sirat.   4.  decided  qualities, 

kb&ssa;  khusCLsyat;  aookhapan;  nir&l&-paD. 

He  ha^  some  character.   Ue  nuh  htkcKh  kkdtea  hoi. 

5.  coudu^,  cb&l  chalaD  ;  taur  tarlqa ;  vaza ; 
rang  dhang ;  ravaiya ;  bart&o. 

He  gives  him  a  bad  character. 
Woh  u$e  burd  battdtO  hai. 

6.  good  qualities,  nek-uami;  nam. 
He  beurs  a  good  character. 

Unhi  bdt  banl-huX  hai. 

7.  (tn  a  «fory)  ikka;  fard;   ajUba;   {in  a 

play)  swing;  naqi;  tamiisba. 

To  assume  or  represent  a  character, 
JUp  yd  bhet  bharnd  ;  bahrUp  gdhthnd. 

8.  certificate,  neknami  ki  chittbi ;  sanad- 
i-liyaqat ;  sanadi-khiishnCldi-i-mizaj. 

9.  competency,   baisiyat ;  adbk&r ;  ikhtyir. 
In  his  official  character. 

Apne  ohde  h  haisiyat  te. 
a  had  character,  bur&  a  ImT ;  bad  ma&sb ;  G.  G. 

im  aisumed  character,  banavat;  dikb&va;  tasan- 

no;   lifafa;  qalai. 
Characteristic,  n.  kb&ssa ;  kbusOsiyat ;  gun. 
Characteristic,  adj.  roukbUis;  jog.  [masbbark. 
Characteriie,  v.  a.  makbsQs  k. ;  u§Lm  deua ; 
Charade,  n.  ek  pabeli  jiski  bajh  ek  lafz  ke 

tulqfe  jo^ne  se  nikalti  bai. 
Charcoal,  n.  lakri  ka  k«)eli;  koeljL 
Charge,  n.     1.   custoe^y,   supurdagi;    havala; 

tabTil;    rakhvili;    simme-v&ri;  ebtimam; 


*Tis  a  great  tharge  to  come  under  one  body's 
hand.  SheJc 

Ek  ddmi  se  Unl  nmmS'ftdri  kab  ho  sakti  hai  t 

2.  charge,  hukm ;  iggya ;  farmiu ;  irsbad. 

3.  commission,  mansab;  ikbtvir;  adbldlr. 

4.  person  or  thing  entrusted,  sbakbs  y& 
shaS  supordab ;   aminat. 

5.  business,  kar;  kam;    adbk&r;   k&r  mu 
favvazab  6.  accusation,  nalisb;  ilzim;  illat. 

7.  exhortation,  Biki^^;  bidayat. 

8.  cost,  l&gat;  kbarob;  mol;  qimat;  dim. 
His  charges  are  moderate. 

Woh  vdjH  ddm  Ut/I  hai. 

He  bailt  it  at  his  own  charge. 

Us  ne  ise  apni  girah  se  bandyd. 

9.  o^^odE^  obarb&i;'dbawi;  htlli;   hamla; 
faig-kasbi.  10.  crirne,  ilzin;  illat. 

charge  of  a  gun,  birfld ;  kirttU. 
contingent  charges,  siir  kbarcb. 
extra  c^uzrgs,  ttpri,  fUlttl  yi  zayad  kbarcb. 
false  eharga,  jbatf-nillsh ;  jhOt&  ilz&m;   mit- 
thyi  bid. 






m  4harg%  ikbtjir  noA;  bariUitjIr. 
m  0n^*  tkoiftf  kill  ke  ikbiiyir  meiL 
Mkdtf  VMT  ekmtf0f  klm  MmftpDi  jt  tapnid  k. 
'  €aie  eharfe  «/,  apne  ehtemlm  yt  tahTil  me& 

fakboK;  kirftoat  me&  raklini;,  Sipixe  siiunit 

lent;  apne  adhkir  me&  rakluii. 

l9  make  a ^harge^  hilUl.L ;  db&yft  k. 

to  Mtfiitf  « 'Charge,  hilU  bdnft. 

CluiXg6|y.  a.  1.  &iy«rm|^i9fi|dlianil(;^llli&, 

2.>&{,  bkanii;  ^ilnft. 

Tkt  cIou4«  an  «iUwy«{  with  dUeMflttj. 
AbfaZ  69140  Mofv  Am  M*. 

3.  Uf<rtf9^,  lau&piii;  saparcL  yft  havilek. ; 
tah^  mei&  daaft;.  i.  a^M,  tlkld  k.;  hidft* 
jat  k.;  iggyft  yft  hukm  k«;  Inhtd  k. 

6.  (ar  a  liur)  dharnt;  UgtiA;  klAdhnft. 

6.  (Of  a  <ieM)  kiAb  yi  kahl  mdk  likhoft 

Sehafbinft.  7«««ipifie»  uabftt  L^  taalluq 
;  muttabim  k;  lagftidL, 

8.  /Md  (m  a  ^imX  bhanA;|hi8ii&;  |bAailL 

9.  r%9k  mfw^  hilli  k.;  dhivi  k.;  hanli 
1c;okafhiIk,;  faol-kasblk. 

ekarge  in  tmm^  liyidak  dim  leai;  bafMl  dim 
l«ui^  barbtf  leni. 

CauTgMUe,  adj.  linune^r;  qtbiM-mtthtU 
Ckltfga^AlOrinii   a.  ekshl;    dflt;  madirvt 
mab&oL  [P^i^  gh0|ft. 

ChATger,  n.  Mft-jaog  \k  gborft;  twraog;  bl^; 

And  furious  every  fkaa^wr  neigML  (kmiftM, 
Zage  tab  jnnffi  gkoft  AinAtndM. 

Clunrget,  n.  kharcba^  akhr&jat;  mot&lba. 
ojflce  chmrgeif  daftar    kt  kharch;  akhr^^t-i- 

kachabrL  fyat  se. 

ChaTtty,  ad¥.  bMbyM  se;  cbauksl  se;  kift- 
€iiariii6B3,  n.  hesby&ii;  ktTyl&-pan;  ^haoktl; 

Ohasdatf  d.  [Sr.  r^r,  TL  dM  morel  glxi;  rath. 
First  moved  the  ekmrioUi  siter  Wkoa  tke  foet. 

JKy«  ekali  raik,pif4,  piMtekaUpMiSmL 

Charioteer,  n.  ratb-b&n ;  g&r?-b&n ;  8&rthL 
Chiuritable,  a4|<   I«  benevolent,  kliair  ohibne- 
V&1&;  khi»r-khw&b;  aek;  bka]&;  nek-uTyat 
A  Charitable  ntsn  w  the  true  lover  of  God.   Prov. 
Z/pkAri,  dkarmm^4kdH,  Prov. 

A  CharUable  nan  gives  evi-ei  4die  door«  tmi<Mi 
puts  iaet  tke  window.  IVov« 

jlkUdr  dew  dar  pe,  amr  dAUk'^me  atidar, 

2.  {giving  (Ami)  ^%XIL\  khali-fttl/  mukbai- 
jar;  punyitnii, 

3^.  lUeralmindedy  darjl-dil;  (falyllz ; muasif. 
aharitaUe  dUpeneary,  khairiti  sbafa-kbina. 
Charitably,  adv.  mebrlt&ui  ae^  lLrip&  Be« 
Charity,  a.  {A.  titmitfU]  1.  iene¥9lene€y  bhal&I; 
nek'iilati;  kh«dr4diw&hi;  sakhilvat. 
To  buy^earisno  ekarMif. 
MakAgA  4MrUn€  hnckk  takkdvat  ntMh  hmi. 

%  <dms^  <l&a;   pua;   Bad&«bart;  laagar; 
cak&t;  khair&t;  bela ;  bar. 

CkarUif  Regies  et  home.  Prov« 

AvvoZ  kkak^  b^d'hM  darvefh.  P.  Prov. 

<i  ndkd  kdhU  sXirsi,  apnok  iU  fte  ds. )       Prov. 

vat;  fiityU;  imif. 

The  hk^eet  esMrebe  of  ehttrfif^eftmUnr^ 
WMdii  the  anohariUUe.         '  SmShmbmt. 
Mwft  k0  9Mk  ftAoldr  hamUf  edm  MelA  ML 
To  1»  pk^  ke  pkul  kaik,  M  l»  JM^  MniL 
For  tborps  that  pi:^  fiaU  eofs  do  yoa  hoi 
flowers  eet»  -  [more  ioweia  hege^) 

Hie  thorns  Shiv'e  trident  beer,  rour  wmwn 
The  dUfJCMt  thi*  eoothei  sad  h«a^  airf  blem. 
Are  aosttersd  at  the  feet  ei  neglihe  BfimmUi 

/{»  M&M*  ii  AarteC  e  CnM^  alfllAi  Msti^ 
ffaikkakHjttiupkaiwok  ituM  hi  j»f  tele  F.a 

dharanx-aili,  kbahAt4lAu^  aip«tlilyTag;aua. 
ckmrUy  tijs— ^W,  -  -dWiweWy^^^mi;  fukpon  kt 

paH;  baehofaejokhairlitsaplla^UtaL 
AaarUy  garh^  kbaixtti  kaipfe;  pim-baatr. 
Parity  Umdi^  kmdi  amigiuA  fit  ikariMU 
purpotet^  Urmhotar;    dyottiar;  faiahA-fclt; 
piria;  krUhn-ir-pan;  aimroa;  fiMjUa. 
ckirity  9dtool,  khairtti  maktab  yl  ttiadraaa. 
sitUrM  4^  ekarUyy  dbdMs  b^yUj  bjUu 
Chtxiwi,  su  meakhara  akhb&r.        {bhagalyi. 
Chftiflfttan,  n.    stn;   abn-haldm;    banivatli 
ChArlea*-wain,   n.   aaptwfat;    dubb4«Uia^ 

girdiaak;  khatolE;  Uahti-i-niai. 
ChinBi  xu  {Skr.  karm  ttoiA  AnP  ta  do.] 

l.amagie  epett,  jidtt;  mamtarj;   te(ki; 
jldAtonl;  mflth;  aihr;  eliriUK 
S.  etmulet,  t&wb;  gaiid&;  jantr. 
3i.  faaeimmtionf  mob;  fareftagL 
The  ckamm  of  beauty.  Farek  4  krnn.  [so«LI%fa 
Ckttrwu  striiie  the  sight,  but  merit  wins  the 
€khab  ckkaU  mtkkiydh,  gum,  kmre  kiyi. 
Cham,  V.  a.  1.   in/luenee  magicaily^  jidtt  y& 
$oiii  k.;  j&da  chalftni  y&  pbenkni;  jidt  yi 
mantar  phthnkna;  mantr  pa^bna;  tiwla  d.; 
mtlth  mimi;  pujyi  pheokni;  urad  nArai; 
burki  dUni.  2.  /oMtnate,  mob  leoi;  mobui; 
mohnrk.;  mohit  k. ;  farefba  k.;  lubhini; 
dil  leni;  ishiq  bananft;  mafUln  k. ;  abeflt'a  k. 
Muaie  the  fienoest  grief  «aa  4!kaniL  PipL 

Mdg  ranj  ko  kk%l-eid  kmL 
They  on  their  mirth  and  dance  inteat* 
With  jocund  music  cAarst  his  ear.         MiitwL 
Wok  maarltf  f#i  ittf cA  r<Ag  mek  jo  the, 
Rijhdyd  eun&  ri.ymakgal  «se.  F.  C. 

Charmer,  n.  L  emkatUer^  jidt.-gar;  mantri; 

tonhi;  sahir.     2.  {^>eioved  ene)  maa-mohan; 

maA-haran;  mehni-^Urat ;  oliit-oher;   jin; 

jani;  dil-nibi;  dil^bar;  nizoln;  aanam. 
Charming,  adj.   sohioni;  mobni;  rijUifl;  dil- 

Tubi;  dil-slTee;dil-fareb;  fu8an-838.[cbbab  se. 
Charming^,  adv.  rijhivat  se;  naz  se;  adi  se; 
Gharnel'heiue,  n.   harvA^;   marghat;   murd- 

ghatti;  qabar;  turbab. 
Charry,  adj.  ko8H-*. 
Cnort,  n.  [Lat.  eharta,  A.  qirtde  paper] 

1.  marine  map,  daryiyi  samandar  ke  kinl- 
i:^  ki  naqsha ;  naqaba-i-sabil ;  naqsha-bahri. 

2.  deedy  likhat;  likhtam;  lekb;  dast-ives. 
globular  ckeirty  gole  ki  naqaha. 




jtlaiu  ekort,  Daqsha-inustaTl. 
tapojrafltieal  chart,  chhoti  jagah  lA  naqihft. 
ChtttCTi   n.     1.    deed  of  grant,    aanad;  ahd- 

■Amft;  pktti;  hiU-nSma;  ndhkkr-patr. 
3.    (/rOBi     Um     kinjf)     Aj-patri;  niud; 

p&rrina;  altamga,  [istehq&q. 

3.  priniege,     adhkli;     haq;     ikhUjftr; 

4.  (.Va<(^.)Jabid  iqr&r-nimi. 
Qxrter,  t.  a.  1.  ettablUA  bj/  charter,  sanad  d. 

5.  a  «Atp,  jahb  kirftif  par  den&. 

A  ihip  thirUnd  lot »  vofua  to  Cileutta. 
Jai4*  KalkatU  tak  if  iakrl  tafar  in  Urdf  drjd. 
'P^tJt  n.  jahlii  iqrtr-ii&m&.         [yifta. 
adj .  1.  jn-on^iAJ  tvif  A  a  i^r<«r,  sanad- 

orttrcd  oompADj.      /nmJdt-i-Mnn't-yfftaA. 

S.  frivUeged,  it-ikhtiy&r ;  adhlArl.  [adhkSr. 

~"~    n.   diTi  ikhtiy&r-i-maaivl;  Allt.  U 

■,  a.  dia  kl  luukar;  ros  par  k&m 

kune-T&lL  [shar. 

(knj,  adj.  ot  kanift-TilE;  kii^jBtl;  lufiiyat- 

Tbit  diariM  maid  in    prodigkl  aaoug^  if  ibe 

aninuk  h*r  buatj  to  tha  mooD,  Slat. 

Jotkhar  iMx  ofHia  moA  ke  dUJiiyt, 

Ta  hoMkordi  maJtr^  iw  gaij  ek  luUgi.     F.  C. 

Hm  riug  npatatioB  mado  blm  mora  eharg  of 

hi*  bma.  J^rtf-     Jokjok  ntm  iarkid  gagi 

wwk  qp^  (AoAral  ^  pit  ifidah  tan*  lagt. 

aULM,T.a.  1.  Aunf,  shikirk.;  aherni;  &khet 
k. ;  aaid  k.  S.  purwue,  pIchlA  k. ;  piehhe^ 
nft;  ngediA;  khaderns;  talqqub  k. 

Ouua,  T.  a.  khodnl ;  kanda  k.  (Eaohaae). 

Aim,  □.  [It.  eaeeiare,  from  Lat.  eaptare,  H. 
pakdf  seue.]  I.  hunting,  shik&r;  aher; 
lkhet;aaid.  BeasU  of  cA(u«.  Shikari  j&Hvar. 

2.  pvrtmt,  pIchhA ;  taiqqub.  S.  ^omt 
lamled,  ahikSr,  4.  hunting  ground,  ahik&r- 
glh;  ramai;  mirg-BaU.     fi.  {Print.)  fiurai. 

mm  if  a  jrwa,  nil ;  nftIL 

Chanif   n.     [Lat.    eAtuma,   Per.    cAaa&nta   an 

•ffllet.]  daitr;  darz;  chik;  shi^f ;  rakhnL 
Auwvr,  Q.  flipibi;  sartr. 
CfeHts,   adj.   aftft   Bad;  patl-briti;  {Ak;  pftk- 

diman;  |AkIxa;   p%rs&;  asmatT&lI;  aflfah. 

A  ola«<<  >ja  eiilfl*  Itoantloui  toolii,  Prov. 

m  nomr  tc  (Jainc   Aur[   wnor  hoJI*  'Wr  MJbl. 

OMtelf,  adv.  pikliagi  ae ;  pnvitr-til  ee. 
Chutrai,  1.  a.>rr«cf,  tl>Ik  y&   darost   k.; 
■udliini& ;  gosbmill  d. ;  (k^ilb  k. ;  hu&  d. 

3.  purify,  Dafs  mbui ;  indri  baa  k. ;  tap 
^  t«pub/i  k.  ;  jog  BadhnL  {aaSroL 

"W|  T.  a.  saai   d. ;  sjisat  k.;  tafao   k.; 

Paraota  thou  Id  eha&tite  aod  cnrrect  their 
ohildreo.  Vi/idain  ka  ajnti  budttkoh  M 
Uda  awr  pofinOJf  kanl  AShi^ 

He  that  eiattutUi  one,  ameadeth  numj.   Prtrr. 

TarH  mira,  TAA  UftpA  ProT. 

■MMnt,  n.  mtr  ;  saii ;  goah-m&U ;  kan- 
aintbi ;  tifan ;  Utir ;  ahlsaQ ;  thonkthUk. 
I  h>TB  bcnw  akufumenC,  I  will  not  offand 

taj   mote.    Mam  iw  tazi  poH,  pfur  qvtbr 


Oartitj',  Cautman,  n.  1 .  purity,  aamat;  iffat; 

ptrdl;  ^-dimaoTj  pftkbagl;  aat;  t^irat 

Chattibf  OBM  Uraiahad,  o«n  ba  teatorad  br  no 

art.    gmdlg*jaUk4ig*.  PMr. 

(y«bA  nU  kot  ■»&  UflH  jaUA  a*mt  act 
<%  Ayd.  Frov.) 

2.  freedom  from  obteaiitp,    tafU;  jrilkl; 
P&klugl;  Bbkistagl;  sbuat^. 

C.ioMlitg  ot  laagiuga.    SAduto^waMn. 
Cliat,  T.  u.  bat  cbit  k. ;  be-takalluf  gnftgfl  k. 
Cbat,  CMt,  Chmt,  n.  [H.  ehat  a  Bound]  bU  chit ; 
boll  chili ;  gap-Bhap. 

Sniiff  or  the  fan  lupplien  aaoh  pauas  of  dot.  FroT, 
Jab  iaUi  thamit  hai*  la  paniia  M  yi  huUi.  [kot. 

ChM.tnn,n.  [H.  tot  a  fort]  qila  ;  garhi;  mahal; 
Giatelain,  t&gfi ;  i&g^ ;  kardhanl 
CiuUtflli,  n.  cliltbast;   aabib;   bastu;   ashyK; 
ajnM;     mil-o-matA ;     at'ill;   mil-o-amwiil ; 
jiSd&d-maDqQla ;     atihjaii-manqQla ;     aaiaa ; 
badhnkborij'a;  latapaiQ;  auga^-k hangar. 
Qutttsr,  T.    n.    1.    talk  idly,ha.^batiai;  gap 
biokni ;  ba^  m^rni ;  bakvid  k, ;  bakv&s  k. ; 
baknii ;  bak  bak  k. ;  ratnL  2.  (the  teeth)  kat- 
katini ;  kark aftal.;  (diAt)  bajiA  i  dagdagkni. 
With  ckatUriaff  taath  and  biutling  hair  up- 
right. Shak. 
Dfit  b<^m  lagt,  mar  rflhgtt  Uart  ita  gat. 
ehaUer   (at  a    monkey),   kilkil&oi;    kikjfnt; 

Cauttor,  n.  ofaaf  cba^;  chat  oha^;  kat  kat; 
tenten  ;  kilkU&hat;  kicbki^fthat;gftp;  gap- 
shap;  ba^. 
Qutterbax,  Cluttarer.n.  HtftQl;  gappt;  bakkl. 
Chattf,  adj.  tdUOnl ;  bisy&r-go.  [ohigalDi. 

CiiAW,  CUuw,  T.  a.  [H.  ekab]  cbibn&;  chabtiia; 
CbMp,   adj.     aasti;    aast-iaoli     otr-ki;     kam 
mol    ka;  arzin;  kam-qimat;   kamkbarch; 
balks   mol     ki;  mande   bb&o   ka;    kamtl 

The  ekt^  buyer  take*  had  meat.  ProT. 

DJmiide  }o  mil  tattA,  pBvt  tharSbkiatla. 

(Ufakhgi  rove  ek  bar,  tatUrovt  Ur  kdr.   Pttiv.) 

Cheap  aw)    niaty.  Pro*.  Sa^a,  kkarAb  khmta. 

(JirlH  to-iOtft.  P.  PruT.) 

Where  there  are  ■  great  many  aellera  to  a  faw 

bnyera,  there  the  thing  to  ba    anld    will   bo 

efitep.  Loike.  [icoAM  atOl  toMA. 

Jahih  teAne-reU  ioJUc  aw    lem'taU  kam, 

Aeap  a*  dirt,    or   dog  cheap,    matt!   ke   mol ; 

kAiiriyoa  ke  mol ;  pint  ka  molnA. 

lo  hold  cheap,  T.  a.  haqlr  ji   adn&  Bamajhiii ; 

qadar  na  k. ;  khay&l  iia  k. ;  mitti  sa[n.ijhtia. 

CiuapOB,  V.  a.  1.  bargain,  mol  k.  y&  chuk3[i&; 

dim  ji  bhil')  k. ;  qlmitt  ohiikliia ;  mulanK, 

To  ab"pa  JD  CTowdi  the  daggled  fenulan  fiy, 
Pretend  to  eitapen  gi«d»,  but  mlbing  buy.  Sir^ 
Jhsndjhu'id  tar  Uri^h   tdrl  daurm  hit  Ixijdr, 
MoliolloiaiUfaMieii.UrtAtlcttabtr.      F.  C: 
2.  beat  down,  mol  jtbaUnS;  dam  tuitnA. 
ChBiplj,  adv.  aasta;  ardfi ;  DModL 
Ciieftpneu,  n.  8.istAi;  ar^ui ;  karo-qimatL 
Qtsat,T.a.  [H..jatndti> eaten] tiMf-nlioWiaint; 
daga   d.;    dam   d;    Jul    d'.:  bili.   baHiil; 
jb&Asad.;   butt&  dena;  dhoki  d. ;  jattil, 
CkMt,  T.  n.  kbntJu  k. ;  b«-lin&nl  k. ;  daglr 

ChBat,  n.  1.  impoitwt,  dam  ;  jldoBi;   dbaki; 
jot ;  chbat ;  butti;  dbauna. 

GHE  .] 

5.  oMwAe  ehm**,  ebiuijl;  dhanfliiji; 
dhot;dhokft-blii  digft  bii;  (hag;  d^pl* 
likrebl ;  wijtvi  ■^•mkr. 

Cha«tim)[,D.thk|}-biddyK;  ftl-cuikl ;  nhhal-bal ; 
dagl^b&il ;  dhoH-dihl ;  tlugU ;  dual-fiuftl ; 

CkMk,  V.  a.  1.  ruiraiH,  rokid ;  tlAmni;  thfti- 
tbdlfttkiiiKjbanil  k. 

3,  {ok  «m/),  rafl  k. ;  buid  k. ;  dftr  k. 

1.  reproM,  ^tul;  ^kpntnl;  (okBl;  nr- 
nniah  k. ;  ghu^akuk ;  ghq^fa  d. ;  maUaut  ^ 

4.  fteoMiit'  OK  aeeoiaU,  jlAobnl ;  pxfOlidt^ 
millot;  bidh  milLoi;  imtebia  k.;  jUA 
losl;  maqtbiUk.;  ■afibhlliA 

To  Atdc  »ii  aoeaant  EitUjakdat  yi  ftfUi'M. 

6.  {m  (A«h)  kisbt  1 ;  ahkb  d. 

4.  licfc  </,  nuhlD  k.  ji  diliA ;  ■nld  k.  ji 
likhtA ;  jUa  UgliA. 

Tb  etoat  tha  itMtti  in  •  UIL 

PiMwb  M  raqwuk  ^^Mbt.  [rok  bfl**- 

<U!t  induttrg,  paidivkd,  hir&  ^  t|^t  pa 

(&Mk,  a.  1.  rMfroiJif,  rok ;  atkto  ;  ftnuAdb; 

Ef;    tok ;    buidbej ;   mudhamAt;  miunl- 

luuit  {  abt ;  d&bio ;  imitUd ;  qild. 

2.  Jm  Aett),  kUht ;  ■bih. 

To  gin  a  ei«L  (CSiMt)    Slat  dtML 

3.  (eblA)  ohftr-kh&ua ;  ihakkai^pii^ 

4.  M  OMONntf ,  jUoh  ; '  pHttll ;  ma<^bl« 
mm  imteh&o.  5.  &(ft,  bandl ;  flp ;  ntqq*; 
ohik  i  biL  6.  a  marl,  nishln ;  alftmftt ;  raid. 

Cksek-olnk,  n.  pBTUll;& ;  liiUb  kl  pa; tU  kftr- 

CkMk-mate,  n.  abah-nilt ;  kiabt-tnSt 

CkMkwr,  Cltflqnw,v.a.&i«  lAth  dllnl  yftkfaeiiioh- 

nl ;    shatntnj    ke   bjs&t  kl  m&aind  raAg  ba- 

laiig  k. ;  chtr-kb&na  jl  abakkar  pl.n  ba- 

nlDi  ;    chuuk   pQrut ;  dnruD^   k. ;    cbap, 

ablaq  ji>  aHri  haiAu&;  ba-qalaiuOA  k. ;  n&n 

barangfi  baiiLuE.  [lindgL 

a  Aequered  U/e,  bylt-i-bflqalamOA  ;  burf   bball 

Cheeksr 'board,  n.  abatraiij  kl  tnes ;  takhta-i- 

iiard ;  bia&L  [rukbdr ;  uAr. 

ChMk,  n.  [Skr.  kapot]   1.  gil ;   kall& ;  kapo] ; 

2.  *liare,  biiig ;  bakhia  ;  bUsa. 

All  to  bii  own  duti.    Sab^ntliitittt, 

3.  unptuienee,  sbokhl ;  gaatlkbl. 
eKeel  by, jowl,  p&s  [As  ;  lAt  sit  ;  Kamrlb. 
rotythteked,  lili-rukh  ;  gnl-uiir, 
Clisek-bima,  n.  ^I  kl  had^ 
Cheek-tooth,  n.  d'<rb  ;  jfcfh.  [thapakDi. 
Cheep,  T.  a.  ohepn&  ;  puchk&nit ;  piiob^rl  d. ; 
Cheep,  V.  n.  ohaA  ohafi  k. ;  chIA  ohifi  k. 
Cheer,   II.  ^Sp.  eara.  Per.  r}uihi-&  the  coUDtsD- 

ance.]    I.    tpiHtt,    chuhal ;    cbahal-pahal ; 
tinda-dill;  khiuh-tabHl;  khuBbmiEljl 

I  h»e  Dot  tkkt  BlacritJ  of  apiiiti,  [Slut, 

Nor  cktir  ol  mind  that  I  wm  iroiil  to  luia. 
Ab  hihoii  Aot  leok  jotK-i-tindak-dttl, 
Khiuk  miiA/ijo  nujk  mek  paUt  MI  t  P.  C, 

2.  entertainmeTil,  bhcjan;  kldnt ;  tanlco; 
lijtfat ;  s&mkn-i-d&Tat. 

Suialt  chttr  tad  grtnt  weleoma.  Umlc. 

»2  GHE 

jr<a  UH*  Ut  Ittktt  kaL  Pr«r. 

Wli«ij(dod«UriilMUi«  ow  ftted*  MB 
_  banakbf.  mm. 

if«  aUff,  McU  fifM.  ..     ftpi. 

S.    gyplaiiWt  jaiklrft;  4b  irtdt;.  ififo; 
gnnbid;  tabila;  nuuiwbl. 

Pita  ftnf  I  jgifclrJ  Am. 
Cheer,  t.  a.  1.  gladttai,  dil  jl,  jt  bahUiA;  Jl 
khuahk.;  praaank.  t.tiMwvf,  SH  be^i^- 
id ;  hinmiat  bal^dhliA 

To  dlMT  hnoad*  In  a  chase. 

KM*  Ice  MitrktfiieMu  lathkSma. 
i.  eoMfi>H,  diUm  d.;   dliiras  d.;  taMUf 
d. ;  taabaffl  d. ;  taakln   d.';  khstir-jama  kl 
ditjamal  k. ;  tblk. ;  tar-o-tazil  k.  '     ' 

TlMproodhatiOMd,  thspeniunt  he  e(«fW. 

1  ^vptaud,    rth    Mb    k.;  riobldil  <»; 

kaiaar  tboktd;  kfitt  k.  i  ^ 

<o  dugf  itjttbtvf  good  eA«*r,  t.  n.  jt  aa  hllUt^ 

faimoat  bUdhuk;  badiebbh  h. ;  iMgaa  h, 

GUerer,  n.  dll-baUlo;  ankh-dU;  tijbk;  Inaa. 

dl;  fivbatbakbah ;  taaUu-bakkab ;  taiifltn«h. 

BdSton  if  lb*  gwaUtt  nvIiw  i4  OabMt 

and  ilw«'  of  Uw  apiriU. 

GBw*lfiil,  Oheeif,  a^j.   baahshiih;  ahU;  afaiid- 
mka;  dil-abkd;  liadaHlil;  maoaii. 

A  many  hiut  makatli  a  ektmpd  nnnnf^ann 
Pn>T,    BnA^t  U  lonMMk  «Mra. 
CheerfhllT,  CheeiU J,  adv.  kbiuhl  ee;   dilae; 
dil  de-ke;  abauq  ae ;  air-UkhnA  ao;  ba  aar-o- 
chaabm;  bit-dil-u-jlu ;  jl  j&n  ae. 

Ha  baua  hii  miifortuDei  c\ter/iUlf, 
Wok  AoAri  UmU  iipM  jiulu  kmi. 
Cheerftllneaj,  u.  liuda-dill;    khuab-tabal;  pra- 
aantli;  kbuahl;  kbuabl-o-kburramlibaihahi- 
ahl;   ahldtnlDL 
Oheerleai,  adj.  udia ;  aun ;   be-raunaq ;   noblt ; 
;  maiida ;  murda.  [S,p«aMr. 

Iff  ohMrfuI  d»  u  turnad  to  eimrUi*  aighk 
Jbumd  ka  din  dutk  tlrOtliCfai. 
Gheeileiineii,   n.    aanu&U;  be-raunaqI;siuU; 

mnndT^i;  ud&d. 
-jeeie,  n,  [Lit.  eatetu  H.  Mb  cord]  panlr. 
two  wkole  fhetta,  du  chaktl  paiilr, 
Cheei»>mlte,  u.  pauIr  ka  kirL 
OheeM-monger,  n.  panlr-faroeb. 
Caeeie-preu,  n.  pauIr  kl  afcnohl  ji  ahikanjl. 
Qjteeie  paitog,  n.  ohhiiit  ohbont;  kit-chhlAf; 

ibbU  chhkl ;  qaU  burid ;  Ukhflf;  kliiaaat. 
Cheete  rennet,  n.  p!intr-tD&v&.  rbakivaL 

Chef  n.   aardkr;    chaudliil;   (cook)  nuib-dir; 
Chef  d'ffiilTTS,  n.  umd&  k&m. 
Cheiroptera,  a.  chamgldaToA  kl  qiam. 
Chelonia,  u.  kachbron  ki  qism. 
Chemioij,  adj.  kImjU;  raa&yan  k&. 
ehemicat  affinity  [Phy*)  raaiyan-mel ;  kan-llg. 
Chemically,  adv.  klniiy&  ke  tHiir  ae. 
ChemloaU,  u.  pi.  klmly&  kl  cbUeA. 
Chendte,  n.  [A.    qamU]  qan.U;  kartab. 

n.  kf mlyK-gat- ;  nufciuijil.  | 




8  laboratory f  k!iniy&-8&s  \k  k&r-kh&oa. 

f  tkopt  dAT&-8&z  ki  dflk&D. 

ng  ehenustf  ouskhe  b&£Lclhne-v&l& ;  atUr. 

kiy,  n.  [A.  Aimyd]  (Phys.)  ilm-i-kimiji ; 

astbiddji;  rattao-vidd j& ;  ras&jan. 

ie  chemistry,  kimlj&-i-m&danj&t. 

ehemiitry,  kimiy&e  haivin&t  aur  Dab&tftt. 

U  or  applied  chemistry,   klin!y&-i-amall 


wiietry,  klmiy&-i-kh&li8. 

I,  D.  makhmid-ki  jhftlar. 

n.  huudi;  ruqqa;  chik;  bil;  tip. 
cheque,  hundi  k. ;  ruqqa  likhui. 
,  v.a.  [P.  khurish,  H.  chariSnd]  1.  nourish, 
i\  p&ln&;  parvarish  k.;  seni.  2.  hold  dear, 
&Bamajhu&;   aziz  rakhu&  j&  jlnni;   ji 
1  meii  rakhna ;  &nkh  ki  putli  ji  tM^  sa 
u&;  hateli  )sa  chh&l&  bau&ni. 
the  memory,   yldg&ri  rakhn&;   kaleje 
jagah  d.  [&8  lag&tuL. 

vain  hopes,  kh&m  khaj&l  pak&ni;  jhati 
er,  11.  1.  p&lak;  pSlau-h&r;  an-d&t&; 
;  murabbi;  parwarish-kuuinda. 
(in  Comp.)  -parwar ;  -nav&z,  elierisher  of 
oor,  garib-parvar  banda-uaT&z  {support- 
the  slave). 
,  n.  (Cor,)  churat. 

n.    ala-b&la;   Bh&h-d&na;  nasbd&na; 
er    cherry)    k&kuaj;     valayatl  mako; 


rry  year,  a  merry  year ;    a  plum  year,  a  dull 
r.  Prov.    Sanu  men  g^Lnde,  kdl  meh  her,  Troy, 
n  BUgarcaue  thrivee  a  good  year  ^ou  will  see. 
m  plums  are  in  plenty  a  famme  will  be.) 
>randy,  sh&b-dine  k!  sbarab ;  l&l  Bbai-^b. 
adj.  Hurkh;  l&l. 
lueked,  adj,  lal&-uz&r. 
n.  [Heb.  heruh.  Per.  herroli,'] 
angel,  karrob ;  farishta.    2.  a  beautiful 
aundar-balak ;  khflb-sarat  la^ la.   [sifit. 
c,  adj.  farishta-kho ;  farishta-sft ;  malakl- 
;he  cherubic  host,  in  thousand  cboirs, 
1  their  immortal  harps  of  golden  wires.  Milton, 
Ktoh  ne  mandlijamd  ek  haxAr, 
rd  abad  k&  tonahri  sitdr,  F.C. 

m,  n.  pi.  karnibiyan;  farisbte. 
t,  Chestnuty  n.  sh&b-biltlt. 
bay,  surai^g. 
I.  sbatrauj. 

%t  chess,  shatranj  kbelna.         [sbatranj. 
mrd,  D.   takhta-i-nard ;   bis&t  ;  bis&t-i- 
layer,  n.  shatrauj-b&z ;  Bb&tir. 
I.  [Skr.   chJiad  to  cover] 

wooden  box,  sandilq ;  petl. 

lis  heart  was  as   hard   as   the  iron   ekut  in 

which  he  kept  his  gold.     (Said  of  a  miser). 
7»kd  dil  aii/l  kafd  thd  jai$&  lohe  kd  sandilq  jis 

meh  wok  apnl'asharflyda  rahhld  thIL 

^lorax,  sfna;  sadr :  cbbfttf ;  (6ftnli)pot&; 
3.  coffin,  tibdt ;  sandflq. 
drawers,  alm&rl ;  dar&z-d&r  almSrf. 
Md  by  nightt  a  ehsit  of  drawera  by  day. 
^dsmUk.  Mi  ho  palahff  aw  din  msk  aUnSri, 

Cliost-fSonndeT,  n.  cbb&tl  bbar  j&d&  ;  Bloa  band 

bo  J&U&. ' 
Cheval  gUuii,  n.  ba^a  aiua. 
Caevalier,  n.  sQr-blr;  bah&dur;  jodbi. 
Oliew,  v.a.  [H .  chdb]  cb^lboft ;  chab&u& ;  cbigalnft. 
chew  the  cud,  1.  jug&il  kani&;  jug^lo&;  pugbr&- 

u& ;  p&gbur  k    2.  rwm'male,  Bocb  bicb&r  k. ; 

Boch  men  rabuft. 
Chiaro  oseuro,  n.  dhtlp-cbb&& ;  dhflp-8&y&. 
Ohioane,  OUcanery,  n.  t&l  rnatol;  db&6-dal; 

her-pber;  er&  pherl. 
Ciiick,  CJuckin,  n.   [A.  a  dcen,   Prov.   Ger. 

kuchtn,  H.   kukkc^,  Per.    chUza^    1.  cbdza; 

bachcha ;  cblug^ ;  pH ;  obboti  murg! ;  paf tb&. 
You  are  counting  your  chickens  before  they 

are  hatched. 
Turn  to  tnan  ke  ladda  phorte  ho, 

2.  a   person,    bacboba;    nannS;   cbl&gl- 
pote;  pattb&  [mittbfl;  tot&;  l&l. 

3.  a  term  of  endearment,  maini ;   cbL[y& ; 
Chicken-broth,  n.  chOze  k&  aborbs. 
Ghicken-hearbad,  adj.  4^r-pok;  tbu^-dilft ;  buz- 

dil;  buz-dil&;  gfdar. 
CMcken-poz,  n.  motiy&-8!tl& ;  kodw&. 
Ciiick-pea,  n.  chanS ;  bUnt ;  anktl ;  jhaAgrl. 
CMde,  Y.  a.  [A.  S.  diidan,'  H.  jhirak.] 

d&tn& ;  jbii'dkuft ;  Bar-zanisb  k. ;  mal&mat 
k. ;  gbu^ki  d. 
Woe  to  the  house  where  there  is  no  chiding.  Prov. 
Aftos  us  makdA  par  tddlb  nahihjahdn  part 
Chide  him  for  his  faults.  Vh  ut-ks  qutUr  par  ddto. 

Chief,  adj.  [Lat.  eaptU,  H.  hapdl  head}pahlft;  pva^ 
tbam  ;  mukh  ;  bafU ;  avval ;  zaar ;  sir. 
This  is  the  ckirf  thing.    Bajri  bOttoyeh  hat. 

Chie^  Cliief cain,  u.  sar-dftr;  silir;  sarkbail; 

chief  city,  or  town,  ba^^l  shahar;  prisidh-nagar. 
chief  court,  ad&lat-ul-ftly&. 
chief  town,  kbas  shahar ;  balda ;  nagar.  [kax^ke. 
CMefly,    adv.    khusdian;    kh&s-kar;    bisheBb 
CUefiMp,  n.  Bard&ri ;  peahv&i. 
Ciiiffoniar,  n.  alm&ri ;  s&lbot 
GhilbLain,  n.  biw&I ;  biai&i.  * 
Ciiild,  u.  [A.    S.  did,   H.  chhokrd]  bachcha ; 

Ulak;  brU;  Ub&;  tifl;  khurd. 
ChHd:s  play.     Baehchoh  kd  kheL 
'Tia  a  wise  ehUd  who  knows  his  own  father. 

Prov.     Chdtur  ehhord  jdne  bdp. 
The  child  is  father  of  the  man.     Wordsworth. 
Jaiid  lafkA  waitd  javdn,. 
childstealing,     bSl-chari;  dOzdl-i-atfU ;   bach 

chUd  widow,  bSl  bidbvS. 
child-wife,  b&Mstirl ;  chboti  si  bahiL 
to  bs  with  child,   pet  se   h. ;  do  jl  se  hoD& ; 

garabh  se  L;'hamal  se  h.;    h&inl&  b.; 

ftdb&Q  se  h. ;  ummed  y&  Sb  se  hon&. 
Child-bearUig;,  n.  jannS ;  jan&p&. 
Child-bed,  n.  j&p&;  zacbagl. 
rMld-bed  fever,  j  Ip&juar. 
Child-Urth,  o.  j&p&-plr&;  dard-i-zeh- 
Child-hood,  n.  bachpaii ;  b&l-pan ;  bil-aTasthl; 

tifll;  tufOliyat;  khurdL 






'k   lUiill)  t 

kl  tf;     didMdlK; 


tifl&na;  tifl-miii\j. 

Wiien  I  WM  a  ohSd  I  tpAk«-  «i  «  eii!M«  I 
'  nsfXmfcood  m  a  «liUid»  I  tlioa||hl  -m  -a 
child,  bufc  whn  I  beaaoM  A  »4a  I,pul  MMqr 
MOiOa  thlogk 

JghmMhiiakOMioWUthUhl  toirak  MO, 
Mai!  Af  ft  tetttil  MM<9iU>r,  Mfiii'il  ]rtfi«ni4 
floeM;jMU'jdft«atib  imt§mML  to  4mMo4 

C94UlUilTf  adv.  bMlioha&  ji  laikpA  k&  rt^; 

IMlffiihumi  n.  JU|kiI;  lai»]c-p«a;  tifl-^utfaf. 
CUiildlMs,  a4j.  naptUA;  nuMaiitin;  be-auttd; 

Childlike,  adj.  baohdL'i&  kl  d;  taflftna.  [kothL 
CShild-mazdAr,  n.  G.  G.  bilak-gh&t;  baohoha- 
CMdraUt  n.    1.  h^ke-bile ;  baohehe ;  kaoh- 
badh;  kaobohe-baohoha ;  aylL 

8.  demmdonU, il-aalid;  ban!  fkaMlirm 
4f  Itradt  bani  IsiiO. 

Dear  an  oar  panota,  daar  oar  Mbirm^  Wr 
ttllalifrai,  oar  fritndi;  bat  our  ttHintif  la 
itaalf  embraoM  all  ol  tluae  aflMioaii. 
Mm,  jdtit  amr  bdhk  fiffMi%fqfdm  miir,pmr9§tt 

jiiyir.    IT.  C. 

CiWWi^ia  or]f  for  mlt  aud'applia,  and  oM  aMa 

for  fold  and  dlTor.  Prov. 

BiUak  mdkoik  m6,  n^Biri;   htffkt  mMk$$k 

{JftiUren  ara  poor  maa'a  rSoliaa.  Pkor. 

(Tartt  to  5adMf  iU  cUoa  Prov. 

Chili,  n.  Ul'iniroh ;  filfll-i-aurkh. 

Chill,  n.  [A.  S.  cple,  eele,  Skr.  MkU,  R4  «tf 

cold]  thir ;  thfurthar&hat. 

A  winter  ekiU.  Pok  md&  hMtr;  ekUU  taj^lflL 
ddll,  V.  a.  I.   Tnake  chiUy^  tharthariUi&;  (hit- 

E&ai;  thandy&Qi. 

When  winter  ehUM  the  day.  OoUmUk. 

Job  din  $ard  hone  lagd, 
2.  dUeourag$f   sard  k. ;  afsurda  k. ;  dil, 
y&  jl  totn&;  nlrla  k.;  Di-ummed  k. 
Chilled,  adj.  thithr&  htUl. 
Chilliness,  n/thir;  ^hand. 
Chilly,  adj.  sard;  thanda. 
C&ime,  n.  {0/  hllitj  ghantoA  kl  saiill  jhank&r. 
Chime,  v.  h.  (at  bslU)  ghantou  k&  suril&  bajn&. 
chme  in  toithf  h&u  meu  ii&ii  inil&ii&;  sar  meik 

BUT  milini ;  dam-tiwi  k. 
Chimera,  n.  1.  (Myth.)  ajib-nl-khilqat. 

2.  vain  and  wild  fancy ^     khiySl-i-b&til ; 
wahm ;  khiyaM-l&-tftil. 
Chimerical,  adj.  khiy&li;  be-asl;  nir-mtQ. 
Chimney,  n.   1.  passage  for  smoke,  dhttUM; 
dbanv&U;  dQd-dan. 
2,  glats  tube,  (Cov,)  chitnnl. 
chimney-corner,  angithi  j&  ohulhe  ke  kin&re. 
Chimney  piece,  n.  lakri  y&  patthar  kt  takhtl 

ju  angithi  ke  dpar  lagl  hul  hot!  hai. 
Chimney  'shaft,  n.  dhOan-uaL 
Ciiimney  sweep,  Chimney  sweeper,  n. 

chimDl  8&f  karae-v&la. 
Chimney  tax,  n.  cholha  kar. 
,  n.  bau  mftoas. 

chimbak;  nnakh-dilii;  miaili^'Mq^iB. '* 
tfhiaa,  b.  iMxL  China  wai«.    OkMhe'h^kOk 
Mfisa  dsMMMb^  ohinyi  bidim ;  mttgophaK.''!^ 
tkina  ro9^,cbob-eliIid. 
china  fOM^  aadH^Hlib. 
dUiieMghi  B.  4ibba;  hitbba-diftbbi. 
OUtte^u  1.  hoA  home,  (^  kl  haddl;  kukar  to 

XMa.   %.  (aU  for  cooking)  ri|^  ¥e  deao  tiraf 

kft  goaht. 
Ohiaase,  n.pL  eblril;  chlakeidml. 
Chinks  tau  [A.6<  aiM,  H.  eUandid.]  l.4k^^oimi, 

ohban  obbaQiki  ;  jhafikir  ;  jbai^aDlbck 
9.  sUl,  tAlr ;  tefdL;  dans ;  dartif ;  ifbigR-*' 
01iiBk,T.B.ehhanahbaBiiii;  ohhao  ekhank.; 

khan  khanittE ;  jhatinr  k.  [(AlAit 

tUMm,  n.  rOer.'  ik,  Per.  eUm,  H^  •eUbi|J 
Chip,  y.  a.  ^oUflnE ;  ehhiptf  xMsaA ;  AkohiiL 

CUp^  ▼•m.  rese  u|^ii&;  pattre  tttamii 
Ohipi  ah:^P9ii]i(»  n.  ohhipti;  oiihllam;>Vik|i>  -' 
A  d^^t  the  old  blodL    »  hkHH  •UMk 

Chifoiiuuioeri  n.  s&mudrikl;  (2W-)  a|afp<qpoi 
i  Clibromeiiqr,  n.  simndrik. 
Cidtbpodist,  n.  pairoft  ke  dfl  k&tne- 
Chiroptent,  n.  chamgldaf  kl  At  , 

Chirpi  u*  ohQ6-ch1Ui;  ohX^-ciilii;  ohaichi 
Qhix]^  T.  n.  [Dut  eirchsHt  H.  chitraM^ 

chh&-cbaii  k. ;  ohtii  ohift  k. ;  ohiohjliii; 
cbaichah&ui;  churakni;  rezk. 
Chirr,  t.  n.  ohiohyaD&;  ohQu-chflu  k. 

The  chirring  graMhopper.     CkiokySid  t4ddA. 
Chimrgeon,  n.  [Or.  chir,  Skr.  kar  hand]  jarrilh. 
Chimrgical,  adj.  jarrftiil. 
Chisel,  n.  [Skr.  kshar,   H.   chhil  cut]  oUieiil; 

t&uki;  rukh&ui;  hakkl;  nihanL 
Chiiel,  V.  a.  1.  ohbeni  se  If^i  k&tni ;  t&ikkihgl- 
ni  y&  m&rn&.  2.  cKea%  cbhaliiil ;  thagai. 

Why  is  a  carpenter  like  a  ewindier  t 

Becauie  he  ehi$eU  a  deal. 

Nil  (barber)  bad-mdih  kyoh  ktd  f 

li  vdtU  ki  mthdtd  kai. 


Chit,  n.  chUd,  bachoh&;  y&Q&;  nanbi;  nikki; 

DaDk&;  nena;  nl-b&lig. 
Chit,  n.  note,  chittbi;  raqqa;  parofai. 
Chit-chat,  n.  gap'shap;  bit  chit;  bEtefk.  [rodL 
Ciiitterlings,   n.    pi.   &ute&;    atriyii^;    aQl|i; 
Chiralric,  Chivalrons,  adj.  bah&dor;  ui-al^wD. 

Chivalry,  n.  [Fr.  eheval,  Skr.  cuh9,  Per.   asf,] 
1.  hughlhoody  birt&i;  dil&varf ;  bahftduif; 

u1-ul-azraL  2.  the  order,  sQr-blr ;  bah&dar. 
Chloroform,  n.    be-hosh    kame    Id  dav&  yi 

sbfib! ;  mtd  Iftne-vftll  ankhad. 
Chloroaii,  u.  (Med.)  safaida. 
Chock  a-block,  ChocVfall,  adj.  khaobi-khaoh; 

mtiiiba-mQuh ;  bhar-pUr. 
Chocolate,  adj.,  kakrezi;  l&kbl;  kbaiil 
Chaice,  u.  [A.  S.  ceosan,  H.  ehun,  P«ctoi  P^] 
1.  the  act,   pasaod;   pasaudidgl;    mard; 

chtiniA;  intikh&b. 





he  thing  chosen^  pasand;  pcisandlcia;' 
khab.  [khkb  k. ;  chhlikt  len&. 

ehoies  of,  pasand  k.,  ohiinDa;  inti- 
dj.  chlda;  pasandida;  qabil-i-pasand ; 
i;  umda;  tohfa;  uafis;  sresht;  uttam. 

[A.  S.  chor^  Lat.  chorus,  U»  gandharh, 
i>iU]  1.  a  company  of  singerB,  bhajan- 
ale;  gandharb;  qavv&l;  maiidli; 
.;  chauki.  [qavviil-g&h. 

part   of   a   churchy  gandharb-astbati ; 
.  a.    1.  mffocaUj  gala   gbotuH;  tet^ 
etE  dibD& ;  ga]&  tipDa  ja  dab&u&. 
J  swallow  a  camel  aud  be  cfwJctd  with   the 
tail.  ProT. 

If  nigal  jdeh,  avr  dum  se  hiehlHydh  ieh, 

lockup,  bh;irn& ;  &titn3. ;  mtSudn&;  band 
ga  ]ngaua. 

0  ^ohe  up  a  road,    Shtrnk  roknd. 
iifit,  dabftua;  rokna;  roarnSL. 
'.  n.  uiv&la  ja  tukra  ataknft;   ucbchha 
rah  y&  phauda  parna. 
Eunp,  n.  khan  ki  buii  havR. 
Q.  (Slang)  gala-ghout  gulfl>ba&d. 
1.     1.    biU,   pit;  safta.     2.   airabilit, 
3.  anger,  pitta;  chho;  gussa;  ros; 
;  krodh;  tamas;  itib;  gazab. 
holer  haten  a  counsellor.  Proy. 

'kho  aur  sikh  men  hair  hai, 
n.  haiza;  mtluh-pet;  hulki;  ninavl. 
isphyxla^  haiza  kar-ke  dam.ghutD&. 
mot  bus,  baize  ki  bimaii. 
!,  adj.  I.  abounding  toith  choler,  safnlvi; 
i.     2.  irascib'.ey  gussail;  cbhoL 
Choleric  men  are  blind  and  mad.  Prov. 

htut  nun  ddmi  andk&  aur  dlvdna  ho  jdtd  hai, 

1.  pet  plri;  dard-i-shikam. 
V.   a.   chunnE ;  pasand   k. ;  qubtXl  k. ; 
ir  k. ;  ikhtvftr  k.  [ura  d. 

.a.    I.  cut   off,    k&t   daln&;  qalam  k. ; 
Jkop  off  his  head  ?     Is'kd  sir  urd  do  t 

mince,  tukre  tukre  k. ;  qlm&   k. ;  qatle 

eza  reza  k. ;  chQr  k. 

tever,  chirna;  phai'D&;  chir  dala&. 

i  change,  adla  badli  k. 

ic,  mautiq  bagharua;  taqrir  ohh&i&tni. 

at,  qitna  k. 

p,    chab&    janK;    dairn^;    kha   j&Qa; 

jchan  k. ;  dht!ln>>na ;  bhakasna: 

one*s  words,  bat  chaba  jftna. 

.   1.  sHce,  tukiu;  para;  boti;  tikl^ 

quality,  raqam;  qism;  darja. 

Tea  of  the  first  chop.    Barh-H  ehd» 

iwal  darje  ki  ehaS, 

>iise,  D.  uan-bai  ki  dtlkan. 

ig»    adj.    inot§.;    motVtaza;     tntjar; 

h ;  gul-guthni.        [k&  takhta  j&  lakrL 

ig-block,  n.  th!j& ;  kunda ;  gosht  katne 

ig-knif 9,  Ciidpper,  n.  ohhuHL;  bugd&; 

)  ch&par.  [thothni;  bbasrIL 

n.    mouth,    mflub;    hont,    (Contemp.) 

i  the  chops,  eKapfcdUn,  mdi&h  utr&  huE. 

tV>  liek  one^B  clwp$,    Hoht  ehdtnd, 

ckB,  n.  bus  Id  ohimti. 

Choral,  adj.  rSg  IiJl;  git  k&. 
Chord,  n.  1.  string,  taut. 

2,  (Mtis,)  dhun ;  sur ;  bam-ahangl 

3.  (Geom,)  vatar ;  kamlQ  kl  dor!. 
vocal  chords,  bolne  kl  ragezt. 
Chordae,  n.  sQzak ;  pnrmeo ;  jiryan. 
Chorea,  n.  ilisha;  kap-kapi;  larza. 
Chorifter,  n.  qawftl ;  kalHwant ;  giyan ;  gaTat]r&. 
Choma,  n.antri;  asth&i;  tek;  nmkbtal. 
CkosML,  p.  p.  ohun&  ha& ;  cbida ;  muntakhab ; 

pasandfdab;  maqbtll ;  bar-guzlda;    xnauzQr. 
Ckongh,  n.  lal-choncb&  kavvi. 
GhouBe,  V.  a.  thagni  ;  chhaln& ;  mfindni. 
Chow-ohow,  u.  chiui  marabbft. 
CaiTilt,  Is&;  Masih;  Masihi. 
Ghriiten,  y.  a.  1.  baptize,  istib&g  d. ;  baptasmft 

d. ;  kirishtfta  k«;  Is&ik.  2.  denominate,  n&m 

d.  ya  rakhnlL ;  nam-zad  k. 
Christendom,  n.  iiasr&niyoia  kl  val&yat ;  mnlk-i- 

na8&r?l  is&i  log;  Da8&r&.  [kristSn  bananS. 
Ghriateniiig,  u.  bciptasma  de-kar  n&m  rakhna; 
Christian,  u.  IslI ;    Masih  k&  iiianne-y&l& ;   IM 

mazhab  \sSk  pairau ;  nasrinL 
Christian,  a<^.  nasran!;  Isvl;  niarlhl. 
christian  name,   voh  nam  jo  istibUg  ke  vaqt 

rakkha  jat&  bai ;  isal  nam ;  Is&ij-otii  kft  pahld 

Chriitianitjy  n.  Xsalmazhab;  dIn-MsvL 
Christmas  n.  ba^  din. 

ChriiimoM  comes  but  oooe  a  year.  Pror. 

BaroM  men  divdli  tk  din.  (Bar  rot  id  nesL,  ProT.) 

Christmas-box,  n.  baife  din   k&  tohfa  tahayaf ; 

bakhshish,  ya  inam  o  ikr&m. 
Christmas-day,  n.  masUi  ki  paid&Ish  kft  din ; 

bai4  din.  [huft. 

Chromo-Utliographic,  adj.  rangoiii  men  ohhapft 
Chromo-lithography,  n.  rangou  men  chhapna« 
Caron^c,  adj.  (A.  qam  age,  Lat.  chronos  time] 

purS.n&;  kobna;  niazmin. 
(Tronic  disease,   puraul-blmari;   marz-l-kohna ; 

marz-i-muzmin  ya  derinah. 
Chronicle,  n.  tawftrikh ;  sar-guzasbt. 
Chronicle,  t.  a.  tarikh  ya  ittih&s  likbnft. 
Chronicler,  n.  muwarrikh ;  tftrikh  likbnevalft. 
Chronogram,  Chronograph,  n.  nazm,   ya  nasr 

jiske   harilf  jam&   kame   se   t&rikb  ya  s&l 

malflm  ho;  m&dda-i-tarfkb. 
Chronologic,     Cnronolog^ist,    n.    vaqE^nig&r; 

muwarrikh.  [mutaalliq. 

Chronologic,    Chronological,    adj.   tiurikh  ke 
Chronology,  n.  vaqfte-nig&rT. 
Chronometer,  n.  eablh  y\  tb!k  gharl. 
ship's  chronometer,  jahaz  ki  gha^. 
to  rate  a  ehronometer,  gharf  thik  k.,  yft  dumst  k. 
Ciiryfalis,  n.  lltir,  patange   yagaiiah  kl  par 

nikalne  se  pahli  balat  va  sQrat. 
Chryaanthemnm,  n.  guM-d&Qdi. 
Chrysolite,  n.  laheanyft ;  ^abaijad.      \gi^  Tftl&. 
I  Chub>y,  ChnVfooed,  adj.  gal-pbQl&;  kacbauii  se 
Chuck,  y.  a.  kutkutanft;  kiq^kuiUnft.     [baj&oft. 
COiUOk,  T.  a.  fKrih  ienUg  ftndtr  the  thin,  thori 




Chuck,  T.  a.  tkrow^  phenkni;  dilni. 

Cimck,  n.  {Ifech,)  chak.  [p&tthe. 

Cimck,  lu   1.  kut  kut   2.  darling,  pj&re;"l&l; 

Ciinck  chuck,  n.' kut  kut;  ti  ti. 

Chuck  ffurthing,  u.  guchcbl  p&l& ;  ghoU-changi. 

Chuckle,  v.  a.  rukke  hauotia. 

Ciiuckle,  D.  dabi  hansi ;  rukivat  ki  hau&L 

Chuckle-head,   adj.   mathy&thaa;    tboa;    be- 

▼aqaf;  ahmaq;  giodi;  ullU;  kaudao. 
Chuckf,   Slang   is   lafx   ee   maktab   ke  la|ke 

miy&Q  ji  ke  &ue  kl  khabar  dete  haiu. 
Chufl^  n.  gauyar;  akkbai*;  ujad.    [bam-nivihu 
Chum,  o.  hamkh&ua;  ham-hujra ;  ham-p^la  o 
Chum,  y.  u.  satb  rabua ;  ek  ghar  men  rahni. 
Chump,  n.  kunda;  porl.  [qalai. 

Chunam,  u.  [Cor.  of  H.  chund,]  ch(ln& ;   gach ; 
Caurch,  n.  [Dut.  ktrk;  Ger.  tirche^  Dan.  kirke, 

Scutch,   kirk.   Port  girjd.] 

1.  bodjf  of  chri$Uan9,  iail  log;  naaML 

2.  the  bmlding,  girj&;  girj&-ghar;  knllsa; 
dair;  kanisht.  3.  ^eluiaUieal^  auihoriijf^ 
p&d'iou  ka  ikbtij&r  ja  hukUroat. 

If nion  church,  muttahid  girja. 

Church,  Churching,  y.  a.  girji  men  bachcha 

houe  ki  namiU  ya  8hukrij&  ad&  k. 
Church-bell,  n.  girj&  ki  ghaiita.  [ohanda. 

Church-rate,  u.  girja-ghar  ke  ja  p&drl  Ke  y&ate 
Church -w&rlen,  n.  girj&  kl  muhtamim. 
Church-yard,  n.  goristin ;  qabarist&D ;  turba. 
Churl,  u.  [A.   S.  ceorl,   VL,  ganwdr.'\  1.  rustic, 

gaiiwar;  dahq&nl;  deb&ti;  bangrh;  gastan- 

gar.     2.  illbt'fd  man,  anghar;  ujad  akkbar; 

bad-akblaq ;  be-tarclz ;  kunda i-uatar&sh. 

3.  miser,  kanjiis ;  bakbil ;  kripan ;  sflm ; 
sQmra;  mukkhi-cbilB ;  muiusik;  kautak; 
kanuaii;  kabisar. 

Churlish,  adj.  1.  rude,  an-ghar;  aujbar;  ak- 
kbar ;  ujad ;  ganwaru ;  be-duauga ;  be-bangani ; 
bauiiga.  2.  unmanageable,  kattar ;  kara ;  ka- 
tbor;  sakht. 

Churliihly,  adv.  akkbar-pane  se. 
Churlishnesa,  n.  katbor-pan ;  sakbti ;  karakh- 

tagi;  ujadpana;  akkhar-pan. 
Churn,  n.  bilonl ;  matki ;  cbiti ;  chatti. 
chum  staf,  ni ;  matbaui ;  madh&ui ;  mibani. 
Chum,   y.    a.    biloua;  mathna;  mabua;  mak- 

kban  nikalua. 
Chyle,  u.  kailQs ;  ras. 
Caylifiaction,  n.  kailus  ban  jana. 
Chyliferous,  adj.  kailQs  paida  karne-y&l&. 
Ciiylification,  n.  kailQs  banaa. 
Chyme,  u.  kaimas ;  raa. 

Cicad^  u.  tiddi;  jhingar.  [katta;  dag. 

Cicatrice,  Cicatrix,  n.  zakbm  ka  iiisban ;  cha- 
Cicatrization,  n.  angur;  bbarao;  induial;  ilti- 

yam.  [bharua;  angQr  bandbui. 

Cicatriie,   y.   zakbm    bbarua   jK  achcbba  h. ; 
Cicerone,  n.  8air-kar&ne-yil& ;  rah-numi ;  rah- 
.        bar;  agwa. 
f  CkiBhio,  a.pMncbhi,]^;  pichh-lagu ;  yar ;  dhagrt. 


Cider,  Qfder,  n.  seb  ki  aharab.  [salaf.  j 

Ci-dcTanty   a4j.  pahli;  agla;   peehln;  aftbiq; 

C&gaTi  n.  ohurat. 

Cigarette,  n.  halka  ohurat. 

dUa,  n.  pi.  (AnaL)  palak;  papnl;  misah. 

Giliary,  adj.  bal  jaisi;  ruen-dar;  khaivdlr. 

Gfanmerian  gloom,   n.   nih&yat  hi  andherl; 

audbera  gup. 
Qnchoua,  n.  1.  (B(4,)  einkonft  k&  darakht  yi 

chhal.  2.  {3ied.)  kunain. 
Oncture,  n.  1.  bM^  patka;  petl;  kamarbaadL 
2.feuce^  gber;  ghera;  abatah. 

dncture  of  a  piUar,  sitUn  k&  gol& ;  gol&. 
Cinder,  n.  kajlaja  hui  y&  kal-jhauy&n  koeUL 
Cinerary,  adj.  khaki;  kh&kiatari;  kbak  jaiA  ; 

eihcrary  wnu,  bhasml  rakbne  ki  bartan. 
dngaleiCi  n.  Slon  ji  Lauki  ki  biahinda. 
GUnabaTi  n,  shicgnil 
hepatic  cinnabar,    nirsi  shingrat 
Cinnaman,  n.  dir-chiuL 
cinnamon  oil,  dir-chinl  ki  itr. 
cinnamon  water,  arq-i-dir-chim. 
Cinquie,  n.  (in  dice)  paujff. 
Cinque-fjil,  n.  1.  paDJ-angusht  2.  (Boi,)  paoh- 

putiya;  panjpatiji.  3.  (Arch.)  panj-maxgoL 
Cipher,  u.  {A.  sifr,  k  It.  Sp.  cifrd,  Fr. 

1.  (Ariih.)  bindi;  sifar;   sunni.    S. 
aJphabU,  faru  akshar  yi   alif  .be   te;   gupt 
lekh.  3.  (a  mere  cipher)  a  person  of  no  tc^rd, 
nikara;  nikamma;  ni-cbiz;  hech;  pooh. 

to  wriPi  in  cipher ;  farzl  alif  be  te  men  likbni. 
Cipher,  y.  a.  hisab  k. 

Ciphering,  n.  bi^b.  [daera;  britt-kshetra. 

Cirde,  u.  1.  (Geom.)  chakkar;  gol  laklr;  kundal; 

2.  enclosure^  ghera;  gber;    bari;    ahata; 
halqa.  3.  coterie,  maudli;  majlis  ;  majma. 

circle  of  the   sphere,   gola  chakr ;  kurab    diSra. 
arguing  in  a  circle^  aude  niurgi  ki  baha. 
horary  circle,  dbQp-gbari-rckhi. 
meridian  or  transit  circle,  dupahr-chakr  ;  da&a^ 

Circle,  v.  n.  gbdmua;   chakraui;    chakkar   yi 

cbak-pberi  kbana ;  parkamnii  d. 
Circle,  v.  a.  1.  move  around,  cbakkar  k. ;  chak- 

raua ;    gird  phima ;  daur  cbalui. 

2.  surround,  gherua  ;  gber  leni ;  mubisa- 

ra  k. ;  ab^ta  k. 
circle  in,  gher  lena ;  charon  taraf  band  k. 
Circlet,  n.  cbboti  chakkar. 
Circuit,  n.      1.    the   space   enclosed,    cbakkar; 

gbera;  girdi;  daunv 

i.  apf'Ointed  journey,  daura ;  gaaht. 

circuit  of  a  Though,  baral;  balal 
Circuitous,  adj.  chakkar-dar  ;  pber-ki. 
Circular,   adj.    gol;    chakkar-dar;    mudavyar; 

circular  arc,  chakr-bhag ;  qate-diera. 
circular  measure,  (Math,)  gan ;  gol-nip. 
circular  motion,  chakr-cbil ;  barkai-i-muBtadir. 




idf  chakkar  ki  sar&k ;  gol  safaL 
iere(Ast.)  &kas  goUL,*  kurra-iHBam&vI. 
r/acet  gol  khet. 

.  (Cor,)  sarkalar;  parv&oa-gashtl. 
7,  n.  ghflmna ;  gardish  k. ;  chakr&D& ; 
khiua;  daura  k. ;  gasht  k. ;  phirD&; 
ood)  saur&n  k. ;  daura  L ;  niustadir  h. 
d^cioio/,  chaltlkasar;  kafiar-i-muta- 

medium,  hirVk  phirt&  va8il& ;  8ikk& ; 
T.  a.  1.  make  cuireiU,  chal&n& ;  chal- 
Iri  k. ;  rav&n  k. ;  raij  k. ;  rivij  d. ; 
ij  k.  2.  ptiblishf  phail&n& ;  maahhlb: 
b&r  d. ;  mushtahar  k;  el&n  d. 
1,  n.  1.  motion  in  a  circle,  ghum&o; 
;  gardisb ;  daura.  2.  free  diffunon^ 
;  riv&j.  S.  currency,  lot;  sikka. 
of  the  blood,  lahtl  chakkar;  saur&n 

biflnt,  adj.  gbere-hue;  muhlt. 
bolata,  Y.  n.  ghOmni ;  gird   phirD& ; 
ri  k. ;   parkammi  den& ;   tav&f  k. ; 

LdibiUy  n.  chakkar  k&   rftstah ;   pfaer 
L  [m&Dl  k. 

ft,  y.  a.  khatnl  k. ;  suunat  k. ;  musal- 
ftd,  adj.  makhtflD ;  kat&  hu&. 
lolly  D.  khatua;  sunuat;  muaalm&Dl. 
enoe,   n.     chakkar-ghuiuio ;    gberft; 
\ ;  daur  rauhit-i-daer& ;  girda ;  paridbi. 
eater,  n.  z&via-m&p  ala;  kou-u&p. 
c,  n.  sbosba;  ardh-chandr  jaisft. 
le,  ▼.  a.  phail&D& ;  ch&roa  taraf  phai- 
dftlD& ;  wuntasbar  k. 
don,   Q.  chhatrio;   satriU) ; .  phailfio ; 

[tara  ^ 
ient,  adj.  ch&ron  or  y&  taraf  k& ;  chau- 
■n<  j'Uxees,  gird-uawab ;  naw&h ;  qurb- 
;  hawall. 

mtion,  XL  chakkar ;  pher  ki  b&t. 
nutory,  adj.  cbakkar-d&r;  pher-kl. 
▼igate,  r.  a.  Eamla  j&  dun}'&  ke  gird 

vi^ation,  zamin  ke  girdi-gird  siy&hat ; 
LB  gird  ka  safai*. 

Tigator,  II.  zamin  ke  gird  bahrl  safar 
lla;  pirthyi  ire  cbabM-or  phirne-val&. 

lar,  adj.  qutab  ke  uazdik ;  dburQ  ke 
jra  ore  dhore. 

ribe,  V.  a.  1.  ghem&;  had  bftAdhni; 
1  k.  2.  inscribe  around,  gird  likbna ; 
taraf  likhui. 

riptioAf  n.  1.  limitation,  hadd;  ah&ta. 
reular  inscription,  chakkar  j&   kundli 


ijiiion  of  a  leaf  {Bot,)  patte   k&  gird 

ectioiiy    n.    cbaului,    chauks&I;   b&y- 

kbabar-diri;  nigab-b&ui;   hoahij&ri; 

UMr  D*  gl^t;  daah&y  hil;  huat;  haql- 

circumstances  of  the  cctse,  h&l&t;  baqlqat-hSrl. 
easy  circumstances,   khush     b&Ii;   &8fida-h&ll; 

in  straitened  circumstances,  tang  h&l ;  tQte  h&l ; 

phate  hSl ;  sbikastah-h&l :   tang-dast ;   taklif 

according  to    eirewnstancei,     hasb-h&l;   hash- 

mauqi ;  aamab'  anusar  jft  anukQl. 
CircnmstaiLtialy  adj.  detailed  uiufaasal ;  beore- 

Y&r;  pate  T&r;  tafuUv&r;  musharrah. 
circumstantial  evidence,  subHt-i-qarayan, 
Circumstantially,   adv.   tafW-?&r;   beore-v&r; 

mufassalan.  [bay&n  k. 

Circomstantiate,  v.  a»   beore-vir  yft  taftsU-v&r 
OiTeamyallation,  n.  chir-div&ri;  ahatil;  shahr- 

pHn&h ;  fasll ;  morcha-bandl ;  bisftf. 
Girenmyenti  y.   a.   chhalua;  thagDft;jul   d; 

jb&ii8&  d. ;  dhoki  d. 
Circnmyentioii,  n.  chhal ;  jul;  jb&nsa;  thag&i; 

ech-pech ;  bikmat-iamall ;  dagal  fasal. 
Cireamyolatiion,  n.  chakkar;  gher&;  er-pher. 
Cixeas»  n.  [H.  chakkar] 

1.  the  area,  dauf-cbakr ;  dangal ;  chaug&n ; 
maid&n;  cbakVar;  cbauk ;  jaul&n-g&h. 

2.  the  petformers,  cbaug&n-b&z ;  b&zf-gar. 
Cirrose,,(^a^.)  pech-d&r;  pechy&& 
Cirrostratos,  u.  b&dal  ki  tukr&. 

Cistern,  n.  hauda ;  hauz ;  chau-bachcha ;  kheL 
Qt,  n.  nagar-b&si;  shabrL    . 
Citadel,  n.  ga^hl ;  kot ;  kotl&. 
Citation,  n.   1.  summons,  talbi ;  bul&o ;  ittili- 
nima ;  dastak ;  dastuk-italbl ;  samau. 
2.  quotation,  qaul;  maq^a. 
Cite,  y.  a.    \,  summon,  talab  k. ;   bul&  bbejnft; 
btillu&;  hukman  bul&n&;  saman  bhejoi. 
2.  quote,  hay&la  dena;  Dazir  1&U&. 
Citisen,  u.  ralyat ;  parj&. 
Citisenshi^  n.  haqq-i-riayft ;  paiji-adhik&r. 
atric,  adj.  niba  kl  kbatal  ki. 
Citric  add,  n.  nlba  kl  khaUl. 
Citron,   n.   tura^j;  ghigas;   galgal;    gargal; 

kam& ;  atraj ;  bijaur& ;  khatU ;  jamhlrL 
Citj,  n.  1.  a  large  town,  chabr;  nagar;  nagarT; 
balda;  (in  Comp.)  &b&d;  pur. 
What  is  the  city  but  the  people? 
True,  the  people  are  the  eity.  Sheik. 

Hai  thai  kyd  nagar,  dtimi  hik  nagarf 
Hai  tiieh  iimyoh  u  haigd  nagar,  F.   C. 

2,  inhabit  mtSfUtLgBLr-hlAl;   shahri;   shahr- 
city  police,  shahr  kl  kotvftli. 
Ciyet,  n.  1.  dnet-cat,  musbk-bil&o. 

2.  the  perfume,  zab&d. 

Ciyic,  adj.  shahr! ;  shahr-kfi. ;  kametl-k&. 

Ciyil,  adj.  1 .  pertaining  to  a  cUy  or  state,  shahri ; 

mulkL     2.  intestine,   bhitrl;  andrtlai;  &pas« 

ki ;  b&-hami ;  kb&ngf. 

CivU  war.    Khdna-jafigl, 

3.  not  will,  intirJlnnl ;  mulki ;  mahkQmSnA. 
Civil  liberty.  MahkUmSna  dtSdi,  [bdhar. 
CinU  death.    Det-nikdUl;  adOlat  H  pandh  u 

4  not  military^  m&li ;  mulkL 

CIV  ; 

6.  iiol  erimintl,  dEvSnl. 
Cinl  Uw.     QdnOn  (JbUnt. 

6  jiqIiU,  kkaUq ;  baakhl&q ; sfaatlf ;  ashi^f - 

su-bIiII  ;  Bfttjftn.  [inulkL 

eudt  adatUiuli-atinii,  moUcf-ioti'itTn ;  iotizam-i- 
eivil  ciniit,  Aiialftt-i-iliv&iil;  dlviLiii. 
citit  tinploifm'nt,  mati,  yi  mulkl  k&m.    [j&  iim. 
dtil  ftifittftrinp,  pul  jl  iniftrat  bjinKiie  k&  bunar 
«itn7  ii>r,  muiki  naukiii-OB  ki  febriHt, 
civil  p^mr,  ttr^  art  hukilDiaL ;  Barkir ;  httklUim ; 

mmV  ttaudf  or  luit,  n&lish  iliv&iiL 
rtWI  ferfiee,  arsftr&n-i-mu tabid.    ."  ■Li-bI"'" 
ein7  yi'V,  mabijani  baraa,  '^i'\'1iUi3(iamT..y 

CSviliAB,  n.    1.  ahl-i-qalftm.    inffilila}  llfcT 

hlbni ;  (iliJe-dSr  luuhiiiid.        '       ■  '  ' 
CiTilitiB],  n.   tazlm  o  takrim  ;    kbfttir-taw&io ; 

miuiarat;  &o-bhsgat. 
Civility,  Q.  khiilq ;  nkhlSq  ;  ahliyat ;  all ;  aushil- 

ta;  maiiiiyat;  iUiniljat ;  niarftvrat  [ruatt. 
CiTilizfttioa,  n.  iiisSnyat ;  ubilb :  tarbiyat ;  du- 
CiTiliio,  V.  s,.  aJmi  yi  iiiBln  banina;  iHin&tiil; 

Budh&niii;    tarbiyat  k.,  ji  deiii ;    tubElb   d.; 

muhasatb  baD&it&.  (tn. 

Cirlliaed,  ndj.  tarblynKyafta ;  muhaztab;  sli&ia- 
eiviliiai  elaCt,  udhchbi  pan ',  pQri  pan;  mobax- 

zab  balat 
CiTilly,  adv.    I.not  eriminnUy,    ns  rilh-i-slgah 

diviiii.    2.  poUUli/,     khulq   jS    akhliq  sb; 

siiHiUa  BC. 
CUclLv.n.  l.dici,kat  kat  k.;  kntkiiHlna;  kat 

kaUnH;  litkSd  ni&ni&;  titk&nift.  2.   Itt    the 

toiiyue  rvn,  bakDi;bftke  jini;   gap  in&rna; 

bakvls  k.,  yi  chhntna.  [bakvis;  jhak. 

Clack,  n.  bak  bttk ;  kH  kit ;  kal  knl ;  q&l  maqal ; 
e/aci  6>A  bftkvlsl;  jbakkijbataui;  bakkf. 
CUck-dish,   n.  jliankir-dir   th&ll   yl  kotorS; 

faqir  la  piylla ;  cbanlial, 
Qaim,  v.  a.  1.  iltnand  <u  due,  talab  k, ;  mntil- 

btt  k.;  divB-dar  b.;  niuw&khza    k. 

2.  *uf,  darkbast  k. ;  nalish  k. ;  iateg&s&  k. 
Claim,  n.    1,  deitaiid,   talbi;    mutalba;    m&ng; 

taqazfi.  2.  iste^sa. 
claim  dter'til,  dawi  ^\^  klja  t-'avS.    [daatSvei. 
doift  under  bond,  d&wa  tamaaatiki;  d&waai  rOS 
(u£fniMM>a  o/  claim,  iqbaldarei. 
fiar  (0  claim,  sart-i-d&wi. 
rfeni'u'  o/  e'/rim,  inkir-dawa. 
entire  claim,  kul  daw^ 
portion  of  a  claim,  juz-i-diwa. 
e^litting  of  cfaimt,    taaddud-diffft ;    ek   binie 

miiqadme  ko  do  ehiq  k. 
tupporC  of  claim,  tiid-i-dawa. 
Claimable,  adj.  dawe  ke  qKbil ;  haq. 
CUimant,   n.  didkhuah;  uiuddal;    dive-dfir; 

badi ;  mustahaq. 
Claimed,  p.  p.  mudd^-balia;  maddHah, 
tiling  elaimtd,  BbaS-mudd&baha, 
ClaiiToyanos,  n.  drbht-bHndL  [gaib. 

CSairvoyMat,  n.  aatar-jiml;  gaib-difi;  Him  ul- 

38  CLA 

I  Clamber,  v.  ».  h^th  pion  se  chothnS ;  mi 

I      Be  chnrhnS.  [chip-chij 

Clammineas,   n.  las;    Ihea;    cbep ;    laslati 
Clammy,  adj.  las-dftr;  Ihes-dSr;    laalasft; 

cliipS.;   clipp-dar. 
CI&moTous,  adj.    gaiigii;    abort;   par-kha 

gill,  ya  shor  nirtchaQe-vill 
Clamour,  Clamor,  n,  abor;  gu1 ;  gaugft;  d 

gul  gap&^;  gob^r;  bai'ik&  liEi'ik. 
Cl&monr,  t.  n.  i,iil  yasbor  macbSiilL;  gauj 

dliQm   machSiifi;    gul  gap&ra   k.;    gob 

d'lh&i  tib£[  machine. 
Clamp,  n.  (.1/.)A.)BhikanjS;pattI;  lohekl 
Clamp,  V  a,  pnttar  jartii,  ya  lag&ni. 
Clamp,  V.  D.  pattar  jur  jSn'i,  ya  lagna. 
Clan,  n.  a  trib;   qaura;    firqi;    giroh;  j 

farlq ;  khail ;  al ;  kbip ;  jargi. 
rlaniman,  jit-bhii ;  ek  qaum'kS. 
head  of  a  clan,  sar-khuii ;  sar-girob  ;  «ar-g 
Claudeatiae,   adj.    diuj^e    cbnpke;  cht 

gupt;  kbafiya;  ncakbti;  piniiin;  posbid 

A.  c'cinifafine  oiiniiige.     Gupt  6iFdA. 

Clang,  V.  n.  (H.  i/ion]  jhanUrua;  chbank; 
kbarkli&^LiI;  tbautnnaDa. 

Thpy  ehagrit  their  aminiiinf;  mot.  1 

Cwion  Tie  apni  haf&ytlr  kharkiaraf. 

Clang,   Clangour,   n.    I.   {of  armi)  j\m 

kbarkbarabat.  j^ 

A«  if  n  thoutnnd  (invita  rang.  Mi 

Hui  ItgoA  iri  itgadar  kVar  khar, 
Goya  tadki  gkanth  parik  pnr  paj-, 

2.  {of  a  trimpel)  tfl-tQ ;  biinn-bhoA. 
Clank,  II.  jhanak;  chhanaki;  jhaiin  ;  jha 
Clank,  V,  a.  jliaularna;  chhau  cbhan  k. 
CUaniBli,  adj.  1,  jat,  yl  qaum  U. 

2.  j&t  pakel.I;  ittifaq  qauniL 
ClaHHuk  fwliag,    Jst-pakik. 

Claiuliip.  n.  jatsambandh;  qaumiyat. 
Clap,  V.  a.  1 .  tlrike  with  a  quick  nu>ticn, 
kliatlni;  patpatanlt;  tbapaktia;  tekrat 

3.  ttriiitig  Die  palm*   together,    khtisJ 
tallyaii   bajitua;  arriu   kahnL 

3.  ttiriist  111,  de-marnftj  patpatSuij  tlu 
Ml;    thokiii;  diliiL 

They  dapped  hiin  into  priaon. 
Vnhoh  Ht  ait  }tl-thane  men  dSl  dfyS. 

eldp  on,  la^'aiii;  jatnana;  sahi  k. ;  tikinS 

Ha  elapptd  .pan  In  bia  horae. 
Ui  lit  ghore  io  er  In^. 
clap  the  v-inn*,  biiiQ    ya    kunde  jh&fn&  ■ 
hil&na ;  pbarpbiu^iiL 

Th«n  like  a  bird  it  aiM  »Dd  singi, 
And  whetri  and  clapt  itt  silver  mingi.    JTor* 
Tab  parinde  H  taraJi  bnlth-kt  gifne  ,Kk  Irtgi, 
D'lavU  iSiO  h}  kits  eMieli  u  bHuie  >d4  lagk. 

Clap.  V,  n.  cloie  with  a   clap,    takiiliit ;  la; 
bhirui.  [karak;  jhorika;  d& 

Clap,  n.     1.    a   loud    mi»c.   khatka;  kha 

A  ehp  of  tbuDder      Hijtx  ki  karak. 

2.  stroke,  tbapak;  fhonk. 

3.  ttriktng  the  palmn  tojelher,  til ;  tS 

4.  gaaorrhaa,  atUik;  parmeo. 




Ql^Jiab,  XL  U(  k!  rakU)!. 

differ,  n.  the  tongue  u/  a  bell,  tuntuni. 

(ifBggnt-clBWf  ▼.  a  lat&rn& ;  latte  leD& :  kh&ni; 

iiochii&;  ife  h&th  lcu&. 
Oaptrap»   n.   dikhave    ki    bitefi;    tip    ^p; 

chamak  damak;  tumUr9q. 
daret,  n.     1.  lil-shai-ftb. 

2.  (SUtag)  lal  pani;  lahU;  khao. 
ObsiflMtioilf  n.    mail    chhantna  ya  nik&In%; 

clihaii^V> ;  ph&i'ui ;  safa  k. ;  khllis  k. 
CbuiStBTt  n.  mail  chhkutne,   y&  Dinnal  karue- 

vaUl  luaB&Ia. 
ClaxiiSf,   Y.   a.   chhantna  y&  katoft;  s&f   k.; 

phipii  (soups  and  jellies), 
€iarijp  butter,  glu  karkariui,  sif  L,  j&  tau&. 
Ghoiniy  n  tural;;  turi;  nar-6ing&;  bQq. 
ritTJagti  CUxioaet,  n.  algoza. 
OaiI^  V,  n.    1.   make  a  noise^   khatkhaUa&; 

lakziDi;  takkar  kb&na. 

8.  (Met.)  ^kriLua;  If  h. ;  muzahim  h;  b&il 

h. ;  aad-i-i-fth  h. ;  rokua. 
dubf  (Saahing,  u.  1.  Uriking  together,  takkar ; 

kbatkS;  khatpa^;  jharika;  bha^akl;  kbat&- 

klia(;  khachi-khtioh. 

Ckuk  of   Bwords.    TalvdrfmH  hkoMhhmek; 

t.  eontriMddetion,  zid ;  birudh;  mukhilifat; 
muqibala;  mun&qshah. 

The  ^wKes  betweeo  popes  and  kings.  Denkam, 
Pddshdkoii  our  p^Uirioh  h&  mundqthah, 

daspy    n.     1.   eateh,   pakar;    aiilui;  baksul; 

bi^das;   qu&l;    tjU&-kuu|ji;    qal>za;    &stiiq- 

miakilq;  khatki;  nar  mftdin. 

2*   mibrace,    i^var;     kaul!;     bagal-glcf; 

ham-ftgoshl ;  khapobL 
Oasp^  ▼.  1.  Aut  tsith  a  dasp,  band  L;  bhern&^ 

mfindnft;  qabsa,  iakra,  ya  baksu&  lagna. 

2.  embrace,  gale  lag&nlL;  kauli  bharua; 
akT&r  leni ;  bagal-gir  .  h. ;  ham-kin&r  h. ; 
aiilii&;  lipUni. 

dmapediM  kia  boaom.    (MM  »c  lagikgdU 

3.  etUmne^  lipatuft;  bal  kh&n&;  pech 

4.  grasp^  g&hn&;  paka^nl;  mutthi  men 
lea&y  j%  b&ndhn& ;  pakarul. 

Oasp-knifa,  u.  chiqtL 

OQasiy  n.  1.  order  or   ranh,   darj&;  martabah; 

pftjft;  mtbi.     %  denomination,   zit;   jtns; 

qism;  raqam;  bhlnt;  prakir;  baran;  nau. 

3.  division,  bhig;  qismat. 

4.  {of  students)  jamaat;  darja. 
or  fellow,  ham-jamiat ;  ham-eabaq. 

of  persons,  firqe  ke  asbkhis ;  jathi. 
laboring  class,  mazd&r  log ;  kamere. 
eleus,  pe:ike-var;  by^plri. 
v..  A.   tartih  deiift;  tartib-v&r  rakhnft; 
b&-tartib  k. ;  sajana ;  ba  qa&iah  lag&tia. 

filaMicai,  adj.    1.   of   the  first  class, 

anrai   qisui     k&;     mnatanad;     motamad; 

Wik  dai]€  kft.  2,  {Greeb  and  Boman)  YOti&nl ; 

Bftnd.     3.  r^ned,  shiiitah;  ftk^ih. 

a  cfwiiwil  omOssof,  moatapad  musanolf ;  ustid. 

ClassiCi  n.  mastanad  kitub  ys^  mnsannif. 
CiaisicSy  n.  YuniniaurRamimustanadkit&ben. 
GUsaificatioil,    n.   tartib;  ailailah-baudi ;    jin- 
swail ;  tajuis ;  taqsim.  [rakhna. 

CLassifjy  Y.  a.  qismat  k. ;  tafiiq   k..;  b&-tartib 
Clatter,  v.  n.  1.   make  a  raltUng  sound,   kha- 
^kua;  kha^khatb;  jhaijhar  k. 

2.  chatter,  ten  ten   k. ;  mtna ;  barbar&na ; 

bakvas  ya   bakvad  k. ;  bakua ;  jhak  mama. 

Clatter,  o.  khatkhat ;  kharkharflhat ;  khanldiana- 

hat;  (hoofs f  pat  pat;' tap  tap;  rap  rap. 
clatter  of  arms,  hath\&roii  kl  kharkharabAt. 
Clause,  n.  jnmla;  dafE;  tukra.       [bhau  tukr&. 
adverbial  elaiue,  jumla  tAba-i-fel ;  kiry&  bishe- 
ClaYate,  GlaYated,  Clayiform,  adj. 

(i9o^)mugdar  jai8&;  gura-i^;  gadi-daul. 
ClaYicle,  u.  haasli;  bans. 
Claw,  n.  [0.  6er.  ehlijtan,  H.  ehtrnd  to  cleave.] 
l,nail,  uakhGn;  nakh;  nauh. 
2.  the  whole  footy  panju;  chutigal. 
claw  of  a  crab,  qainulii. 

Qaw,  Y.  a.  I.  tear  or  scratch,    panja   m&rna; 

nochna;  choiitna;    noch    dilnft;    bakotna; 

nohatta,  uakhuu,  panjah,  yi  cbiiugal  m!lrna. 

2.   flatter,  .khujlaul;    sahl&nfi;     (SUvng.) 

khusye  8ahl&na;phuslan&;  raugau-i-qazmahia. 

Clav  me  and  I'll  elaw  thee.  Prov. 

T^  mujhe  kkujd,  mtun  tujhe  khujaith,        [jou.) 

{Tu  mujh  ko,  to  main  tujk  ko.  ProT.  You  me,   I 

Clay,  n.  [Per.  git]  ohikni  mitti ;  gil ;  gSoA. 
We  are  all  made  uf  the  an  me  clay. 
Sab  ek  h%  mittt  se  bane  hath. 

day-bradned,  matya-thas. 

daybuill,  made  of  day,  adj.  kachchS;  mittl-ki. 

da-y  for  fire  brick,  brick  clay,   Int   bauine   to[ 

mitti;  pathni  mitti.    . 
clay  mixed  with  sta'aw,  phlny&n ;  kah-gaL 
clay-moulding,  saiiche  meii  mitti  dhalna.    - 
clay -pit,  khadaua. 
chaVcy  clay,  kha^ya  mitti. 
cold  clay,  cold  as  clay,  thandK  mitti. 
potter's  clay,  knmhar  ki  mitti;    chiknl  mitti; 

bartanon  kl  mitti. 

.' . 

prepared  clay,  gara ;  gilawa. 
Clayed,  adj.  mattiyar;  matila;  matyala. 
Claymore,  n.  du-dasti  ya  do-qabze  kl  talwar. 
Clean,  adj.  h  free  from  dirt,  saf;    ujla;    p&k; 

Clean  hands  want  no  washball.  Frov. 

Pdk  htUhok  ko  ubtan  lyd  f 
%  guiltless,  pak;'8af;  shudh;  khai^;  nir- 
dosb;  be-guuah;  masum. 

Create  in  me,  a  dean  heai't,  0  Ood  ? 
Mere  man  kd  ddg  dho  <U,  he  Sdmd  f 

S.neat,^i;  be-lig;  kori. 
4.  e7itire,  bilkul ;  sif ;  be-rok ;  be-gal  o  gash. 
He  made  a  dean  sweep.   Ut  ne  to  jhdtH  de  di. 

a  dean  bUl  of  health,  taiidurustl,  y&  sibat-n&ma. 
Clean,  adv.  wMly,  s&f;  sar&sar;  sarSlpi;  bil- 
kul; mutlaq. 

Clean  gone.  Sdf  cAo&l  gayd ;  kord  nikal  foyA. 


Clean,  Qsaue.T.a.  aiSk. ;  m&fijna;  chb&iitiia; 

dlioDft;  (a  te«f /)  chliiutn& ;  udihni;  ng&riift. 
Heaii  out,  p3k  bhF  k. ;  jh&fnL  [cliha. 

Clean-limited,  idj.  (a  hortt)  h&th  pinii  ka  ach- 
QeaoliiiesB,  ClMimeH.  II.    1.   (p'<s/iieat)  njl&i; 

ujlri-pan;      uirmalti;      suthiHi;       naftant; 

tabartit.   2.  (mora^)  etiHH;  tah&rat;  p&kizagl; 

p&ki;  nafl-at  1  siichtha. 

CUanCinea  it  neit  tu  godlioeu.  ProT. 

Sci/di  yflrifli. 

Cleaaly,  adv.  salal,  suthral,  yi  piklzagi  ae;  aaSiS 

kcsath;  ba-tahirati  iiaf^satse;  ba-wuEiL 
(Seanly,  adj.  ar;  pak;  uir-mal ;  p&kisa. 
Clear,   adj.    I.  tramparent,   ujai^ar;    HhUhi-8*; 

shaflEir.''2.  mani/ul,  Eahir ;  ult  :&hir ;  ashk&nl ; 

aj^an;     rauahnii ;     parghat;    iAt;    haTuida; 

pratakdh;  muUaiyan^  Rarlb. 

To  g«t  >  eUar  idea.  £.?/  (li/  imMajbid. 
It  it  clear.   Ttk  t/l/ tShir  iai. 
3.  evidrnt,  a&bit ;  l&raib  ;  U  i-ad ;  ll-kal&m  ; 
biltl  sbak.  4.  (erene,  eaf;  kbiil&  hoi. 

5.  ;'w«,  niriijal ;  nithri ;  kh&Iis ;  e&f;  and ; 
asal.  6.  iviits,  tes-faUm  ;  zahin  ;  iQdras;  zakl; 
libr-buddhi ;  budb-tiiin.  l.unapoUfd. air-doah ; 
nir-apr&dh;  be-gun&h;  piE;  bejurm. 

A  dear  ounicicDce  in  b  lurs  c*rd.  Frav. 

iK:  it  gavgki  facAetl  Aoi. 

S.yi-M  {-)/  d'h>)  behaq;  bad;  pik. 

1  ottvn  wiihed  Ihat  I  hod  dear. 
For  life,  ail  hundred  pouniln  a-yeir.         Stnft. 
MUeii  mujK  ko,  aliar  ftk  ciilitA  tliS  jl, 
BapaechkaHaidrharbaraijUejt/  F.  C. 

9./reti/rom  deductions,  khara.  khuri;  ni- 
kb'inha.   IO.o^mh,  khuli;  sifj  bo-rok. 

11.  acquitted,  barl;  bari-uli;iinmi ;    rihl; 
rahit;  khiilaa;  iki%<\. 
clear  as  a  bell,  s&f  jaise  ghante  kl  iv&z. 
clrar  ax  ergiUil,  billaursa  aS,t 
clear  gain,  m-hib ;  aU  nafa. 
clear  line,  (/iatiuioj/)  kh&ll  sarak. 
Ctflar,  adv.  1.  plainly,  B&f  s&f;  kbula  khula 
2.  wholly,  Ba.riaAT ;  bil-kiil;  mutlaq;  si£ 

Ha  bit  her  ear  e^Kir  off.    ViH  tantil/ kAt  ItgB. 

clear  at  day,  vox  raiishan. 
Clear,  t.  a.  I .  remose  obilaelei,  s&f  kami ;  hata- 
ni ;  dar  k. ;  rafS  k. ;  dafa  k. 

2.  remove  ob/euritiet,  etc.,  mine,  ja  arth 
kholni;    eif  bayan  k. 

Hnnj  kuottj  pointe  there  Are, 
Which  all  diicara.  but  few  osti  eltar.       Prior. 
Baktit  ifqdt  ai*t  kaiii  jin  pr  tab  ham 
JkagarU  kaih,  hoi  lA  tartfhaik  kata.       F.  C. 

3.  clarify,  mail  chh&Atn^ ;  sSfk.,  ji  katna ; 
nirmalk. ;  phirna;  nitii"irii&;  toraa. 

4.  acquit,  bar!  k. ;  nir-doKhi  thairana ;  rih& 
k.;  kfaalM  k.;  nUt&iii  k. 

5.  leap  over  mlhoiU  tottrMn;/,  phaliln^iii ; 
chbaliingroama;  ph&u'in&;  taptpn&;  iipib. 

tltar  1  ship,  rUidSri  ka  parwina  hlsil  k. 
i:har  f'om   anthigait;/,   shak   dflr  k.;    m'mo  Bftf 
^hir  k.;  ibfafcm  nSi,  k. 


cle'ir  land,  or  teonrllandt,  jaiigal   kUtiia  yit  B&f 
k.  I  khet  nik&lnft.  '    [khllT  k, 

clear    the  hold,   jahfii    se  asb&b  utarni;  jahtc 

eleir  the  way!    rastah   cbhi>ro !    poish    poisb! 
poia  puis  !  bacho  baoho. 

Clear,  Clear  up,  v.  n.  l.6«con«/(n>,  khul  j&ni; 
khulna;  mntia  elF  h. 

The  tVy  cleared.  Atnin 'df  \o  gaya. 

2.  lo  bt   disenfagt  I,    chhiitna ;    chh^tkiirt 

p&na ;  bari  h  ;  (arie  h. ;  faitgat  pi'il. ;  thill 

baithui;  khalislpini;  chhutH  miln*. 
3.(Ba"iity)  chiikria;    uibatna;    taS  h.; 

Ttid  dafi  h. ;  parchhH  h. 
r?eaf  o«(,  iiikal  jana. ;  cbalejRna;  khi'i  k. 
eltar  aieay,  ftsbib  uthin^;  ja-ab  khali  k.;  dfk, 
lo  i/st  clear  nff.  bhS'^jini;  chiiinpat  h. ;  kiHrli. 
Clearanes.  n.  ].  nth&o;  Hafill.  2.  Port  dtara^tt, 

ctrtiji'ate,    rahdiiit    ka    parvatia;    ravannt; 

mfiraif-patr  ;  chaliii ;  nikisi ;  bahti. 
Clear-headed,  adj.  bo-d&r-unags! ;  rauHhan-dimig, 
Clearly,    adv.     I. in  a  clear  maimer,  aktaif; 

Bfdhii;  khol-ke.  2.  mam/ettly,  M.f ;  earih;  prv 

taksb;  la-kalim;  biU  shak. 
aeamess,  ii.  safai ;  aatihat  [i  baaftnt 

Clear-sighted,  adj.  teinaBur ;  mnbawir;  ahl- 
Clear  Bightedness,  n.  tez-uazari;  be-dar  ntogd; 

ankh;  baaarut;  fiiayit. 
deUBtarch,  v.  a.  kalaf  d  ,  ya  chafhana;  al^ 

j-a  mfivi  (^lu^'haIltL. 
Ctearat&rcher,  n.  kalaf  deue-vila. 
Cleat,    n.     1,  patti;     jor;     puahtiban ;     p»tl; 

cbif ya ;  tukrae.'  3.  iron  fatCened  to  »hoe*,  niL 
Cleavable,  adj.  chime  yi  phirne  ke  qabil. 
CleaTage,  n.  phar;  cbli ",  HhigaF. 
ClBaTO,v.n.a<iWe,la^yiliptarahna;  chimtt 

yi  eatarahui;  lipatnb;  cbipakiii;  chimatni. 
My  biine»  cUavt  lo  mj  ikin.  Pr«T. 

Bdd  eh&m  tk  ko  rakS  ilai. 
A  liiftn  Uftvea  hia  Mrauta  and  dtava  untA  his 

wife.  [*«;■ 

idml  ml  Mp  to  dihorMr  jora  ke  pichhe  ho  lili 

OleaTe,   v.  a.    eplit,    chlrua;    pharii5;    kUni; 

chatiraitg  mama. 

To  iJeiTiw  ill  two.   DaUIck.;  duf^Sfh.i  HA 

men  te  cliirai. 

Cleave,  v.  n.  chima;  phatna.  [ohipw. 

Cleaver,    n.    qa'dU  ka  chhura ;    hiicdi ;  (Si^.) 

Cleft,  n.   I.  crevice,  darlr;  dan;  cbak;  phU. 

2.  (Bot.)  Bhigaf;  kliuli  hui  fkbor, 

Cleft-footed,  adj.  chirt  yi  phat.4  biii  pSoi,  ji 
Cleft^jpraftiiLg,  n.  darakbt  meu  pevand  tagini. 
Clematii,  n.  {Bot.)  bel;  lattar;  lata.  [biri 

Clemency,  n.    uarmT;   mulaimat;  hilm;  burd- 
Clement,  adj.  narm-dil ;  miil&yam  ;  halim. 
Clench,  Clinch,  v.  a.    1.  ^raup  firmly,    maabOt 

pakapiS.  3,  mnke  conclatire,  band  k. ;  ajijk.; 

tniig  k- ;  mat  k.  [ni- 

c'«mA  ojw'j.jwi,  mutthT  bSadhnil;  ghflfiBi  bai* 
clity.h  the  hurgain,    bat,  yi  muiinia  pakU  k. 
clinch  t!ie  argtmeml.  dalil  kttni  \  babas  khatam  k. 
Clepsydra,  n.  plnl  kt  ghati. 
Cleptontania,  n.  bilth  kl  chul ;  amirina  chori. 




n;  i^diion  k&  firqa.  [se  biz  hilat  men* 
fclergy,pSAiioii  ki  baiiat  ad&lac-i-faujd&r 
nan,  u.  p&drl.  [MnnsbUna;  k&tib  ka* 
l,a'ij.l  .padrio&  se  mutaalliq ;  padriana.  2. 
error,  katib,  ya  mubatTir  ki  galatf. 
I.  1.  scribe,  katib;  muharrir;  lekbak;  li- 
I,  navisinda;  mushrif;  patwari;  lekhan- 
;  raqim. 

rbe  clock  goes  as  it  pleiiseii  the  Clerk,       Prov. 
Ghantd  ehaU  ja'te  munsAi  ehdhe. 
OkoUi  kutyd  aur  jtiUblah  ki  rakhvdlU         Pror. 
(in  Comp.)  navls. 
parish  clerk,  {Hldrf  k%  naib. 
'  the  court,  n^iir ;  mubarrir-i-ad&lat. 
'  the  marktt,  nirkhl ;  bb&o-Iikhy&. 
hing  clerk,  muharrir-i-rav&ngl. 
'Urh,  m&l  manshL 
g  clerk,  miiharrir-i-supurdagl. 
',  adv.  fazil&oa ;  hoshylUr ;  umdah. 
adj.  chatur;   suchet;  hoshyftr;  syaua; 
ik ;  phurtllfi ;  prabin. 
y,  adv.  cbaturai   se;  cb&Uki,  tamlz  y& 
yari se ;  htinar-mand!« y& khusbasldbi  se. 
less,  n.  cbatu rill  ;ho8hy ill ;  chllaki;  ch&- 
dasti;  hunar-mandl ;  prabiut&I;   khusb- 

Hoe,  n.  1.  ball  of  thread,  pechak;  moiy&; 
;  kuk^i ;  taggi ;  attf  sQt  kl  golf.    2.  trace, 
;  nitibaii ;  khoj ;  isb&ra ;  snr&g ;  th&ng. 
a  clue,  khoj  lagina ;   sur&g   pilt)& ;   pat& 
a.  [pata  batanft. 

a  due,  khoj,    paUl  ya  surag  dena ;  ata 

7.  n.  chatakna :  kat  k. 
1.  chatak;   kat. 

n.  1.  a  dependent,  fls&roT.    2.  (a  lawyer's) 
akkal;  {Fae.)  shik&r,  &3&m!;  chiry&. 
.  khariL  chat&n. 

S  n.  [A.  iqlim,]  1.  air,  hava;  &b  o  hava; 
mausam.  2,  clime,   iqllm;mulk;   des; 
r.  [badal. 

of  climate,  tabdil-i-^b  o  havi;  pauu  panl 
^  adj.  ab  o  hava  ka. 
,  n.  jumle  jin    men   tashbih  ba-tadrlj 
Irij-i-ftla  ko  pahuncheu ;  urOj, 
▼.  n.  charhna ;  bilaugna. 
OUmb  not  too  high  lest  the  fall  be  the  greater. 

ProT.     Vitcke  eharho  na  niche  giro. 
To  climb  Bt«ep  bills  requires  slow  |Mce  at  first. 
Shak,     Uhche  pakdr  ehafkne  meh  pahle  aahj 
tahj  pair  dkarjie  ehShiyeh. 

r«  n.  1.  one  who  climbs,  cha^h^aiya ;  charh- 
Lla;  bilangiya.  2.  (Bot,)  bel ;  lattar ;  1at&. 
(Ornith,)  tot&;  khut-barhal 
CUng  to»  v.  n.  laga  rahna ;  chimat  janS ; 

*tn^;  chipakna;  lipatna. 

rhia  child  always  elingt  to  his  mother.      [hai. 

Tek  baehcka  hemesha  apnl  md  ke  ehimtd  hi  rahtd 

V.  n.  jhanakua ;  jhaDJhan&na ;  jham  jham 


.  9u  I.  cui  off,  k&tn%;  katarn&;  tar&sbna ; 

m  k.    2.  eurtail,   k&tni ;  gbatftnft ;  kotfth 

rrakhtasar  k. ;  sankshep  k. 

clip  one's  words,  harf  cliabaDil ;  chab&kar bolna. 
clip  the  wings,  par  kitD& ;  par  qainch  k. 
cut  and  clip,  kat  chh&tit  k. ;  qata  burid  k. 

Clipper,  n.  pan-sQi. 

Clipping,   n.    1.  (coin)   cbbeni  la^nil;    tukra 

kitua.  2.  whet  is  clipped  of,  katran;  chhan- 

tan;  chhaut;  rezgl;  (pi,)  chhSnt chhOnt. 
diqne,  n.  khas  log. 
Clitoris,  n.  tan& ;  tita ;  tamkani ;  bhagtan ;  tnn- 

tuui;  butn&;  bichkalii;  bicha;  pataka. 
Cloak,  n.    \,  gixrment,  labada;   fargni ;  jubbH; 

ghuggi;   b&rSuI;    baran-kot;     h&i^Di.kurta ; 

chuga ;  j&ma.  2.  {Met,)  cover,  parda ;  tatti. 
Under  the  clonk  of  piety.  Pdrtdl  kejdmemek. 
Cloak,  y.  a.  parda  dllna ;  dhilnpn& ;  chhupina. 
Clock,  n.  1.  time  piece,  ghantii ;  ala-i-sftat. 

What  o*elock  is  it  /    Kyd  hajd  hat  f 

2.  of  a  stocking,  moze  ki  karbat. 

astronomical  clock,  siat-i-nujfkm. 

e^e'jtric  dock,  maqnatisl  ghanta. 

Cloc'c-finger,  n.  ghante  ki  sQi.        [banane-val&. 

Clock-maker,  n.   gha^-s&z;  ghanta  y&   ghari 

Clock-tower,  n.  ghant&-ghar. 

Clock-work,  n.  ^lante  jaisi  thik  kal. 

regular  as  clock-work,  ghauta  sa  thTk ;  b&-qaedah. 

Clod,  a    \,lump,  dhel&;    dali;   dali;  dhim^; 

dhem;  kulQkh.  2.  earO^,  matti;  mitt!;  mat!; 

gil.  8.  vUe  or  base  thing,  na-chiz ;  hech ;  pQch ; 

mitti;  khSlk.    4.  dod-hopper,  gobar-^anesh ; 

mitti  ka  madho ;  ahniaq ;  gaxiv&r  (Blockhead). 
Qodpated,  adj.  matya  tha^s ;   raittJ  k&  ro&dho ; 

bail ;  gadha ;  dh  igga ;   gh&ma^ ;  kund-zahn ; 

Clog,  y.  a.    1.  hamper  with  a  load,   bojhal  k. ; 

bojh  y&  dab&o  d&lni.    2.  hinder,  rokna ;   &r 

1ag&n& ;  atkan& ;  mnz&hamat  k. 
Clog,  y.  n.  phasnE;  lipatna;  chipakn&;  chipat- 

ni ;  chippakh  ho  j&na ;  chin)atn&.         p^he^. 

Clog,  n.  1.  encumbrance,  bojh;   bhar;  b&r;  ba- 

2.  hindrance,  atk&o ;  rok  tok ;  barjat ;  sad ; 

muz&hamat ;  mane.  3.  woodfn  shoe,  kha|%on ; 

baddhl-d&r  khar&on ;  chamatln. 
Cloister,  n.    I.   a  covered  arcade,  mehr&b-cUlr 

chhatta.  2.  monattery,  takiya;  ma^hi;  hujra; 

kuti;  khilnqah.  [khandL 

Cloiiterdd,  adj.  goshe-nasbin ;  tyagi;  t&rik;  ban- 
In  ehittered  state  let  selfish  sages  dwell,  [stone. 

Proud  that  their  heart  is  narrow  as  their  cell.  Shen^ 

Nij-tudrthl  §ant  janoh  ko  roKne  do  hanMahd  mek. 

Man  ekkotd  kai  kutl  §S  unkit  Kaigarabk  yek  man  meh. 

CAosC,  y.  a.  1.  shut,  band  k. ;  michna;  mQndn&; 
bhernft ;  samput  k. ;  laglLna ;  den& ;  m&mQr  k. 

2.  finish,  park  y&  takmil  k. ;  saropQran  k. ; 
sam&pt  k. ;  ikhtit&m  k. ;  tam&m  k. ;  khatam 
k. ;  bisarjan  k. 

3.  enclose,  ghem& ;  gher&  tUilna ;  balqa- 
band!  k  ;  inuh&sara  k. 

close  a  business,  len  den  band  k.,  y&  mauqfif 
k. ;  k&r  o  bkr  band  k. ;  k&r-khina  uth&o&; 
koth!  band  k. 


cbw  aewmdt,  hU&b  khaUm  k, ;  ItkhM,  pAiil  k. ; 

fa  nibUiA;  \Affi  >'&  bttchat  uikMai. 
eloie  the  Mart,  kachnhri  barkhltit  k. 
r^M  (Ae  ei/t,  liikh  baud  k.,  iikQti(]ii&,  y%  uiicbni. 
doie,  V.  u.  1.  uiii<9,  milita;  jtirui;  juti>&;  siit- 

ili;litgiit.  2.  (I'n/y/it)  jutu&i  bhinii.;  l:[mtnk. 
ta  ftoHon,with,or  ujon,  ruuti^ar   k.;    uiiglkAr 

k. ;  (miilDilii)  pakka  k. 
ehu  itp,  I.  {a  tcou'id),  mil  jiaajbhamS;  band 

h.  2.  (t/fjimicA,  mil  jana ;  p&d  }a  nazdik  £ii&. 
Cloie,  n.  an  iueloitd  jilact,  gherft;  siihati;  aliiti. 
Cloas,  n.  roni'/ii«(on,  aut;  akblr^   taiTiinii;   an- 

jim;  it!  aii;  khiLtiDia,  ikbtitim;  iutehi. 
CUlA, adj.    \.  ihul  fall,  band;  muiidl ;  bbiif- 

l)ua;  taAg;  I'liusl.     3.  jenf  «;',    bhac&huai 

khaUiA  kliacb.  3   canjiurd,  band. 
4.  Mclui/ed,  bakht;  kufi^  Bangin. 

A  clow  prinoilpr.  Saflt  hlrint  M  ffaWl, 

&.  near,  niiiUnail;  lags  luge;  la^  bhag^ 
bhiri;tDiUi  dhore;  nofe;  pis;  qatib;  &« 
pla ;  iinzdik ;  nikat. 

Clott  aits  II.  J  sbirt,  bntoloaer  my  nkin.    Prov. 
iTu/r*  It  eAamri  jnrti  ioi.    {Jpnd   uf  ■*,   joJr 

^iC,     Prov.)     Wb«re'gr  my  D'inr  I  find. 
Some  dire  initfurtitiie  (»ll»ws  cJok  Mhind.^qpo. 

St  iaia  tSth  apixr  MM  Aoi  P.  C. 

6.  tuidei-ialing,  slJhft;  ij&dhr&;  bemor  tor. 

7.  ftf«ref,  taht  lai'd;  Ufi  ba  lafz  ;  lufil 

A  doM   tranalntiou,  Lafi!  tatjamak. 

8.  compot*,  thw;  gafigio  j  Bifi;  kasif;  gaf; 
giitil;  giitijati ;  Y»»  pis. 

9.  precitf,  thtk ;   Hnhi ;   pOrl. 

A  due  «bMrv«.    Mid  rfAi'yrfnf  i  ionlsAU, 

10.  (nfi*n»(«ig^Aili&">dftm;be-takaUuf. 

11.  wor/y  ejuoi,  big  bbi.g;  lags  Inga;  p&i 
pis;  dbtire  dhuie. 

A  e(9K»li»v8.      ftfl  1/™-  tfi/nrj. 

A  dJoif  game.      Lnj)  bkag  yd  liaribar  ll  boH. 

12.  r«ficfnf,ki)iinosh;'^hupi:hSp;niauhbaBd. 

13.  jiartiBiOHtQut,  kaujDs;  sOmj  b&bhtl 
U.  (Bol.)  ghinkl 

eloM-lodied,  kiisa ;  chiist. 

eloie-handrd,  tang-dil;  iang*cha«bm. 

cCoK  i/uarleri.  mut-bher;  bhire. 

cloie  to  or  bj/,  cloie  ol  hand,   lag  bbag;    neje; 

iiazdik  ;  is  pas  ;  dhore ;  ore  dbore ;  qarlb. 
eloic  to  the  wind,  ban  a  ke  lukh    par ;   havA  ke 

aath.  [ jftul ;  qabr  men  BonS. 

the  S' at*  cloaiitg   over  out,    qabr    men    rakkba 
to  tlott  oius't  eyea.  inkh  band  k. ;  aiartii. 
Close,  adv.  Ugi  log;  ante  sato;  bhli4-ke. 
CIoHly.adv.  I.  near,  pas  jAs;  U  pasjla^-bg; 

sate ;  bhife  hue ;  bbii»-ke. 

2.  attentivelif,  dhiyan  Be  ;  gaur  Be. 
(Hoianeas,  n.    1.    narrouruM*,  Biikrao;    Bukef; 

tnngi;  kotahl;  rukiwat.  2.  vicinity,  nnidikl; 
paroa ;  qiirb ;  qurbat ;  shufa ;  hum-divir!. 

3.  thickiie$>,  ghan  ;  kaaiijtt ;  gau^itu. 

4.  teereey,  chhupio;  posbidjl;  ikhfSL 
dotena»  (of  tke  atmoip/iert)  gbot ;  ghiijan  ;  gha- 

maa;  umu:  bummas. 



01(»utool,n.  paikhineki  kursi;    chnuki 
Closet,  i>.  J.  tmatt  private  roon,  kotbil;    kam- 
m;  khiWat-khaiia;  khilwat-gih;  hu)ra. 

Wh«D  thou  praywt  enter  iulu  th»  Hotel. 
Namoi  tipHt  iivire  ntft  parAnt  eliShiyt. 

3.  refoiitory,  &13  ;  tiq ;  atniirf. 
CloBflt,  V.  a.  1.  eanital  in    it  eloitt,   kotbri  jf 
hujre  mefi  band  k  ,  yi  chhuf&  rakhiii. 

2.  (/orawcrtinferu/eto),  khalvatk.;  khal- 
Tat-gSfa  nieii  mulaq^t  k. 

The  king  eloitUd  theiiiiDiitcrtiruhounta.d*7. 
Aj  pitlthfh  Ki  radr  « </a  gSaiUe  kJia!tat  H. 
Clot,  II.  thakka;  tjiagin;  thappaf ;  iiitbi;  diak- 

bSii  i  obakka ;  bbiud. 
Clot,    V.  a.   jomui;  luuDJamad    b, ;   ch&katU 
baudbuS  ;  baudhua;  basta  b. ;  bblud  ba;udh' 
ni;  thakki  h. ;  ghutthal  h. 
Cloth,  n.  1.  tcoven  doth,  kapr&j  pArcha;  baatar. 

2.  ptv/ettioa,  peeba;  dbauda;  k&r. 

3.  i:itrg!/,  padri;  [>adri  log. 
doth/or  the  taUe,  chidar;  dast&r-khiT&a. 
elotU  mi'U.  kapte  kl  kal. 

doUt  uiidf  u  Middle,  Daindfu 

dolkwvrker,  kapri  bu]iDe-vilA;julib&;  kolL 

Jlaor  d-jth,  j^ftui ;  £arsh. 

horae  doth,  gardanl. 

rrctc/oM,  kb&rwi;  qand;  aalu;  tDl, 

tn  lay  thr  doth,    cbailar   j&   dastar-kbniit   bi- 

I'hbaiii ;  mei  Ingiui, 
tooo>len  doth.  Qui  kapri;  pnttQ;  pntU. 
ClothD,  T,  a.  kapre  y^  pi>»hak  pahn^ni;    kappe 

urbiut ;  kapre  d. ;  kap^tt  k&  khaioli  d. ;  kap- 

re  Be  khubut-^tri  k. 
to  feed  and  dnt.'ip,  roti    knp^    d. ;    tan   pet   kl 

khabar  leui ;  paUn  k. ;  parwariah  k. 

The;  clolAe  Lhe  nak^il  mil  Fml  Ihe  hiiDgij. 

If ol  fliii'>^  to  kapra  oar  bhUltc  Id  rofl  dOt  Haiti. 

Clothed,  p.  p.  (in  Comp.)    poiili,  at   safcd-poah 

dol/nd  i»  w/uVe 
Clothes,  Clothing,  n.    pi.    pahanne   ke    kap^e; 

kopT^i  poKhitkj  lilias;  bastar;  pirche;    pai- 
rabaa ;  p&rcba-i-potihtdaiii. 

Fium  others  beehnll  itiind  in  nredaf  nothing,  [m. 
Yet  on  bi>  brother  ■hatl  depend  for  aUAhiog.  MO- 
Gairni  k  kin  tlai  ki  an  Ai^  ad  kijal, 
Apnoi  It  magar  kaprni  H  mlctSega  turtrat.     F.  C. 

•tothet  badcet,  maile  kap|;iin  kl  tok^L 

■lather  bruth,  kaproii  ki  biiruBii. 

dot!  et-hortr,  kapi-oA  ki  ghnrl 

dolhet-ptg,  kaproii  kf  khfliHL 

cajit  r.lothea,  utraii ;  iitmn  putran;  m&il-khoiL 

old  dntha,  purino  kapre. 

Clothier,  n.  knpfe-T&la!  ^rtlS. 


Clotted,  Clotty,  nilj.jnmi  hull;    thaprS;    tbap- 

paj;  ohftka'ta;  muiijanmd. 
Clond,  n.  bidal^  badlijghnti;   ghatft  ghtlmat; 

gbau ;  abr. 

To  pierce  or  touch  the  rlinuU. 

JitaiAn  K  bStfh  larnn;  AoAur  tu'ini/  h. 

ftrrutdoiid,  patle  aur  phnjle  hue  lA  kl. 
cumalvt  doud,  ghnn-ko  bidaJ ;  dal  bfcdal. 




nimbus  cloudy  bars&tl  badal  abr-i-l)arati. 

to  be  under  a  cfoud^  kisl  illat  meii  makhdz  h. 

to  gather  (doudi),  badal   ikhatte  hunSl ;  g^^ta 

&I1&;  bSUial  ghiriia. 
CloQd,  Y.  a.  dliundlE  ya  andhera  k. 
doud-capt,  adj.  badal  so  ghira ;  liucha ;  buland. 
Ciowi'Oapt  towers.  Atmdn  »c  takkar  kkdU-hut  hurj, 

GUmd-coxnpeller,  n.   b&dal  jama  ya  ikhntta 
kame-vala ;  badal  ka  malik ;  asmau  ka  bad- 
shlh;  Indar. 
Gbndinesd,  u.   1 .  badll ;  ghata ;   abr.  2.   dim^ 
.  ness,  dhundhla-pan  ;  gadla-pan ;  aiidhera. 
0lo1|jdl6M,  adj.  saf ;  khuU ;  uikhra. 

A  chudUti  sky.  Mutld  iaf,     Nikhra  dtman. 
Oiradj,  adj.  1.  badal  cbhaya  hua;   ghanghor; 

|^t&  j&  badal  ghir&  hua ;  uninana. 

A  domdp  day.      Umnand  din.  [malQl. 

2.  gloomy,  sust;  udas;  malm;  mukaddar; 
A  cloudy  countenance.  lldHt  ckehrtL 

3.  wanting  eleamess,  dhundla ;  maila. 

A  doudy  diamond.    Mdnd  ya  dhundld  hlrd, 

4.  obscure,  mubham ;  muglaq. 
doudif  vision,  dhuud, 
Qont,  n.    1.  doth  for  any  mean  tise^   chithi^; 

latt&;  potra;  dusmal;  pochhau. 

A  dout  upon  that  head  where  late  the  diadem 

atood.   Sktikei, 
Thd  muktU  jii  sUpeuitUpe  chithrd  Kai  a6. 
flia  garmenttf  nought  but  many  ragged  cloiUs, 
Uske  kapre  the  siffphaU  chWtre, 

'         t.  po^,  pewand;   thegli;  jor. 

3.  a  blow  with  the  knuckles^  uiukkL 
Qdlltk  ▼.  a.  1.  paichy  pewaud  ya  thegli  lagatia; 

^nthua ;  [^ra-dozi  k.  2.  strike^  mukka  marua ; 

dukyau& ;  mukyaua ;  gbusiyaua. 
CI6'?6,ki.   \.spice,\A\xhg\  qaraufal. 
t.  (of  garlic),  lahsan  ki  pothL 
Gkyroiiy  P*  P*  chira-hua ;  phat^-hua. 
cloeem-fbot,  1.  khuri ;  khur. 

2.  (JfeLjlshot ;  khubs ;  bad-maahi ;  shararat. 
domen-footed,  khuii-dar;  p^ata-khur. 
to  show  ike  doven-foot,  khot  ya  bad-uiyati  zahir 

k. ;  apul  zat  jataua. 
Qover,  n.  tipatyagtias ;  tarfil 
go  from  clover  to  rye-grass,  gehQn  ki   chhop-kar 

jau  ki  khaua ;  malldah,  ya  giri  chhuare  chhor- 

kar  bims  khaua. 
to  live  in  clover,  pauchoii  unglian  ghi  men  bona ; 

iiuuid  meii  i  ahaa ;  alalle  talalle  k.        [kisau. 
domi,  u.  1.  rustic,  gaiiwar;   dahqaui;  dehail; 

Obnams  are  best  in  their  own  company,  but  gentle- 
men are  be^t  everywhere.  Pro  v. 
GuHdd  soke  guadoii  nuii,  aur  bJuiUd  fndnoi  Kar  kaklii,'ir«^,  ill-bred  man,   ganvar;   akkhar; 

njad;  j3,t;  bid-khulq  adml;  be-tamiz  ya  iia- 

ah^Uta  adml.    Z.  buffoon,   bhaud;  bhaudcla; 

Qiasskliai-a  \a  uaqqal 
CbwnUll,  a'ij.  gaavai*fl ;  anghar ;  akkliar ;  ujad ; 

atian ;  bail ;  uH-tarS^ida ;  be-tauilz. 
downiiaiitos,     u.    gauvar-pau;     akkhar-pan; 

ai)ghar-|>atia ;  bad-tjallqagl. 

Cloy,  V.  a.    1.  sate,  ser  k. ;   a^haua;  cbhakaiia; 
uiutaua ;  muuh  pherua ;  jl  bbarna ;  iiktaua. 

Who  can  c/03/  the  hungry  e^lge  of  ap^^ebite 
By  bare  imagination  of  a  feiust?  Shak, 

Khydli  ziydfat  $ebhukki  dykahih  bujhtl  futi  t 

2.  (Farriery)  jite  sum  men  mekh  thokna. 
to  be  chyed,  ser  h. ;  ji  bhariia ;   chhakua ;  inunli 

phinia ;  ji  ya  rUh  bharua. 
dub,  u.  1 .  a  lieavy  stick,    lath ;   S(jiita ;   band! ; 
gurz;  gadkS.;  gada.  2.  of  card-'<,  hukiu. 
3.  assembly,  (6'or.)kalab;  anjumuu;  majlis. 
dub,  V.  u.  chaude  se   rupaye  jama  k. ;  chittba 
baudhua;  bihri  k.  [thiyrui  bhejna. 

clubbimj  of  letters,  ek  chitthT  ke  andar  kai  chit- 
dub-fisted,  adj.  ghQusft ;  barh-mukka ;  gadSika. 
dub  footed,  adj.  paon-phira. 
dub-law,    u.  zonlwarl;     zabar-dasti;     dhlnga 
dhliigl  BallQ  ka  raj;  jiski  lathi  usKi  bhaiutt; 
ji:ikl  teg  uski  deg. 

There  is  no  law  but  club-law. 

Btd  7uduk  labtd  hai.    {Juki  Idthl  utki  bhaihs.) 

dub-man,  n.  lathait ;  latbyal ;  lath-band ;  iathl- 

baz  ;  sote-bardar :  baudi-baz. 
duck,  V.  a.  kut  kut  k. :  kutkutRuS, ;  kir  kir'ina. 
dump,  Q.  1.  a  shapeless  mass,  bhiud;  lauuda. 

2.  a  cluster  of  trtes,  jhund. 
dump  of  bamboos,  kothi;  thaua;  blra. 
dumsily,  adv.  auaii  pan  se ;   au-g-rh  pane  sc ; 

be-dliiuige-pan  se ;  burl  tarah  se. 
dumainess,     u.     anari-paua;    be-dhaiiga-pan ; 

anghar-paua ;  bad-uslftbi ;  be-saliqagi. 
dum3y,adj.anarl;an-ghar;  be-dhaiiga;  phiiar; 

bad-vaza;  ua-rar^shfda. 
duster,   n.   iruchchha;   giippha;  gail;  jhund; 

khosha;  ghaud;  jbumka. 

A  duster  of  grape**.     Ami&r  kd  khosha. 
A  cluster  of  Btars.     TarS-ffutW. 

duster,  V.  n.  1.  guchcha,  ya  khosha  h. 

2.  congregate,  ikhatta  h. ;  jaam  h.  [dastali. 
dutch,  n.  grasp,  math  ;  chungal ;  paiija ;  qabza ; 

But  age  with  his  Btealiii^  stepd 

Hath  cluwed  me  iu  Iiin  clutch.  Shak. 

Par  burhape  ne  dabe  pdoh  st  d-kar,  hag  hag  / 

Apiiepanjoh  men  inujhechapsedabochd,  fuighaef  F.<.'. 

to  fall  into  one* s  cbUclies,   kisi  ko   panjoii  men 

dutch,  V.  a.    \.  gripe,    mutthi   njcii    pakarna; 

math  marna;  hathiyaiia;  qabze  men  lana. 
dyster,  n.  piclikai  1 ;  amal ;  shafii. 
Co-,  Con-,  [Lat.  com-,  H.«a-,  sati-,  sam-,  A,  ham, 

with]  ham-,  sang;  sath;  sa-. 

Co-wife.     Sa-patni ;  siuitau ;   stuikan. 
Coach,    n.    [Lat.    coiwha,    H.    sanhh,  qhmga  a 

sLell  :  or,  Skr.   kri^h.  Per.  kash,    H.  khen<-h 

draw  ]  1.  savarl  ki  garl  [usta  I. 

2.  a  special   tutor,  itntih&n  pQra  karaue  ka 
hackney  conch,  kn*5.e  ki  gan ;  theka-garl. 
coach  driver,  gariban ;  kuch-van. 
Coach,  V.  a.  yrepare  jor  public  examination  by 

private  iuitruction,  imtuhan  ke   vaste  khaiiLci 

tallm  dena.  [koch-bak.s. 

Coach-bax,    koch-van    ke  baithne  ki  jagah  ;   | 
-  ^ 



Coachee,  Coaolunan.  ii.  koch-v&D. 
CoadmialcCT,  n.  ^ari  banane-TlU. 
Coacanuuuaip,  d.  kochvarii. 
Coadjutor,  n.   aiihiyah  ;  m^dod^r ;   raii&vin ; 

aharik ;  mtiiuidd  \  f  avar. 
Co-Bgeacy,  n.  aiijh&;  ehirkutj  shirakat. 
Co-agNit,  n.  wjhT;  aharlk;  slii, 
Coa^lato,  V.  n.  jatnua;  chakl^  b. ;   hnMbni; 

b^sta  h, ;  mimjarand  b. 
Coagulation,    u.   jamao-     jamavat;   injimad; 

l>aKt,i;i.  i^ntli, 

Coagulam,  n.  chnkka ;  thakka ;  chakfciti ;  anthi ; 
Coal,  II.  [Lat.  citla-e,  Skr.jvai,  M.jal  to  burol 

koiili;  kSiiii  l((i«l& ;  patthar  ka  koelit. 
alive  coal,  six\a^tA  kogli;  dahaktilkuel&;  aiiga- 

ra;  patan^ 
to  carry  eonlt  to  Neweaj^U.  ulto  biiia  Barelly  ko ; 

bftg  meik  ph&l  le'jaiii;  ulti  Gaik;^  bahaiia. 
!o  Adul  oeer  the  eoaU,  bhftnuii ;  kabab  k. ;  lat&r- 

II&;  jliattia;    &re  hftth  lenJL 
Coal,  V.  a.  1.  k<>elak.  ya.baiiaDa.  [dalni. 

2.  supply  with  eoal,   koela  d.,  jhokiia,   _va 

To  coal  a  ateamer      Ai/anboi  mm  Mia  cU^Hd^ 

Coal.v.  n.  koiila  lena. 

Coalblwk,  adj.  kaU  koSlft;  tel  tavS. 

Coalesoa,  v.u.  jurua;  miloa;  ikhatti  h.  fittisal. 

CoaleiDSnce,  n.  miUo;  jo^;  ikbtilit;    imtizSj; 

CoalflBld,n.  koele  k&  saaid&a. 

Cballieaver,  d.  kuUle  dtiuue-vila. 

Cjalitioa,  n,  mel ;  ittifiiq. 

Coalmine,  Coalpit,  n.  koele  ki  kan. 

Coalscuttle,  n.  koelo-dai).  [^'arbl ;  kari. 

CoaTde,  adj.  [il.  gaThA  gross]  1 .  not  fine,  mota ; 

2.  uw^fined,  kathoha;  kliira. 

3.  dually,  aidri;  bbrtdda  4.  rvdi,  angbar; 
akkhar;  ujnd;  jat;  ii&-tariabida;  kaj-akhlaq  ; 
kajkhiilq.  5.  not  deiieafe  (language)  bakni; 
Siiiidi ;  f'.hsh. 

Coarse 'grained,  adj.  mote  reshe  ya  rave  kl. 

Coarsenesi,  II.  1,    wane  of  finmeia,    khurdara 
pan ;    I'uklirk-pnii ;   motlpaii.    3.    growteis, 
akkhar-pau ;  kiirnkhtagi ;  duruahH. 
3,  inileticacy,  lA-sbiistagi. 

Parflon  the  cn-intnTU  "f  mj  tongue  f       [til*  tnvtlf ! 

Merliathlhileialliiliafkh   kkigdl  mil^tgS  I  Outli- 
Coaisesior,  u.  ea-panuli ;  bam-B~t1ia.  [sabil. 

C^ait,  n.    darya   k&    kiii&i'i;  chhor;  B^gartat; 
lite  roi^-t  it  r/ear,    niaidlii  kbill  liai;  liiate  meu 

k^iulib  khatra  nalilu  hai. 
Coait,  V.  11.  kiibil  k<i  kinSre  kinilre  le-jana. 
CoaUg^rd,  u.  gftgir-tir  chauki. 
Coaaling,  adj.  kinare  kinare  jjihli-r^ni. 

a'ting  trade,  sabill-tii&i'al ;  c:hhor-bfti:aj, 
eoiuting  vevl,  kiiiare  kl  kishti;  d&bil  ki  jahaz. 
Coat,  II.    I.  vpjier  garment,  niigrezl  a^garkUi; 


2.  hair  or  fur,    lial;  samur;  tin;  pashm. 
Z.  exUrnal  covering,  chhilki;  poatj  kb&l. 

The  eonlt  nf  the  eyo.  PapoU. 

Th»  eoaU  of  »n  quIod.     Piyde  it  ehKUit. 

4.  (7m  Painting)  pucbara;  tab. 
mat  of  nrvu,  amlri  iiialijiii.  [cbar  i 

coat  of  mail,   baktar;  airah    baktar;  oh 
Coftt,   V.  a.    1.    abra  lagana;    tab    cba;'! 
astarkiil  k.     2,  coat  over,    bbarua;  p 
qaini   k. ;  miilamiua  k.  .i 

Coatcard,  n     mif;  niQrat,;  taavlr;  gtuijai 

padHbab,  b'biva,  yi  giilai'i. 
Coatee,  n.  cbbota  kot ;  be-diman  ka  kot. 
Coating,  n.  1.  lep;  leo;  puuhacii;  rang^ 

2-  (in  coaiMerce)  kuj-ti  ka  kapri, 
Coattail,  n.  kiirti  ka  gao-dum  diraan. 
Cjaz,  V.    a.  phualao^ ;  daiM  dila^  d. ;  mt 
Coazei,  n.  phuel&ae-v&la ;  ptiiial^;  phii 

Cob,  n,  tattQ;  mijaiio  qad  ka  ghora;  miy 

Cob,  V.    a.    (Slang)   sir   thap-thapaiM ;  c 

lagini.  I 

Cobalt,  n.  1.  ek  qiaam  kl   dliat.    2.  tJie 

Cobble,  V.  a.  1.  me-id  coaruly,  gSutbua;  t 

yX  pevand  lagiiiii.  2.  do  dumi'y,  be-dl 

ya  phfiar-paTie  Be  k.  ft 

Cobbler,   u.     1.  cbamar;    jQti   gaiitbue 

The  eobUer;  wife  U  worst  shod. 
ChMKilT  Hjort  •nirtiltjAtt. 

3.  a   clumsy  workman,   auap ;  kft^ 
hnnar;  pbflar. 

Cobveb  1.  makrt  kiLjala  3,  jal;  dbokL 
Cochineal,  u.  1.  kirm-daQah ;  kinoiz'fani 
Cook,  n.  [A.  S.    COC.  H.  kukkcir.] 

1.  male  of  jtoiiUrj/,  murg;  inurga;  k 
kukkiir;  kiikkat;  kburuB. 

Euery  cock  u  proud  un  hU  own  dung  hill 
Apnlgall  n«n  tiill£  bki  if-er. 
(The  dog  ia  a  lion  tu  liis  oitd  lime.] 

2.  wealliercocle,   jbaodi;  hava-uiuna 
nunifi.     S.  a  tpoul,  toiitl. 

4,  {of  a fireartit)  gburfl;  kutti,  5.  a 
sar-taj ;  chuudbii;  luuqaddam;  niudh 

My   sohoolmMtsr  cnlled   me  b  dunce 
fool.  [iiehool 

But  itt  cnffa  I  was  alwnya  the  cscl 
Go  tnuatUm  muJJtc  kiJitd  thd  uadtiaktHaq 
Par   kamahah  larlce  bulySnt  nien  main 

eoct  of  an  arrow,  sflfSr ;  fir  ki  nok. 
eoek  of  the  walk,  tlsmir  khan;  gbar  ^ 
a  fo-k  and  bull  tlory,  Iambi  chanri  kahaii 
to    be    cock    a/ioop.    par    pburpliaraui ;  1 

bajaiia;    bag   bag   h. ;  shekhi   mania 

Cook,  V,  a.  1.  »et  errii,  khnra  k. ;  charhai 
%.fix  the  eofk  of  a  gun,  j^bora  cbarh 
enck  vp  oiie'e  note,  iiak  cbarliaiia. 
to  cock  nne'i  Uqs,  taiigen  Qiichi   k. ;  paou 
ta  eoek  or  prick  np  one's   can,    \iS.a    kbai 

kanauty&ii  badalna;  chau-kanna  h, 
Cocked-hat,  u.  jarnaili  topi. 
Cockade,  ri.  fil^  ju  topi  men  pabiia  yw. 
Cockatoo,  n.  (Cor.)  kakatOa;  ek  qiam  ki 
Cockatrice,   n.  ek  kbayali  aaup  jo  mui 

atidc  men  bq  pai'di  bota  bai. 

Ooekcrow,  Cockorowing^  n*  L  bing-innurg; 
&v&4-i-khurli^  2.  moruin^f  tark&;  uhiry&  ke 
bolte;  fajar;  subah;  savera;  bhya^i;  bbor. 

Coeker,  v.  a.  (fondU)  pij&r  k. ;  lid  k. ;  dul&r 
k.;  ladjJU)& 

CockSTdd,  tidj.  ]&di&;  u&z-parvardah. 

Coektrid  by  tlie  servants  round 
Was  too  ^ood  to  touch  the  ground.         iM/t. 
Dadd  d&y^h  $ab-  use  piydr  kartih, 
Zamlh  par  hxbhl  pd^h  dkame  na  detiik.     F.  C 
Ooek-fight,  n.  murg-bazl. 
Ooek-fic^hter,  n.  miiri^-baz ;  murg  ]araQe-T&l&. 
Cock-horae,  u.  tert  ka  gborX. 
Ooekle,  n.  l.8heil-^h,g\\dng%. 

2.  a  tceedy  a^bH ;  ^i&s  ptrQus. 
Gocklolt,  n.  du-cbhatL         [ande  kS  shabzada. 
0ockft6y,  n.  ek  Landan  kH  rabne-val& ;  goya 
Oodcpit,  n.      1,  tohere  ^me  coekflgJU;    pali;. 
murg  )tt  ko  larne  ki  jagah.;  dai^al. 

2.  Battle  gjround,  akh&ra  ;  maidan ;  khfit. 
Belgium  lias  been  called  the  cockpit  of  Europe-. 
Be^iam  YOrap  Itdakkdrd  maahkar  kax. 
$.  (iV«w^)  jaiiglJKhJEz  ka  taULbana. 
Cockroaoh^  n.  til-chata. 

Cockicomby  Q.  1.  (of 'a  cock)  kes;   kalgf;  tsi-i- 
kburftj.  3.  (Bot.)  kesjir;  taj-i-khurfls, 
8.  coxcomb,  /op,  aka]>l:^iili& ;  siiigb.  jL 
Goekgpor,  u.  murg-kS  kbkr;  kant&. 
Cocksure,  adj.  pai&  yaqiu-vala;  tlr  b»>hadtof 

{ture  a§  a  guny, 
Goekswaia,  n.  patvarya. 
Coeooa,  n.  koya-Sbresham  ;  koya. 
Cod,  u.  1.  apod,  cbbimi;  pKalE  2.  scrotum,  aud- 
koflh ;  f(>ton  kl  tbaill;  ki^a-i-baiza. 
5b  Cod-fish,  ek  qism  ki  machblt. 

Cod  liver  oil.  KOd  machhH  ha  td. 
Oodfla,  V.  a.  1 .  parboil,  nim  joab  k. ;  halka  joBk 

y&  tib&l  dena.  2.  treat  tenderly,  palna  posna ; 

timir-dari  k.  [niyae-sbastar. 

Code,  Code  of  laxri,  n..    maj-niQa-i-qavanio ; 
Hindu  €9d&,  dhuram-sbastar. 
under  Ms  code,  basl>i-marad  qaQQn-i-baz&. 
OodgOTi  iL  turfa  majiln  ;   agle   zamane  ke  log ; 

pui^e  dhang  ka  Sdtni ;  pn--i-na-balSg. 
Godidl,  u.  tatimma-i-vasiyat-nSQiab.      [tartib. 
CodifleatiDlL,  u.   tarllbi-qav&Dki;  qautiuou.  ki 
Godii^,  Y.  a.  q&!)&noi&  ki  tartib  k. 
CoeiAsieiit,  n.  (Alg.)  sir. 
eaefieieiU  of  friction  (Phys^  ragar-batifl. 
Ooe^lial,  adj.  bar&bar ;  eksan ;  ham-sar, 
Ofteree,  ▼.  a.  jabr  k. ;  najbQr  k. ;  zer  k. ;  tang  k. ;. 

bal-jori  k. ;  ba-zor  rokua ;  jabraD  baz  ntkbua ; 

mQhz&hicn  h.  ^  miuSbamat  k. 
QNldoiL,  n.  jabr;  zor;  rok;  atk&o. 
Omdvey  adj.  sabar-dast;    zor-avar;  sakht;. 

aangin ;  shadid.  [blren. 

fmtwt  uuasures^  tad&ruk-i-saDgSn ;  sakbc  tad- 
coercive  process,  hukin-i-shadKi ;;  sakbt-biikm. 
coersipe  irmttnent,  irtik&b-i-jabr ;  jabr  o-  taaddi 
fa'atemal  adj.  ham-qay&m  ;  ham-davam. 
Gsetalyadj.  [I^t  co  +  smtm^  Skr.  dyU,  Per.  dv&n 

age]  ham-ahd ;  ham-aaar ;  ham-zamaaab. 

Co-ezecator,  n.  ham-vasiqa.  [  jfvi  h. 

Coexist^  V.  u.  ek  vaqt  b. ;  bam-asar  h. ;   sam- 
Coezistence,  n.  ham  aLadI;  bam-asari* 
Cbezistent,  adj.  bam-vaqt ;  bam-asar.. 
Coezteusiye,  adj.  ham-yasat. 
CofEise,  11.  1.  benies,  bum  2,  the  infusion,  qabya. 

A  smoking  cup  of  coffee  bring  ! 

Ta  Id  garm  qahve  kd  piydUk  mujhe/ 

Coffee-house^  u.  qabva  kfaaua.  [chakkE 

Coffee-mill,  a.  qabva  pisue  kl   chakkl;    buu- 

Coffee-pot,  n.  qabva-dau. 

Coffdr,  n.  kbazane  ka  sandGq. 

Coffin^  n.  [A.  kafh]  tabat ;  sandUq. 

a  nail  in  one-s    eojin,    (Met.)    umr-ghataa; 

javaui  meu  ghiin ;  sadmai-jan-kah. 
Coffin,  V.  a.  1.  tabat  ya  saudQq  men.  rakhna*. 

kafiianft^  takfla  k.  2.  enclose,  band  k. 
Coffin-bone,  u.  ghore  ke  sum  kl  baddi.  [basil  k. 
Cog,   V.   a.    pbusla-kar  Lena;    khush&mad    se 
to  cog  a  die,  pase  ya  dane  bau&iia. 
Cogency,   n.    mazbuti;.  zor;  pukbtagi;.  pakal; 
istehkam.  [zabar-dast. 

Cogent,  adj.   qavi;  mazbQt;  pukhta;    pakka; 
Cogitable,  adj.  q^iib-ul  qyas. 
Cogitate,  v.  n.  bichamlT;  socbna;  khiySl  k. 
Cogitation,  n.  soch ;  bicbar ;  kbtyal ;  tafakkur. 
Cognae,  u.  Fiil^I^ii  baraadi  sharab. 
Cognate,  adj.    n&te-dar;  rishte-d&r;  qarabati; 

sambandi;  nisbati. 
Cognition,  n.  agftbi;  vSqfiyat;  ilm;  gyaii. 
CogniEable,  odj   1  cipable  of  cognizance,  jaane- 
jog;  jaiiiie  ke  qabil;  qa?''>il-i-fahm. 

2.  (Jtsdicially),  q&bil-i-sam&at;  adalat  men 
Bunne  ke  qftbil. 
Cognizance,  n.  1.  judicial  notice,  sunat ;  sunvSI  * 
8ama;it.    %.  jurisdiction,   ikhtiySr;    adbkar; 
ikht  iyar-i-samaat. 
Cognizant,  adj.  janne-vftla ;  waqif ;  mahram. 
Cognomen,  n.  laqab ;.  padvi ;  sar-u§mab. 
Cognominal,^  adj.  ham-nam;  ham-ism;  ok  nam. 
CjgnoTit,  n.  (Law)  iqbSl-dava. 
Cogwhe^,n.  dantllft-paiyi;  daudaue-dar  cbakkar. 
CoHal^t,  V.  11.  [Lat.    co'+habito   to    inhabit,  A. 
sohhat,  H  sdlh  company]  jorU    kbasam     ya 
miyan  bibi  kl  tarab    rahng;   ham-kbwab,   y& 
Bam  bistar  b. ;  mub&sbarat  k. ;  soUbat-d&ri  k. 
Cohallitation,  n.  sobbat-d§Eri;Iiarn-bi8taii;ham- 

kh'wabl;  mubasbarat;.  bbog;  bbog  bilati. 
Coheir j  n.  ansi ;  bam-wirsa ;  sharik-i-miras ;  bam- 

mira-s ;  t»rke-dai- ;  bautye-dar. 
Cohere,  t.  n.  [Lat.  con  +  hasrere  to   stick,   Skr. 
Ari  to  tafcej  stick  together,  Ihisna ;  satna ;  chi- 
mc^na ;  jamn& ;  lagna. 
Coherence^  Coherency,  n.    1.    jamSo;  satao; 
wasl ;  ittisal ;  chimt&o;  Ihisao.  2.  {Met.),  lagao; 
mel ;  sambaudh ;.  taallnq ;  rabt. 
Coherent,  :idj.  1.  sticking  together,  la^  yi  sata- 
hu& ;  mila-hua.  2.  cenn^c^^c^Jurftrbufr;  bandhft- 
hua;  chust;  marbat ;  musalsat. 
Cohesion,  n.  lagao ;  satao;  ittisaL 
Cohesive,  adj.  mile  hue ;  sato  hue ;  p&s  pas. 

QahOTt,  n.  fenj  k*  puL 

OoifpA.  n.  (Skc  iw»n  U  iw,  t^  9^^ 
otimer]  ^»il)  fcoihit.  ^ 

(9qU,T.  a.  ]ftohbij'Vi&;l)taly)tiltftbfti*nft;  Upa^ 
CaUi  q.  UcMOA :  14Ad^ ;  pioA  i  4»r  kt  ggU, 

mmli*;  ropwy*;  tv\  pw"*, 

Ths  KU'a  mart  oiirrene  ia  flftttor.  ppo*. 

JOwUswl  Mt  at  AiJtdJtn*  MM  W- 
Aorei,  etiof^i,  or  cut  coin,  mektti  miwijli  1|K|% 

nipa^'K;  ct^eiil-'^  n;pA)'i. 
eraekMl  coin,  phDft  rufifty*.  [ily^-nV»»qt, 

«uU«Jew)i,  gl)uAn)p43'i;  mRUt. 
Codn,  V.  a,  1.  e^»W.  Hilikl  diii^liiki  ^tt*  7^ 
puAbatA-ii,;  «ik)ft  mirii^;  i^rb  di 

To  «^  von)^    £qA  irta^M. 

ISi  ■mttia  Ut  iirtar  and  ds^id*  1|m'  tatit4>  A 


lAl    likklt'WMiI    k.)    wrb-i-4iklAi    nwul' 

3.  wjiffitHui,  gbant;  frfia^ti  btoivii^') 
^iidj  ikhtirK;  b«nd)ibi  rtUit i  ittiritiwrdM, 

^.  dmrgt  for  '•»>*»*!>,  ^^fiyUi  Iwuv^V 
QoUtoitle,  V.  11,    I.  '4  faU  an.  (liik  buJUuIri 
uiinapiH  b- ;  mut^biq  yi,  muiitiil>i<}  li. 

2.  tarraipQiid,  miliii ;  mublUiq  h^ ;  HVmS^ 
b.  J  qtutUfiq  li,  1  ^Itlk  It. 

ta  oai>tei(/t  m_qpiHiait,  ok  ntn-i    b,  j  el(   rid  b.] 

rfto  niili4;  imUialiq'Ul-ita  b, 
Coi-Milds^ae,  ii,  1.  a^rtfment   *9  jwitifin,  flilk 

boitbuK;  mutftbiqat;  tHt^uq 

a,  i-9ueufTrJtfv,  KHiijog ;  m-J  j  ittiCiq. 
Col^QideAt, ^j,  miltt  hiift ;  iqimlabiiq  ;  nuiT^fiq, 
G4iiiBr,  u.    1,   miittfr,    Hikkii-n^uj  lan^b;  tuk- 

aaiiyi;  miidftryil.  2,  inot'tim  wHjid;  Iftuklt 

tare;  blulj  upjiO. 
Cojr,  u,  iiiryiil  lii  nwal, 
CgiUQi^i  Ur  bhos; ;  liiabe  j  UHitbim )  sobt^tidM  | 

jiiuit,  iimj^ueuti  Tutil)  jiiDJ^i  DUlbtobKiMi 

ki^m ;  ^u]\  ;  (Hl'ifig)  kbel.  [Iflte  bW)^- 

Cfke,  n.  pnttb^r  k&  kg^U  jiako  jaU-W  bl^lA 
CoUqdeT,  D.  olilialul;  obaliil)  olibiuiiit. 
CjU.  mij.  [Skr,  i/idcd.  I'cr.  lardj  I ,  tiot  wtrVt 

^ktindiii  sard;  khunfiki  Mtali  hIU;  bttnd- 
A  cald  liretktMt,  f Anrii'M  aili^v  fiwi^i  lUtrl, 
8.  tk*i*riiig,  ttt>trtl|tH'|t&  j  lAHpt^;  larziu, 

3,  jxitwit/M^i  aitrd  i    ^rd-tnehri   A&urdfi- 
dil.  [rnlttikii  ba-joab, 

eold-bloadtd,     eold-hta' ted,    (b'Mid^ ;     ^m^ 

m  eatii  blood,  Hu-k^r;  jaii  bajh-k^r;    aoitu^u} 

bdqiud|  ir^ilataitj  djd4  0  d&iihta;    »oo^^   fai- 

uh^i-ke  ( tnrtbir  se-  [iiak,  oli.  yk  bw£ 

Itf  OOI4 

k.;  rukh  us  k.;  bMtinU  k.  1  iUM' m  k, 
Gi^,N   l,M«ai4Mea«rta4ni«fc,(bAn4;H*d% 

^;)ltliuiWibartkhU.   S.  <iHM«,  iiAiiii;^ 

{J^d;  itAlflkbiui:  Bordli  uak-t)bte ;  InvMudgL 
aOeieotd,  aanQba AiAi  luk^ji^HTiiMill^  k 
tkinidfi^afaH  <^iw,  jhtU^bttrii  %|rtlw^i 


^((ytfvafait.  j|ht;j4fa  ktmtiwm^- 

Silt  caldlf  uid,    ■VoUr«fnwit,abl''<(A 
lU'l  !»'<%  (Ornish  f'>lt4'tba  mrrl^t*  WdM, 

i^iy(  wii  <A*.;i  t.  «ia  Mff  iM.  F.  0. 

O0I411U1,  u,  I,  tfxiK*  -f  M,  K^i  iMW; 

(iiati^-puti,  'i.  teaiu  pf  mii,  nium-diBi 

Hialiii;  tTimi'l^  |mu. 

Colemff,  11.  l>..jl.  ,lh„.if  )4  dm«  jt  b«]i|.. 
Cgllo,ii,  pe(k%ci«urdt  dtwd-i-stiilnai }  ibii|otK; 

kiirkiitl;  pwbi  V;  f^^BJ,  [dMHifc;- 

QlAWKH^tnfi  n>  4lMtk-t-i«ebiMti  miylwilgari 
OoUtnH,  V,  n,  gir-ks   suIhIlJ;  hM|«Ki  fiiM 

ifcuk;  tokkukbkik. 
CgUspM,  n.  I,  (ifti.)  Aot;  kvo-noif }  njt-t«np(; 

9, /aiVur«,  ]i»^;  abflk)  nft-kimyiU. 
Cvllftr,  11,  (r9<wti/ t^  Ro^)    patj^   (^  a   dqg^; 

(^  coftbJi    kai|^     tjweb^u   (n^ck-zwic^-t 

basalt  (^  idommtX 
fo  ^«U  AM  ^  </<«  '-a'Jor.  gareMa  pttkspilj 

tfireb^u  meii  bilh  ii^li(^ 
A)  t/t';i  f/i«  im//(|p,   1.  (dQ^i)  putti  turft  yi   iijlAl 

bliS^u^.  a,  ^(Do;-:^,  iiikal  j'ua  vi  bhiga^ 
OpUu,  V.  «■  ((irtili^ii  paknTua;  ^ardaii  pitka||ilf 

(;ireL>a<i  lueii  hitb  dibia.  [niuila  blfarnj^ 
/p  oo//'ir  tfe/i  [^  ka  goaliC  ki  c^akti  biMriHw 
Gjlbu-ba49|  >l:  blii^i  bii|iali. 
Collate,  V.  u,  Kplaua;  tnug^lak.;  iiuit^biq  k 
'  Cqllatst^i  A(Ui  1-  nda  'O  tidf,  lag»  logs; 
I      )K(blabit'P^*l0;  boi"'PI^)*l'^ I  barabAr baralwr. 

9,  ((.'rt^cfhijf)  ek  did*  kii  yttl(-JHdd(, 
e<^liiftraf  waur.t^,  zamiit  tlfti-  Xliujtt;  bi<4iAulj*- 

ka  bicbaul^'a, 
C^Uftlefally,  mXy.  laee  |aga;  pablft-bft-p^falB; 

hitiii-|inliiq  itej  liHiabav  tt^i^aliftr, 
CJllftii^Q,  11'    1-  U4ilik'ij  uiii(|aM'<<  itfuUlMqab 
•}.  repti«(,  jal-|)iltl ;  libojiiii ;  k|iBii%;  liashuh. 

CoU*tJ?. ».  imakbp  jl  kil*joH  k^  muplbl* 

C^Uugl^e,  u,  lAthi)  ItHiumnnsah)  )uun<rutbft. 
Colleet.  V.    «.    [Ut.   M  +  Z-TTO.  Skr.  Aif^   H. 
lagd   join].    1.    iriiij/  ttv^ftW,    ikba(tft   k-l 

ukerua^  muigema;  batl&   k.;    4auj;|>b  k,j 

t)tt|0M ;  nfigWti]^ ;  Jdmi  k.  •  jof nt ;  ek  ja 
k.  J  sanchad  L  [ya  phal  tiikftinl. 

^  I'a/tfr^  arth   y4  m%ne   iiikilni)  natljatt 
3.  ^di^  mdnep  or  rivrntX^^  ugh&iil;  tahsii 
k. ;  tahaitui ;  wii'sQl  k.     [aub^ifdaati  Uibsfl  k^ 
Miett    hf  eiercit^  pr6ct»k,  jabi'aii   tHhill   kt| 
ttdieet  if  sequeHrail^  ^"^^^^  tuhsll  k^ 
cnMct  ftnM^dfy  hnsh  me&  &ii&^  ha  vis  jahil  k;) 
apne  tilft  fll1^bh&ltil»  [gherni. 

f5    c6^Ud   (he    taitlt,    hlA    blAdhTil)  hern^; 
tloIleeMli  adji  (itunc/)  ni'igtAtua;  kosh  haV&s 

baji  I  hi^v^  duru8t» 

<UilettiAn>  m    1.  t'i€   ttH^    Ijtltiorl;  sati^h} 

batoranl   jdf;   jamWati     2.   tfie  ilUng  cdt- 

tech-lj  Qiajmi;  tnainiaa;  Jami^at   zaKhirah^ 

S.  (^Hthii0i^ti,  Cimndi^ ;  6hittlii  [sLmd^nL 

ttJUedion  of  district,  tfihstt-nfmh^iil ;  auiald&rt- 

eoUe  Won  if  p6ems,  dtvl,ui 

fO^becU&H  6fr€v6twie,  tahsil  \  m^UgitzIri  ^  ^mdant. 

Olllwtionii  u.  fl  ng&h! ;  tahsil  J  pOfljL 

Mttr;/MH»     ((/*     lidlanJixs^    xikhbiqii    picllhlii 

.    ohukAutl 

tolf§c^m  hf  tttvnaii  and  tiivt$i6n  if  cr'dpi, 

takhcotnldi ;  kah'-baflti;  kankQt* 
CBUtHt'^f  fUreti  fr6m  Ha  ttiftimidr$y  khSLm- 

tahftil ;  kacheht  taht^l  $  raivat-Wsi)  f. 
v^tietiofk  &n  9n  tgtatiB  not  sedled^  kh^m  tahsil; 
wmoit  &f  tblkOumi  fdf  ihi  tiurr^erU  §Mr, 
idl-tauBh»  [ngi^^- 

W/  ihe  cDitefdifmy  tilsf-ttthsll }  adh-kirt ;  Sdhi 
wii§ndianeiHt^  eoflMioris,  tkhsll-i-muttiiVaiTiqav 
€MMtifei  iU)ji  m^mtst:  ek^^blbK;  ikkatti;  sUgra. 
€9il9tiir%  nOuiis  iskn-i  jius  \  istii-mttjmflt. 
Otllectifaly«   Uti    ikha^}    bilijm^l)   jrak^ 

lakhti  kiilk 
OdllBeM)  »»  L  jfathei^et^  hAMi  \  JAml^kiiTlie^ 
TlUk     2i   {6f  rmt  6r  kfxei)  ugihuevilti; 
tab«fliie-v&l&  [siihib-i-zila; 

t^tfi^r  of  a  dt'driat^  {C(fr.)  kalatMt* ;  eile-d&r ) 
m^Udorqfport dttUe^^ mlrbiaiir ;  stiahi-hAildan 
GoUe«tiDhdilp|  n.  {Cth-.)  kalttk^rn  ztl^d^rfi 
CMHegii  114  ba,x\  njadmsA )  tn^rasak-tur-ulatth 
Gbllitfliuil  m  k&tij  ki  tHiiEkilm. 
Oilttrie^  v«n.  [Lati  /a^^re»  Hi  ^f<  strike]  tftkl4na} 
takkar  khUusl;  bhirnl    [vdl^  j^  iiik^iiiiB^^&lft. 
0»ltttr|iii  liorf^fr  1^  (tto/)   ko^la   kjftodiie- 
fbeeoUiefKaii  bin  tumiey  aHS  bdth  blax;k\  Prof. 
Mdife'tMr  aiir  ^L»kd  tapaffr,  dftn9  hah, 
i.  cfkUiMp,  kolite  kft  jah^. 
(Ulieiyi  n«  ko^  ki  khtlrtt. 
GoI%aB|  r.  a.  ik^tU  k 
OoUlMLfiL  f((kkar-$  dhakklj  ttiutli-bhef. 
ftUoMdchi,  n.  lagana;  sttjinft.      ^ 
flBBiUi  ih  jell  jl^-8ibresh  Ke  mwi&q  ;  las W* 
CHkoiri  Hi  [Aj  qalb  heart/)   1«  q.  piec^  ofjlesA^ 
bofi ;  gOMlt  ki  fiUkfll  ya  p^rcha ;  muchch&. 
t.m^9ftBfh  €tmi  bloody  a  child,  kllleje  kt 

kor;  liAllt-Higbfi 
Ood  knofVS  thW  «H  tt  edttbpottitf  flesk) 
And  ^  (Ht  mOl^  1  Dave  lAed'tdiKiy  a  t«iai^.    J^hatii 
fi  lakhl-ififfm'  hoi,  gkUda  it  qcudmi 
tkft  tim  biMMfd  hoik  kam.  P.  C. 

doU^quialj  adj.  b&t-chit  yi  bol  chill  k&. 
Cttlloqmalism,  n.  batchit  yi  bol  chil  kS  fiiqm; 
Cdllo^uy^  Hi  bat-chft ;   bol-ohftl ;  guft^tt. 
Oollude)  T.  h.  at  sat  k.  ;  gathuft ;  (Oithiia  ;   mil 
jln^ ;  Rllzish  k\;  saz  baz  k.         [dis^  ;  s&z  b^z; 
Collusion^  n^  at  6at ;  sittib^ttl ;  sazish  ;   ban 
CoHUgivej  adji  at  sat-kiy  Ulset-ka;  da>ra-bazl-k«. 
C^lloBiyeljr^  adv.  ^Ljsish,  bahdish,  yi  al^et  se. 
Collyrimn)  n^  sntiua;  anjah.  [rribkhal. 

Colotynth)  n.  taikh  klii^;  itldr^yati ;  bLshumba; 
Celoii)  n.  1.  {An\x(.)  ban  aftt.  2.  (Pwwfi  )  pa^hne 

raeft  thaime  k&  ek  nishan— [:]  ;  bist-^m.  ' 
CSdloniaijadj.  nalbdstt-ka;  hau-abadi-kd  mu- 

eoltm&t,  t1.  bauab^i  ka  baahindn. 
Golonikatiiott,  ii;  nilii-abidT;  iml-baslpdti 
CbloHiiey  ▼.  a.  bastr  bas&ba ;  nauSlbl^  k. ;  aba^ 
k.  \  basatiSL  [paiigti. 

Ciloiinadd)  n.  sitUnofi  kT  qatsf ;  ktmt»boi\  kT 
Goldiif )  n.   nnl  basti  yi  abadi  jo  pai^des  tnei^ 

bUsaljafe';  tiati-abadl. 
6elo1f ,  Colout^  n ;  1 .  huti,  raftg ;  battih ;  tatlh ;  (art). 
2:  th^  ht66d  shdwin^  thrdu^h  this  tkin,  raiig. 
Hitf  tolor  fiftde  And  Went. 
Hk  faiig  m  tM,  ek  rd^gjdtn  tkS. 

3.  d^hardnci,  rAp ;  sfirat  J  stlakl ;  skabahat j 
inhes;  baui;  dhnj ;  raiig  aha&g^ 

4.  dark  c^mplfsxidn,  kala  raSg ;  6iyah  fattl. 

I'hU  i^ave  A  difterent  <Wottf'  to  hk  probe^ings; 
/<  ie  niuGnUit  ki  auf  hi  tarai  hb  i^h 

6.  kind,  bhaflt  j  qism  j  raqnm }  taftih ;  sSrati 
6.  jt)ftfeM6(?)  makr;  bahaii4;  htla^  ttiisi 

that  h^  tfhdUM  did  ii  Worthy  ttolidf) 

But  fet  We  wailt  a  iidh^  fdr  his  dbatki    iSkat. 

Wok  mttjfi^  hah/^K  lo  ladblr  heki 

ttot  fid^i  1^  ho  iaheiinh  Mtk^  p,  C. 

l(fl)   tt  ^a^,  Jhahdaj  hiskin*    kaota; 

j:)karai]^  |  dkaja ;  lava,  [skokk  rang  j  tez  ra6g. 
bright  toldr^  chamkil^  raftg*  ckuckuhata  rafig; 
than^  Mot^  raftg  uy  jaiia ;  zard  par  jaua ;  rahg 

fkq  ho  '^\\%. 
{fofm-  ^Udrdi  jhahde  ka  pakri  ya  triUkdfhs* 
f/HJp  coldu^i  gahra  rang* 
dm  cfifthtr^  toted  rafig ;  ttlAddhftih  rafig* 
false  told^t  sabz  bag ;  dbok&i 
fasi  Mot^  pakka-  railgi 
jivi  a  ttildr  to  d  transarttdji^  tllnamle  ka  dhaftg- 

i'ato^na  ya  naqshah   baddhiiiit;  kib!  rouamle 
:t  stlhit  ban^n^;  raftg  yt  ^biing  jarhana. 
ti^hi  cohr,  halkil  rafij;. 
there  it^as  nnt  ilif  least   t6hr  fdr  iNicd^^    gnftgu 

ka  maqairt  na  th& ;  nmtlaq  ja^  xxtt  tia  thi; 
hf  hse  dni's  wldr,  plla,  dhtiula  ya   siard  p«i'i*na. 
Colof  J  Oolotir,  Y.  a.  1  <  painty  raftgnii ;  raiig  kkar- 
na  ya  lagana. 

iipalliatei  ckaskm-poskf  k.j  qujfdr  thhu- 
t^mi;  pardak.1  igmSz  \u  3.  itiake  ptdmUe, 
qalaik.1  tonlanltnl  k. ;  bat  banana. 
Cdlof ,  Golottf ,  ti  n.  ia  blukh,   sharm  k^  mttre' 

chehra  lal  ho  jahIL 
tiol&Mlhidi  adJ4  rangoft  kH  lindka^ 


Color8d,R<lj.  1,  raAgli'i;  raiig-li&raAg;  ni:ni^; 

laii?  dir.  2.  dari,  k&li.  [<lir. 

Calor-SEr^eaiit,    n.    kot-Jafedftr ;     jhaitde-bur- 
Colossal,  adj.  bare  qod-tA;  deo  ka  doo;  deo- 

Coloasuj,  n.  ban  l)hM  raumt;  deo-8&. 
Colouring,  n.  t.  rang  bhamtj  i-A&g  ;  ntfieiil. 

2.  (Met.)  dhdk&i  liCafa  ;  qalal;  K^hiri  Up  tip. 
Colotriess,  adj.  be-raug. 
CotpoTtage.  n.  taqaim   kiitub-i-maEliabl;   maz- 

LabT  kit&btiii  ka  lj&ut»&  ya  taqsim  k. 
Colporter,  u.  jo   maxbabi  kit&beii  b«ohtl   yi 

baiittS  pbirti  hal 
Colt,  n.  1.  hone,  badihei-a  ;  bacbhsri. 

2,  a  yount  'oolUh  fellow,  pagsil ;    ahniaq  ; 
bi'-vvaqiif ;  liacbhiya  Id  b&v&  ;  alal  bacbhera. 

Colt'r,  Coulter,  u.  (o/"  oj'/ou^A)   pl«il;  phala; 
pliUlL  [uluUb ;  ii&-kaiid. 

Cattish,   adj.  khilar  I  chancbnl  ;  sbukh  ;  albel&  ; 
Colt'a  tooth,  u.  1.  dQdh  kIdant.S.  (^ef.)  bach- 
pan  ;  laraKpan  :    l.ul-pftn  ;  klillarpaa  ;   clian- 
ohalpaii  ;   ubibidl^|>aii. 

To  have  «  roU'j  tooch  iu  hu  head,  ProT. 

Sihgh  IMn-lte  baohhrin  meA  tnUnd. 
Cut  a  eoll'i  tijntli.     Ltfokpan  ehhornB. 
Columbine,  n.  HaiLcquin  maakhare  k!  bfvL 
Coluam,  n.  [H.^/dl  1.  pillar,  khiun;  khambi; 
tbutii ;  KttQn ;  gol  aitdii ;  pil-p&yl 

3,  upright  ej/tiiidrleal  body,  IMhj  inliilr. 

S.  (of  tolditrt)   paiS;  pant;  pauklT;    saf; 

qntilr.  4.  (of  a  n'vmpnper)  kothli;  khlttii 

fitUn'^  up  a  column,  khaiii-piiri;  kotliibliaran. 

Colunuiar,    adj.    khiimb-xa :    tham-si ;    eitiin 

jaisa.  [niud;  khMb-igaflnt;  giiflnt. 

Coma,   n.  behoshl   Vlilud;    Kiimbhkaran    kl 

Comatose,  Com&tooa,  adj.  bc-hosb  ;  bekla'Air  ; 

Comb,  11.  (H.  Aarii;^!]  1,  (for  (fit  Ikuv)   kaugb!; 

kaughi  ;  kaukhni ;  ali&ua. 

3.  (a  co'^k't)  kea  ;  kalgi ;  tij-i  kburus. 
To  cut  oDs'i  comb.  (Fig.),  Sktlln  nJt^Ind. 
Comb,  V.  a.  I.  kanghT  k.    'i.  (iwwi  or    coilon), 
tdiniii ;  dhunnii ;  jh&nia  ;  Uf  k, ;  kholua, 
Bbfl  'It  cobA  hi»  hair  (or  bim. 
Woh  utH  luijSmat  lar  dtjfi,  gi  thtihl  niJM  dtgt. 
Combat,  T.  a.  larni;  judh  k. 
Combat,  v.  a.  1arii& ;  K&mn&  k. ;  muqSblK  k. 
Combat,  n.  larai ;  jafig  ;  juddh  ;  m&rka. 

The  eantbat  dtepeni.  ud  ye,  brava, 

Who  ndh  to  glory  or  to  grave,  Oampbttt, 

Hah/ldnr.  bario,  jang  o6  iark  duUi, 

Patch  a*  A"r,  jS  tkahidat  mili.  F.  C, 

The  tambat  betneea  lile  and  dea^. 

Uant  tuu^  M  fardl ;  hHUit-i-niia. 

iingle   combat,    ek   ee    ek   ki    la^I;  dQ-ba-dQ- 

laraT ;  pakar ;  kunhti. 
Combatast,  n.  jodha  ;  jaiig  Svar. 
Combattve.  adj.  !arai  ya  miiqable  iA  abanqin  ; 

lariic  m»Tne  ko  maiijSd.  [idat  ya  kbaslat. 
CombattTenes),  n.  lajSi  jhagre  ya  miiq&ble  kl. 
Combination,    n.     1.    noion,    mel ;    aafigat ; 

Biimbaridh;  ittifaq ;  ittihod;  jttisal. 

2.  coTiiunctioii,  jog;  jngti-  sanjog;  qirSn. 

18  COM 

3.  eni/iMt'on,  atsat ;  giliitb  ;  baudieb ;  sluiah. 

Combine,  V.  n.[LaL6tnu«  double,  Hind.  bSlvo; 
Per  bd  witli;  A  haiit  betnecii]  milail;  i^ 
boiiS  ;  juf  tii ;  ek  jigar  h.  ;  pniwuat  h. 

Combine,  v.  a  milana;  gilithna  ;  joroi. 

Combined,  adj.  ruila;  jura;  juthfi;  muttafiq 
majmua.  [bbarakue-v&li ;  aokbtaul. 

Combustible,  adj.  jaln&-jog ;    jaliie   ke    q&liil 

gin  iH  Ia>  Ihe  *oul  like  fire  to  eoinbiuliblt    uiUteT 

Soatiey.    ilmli  to  ps-pjaiti  Mat  mta  Sg. 

eombiK  libit  ma  Iter,  bhak  so  u^-jane  villi   ohil. 

atisligir  Diadda.  [tagi ;  aoklitagi 

Combustion,  n.  jalne  b   li&lat ;  jalan ;  afruldi- 

Come,  V.  D.  [A.  S.   eumnn,    Skr.    a^am    oome, 

gam  go.]    1.  approach,  pSa,  ilazdik,  ya  rJbore 

ana  ;  age  barhiii  ;    qadam  &ge  rakhoa;  kisi 

ki  or  ya  taraf  ftna. 

Hoiv  niiBf  J011  to  do  it  T 
Turn  tt  uiid  kam  lryoii-1-o.r  Jud  ' 
We  itni  amt  ti>  jou  Ui  do  a  good  offlca.    Slot, 
//on  luntdrf  bhiMl  tame  St  haOL       [ni.  R8. 
"  This  in  the  beir,  oocne,  let  na  kill  him.      Matt. 
Ytk  ■Ddi'ii  hai,  an  km  nidr  ddUi  t 
Comi  and  welcome,  go  by  and  uo  quarrel. Prur. 
An  (utaAflc*  ghar  ;  jSo,  tvtkti  jka^  notlA. 
2,  happen,  giizaruiL;  bitni;  waqe  h. 

Let  Cong  ou  me  what  trill.  Jo  htmli  ho  to  iot 

comt  about.  I.  fiappmi,  ho  jani ;  vaqe  h.;  ho 
gusanii.  2.  ehanfft,  pbimS;  badaliiL, 

comf  again,  pbir  Ktil ;  ri^iis  ana ;  palat  &ii&; 
nlat&iii;  lant&na;  b&var  ana. 

nK  along  !  S,o  !  cliale  fio !  ao  na  1 
me  and  ijo,  ana  jaui;  amad  o  raft. 

The  colour  ot  the  king  doth  cone  and  go, 

Between  hia  purpoie  and  bia  ooaBcienae. 

■SAni.     King  John,  ir.  t 

Badalta  futt  iHaA  har  ghaff  apnS  mAj. 

Bat  hai  uiitf  fmoH  o  tHatlaii  men  jaag,  F.  C 

fomr  ft,  pahuAchnE  ;  js  pahiiAL'htia  ;  ra*il  li. 

eotii*  away,  ohale  ft'i ;  jfcne  do !  [l"*P'  ''■ 

mjaKb!/,hilh\i'jui;   paiia :  niilnft;    h&ail  fa.; 

come,  come  I  intj.  baa  knro  I  baa  bas  1 

C^mt.  comt !  no  time  for  lameutatron  now.  Milim, 
Bat,  bat  I  oh  %-ota  p\tnt  Icn  rwil  noAU  bu  / 

ecm«  down,  nlarii& :  naiil  h. ;  saval  mcd  Kni. 

tom^  heme  !  ghar  chalo  I  ghar  ko  chalo  \S  Su  1 

camt  in,  1.  (v.  n.)  trUtr,  bhitar  yi  andar  iiA 

dtkhil  h. 

To  com  in  by  one  ear,  and  go  out  by  the  otlMr. 
li  tdi  (Hi!  IU  I'dn  ard  di.  praf^i 

5.  (fruit,  etc.),   chnhia;  ini;  hitir  rueft] 
itiZt :  bikne    lagnS.     3.    hecime   the  fathii 
chaliia;  nihaliiK;  rHij    h.     4.    aeern 
h.  ;  prapt  b.  j   paida  li, ;  ghar  meii  ai 

6.  tuhmit,    itaat  ya   tibcd&ri   qubol  k. 
Bir  jlmkaiii.  [kbint' 

come    near,    \An    ^ni;    lagga    kh^nl:    t^kar 
ameof,  1.  (ancMtor*)  paidfi  h. ;  bona. 

He  comta  of  a  good  atJick. 

Woh  achekhe  ghar  (ihdndda  giigharSiw)  iSKai  I 

Thin  nrmri  of  jiiiigiDg  by  tbs  uye. 

Vpri  dekhne  te  aitS  ht  dhnii  hol»  hai. 

2.  ejuue,  uatij&  h. ;  phal  h. ;  boiA. 

Thia  emiti  of  your  obatinaoy. 
TunhSH  Aal  td  gaki  fitat  hai. 


qjfi  hoD& ;  bitna ;  yaqe  h. ;  gUzarni. 
The  fight  eawu  off  yesterda/. 
Wok  lifdl  kal  kul  tkl. 

on^  l.(v.n.)barhD&;  Hgebarhna;  chalean&; 
iUia ;  taniqqi  k.  2.  (intj.)  i^oiue  ao ;  tumhariL 
kji  bitta  y&  poti  liai. 

Cmm  on  Mid  do  the  wont  you  can, 

I  fear  not  yon,  nor  yet  a  better  man.   Dryden, 

TA  d  t&niM;  tujk  n  hove  9o  kar  ! 

Nmkim  tMJk  Hn&Utt  ackekhok  u  dar.       F.  C. 

only  phUtna ;  khulnl :  ulhir  h. 
etmeatUitf,    nikalnH;    nikal    &na;    sadii*    h.; 
bariUnad  h. 

OMT,  (io  ont^s  Me)  a  milna. 
09er  one,  chal  sakna ;  dam  mefi  lanSw 
come  ramnd^  ni&nui ;  min  jan& ;  razl  h. 
thoriy  cbnkna ;  kaoi  h. ;  kasar  parnft. 
to,   1 .  (amouht  to)  honft. 
It  comet  to  twenty  rupees. 
Bu  rupae  hote  yajmrte  haift> 
S.  arrive  at,  &ua ;  hoD& ,  pahuficbni. 
This  is  what  you  must  come  to. 
Tuwikdra  ye4i  hcU  kogd, 

3u  recover^   boah   an&;    hosb   met    lxi%\ 

&pe  men  ant.  [bona ;  s&dir  b. 

to  pasi^   bitni;  gnasarnft;    boD&;    w&qe 

mnder,  tabat,  madd,  ya  kbane  men   &ua; 

dtiJiil  h. ;  ab&mil  b. ;  kotbe  meu  iii&. 

mp^  {uprout)  pbtltni;  nika1i)& ;  utbn&; 
Qgoi,  or  vfUh  barabar  bo  jan^-  barabar  b. ; 
pakar  leni^ 

up  to,  takkar  kb&na. 
mp  to  time^  waqt  par  anft  ja  khaiil  b. 
wpon,   &n   parui;  tQt  parni;   cbarhQ& ; 
eharbil  k. ;  bamlab  k. 

wkai  MOjf,  jo  bo  80   bo ;  jo   bo  ;  bar   cbe 

bid-A-b&d ;  ba-bar  b&I ;  kisl  sdrat  mefk 

io  come,  aiuda ;  again  samU ;  age. 

Come,  intj.  io  ;  i  ja ;  cbalo.      [rQpia ;  naqqUl. 

Comedian^  n.  bbftiid ;  bbaiideli ;  saw&^I ;  bab- 

Comedy,  n.  awing ;  naql.  [andimL 

Oomelilkeu,  n.   sundartii ;  kbab-sQrti ;  kbush- 

Onnelj,    adj.    sobaoni;    kbQb-sQrat;    kbusb- 

andim;  aajila;  sbakA;  wajih. 

He  that  is  eowuiy  when  old  and  decrepit 

Sorely  was  beautiful  when  he  was  young.  Southeff. 

/•  firdmak-tdli  wuk  haigd  shakU, 

Wok  kogdjavdMi  men  bethak  $ajU.  F.  C. 

n.     1.    ine-yala ;    avan-b&r ;     v&rid ; 

o  sad  r.    2.  comers  and  goers,  ane  jane- 

^le;  &e-gae;  ijanderawande.         [o  slldir. 

etf  eowters,   bar  kof;  bar  bhakhs;  bar   varid 

(VimMtiWe,  adj.    qabil-i-tanawul ;    kbine-jog ; 

khnrdanf ;  kbftne  ke  liyaq.  fkburdanL 

CbmartiUee,  n.  pi.  kbine   ki  cbizen ;  khQrak ; 

QaMt,  u.  pucbcbhal   tara;   pQncb-d&r   tir&; 

dom-cUr  tiri ;  dbam-ket& ;  jbirQ. 
Oomllt,  Comfitnre,  n.  iliechi  daua ;  nuql ;  pag)- 

bni  merah. 
Oombrt,  v.  a.  1.  tasalli  d. ;  taskin  k. ;    dOisi 

d. ;  dbiny  bandbna  ;  ai&sa  pochbni. 
Comfiirt,  Q.   dilftsi ;  dbiraj ;  tasalli ;    taskTn  ; 
sor;  taqvtot. 



to  derive  comfort  from^  tasalli  plLna«      [iriun-ki. 
Comfortable,    adj.     sukll;    isiidab;    khusb ; 
A  comfortable  providion.      Kdfl  edrndn,  dtUrn 
kd  earmdyd  ;  pUrkas  tahdrd. 

Comfortably y  adv.  sukh  se ;  iriliu  se  ;  khushi  se. 
ComfotuOr,  u.    1.  stikb-dai;   tasalli  dene-^li; 

tasklii-bakbsb  ;  tasbaffi-deb ;  gam-khwir. 

2.  a  but  tooollen  tlpjtt,  jili-dir  tiiii  gula  baud. 
OomfotdesS)  adj.  dukhi;  biua  tasallt 
Comic,  adj.  liansiQ ;  thatol-ki. 
Comical,  adj.  1.  exciting  mirth,  ba^or;  tba^l; 

maskbari.  2.  queer,  anokbi ;  nirila ;  fgibiw 
He  is  a  comical  fellow. 
Wok  hhl  ek  turf  a  mdj^n  ked. 

Coming,  n.  aua ;  imad  ;  awii ;  avan  ivan. 
coming  and  going,  ini  jana ;  iwa-j&i;  ahar-j&har; 

amad  o  raft ;  go;%  p&hL 
coming  in,  1  •  au&;  ivan ;  dakbl;  rasii;  pahtUicb; 
madikbilat.     2.   income,    imad ;     iiudaiii ; 
kamai ;  paidi ;  yifb.  3.  submissioi,   tibe-dari ; 
farraan-Dardiri ;  itiat ;  gardan  jhukini. 
Comma,  n.  parhue  vi  likbne  meii  zari  si  der; 

tbaime  ka  ek  aisi  (  ,  )  nisbin. 
Command,  v.  a.  1.  ortier,   bukm  d. ;   Ik^gy^  k. 
j&  deni ;  farmana ;  irsbad  k. 
Qo  to  your  mistress, 

Say  I  command  her  come  to  me.  Skak, 

Meri  taraf  seahid  begam  ke  pds  tuk  Jd. 
K<ikUfo  k%  usne  turn  la>  it  vaqt  kal  buldyd.  F.C. 
Command  your  man,  and  do  it  yourself.  Prov. 
Naukar  ko  kukm  do  aur  dp  karo  I 

2.  qoveim,  raj  k. ;  bukHmat  k. ;  sard&ri  k. ; 
sbisan  k.  3.  overlook,  sir  par  b. ;  Qncbe  b. 

The  hill  Commands  the  fort. 

Q^e  ke  sir  par  pakdf  kau 

One  side  commands  a  view  of  the  finest  garden 
iii  the  world.  Addison,  Ek  taraf  se  dunyd 
kd  nikdyat  ki  Mmdak  bdg  dikkdi  ditd  kai. 

Command,  n.  1.  order,  aggyi  ;  bukm  ;  irsbad  ; 
fjELrm&n.  2.  exercise  of  authority,  sardiri; 
bukHmat;  riyasat ;  (Cor,)  kamau. 

3.  authority,  ikbtij&r  ;  adbkir ;  iqtid&r« 
tpord  of  command,  bukm. 
Commandant,    n.   sardir;    (Cor.)  kuinedin. 
Commander,  n.  sardir;   seuipati;  sar-girob; 

(Cor,)  kamSnyar. 
commander  of  a  garrison,  qile-dir. 
commander  of  five  tfiousand,  panj-bazan. 
commander  of  seven  thou-^and,  baft-bazari 
Commander-in  chief,  n.jangi  latb;  sipab-sSlar. 
Commandment,  u.  Kbuda  \ik  bukm. 
ike  tin  commandments,  1.  das  abk&m-i-ilabl. 
2.  (Slang)  unglion  ke  dasofi  uakbau. 
I  will  set  my  ten  commandments  in  your  face. 
Maik  dasoh  w'igliyoh  {donok  kdtkoh)  se  tcrd 
mdhk  nock  l&hgd. 

Commemorate,  y.  a.  racbinft ;  maninL 
Commemoration,  n.  racb&o ;  minta ;  y&d-gftti; 

urs ;  siidb. 
in  commemoration  of,  y ad-gir!  raed .  [y adgari  men.   | 
in  commemoration  of  one*s  ancestors,   baron  ki 
Oommenea,  v.   a.    1.  begin,  sburQ,  ft^z,  yi 

arambb   k.;    id   k.    2.    take   the  first  step, 

pahle  qadam  rakbni ;  pabal  k. 


«onnK7?«  «  tu't,  muqaddnnin  khfifft,   rujfl,  jl 

ilftynpk. ;  nflliult  iMir  k, 
Commuiw.  r.  II.  ■Iiiii-n  li, :  wnjod  [ifiH;  fhiAi 

i). ;  tA-f.  li.;  viKjfl  mei^  HnH. 
r!<}H  C'lianK-i'f*.  i8t«tiqaq  pnidS  hntl  bal  G.(J. 
Commoncement,    u,     HlmtQ;    ild ;     jLraiubb; 
Ail^^  ;  ilit.i'^  ;  ririninilili ;  8ii  Oiiiieiilj ;   bJH- 
Command,  V,  n.  1.  rntntniC  ia  irrof    KniiiipnA ; 
•iimirfl  k,  ;  ImHiilc  k. ;  tufvl!!  k. ;    itiiiiinu  k. 
To  tliM  I  till  nvBuml  my  VAtflifiil  tnul, 
Bro  I  l»i'finl  till-  wtiMo'"'  rf  ml""  »jw.     ^Aat. 
//ou  fwt  bill'!  jtAtkoA  ta  tw  tr  nuiu  faUt 
Yeh  iarUI  /'flA.i'ln  ornl  Inw  AnrSU.  7.  C, 

S,  i-tfimmeiii.  luil  k.  ;  tiiif&riHli  k. ;  koHhinb 
k. ;  wn>Tl!l  Icnr  d. ;  rw.hchli&  tmltul. 

3.  pf-aiie.  Nn'&liiil;  t&rif  k  ;    tnnolf  k. ; 

wiuA   )B   nirul    k.  4.   »^h/  yertinqt,  nnltm 

hlit-j'i&^Sk. :  pmiilm  k. ;  ItHm  ft&m  knhnli. 

0>ni<nf»i'  >ii«  i"  my  liroUiKrI  8luk. 

Merf  'i/k'il  w  uifrA  mUiii  JboAnd  ' 

CammBndAbla.  itilj.  Muilline-joj:; ;   ijlbiM-UUIf; 

Commendation,  n.  Urtf;  anditl;  tautlT;  mnhi- 

nini  HitV'i^b  ;  Inbtla  :   iiiniluh. 
Commendatory,  ndj,  tnimiri. 
CommensT  r,ib1s,  CommeBsnTata,     ndj.    tinm- 

niKiiii;  hiitnvriziiii  :  biim-nii<t'lllr. 
eoamiriUH'-itl'!  numdtrs,  vob  Adid  jinkl  &d-i- 

iunm  iiiknl  luike. 
Commsnmnte,  ndj.  proportioitaU,    niD&flq; 

in>it&l'i<)  ;   iniitniibiib. 
Commwt,  V.  n.   1.   oMiataU,    fttiamh  y&   tiki 
likliiift;    li&ibiyah   ohnrhfttii. 

2.  jnnii:   rejn'tria,  rfiif  yi  i"(it  dcniL 
CaTment.n.  1.  (iffitV(<n)Hhnntb  ;  {Ai;  tnfair; 

liS-ibija   5.  (wiW)  iH  ;  mat. 
Commsata  j,  n.  ah»mb ;  tlkA. 
tniimunl4irii  tni  Hit  QnrAn,  iftfidr, 
Commentator,  I).   I.iit*rab;   muahbir;   tikj- 
kur;  mtibiuibitbl.  2  {of  tha Qurtut)  muftuuiir; 
("/'  fhf  Yrlai)  libAsh-IOr. 
Gf^jomi,  T\.  \.  trad*.  ta,\iA9,^\\    ti^rat;    A- 
gar-l>eoh&r;  luiiiig  b«obar;  tijiralri-bahrl. 
Ths   Britjjih   awoTd  tnvrlK  in  tha  «bt>th  nl 
eonmtnw.    Antral  talrdr  Ifjirat  ht  nlpan 
mrtt  pkirtl  hai. 

2.  thArroHCM,  iwi-jM ;  uAg&t ;    llmad  o 

raft ;  tncl-miiap;  r«h  o  riMm  ;  r&bravith. 
OmnmeTolal,  adj.  tijEifiil;  wuidagatl-k*;   boo- 

h^rl;  mnhiljaiil. 
eimmrrfial  crrdil,  mnbajnni  Sikh  yii  fltibar. 
eomnfi-eittl  e*iabtuhmrnt,  maliijaiil  ko^t ;  kiitb); 

kothi  tijSrat. 
rooinKjW"/ H»n7<.  mnbajanliU;  mabfijani  beh- 

vSr ;  l)»iar  VSL  dtwtar.  [pnr. 

Cqmmeccially,  adr.  Bftiid^gftran^  ;  tijarntl  taiir 
Comminatioa,  n  KhudZ  kk  ijubr. 
Commingle,  v. 'vniiUiifr;  DilHriai  mnkidfit.  k; 

ftmM  k. ;  Kolnw^i  gl»«l-wt'  J*  li'*^"  miilt  k, 
CommiimiUdi   v.    a.   dajft    k. ;  tAraakbau&^ 

»bm  k. ;  dard  kh^nfi. 
Commiiuration,  n.  daja  ;  tntna  ;  riibni ;  ihrd. 



Commisuriat,    n.   (Cor.)   kamuryat;    raMul- 

CommilMry,    n.      I.  a  rimnuiiiuoruir,    (Cor.) 
kamMd;  d^roj^I;  amln;  giiniiUbiL 
i.  (/;W.)  Asrat;  niib;  miiftl. 
CmaxaintTf'geMnl,  a.  (Cor.j  kaRiesrl  jintMl ; 



CommlssIoB,  11.   I.  delrrj^ainn,  nupurdnd;    taf- 
i1/. ;  t,ihrn. 

2.  iinii-rani,  parvJna  ;  fnrmiui ;  hana'l. 

A  ■1il|>  'II  ocmiiiWflii.  Jil'<is  liHirfi/oA  li^jaig. 

3.  r/iiirrre.  iklitijlr  ;  lulhVir :  ]t^tl•\^r. 

fini'li  rnmmininn  \  li«ve  rrwivi-d  ir-itn  n\m1n. 
Hujhi  Khndd  tt  ka:,  K  ^th  k'ilnn  Aird  twi 

<.  a  eomjiaity  of  ffrmmii,  jam&at ;  jiiibl. 

S.  oriier  (for  aooiit),  farnii'Mh  ;  ifSiHyl^  1 

S.  o/IowiMff,  dnntOr!;  dallftll; -,  bnq- 
ii«-tial ;  bai ;  (Cor.)  kaniislian  ;  riinnm. 

T<i  'lo  hii>in»«  on  tfinmlttinn.         ij^al  ttrnA. 

7.   jitrpelradm,    irtikHb ;   kartnb ;   kijii; 


eommiiuion  afltanhrvfit-y,  adftlat-i-divSlitl ;  tiiah 

kama-i-nad&rl.  [kanie  k[  ndaiaL 

commitiion  nf  lunacjf,  JiSiPil  ,Ti  divliia   darjTifl 

cnatmiuimi   of   (ui     offeiire,   junn    k&    irlilijUi} 

joriQ  k.  [uUmIL 

tommitinon  on  eoVtetionx,  miiliaaidAna ;   baqr)  i- 

tommittion  ongoodi,  (<'or.)  kumliiban  ;  ruB(Uo.t. 

lialllli ;  dogtOxi ;  bar|-iu-«a[ ;   i^nt, 
Commiisios,  v.  a.  adlikir  d.  ;  ikbtijar  d, 
Commiwioner,  ti.  miikhiarkiir;  vakil;   amla; 

Commiuion-Agent,  n.  ilratya ;  (Cor.)  ajni^. 
Commit,  V.  a.  1 ,  inlrtiMl,  bavile   k.;    unii^ ; 
deua;  mipitrd  k^  zlmnie  k. ;  ttifvb  k. 

To  ammU  M  Qod.  Kkudi  it  AatS/ek;  XhaOt 
to  MuA/>na.  yOA. 

Bill  him  fnrewel).  mrnmil  bin)  tn  tiie  gnrr 
Kara  rukkiti  at*™.  rfAoro  ijiibr  imA  f 
3,  (/br  (r ('«/),  dauri  supurd  k. 

3.  Mate  over,  niTpurd  i.  ■  havala  Ic 

4.  uiipriMn,  jel  kliinc  bhcjna;  qaid  k. 

i.  J arpttmtt,  JFtikftb  k.;  ttiuitaklb  h.;  bm- 
kat  k  ;  kanii. 

Miiili  and  unemenU  "mmtU  no  treiiKn.     Drjfla, 
Zamin  o  jiglr  rfdoil  noAln  liaih. 

to  rommit  ontirl/Co,  bacbaii  baniil;  qaul  denL 
(t  rmnmit  Ut  nimmr-i/,  jUj  kariift;    hfEff7;ob    xott, 

mkb.iii.  ^        _         [Wia4ielAeii>t'. 

Comm'tment,  ti.    1.  imjiritoiinumt,  <iaidj  jeV 

2.  rrffrtnet,  ]mv»tln  ;  suriirdn^, 
rommitm&nt  for  trial,  before  the  itirioju,  dounlt 

nupitnlngl.  [fel  BEdir-iititiM. 

tift  commit'ed,  fel  wir-Kad  slmdfth  ;  fel  vwjtUl; 
dO'-nity  abort.'  Co  l/e  eomntitled,  fiakS.  pnino^lKj 

(lakS  bono  ko.  (mbhK. 

Committee,  n.  (Cor.)  kiiniaiU;  panclulrai ; 
Committing  ofIlcei,ii.ii^kini-L-anpurd-kiiiiliidnl). 
Commode,  n.   ^iHnlkJiaoo    ki   clmnkl ;    lantit-^ 

Commodiona,  ailj.kHiTi  k^;  {Lrnm-ka;  ISii);  miKlCLL 
Commodiotuneu,  n.  firiiin  ;  aiikb;  rShttt. 




Oovmnodity,  n.  jins;  mtl;  sandS;   asblb  ;  sau- 

digr!  mUL 
Oommoddre,  n*  q&ram  nmqdm  ;  mlr-babr. 
Conlmo]^  a<^.  I.  beloftf^nfj  to  sever al,  Am ;   inn 

U ;  sfvb-ki ;  muBhtarak :  miMhtamal. 

The  common  borM  is  «n)rfit  shod.  Prov. 

Sdjh€  ke  f^cfe  he  kmtn  jafe  nal  f 
%  public^  &m ;  sab-k^.  3.   tuiiol,   current, 
aksar  ;  raij  ;  nisinl;   rauravvaj  ;    mustkmal  ; 
jiM ;  iatem&li ;  mittt&li. 

A  common  bfoi  m  held  no  fitcdn.  Prov. 

Am  nib^  mih  nakih.  [fill  naked). 

Ek  KammSm  mea;  sab  nan^e.  Prov.    (One  bicth, 

4.  nhuiidani,    bahut ;   aaii^on  ;     bisy&r  ; 
kftBir.  5.  mean,  kaimua ;  nicb ;  ochlii ;  ibeoh  j 
]>Qch  ;  kamlii ;  adnft. 
concMon  6ai7,  zamUnat  bar2«  n^m. 

enns^iUj  raz^-i-Htn ;  sab  kl  marzu 

cTif 7*,    dhandcmibi ;     dliaiidore-v^l^ ; 

^iun$  pitne-vUli.  [aleb-i-lbm. 

ditUor^   sidhSran   bhSljak;   roaqstim 

t/ewkr,  nar-madln;  jinsi-miwhtarak. 

09mnton  Ittw,  qadlm  y%  pui^ii^  dastQr ;  puranl 

rit,  rasain  ya  cbaL 
common  nomi,  8ai*b-u&m. ;  iam-i-nakara. 
004MtOA  feopfie,  am  ;  ilm  log  ;   sab  log  ;  avEm- 

un-nss  ;  kul  ashkb&s;  hamE  shumSl. 
tammon  fraciiee,  Am  dastOr ;  mamul ;  marjEd ; 
kanr-ul-istemal.  [kasbi  (prostitnte.) 

(9mmon  ji^tOiA'M€   or  \cwmzn,   raii^;     haijai; 
common  right,  haq-i-umtlm  ya  miishtarik.[budh. 
(9tmaon  sense,  Am  aql  ;  moti  samajh ;  sadbama 
Oomnum  sense  is  the  growth  of  all  countries. 
Sddkaran  samqjk  sab  des  men  hott  hai, 

fioi  fOYRMfiitt  kaoi  haiii ;  kam  hue  hain ;  kam 

wnqu  meu  S^  hain. 
Comiion,  n.  maidan ;  Am  chai&-g3Ji ;  gqrA  ;  bir. 
in  €$mmon,  sab  men  ;  Bsljbe  men ;  sir ;  sharakat. 

m€i^;  mnabtarak.  [bhaiy^cbHra ;  ba-ijmil. 
land  held  in  comrmn,  sbamilat  ;  sbirilkat ; 
mQuzah  hefd  in,  common,   shamilfttl    tnauza ; 

Cbmonalty,  n.   aT&m-un>nlk8 ;  awILm  ;   nIcb 

log ;  pawai ;  cbboti  ya  uanni  zat ;  tell  taAbolt; 

dhune  jul&lio  ;  kauj^e  qasai ;   airegaire  pacb 

kalyan.  [daije  kS.  t&lib-i-ilm. 

Commoner,  n.  1.  ralyat  2.   (of  oxford)  dQsre 
GqamnoiUy,  adv.  aksar;  aksar-auqat;  bahiit  kar- 

ke;   amuman ;  b^rhE;  l^r  b^r;  babut  waqt ; 

pber  pher  ;  babut  kai ;  ald-umCtan ;  beshxac. 
mmmonlp  called,  urf ;  bolta  nam. 
GHUBoa^aca,  d.  bart&o  ;  rozmarra. 
nmiiminplace  B^olc,   n.   yad^lasht  kl  kitab ; 

by&i ;  safina. 
(maaaaa'2lM9B,  n.  adHlatri-kbaflfii. 
Cbmnions,  n.  pi.  1.  tlie  lower  house  of  parlia- 

wteni^  majliB-i-vukHlftc  riay^ 

2;  food^  kbana  ;  kburak ;  bhojan. 
Sh«rt  commms,  K«anhi-rdtUk  yd  kkdirak. 

Commonweal,  Commonwealth,  n. 

L  eA«/Mop/«,  parja;  riayH;  kbnlqat. 
2*.  a  rtfuUie,  hnkUmat-igamburi. 

Commotion,  n.  1.  agitation^  hal  cbat;  kbal  ball; 
garbap ;  afr4  tafrl  2.  a  popular  hanuU^   bal- 
wS;  fitiii;  f^i^^;  hang&ina.   .^,  ptrtnrbafinn, 
byakull;  gliabiihat ;  be-q»u-ir!;  be-chainl. 
Commmua,  v.   n.    [Lat.  <;>m  +  t?NMU9  gift,    H. 
minatH^  to  oiier J  bat  cbit  k. ;    guftiigt  k.  ) 
Upas  mei'i   bolnH ;   batyHulk;  kahiiH  sannH; 
bamkalHin  h, ;  bolua  ch3.1na ;  batUUiH* 
1)  will  commune  w[ith  jou  of  Quch  things 
That  want  no  ears  but.  yours,  Shak, 

Mnjhe  tu.m  se  kahni  hai  kadJi  aid  hai 
Jo  kakni  nahih  hai  kisi  aur  sfit.  T.  C, 

OommTLniqaMe,  adj.  bolne  jA  kahue  ke  lEiq. 
Oommnnioata.  v.  a.  kahnE ;  likbnS  ;   ittlLa  d  ; 

kbabar  d. ;  agab  k.  ;  jataqft  ;  gosh-g4izju*  k. 
Comnmnioate,  v.,  u,  to  he  connected  wUkt  mile 

h.  ;  amad-raft  b. ;  raata  b, 
Cpmmnn ication,  i^  \,  the  cLct  of  imparUng, 
jatavH  ;  %abi ;  ittilardih! ;  ittilSl ;  vaqtlyat. 

2.  a  passage,,  r3«ta ;   am^i^o-raft,  AvA  j'li ; 
ir-jar.    3.   inter  course,    bol    ohil ;   cbhi((bi- 
patri ;  chi|;thl  chapati ;  kbat-kitilbat. 
in  commnniccAion  wiih,  agahi  se ;  y^qfiynt  se. 
CommanioatiTe,  adj.  bhaf-bhafyft;  ji  k^  sUf; 

Copmnnicatiyenesa,  n.  bhai^hai^^pan. 
Comm9ini,)n,  n.   1.  intercourse,  boia  cbal! ;  kbat- 
kitabat;  8»)&gia;  sobbat;  muliqat. 

What  comjnuuion  hath  light  with  darkness  f 

2.  Cor.  vi.  14. 
Andhere  ko  ujale  se  kyd  mel  f 
Bare  eommunion  with  a  good  church  can  nerer 
alone  make  a  good  man.  Sotrth* 

Sirf  ackchhe  girjA  mehjdne  ane  u  hhaJUL  admi 
nahln  hotd, 

2.  (lie  Lorc^s  supper,    ashle  khudEvandf 
ya  rajbbani;  pirbbU-bhoj. 
Oommnnism,  n.  dbartl-sir  dava. 
Communist,  n.  dharti-sir  dave-dflr. 
Community,  n.  1.  common  possession,  jamhiirf ; 
pancbaetT.  2.  commonwealth,  avam ;  8a)>  log  , 
praja;  jambur. 
commanity  of  interests,  f^cda.i-am  ;  sakal-bhalai- 
community  of  slmres,   sajha;  pattf-dail;  bbaf. 

cbai-a;  sbat-akat. 
the  good  of  the  commwiity,  bahlifldgf-i-iiaya; 

fa^da-i-am;  rifab-i-kbalayaq ;  faiz-i-am. 
village  community,  gaon  ke  log.  [ul-tabdil^ 

GQOunutable,  adj.  palat-jog;  palt^i;  mmmkin- 
Commutation,  n.  adla-badli;  alti^palbl;  mulhv 

dila;  erarpherf;  eva^-muavaz. 
Commute,  v.  a.  [Lat.  muto,   H.  mornd  cbange] 
palta  k. ;  tabdil  k.;  pbcma;  badalna. 

The  sentence  of  death  was  conimuted  to  tranS' 

portation  for  life. 
Phdhsl  ke  hukm  kl  eMz  hukm  jalduntanl-i-muddm 
sddir  hitd. 

Compact,  adj.  [Lat.  pactuss  H.  pakkd  fined] 
kasa  hiia;  tbos;  piir-kar;  gaf;  g^rha;  pat- 
wasta;  chnst;  matin. 

A  compact  body  of  men.  Admii/ok  kdjathd. 
The  lunatic,  the  lorer,  and  the  poet 

I  Are  of  imagination  all  compact,  Shak, 

Hain  shdir,o  dshiq  o  divine  jo, 
I  Sardsar  tasatvur  mnjassam  hain  vfo,  F.  C. 




Compact,  n.   Hhart;  bfu;h:i)ii  hof;  &hd;  qaul ; 
qniil-qnrilr ;  abd  o  paiiuiii. 

w«llask  t>  deurltwil  u  tba  iudiwHilublo  eom- 

Vaet.  Ma^aiilag.  [haia. 

Ai/d-i-niith  Ja  «ir  fmhHl  muitaUiain  akd  b-UUU 

CompflCtaetl,   n.    kitsbVM^;  lungiiil;  piirk&rl; 

cliii'tl :  Diniilimt. 
Campaalon,  n.  [LaI.  pannvi  cloth,  I'or.  jxitrfl- 
kun  cK'thiug,   H,  pahannA  to  wear] 

)i!)il )    snitgiktl;    yir ;    UmvtiUl ;    roflq ; 
a<i\ibM;   )mtn nuliliHt;  hum-lliialilu. 

Aik  Q);  o>ut;i(iRJuii  ir  I  be  ■  tliial.  Prov. 

Cli-i-  U  bKii  gath-kaiH.     (Tli>  Ihlara  brutbol 

a  bolt/e  fomjiaiiioa,  ham-piy&U  o  iiam-iiitvUllt 

OompanioiublC,     adj.     milniiair;      niilnnli&r; 

kl.'»liliiil;  jlrl>8»h.  [rtlil;  rifViat. 

Companionihlp,  n.  utngnt ;  k&lli ;  tolibnt ;  baui- 

Comnany,  n.    1    bodj/  of  men,    Kiroh;  JHllii; 

UM;  mnndll;  jamlal.  2./fl'oie»hiit,  imiii^f, 

H&tli;  soliliar;  liam-iihl;  rifK^at. 

Bui  cnmf  anil    Burl  i^hiat. 

H«  i>  gowl  eampanj/.   Wo/t  aetehhd  lOth  loi. 

A  erowd  U  not  comrany,  inij  fjiot*  ub  hiii  a  galloiT 

o(  ]>ictnrM  t*b*r*  tbin  I*  n..  lovo.    Bteoa. 
UK\r  u  ioriU  H^Ad  noAii  liana,  aur  Aind  ^rlt  Adm\- 

yih  ki  mUA  n,'»l  H  it  indrttA  iI/UjU  •J<tf  AalA. 

3.<v>(70ra/Min,'ti&]hI;  eliurakil;  jutaftat. 
4.  autmbi^,  8Hl>hk;  majlio;  jalai, 
fi.  (of  In/anin/)  MU  aii>(l>i<jt\  kl  toll.    [not. 
mmf  dny'f  paper,  kiunpiil  k&  kl^tK  y&  parraesrl 
n  eontjiani/  n]  dajuiiu/  girh,  tlk-fn  ;  maiidll. 
btar  eomjiang,  s&LbjIlu4;  «anjjjiii&;  oillii  h.; 

ham-rah  b.,  yii  j&ni;  Btth  loguL 
ktti>  (ompany,  tAth  }&  »>ifig  ralioK;  attli  lag& 
rabii&;  luiit^at  y&  lolibat  rakliHi. 

Keep  company  with  a  wonifcn.  AiSwiH  lamff. 

a  ekarieftd  compati]/,  jamAtriiiiuiiul  yaftah. 
ngult'vi  rompanp,  rnjintrl-ithiiill  kitm[>nl. 
mteji'  4rrd  eom/iatiy,  jatniat  bili-Minni). 
Oompanbla,  uilj.  liariltAf  k!  Ukkur;  dUiii-ka; 

ham-obiu<)i)ni  rauijAliito  kc  IAi(|;  hiiiii-]mU&. 
Comparative,  iidj.  niiilmit;  lagt&;  uMil. 
toni'aiiUii'g  di-gi*e,  dga-i-taficll, 
<:o»iparuftW((a/t'n«n^iiiU|NbakumI-boHhlj  kamtl 

liartl  kt  fard. 

All  VKiA  u pnaparalitv.  Sab /ihaUi nMall huii. 

Compaiatweljr,  adv.  hfinisliat;  niini&blo  ntvb, 
PtUb  mmBaralivaf  with  mioh  a  I  If*  in  prefor- 
■liU.  AUt  jlni  H  Bvina  b'laU. 

Compare,  v.n.niililiii;  niui|lllt]ll k. ;  uiahatdvnA. 

(A»'^r(  dnu]  li*i>pln*M  with  living  WM I  AAuJbcf. 

Milfn  (0  Mid  tliiuhl  all-it  gam  « ! 

1  will  hskr  Brut..*. [vnli.   T   will  U*r  Civwiii* 

■pHk,  and  compart  tlicir  rAMOiw.  8l.nk. 

BnHut  aur  Oaaini    kl   fjafiiig*   MXllAgd,    aur 

rfonnA  tl  (Jofl^fn  niiUil/lgil. 

romjaiiifo.  milAiiK;  iniNil  }il  tnshblh  dcni. 
cimft't  tiiilh,  farq  yi  biil  iiikllnl;  niiliu  k. 
ComparUoii,  ii.  1.  enmj'arntivt  r$limatt,  mtl&n; 
muq&bnU ;  /Ujtib. 

Tbaiv  ta  no  «i«niniim  lHilw0*n  tham. 

Vn  mril  bipU  nlihW  nakiA  iUi. 

2./i>r)i«'<,  mJK&l;    tuiiiJiil;  taabblh;  ina- 
■hlboliat;  upmiii. 

Compartment,  H.  khitua ;  kam  ri  \  kotb  xl ;  dnrjah. 
Compau,  u.  1.  circuit,  tfher)  Kbei4;  dxur; 
dnura;  );biiin&i>;  obakkar;  altita;  ^irdl. 
2.&tun'/ivy,  hiuld;  «iv&iin;  »\aA;  chhor. 
3. »!'«»;,  pahiiAch  1  riuAI;  wawtt;  miqdir. 
i.(Miu.)  &V&Z  ka  [A(;  Ino  kl  phail&a, 
0.  (.l/>ln'n«r'<  roM}iU»)  qiltnb-tmtnll. 

Tho  tratiiblinjt  viinal  iif  tlin  \m\»,  {Bynm, 

The   feeling   wn/HUi.    tha    iiiivi|[AliuU  ■    auKl. 
Wok  hai  'laih  M  (ba-(Anrd(4  ffw/dm, 
JakAiuh  H  jUn,  unr  iun/uli  iidn.  P.  C. 

iUjinuf&  compau,  Hs-Kiinl  <ii>m|)IU. 
;>"■>  (^  eonjiiuafi,  parkir. 
Con^aw,  V.  a.  I,  ew-irelt,  gberuk;  ablta  k. 

We  thv  if}ii\jt  okU  com/ioii  »'>ii 
Svilur  tlinD  (he  wandering  moon.  Shai. 

Karth  u  mUMI  k  iat  kiirth,. 
Kt  drlh  w  io  mdA  iravtiA  mOHutt  f.  C. 

S.  'jblain,  pript  k  ;  bbJI  k. ;  baa,  yi    inh- 
M  ineA  Uu&. 

In  Bvory  work  n^rd  thit  wrilcr'ii  aiiil,    [/'ape. 
SlucenuneoUiranniHinuratluii  tliaf    iDtuiid. 
//or/cf  mdt  iittii  i^  ru  ndni  ko  (o  ;>aA;AAd<t, 
i>dE<  Aaiii  vM  vuAl  >o  Jr<(  AaiA  nrd  ijlydn.  F.  C. 
li  (  un  ahflik  my  nrrlng  I'.TC,  1  will ; 
If  not  to  compnu  her  111  'trm  my  *kill.       8kak. 
Ha takiUt  rakthyi  mai*  Uh<,iia/Ta/t.lT  ha. 

3.  b'.l'agutr,   gber   IciiA ;     glmrft     dalui; 
muli&»ara  k,  [niva  |.)iiiiiil. 

4.  intend,  ir&da  k. ;  qavd  k. ;  Mm  k. ;  dil 
To  eomjMUt  tha  iloatli  ol  lli«  kinK. 

BidiMli  ka  r»0i-  (Mfnf  h  UtdHr  k- 
mpwu  about,  oliKiuA  tiiruf  mq  ^benifc;  chau- 
ebtiril  [111 nil. 

Tli«  nb^Ay  liw  Odver  him  with  thrlr  ■hadoir; 

tils  wltliiwa  uf  tlie  bniuk  compatt  btm  (bunt. 

Jolt,  xl.  21 

PtT  ahaiAt  hoik  lajit  ehiil  Am, 

Gird  darj/a  ke  jhiO  M  hat.  V.  C 

Contpatsioii,  n.  ilayll;  tnriui;  rrvlimi  diu'd-miuidL 

He  hwl  fompauiw  "»  Uliu. 

Ui  HI  Bi  par  Mnu  iAdyd. 

Wuinnnly  in)^ni>itf  let  to  Work  'by  womuilf 

enn/Kiuwfi.  J/aaiufaf. 
Tirifdtarai  tit  lii-ifil  rhiilitftokamnuhhaafi. 
CompaHloaate,  ndj.  dujKlQ;  dnjlrwtn;  dajl- 
want;  ruhmdil ;  danl-mand. 

Tbure  iiflMf  WW  «ny  liaarl  tnily  grskl  and 
ganen'iiii  tint  wm  out  aian  Vcntler  and  om- 
pniiionnlr.     ■'<nuiK, 

got  aitil  taehiAa  dAnrml  nMMlna  noJM  Aad 
ji>  daffdvalit  UMT  iir/iJi  no  Ao. 

Compualonate,  v.  a.  dnya  k. ;   tarns  kh&al; 

mhm  k.  ;  ^am  khu&rt  k. 
Compaiilonatelj,  adv.  dayS  kar-ko ;  taraalthl- 

ko ;  rnlini  UiU  ae ;  nibm  kbft-kc.  [nilAflqat. 
Compatibility,  n.  inliriiii  mol ;  mat&biuat; 
Compatible,   ndj,    inilti;     yog;    umbaudbll 

miitlbiq;  miiilliq. 
Compatriot,  u.  ok-deal;  dotiT;  Iiam-wntAR. 
Compel,  V.  a.  I  Lilt.  com.  Ai  pfligrt,  Ii.  ptUi  to 

drive]     dah&n&i     blittichiiA;      majbOr    k.; 

nicbftr  k. 





Sratpendions,  adj.  mukhtasar;  mujmal;  sank- 

shep;  khul&sah. 
Oontpensate,  v.  mujre  dena ;  badl%  den& ;   ka- 
Bar  nik&lnl;  evaz  dena;  baiilbar  h.    [Crahbs, 
What  can  compennUe  for    the  Ion  of  honor? 
il6rfl  kd  mol  noAin. 

Compensfttion,  n.  1.  recomj  mse^  bndl& ;  palta ; 
eiraz ;  jaza ;  ajar ;  makafat ;  tal&fi. 

All  other  debts  may  compeneation  find, 

But  love  is  strict,  and  will  be  paid  in  kind.  Dryden, 

Bai  badle  meh  har  qwt  he  hoi  sAai, 

Mokabbai  kd  evaz  moKMat  hi  hoi.  F.  C. 

2.  remuneratiotij  ujrat;mahnt%Qa;  mazdQrL 

3.  equivaieni,  mujiil ;  evaz.  4.  damages, 
harja}  daiid;  khis&ra;  gaulLh-g&n;  t&v&n; 
majiHL  [ki  tarkib. 

c^mpematian  bcUanee,  gbari  ki  cb&l  tbik  karue 
ampensation  for  appropriation    of  projerty, 
Btm&n-tamllk.  [baldba!;  ghiral. 

compeMO^on  for  pasture  ground,  cbai  ai ;  b^d  ; 
com} ensalion  for  fersoncU  injury ,  zamanfasad ; 

OoMpete,  Compete  with,  r.  n.    1.  bamsan  k. ; 

barilbrf  k. ;  bor  k. ;  maqabl&  k. ;  ris  k. 
Oempetenee,  CompetenqT}  n.   1.  adequacy ,  ki- 
fljat ;  bas ;  gaDimat    2.  legal  eapaeity,  or 
fiinesSy  adhkSr;  ikhtijar;  jawaz. 

Competence  of  a  witness.  Ja%D9z-i-9hahdd9lL. 
3.  (of  fortune)  fanlgat ;  asQdah-bali ;  istid- 
gi;  khtiBh-haJi;  ftrilin;  (irig-tilbali. 

Reason's  whole  pleasure,  all  the  joys  of  sense, 
Lie  in  three  wonls— health,  peace,  and  eonipe- 

lenee.  Pope. 
Jiadan  hn  tcanam  aish,  o  dil  ki  khushi, 
ffaik  fehh€Uf  qandat  o  dsAdagi,  F.  C. 

Superfluity  cotnes  sooner  by  white  hairs,  but 
competency  lives  longer.  Shaket,  Merchant 
of  Venice,  L  2.  Bakutat  jal(U  buddhi  ho  jdti 
hai,fardgat  bahut  din  thairti  Kai  (Bahut 
nau  din,  thord  tau  din,  Prov. 

Abundance  for  nine  days,  a  little  for  a  hun- 
dred). [wAfi. 

Oompetent,  adj.  1.  adequate,  bas;  kafi;  bahut; 

2.  qualified,  ISyaq;  qabil;  jog;    mustaid. 

3.  having  legal    power,    sahib-ikhtijftr ; 
mukht&r;  qidir;  samartbi;  majaz. 

4.  rightfully  belonging,  uchit ;  i*av& ;    mu- 

bah;  jayaz;  wajib. 

It  in  not  competent  to  the  plaintiff  to  object. 
Muddai  ko  nti'-kame  kd  ikktiyar  noAin  htii. 
competent  authority,  hakim-i-zMkhtiyar,  b&-ikh> 

tiyar,  ya  majaz.  [pakkl  saniajh. 

competent  understanding,  sahi  aur  durust  aql ; 
itcomfttent,  ikhtiyar  pahunchtSl  hai;  is  qabil 

yh  layaq  hai ;  maj&z  hai.  [uahm  hai. 

u  not  rompet  -nt,   ikhtiyar    nahlu  hai ;    majaz 
CoBtpetition,  n.  ham-sari:  barabn:  hor:  mu- 

q&bLo.  [qable-ka. 

OoDLpetitiTe,  adj.  ham-sari  ka;   hor-k3l;   mu- 

A  competitive  examinatiou.  Ham-^ari  kd  xmiehdn, 
GuBpetitory  n.  ham-sar;  ham-chashm;  hoty&; 

Competitors  for  a  prise,   /nam  meft  hamrsari 

And  cannot  brook  competitors  in  love.     Shtik. 
ishq  meit  ruqib  duehman. 

Compilation,  n.  talif ;  sni^greh. 
,  Compile,  V.  a.  tallf  k. ;   ikhatta  yi  ek  ja  k. ; 

saAgreh  k. ;  sanche  k. ;  batla  k. 
CompiLeT,  u.  muallif;  j&ml;  saiiche-karta. 
Tlie  compiler  of  a  dictionary. 
Muallif-i'luffdt ;  kothrachtd. 

OoxBplacenet,  Complacency,  d.  I.  satis  faction, 

santokh;  dil-jaroal;  kh&tir-jamai ;   itmln&u. 

2.  complying  manners,  akhlaq )  muravrat. 

With  mean  complacence  ne'er  betray    your 

Kor  be  so  civil  as  to  prove  unjust  !  Pope. 

Na  sifiah  murawat  se  fan  apnd  do  ; 
Na  khtdq  aisdjiste  be-imaf  hot  F.  C. 

Complacent,  adj.  halim;  su-shll;  khaliq. 
Complain,  v.  a    1.  lament,  dukh  rona;  dukh^^a 

ja  bithi  kahna ;  jhltikua ;  rona ;  uala  k. 

0  loss  of  sight,  of  thee  I  most  complain.  Milton. 

Basdrat,  mnin  rota  hHii  tSjh  ko  bahut. 

2.  to  viform  against,  ulhaiia  d. ;  shiktah  k. 
gila  k. ;  shikayat  k. ;  nalish  k. 
Complainant,  n.  1.  faryadl;  dad-khuEh. 

2.  (Law)  nalishi;  muddai;  musta>ris. 
Complaint,  n.  1.  lamentation,  dukhra;  nala. 
2.  ailment,  rog ;  dukh ;  bimai  i ;  pira, ;  khed ; 
marz.    *^.    charge,  ulahnft;  gi]&;   shikayat; 
n&lidh ;  ard-nftlish ;  arkt-dava ;  d&7& ;  illat. 
ground  of  complaint,  yajah-Dalish ;  jae-uzr ;  ma- 
q&m-i-6hik%yat.  [qskdma  d&yar  k. 

lodge  a  complaint,  nalish  k. ;  arzl  la^na ;   mu- 
to  hear  complaints,    ualishen  suuna ;   arzijan 

lenE ;  farvad  suuna. 

Complaisance,  d.  khulq ;  akhl&q ;  alllyat ;  sll ; 

in^Diyat;   subhao;    admiyat;    mulaSmat; 

Harm! ;  slltal ;  bhalmansat  [su-shil ;  shilvant. 

Complaisant,   adj.  khaliq;  sabab-i-muravvat ; 

Complement,  n.  1.  tliat  which  Jills  up  a  deficiency y 

bhart! ;  piir&o ;  taknul ;  mutammim. 

If  10  is  the  integer,  7  and  3  are  complements 

to  each  other. 
Tin  aur  tdt  dpas  mem  doi  ke  purdo  haih. 

2.  accessory,  sahftik  ;  izdyad.    3.  (Trigon,) 
chakkar-tukr&  aur  navve  darje  ka  farq. 
Complete,  adj.  [Lat.  plea,  Per.  pur,  H.  bhar  fill]. 
\.  finished,   tiiijir;    sampuraii ;    be-baq; 
samapt    2.  perfect,  pQi-a ;  sanmcha ;  tamam ; 
kul;  s&bit;  kamil;  mukammal. 
Complete  ruin  or  destruction. 
Sailiyd-nds;  nivd-nda;  bij-ndi. 

complete  division,  pQri  bant ;  taqsTm-mukammaL 

complete  month,  pQra  mabfua. 

Complete,  v.  a.  pQra  k  ;  tamam  k. ;  khatam  k. ; 
samapt  k. ;  aujam  ko  pahunchana ;  siddh  k. 

Completely,  adv.  sampuran;  sakal;  tamam; 
bilkul;  uipat;  mahz;  nakhsesik  tak;  sir  se 
pair  tak ;  sar-ta-pa ;  sar-a-pa ;  sar-ansar ;  tam- 
am-o-kam&l ;  yak-qalam ;  daro-bast. 

Completeness,  u.  kamal ;  tamami;  kamftliyat; 
takmil;  itmam.        [dihi;  itmara;  ikhtit&m. 

Completion,  n.  nibtao ;  nibteiil ;  takmil ;  anjam- 

draws  to  a  completion,  p{ir&  hw%  chahta  hai ; 
tamam  hone  ko  hai ;  itmam  par  hai. 




0(mpltx,  ftdj.  1,  muMhlcAtr}  iiwjiikt.  2.  a^ht,; 
{KMiliIUnii)    Uh-iitt-tnti ;    peoU-d»r-pecfi. 

E)ii)|lliih  Una  In    India    (rrow    more    coa^iUte 

rturf  (1ii|r,  uid  tlmt  it  th«  bane  ot  Juttlce. 

ItiinlattAit  Dint  (lAgi'nl  ^ntn  roi  Ad'nn  pakl- 

Jak  haUjtU  tain,  oMT  yeAl  t<U(f/  J«  iho?  «■«» 

fomplas  nadiiin,  iMlmt  m  punoA-vill  kal} 
peoh-dltr-peub  yl  gontkhdhSBde  kl  kftl. 

Conq^xiaa,  n.  1.  co^r,  rai'ig;  r(^;  baran. 
Men  judge  b«  tlic  WniVorim  nt  tb*  tkj 
Tha  RUte  ml  inelliMttfrn  uf  tlie  iliy.       d%at 
^'ni  Adt  rJfil'A-l'ar  (t  MAnllA  MraAp  far, 

/aAiAu  Wi(  W  h  phir  wxl  idn  din  te  (UoAff 

Iw.  K.C. 
2.  ffMjwrainmfy  snfili&o>  prilffk;  khaslab) 

Compl^oe,  n.  Dixit- m Ftii ili ;  mnns!;  sngf-litr). 

QompUant,  Ailj,  Unglkuri;  miiiinnivK;  tiami} 
taxlTin  knriio-Vilia.  (ditliii;  phaidlii&. 

OmpUwte,  T.    ft.   tiljbunS :  peolitdl   k. ;  pecff 

dnuplisate,  Complkatad,  adj<  ul.iliS;  pcchldsii. 
Hiiw  poor,  liiiw  rioli,  liow  objocb,  hu*  angiut, 
Hnw  ViH)iliatte,  hiivr  <r<iiid«rf ii  I  t*  nwii.  I'otU^, 
XsH  1i  gam  o  wulu,  I-y^  AT  t^ib  OBtAAn, 

a  rootpiira'e  matltr,  nljhl  b»l    bU;  ^obTdnh 

niiiniuliiiRb.  [pcch. 

Complieatloa,  n.  nljhilA}   ffljhctft;  plmAUU); 
Oomplidtx,  11.  nf  MCt ;  akiish. 
CompUBMnt,  n.   jUnr-n^i) }   KhAtlr }  ptwikn  i 

tnNlIiii>  lilUb;  taknlhtf}  tawbo. 
IfitM  iny  riTin/ilimtiiti,  lirMnrkr^  MilUm  tnilinl. 
staiiil  tn  '<mi>hm')it,    HrtUm   kil   imiiit«jir  yii 

klmriMlfi  h, ;  iulur  clii^lma }  m^n  m^wX  kll  h. 
Compliment,  v.   n.  furftlmrk }   tartf  k.  ^    wOti 

will»  k. ;  tnlisfit  f>  nfrlii  k. 
CompllDientary,  mlj.  tAimlTi}  tnknllirRniv. 
Comply,  f.  9,.  iiiAiiiiil}  iMlIm    k. ;  fiMMWr    k^; 

iiiiKikfir  k. ;  anl-kar  k,;  (jnlifil  k. 
Hi'  Mmt  rimiAim  t^nymr,  his  will, 
Ik  iif  hill  11(11  ophiiiifi  Hfll.  tl^Hran, 

KhU"/  npii  mnni  tt  ii  tn!  larf, 
ft"*  7il(«im  Aei  «/i"l  wi  >*  pt.  F.  C. 

Conponenty  ii.  >iz ;  kitti  i  tnkrA ;  resoc 
fonportf  V.  II.    milnn^  iiiMtiitii)  k.  |  ttu&ritt 

k.  ;   liiuirnAz  h. 
CompoH,  V.  H,  1.  iJifffuir,  tfitllli  (T.  f  Rrtry'inil. 
:!.  ((M  riN   nHf/cir-)    bwiiir   k,;   iiwim    k.  ; 

bKDruift;  mdtwi.:  Iik1it>».  [iiii. 

■I,  {Priiithiif)  liart'  jir"*>  irt"l»"'i,  J'"  Imif.liil- 
4.  enlm,  dliihti  dhuriia ;  tlu'iviut  Unit ;  illih: 

lAfrilliiliiil ;  tDskiii  d. ;  tnhbatl'E  d. 
to  frmi''me 'nir;i/f;  liiivSi  jniiiil  k.  >  dil  {liikSiitr 

k. ;  ijlmnm  jf.  dWg  lifih.lfimt.  {yi.  k. 

/o  rmaj'fon    errnrit,    kIk-T    kiiliiifi, ;    na^m    nklitm 
Compowd,  ndj.  thir  ;  dhiift;  luimtiifjil  f  miijjn- 

iiin;  Miijifhili.  [iiiiinihki>l>  U 

In    l,r    r.,aiiO<"fi    n^,     milfi    ft. ;  >nii-hiiii     h.; 
Compoiedly.  i>d*.  thtrxfi;  dlihni  m  ;  mtnlnklr 

He  ;  dUru'iiH  ao  :  flil-jrtniH  t  nc ;  Vionb  rr  havili  nC' 
CompoicdueH,  Ccnftposvre,  n,  tkir;   rlliii-iiji; 

dlifkint;  lNlii|iri];  illl^iniai^  mMuklr;  ^inr; 

iriiilijriii ;  tiiiii.'ttiiikt. 

Oompoiaf,  n.  1.  an  mMfff,  mtnanttif  $  (tnurfA. 

kartft.  2.  (of  miuic),    gU  nikiliie^vili ;    r^^ 
tiniiAiiflvil&.  (ohaiikhti. 

OOTOfO^M^-bUM,  n.  (Prinl)  hsrf  jnniiiie  kH 
CMnpoffiiig<nile,ii.</')-tn^  liftrfjofiie  kil  klitlnah. 
Compotlii)[  ititk,  n.  {Print)  hoi-f  joriw  kl  tttklifL 
OoaipoalM,  p.  p.  (ftfHpoimrlfd,  itijiiil^  nratiMckah. 

A  enmpiuil*  niimlnr,  ma^itn-MnU  J  pOHl   fiaU, 

Gompositim,  n<    1.  rAnhnait'on,   mef;  iVii^; 

bMsiiih-,  sakhti  biuiavft^;  niilSviit  i  Mrktb. 

2.  arrttnifimttit,  Bar}*) ;  si^llvttt  ;'tani1). 

WmpvtiHoa  /^  fffref,  biil-mel-nikl>d<  [vMli. 

Compoiitoi,  11.  {I'ritii}  fiorf  niilBua  yS  jofu<;- 

Compoit,  n,  kfi&t j  pifttj. 

Cgn^ooBd,  V.  a.  1.  mirufte,  miiartti;  nmn&kab 
k. }  amgukt  k. }  imeik. }  iantkhta  k. ;  iiiHkfi- 
lat  k. }  larkKi  k.  2.  ntljutt,  uimtAiilC  ;  nihfert 
k.}chiukMii;  pMclifiSlk.  >fiiJHlnk.  ^liW-ii&iul 
k.  S.ladoU)  dwiiaab)  bhugt&ui;  hina-i- 
rawldld.  4.  ^Oram)  >i>^;  muri^kab  k.; 
tai'kil)  deiiK. 

Oomptmnd,  Couponttied,  a&y  miUKA  f  awijnhi) 
Riumkknl) ;  iiiakkAQt ;  ^mukjita. 

amfffmtil  frodimi,  oiilvaiilkdMU';  kowr  tnorAt 
kab ;  bhiigaiiu  bmidh. 

MtmfOVnd/fiioe  or  motion,  (ifecU.)  milt-chU, 

rwnpotntt  itittrrti,  bfij,  pai  bjrl^ ;  std  d»r  sM; 

(Vmpmiiid  larcm^,  ekiry&A  J  iql-nKryU;  on- 
tnaddftd  ■nr^ii;,  yi  oklii-i-bojft. 

conTinitiM^f  /nws  {Jtoi.}  yirt  pntti 

eompownd  tvlio,  ti»iiiiniil>-L  iLiiirukkftb;  gAfrrfllj;. 

emiiffAund  imnlf^Graia.)  iiinrakkiihrlufz  ;  j-ivigik; 
HUii>uklithiU)d ;  (ind-birt. 

Conpoud,  n.  K  milito ;  ith'I  ;  ikhlililt ;  amciiitili. 

Mbu  is  ■  romjKmnd  <\i  flmli  hh  well  iw  of  npirii. 
Mm'i  pittlH  Jrinit  Xrti  (Tnsflf  M  rt«fj*»  (4, 

2.  (6'i-0M,^Ji;inirt(kirii";  vuln-xhidid.  3.  (^o.( 
Tndiet)  iiiakfLii  ku  ulirn  ]k  yft  xattivii ;.  &ft){iUi. 

Corai^undor,  it.  diiAVil-Huz;   <liu».t  liHiiniie\i^iL 

Comptsheud,  v.  a.  [I-nt  fTfhn,iliff.,  H.  jialutf 
nd  to  take  hcild  of.].  \.  rumfirim,-  ^hvmi-; 
bUhiw  I'likliiiri;  NliritriLtnikhiirk.  t.  midrritnmf, 
bi\jWii3i;  HiitiiajliLiri;  /,obii  nii'i'i  Ifkiiil. 

Obmpiekeniible,  tkilj.  (|rib.l-iil-ti>liiii ;  «Mnin>JlHi« 
yil  l.njhiio  jti* 

CnnpNiietiBiua,  n.  )<f\jh}><iimniih;.fiilini. 

Comprebansivfl,  ndj.  t.  tiKlalim;  fabkn^ 
uMDiilh-dih-:  iikiik;  Iru.lliiiir.'ii. 

lliJiU,;  hrivt;  pllnilnhtifi;    Wiihl. 

CfmipfeheitsiTejtMa,  n.  ■yiwr;  )>Fnu)rko;  vitnnt. 

CompASBi,  V'  n.  ilnJiftiia;  diktuia;  i!i<lK>(.'hirk: 
,       p.-bifi;   l.),iiuhrirv. 

CbmpteH,  II.  •■!v\i\\\  ]uiU;;  liiiiidhiiii. 
.  CompteMed.  {/;»/.)  ilnilu;'|.i(  bni;  bfiicfii  hni 

Comptesslble,  luij.  dnlmi' Jok  ;  dal)Mii-)tfir :  rliilmo 

I         ko  IiLImV  [hiMl'hIo. 

CompTMstbitity,  r.  U'l'!r^)  dabtiit;  Hitkriio ) 
I  Carapfession,  Cciinpre»uie,  n.  ilaliik>;  Afi.\>»; 
\       d.UM-h.'i;   libkliao.;   iii<,;i>rkX. 




■,  %  tiUliiMl  fc  (Coropreheni), 

Frieudsluf)  due*  two   aoula    in   oae   «Hapriw, 
Ao*cei|itiw#,    Dottt  kar  litH  Im  do}'»  tath, 

CowLpromue,  V,  a.  d^CA  dftba-|(e  r&zl  k, 

it  je^Mw  WBia  ^  plflotf  w  ^hckheriia*  f 

W'l.uld  giv|!  duiiiw)*  rauuH   ou   eompuUiaa, 
Siatet.    Hk^ij,  iv.  pt,  I,  ij.  f. 
/par  ifu/Uo)  ■(  tatnt  t  M'&  W*«  btr.  fbhi 

Sucfe  awMt  mntyu^wn  doUl  ill  Wi^  ii>> 

-To  lull  Uie4>w)ghten  ot  iiecerntf.        Sfi^ton. 

Par*  ki  OMP  rd-;  am  A«l  U<irS. 

Siiidnkai  mM  a  u^t  UW4.  y,  a. 

P)aqaUofJ.H4i>[U4iJ1)B'Ii  ufcab&rl;  qah4 
comimUurt  uocttott,  jubvau-takU ;  UtebBal-i'bU 
jnbrj  zabwUqtftf  i^iii  leiuljn  wuaUl  k. 

CgmpntlO^e,    vlj.  sitiue-jogf;   glpna  ka  liljraq  ; 

Cjmpntatidii,  n.  giuti,-  diumv;  tedid  ;  ted&d- 

ti  bui«bli^i>ii  lUiumlrk.  [ritHq, 

(iaW^dA,    u.    Bitlii;    baui-kb&us ;    (MOlllaiUi 

Kathpr  I  kbjura  all  ruofa,  uid  choOM 

T»  ba  »  eomniiie  with  tiu  wotf  ftud  owl-  ^M- 

KiuH  I,e»r,  ii.  i 
KariUi  giiu  u«r  Ui^yoA  jd*  yiuf^  F.  0, 

tatt  t- [i^t-  «"!*'"  ftg>uiut1  Mrdidi  odd  o 
b*l«l;  birodfe;  ukt*  uJtH. 

Pm  ■nil  COM.     Salua-iahil  i  fxM  o  iwM. 

C<v,  r-  B,  fvi  k-f  imoAi^  k- ;  obit  mfiu  liuji. 

C*«9ei  #ud  Jaunxl  b;  rote.    SjUi,     ^rutM 
and  fiuvti-    -Voit  ai£nA  fair  lift. 

CoMatouMv,  V,    a.  lurj  b^^dhu^ ;  gftutbui j 

nUla  bundf  k,  j  zaoum-bandl  k. 
CnigatavfffQ,  q,  larlj  aiUiU-baud[ ;  tae^snl; 

KMufra-^udi,  [muq^r, 

CiiDnT«,  t)(jj.  IfhukU;  kliili;  gal^i;  inDjawwafj 
miMr^  tivjaee,  (Snt,)  Qiithi  baithak. 
Owijarity,  n.  kjjukhotul;;  qVj  khali. 
IJia(e«l,  Y.  a-  cbfiupi'ui ;  o^  t ;  k- ;  «Jop 

k. ;  g.i])t  k-  ;  v*"*"  If-  i  poabjdn  k.;  rS-pustt 

k  !  pjiiti&U  k-  i  kh'iliya  S. 

■le  griefii  «ftKct  loaeat'h'i  hrmrta.  Bp*n»er. 
■leile  ho  i/M  kai  dugmi  nug. 

Conf«alQ9»tt  "•  1'  '^  (i^  chhiipao :  gopau  { 
lu[Mii;  iijhiil!  olfttj  giipt;  ra-ptJB(ii;  pw. 
4^i  HtjtiifUgl;  puslifda^. 

Ml*  oaver  tnid  lier  lo*e  ! 

But  lot  conwu'wnil  lilce  a  wons  1'  tlie  bnd 

ftwd  UK  hor  ilouiuk   obeek.     £Mw.    Tifttfti 

l/i,M  ii,  i 

,V<>  m  'fbai-  fl«r  mekaUal  l-a  nitm  ) 
CUfiiA  ghiH  fakA,  iaiM  gnl  mti,  muiim, 
Qagi  cAtir  n>h  attV  rukk-H6Ufim.  F,  0, 

fl,  iiidinff  pl^"*.  ahbupne  ki  JMgah ;  ghAt ; 
partkh  ;  jU-posbUagi.  3,  (Lmo),  ikfafft. 
MMf^metrf    4^  i<y(il,    jS^-cbhupJlo  j    ikhfli^ 
U«al]ud  G.  Q. 

eoneeabtunt  of    bitik  £y  t^  mofher,    ilchns- 

tawallud  ««  tarf-i-mAdar,  U.  U. ;  iu9  kl  or  se 

japa  ct)))upftu&.  [pio. 

OOMtalmnt  of  crime,    liittSS-inrm ;  kiiub-clihu- 
concealmrtit  of  marriage,  ikUSo  izdaw&J,  U.  U. ; 

b^fth  cttbupKo. 
umI/ii/  tojKtalntent,  ikhfU  bll  qiud  ;&  Utl  irida, 

G.  G.  r  j»D  kar  ohfaiipliUl. 
jftj/W  ooftaeatmeHt  uf  keiwv*  offrtua,   JkkfUJ 

amadau    jafiyHoi-i-iiugfo,     U.  U  ;  j&u-ku*' 

bliirl  aprtdbop  ko  ohfaiipftiA. 
ffgnfeda,  v.  a.   diI^iitjI;  Uubl  bliftruS;  tasllm 

k. ;  (jiibill  k- ;  Qiftiiitlr  k- 
Coatfeit,  u.  ].  a  gufuiU  fun*!/,  ghnfa^f  baiiilvati 

Diilbillga.   8.  extravagant   optnioit  of  OTKtctf, 

»b|)ltn4g;  kbud-ljiiij  win. 

SuMt  tbuu  a,  uum   wuwr   lu   bl*   otd   foaocti; 

tboN   ia    m'>re    bopa  ut  a    fuol    l^wn    a( 

U'n.  VroF.  x»l.  );), 

Jo  idml  ipko  agaliatul  lamnikH  M,   to  JStxt 

•gA  nifiit  miniik  haL 

out  of  coiicnt  iciV',  upui  ma(ld-i-4ittLi«it  ;&  dil- 

p«H4iid  Be  j(  uthni.  [girilna  ja  utfeut. 

^  put  onr  atU  ^f  coJient  viih,    n^zr  ya  jl  se 
Co^Wtod,  ttdj.  abt)iiiiftui;  att»i>g-kai1igun)aui; 

kbud-blii ;  kbud-pHtaiid. 
C«itcelT»llle,  ndj.  Ju  tliit  meu  i,   e»ke  ;  chetau- 

Jo{jj    aaajajbiie-jog [    lasawwur    k«    Ujaq; 

qarn)-iil'&biu  J  (jaiib-ul-ija.vat. 
Cinuivi,  V.  a.  1.  reativo  iMia  tit  iKmti,  uuirah 

qnbQl  k. )  ildban  Be  h.  j  }ie(  r^hu^  ;  Ii&uiila 

)i.;  'i.  iinaffine,  kUi.vil  k.j  iiool(iiii  UicbJkru^j 

«hit  yi.  kl)ij  ai  meu  )ti4  i  ta8«vrur  k, 
CpilOtiTf,  T.  H.  pet  se  b. ;  pe|   rabnjL ;  garbb 

b. ;  bl^uiilah  b-  {  ummed  bb  b>  l  iJhaj)  se  h- 

A  virgin  ilj.'ll  ooi.eeipt  aiul  a  wu,  /w.  vu-  ii. 
Kudn  gnrabli  te  hofii.  nar  iartil  iimtgi. 

Cwtcenvr^ta,  y,  a,  ek  ji  j*  ek  tbaiw  ikhatta  k. 

S<ih||Milr«wir«tlKUcdhU  wbalefiroaM  hb 
own  camp,  l/ivfaomm  iiy»t  laaidta  fiii^ 
ihhaotii  ntJi  ii/uMi  tur  U. 

OtfLMittfatiM,  1),  (o/  (it  flMitQ  khijal  JamAiA 

ya  ek  ja  k. 
(lOSOWitliGi  «4j.  ak  bIeb-T(li ;  hwu-markaa, 
ConcQptloq,    u.    }.  idea,    kbijU;    tax^VTur; 
biebir.  8.  (i«  <A«  MHWift},  pe( ;  gftt ;  &dhaii ; 

l^rbh;  hamal.       [wrok^  y4  saraa  rakhua, 
Conie™)  V.  a.  U^te,  uatnb^Qdh,  iUqa,  tftalluq, 

It  da«>  nut  nanBtra  uis.  Jf Kl'A  K  t<wAA  taaU-q  nahi., 
Co&Otni,  i>.   t.    btuiMeat,    kBiii;  k^;   dbaudAj 

kir  u  ii4r ;  sar  o  kar ;  vWa. 
S.  ifn/.arlaiir*,  m&rka  ;  zurflrat. 
3.  talic'tude,  ch.Dtft  ;  fikr;  parriL 
all  eotieeitted,  sob  bar-o-kSr  ntkbue-Tile  j  ahl-i- 

tlif  j-artitu  conrtrued,  fktlq^n  ;  t«rfkin. 
to  6« ''oncfTtti'i  I.  ooiiTieeltd  w^h,  gara  yK  ear 

o   k^r   raVbnH;  gnraz-inaad  yi  statifk  b. ; 

tftnlliiq   iftkhna.     2.  *orrotp/ij,  dil-glr  h.; 

diikh]  h,  i  afaod  k 
ConoenUat,  prep,  bishej  b&batj  Iij»;  w&Bte; 

m&re)  ko;  par;  Bir. 





Canoart,  y.  a.  saUh  k. ;  tntvilahat  k. 
Concert,  ii.   1.  eaogat;  milap;  met;  itti^. 

All  tlieag  dUcoiitBuM  IiaTe  Kiteo  fruoi  tlig  mDt 
i>{  duo  commiinicatiua  and  eoaetrt.         Smjt. 
Yih  (OMdiii  jhagrt  Spat  kt  mtl  mBip  avr  itti^iq 
na  kont.  tt  uUKi  hain, 

2.  (of   MuHe)    maikdll;    chauki;    rahas; 

tB^fah.  '  [mat  Re. 

'«  eoiKtrt  mth  another,    faliiie   kl   aalib    ya 

Concertina,  u.  ek  qlsm  kii  [hiAbi;  ijibat. 

Conce3Bion,  u.   1.  Uuead,  maiizflii;  r&'.a-uiaudi; 

Bj-  luuliiat  coHCniloni  the  lifiiir  «M  aettlvd. 
Tiir/ui»  H  Kudnanill  h  avqadma  Jaital  Ao 

2.  it)ni'iY«jr;,  al£ ;  ikntiyir;  haq. 
Concll,  D.  [H.    gatikh]    Uhelt)   saiikh ;  ka<ir&; 

akqda;  inohrE;  ^h'>ngh&.     [nftukh-bidyarihl. 
Concbologiat,  u.    ^pl<n  k&   hSi    (larliue-vitla; 
Concflalo^y,  u.  slpiuti  ki  ilm ;  HHokli-bidilj-a. 
Conciliate,  v.  a.  DjaTiiit)a  ;  laxi  k. ;  bhush   k. ; 

dil  h»th  uetL  leii& 

lb  wu  [uiin<!  'lecnear;  to  eoneUiate  the  oniioa, 

Logokkidtl  kith,  men  ImS  turarf  nAfCm  pari. 

OoBoiliating,  Conciliatory,  adj.      1.  miUpi; 

miluii'itar;    ttuIah-B&z;     irtiliat-ftmeK ;     ikli- 

tiliit-iiasi.      2.    pasaudldah;    tthuah-gavilr ; 

maa-bhii ;  mut&jain  ;  tiarni ;  millm. 

A  coneitialars  pnlioy.      Tadl4'--i-pa*inuiidaK. 

Con<dliation,  n.  iii&ii ;  me1;iDilSpi  melmilap; 

rai&i  isUraS;  miiBiUhat;  ikhtilUr;  irtibit, 

Conoiie,  udj.  [Lat.  eon,    U.    tang   witb,    Lat. 

eaiderf,    H.  ehima  to   cleave]   mukbtaaarj 

saukahep;  khul&s&i  chhoti, 

TkedoncJMityle.wbioltexpi-eneth  not  enough, 
b»t  leavw  loinewliat  to  be  undcntood.  S. 
Jwuon.      MuilUaiaT  iliSrai,  jit  it  pirS  iihir 
noAln   kota,   beUki  huckh  im  kuiAh  maHiii/ 
roAM  Aai. 
a  eoneUe  writer,  iniikhttuar-navis, 
Conctaely,   ndv.    tbore    lafz   y&   ibftrat    tneA; 
mikhtiiBar;  niujmalitn ;  iklitiHaran.    [koUhi. 
Conciieaess,    a.  ikhti^ir;    ijm&li    sankahcp; 
CoQclave,  u.  gupt-aubhl ;  khufya-jalsa. 
Conolade,  v.  a.  1.  tnd,  aiit  k  ;  p11r&  k.;  aam- 
pfirjii  k. ;  aam&pt  k. ;  tamlm  k. ;  khatam  k. ; 
akhlrk.;  aiijiim  k.  '2.  infer,  mtWai;  natlja 
i)ik&lii&;  mui&l  loiiS;  m&iie  i)ikalu&. 

But  iiD  frail  m»D  howerer  great  or  hi^ 
Cia  be  eondudtd  beit  before  he  dia.   Addiian. 
Koi  titfutAf  kaiii  hi  kove  iafu 
Ifahli  paku  fflOTM  ii  mi  «e  AAaM.  F.  C. 

S.teltle,  chukanS;  nibUua;  pilr&k.;  nabe- 
r&  k  ;  qat^r  d. 

To  anicludt  a  penca.  Sulak  k. 

to  bi  conduJed,  wkaliii;  niuutaj  h. 
oeoiidude^adv.  al  qissa;  al-garaz;  hasil-i-kal&m. 
o  condudf  an  alliance,  inel  milap  k  ;  ahd  k.; 

i*hta  ya  rifaqat  paida  k.;    r&h-iuvisli  k. 
Conclude,  v.   n.  krminatf,  aiit  h;    akbir  h.; 
taiuam  h.;   anj&m  paua;   aampQraji  h.;  hi> 
chukiia ;  khatam  b. 

A  tmin  of  lie^  [2>rj(fcn. 

That,   made  in  luiit,   eanctudt  in   perjurios. 
Ua»tt  ntii  jHaii  biUli  jitnl  kihaih  hanott. 
Xkhir  haljf-ilaroji  $abhi  ko  ham  haih pSU,  V.C. 

Conclniion,  ti.    1.  dour,  aot;  akbir;  &kbirat; 

iutiLa;  aujaru;  itniam;    ikUtiUai;   kbulm; 

kbiitiina ;     aijj&rn-k&r. 

2.  in/er»nce,  [iml  ;  hisil ;  natlja. 
eonelvtian  of  mlc,  ikbtilain-i-iifiaui.  (9.  0. 
Conclndvs,  adj.  qatuf;    qate  ;    do-tok;    sliafT; 

aut-kiLri.  [biqan. 

ConcltuiTely.  adv.  iiataan;    pramanya;  iimt- 
CoBOoot,  T.  a.  [hot.  eoqaere,  U.pahhiS  to  cook] 

{a  leheme)  tadblr  k.;  apae  k. 
Conoolar,  {Boi)  ok-raAgiL 
Co&camitaiit,  adj.  [Lat.  eomea,  mmilia,  H.  tan- 

gati  a  cuiupnuioii]  xAthT;  ham-i-&b!;  aangati. 
Concord,  u.  [Liit.  cor,  cordin.  Ski.  hradya,    H. 

/iti'ifa  heart.]    \.  umoii,  annjog;  eki.;  uiel; 

ii»Upi  iltimqi  iDiit&biqitt ;  iniifcfiqat;  ati- 

g&i'I;   aahti.    'i.  {Mum.)   bam-ahaugi ;   samS  ; 

dimi-H&zt;  tal-mel.  3.  (fr'Ain.)  tarkib. 
Concordance,  n.  In^o  ;  rabi ;  inuabababat. 
Concordant, adj.  \.agieniig,  ek-mel ;  munltfiq; 

mutabiq.  2.  /la'-inontout,  hani-anr;  Imm-i'&g; 

tuilahiiS;  stiiill. 
ConooDTM,  u.  bblr;  aaAgat ;  jiimKnt;  ran^ma; 

amboh  ;  maudii ;  jaRighatl. 
Concrete, adj.  1.  vniudiu grovith.  mot^amid; 

bustu  :  ek  j&  ikhatta.  3.  wot  obttvact,  jo  indri 

ee  paiohblLuS  jl6  ;  mahsiU. 
eoneretc  noun,  ism-sifnt ;  Bangya-binUeshan. 
etMOrtU    number,    adad-i-ail&'i;    bbaxi    auk; 

maqrOn  adad. 
eonerete  Untu,  baata ;  chie. 
Concrete,  I).   1.  kan-jorbastu,  2.  {£ci^}b8Bll; 

chu;  mashsils;  indri-oliio  baatu. 
Concretion,  II.  kau-jaiiiao;  injim&d.  [pan*. 

Concnbinage,   n.  kai&o;  madkiialiyat;  Hurait- 
Concubinaiy,  adj.  kai'&ti'k& ;  liaram-k& ;  ma- 

tualliq-i-bai  am. 
Concnbine,  n.  kar&la;  lukbnt;  rakhelin;  naad- 

kliQla;  haraiu;  auhua;  choi-mahaL 



«  lai 

And  jet  too  prouil  tu  be  your  contiiiifK.     Shak. 

Henry.  tI.  |it,  iii.  2. 
tfatat  if  nain  Uyiv]  nd*fA  Up  let 
Haram  bunnt  tt  Ar  haipar  mujht.  T,  C 

to  take  a»  a  coneubinf,  kariku  k. ;  kar  len&j  ghar 

meu  daliii;  barnm  baii&nE. 
Concnpiienoe,  n.  mastf ;  Jbal;  liam;  sbahvat; 

iiafa;  ag^  ball;  madaii, 
ConCQpiicent,  aHj.  mast;  sbahvati;  ahabvat- 

paraat;  kaiuij  rasvaut;  raajl. 
Concur,  v.  □.  1.  <ig>ee,  mitui;  saiijc^  h. ;  jof 

\A;  ittifaq  h.    2.  conlribnie  lo,  mihA;  ami- 

taiiq  b. ;  biiiani  h.  3.  (in  opinion)  ek  mat  h.; 

muttafiq-ul-rfce  h. 
Concntrsnoe,  n.  \.i:omhination,'yyT;  mel;  eU; 

ittilaq.    'i.  content,  b&iibi;    augfk&r;  niara; 

maaearl.  3.  (in  opinion,)  eV-chit ;  mau-mal; 

ek-dili:  ittifaq-i-rl6.  [rth. 

Conoarcent, adj.  tk  satb;  sang:  baliamt;  ham- 
Concurrently,  adv.  sang  liai'ig ;  sath  bitfa ;  bam- 

rih;  pae-ba-]ja@.  [cbot;  sadma. 

ConcoSJion,   d.    lakkar;    mut-bfaer;    dhaUUt; 




eomcunioH  of  the  brcun,  magz  ya  khopri  k!  chot. 
Goademii,  y.  a.  [Lat.  damnare  damn,  H.  do$h 

blame]    1.  censure,  dosh  d. ;    dukhna ;    bura 

kahua ;  khot  batlauil ;  aib  lagaua ;  malamat 

k.;  qu^idrv&r  thair&niL    2.  sentence^  mujrim 

thairaui ;  fiitva  d.  3.  pronounce  wiJU  for  use 

or  eeririce,  be-k&r  tajvlz  k. ;  nakara  k. ;  radd 

k. ;  nikamma  bat  ana.  [hukm-i-qas&s. 

Gbndenmatioii,  n.  fatw&;  saz&kahukm;  dand; 
CoBdemoatoTj,  adj.  mii8talzim-i-8az&;  muteam- 

min-i-ilzatu-i>8aza ;  dand-ka;  khil&f. 
ODBdensate,  CondenBe,  v.  a.  [Lat.  denstu  thick, 

H.  dhamd  sink]  garhi  k. ;  basta  k. ;  jam&Q& ; 

mtiDJamid  k. ;  kasif  k. 
Oondense,  ▼.  u.  garha  h. ;  garhy&Q& ;  jamnSi ; 

kaaif  b. ;  munjamid  h. ;  basta  h. 
OmideioeiLd,   ▼.  n.   oivuSi;    nihurn&;    dabu&; 

Utitkt  k.;  farotani  k.;  jbiikn&;  mail  k. 
not  to  condescend  to  epeak,  mOnh  se  na  bolnS ; 

b&t  iia  kahua. 
OondeicenBion,  n.  namrata;  fan>-tanl;  inkU&r; 

iltifat;  mudSir&t;  khulq;  tav&/.o. 
Cosdigii,  adj.  [Lat.  di^us,  H.  jo^  worthy]  jog; 

layaq;  wijib;  saz&war;  mujib.  [jog-qaod. 
comLgn  punishment ,  wajib  ya  mun&sib  8az&; 
Cowdhnent,   n.    1.  mas&lah;    ch&ahn!;    ch^; 

chhaunk;  bagh&r.  2.  sawad;  mazah;  z&eqa. 
Conditioii,  n.  [Lat.  con  +  the  ba^  die — ,  (Skr. 

dik)    in   indicare  to  point  out,  Skr.  tfe   H. 

dishd  direction,  quarter.]  1.  «<a(«,  hill;  ha- 

^^>    g&^>    g^^l>    dasha;    haisyat;    ahw&l; 

kaifiyat ;  alam  ;  rangdhaug ;  tiltar. 

OomdUiouM  make  and  eondUiont  break.     Prov. 
Halai  k\  bsndte,  aur  hdUU  A*  bigdre. 

2.  rank,  padvl;    darja;  rutba;  martaba; 

maosab;  ohda;  p&ya.  3.  stipulation^  shart; 

hor;  qarar;  iqrar;  ahd;  ahd  o  paim&n. 
amdUdonof  UfeyhamyBX'y  istetaat. 
o;(  condUUm  that,  is  shart  se ;  ba-sharteki. 
Conditional,  adj.  sharti;  mashrut;  hori. 

2.  (^ram.)  shartiy a;  horiya. 
conditional  cor^'unction,  harf-i-shart. 
conditional  mortgage,  bae-bil-wafli ;  hor-bikrL 
conditional  sale,  jakar  bikri;  ba^'  mashrtkt. 
Conditionally,  adv.  ba-sharteki;  mashrQt  ba- 

Condole,  v.  a.  pursa  d.;  &nsQ  d&ln&;  matam- 

purai  k. ;  taziyat  k. ;  muqam  d. ;  sanpe  j&n&. 
Crmdolement,  Condolence,  n. 

pursa;  mitampursi ;  sanpa;  t&zyat. 
Condone,  y.  a.  chbima  k.;  mu&f  k.;  bakhshn&. 
Condnce,  v.  n.  [Lat  ducere  to  lead,  H.   dhakd 

posh]  ruju  h. ;  m&yal  h. 
Oondneive,  adj.  m&yal ;  ruju ;  jhuka. 
OoBdnct,  n.  1.  ^nanagement^  ehtim&m ;  intizam ; 

hkiiyat;    k&r-ravai;    peshw&I;    rah-num&i; 

agwaL  2.  behaviour,  chil ;  chal  chalan ;  achar ; 

wmxa;  atw&r;  rah  o  ravish;  taur  tarJqa. 
eonduet  of  cm  army,  fauj-kasbi;   lashkar-kashL 
^ood  conduct,  bhalmans&i;  nek-chalau;  achchha 

dMilan;  kbush^tvir. 

unlawful  conduct,  harakat-i-na-jayaz. 
Conduction,  u.  (/^Ayf.)  chalana;  pahu&ch&nS. 
Conductor,  n.  1.  a  leader,  rahuuma;  rah-bar; 
agwa;  pesh-rau;  agvaul. 

2.  manager,  muntazim ;  mohtamim ;  daro- 
gah.  Z.(Phys.)  chal&ne-vala;  pahiinchaue-y&la. 
Conductor  ot  \keaX.      Garml  pafiuhchdne-vSld. 

Conduit,  n.  nail ;  dami ;  nae. 

Cone,  n.  [H.  kond,  corner]  gajardaul;  sikhar; 

makhrQt;  gol  sikhar;  makhrur.-i -mustadir. 
oblique  cone,  tirchha  sikhar  ya  gajar-daul. 
riglU  cone,  khara  sikhar  ya  gajar  daul. 
scdid    cone,   makhrQt-i-mujassam ;    thos  gajar 

daul.  [i^Q  k 

Confabulate,  y.  n.  bat-chit,  bol-chal,  ya  guft  o 
Confabulation,    n.    b&tchit ;  bol-clial ;  guft  o 

gti;  qil-,aL  [p^o>  witliai. 

Confection,  Confect,  Confectionery,  u.  aiurabb&; 
Confectioner,  n.  halwai;  iiiurabba-&&z. 
Confederacy,  n.  ittihild;  ahd  o  paiman;  qaul 

o  qarar ;  ek& ;  sazish. 
Confederate,  u.  sathi ;  rafiq;   muahid;  sharik. 
Confederation,  u.  ittihftd ;  ek& ;  mel ;  sILzish ; 

ahd  o  paim&u.  [k. ;  mil  j&u&. 

to  enter  into  a  confederation,  ittihad  k. ;  sazish 
Confer,  y.  a.  [L<at.  cum  ^fer,  H.  bhar  Skr.  bhri 

bear]  bestow,  den& ;  pahunch&nil;  bakhshna; 

marahmat  k. ;  ata  k. 
Confer,  y.  n.  consult,  bat  k.;  guft  o  ga  k;  batla- 

na;  mat   pQchhu&,   r&6  leim;   sal&h  lena; 

mashvarah  k. ;  h&iid!  y&  khichri  paku&. 
Conference,  n.  mashvaruii ;  sal&h. 
Confssa,  y.  a.  iqr&r  k. ;  qubul  k ;  iqb&l  k. ;  tas- 

lim  k. ;  angik&r  k. 

To  eonfeu  oiie*<  sins.     GunSk  kd  iqrdr  h. 

Confessedly,  adv.  albatta ;  be-shak  ;  bila  shuba. 
Confession,  u.  iqrar ;  swik&r ;  angi-k&r ;  iqbal ; 
Ijab;  eteraf. 

confession  of  crime,  iqrar-i-jiirm. 
confession  of  judgment,  iqbkl-i-dJiv&. 
fuU  confession,  |Hikk&  iqiir;  iqrar-i-l^mil. 
Confessional,   n.  padriyoii  ke  baithne  ki  jagah 
jahaii  se  gunabon  ka  iqr&r  suuii  karte  hain. 
Confejsor,  n.  (a  priest)   p&dri  jo   gun&h>g&ro& 

ke  gunahon  k&  izh&r  suuta  hEtL 
Confidant,  n.  [Lat.  fdes  faith,  Skr.  pcU  trust] 
rHz-dar ;  ham-r&z ;  bhediya ;  mahram ;  dam- 
s&z ;  ham-dam  ;  mahram  kar;  parda-d&r. 
You  love  me  fur  no  other  end 
Than  to  become  my  eoufidant,  and  friend.  Dryden, 
Mujke  i$  garaz  m  tH  kartd  hai  py&r 
Kiho  jdi  tU  merd  kamrdi  o  ydr,  F.  a 

Confide,  y.  a.  bharosa  k  ;  patiyana ;  partit  k ; 

yishvas  k  ;  etebar  k  ;  etemad  k. 
to  cof^e  in,  eteb&r  k  ;  bharosa  k 

The  prinoo  eor^fUki  in  his  ministers. 
Bajd  apne  tnantrfoh  kd  bitJivdi  kartd  hoL 

Confidence,  n.    1.    reliance,   bharos&;  partit; 

patiyara;  etebar;   bisyas;  eteqad.    2.    asu- 

ranee,  itminan ;  yaqin ;  nish-cha^ ;  eteqad. 

His  eoi^fidenee  was  shaken.     Utke  eteqdd  meA 





Confidant,  a<1j.  nis-Bandeh;  motaqid. 

The  fowl  raj<etb  and  U  confident.  Prov, 

Be-vaqftf  ntkkhjdntA  hai  aur  kkc{fd  koUl  koL 

Confidential,  adj.  ra£-d2lr;  bam-r&z;  motaoiad; 

bh'.-dl;  motabar;  bishv&.^I. 
Confidently,    'adv.     iii8-8aufdeb ;     bili-shuba; 

istiijlal  8e;  bharo8&  kar-ke;  be-dh«»rak. 
Configuration,  u.  rfip;  sarat;  itich&vat. 
Confine,  u.  blm%;  sivaiill;  oarhad. 
Confine,  v.  a.   rokiiii;  rok  r;ikhii&;    atk&oa; 

had  biudhna;  paband  k. ;  mahdad  h. 
tu  be  ayitfined  to  ane^n  bed,  cbarpai  seni :  8&hib- 

i-fara'sh    i.;    ch&rpILl  »6   kamar  lag  jaufl; 

paru  bii'ikT  ba;^&. 
Confinement,  u.  1.  sedueitm,  ekftut  meh  baith- 

iia;  gObba-ua^MiiI;  kbilvat-uashlu! ;   kinam- 

kashi;  uzlat-guziui.  [baiidhej;  qaid, 

2.  restraint^    rok;    ^;    atkfto;     baiidi; 

3.  lying  in  (in  MldUrth)  janue  ke  k&ran 
palaug  par  pare  rahiiH. 

Confirm,  v.  a.  1.  make  firm,  pakk&k.;tnazbat  k.; 
miwtalikaiu  k. ;  taqvlyat  d.  2.  make  eertaiih 
uibbchac  k. ;  pakka  k. ;  tahqiq  k. ;  thtk  k. 

WbiUt  all  the  »tun  that  ruuud  her  bum, 
And  all  the  planets  hi  thdr  turn, 
CoT^rm  the  tldingi  as  they  roU 
Ami  spreKd  the  truth  from  pol«  to  pole;  Addiion, 
Gird  chamke  haih  uthejo  iirt, 
Daurd  karti  haiUjo  hi  MOiydre, 
KarU  taad^  haih  kkabar,  bare, 
NUr-i-kaq  kd  suAtfr  km  <dt«.  F.  C. 

3.  ratify,  barqai^r  yi  balull  k.  yi  rakhna; 
tasdiq  k!  4.  {tfte  rlU)  krishtaii  k.       . 
Confirmation,  u.    \,e9tablUhiwity\&\M\  istiq- 

lal;  taid;  isiehkam. 
Tritleu  light  as  uir 

Are  u>  the  jealtiun  conjirfmiiioni  strong 
Ah  pnK»f«  of  holy  writ.  ShaL      Othello^  iii.  3. 
ShakHmlztij  tthaJcJinoh  ko  adnA  umMr  hcUke, 
JIaiiifje  subnt  imkke,  qurau  ke  iMvUftte.      F.  C. 

2.  rrt/i//W*o«,  bar-qaran;  liabali;  tasdiq. 

3.  ths  rite,  kriaUa  l)i\naue  kl  rasm  }&   lit. 
Confiriuatory,  adj.iuiiawiu;  muabat;  luuaiyid; 

coniirimUory  stitement,  bayaii-i-muaiyid. 
Confirmed,   adj.   pakka;    sthir;    drip;    sabit; 

mazbat.     2.   eiiUibli«hed,    qayaiu;   mohkain; 

liabal;  bar-qarar. 
Confiscate,    v.    a.    zabt  k. ;    l)ftit-iil-mal   men 

daliia;  sarkari  baiia  leiia;  qurq  karua. 

Confiscated  prujierty. 

Confiscation,  n.  zabtl;   qiiiqi. 
Confi3cator,  n.  zabt  kame-vala ;  zabit. 
Conflagration,    ii.    [Lat.     ton-vfiayrare,     H. 

Lhirakna,    to    burn]    ataiili-Ziulagi;   shola; 

lukwar;  luka;  agwabi;  ag  la^'iia. 
Conflict,    a.     1.    cotlueiony    takkar;    tbokai*; 

dhakka;  uiukhalafat. 

2.  rombity  lai-al;  jan^';  kliata-patT. 
Conflict,  V.  n.  takrana;  takkar  kbana;  dbakka 

lai^na;   i-birnii;  larnS;  lunqabilab  k. 
Confilctbig,  p!  p.birudb;  khilaf;  bar-aks;  uaql^ 
Cotijlictini/  opiuioDH.     Mukkatif  rdcn. 

Conflnence,  1.  junction  of  dreams,  jor 
saugam;  milap. 

Allaliabad  U  situated  at  the  tonfiuenee 

GfHiges  and  Jamna. 
A  Hahabad  Oahgd  Jamnd  he  tabgmm  pa 
3.  concourse,  bbir;  amboh;  kuttrat;  c 
Confluent,  adj.  milvau;  jurvau. 
canfiuetU  small  j^ox,  kiraiya ;  niasQrija. 
Conform,  v.  a.  I.  {to  or  with)  ebjau  h. ;  i 
k  ;  mutabiq  k. ;  ek  mel  k.  ;  ham-sbak 
2.  comply  with,  mauua;  itaat  k. 
Conformalile,  adj.  ek-eau;  ek  lup;  ekda 
yak-raui:a;  ek-sftriit;  ek-mel;  muatiq;  mi 
Conformably,  adv.  muatiq ;  mutabiq ;  la-i 
barhukm.  "[hukm  ke  ba-: 

conformably  to  your  order,  habbul-hukm 
Conformation,  u.  1.  the  ad,  tarklb;  bauS 
2.  structure,  dhaucb;  dhty;  aiiglet;  ] 
Conformity,!),  mei;  muwafaqat;  mut^ 
muslialjahat;  tatabuq.  [ri; 

in  coj/fornity  with,   mutabiq;    muwaBc 
Confound,  v.  a.  1.  mingle,  milana ;  darbai 
ham  k, ;  ga^'-bar  k. ;  ghal  mel  k. ;  makl 

2.  dismay,  hakka-liakka  k. ;  mutalily 
Bar-gardau  k.;  pareshau  k. ;  haiiau  k. 

The  tiukera  were  generally  vagraitt 
pilferers,  and  were  ofteu  oon/oundt 
the  gipsies.  Maeavlay,  PaAJere  umQiM 
maSeh  aur  uthdi-gire  the,  aur  akedr  « 
aur  kanjarok  men  farq  na  thd, 

3.  ruin,  nan  k. ;  sattyauas  k. ;  barbi 
tabali  k.  [i 

Confounded,  adj.    nipat ;   nira ;    pak  ;   p; 

He  is  a  coiifoundtd  liar.   Woh  nipat  jhutd 

Confront,  v.  a.  1.  samuo  b. ;  saumukh  h. 
ba-i-u  h. ;  niuqabil  b. 

Blood     hatli     bought  blood,   and  blows 

auriwereil  blowt^ 
Streugth   matched   with    Btrength,    and 

confronted  power.  Sliak.  King  John 
Zarb  ki  evuz  zavb  lafji,  aur  khUn  he  hadU  khUii 
Bal  ki  Lal  u  kuskti   Aui,  aur  zor  zor  se  an 

2.    oppose,     samna    k  ;    mutb-bber 

muklialifat  k. ;  muqabla  k. 
Confuse,  v.  a.   1.  render   indistinct    or    ob. 

glial    mel   k. ;   uljbaiia;    abtar   k. ;  du 

l>arhiuu  k.   2.  cttu^e  to  lose  self -possess!  on, 

bjikherna;    ghabrana;    pareshau    k. ; 

kbotia  ya  bbula  deua. 
Confusion,  u.   1.   disorder,    gbal    mel;  al: 

^admal;    kbalt-malt;  barhami;     Ijc-tai 

uljbera ;  paresbaiil. 

i'(*nfni<ion  «)f  thought,     Partshnnvi-dlma 

2.  tumult,    ban<^^aiua;    hullar;    atVa « 
bar- ban ;  gadar;  Uilvii;  sboribh;  fiitu 

3.  distrar/ion,     gliabiahat;  «^h;il>ri;   1 
ui;  bai-;:ardaul;  pareshaia;  il^luifia-L 

Couf union  dwelt  ill  every  face 

And  U'ixr  in  every  ht-jut.  Mii/ya  Miw:\)etl 

Pares/iOul  har  i  nkh  pt,  har  tlil  men  thir. 

4.  rmw,  bi<:ar;   iifis ;  sattyanris;   kh.i 
tabahi;  abtaii;  walMil;  ujar,  l)arbruli.  [i 

Confutation,    n.    tarJld;     butlfui;      jhii 




iftite,  T.  a.  jh(i|&  k. ;  tardid  k. ;  batil  k. ; 
&-jftv&b  k. ;  ohup  kar  d.;  band  k. ;  n^t  k, ; 
iarln& ;  maglflb  k. ;  &^it  k« 

But  siuoe  no  reuou  am  c»nftJU  yt 

ril  try  to  force  you  to  your  duty.     EudHrai, 

JkUUeh  nahih  lurrti  qdU  tomA«n, 

MamfartHkpehgrtd  kiik  mMl  fmkeh,  F.  C. 
ige,  n.    1.  farewell,    al-wid&;  Khudil-hilfic; 

dlihbell;  Khudi nigahb&n ;  rukhsat. 
Give  one  hk  oow^ee.    HukhMot  k. ;  bidd  i. 

2.  taff,  oaliai;  baudagi;  M&b;  taslbn&t; 

jomish.  [munjamid  k. 

feal|  ▼•  a«  jamioi;  basta  k.;  blndbni; 

Too  much  aedtiefe  hath  congtaled  your  blood. 

Skahu.    Tojning  of  the  Mreic,  induct,  eo.  2. 

Bakut  ranj  »e  tmmndrfi  dil  afiurdak  ho  gayd 

goal,  V.  n.  jamnl;  munjamid  h.;  baodbnE; 

iodh  jin& ;  basta  h. 

gtbttion,  D.  jamavat;  injim&d;  bastagl 

gioer.  o.  ham-jiuB;  ekj&t.  [mu&fiq. 

ganialy  adj.  ham-jins;  eic-mel;  milv&n;  ek; 
A  eonpenud  cliniate.    Mndj^  db  o  havd, 
A  eamgenial  mind.    Afw  mu^  kd  Sdml. 

{Odtal,  adj.  [Lat.e  m  +  gerdtus^  B  .jamd^  Per. 
5d^  Skr.  jon  to  be  born]  aath  janm!;  bam-£&d. 
prieiy  n.  [Lat.  eon -^r  gtrere  to   carry,    H. 
rmd  to  throw]  dher ;  todab. 
pstad,  adj.  laha  ae  bhar&-hui;  par-khfto. 
^aftion,  n.  lahQ-jamao;  injim&d-i'kbdn. 
^aHMiate,  adj.  [Lat  c«n-t-j^/o6tt#,   H.  geld 
globej  gola^  4^er  kiy&*hu&. 
patuiate,  v.  a    badh&i  d. ;  badh&y&  d. ; 
lab&rakb&d    kahtiH;    mubftrki    kabo&    y& 
anft.  [IMi;  mub&rki;  tahniyat. 

patalation,  D.  badb&I;badb&w&;  mubftrak 
'rtUulation  on  the  birlh  of  n  efuldj  badhal. 
r  of  eongrcUulaUon^  badhEi-patr;  tahnijat- 

l^ntmlatorj,  adj.  badhaiki;  mub&rak!. 
ratulaiory  tong,    badh&I;    mub&rak- b&di; 
Adiyinab.  [faiUham  k. 

^regiate,  v.  a.  ikhatta  k. ;  jama  k. ;  ek-j&  k. ; 

Cold  eOfngregattM  all  bodies.  Coleridge. 

Sardi  a;«f  w  ko  ikkatUI  kardeUkai 

Heat  congr^gaUs  homogenial   bodies,  and  se* 
paratea  hetrogenial  ones.  Newtoiu 

ffardrat  katn^ns  ajtam  ho  ikhalUl  hardetX  Aat, 
anr  gairjim  c^idm  ho  dlag  kar  dete  kau 

iregate,  v.   n.   [Lat.    can -¥  gregare.    Skr. 

cdi.  Per.  graft  to  collect  in  flocks] 

ikhatt&  b.;  jama  h. ;  miln&. 

Squala  with   equals  often  congregate.   Denham. 

Atactr  barSbar-vdle  bardbttr-vdloh  ee  mUte  kain. 

i0keke  w€  ithdkd  mile,  wUU  nick  h  nlfk, 

PdM  $e  pdnl  mile,  mile  kick  u  kUk.) 

VBgaftkm,  n.  1.  collection,  ijtim&;  majma; 
er;  jamaiyat  2.  assembly,  sabhE;  majUs; 
jtm;  majma;  toli;  mandl!. 
roHy  n.  1.  mulkon  ka  jalsa  y&  aabbft. 
2.   {of   the    United  Stales)  Amerik&  ki 

twUBj^  n.  [H.  gharna  to  frame,  jof  join] 
A;  maw&tiqat;  monaabat;  iltizam.  [yan. 
^  ad j    jog;  mo&fiq;    munaaib;   8b&- 

Ooniei  Cpnical,  ad),    makhrati;    gajar-^ul; 
gio^dum.  [makhrati  y&  gajar-^ul. 

Canio-seetionf^  n.  aikhar  k&t    n&p;   tarftah* 
Coiicali  tip-rootad,  (BioL)  g&o^um;  gaj-rili 
Coi^jectaral,    adj.  qaya^ii;  khiy&li;  anuminl; 

eonjedUfitlffrounds,  vajab-qay&sf.  [ehtimSL 
Coi^jectaTe,  n.  qay&s;  atkal;  andtot;  antlm&n; 
a  mere  con^jecturey  atkal-pachchQ;  be-{hik&ne  bat 
Ooi^jeotare,  v.  a.  atkal  k. ;  anum&n  k. ;  and&zi 
k.;  qayaak.  [join]  mi]&u&;  jopii. 

Coi^oijiy  Y.  a.   [Lat  eon-t-jungere,   H.  jbrn^ 
I  The  English  army,  that  divided  waa 

Into  two  parts,  is  now  cof^oined  in  one.  Skak. 

1.  Henry,  VL  ▼.  2. 
Jo  do  kiae  tke  femjd-Aitgra  he. 
Wok  i$  waqt  mil  jknl  le  ek  ko  got.  F.  C. 

Conjoined,  Conjoint,  adj.  jurirhuft;  mill4ii6; 

jury&6;  muttafiq;  mashmtll&. 
Cco^ointly,  ady.  milkar;  ek-s&th  aafig-safig; 

ikhatte  ho-kar;  lAham  mil-kar;  bil-ittif%q; 

bil-ishtir&k;  aharik  ho-kar. 
Con^jngal,  adj.  [Lat.  con  -hjusigere,  H.  atrit  ^^og 

joiuj    by&b-kk;     by&ht&;    joni    khasam-kl 

zauji;  aam-bandbi;  jore-k&. 
cm^fugcU  affection,  jora  khasam  kl  mohajbbat; 

aub&g;  miy&n  blvi  k&  piy&r  y&  ikbl&a. 
Conjugate,  y.  a.  {Oram.)  gard&iin&;  tasrif  k.; 

fel  hi  gard&n  k. 
Conjugate,  n.  ham-m&nMafz ;  ek-arthi  ababd* 
Conjugate,  adj.  in  pairs,  juprEn;  ju^K;  jufb; 

zauj;  toam. 

Conjugate  \e^i.  JurdpaUd. 

Conjugation,  n.  1.  (Orcmi.)  gard&n;  fel  kl  gar- 
d&n ;  tasrif.  2.  (Physiol.)  do  gharon  k&  aanjog. 
Conjunction, Q.  l.imum,miliio;  ijtim&;mel;  jof. 
I  He  wilT  unite  the  white  rose  and  the  red  ; 

Smile  Heaven  upon  his  fair  eoniwietum.    Skak, 

Biohard,  lH.  ▼.  4. 
MUdSgd  wok  seotl  aur  giddk, 
Kkmld,  bk^Jore  pe  rakmat  shitdb  t  F.  C* 

2. (<>/*«lar«)  aanjog;  lagan;  qiilLo* 
Z.(Gram,)  harf-i-atf. 
a  fartwiate  conjunction  of  planets,  subh-aan  j  og ; 
aubb-lagan ;  uchch  ke  girah ;  qii-^n-ua-sidain. 
aftun/brtu7uUeco7<;tfn^t(m,asubh-lagan;  a-subh- 

aanjog;  qiran-nn-nahasain. 
Conjunctiyeiy,  adj.  mil-ke ;  buham.      [oiyam, 
Conjunctiye  Xood,  n.  sdrat-i-shartiya;  auan&rth 
Conjuncture,  u.  \, combination,  aanjog;  ittif)^. 

2.  crisis,  nEzuk  waqt  y&  sam&. 
Conjumtion,  n.  1.  summoning  in  a  solemn  man- 
ner, aaugand  dena;  qasam  dil&n&;  halaf  d. 
We  charge  you  in  the  name  of  Qpd,  take  heed. 
Under  this  eonjwratum  speak,  my  lord.  Skak. 

Henry,  V.  L  2. 
Khudd  hi  qasam  dete  kaih,  dekknd/ 
ffaUtfte,  hkuddvand,  ah  bolnd!  F.  C. 

2.  magic  spell,  jStda;  pai^bant;    mantr; 
Jbar-phii6k;  to^ka;  toni. 
Conjure,  y.  a.  adjure,  saugand  d. ;  qaaam  dil&na. 
I  conjure  you  by  Ood  not  to  mention  this  bosi- 
ness  to  any  one !    Ttmkeh  Kkudd  ht  ^asam 
yeh  bdt  kiH  se  imi  hakndJ 


Conjnn,  to  eoqjnn  ap,  t.  a.  jada  k. ;  maotar  | 
k. ;  arsQA  k. ;  sehr  k.  . 

OvniuTaT,  u.  1.  j%dQ-gar;  madlii;  <^i)>i;  afsQii-  I 
gAr;  SJ&U&;  Mhr-siE;  ^liir;  sbubuJA-tiii; 
\ouhit  &. 

From  the  kcoouot  the  loser  bringi 

The  ooajarcr  kuawa  wbo  atale  th>  thinga.  Prior.     , 

KkontKiHa  jo  tahtd  Kai  kaelik  Ui, 

Jinjitd  hai  cAor  io  ranmdt.  F.  C. 

2.  a   tnaa  of  tagaeitif,  d&n&;    budh-v&u;    ' 

buddhi;  gyKiii. 
Coniuite.  adj.  jufvU;  jnrU;  ham-zid;  sirgnre.    i 
ConSKt,  V.   a.   [Lftt  mn  +  neetei-e,  Skr.  noft  to   | 

bind]    jorua;    millu&;    lag&us;    gUithn&; 

CoimeetioiL,  Coimexian,  d. 

I. relation  bij   blood  or  marriage,    nfctii; 
lishti;  Bombandh;  qar&bat. 

2.  uRioj<,j  >r;  mel;  la^,'&o;  bandh  ;  bandish. 

There  u  ■  tracsible  coniieiian  betvpen  the 
wmU  of  apecial  puta  nod  the  utilities  of 
■uch  apecial  pnru.  Htrbert  Spencer,  Induc- 
tiou-  of  BioluKj,  p.  iii. 

BaJan  hi  rt  ikjiiijii  ifadaT  Koh  idM  (bfS  tni 
ail  qadar  luka  n&Jda  kkarek  koti\  hai,  yitie 
AaroibiC  aur  vxizan  barBb-iT  iai,j<iiiJ  tijUiiS 
toilA  bhircMiogn  atitl  dir  Ra-jari  jsigl. 

carnal  canneetion,  sohbat-dv' ;  hambiBtari ; 
aaiig  sons;  nml^harat;  bhog. 

ConaectiTfl,  {Gram  )  barf-i-rabt ;  joran-sbabd. 

CoDaivaiioe,  u.  anakiiiji;  cba-hm-poshl;  igm%2. 

CouiUTe,  V.  a.  [H.  ion  corner,  mv  bead,  iaw- 
akkhi  a  side  glance]  anSikilnT  d. ;  cbashm- 
poshi  k. ;   iginai  k. ;   wfln  kheiiuhiia.  [plieiiia. 

eotinive  at.  cha^iim-pushi  k. :  i^miiz  k. ;  aukh 

Coonohsenr,  ii.  fSkr.  jnd  know]  wa-jifkar; 
jjftikhaija;  parkhi;  ubinristndah;  uiLbib-i- 
tainii;  qaiai-daii ;  daqiqaJi-shinaa. 

Connote,  v.  a.  bbar-baclink  kabiiii;  ek  aisa 
imm  I'akhiia jismei'i   sab  diizeii  ek  sifat  ki 

The  word  "  white  "  denotea  all  while  thiuRs. 
tti  aauw,  paper,  the  foam  of  tli«  »en,  etc, 
an^l  impUea,  or.  n»  it  wm  terineil  hj-  the 
aclioolmen  eonnotM  the  attribute  if  ivbite. 
ama.  J.  S.  ,!/■*«.  l,.<f:-{-Kifiiid  ta»inm 
lifaid  cfti«n  hali'il  hii.  jaitt  b-trf.  iS'ja;. 
»tHtandarjh-''y  ic^ieuh ;  (ijt  tn/aidi  kl 
tha4iial  :tikir  Laild  hai.  i/i.juiai  I!  miil-i- 
q'lddnm-H  ue  Jriut  dhitrd  hm.  mAne  tUtii  hiL 

Connabial,  adj  j  tu  aur  kiiasaiu-ka;  niijaii- 
bibi  ka;  m^mvalliq  baabauliar  o  aaiijah. 

CoiiuiiOial  love,  JurTi  Ichuarn  iipril. 

Conquer,  v.  a.  [H.  jrr,  tbrow.] 

1.  oo^n'OMif, 'laliaiia;  zcr  k. ;  g^lib  %ti&. 

B;  winning  Korda  to  mninei-  wilting  hearta. 
Ami  make  iierina-itni  'U  the  work  of  fear.  .Villon. 
SUaaiM  ditoii  in  w-yJlin  lAlriii  sibali  le  Jtorni, 
Turfih  K  ba-jdl  (alAr./  idm  !,-ii'i.  F.  C. 

2.  (a  co'nitrff)  jitnil;    falrtb  k. ;  miiti  k. ; 
ta'ikliTrk.;  sar  k. ;  mairldbk. 

Conqueror,  n.  1.  fatah  inand;  znfar-yab;  niii- 
zaffa-.  ii.(/"  row/'.)  -knsba-,-aitari;  -gir,  <m 
mulk-gir,  one  irho  t-ics  a  •o-mlry. 

Conquest,  n,  fatah;  j:i^;  jit;  iniilk-giri. 

ConBaDKninity,    n,    Ha^^iii;    qurbitt;    (jarabat; 


aptiiiyat;  birUnri;  ya^ngat. 
CfNkwdance,  n.  apae  dil  ki    gawilu;    lUiann; 

Imin;  dil;  ji. 
Contcientioas,  adJ.imiu-dSr:  dytnat-dlr ;  dba* 

nun-atma;   dhaimi;   sachctJi;   riit. 
OonKUBtiauilj,  adv.  im&u-darlBe;    dhannse; 

dy&tiat-d&ri  se;  iobafse;  haq-ahinbl  80. 
ConsciQutionBiLeu,  n.  nn&UHian;  dfaamAtmt- 

pan;  d;»uat-dari;  haq-ebiiiiu ;  list-bizl 
OonicioKl,    adj.      chetau;    rt^if;    wlqif-k&r; 

Conscionilf,  adT.jan-kar;  waqufse;  aj^falwj 

m&lQni  kar-ke;  didah  o  danieta. 
ConsoloiUlWSS,    □.    chetao;    gyan;   jia-kJirl; 

Tiqfiyat ;  ilm;  &g&hi;  khatrar. 
CouBCriptian,  a.  jabtan  mijat  ko  eipahl    bani- 

na  ja  faitj  men  bharti  k. 
Conwciate,  V.    a.    pirtiabtha  k. ;  aankalp   k.} 

niyaz  k.;  mutabarrak  thahr&iA;  tai^diuk. 
Coasecration,  u.  rasm  jis  se  koi  cbU  mut^Mr 

rak    tbabrfti   Jm;      ebtettm;     pritiabthl; 

CoBSesutiT*,    adj.    la^tir ;    Bilsila-band ;  ail- 

Bilerar;  mutaw&tir;  mutasalsal. 
ConiecutiTel;,  adv.  lagatar;  ek  duare  ke  bid; 

Hilaile-var;  pa£dar  paii;  al-at-tarttur;  al-4l- 

Coiueat,  n.  maoauti;  rasa;  rau-mandi;  rau- 

zuri;    ittifaq;    mar^;    qubflliyat;    gibat; 

aagikar;  awiklr. 
frre  content,  khuslii  o  razamandt;  khushl. 
inlell-fffiit  coiurTtt,  mzi-unudi-i-aqilaua ;  sami^h 

ke  .siitb  raza  mandi. 
l"cit  or  im/lifd  co'it^nt,  maiizilri  ba-qarine. 
lite  peraoii  gieiiig  the  cnsent,   sbaklia   muzhir-i- 

niaa-maniil.  U.  G. 
to  give  one's  eonsfnt  to,  luanzGr   k.;    raaa-mandi 

zabirk. ;  riizi  bona.  [marzL 

leUliout  ont'%  conttiil,  bila  raza-mandi:  bagair 
xeitA  ours  eoiitf/il,  THzii-matidi  se ;  ba-niaDzilti 
Consent,  V.  II.  miitina;    man    leua;    qubul   k.; 

nizi  h. ;  razii-niandi  zahir  k. 

Mt  poverty,  but  not  my  will  conirnl.    5Aai. 
Md'itS  hSi  miiiiti  >r,  rarmih  manl  hat  naAti. 
H  giniiera  entii'e  thee,  content  thou  DOt.    Pror. 
Jo  piipi  Injhc  bahkSln,  C^  mat  niru 

Conseqaence,    n.    \.  ant,    natija;  basil;  pbal; 
uiahftSiil;  jnza;  sami-ah. 

i.  impo'taiic',  qadr;  etelmr;    izzat;    man- 
iilat;  piidvt;  martiiba;  rutba. 
in  eowei'ieiice  of,  is  oabal)  se ;  is  vajab  ja  jehat 
se;  ialiye;  isvaste;  ba-bais. 

It  ia  of  no  eoiiitqueiKt.     Kuchk  bat  nakik  kai. 
{Consequent,  adj.  phal-daj-ak;  muritaj. 
j  Consequent,  n.  natij.t;  pbul ;  basil.  [nilal- 

j  Conseqnential,    adj.    garhln;  ghamandi;  abbi- 
,  a  oiiK'/ueidiul  person,  abbiwani  puruah ;  mag- 

IConiequeBtly,  adv.  is  karan;  liliaza;  is  vajab 
I      se;  issaliai^se;  is  live.  [muhafasat 

!  Conservancy,  Conaerration,  n.  bacbao ;  hifazal; 




eonserrancp  laws^  qaiiQn-i-hifz&d-i*8ihhaty&  saf&I. 
ConBervatiTe,  adj.  bachaQ;  rakshak;  muhafiz. 
CoosaryatiTe,  n.8h&iq  y&  muh&fizintiBftDi  o  baD' 
dobast-i-hill ;  mnkhalif  tabdH-i-naam  o  nasq- 
ihal ;  bandlil  Ilk  pe  chalue-w&l&. 
Contet^atoty,  n.  shkhe  k&  gbar  y&  katnra  jis 

men  |>aiidti  sard!  se  bacbk-ke  rakhte  hain. 
CoBSOtve,  V.  a.  1.  preserve^  baob&  rakhna;  ba* 
ch&ni;  rakshak.;  hiHlzatk.;  mahftlz  rakh- 
dE.  2.  prepare  with  eugir^  murrabl^  bau&iiH 
jil  4&luil ;  p&gn& ;  galefna. 
ton$erveJiowers,  giilqaud  daliia. 
Oouiefre,  o.  raurabba;  gulqaud;  p[lk. 
ConaideT)  v.  a.   I,  ponder ^  sochni;  bich&rD&; 
gaur  k. ;  khaus  k. ;  taammul  k. 
Consider  well,  aod  oft,  why  thou  comest  into  this 

world,  aad  how  soou  thou  must  go  out  of  it ! 
Sock  man^  ta  bAram-bdtd,  kdke  dyd  yd  santArd;  kain 

2.  have  regard  to,  lihdz  k. ;  pas  k« ;  khiy&l 
k.;  chit  meii  lftn&;  tavajjoh  k. 

BleMted  is  he  that  contuUreth  the  poor. 
Nek  hai  took  thakkijo  mujlisoh  ki  kfiaJbar  Utd  hai, 
8.  ettinuxte,    giunil;    samajhna;    bi!ljhu&; 
qajriLs  k. 

I  consider  him  a  good  roan* 

Main  uie  bhald  ddmi  samajhtd  hUh, 

Otmtiderable,  adj.  bahut;  bishesh;  ashad. 

A  contiderobU  sum  of  money.  BdhiAt  rupayd, 

CoMiderably,  adv.  bahut;  iftiltse;  bakasrat. 

And  Europe  still  considerably  gains,        [Roscommon. 
Both  by  their  good  examples  and  their  paint.  Lord 
Utkatd  hai  Turap  bahut /dgde^ 
Moihaqqat  $e  wur  unki  tatmU  te,     F.  C.        [chintft. 
Qnuiderate,    adj.    regardful,    qadrd&il;    su- 

He  is  very  considerate.  Voh  har  tk  bdt  kd  yd 
har  thakhs  ke  h^l  par  aehchkd  lih&z  kartd  kai. 

CoMidaratioB,  uA,  the  act,  soch ;  bich&r ;  gaur; 
khau2;  taammul. 

ConsitUratimi  is  the  parent  of  wisdom.     Prof* 
Biehdr  samajh  kd  dddd  hat. 
2.  attention,  dhijan ;  chit ;  man ;  khijal ; 
tavajjoh;  iltif^t«  3.  motive^  manshi;  ulyat; 
mur&d;  k&ran;  garaz. 

He  was  actuated  by  the  highest  considerationt. 
i'nki  niyat  bnhut  hi  arhchJa  tht 

4.  importanee,ida,T  mtn ;  pfts;  qadr|  tazlm. 
He  was  treated  with  great  contidiration. 
Unkd  bahut  pds  kiyd  gayd  yd  ddar  hud, 

5.  equivalent,   bad  lit;    palta;   ajar;   jaz&; 
evazyqimat;  mol;  d&m. 

I  would  not  part  with  it  for  any  consideration. 

Bk  take  na  Idkh  lake  uu  alag  nahlh  karUhgd, 

eondderaiion  given,  palta ;  badllL;  tavrui ;  evaz ; 

maawazah ;  mub&daiah.  [men  &ya. 

had  under  constderationy  dekha  gava ;  mulahize 

w^ure  eonnderatiorif  gaur  kamif;    tajviz  k&- 

mil ;  pakka  bich&r ;  baril  bich&r. 
Comldexing,  Contidering  that,  p.  p.   ba-Iihilz 

ilka  ki ;  is  khayal  (y&  oazar)  se  ki. 
Oiwillgn,  V.  a.  1.  give,  den& ;  de-dllln& ;  dil&na; 
bakbabua.  2.  eommti,  intrust,  sauApni;  sn- 
purd  k. :  hav&le  k. ;  tafviz  k. 
To  consign  goods  to  one. 
Kisi  ko  mdl  bk^nS  yd  dfUt  k. 

We  consigned  his  body  to  the  grave. 
Hamne  uski  tdsh  qabr  ko  taunp  di. 
3*  appropriate,    tbairaua;     mttkhsflH   k. ; 
khas  k.;  takbsis  k.;  mushakhkhaa  k.;  mu- 
ntyan  k. 
Consignee,  n.  voh  shakhs  jis  ko  mal   bheja  jftcf 

yi  Rupurd  kly&  jae;  maufilz-ilah. 
Consignment,  n.    I.  the  act,  irsal;    supurdagl; 
saunp;  haw&lagi ;  tafviz.  2.  the  thing  consign- 
ed, saunpa  m^I ;  8upurd*kardah  mal. 

3.  t^ie  ioriting,  supurd-nama;  saunp-patr. 
Consist,  V.  u.  1.  be  consistent  with,  mil»&;  mua* 
fiqh.;    mutabiqh.  2.  suheist,\iont\  rahn&; 
shamil  h. ;  muslitamil  h. 

Health  contisis  with  temperance  alone.     Pope, 
Tandarusti  eteddl  hi  meh  hai 
consist  in,  hon&. 

Tolerance  contitts  in  auffering  all  things  which 

hurt  nobody < 
Jin  bdtoh  se  kisl  ko  nuuarrat  na  pahauhche  un* 
ko  hone  dend  burdbdri  hai. 
consist  of,  banni;  honi;   murakkab  h.;    taiySr 
h. ;  shamil  h.        (kas&fat;  jamavat;  bastgi. 
Consistence,  Consistency,  n.  density,  gfiyhi-pan ; 
Consistency,  n.   agreement,  mel;  muwafiqat; 
jaksanyat;  ham  wart. 

Consistency  of  conduct.  YaksOh  chsl  yd  tariqa. 
Consistent,  adj.     1.  firm,   g^rhft;  jami-hui; 
kasif;  muDJamid;    bastah. 

2.  uniform,  yakban;  eksi;  sam&n. 
Show  me  one  that  has  it  in  his  power 
To  aot  consistent  with  himself  an  hour.     Pope. 
Batdo  agar  koi  have  bashar, 
Jo  ek  dam  bhl  idbit  rtAe  qaul  par,  F.  C. 

Consistently,  ady.  eksl;  ek  ch&l  se;  ek  rit  jl 
dhafig  se ;  ek  mu&fiq. 

To  command  confidence  a  man  must  act  con- 
sistintly.  Etbdr  yd  sdkh  jamdne  ke  vdste 
ddmi  ko  chdhiye  ki  bdt  kd  pakkd  ho. 

Consolation,  n.  tasalli;    dil&sa;    tashaffi;  dil- 

jamnt;  dh!lras. 
Consolatory,  adj.  dnkh-haran ;   tasklfi-bakhsh ; 

dil&s&,  tasalli,  ya  dblras  dcne-vii&. 
Console,  v.  a.  tasalli,  41^^ras,  tashalH,  y&  dilft^ia 

d. ;  diljoT  k;  ^usa  pochhii&. 
Consolidate,  v.  a.  1.  mnke  solid,  jsiXxAnsL;  sakht 

k. ;  munjamid  k. ;  bllndhij&;  basta  k. 
2.  unite,  jof  iia ;  milana ;  ek  k. 
Consolidate,  v.  n.  jamna;  sakht  h. 
Consolidated^  adj.     1.  made  compact,  sakht; 

munjamid.      2.  united,  juya   ya   miU-hui; 

majmOa.  3.  (Bot.)  mota;  bhara;  dal-dar. 
consolidated  salary  or  allowance,   masbabirah 

bil  muqtab. 
Consolidation,  n.   compacting  into  one  mass, 

jamavat ;  ba^tagi ;  injimad ;  ijtimi ;  jamana. 
Consols,  n.  Inglisttin  k&  parmesd  oot. 
Consonance,  Consonancy,    n.  mel;    ittiftq; 

Consonant,  adj.  mn^fiq;  anusw&r;  matabiq. 
Consonant,  n.  biujan;  harf-i-sahlb. 
Consort,  n.  jorQ  ya  khasam ;  dbana  ya  dhani. 
queefi  consort,  padshah  begam. 


Wn»  VU  —iJodlWWilMMi 




—  iliF- 







Ckmiort,  t.  n.  mhg  taimi;  soMNift  k. 

For  aU  Uukl  plettdi^  b  to  UTiog  ohM 
WMtto^-coMorligrfaioiiolMrMiiy;  JBjfmimr. 

WokiobiitdmikktmthAtkUlilLmtk,         9.0. 

OtBtpioiioiis,  adj.    1.  mamfM,  ^hir$  aj^; 
khitli;  alkniya;  aaifh;    ftah;  pratyaksh; 
iprarii^.     S.   famoMMf  naakhir;    aiBiTmr; 
m&rtif;  bikkhy&t;  aarnEok 
He  held  a  eonupimimi  phoa  in  tha  Itanrjr  #oriiL 

w  •PPw  ^avwp^^a%v  %ii^^a  J  ^^aw^^ww  ^w^^^v  ^^saAvawRpa^v^  v^m^^ 

amtpkiufUi  jpfacg,  gtua^Mim ;  iiaaar-gUi4-tm; 

ahkra-i-tm  jahM  sab  kl  baiar  parti  hix 
CtaaffoiKraaly,  ady.  aUnijA;  aihir;  itUrft; 

i&hiran ;  dULh&ve  ae. 
(kfikigtniBff  tu   1.  jstoif  tfaiab;  goahtL 

2.  cammrrmicef  ek&;  ittiftq. 
m^foge  m  a  wn^pira^,  aiaiah  k ;  l»we  maah* 

warah  meft  aliailk  h. ;  goahtt  k. 
Oniipfrator,  n.  ribfrii  karna-Yllft;  tflaiah-ka- 

nindah;  gnaht  kame-TlItt :  n^uflnd. 
Oomipita,  ir.  n.  tpUt,  baDdiah  bUkdhni;  A- 
%\A  k. ;  guahtf  k.  3.i9tfi»  xmI  k.;  ittifftq  k. 
tkniftaUa,  ru  {Cor.)  ktni^il;  ohanUMEbr; 

aiiAhl-puliA ;  ffipat;  kotwtl;  nltir, 
JUflKi  0o»4toM«,  jam&-d&r;  dafonhl; 
ipeeial  comtaUef  chand  roa  UL  ohaQkl-dftri 
io  (mtrun  ih$  coasUHBU^  baugrit  ja  tmdaot  ae 

ijftda  kbaroh  k 
Ooniitaiusir}  iu    1.  JUbMuit^   fbairlo;  fik&o; 
dhlraj ;  jam&o ;  drifbtil;  qaytai ;  ialahk&m ; 
UtiqUl;  s&bit-qadami;  sab&t. 

2.  JideUty,  vrAf^'djkjt  [inaibllt;  q&im;  rtbit 
CanitaAt,  adj.  Infixed,  atbir;  acbal;  atal ;  dri{4i ; 
CoMtant  in  BdveriAtj.  MuttbtdmektMl^adam^ 
The  world**  soaae  of  ohaogea,  and  to  be 
Cojutant  ia  nature,  were  inooaatancgr.  Coiolejf. 
Mai  dlam  kd  naqMhah  pur  az  iMiMt 
Yahdh  rahna  §abU-^ouiam  luU  khildf.       F.  C. 

2.  deUrmined,    B&bit-qadam;     mustaqil; 
q&jam-niizl^ ;  dri^h. 

3,faithftU,  wafSird&r;  namak-bal&L 
A  eontUiiU  lover.    Wafd^r  dikiq, 

4. coniinuaus,  paS  dar  pa^;  la§^t&r;  baril- 
bar;  alattav&tar;  alal  ittis&l. 

CongtarU  dropping  weara  the  atone.       ProT» 
Roz  ke  iapke  H  paUkar  hki  gkiBJdid  kaL  Prov. 

Constantly,  adv.  nit;  nit  utb-ke;  faameaha; 
8ad& ;  ithon  pahar ;  bar-dam ;  dam-ba-dam ; 
chbin  ohhin ;  al-ad-dawam ;  mud&m ;  bili- 
nigab;  la^-t&r;  bar&bar;  mutaw&tir;  pae 
darpa&  [dal;  naksbatr;  nakhat 

ConstellAtion,  n.  sit&ron  kk  majma;  tftriLrcnan* 
Consternation,  q.  dha|>k&;  ghabi&hat;  bairat; 
baibat;  kbaiif;  sar-gBid&nl;  bairkn!;  pare- 
sb&ni;  iztirab. 

They  were  filled  with  coniUmaltUm% 
Unpar  haibat  chkd  gal. 

Constipate,  v.  a.  ar  k. ;  qabz  k. 
Constipated,  ady.  qabz  kijil-hui;  maqbils* 
Constipation,  n.  qaba ;  a^. 

The  inactivitv  of  the  gall  ocoaaiona  a  eotia^ 

potion  of  the  belly.  ArbtUk$u>t» 

Pit  ke  suit  hone  we  pd  men  qaht  hcUd  koL 

OitttlliMii%  II.  hdomptmmifint;  iakfi 

t.  (tkipmfwfi)  mnwakkal;  j^jmiia. 
OiMtiftata,  t.  a.  uj^^rm,  vi^lld  d. ;  kanl 
Tntthaad  raaaoa  cmutUmU  that  intal 
gold  tkat  daAaa  daatniotioi.  J<^ 

ham  mtf/b  nakik. 

3.  apgmint,  kba|&  k. ;  qt  vam  k. ;   ta 

k.;  muqanar  k. ;  taqarrur  L;  mimilr 

CaaatitilfttoaiiD.  l.ihe  act,  sikbt;  ban5o;  bai 

farUb.  2.  (of  Ae  hdy)  kb&svat  jismi ;  d 

Bubbio,    S,  iai^per  of  mind^  subb&o ; 

khaslatj  nib&d;  aabaj;  mlAy,  tablyat:  sa 

Lio/  a  Haie)  U8i£[-i-qav&ulu4-riymi 

Oanatitoitoial,  adij.     1.  inheretu  tii,  j 

paidiiabi ;  s&tl ;  khilql ;  jibilU ;  asD. 

A  e§mUitiUiondl  inflrmity.    Janmt  rag;  kkU^ 
2.l0f8l,  j&ya8;mabih;pram&aak;  al 

q&nfilDl;  bfu^-i-q&nOn^  s&bitab,  y&  sanis 
o&mUtMii'mid  fo^emment^  Hakntnat-i-q&n< 
Conatttnttanal,  n.  hati  kbotf ;  obalat-p 

ka8rat;obabal-qadml  [ml  Lhavl-kl: 
<•  take  a  eottdiiuiional,  kasrat  k. ;  chaba 
Oonitndnt   ▼,  a.  majbtlr  k. ;    sabardasi 

taAg  k. ;  aabardaatl  karvin&  yft  rokn 

ae  Us  rakknft;  daUnft. 
Consteraiat,  a,  dabftos  p&-bandl;  labar 

aar;  joriUjoiA;  jabr;  rok;  quid. 

Hot  by  §omktaim,  but  bj  ay  dioieak  I  oamo. 

ZahanuoMi  §e  naUk,  wmik  t^pm  kkatkia  dyd 

Oonstriot,  ?.  a.  aameinft ;  suke^ nS. 
Consttiction,  n*  khicb&vat ;  suker ;  sim^ 
Constringent,   adj.     sukarne-v&ia ;     kh 

yI,\%'j  simatne-vaUU 
Construct,   v.  a.^   banan&;   tUn 

imiirat  banauil  y&  tal j&r  k.  2»  compose^ 
d. ;  sajana ;  raohnU  3.  (a  aentence) 
k. ;  in6h&  k. ;  ibftrat  ban&ua. 
Construction,  n.  1.  structure^  banavat;  t 

s&kbt;   tar^b;   bandish.    2.   irderprei 

artb ;  m&ne ;  tasrih ;  tafsir ;  tashrih  \  ta 

3.  (o/ a  sentence)   bau&vat;   jor;   tt 
bandish ;  gathat ;  sflq. 

4.  arrangemefUf  rabt ;  mel ;  tarlb. 
Constructive,  adj.  I. formative,  banane-Ti 

2.  inferentioAf  laaimf. 
Construe,  v.  a.    1.  parae^   {Gram)  tarki 
anve  k. ;  pad  cbhedan  k.  2.  interprtt, 
y&  artb  kabn&;  tarjuma  k. 
ConstUprate,  v.  a.  zin&  k. ;  kharab  k. ; 
ehania  k. ;  «ohbat-d&ri  k. ;   &brtl  lena : 
utirni ;  bad-kari  k. ;  bar&  kirn  k. ;  bad- 
Consubstantial,  adj.  ham- j  ins;  ham-sat. 
Consul,  n.     \,  chief  magistrate,  majisttai 

2.  represerUativey  wakil;   safir;  elcbi 
Consular,  adj.  wakil  se  mutaalliq  yk  mar 
Consult,  V.  a.    1.  take  advice^  salah  leni; 
lahat  k. ;   mashvarab  k. ;    ra6  len& ; 
pQcbbni;  mat&k. 

Let  us  consult  upon  to-morrow*8  buaineaa 
Ao,  kal  ke  kdm  JH  sMk  kareh/ 

2.reaardf  p&i  k.;   khij&l  k.;  lih&a  k.; 

eoHtuli  a  baoHh  kit&b  se  madad  leni» 
eomuii  an  oradt,  istikhat-a  k. 
emwU  one* 9  horoscope  or  natimty,  gir^b  gocbar 

dekhnft ;  jauam  pair  dekbnil. 
Gonniltatio]^  D.   I.  the  act,  mafikhat;  mash- 

warah ;  salah ;  mashwarat ;  mat&. 

2.  eouneil,  eabhi;  aDJuman ;  panchajat. 
Oonsimie,  v.  a.  kharoh  k. ;  sarf  k. ;  baratna. 
to  eonnune  one's  tme,  k&l  bit&ni ;  yaqt  kbarch 

k.,  gaviofty  y&  saja  k. 
CouBnmar,  n.  one  who  consumes,  kbarch  karue- 

vilft;  kbarch-kunindah ;  musrif;  kbarrach; 

wM;   lut&&;  lakh-lut;  khall  lutiii;   talaf 

Cananimnate,  y.  a  pQr§  k. ;  nibahni ;  tam§m 

k. ;  atijam  tak  pahuncbEni ;  takmii  k. ;  inti- 

hi  j&  itmim  ko  pahui&cbao&. 
tocansummaie  a  marriage,  dulhan  ke  sStb  sonft; 

dalhan  se  sobbat-d&rl,  bbog,  ji  tnabasharat 

k.;  paHe  ptire  j&nfl;  gaan&  k. ;  muklSyS  k. 

I  do  bat  stay  till  your  marriage  be  eonmim- 

maie.  8hak.  Much  ado  about  nothing,  iii,  2. 

Jab  tak  tmwMrdff^unm  ho  nunk  thaird-kuA  kUh- 

Oonsmiixiiate,  adj.  pQra ;  pakka ;  pukhta ;  k^il; 
ghuta-huE;  chbat?l-ha&;  |^k}  baiii-ka;  &la 
yi  iutiba  darje-kft. 

A  eonsumnuUe  kna^e.  P3k  ikohdak  yd  hadmadsk, 

flbiainninatioa,  n.  1.  completion,  pOrapau ;  ant; 
nmapt;  itm&m;  takmH;  &4>^^'  akbirat; 
aaj&m;  ikbtitim. 

S.  end  of  life,  nS» ;  ant ;  &kkirat. 

Qhost  unlaid  forbear  thee  1 

Nothing  ill  come  near  thee  I 

Quiet  eonsummaUon  hare  !  [iv,  2.  song. 

And  renowned  be  thy  graye!  Shek*  Cymbeline. 

JVs  tfre  ioi  bhIU  tere  qarib  / 

Bmdi  makoha  tujk  ko  naOb/ 

Bat  ab  dkkH  yam  M  drdm  hart 

Zamdne  men  qabr  ho  terl  ndmvat/  F.  C. 

WUumwuUion  of  a  marriagef  muklav& ;  gaun& ; 
Btth&g-r&t;  sbab-i-wasl;   takht-r&t;    shab-i- 
Chmiiimptioo,  n.    1.^  act,  uth&o;   kbarch; 
kbapat ;  sarf.    2.  the  state  of  being  wasted, 
bar^UU ;  tabahi ;  uj^ ;  tabas-nabas ;  bosida- 
gi;  satty&Qas.    3.  Uie  disease,   cbhaa   rog; 
kshaS  rog ;  diq ;  tap-i*diq ;  tap-i-kohna. 
Cniaun^tiFe,   adj.   affected  with  or  inclined  to 
consumption,  cbbaiS-rogi ;  diq-vali ;  madqtk]. 
By  an  exact  regimeu  a  eonmmptive  person  may 
hold  out  for  years.    ArhiUknot.     [saktd  Aa«« 
ParkeH  kkdud  kkMne  se  diq-vdld  ddml  bartak  ji 

Gntact,  n.  |Lat.  tango,  H.  taiol  toiicb]  chhat; 

laglo ;  milio ;  tnel ;  ittislll ;  mas ;  lams. 
to  come  f»  contact,  cbbtUi& ;  lagnE ;  milna ;  bbir- 

rA ;  takrtnl ;  takkar  kbaaa ;  bbitoSL. 

Omlagioil,  n.  1.  contact,  cbbftt ;  lagao ;  ittisal. 

2.  pestilence,  urn!  ya  lagni  bim&ri ;  marl ; 

wabft;  amris-i-wab&L 

And  will  lie  ateal  out  of  his  wholesome  bed 
To  dare  the  Tile  contagion  of  the  night.   8kak. 

Nikd  norm  btstar  le  apne  took  htb 

Oavdrd  karegd  had-cnrn^dz-i-nliahf  F.  C. 

Crontagioiis,  adj.  1.  touching,  lague-jog;  lagtk 

The  spirit  of  imitation  is  contagious, 
RU  MT'ke  lagH  kai. 

2.  pesHlsnticd,    f&sid;    kharSb}    muzir; 
zubthi;  urni;  bad. 

A  eontaaious  disease.    Layni  hlmdri, 
Cknitaij^  v.a.  [Lat.  tenere,  H.  tan,  Skr.  t^  bold.] 

1.  compreftend,  gberna;  shamil  k.;  mubit 
k. ;  ab&ta  k. 

When  that  ^s  body  did  contain  a  spirit 
.  A  kingdoBV  for  it  waa  too  small  a  bound*  Skak, 
Badan  meti  thi  rkkjah  tak  insdn  ke 
To  tahg  thl  kul  iqlim  uske  life,  F.  C. 

2.  hold  or  have  capacity,  samaua ;   am&na ; 
atn&;  rakhn&^lena;  guujILyash  rakbnft. 

What  thy  stores  contain  bring  forth  !   MUUm. 
Hoi  jo  ka^h  terepda  vfoh  tU  Idf 
S.  restrain,  rokoft ;  th&mn& ;  b&z  rakfanft. 
I  oould  not  contain  myself.    Main  hdz  mtkih 
rah  tfUcd ;  maik  apne  tain  rok  na  sakd, 
to  be  contained  in,   samftn&;  atD&;   kbapna; 

bbam& ;  9nSl ;  S  jilua ;  amana. 
Contained,  adj.    masbmtl ;  dakbil ;  mabmfU ; 

sbamil ;  miuidaraj. 
CcMLtaminate,  v.  a.  [Lat,  tangere,  H.  tatolnd 
to  touch]  *Dft  pSk  k.j  bigarna;  bhirasbt  k. ; 
jbutaln& ;  jbaU  k. ;  kbar&b  k. ;  galiz  k.  y 
a-sndh  k. ;  bharnS ;  ^IZdab  k. 

Shall  we  now  eontaminaief  our  fingers  with 

base  bribes?    8kak.  Julint  Casar,  ir.  S, 
Sjf9  a6  hmm  apne  kdtho>h  ko  risKwU  se  dlUdah 

Contambiatea,  adj.  n&-p^ ;  galiz ;  a-sudh ;  ka- 

Blf ;  bigi&hua;  ftlOdab  ;  khanib. 
Contamination,  n.  na-paki;  jLtlt;  aludgl;  gili- 

zat ;  kasafat ;  bbirisbt&i ;  a  suddhtilT. 
Contemn,  v.  a.  [A.  tdna  reproach]  baqir  j&nuSL; 
ibinat  k. ;  teJiqSr  k.,  nafriQ  k. ;  kbiffat   d. ; 
tacbb  j&nn&. 

Tet  better  thue,  and  known  to  be  eoMemned 
Than    still     eontemned  and  i&attered.  Shak. 

King  Lear,  It.  1. 
Zabdn  se  banal'n,  dilok  te  utdreh ; 
Hai  befUar  ki  bat  log  adncf  hijdntn.  F.  C. 

Contemper,  y.  kam  k. ;  gbat3n& ;   oiotadil   k. ; 
etedal  d. ;  imtizaj  denft;  islah  k. 

The  leaves  qualify  and  contemper  the  heat.  Ray, 
Potts  garmi  ko  ghatdke  motadil  kar  dete  kaih. 

Contemplate,  v.  a.  sccWa;  bichSma;  kbiy&l 
k, ;  gaur  k. ;  fikr  k. ;  tasawwur  k. 
So  many  hours  must  I  take  my  rest. 
So  many  hoora  must  I    eonicmplats.  8kmk. 

Henry.  VI.,  pt  iii.  ii 
Itne  gkante  to  ckdhitje  drdm, 
Itne  ghanU  hai  tochne  se  kdm,  F.  C. 

Contemplation,  n.  socb;  bicbar;  gaur;  udher* 
buu  ^  ttisawwur ;  taaromuL 

Contemplation  is  keeping  the  sdea  which  it 
brought  into  the  mind  for  some  time  ac- 
tually in  view.     Loeke. 

Jo  khaydl  dil  meh  dve  tuko  kuekk  der  tak  pah- 
i-nazar  rakhne  kd  ndm  tasauncur  hai, 

In  contemplation  of  created  things. 

By  steps  we  may  ascend  to  Ood.  MUton, 

Oaur  karne  hi  se  makhliiqdt  ko 

Rafiak  R^ftiik  pakukchU  hoik  tdtkn,       F.  C. 

to  have  in  eantemplation,  bich&rnft;  dhij&n  meu 

h. ;  jl  inefi  h. 
ContemplatiTe,  adj.   biohftry& ;  dhiy&ul ;   fik^ 
maud ;  tuutafakkir ;  mutakhaijal&. 

Fizt  ftnd  conUnplaUve  their  looks,  [ham. 

Still  turning  over  nature's  books.  Sir.  J,   Ven- 
Fikr  tdri  kai  unki  iQrcU  pe, 
Oaur  karte  hath  warq-i-  qvkdrat  pe.  K.  C. 

Hy  life  hath  been   rather   contcmplcUive  than 
active.  Bacon.  [zyidah  ka$L 

Merl  umr  kdm   kAj  hi  niibat  toch  Jlkr  vith 

the  eontemplcUtve  faoulti^t  quvvat-i-mutokhaijala] 

Coutemporaneous,  Coutemporarj,  adj. 
hainahd;  ham-aar;   samk&ll ;  muasir;   ek 
vaqt,  k&l,  yi,  zam&De-ka. 
Contonpt,    u.    1.  disdain,   hiq&rat  ;     tahqir ; 
ih&nat ;  khiffat ;  apmau.  2,  vileness,   eiflagl ; 
khw&rl ;  zillat ;  masallat ;  kamlii&  pau. 

You  would  have  sold  your  king  to  slaughter, 
His  subjects  to  oppression  and  eoutempt.  Shak* 
Sir  ko  thah  he  turn  apne  katvAU, 
Jaur  0  tillai  ridyd  par  Idit.  F.  C. 

2.  (In  Law)  n&farm&nl ;  uddl-hukml ;  sar- 
kashl;  tamarrud;  sar-tabL  [i-ad&lat. 

eontemft  of  court,  tahqir,  eh^uBki^  y&  gust&kbl 
ex(o»ed  to  contempt,  hiqarat  &yad  bul. 
Contexnptiblei  adj.  p&Ji ;  adnft;  null;  uigofi ;  ii&- 

obiz  ;  khu&r  ;  zulll ;  kbaflf ;  subuk ;  haqlr, 
CoutemptaouB,  adj.  biqiratkunindah;  jo  biq&- 
rat  kl  uazar  se  aiiroti  ko  dokbe. 

Rome,  the  proudest  part  of  the  heathen  world 

enterttiintnl  the  luuat  contemptuous   opinion 

of  the  Jews.  Atterbury. 

Butparuttoh  ke  sab  se  bare    magrur  hisse  Rom^ 

kl  YaJiudlyoh  hi  nishbat  bahut  hi  khardb  roi  thi, 

Contemptuoualy,   adv.     hiqarut   so ;     uuzuri- 

hiqirat  se. 
Contend)  v.  a.  [Lat.  ieudOf  Skr.  iind  H.  tan 
stretchl  jhaguriia  ;  hirna  ;  niuq^iila  k.  ;  tuu- 
niiqHhak  ;  takrark.;  hahsim;  haiiicha»hinik  ; 
bittkil  k.;  barabrik. ;  m  k. ;  diiara  baiidhna. 
Content)  adj.  [I^at.  outinere,  H.  atnd  to  con- 
tain] razi ;  kliUHli  ;  saiitokhl ;  Hautusbt ;  saii- 
toshl ;  H&bir  ;  gani ;  sur-ohaslini ;  luaa-bhara; 

Having  food  and  raiment,  let  us   be  thurewith 

content.  [nd  chdhiye. 

Jab  loti  kaprd  mil  gai/d  to   uspar  santokh  kar- 

to  be  content  with  little,  tho^o  pe  razi    o    shakir 

h ;  qaiiilat  k. 
Content,  11.    1.    satisfaction,   santokh;    kh&tir 

janta  ;  itiiiinaii ;  qana^it ;  seii ;  tiraptl. 

Content  ih  luippiness.  Prov.  Santokh  hi  dnand  hni. 

2.    acquieso'nce,    khushnudi ;  razal-iuandi ; 

prasannata  ;  nianzurl ;  an^Ikari. 

Content,  v.  a.  razi  k. ;  khnsli  k.  ;  tript  k. ;  ser  k. 

Contention,  n.  I.  dispute,  takrar;  jharpa-jharpl ; 

rSLr  ;  bad  bi had  ;  rad  o  badal ;  bahas  ;  taiiazo. 

2.  quarrel,  jhagra  ;  danga  ;    jani ;    qazia; 

fasid  ;  jl»a^q^-raura. 

Contention  b(.l«l,  with  iron  lungs, 

And  slander  with  her  hundred  tongues. ^oore. 

Rakhe  hai  Ji'iar  dhani  upnd  jahff, 

Jlui  gibat  liye  sau  zabdh  apne  sang,  F.  c 

Contentious,  adj.  lar&k&;  jbag^ilQ ;  bnjjatlj 
takrfti  I ;  bakhef^iyi  ;  dangai ;  sborah-pusht ; 
jhanjhati ;  taute-bftz ;  khatpatij&  ;  jang-JU ; 
fitn&'S&z.  [jang-jol ;  mun&zaat, 

Oontentioosnegg,  n.  jhag^iapau ^  takr&r*bazf; 

Contentment,  n.  See  Content, 

Cotitentment  is  great  gain.  ProT. 
QandttI  hafl  datUat  hai.        Prov.  [iVlM. 

Borne  place  the  bliss  in  aotiou,  some  in  ease, 
Those  call  it  pleasure,  and   eontentff^ent  theMi 
Kahtd  hai  khushl  kdm  I'O,  drdm  ko  hoi, 
Ishrai  bat&ife  usko,  qan4at  ise  h(H.  P.  C. 

Contents)  n.  pi.  maddk;  mazuiQn;  matlab; 
miX\ ;  ULtparj. 

The  oontents  of  a  letter.  Chitthi/ed  wuumHn, 
A  table  of  contents,  l^hrist  i'msaAmln, 
contents  of  a  booh,  mazanilii-i-kitilb. 
cout^its  of  a  receptacle,  asb&b;  cblz-baat. 
contents  rtoelved,  bbar  \A\  ^^vusQl  hul.     [bistir. 
su})frfioial  cotUenU,  laml)&n  ;  cbaufau  ;    raqV4L ; 
Canterminous,  adj.  sar-hadi ;  miU^hu& ;  siv&ui^ 

roil&-bu&;  muttasil ;  paiwasta. 
Contest,  V,  a.   1.  disjiuU,  bujjat  l&u& ;  jirah  k. ; 
eteraz  k. ;  uzr  k, ;  zid  k, ;  bah^i  k  ;  jhaga^ni; 
rad  o  badal  k. ;  takr&r  k, ;  dulakhu&. 

2.  strive  earnestly,  jhaga|pu& ;  jad  o  jibad  k. ; 

larn&;  jang  k; 

The  troops  eontestsd  every  inoh  of  groancL 
Sipdhi  ehappd  chappd  tamln  pe  laft. 

Contest,  V.  n.  1.  contend,  jhAgnxiik;  la^ni. 

2.  vie,  ham-sari  k, ;  ham-chaabml  k. ;  ton- 

q^bila  k. ;  saiuiia  k.  [d&khil  k. 

Contest   a  claim,    javah-dihi    k. ;    javab-dava ; 

content  a  deriHon,  faille  ka  murafa  yii  apil  k. 

Contest,  n.  {.dispute,  takrar;  jhagrft;  bakhcr&; 

(^azlya;  jhiir[)&-jharpl;     muhahisa;    khalish- 

innnaqsha.  2.  stru^f/le,  liam-sarl ;  ham-chash; 

ml ;  innqabila.     [qa*)il  i-tardid ;  jhngarne-jo«^. 

Contestible,  adj.  qabil-i  hnjjat ;  niubahisu-talab- 

Context,  n.  (iiirlna  ;  ibilrat;  likhal 

Contiguity,  Contiguousness,  n.  [Lat.  tango,  H. 

iatol  touch]  jor;  ni'jl;  wawl;  Ittisal;  paiwastagl. 

Contiguous,  adj.  laga;  jnrri-hiiil;  jnrvau;   mul- 

biq  ;  iiiumai  ;  muttasil ;  lagwan ;  bhirwftu. 
Continence,  Continency,  n.   [Lat.  eontinere,  H. 
atnd  to  contain.] 

\.  rfstraint,  (\\i\di',   rukao;   dabao. 

He  knew  what  to  Hay,  he  knew  also  when  to 
leave  off,  a  continence  which  i«  practined  ''V 
few  writers.  JJrydeti.  Wuh  jdntd  thd  ki  kyfi 
kahnd  chdhiye  aur  hih  khatam  karnd  chdhiye, 
aisi  ehtiydt  bahut  kaui  miuannif  karte   haih. 

2.ohastitt/,    nom ;    asinat ;    sat;     parhez; 

ehtiraz ;  taqwa ;  ijtinab ;  parsai ;  shil ;  parhez- 

gail;  zohd;  sanjani. 

Content  without  lawful   venery   is   continence, 

withotit  unlawful  in  cliaHtity.  Grew 

M  nffdsharatl  jayaz  ke  bngair  refine   rcihnd   sohd 

hai,  aur  nd-jdyat  ke  bafjair  iffat. 
Chantity  is    either  almtinenoe   or    continence; 

abstiutince    is   that   of  virgins   or    widows ; 

contiuence  that  of  married  personn.  Jeremy. 

Taylor.  Iffat  yd  topdrsdi  hai  yd  pdkddmani; 

pdrsdi  kudri  aur  bevdoh  k-i,  pdk-ddmani  biyd- 

hi  yon  kl. 

Cmtimmt,  a4j.  parhez-gar ;  jati ;   sati;  p&»i; 

Ul-asmat ;  aflfa ;  z&hid ;  mohtariz.  [khuahki. 
OontULent,     (Geog.)    barr-i-azam ;    maha-dip; 
eontinental  tixir,  jang-i-Farangistan. 
OoatiAttntlj,  adv.  parhez  se ;  parhesg&ri  ae ; 

jatl-pane  se;  p&reai  se;  nem  se. 
Olmtiilgeincy,  d.  ittifaq ;  sanjog ;  arzah. 
Ooatiligeilty   acy.   ittifa'^T;  ittifaqiya;  sanjog! ; 

irsT;  akasm&tl;  gair-muaiyau. 
OoAtillgeiity  o.  [Lat  tango,  H.  tcUoly  Umd  touch] 

quota     (Cor.)    kantanjant;  hissa;    bantil; 

dimiaah!;  behri. 

Each  prince  furnishes  hU  contingait  of  men, 

money,  and  munition*. 
ffar  ek  ri^ak  apne  kisie  le  Udml,  rupaydf  aur 
mefftln  deUi  th^ 
eontmgent  expenses,    masftrifi-arzi;   masarif-i- 

gair-muqarrari ;  mazktlr&t. 
Continiiali  adj.  [Lat.  tence  bold,  H.  tiknd  last] 
tik&u;  anantar;   onudam;   daemi;  davami; 
qaj&mi;  iMLed&r;  jUri. 

He  that  is  of  a  merry  heart  hath  a  CQtUinual 

feast.    Prov.  xv.  15. 
Jiikd,  dU  ran  utko  tada  bhfiji, 

OontiiilUlUy,  adv.  nit ;  nit-uth ;  hamesha ;  sad^ ; 
mudani;  athoi&pahar;  S,thou.jSm ;  har-roz; 
ContiiiiuuLce,  n.  1.  continuation,  thairao ;  ha- 
meshagi;  sadamat;  qayam;  qai^r;  sabat; 
dawim ;  istimr&r. 

2.  perseverance,  isthirta ;  gambhirta ;  istiq- 
\k\  I  istiqamat ;  sabit-qadauii ;  qayam -mizSjI. 
Patient  continuance  in   well-duing.  Rom.  ii,  7. 
Neki  Javue  meh  sabr  o  utiqfAL, 

S.  (Law)  tarikh  palatn&  ya  badaln&. 

CmtixiUtioiiy  n.  la^tar ;  tar ;  lari ;   tawiltur ; 

likila;  tasalsu);  ijrik 

T^  continuation  of  a  history.  QjU$e  kd  tatatnU. 
The  continuation  of  the  species. 
SUtHa-inaui ;  jUtl  tikr.  [nevfilft. 

ContiiiiiAtiTe,  n.  1.  (Logic)  mnsalsal ;  j&rirah- 

The  statement  'Rome  remains  to  this  day  in- 
dndes,  at  least,  two  propositions,  viz.  Rome 
was,  and  Rome  is.  WatU. 

Is  ba^n  wtek  ki  Bom  ^takkai  kam  ai  kam  do 
qazyt  ihimil  haih^  yd»i  Ronthd,  aur  Horn  hai, 

2.  {Oram.)  rabita;  atf. 

Contittue,  v^  n.    I,  remain,   rahn&;  thamna; 

thairnt ;  jiri  rahni ;  bahal  rahnE ;  bar-qarar 

rahni.  2.  last,  tikca ;  thairna ;  qHyam  rahna ; 

pilMi&r  y&  der-pa  hona ;   bah&l  yH  bar-qarar 

rahii&.  [xiii.  H. 

Thy  kingdom  shsU  not  continue.    1.  Samnel, 
TerA  rSj  naMk  rakegd. 

OdotinilOy  V.  a.  1.  protract,  extend,  jiiri  rakhng; 
baffaio^ ;  chalt&  rakhna ;  shura  rakhnS. 

O  1  continue  thy  lof  ing  kindness  unto  them. 

Psalms,  zzxv,  1,  10. 
Apndfasl  un  par  jdri  rakk  I 

2.  «im<0,  jopii;  juUna;  mil&na;  lagana; 
aattoE;  waal  k. ;  sblUnil  k. ;  lipattia. 

Tha  use  of  the  navel  is  to  coniinue  the  infant 
ttBio  the  mother,  and  by  the  vessels  thereof 
to  ooBvey  its  aliments  and  sustenance.  Sir 
T.  Browne,   Vulgar  Erroun, 

Nof  se  yekfdidah  hai  ki  baehchah  apni  mA  Jft 
pet  se  lipid  rahtd  hai  aur  uskl  ragoh  ke  rdste 
se  ust  khUrdk  pahuhehtl  hoL  fbandi. 

Contiimity,  n.  lagao ;  tar ;  ijra ;  sab&t ;  silsila- 

The  continuity  of  fibres.     JUshoh  kd  tdr. 
Law  of  csntinuity.    Qiigda  sUtHa  yd  tdr4Mndl. 

Contumous,  adj.  lag&tar;  bai^bar ;  j&ri- 
A  continuoui  line  of  railroad. 
Jtel  H  lagdtdr  sarak. 

Contort,  V.  a.  [Lat.  torta,   H.  mor  tof  a  twist 

marorna ;  aiuthna ;  bal  deu&. 
Contorted,  adj.  (Bot,)  be-joy.  [pech;  bal. 

Contortion,   n.    maror;    ainthan;  tashannuj; 

The  contortion  of  the  muscles  of  the  faoe.  Swtft, 
Chehre  ke  patthoh  kd  ailUh  jdnd. 

Coatonr,   n.  rt&p;  surat;    dbanoh;    naqsha; 

shiikl ;  cbehrah ;  haiat ;  daul. 
Contra,   adj.   [Lat.  trans  beyond,  Skr.   tri  to 

crossover]  bi-mukh;  bi-rudh;  bi-prit;  bar- 

khilaf;  bar-aks;  bil-aks. 
per-contra,  mad-imuqabil;  ulta. 
Contraband,  adj.  [Ital.  bando,  Lat.   handum  a 

ban,  H.  bandii  bind]  baijit;  mamnU;  khil&f- 

i-qanQn;  na-j&yaz;  mumtauft;  man&hL 
Contraband,  Contraband  of  war,   n.   m&l,  ya 

saudagari  mamiiH  az  qanQn ;  tij&rat-i-naj&yaz. 
Contract,  v.  a.    1.  draw  tojetl^r,  tang  k. ;   su- 

kerna ;  kam  k. ;  ghatana ;  kotib  k. 

(Thou)  didst  contract  and  purse  thy  brow.  Shak. 
J%  ne  mdthe  men  bal  ddle  aur  teori  charkdi, 

2.  bring  on,  utbana ;  lon& ;  h&sil  k. ;  paida 

L;  praptk. 

Each  from  each  contract  new  strength  and 
light.  Pope.  Ek  dAsre  u  nayd  zor  aur  ilm 
hdtil  kartd  hai. 

3.  make  a  hargcdn,  chukan& ;  b&t  thaiiftnS ; 
muamla  patana ;  muamla  k. ;  beohir  k. 

4.  affiance,  niangnl  k. ;  sambandh  k. ;  sagii 
k. ;  mausub  k.  5.  (Gram)  hazaf  k;  tarkhim  k. 

contract  a  marriage,   sbadi  k. ;   nik&h  k.;  aqd- 

i-nik&h  k. 

contract  debt,  qarz  uthana;  udhilr  lena. 

Cintract,  v.  n.    L  tfArtnl;,  simatu&;    sakarna; 

ainthna;  akaniS;  jakarna. 

Years  contracting  to  a  moment.      Wordsworth, 
Boras  timat-kar  pal  ke  bardbar  ho  gag. 

2.  bargain,  ahd  k. ;   iqr&r  k. ;   zimmah  k. ; 

bachan  b&m&. 

To  contract  for  carrying  the  mail. 
jpdk  le  jane  kd  theld  lend. 

Contract,  n.    [R.  kaldo]    I,  compact,   bachan; 

qual  o  qarar ;  qarar  madar ;   hor. 

2.  formal  toriting,   iqi4i*-n&ma ;    likhat; 

paita;  ahdc&ma;  muahidah;  katkhana. 
breae^k  of  contract,  ahd-shikani ;    bachau  torna. 
give  a  contract,  theka  d. ;  ijarah  den&. 
marriage  contract,   aqd-namah;     aqd-i-niWi; 

tike  a  contract,  theka  lena ;  ij&rah  lenH. 
to  close  a  contract,  theka  p(kr&  ya  khatam  k. 
written  contract,  abd-nam& ;  likhat ;  iqilLr!  tahrfr. 

Contracted,  adj.  shntnken,  simti;  sukra. 
Contracted  brow.     Teori  charhl-hui. 

C(mtrAetibl6,a(lj.  saka^ue  ke  q^bil ;  simatnejog.   I 

Th«  arterioa  ar«  elastic  tubes,  endued  with  a 
€ontr<ictible  force  by  which  they  squeeze  and 
driTe  the  blood  still  forward.     Arlntihnoi. 

Mageh  ladkdkdir  tuUp&h  hdih  jin  mek  mkarne 
kl  tdqai  kai,  iH  u  took  kklkn  ko  bhidUi  aur 
&ge  KO  dhiikeUl  haih. 

Contraction,  n.  [Lat.  eonrtraho,  H.  tang  with, 
ian  draw.]  1.  the  act,  suke^ ;  aii^thau ;  samet ; 
jakr&o;  iuqib&z. 

2.  the  atat!,  maro^ ;  jak^ ;  pecb  o  t&b. 
Oil  of  Titriol  will  throw  the  stomach  into  in- 
^ohmUryleontractuftii.  Arbuthnot,  NlUthoike  he  id 
we  wkedah  apnt  dp  ainthne  Utgtd  hai.  \p^i' 

3.  jpcum,  aka^;  kamer&;  aifitban;  tashau- 

4.  (Math,)  ikhti8S.r;  sankahep. 
b,{Orain.)  hazaf;  tarkhim;  ikhtisHr. 

contraction  and  expannon,  khuln&  mundnH; 
luplup&hat ;  ritq  o  fitq.  [katkana-dir. 

Contractor,  ru  theke-d&r;  mnt&hid;*mu8tft}ir; 
Contradict,  v.  a.  [Lat.  dieo,  Skr.  vach  say.] 

1.  deny,  bar-khilftf  kahnft;  bi-mukh  yi  bi- 

rudh  kahnft ;  nahli&  k. ;  bar-aks  kahni;  jbu- 

t&ln&;  alatn&;  palatn&;   pheruft;  rad  k.; 

k&tnft;  dulakhn&;  cbapr&n&. 

Ko  truth  oan  tftmlrcKitce  another  trMtb.  iSToMber. 
Koi  eadi  dUgrt  $aek  ko  nahlH  M  eaktd. 

2.  oppose^  rokua;  atk&D&;  baz  rakhoft; 
barajn& ;  umtA  k. ;  ditu& ;  hataknft. 

Contradiotton,  n.  1.  denial,  inkSur;  nahiu; 
nUih.  2,  cwUi^ary  deetaration,  khil&f^bayam ; 
ikhtilfi.f-bay&QT ;  biprlt-Viaman. 

3.  opvosition,  ikhtilaf ;   khiM;  takh^luf; 
ulat;  aks;  naqiz;  tau&quz. 

Contradictory,  adj.  bar-khilSLf;  ulta;  bi-rudh; 
bi-prit;     mukhalif;    niun^iz;    mutanaqiz; 
mutabain ;  mauafi ;  im  muafiq. 
contradictory  of  each  oilier,  ziddain ;   ek  dusre 

kc  khilaf  ya  bi-rudh. 
Contrariety,  n.  ikhtilaf;  mukhalufat ;  takhaluf ; 
bhed ;  biprit ;    tazad ;  zidd  ;   mu^aerat ;   na- 
muafiqat.  [ki  mahin  uuchi  avaz. 

Contralto,  n.  (Mus.)  aural  ka  nicha  sur ;  aurat 
Contrariwise, adv. barkhilaf  itike ;  baraks iske. 
Contrary,  n.  [Lat.  contra,  against,  Skr.  tri  to 
cross   over,  H.   tcfhd   crooked]   zid;     aks; 
biprit ;  khil&f;  mu^irat;  taba^an;  tazad. 
No  contrarie*  bold  inoro  anti|)athy 
Than  I  and  such  a  knave.  Shak.   King  Lear,  ii.  2. 
Kiti  gair  ineh  hai  nakih  bagz  aitli 
KijaUd  mujhe  alte  kapti  $e  haigd.  F.  C. 

twUrariea  do  not  meet,  biprit  men  mel  kablu; 


contranj  to,  barkhilaf ;  bar-aks ;  ult&.         [isko. 

on  the  contrary,  ulte ;   bar-khilif  iske ;   bar-aks 

to  the  contrary,  khilaf;  ulte.  [kahd  thd* 

I  told  him  to  the  contrary.  Main  neitke  khilaf  u$  t^ 

Contrast,  v.  a.  [Lat.  sto,  Skr.  sthd,  H.  thd  stand] 

muqabala  k. ;  farq  ya  antar  liatlaiia. 

Contrast,  n.  muqabala;  farq;  bhed;  antar. 
Contrast  of  colora.     Raiigoii  k&  muqdbula. 

Contrayallation,  n.  morcba-bandl  jomubasirlu 
qile  ke  ghere  moti  apne  bacha>  ke  liye 

Contravene,  r.  n.  [Lat.  vemo,  H.  dn^  oom?] 
mukhalif  y&  bimdh  h  ;  ir  h. ;  mioKhim  b. ; 
h&il  b. ;  biprft  h. 
contravene  orders,  kbil&f  hukm  ke  amal  k. 
Contrayention,  n.  mukh&lafat;    ikhtilftf;  bi- 
prit ;  muz&hemat ;  taarruz. 
ContrilmtB,  v.  a.   dena;  hissa  yi  chonda  d.; 
sahUrta  k. ;  madad  k. ;  mazmiiu  ee  imdid  k. 
Contribntion,  n.  1.  payment,  chandeikh;  behii; 
b&chh ;  d&masahi ;  hissa-rasad ;  cbauth ;  obit* 
tha.  2.  (to  a  newspaper,  etc.)  mazmun;  chitthL 
Contributor,  d.  sah&yak;  sab&I;    madadj^r; 

mu&vin ;  mumidd ;  hissa d^^nevftia. 
Contrite,  adj.  [Lat.  terere  to  rub,  H.  roffar  rub] 
pacbht&Q ;  pashem&u ;  mutaassif ;  magmtlm. 
▲  broken  and  a  contrite  heart,   O  Gtod,  th«a 

wilt  Dot  dispise !     Pdalms,  li.  17. 
Paehemdn  aur  thUcastahdil  ee  6&,   ai  KkwU, 
mahh  mat  pher  ! 

Oontrition,  n.  paohhUlw& ;  pashom&nl ;  taflKot 
Contrivance,  n.   up&((;  jugat;  jataa;  tadbir; 

hikmat ;  b&udhuQ ;  jof-to^ ;  katkfaame ;  £mi; 

hikmat.  Qugat  k. 

Contrive,  v.  a.  upad  k.;  tadbSr  k. ;  jatau  k.; 

To  CQidrvoe  »  schenie.     TuiXiAr  niiedlHA, 

He  contrfVei  to  escape.  Wohjvgat  se  hhdggagd. 

Contriver, n.  ap&l^  ya tadi)Sr karnev&lft ;  mGjid; 

fitratl;  hikmati;  mansObe-b&z;    katkbane- 

b&z;  bandishi. 
Control,  n.  1.  restraint,  rok;  atk&o;  bandbej; 

band;  qaid;   zabt.  2. ;oit«r,  shaktS;   q&bfl; 

ikhtiy&r ;  hukm ;  a^gya ;  talit ;  adhkfir ;  dabio. 
general  control,  hukumat-i-ain. 
under  control,    dabao   ya  atkao   mefi;    qfaid  ^ 

taht  men ;  zer-hukm,  hirJUat  ya  uasar-bandl 

moil ;  adhkar  men. 

Control,  v.  a.  rokua;  bas  k. ;    atkana;  dabana; 

barajna.  [mdnO. 

To  control  one's   passions.  Indrioh   ko  roknd  yd 
I  feel  my  Tirtue  strugghng  iu  my  soul 
But  stronger  paasion  dooHits  power  control,  Drydin. 
Neki  karne  ko  dil  ubharUi  hai, 
Naft  usko  bhi  pott  kartd  huL  F.  (X 

Controllable,  adj.  dabanc,  ya  rokne-jog ;  jo  zer 
ho  Bake ;  manne-jog. 

PasHion  is  not  always   eontroUahle  by   reason. 
South.     Sadd  aql  te  josh  dubtd  nakik. 

Controller,  Comptroller,  n.  nigah  ban ;  muhifiz; 

aazir;  daroga;  amin. 
controller  of  accounts,  mir-bisab ;  mustaufi. 
Controversial,  adj.  takrirl;  hibadi. 
Controveriy,   n.    bahs   tahiiri;    jaw&b-sawal; 

mabrihiKa ;  munazera  ;  qazia ;  niza. 
ControTert,  v.  a.  bahasna;   hujjat  lana  yak; 

takiark.;    bibad    k.;    kalamk. ;  jarah   k.; 

Contumacious,  adj.   gustakh;  be-adab;  mnt- 

marrid  ;  na  farmau ;  sar  kash  ;   gardan-kaah; 

shorah-pusht ;  dhith;  ziddl;  hatti;  hatila. 
contnmactous  refusal  to  pay,   shararat   ke  sSth 

nadebandagi ;    rupaya   na  dene    ke   vastfl 

jhagafua;  ada   karne   men  dhitai  ke   sath 

iukar  k. 




Ontmiiacioasnessy  Contomaoy,  n.  gucrtakhi; 

l>^«dabi ;  tamarrad ;  aar^caahl ;  ganuin-kashi; 

■horah-pushti ;  n&-fann&ni ;  dhiUi ;  zid ;  hat. 
Contnmelioas,  adj.  hiq^ratl ;  gust&kh. 
CMitaielioiumess,  Contmnely,  n.  [A.  tSn  re- 

proaeh]  hiq&rat ;  gust&kh! ;  shokht. 

The  oppreiBoi<8  wrong,  the  proud  man's  con- 

tumOy.    Shcdk.  Hamlefc,  iii, 
1.  ZdUm  hA  ttUm  our  ma^rUr  kd  tanaffiw, 
OoAtoaioiL,  n.  chot;  zakhm;  bhitari  mJLr. 
OoiiTaleseenee  n.  [Lat.  vaUre  to  be  strong,  H. 

taH  ttroQg]  sebat;Bofta;  iriUn  bad  blznirS ; 

OoATaleBoeiLt,  n.   sehat  p&neyal&  bad   bimari 

ke ;  8haru-i-Behat  k!  h&Iat ;  Sg&z-i-sehat. 
ConTOie,  y.  n.    [Lat    verur,  H.  and  to  come] 

ikbattSl  h. ;  jama  h. ;  ek-j%  h. ;  batte  bona ; 

iiKUam  h. 
Co&Yene,  v.  a.  1.  assemble,  ikhattSl  k. ;  jam!l  k. ; 

6k-j&  k. ;  jorn& ;  batl&  k. ;  sabhk  k. ;  far&faam 

k. ;  majlis  k.  2.  summon^  bul&  bbejaSL;  ta!ab  k. 
OmrreaiflSiey,  ConTenienca,  n.ea8e,  &iilm ;  sukh; 

ia&iah;  iatld^;  fad^at. 
M  mt^s  cmwenUneej  fursat  y&  far&gat  men ;  dhire 

dhire ;  haale  haule ;  magan  magan ;  ahista 

ihiata;  khushi-khushi ;  sabaj  sahaj. 
OoODiTeiiliellt,  adj.  aram-ka;  suklu;  jog;   khQb; 

ah&ista;  maqtll. 
(hKfmii8n.tl7,  adv.  aram  se ;  sukh  se ;  chain  se ; 

isao!  se ;  ba-&s&ni ;  ba-sabQliyat ;  be-diqqat. 
C(ni¥«iit,  n.  nunnery,  ku&rioA  k&  math ;  bakirah 

aurton  k!  khanqUh.  [namaz  ke  liye. 

ConfeAiicIey  d.  Is&ion  ka  majma  j%  jamaat 
CbnvilitioA,  n.    I.  an  OMemily^  sabha;  majlis; 

jam&at ;  majmi ;  maAdll ;  toll ;  iatka. 

2.  eontraet,  qaul  o  qarHr ;  and  o  palman ; 

midliidah;  ahd-nam&;  bachan. 
OntfUitiaAal,  aJj.  ra^nnl;  rivaji;  qarilr-yaftah ; 

moraTTi^ah ;  rozmarrah  ka. 
wwmtional  rtUet,  rasm-rlt ;  adab^ftidah. 
<3rat0ige»  T.  D.   \ljBLt  vertOy   H.  j-alat  turn] 

jhuki^  ek-lMch  k!  or ;  m^yal  ba-markaz  honi. 
OoaTergence,  n.  kai  sidhi  tarf  se  ek  bich  men 

&-ke  miln& ;  mail&n  ba-markazi-wEhid. 

Tlie  eonvergeticc  or  diyerKence  of  the  rays  fall- 
ing upon  the  pupil.     Berkelif.  [intishSr. 
Kimeh  jo  jnUll  par  partM  haik  unkS.  fnaildn  o 

Onnrergeiit,  GaiiTBrging,  adj.  jhukna  aur  mil- 

D&  ek-bich  mei^ ;  mayal  ba-markaz.  f milen. 
Oosforging  rays,  (Opt,)  kimen  jo  ek  bSoh  men 
OfiTergfiig  series,  (Math.)  gbatt!  y&  barhti 

larl  y&  silsila. 
OsnTenable,  ConTerdUe,  adj.  miKns&r;  mi- 

B8tfl;  Ut  chit  y&  bol  otAl  ke  l&yaq;  mSue 

y&  fa&t  karne-jog ;  qabil-ignftgO. 
Cntemnt,  adj.  ft«hn&;  nr&qif;  ag&h;  mILhir; 

jia4lr;  shinilsi;  w&qif-k&r. 
Vomenant  with  «  subject. 
Waq;^kutUm,  bdt,  y&  mudmale  se. 

€omver9tmi  mih  the  worlds  jahau-dlda;  dnny& 
Mche-hitfl;  oarm  o  garm  zamanah  dekhe 
knS;  diiiiy&  ki  finch  nioh  se  v&qif. 

Conyersatioa,  n.  bat^cbtt;  bol-clull;  bol&cbslf; 
bUten ;  gaftogtl ;  jaw&b^awil ;  zikr  mazkar ; 
mukftlama ;  q&l-maq^l ;  kalma^kalam ;  idhar 
udhar  kl  l^ten;  gap  shap. 

Though  eonvertation  in  its  better  part^ 
May  be  esteemed  a  gift,  and  not  an  art, 
Tet  much  depends,  as  in  the  tiller's  tofl. 
On  oaltare,  aiid  the  sowing  of  the  soil.  Cowper, 
AgarehcUi  takallwn  o  ihirik  zckBdn, 

Khudd-ddd  hai  tdby  wihi&  €k  hxmar, 
KrnnUUd  kai  par  dhartijmUe  kudik, 

I$l  tarah  tdUm  kd  hai  asar.  F.  C. 

Conyersational,  adj.  bol    chal-ka;  guftgQ  ke 

ConversatioiialiBt,  n.  kbush-kalam ;  khosh  taq- 

rir;  khush-gap;  khush-bay&u. 
Conyeraazioney  n.  limi  gufto-gti ;  bidj&ki  baten. 
OoiLTerse,  v.  n.  b&t  k. ;  bat-chit  k. ;  gufb-o-gti  k. ; 

bih&-sunl  k. ;  baham  boln§;  hamrkal&m  L  ; 

ham  sukhan  h. ;  charcha  k. 
Conyerse,  n.  [Lat.  vertere,   H.  phimd  to  turn.] 

1.  intercotirBe,  j&uab-k&rl;  waq6yat ;  diiaaa- 
sai;  w^fIyat;  s&hab^sal&mat ;  rtl-shin&sL 

Tis  but  to  hold  [vtores  unrolled.  Byron, 

Converse  with  Nature's  charms,  iind  view  her 
Yeh  qudrat  ki  khuhi  ko  Kai  dekhnd, 
Khazdne  khule  utke  tab  pekhnd,  T.  C 

2.  b&t  chit;  guftaga  (eonverBotion). 

3.  (Lo^c)  birudh;  zidd;  qalb;  tilat. 

4.  (Math.)  aks ;  ulat. 
Conversely  adv.  bar-khil&f;  baraks;  ultE. 
ConTersioiL,  n,  h  theaot,  palat;  tabdil;  taba- 

dol;  taqlib;  i8tih&l&. 

The  eonvertion  of  water  into  ice.  Sawn. 

Pdnl  kd  harf  ban  jdnd, 
2.  a  change  from  one  side,  party,  or  form 
of  religion  to  another,  dharm-palat ;  tabdU-i- 
din  yS.  mazhab.  S.  {from  a  had  to  a  good  Itfe) 
isl&h-i-atvar ;  bora  ch&l  chalan  chho^-ke 
bhaJmansai  pakarn& ;  sudhlir;  sanvar. 

4.  (Logic)  qalb;  ulat;  palat.  5.  (MiL)  tab- 
dil4-rukh;  8amu&  badaln&;  samna-palat. 
Conversion  of  equations,  (Alg.)  tabdil  mas&vat- 

i-kasar  y&  piire  adad  men. 
Converti  v.  a  1.  alter,  palatna ;  dig&n& ;  badal- 
n& ;  badal  d^lua ;  mkhiy at  badalni ;  rQp  y& 
ehakal  badaln& ;  munqalib  k. 

2.  appropriccUj  apn^n& ;  mushakhkhas  k. ; 
khas  k. ;  alag  k. ;  nik&lu& ;  muntaqil  k. 

He  converted  the  prizes  to  his  own  use. 
Woh  indm  kd  rupayd  tqme  kdm  meh  U  dyd, 

3.  tarn  from  one  religion  to  another,  apn& 
mazhab  yk  dharam  -ohhor-ke  dtlsr&  ikhtv&r 
k. ;  mat  ya  dharam  palatn& ;  im&n  yi  mazhab 
tabdil  k ;  !8&T  k. 

No  attempt  was  made  to  convert  the  Moslems. 
frmcoU,  Mutulmdnok  ko  iedi  kame  $Mh 
kuchh  hMtk  nahih  H. 

4.  turn  from  a  bad  life  to  agood  one^  bhal& 
(admi)  baimn&;  audh&rn&;  sanvama. 

convert  to  one's  ownfaith^  chela  k. ;  apn!  millat 
me&  k. ;  morid  k. ;  apne  din  men  l&n&. 

Convert,  n.  nau-murid;  nau-muslim;  nayi- 
ohel&;  nayil  is&i;  (Cor.)  krishtaa. 




Coppice,  u.  copAT,  jUari;  jangal;  banl. 
Copula,  11.  1.  (Logic)  Ism  aur  fel  k&  jof ;  sangjii 
aur  kir^a  sambandhl  shabd ;  hart-i-rabt. 
2. (AnaL)  haddiyoiQi  ka  band ;  hftrband. 
Copulate,  V.  a  milaiiE ;  jorn& ;  lag&ii&. 
Copulate,  V.  n.  juroft;  lagD&;  maithun  k. ; 
chodn&;  mujatneat  k.:  )im&  k. ;  mabaaharat 
k. ;  daula  ya  khel  banau& ;  bolnH. 
Copulation,  n.  coition,  jurant;  jufti;  cbodan; 
sohbat-d&ri;    mab&sharat;   jima;  maithuu; 
bbog;  parsang;  daula;  khel. 
Copulative,  CopidatiTe  conjunction,  u.  (Gram.) 

atf;  samuchobae;  8ambaiidh-«hfkbd. 
Copy,  n.   U  tranacrift,  naqi;  utaril;  pratirUp; 
manqfi].    2.  exemplar,   katkhaoa;    naqaha; 
namQua;  kaindE;  daul;  miaal. 

Let  bim  firat  learn  to  write  after  »  copy.   Drfden. 
Pahle  use  namline  he  mudjtq  likhnd  ^kne  do. 
3.  dji  original,  work,  asl ;  mmiTadah. 
The  eopjf  is  at  the  press.  Drydei^, 

AU  moMvacUA  mtUbe  men  koL 
eapjf  texls,  katkbaiia ;  t&lim ;  sar-mashq. 
the  first  or  foul  eoj'jf  of  any  thing,  masvadab; 

(fH^.)  masaud^. 
Copy,   V.   a.    I,  transcribe,  utim&;   naql  k; 
uaql-naTl;ii  k.  2.  imiUite,  ris  k. ;  naql  k.  \  utar 
na ;    hiaki  k. ;  hirs  k. 
attested  copy,  naql-i-musaddaqa ;  Baohchal  utar. 
Copy-bold,  n.  patt&. 

Copy-holder,  n.patte-d&r;  thok-dir;  babridar. 
copying  press,  likhne  ya  naql  ut&rne  k!  kal. 
Copyiat,  n.  katib;  likhera;  likhvalya} 'likhne- 

vala;  iiaql-navfs;  tnubHirir. 
Copy-right,  n.  haqi-tasnif ;  baq-i-musannifi. 
Coquet,  Y.  n.  naz  o  nakhra  k. ;  chochia  k. ;  prit 

jaUlna ;  jhilhoii  deu& ;  dam  ya  butta  dena. 
Coquetry,  n.  naz  o  nakhra ;  nakhre-bazi ;  choch- 
le-bazi;  ihanoli;  ashwa-garl;  karifihma-i&zL 
Little  affectations  of  coquetry. 
Kuchh  ek  ndz  o  nakhre  kl  bandvat. 


Coquette,  n.  nakhre-baz ;  chochle-baz ;  jhanoll- 

baz;  ashvagar;  chhalya;    thagya;  karish- 

nia-saz.  [albeli;  batika. 

Coquettish,     adj.    nakhre-baz;     chochlo-b&z; 

Their  hair  falU  in  long  plaits  down  their  backs,  and 

a  veil   or  bandkercbief,  twisted  round  in  a 

coquettish  manner,  serveH  them  for  a  becoming 

head-dress.  Swinburne^  TrnveU  vi  Spain.  Bdloh 

H  Iambi  lamli  kd/cuUh  unki  kamroh  parpari-hui 

Jiaihj  aur  naqaJ)  yd  runidl,   bdhkpan  ke  $dth 

murd'hud  unke  sir  ke  kapre  kd  kdm  detd  hai. 

Coral,  n.  miiuga;  marj'in;  hajr-ul-bahr. 

a  child s  coral,  chusni;  gulli;  chhaguul;  chat- 

Tva;  billa;  baula. 
Corban,  n.  i .  an  cUms  basket,   bhik  kl  tokri  ya 

kasa ;    tonba ;    kaisa.     2.  a/z   offering,   dan ; 

khair&t ;  pun  ;  charhawa. 
Cord,  n.   [H.   kasnd   to   tighten]   dor;    dori; 

ra38l ;  tant ;  kasua  ;  tanab. 

Cord,  V.  a.  rassi  se  bandbna ;  kasn&  ;  jakarna. 

To  cord  a  trunk.  Strndilq  ko  rassi  se  bdhdhnd. 
Cordage,  n.  bandhan ;  jahaz  pal  ki  rassL 
Cordial,  adj.  [Lat.  cordis,  H.  hirdd  heart.] 

I. hearty,  dill;  jiari;  qalbi ;  pir&n: 

2.  invigorating,  muqavvi ;  quvrat-b 

mufarrah  ;  qavl ;  taqat-var  ;  pusbt^ 

Cordial,  n.  javarish;    puebti;  yac^utl; 

bakhsh  cbiz ;  muqavvfyilt. 
Whatever  increaseth  the  natural  oraniHial  * 
the  force  of  moving  the  €tuds  and  mn 
tktordiaL  Arbutknot.  Jo  ekii  ki  asU  fd 
tdqat  ko,  aur  pattke  aw  rwfiq  chAvm  mei 
dene  he  tor  ko  barhSve  took  fdqUtl  kakldti 

Cordiality,  n.  garm-joshi ;  josh-i-dili ;  tt 
Cordially,  adv.  dil  bo  ;  hiye  se ;  garam- jo 
ba-dil  0  jan ;  sir  &nkbon  se  ;  ba  sar  o 
Cordon,  n.  gbera  ;  balqa ;  chakkar. 
Cord-wain,  u.  nari ;  kam&ya-hua  ehan 
Cord-wainer,  n.  cbam&r;  jutf  banan< 
mochL  [dil 

Core,  n.  1.  innermost  part,  gQd&;  giri; 
Give  me  that  man 

That  is  not  passion's  slave,  and   I   wi 
him.  [Skdk,  ffai 

In  my  heart's  core  ;  ay,  in  my  heart  c 
Jo  bandah  naho  nafs  kd,  of  my^, 
BcJchUh  dil  meh  asko  band  hirz-i-jdn. 

i.  {of  a  sore)  kH  ;    zakhm,   yE  ph< 
andar  k&  maviJ. 
Co-respondent,  n.  ham-muddaaleh. 
Coriander,  n  dbeuiy&  ;  kishnSz  ;  kotbmi 
Cork,  n.  [Lat.  cortejr.  Fin.  kuori.    Lap. 
bark,  corium,  H.  kkOl  skin,  Lap.   *ari 
hard  hard]  \.   bark,  aghai*;  kftg  ;  1 
chhal.  2.  stopper,  dat ;  kak  ;  kag ;  gw 
Cork,  V.  a.  dat,  datta  y&kag  lagaua;  daJ 
Cormorant,  u.  1.  mahi-kbor ;  iuahl-<;ir. 
2.  a  glutton,   khau  ;  peta  ;    bisyar- 
Com,  n.  [Skr.  and  H.   ann,  Per.   galla 

1.  a  single  seed,  datia  ;  tukhm. 

2.  grain,  ann  ;  ana]  ;  naj;  dhan  ;  g: 

Corn  in  good  years  is  hay  ;  in  ill   year 

is  com.     Pix>v. 
BkaU  same  meh  najghds,  hure  same  mt 

cornfield,  khet;  jyonar  ;  inaara;  kisbt-2 
beard  of  coiii,  bhutte  ka  balu  ;  balu. 
busidles  of  unthreshcl  co7'n,  lank  ;  gara  ; 
full  year  of  com,  pakka-naj  ;  pakk^-bal. 
granary  of  com,  khatta;  khatti;  kotha; 
quantities  of  grain,  daua  ;  galla. 
store  of  corn,  khirman  ;  khalyan  ;  naj  ka 
to  tread  out  cym,  raundna ;  pair  chalaua 

chalan& ;  gahna. 
to  weed  and  clear  corn,  naj  barsana  ;   bo 

galla  saf  k. ;  chhantna  ;  uaUna  aur  sa 

Corn,  n.  (on  tite  toes)  dil  ;  gatta ;  gM\rt 

Gentlemen,  welcotue  !    Wlies  that  have  tli 

Unplagued    by    corns,    will    have  a   boi 


Sdhibo,  tashriflao!  auraten, 

I/aih  nahih  chhdh\jinhoh  ke  pair  meh, 

Ndohne  ko  dp  sang  maujud  hain. 

Com,  V.  a.  1 .  sprinkle  with  salt,  namak 
rakna  ya  lagaua  ;  non  buraktia;  burb 
non  dalna.  2.  granulate,  dana  ya  ra 
nana.*  [pharyE ;  ui 

Cam-chandler,  n.  banya;  galla-faroBh ;  \ 




Ooxntti  n.  Istkh  k&  dhel&.  [pbuUa. 

fnJecUng  or  conical  cornea  toith  opaetty^   tent ; 
Oofiielianf  n.  aqiq;  &gin-patthar;  jigarL  [sakht 
OozmeoiiB,  adj.   Mfig  jaisft ;  6mg  kl  mauiiid ; 
Comer,  n.  [Skr.  ibilr,  H.  koH&,  Per.  go9ha\ 
1.  ofi^^,  kOQ&;  khQnt;  gosha;  ^viya. 
H«  Munsfaed  every  corner.  ^Tf  nekona  kond  ^UhdHyd, 
It  is  better  to  dwell   io  a  eorner  of  a  housetop 
thaa  with  a  brawliog  woman  and  a  Wide  house. 
ProYerlis,  xxv.  24. 
]farMk  mabdn  meh  yhoffriUiaurat  lee  $dih  rahne  h 
fkar  ke  kone  kachole  men  par  raknd  ackehhd  hcU, 

S.  i^icret  or  retired  platXf  koiii  j  gosha ; 
okint ;  khilvat. 
Thia  thing  was  not  done  in  a  comer.  Acts,  zzr.  26. 
Tek  kSmhickh  ehhwpake  tkord  hi  kiy&  %h(L 

torver  of  ^  eye^  &nkh  kakoyi;  gosha-i-chashixL 
t9mer  of  one* e  naily  nakbtln  ki  kor;  kor. 
Comttt-Stone,  n.  baho^e  ki  pattbar.  [qami;  nae. 
ODtA0t|  tL  [Lat.  coi-nu^  Ar.  ^a;tid]  turai;  sankb; 
Ooniee,  n.  [Lat.    corniXy   H.  kangnl,  kagar\ 

kangn! ;  8ink& ;  kagar. 
QnA-weovil,  n.  sulsuli ;  ghun ;  dbot-i;  kbapra. 
tealf   OoTOllAy  n.   phul  ki  audaruni  patti; 

phal  ]&  ka^ora. 
Corolllffy,  n.  1.  inference^  natija ;  basiL 

%,  (Oe^m,)  nikli-hui  bat ;  naf  ija  sarlb. 
OnWAy  n.  1.  {Arch,)  kaaas;  kagur;   chhajli; 

kl^uL  2.  (Bot)  phol  ka  taj. 
Ononal,  n.  sfaihi  tkj-jaisa ;  mukat-si. 
ChnottAtion,   n.  rSj-tilak  ;  tik&  ;  rajubhisbek  ; 

tttosnad-oashlDl;  jultls;  takht-nasbit)!. 
Ooraior,  Q.  Inglistau  men  ek  abl-k&r  jiak&  k&m 

maat  k&  sabab  darjraft  karnfll  haL 
Ooronet,  n,  [Lat.  corona,  Per.  kulatt] 

1.  crown  worn  by  noblemen,  amTro&  k& 
ti)  ;  kulah;  mukat ;  jigah. 

2.  {Far.)  ghore  ke  sum  kH  Clparkft  hiesa. 
Ottporal,  adj.  1.  hefonging  or  relating  to  the  body, 

badani;    mutaalliq-i-jism ;    jismanl;    deh- 


2.  corporealf  jism&D! ;  mftddl ;  jauhail. 
corporal  punishment,  saz&e-badani ;  deh-dafid. 
Oorporal,  n.  [Lat  caput,  Ital.   ec^,  H.  kapdl 

ksad]  angrezi  sipUb  k&  adn&  ohdeh-dftr;  faiij 

ki  nftjak ;  {Gor.)  khaprail.  [captain.  Prov. 
One  law  for  the  corporal,  and  another  for  the 
SipAhi  he  liyt  amr  q^nun,  kU^fU  ke  liyt  aur  I 

ODTpoiBto,  adj  jamiat-i-sanad-jilftab. 

In  their  torfffraU  capacity,    Ai^Aatttya<-t-;;am<fa<. 

QnrpomliDll,  vl  jam&at-i-sanad-jaftah  ;  jamaat 

jo  ^uilLntm  misl  shakhs-i-Tahid  bo ;  jamaat- 

.  i'oaotd^yaftah.  [khioah. 

GKpiy  n.  hody  of  troops,  paltau ;  ri8&l& ;  top- 

,  Oono,  n.  loth  \  Iftsb  ;  mirtak  ;  maiyat. 

8et  down  the  eont^  or,  by  Saint  Paul, 

rU  make  a  corse  of  him  that  disobeys.    Shak, 

Bitkatrd.  IIL  1-2. 
JJikairo  UA,  wamah  AM  k\  qattnn  / 
Na  m&mejo  tuH  karek  Idtk  ham.  F.  C. 

>y  murdB-sfaQ;    mtirdah    nahl&ne* 
Oor^leney,  n.  mutapa;  &rbibL 

Corpulent,  adj.  moU;  farbab ;  jasfm;  dumbE; 
tnAdal;  aathal;    dbam-dhttitar;   dum  sum; 
murmuroia  k&  thaili. 
Corpuscle,  u.  tarra ;  parcba ;  kan ;  rez& ;  ju2 ; 

tQk;  tukr&;  lakbt;  parah. 
Corpuscular,  adj.  kan-d&r. 
Corradiation,  n.  ek  nuqteh  par  shuaoA  ka  mel« 
Correct,  v.  a.  1.  make  right,  sudh  k. ;  sahib  k.; 
thik  k.;  isl&h  d.;  durust  k.;    banaua;   aan- 
wima;  sndh&rni. 

To  correct   the  acidity    of  the  stomach  by 

alkaline  preparations. 
Sajjl  mUi  hul  chiton  te  mede  ki  tunJU  ho  thikh, 
2.  chastise,  tarao  k.;   thik  k.,  y&  baDana; 
sidba  k.;  kau  aintbna ;  goshm^^  k. ;  dantna; 
sasad.;  tambib  k.;  tidlb  k.;  sudh&rua. 
After  he  has  once  been  corrected  for  a  lie,  yon 
must  be  sure  never  nfter  to  jiardon  it  in   him. 
Locke,  JSk  martabe  jttb  jhM  bolnepar  satd  pd- 
ehukd  to  phir  y&d  rakkho  'utk&  jhui  mMf  nd^ 
hwnUk  chdhiye, 

i,  obviate,  hatana;  alagk. 
Correction,  n.  1.  amendment,  sodban;  Ba&var; 
sudhar;  isllth;  tasbtb ;  dunisti. 

2.  Chastisement,    kUti-aiiithan  ;    gosh-m&li ; 
tambih;  tadib;8azK;  dand;  siy&sat. 

3.  emendation,  itslRh ;  sohat ;  tashih;  durusti. 

4.  abatement    of   noxious    quality,    bure 
subhao  ka  ghatao ;  isl&h. 

house  of  correction,  dand-s&l& ;  kh^nah-i-siy&sat. 
Correotioni,  {Aet.)  sadhl;  ^odhan. 
Corrective,   adj.    sahib    kame-i^la;  musleb; 

tbik  kame-i^l&. 
Correctly,    adv.    sabih;    tbik;    durusti    se; 

durust;  ba-khdbi. 
Correctness,  n.  sebat ;  durusti ;  liisti ;  sadaqat. 
Correlation,   n.  babami  taalluq  ya  rishtuh; 

paraspar  sambandb. 
Correlative,  adj.   b&bami  rishta  y&    muqftbil 

ki  nisbat  rakhne-v&la ;   lazim-malzHm ;  ham- 

nisbat ;     paraspar-sainbaudhi ;     mutanalsib. 
Man  and  woman,   father   and  son,  master   and 
servant  are  correlative    terms.   Mard  aurat, 
bdp  betd,  naukar  o  dqd  mutaldtim  asmd  haih, 

correlative  duties,  farayaz-i-lazitn  malztUn. 
Correlative,  n.  (Gram.)    roaqabaL 
Correspond,  v.  u.    1.   suit,   milna ;  jurna ;  jor 
h. ;   javab   h.;    barilbar  h. ;     eksan  hou&; 
thik   b.;  baithni;  lftgD&. 

2.    communicate,   kbat   o  kit&bat    k.   ya 
rakhna ;  chhitthi  patri  bhugtana ;  murislat  k. 
We  correspond  with  one  another. 
Ham  ek  dusre  se  khai  o  kltdbat  rakhte  ha&k. 

Correspondence,  n.  1.  adaptation,  roel;  milap; 

lagao;    muafiqat;    mutabiqat;    muuasbat; 

tatabuq.     2«  letters,   ohittbi   patri;    chitthi 

chapati ;  kbat  o  kiUbat ;  muraslat. 
Correspondent,  adj.  miltft ;  mu&fiq ;  mutabiq ; 

mushibab;  munasib ;  eksan;  sam&n;  thik. 
Correspondent,  n.  1.  writer,  rftqim;   chitthi 

likbne-v&l&;  lekhak;    navisindab;    khabar- 

navis;  khabar-ras&n ;  mukhbir. 

Our  own  correspondent,    Biukhbiri-khds, 




2.  agents  irtij&;  byojArL 
Correipaiiding,  p.  a.  1 .  suiting^  milti ;  muti- 
biq  ;  muafiq ;    rntiqabil. 

2.  carrying  on  intet-eaune    leUers,    chittbl 

patri-ka;     khat  o  kitabat-ka. 

Corretponding  member  of  a  societj. 
JaUe  te  khat  o  kitdbat  rakhnt-v6lA. 
Corridor,  n.  parkarania;  gulam-^ardish. 
Gorrigendnm,  n.  sehat-iinmah ;  sbudh-patr. 
Corroborate,   v.   a.  mazbot  k. ;    taqviat   d.; 
parman  k. ;  tasdlq  k. ;  sahHeUk  k. ;  pakka  k. ; 
ptikhti  k. ;    uetawar   k. ;   iBtehk&m  d. 
Corroboration,  n.   mazbQti;  taqviat;   pusfati; 
ustuwari;  istebkam;  taadiq ;  sah&e'ta ;  taid; 
tiid-i-kaUm.  [h&ml;  hiro&jatL 

Corroboratiye,  n.  pushtl-b&n;  :iah&yak;  sah&i; 
Corrode,  v.  a.  [Lat.  canodere,  H.  Jc&inA^  katar- 
fid  to  cut.]  1.  eat  away  by  degrees,  kh&  leni; 
kbajani;  katua;  katarna;  galan%. 

Aqua  fortis  corroding  copper,  which  is  it  that 
ffivet  the  colour  to  verdigreaM  to  a  green- 
blue  solution.  Bftffle, 
Jab  tdnbe  par  gandak   kd  tezdb  lagtd  hoi,  to 
tdhbe  ko  ta^^Ugbk  kar  detd  hai. 
2.  impadr,    kara    k. ;  ghataua ;  big&rD& ; 
kam-zor  k. ;  zaif  k. ;  n&-tawiii  k. ;  nas  k. 
Should  jealousy  its  venom  once  diffuse, 
Corroding  every  thought,  and  blasting  all 

LoTe's  paradise.  Thomson. 
Hatad  hS  2akar  dil  men  gar  jUve  mm, 
Khaydldt  o  ulfat  ko  kar  de  bhatam,  F.  C. 

Corrosion,    Corroiiyeneu,    n.    kat;     katao; 

kharash  ;  hiddat.  [at  all. 

Saltpetre  betrays  upon  the  tongue  no  corrosion 

Shora  zabdn  par  bilkul  kdt  naJilh  kartd. 

Corrosive,  aHj.    1 .  eating  away^  kat  karne-vala ; 

khau  ;  gililQ ;  hadda ;  moharriq 

2.  frtUing,  or  vexing^  khan  ;    jalane-vala ; 
dukh    dciicvala;  ranj  pahuuch&ue-vala. 
Corronlre  care.     KhdH  chintd. 
eorronvc  sublimate,  para. 

Corrugate,  v.    a.    sukerna;  kheiichna;   jingu- 
rana;    jhurriana;  jhurri  dalua;   chustah  ya 

churas  dalna. 

Comtf/atcil  iron.     Ndlldar  lohd. 
To  ron-uf/atf  the  forehtfa^l. 
Afothe  men  hid  ddlnd ;  tevrl  charhdnd. 
Corrupt,  V.    a.     1.  putrefy,    garaua;    ubf^na; 
j        ^alalia;    gandah    k.      2.    vitiate,    biglrna; 
kharai)  k. ;  nikamma  k. ;  na-kara  k. ;  nas  k. 
Kvil  communications  corifApt  good   manners. 
1  C<»r.  XV.  33.  [A  at. 

Burl  saiif/at  se  admi  kd  chdl  ckalan  hiyar  jdld 
Corrupt,    adj.      1.    depraved,     bura;    khota ; 
kharab;  fasid  ;  fasiq  ;  fajir. 

At  what  ease   might   corrupt   minds   procure 
knaven  aw  corrupt,  to  swear  against  you.  Skak. 
Jamfi  kU  nahnlat  ne  kar  sakte  haih 
Bure,  hadnuMsh  apne  hamjint  ko, 
Ulhdne  Lo  qurdn  tere  khilaf.  F.  C. 

2.  giveri    to    take    bribes,    rishvat-khuar ; 
rishvat-khor ;     ghils     pachchar     lene-vala; 
raahl;  ghau-^hap;  korbl. 
Corrupted,  adj    bigra;  khota;  bura;  kharab. 
Bnt  stay,  I  nmell  a  man  of  middle  earth ; 
With  trial  fire  touch  mc  his  finger-end ; 
If  he  be  chaste  the  flame  will  back  deRcend, 

And  turn  him  to  no  pain,  but  if  he  start 

It  is  the  flesh  of  a   corntpted  heart    8haL 

Merry  Wires  of  Wtndtor. 
Tlumo,  mufk  ko  0ti  hai  intdA  if  bo; 
Woh  nhgli  se  apnl  ehhwe  dg  ko. 
Gar  hai  pdk  woh,  sholah  haijdggdf 
Nahfk  usko  nseb  pakunckdigd  ; 
Wale  us  sejhijke  pd  kiehke  kabhi. 
To  jdno  ki  hai  woh  kkardb  ddmi.  P.  C. 

Cormptore,  n.    biga^Q;    khar&b    kaiHe-T&U; 
mufttid;  nas-kari. 

Away,  away,  corrupiures  of  my  faith.    Skak, 

Cymbelne.  iii.  4. 
Ai  mere  imdn  men  khaUd  ddlne-wdloA,  ddr  As/ 

Corruptible,  adj.  1.  capable  of  being  eornqtied, 
aarne-vala;  saranbar;  sapie-jog. 

2.  capable  of  being  vitiated^    biga{Tie-jog; 
bigarne   ke  l&yaq. 

Corruption,  n.    1.  ptUresemce,  eapin;   8a|So; 
galan.    2.  depravation,  bigar;   khat&bL 

3.  depravity,   khota-pan;    burai;   faflid; 
bad-kirdari;  bad-afali;  bad^UnalL 

Corruption  of  the  best  beootnes  the  wont. 
Behtar  bigar- ke  battar  banjdtd  Aos. 

4.  bribery,   gbus;   khaoa;   rishvat-khori; 
rishvat-eit&iii ;  risbvat ;  korh ;  bad-dijioatl 

notorious  corruption,   mashbtlr    bad-^jinati; 

aliaiyi  risbvat-sitanL 

Cormptly,  adv.  khar&b  taur  par ;  (nmd  taar  m; 

risbvat  se;  bad!  88 ;  fi&sadse;   fareb  se;  jil 

se ;  ba-shararat ;  ba-tama-i-rishvat ;  be-^liSda^ 

0.  that  estates,  degrees,  and  ofi&ces 

Were  not  derived  corruptly,  that  clear  boooar 

Were  purchased   by  the   merit  of  the  wearer. 

Shak.     Merchaitt  of  Venice,  iL  9. 
Yeh  mantab,  rajfif/ir,  aur  martabe 
Nuhih  kash  milte  dand  makr  se, 
Aur  iz2xU  o  hurmat  har  tk  fhakhs  H 
Mudfifj  liydqat  ke  hoU  kadhi  I  F.  C. 

Corsair,  n.  samandri-chor;  sagar-daku. 
Corselet,  n.    I.  a  little   cuirass,  cband ;   zirah; 
char-aiua.  2.  (Entom.)  par-dar   klre   ka  siua 
ya  age.  [kamar  kasi  jS& 

Corset,  n.  patrldar   angya  jis    se    cbhati  aur 
Cortege,  n.  pa-raka))i;  hain-rahi;  julo;  jaleb. 
Cortes,  n.  pi.  HaHpaiiia  aur  Purtakal  ki  Parle- 

meiit  ya  nij-Siibha  ka  nam. 
Cortical,  adj.  clibilka-sa;  beruui;  bahari 
Corticated,  adj.  chhilke-vala;  post-dar;   cbhil- 
ka-sa.  [sahan. 

Cortile,    n.    chauk;    angan ;    angna;   ahgiiai; 
Coruscant,  Coruscating,  adj.    cbamakta-hua; 
chamchamata-hua ;  chamklla;   cbamak-dar; 
t  alhdar.  [chauiak ;  jhalak ;  lapat 

Coruscation,   n.    shola;     shababa;    bbabaka; 
Corvette,  n.  [Lat.  corbie,    H.  dauri  a  basket] 

ek  chhota  janj^T  jahaz. 
Co-secant,  n.  sa-kau ;  qate-ut-tamam. 
Co-sharer,  n.  ansi;    sajhi;    hisse-dar;   sharik-i- 

hissa;  sharik. 


No  better  'roimttic  than   a   severe  tempersne* 
and  purity.  ^If- 

f^afai  aur  elcdal  $e  behtar  kox  f*6faii  naklh. 




OofiniC)  Cosmieftl,  adj.  I.  pertaining  to  the  uni- 
verse, mutafllliq  ba-aUm-i-zuhilr ;  sauslLr- 
sambandbi ;  saDs&rL  2.  (Aat.)  suraj  ke  sath 
ude  aur  ast  hone  v&la. 

OoHaogony,  n»  pliidaish-i-alam ;  sansar-utpattl. 

The  cosmogony  or  creation  of  the  World  has 
pussled  philosophers  of  all  ages.   Qoldsmitk, 

PaiddUhi'dlan/i  K  bdbat  iab  tamdne  he  hukamd 
kairdn  haih. 

CSoimogpraphy,  n.  kaiftjatn-jahan ;  ilm-i-tarklb* 

i-k&^nat ;  saas^r-birtant ;  srishtl-bichar. 
CSouDopolitan,  adj.  sari  duuja-k§,';  alam-ka. 
OoHBopolitaii,  Cosmopolite,  n.  sbaiq-ul-dunja ; 

muhibb-i-ilam ;  sab  mulkofi  k&  dost  ja  bhala 

Qosmos,  n.  duay^ ;  Ulam ;  ka^nit. 
OoiMt,  n.  1.  baton  ka  pala-bQa  bbef  1^  bachcha; 

path  ya ;  p&ltii  path ;  ghar  ki  bhe^f.         [lal^ 

2.  a  jfety  pyar& ;  aslz ;  ladla ;  j&ni ;  munua ; 

Cbit,  D.  1.  expense,  mol;  lao;at;   dam;   qimat; 

kharch ;  sarf.  2.  loss,  ghata ;  tota ;   cbatti ; 

nu^aan;  zarar;  khisara;  zyaii;  kassar. 

I  know  it  to  my  cost   Main  ne  kho-ke  alkhd  hai. 
at  the  Idn^s  cost,  padsh&hi  kharch  se ;  jeb-sul- 

tin!  se. 
cost  price,  asl  qimat ;  Ulgat  ke  dion. 
t6  sdl  at  cost  price,  dam  damre  k. ;  dam  khare 

k.;  lagat  pe  hechnsL.  [saint. 

free  of  cost,  muft ;  be-mol ;  be-dam ;  be-qimat ; 
priwM  eost,  asl  lagat;  asl  mol;  asli  qimat. 
Gusty  V.  n.  [Lat.  con  +  sto,  Skr.   sthd  stand.] 

1.  require  to  be  given,  dam  lagua ;  mol  ko 
an&;  lagni;  ana;  baithua;  kharch  h. ;  sarf 
h. ;  qimat  rakhna. 

Whjit  did  it  cost  f    Kyd.  lagd  t     Kitne  ko  dl  t 

2.  require  to  be  borne  or  suffered,  uthana; 
8ahn&;  baithna;  sah^rna. 

To  eost  dear.  Seihut  ddm  lagnd  yd  nftqsdn  hond. 

OMtaly  adj.  p^lu-k&. 

OoitiYe,  adj.  bandha ;  qabiz ;  ar  karne-v&la. 

Coitiyeness,  n.  qabz;  qabzijat;  ar.       [qimati. 

Gojtiiness,  n.  bhari   mol ;   bahut  dam ;    besh- 

Costly,  adj.  bhar!mol-ka;  qlmati;  garaii-baha; 
besh-qimat;  garan-qluiat;  besh-baha. 
Costly  thy  habit  as  thy  purse  can  buy, 
Bat  not  exprest  in  fancy ;  rich,  not  gaudy; 
For  the  apparel  oft  proclaims  the  man.    Shak, 

Hamlet,  i.  3. 
Mo  maqdHrjaisd  ho  nxUsd  lihds, 
Magar  ho  Imarak  nd  dikhdvat  ke  pas, 
Ki  kapjre  hi  karte  hain  insdh  ko  khds.         F.  C. 

Costi,  n.  pi.  kharcha;  sarf;  lagat. 

cottM  of  suit,  kharcha-i-adalat. 

costs  recoventble,  kharcha-i-y aftani ;  kharcha  qa- 

bil-i-TusQl;  pane-jog  kharcha. 
charged  with  costs^  kharcha  zimme  ayad  hu&. 
each  party  to  pay  his  own  costs,   kharcha-i-tar- 

fiiin-umma-i-tarfain ;  bar  ek  k&  kharcha  bar 

ek  ke  simme.  [baga. 

Goitaate,   n.  pahnava:   poshak;  libSs;    bana; 
CM;,  Oote,  Cottage,  n.  [A.  S.  cote  cyU,  Skr.  and 

H.  Iitfff]  jhonpnl;   jhonpff;    kuti;  chhai'i; 

chhappacr;  chhoU  bangla. 

Cot,  u.  [H.  M^]  5ec2,  palarigii;  pilnfl;  khat. 
Ck)-tangent,  n.  chha'chban ;  miimas-ut-tarnam. 
Gottager,  u.  1.  jho^prl  ya  kuti  kH  rahne-vala. 

2«  (Jmw)  muafi-dilr. 
Cotton,  n.    [A.  qxUn^  H«   hatna  spin.]  1.   rlii; 
pumba ;  qutn ;  tHr.  2.  chth,  siiti  kapra ;  rtli- 
k%  kapra.  3.  (tn  a  standtsh)  stlf ;  sut. 
cotton  C2rder,  dhuuiyH;  dhuu&;  kaiidera;  nad- 
dUf.  [charkhL 

cotton  gin  charkhi ;   otnl ;  kapas  otne  ki  kal  ya 
cotton  merchant,  rtii-vala ;  riii\  a. 
cotton-plant,  kapas  ka  pe^f;  bau-satL 
cotton-press,  rOi  ka  pech. 
cottonseed,  binaula;  pnmba-dana. 
cotton  silk,  senbal  ki  rfli ;  narme  ki  nU. 
old  cotton,  logar;  vUbt;  gudar. 
raw  cotton,  baiigil ;  kapas. 
stuffed  with  cotton,  rui  bhaiil ;  rlii-dar. 
Cotton,  V.  n.  {Slang)  agree,  eka  k.;  ittif^  k.;  mil 

jan& ;  ek  jan  ho  jana ;  shir  shakar  ho  jana. 
Cotyledon,  n.    [Gk.  kotyle,   H.  katqra  a  small 

cup]  {Bot.)  go\,  ya  katora-sa  patta. 
Coucii,  u.  abed,  khat;  palang;  char-pai;  {Cor,) 
koch ;  macha.  [istinlliat  k. 

Couch,  V.  n.  1.  repose,  letna;  sona;  ar3,m  k. ; 
Where  souls  do  couch  ou  flowers  we'll  hand  in 
hand.  Shdk.  Jah&h  dil  ojdn  phUloh  par  leU 
haiu  ham  turn  hdth  men  hdth  ddle  phirehge. 
The  sun  is  couched,  the  sea-fowl  gone  to  rest. 
Woods.  S&rc^  ast  hud,  jal  ke  jdnvaroh  ne 
haserd  Ivjd. 

2,  {as  a   beast,)   dabakna;  jhuknE;   dabki 
lagina ;  ukruii  h. 

These,  when  death 

Comes  like  a  rushing  lion,  crouch  like  spanials, 
With  lolling  tongues,  and  tremble  at  the  paw. 

AU  hai  maut  daur-kar  job  sher  si  to  ye 
Dabie  haihjaise  hitte  hild  jib,  kdhpte,       F.  C. 

3.  hide,   dabak  rahna  y&  jana;    Inkna; 

We'll  cottc^  in  the  castle-ditch.  Shah, 

QjUe  hi  khdi  meh  ham  chJiup  jdghge. 
Couch,  V.  a.  1.  lay  down,  litana;  sulana. 

Where  un bruised  youth  with  unstuffed  brain, 
Does    couch    his   limbs,   there  golden   sleep 
doth  reign.     Shak.  Romeo  and  Juliet,  ii.  8. 
Khaydloh  se  khdli  mutarrad  javdh 
De  di-dm  apne  badon  kojahdh, 
Sadd  khudbi-ishrat  hai  rahtd  wahah.        F.  C. 

2.  compose  to  rest,  letna;    sona;  tikna; 

The  waters  couch  themselves  as  close  as  may 
be  to  the  centre  of  this  globe  in  a  spherical 
convexity.  Buniet. 

Pdnijahdh  tak  hotd  hai  is  kureh  ke  markax  ke 
qarUf  mudawar  aur  mohaddab  fft«^  meh 
phailtd  hai, 

3.  express,  bay  an  k. ;  barnan  k. ;  zikr  k« 
Couched  in  corteous  language. 

Shustah  zabdn  meh  baydn  Iciyd. 
to  couch  a  cataract,  {Surg.)  &nkh  ka  jala  nikalna 
utarna,  ja  dQr  k.;  ankh  saf  karu&. 
■  Some  artist  whose  nice  hand 
Couches  the  cataract,  and  clears  his  sight 
And  all  at  once  a  flood  of  glorious  light 
Comes  rushing  on  his  eyes.  Dennis. 






/o  ttttSd  lete  h&ih  ^hk9k  hijsia, 

Safd  katk  96  dar  karte  haih  dkuud ; 

To  yakbdrgl  patid  hai  yikn  ujdld, 

VincmdUt  kai  nula  koi  goifa  iu,nid.         F.  C. 
to  couch  a  spear  or  lanoe^  m&rte  vaqt   bh&le  ko 

h&th  meA  tolii&  ja  jaachD&. 

The  former  wavM  iu  air  [Dryd^n, 

His  flamiDg  8 word*  iEneaa  eomcktd  his  spear. 

Utne  to  dhj6  legidarakhthdh  kojkakold, 

In$a8  ne  vtkd  ntse  to  phir  jdnck-kt  told,    F.  C. 

to  couch  cu  a  Ifcast,  dbukkl  m&rD& ;  dabki  lag&- 

ua ;  ghat  nieu  baitbni.     [roahzQf  h. ;  gupt  h. 

to  couch  under,  mafliCtm  k. ;   man!  y%  arth  d. ; 

There  in  all  thia,  and  more,  that  Ilea  naturally  eoneh- 

cd  under  this  allegory.     V Eitrwigt,  [kaJL 

Yeh  tamdm  aur  U  te  tiyddah  i$  t^shiih  meh  makztf 

Gonchant,  adj.   ukrCLu    liaitha-hua ;  gurbi^oi- 

shast ;  Ont  ki  baitbak  baitha-bu&. 
Cough,  u.  (H.  kUur,  P.  kif^   H.  khakdr  mucus 

from  the  throat]  khansi;  khur  kbur;  kbokht; 

khauD  khauQ ;  dbaun  dhaun ;  sarfa ;  db&na. 

Love  and  eough  cannot  be  hid.  Pror. 

Ithq  aur  khdiui  (tnuM)  dihupte  nahih. 

Cough,  V.  n.  khai^na ;  kboiiku& ;  dhaun  dhaun 

k.;  dhai^na. 
to  cough  up,  kbankar  d. ;  khank&r-ke  tb^knlL. 
Coulter,  n.   [H.     hdt  cut]  ploughshare,  ph&r ; 

phali;  haras. 
Council,  [Lat.  con  +  colore,  H.  pukdmd  to  call] 
1.  cm  assembly,  Babh& ;  jatba ;    pancb&yat ; 

majUs ;  jam^t ;  jalsa ;  jamghata.  2.  cnnfulta- 

thn,  pancbon  kt  salab ;   masbvarah-i-majlis ; 

(Cor.)  kauiisal.  [nisbast-gib. 

council  cliamfjer,  diwrin-kbana;  baitbak;  niabast; 
council  ofxoor^  laral  ki  salab  ke  vaste  fauji  afaa- 

ruu  ka  jalsa.  [i-am. 

a  common  council,  diwan-i-Slm  ;  darbir  ya  jalsa - 
Ugidal've  counciL    masbirau-i-qauiim ;    qauun 

batiaiie-valoQ  ka  jalsa. 
a  member  of  conncil,  counc'lo^y  raantri;  masblr- 

i-jalna;  kauusal  ka  mimbar. 
a  privy  council,  executive   council,   r'lj-mantri; 

masbirau-i-shabi ;  divan-i-kbas;    nij-mantri. 
award  of  a  council,  masblroii-ka  faisla. 
in  council,  sabba  meii;  ijlas  nieii. 
to  Iwld  rouncil,  salab  ya  masbvarab  k. 
Counsel,  n.   1.  consultai  on,   inaslabat;  mash- 

warab;    kabna-suiina.     2.   advice,   updesb; 

salab ;  pand ;  nasibat ;  ra6 ;  mat,  [kai. 

Coumd  is  no  command.  Prov.  Updesk  adesh  nahih 

3.  secr^y,  secret,  bbed ;  raz, 

4.  advocate,  vakil;  {Cor)  kaunsili. 

to  keep  one's  own  counsel,  apna  bbed  ebbu- 
pana.  [nasibat  k. 

Counsel,  v.  a.  sikb   d. ;  updesb  k. ;  salab    d. ; 

Counsellor,  n.  1.  aw  adviser,  siksbak  ;  mautri; 
salabkar;    naseb;  piilmarsbi;  nasibat -go. 

2.  minister,  maiitri ;  masliir. 

3.  barrister,  (Cor.)  kaunsili  (Councilor,  4.) 
Count,  V.  a.  [Fr.  counte,  H.  gint't^     1.  nambei-, 

giuna  ;  giuti  k. ;  sbumar  k. ;  bisab  k. 
When  men  in  sickneps  ling' ring  lie, 
They  count  the  tedious  hours  by  months   and 

years.  Drydcn. 

Mkraz  mcA  raks  ddtaM  jdb  poig^ 
To  ek  dam  hkl  kaisdlo  mdh  se  bofd,         F.  0. 
2.  esteem,    libiz    k.;    ginn&;    samajhiil; 
biijhna;  jlnni. 
Count,  V.  D.  baf hna ;  zyadah  h.  [adkcUA 

Kvery  additional  one  counts.  Jitnd  tj/adm  «Cil 
(The  more  the  better). 

to  count  one's  beads,  japn& ;  m&l&  ;%  taabik 

Count,  n.  (Law)  daw&  ;  illat. 
Count,  n.  a  tiobleman,  Ishku ;  naw&b ;  ^ikoL 
Countenance,  n.  [Lat.  con  +  ienerCf  H.  thawmi 
to  bold.]  1.  look,  features,  rilp;  sflrat  ^  muUl- 
X^ ;  chebrab ;  cbebrab  roobrah ;  mukh ;  mUkh; 
kbat  o  kbal ;  bashrah ;  sbakl. 

To  keep  one's  countenance,  Ckekra  na  5fWiM 
I  could  scarcely  keep  my  countenamee. 
Maik  hahsl  noAfA  rok  sakd, 

2,  favor,  tavajjob;  iuSyat;  mehr-bU; 
kirp9, ;  paksb ;  bimayat.  [utftniL 

to  be  out  of  countenance,  sbarminda  h. ;  chehnh 
Countenance,  ▼.  a.  muAh  den&;    iltiftt  k; 

prasant3.i  ya  pasaudidgT  jat&ui;  paaaadk.; 

rfl-daii  k. ;  him&jat  k. 
Counter,  n.  1.  one  who  counts,  ginti  kame-Hlft; 

giuue-vala;  shumar-kuniuda.     2.    (Coniesii) 

money,  rupulll;  damre;  dam  dam^e;    luiqdL 

3.  a  piece  of  meted,  etc.  used  in  redkoismf, 
ala-i -sbumar.  4.  table  on  which  customert  k§ 
the  money  paid  by  Viem,  rupaya  dharne  U 
mez;  basna;  takbt;  takbta. 

6.  (Far.)  gbore  ka  siiia. 
counter  of  a  tradesman,  tat ;  tappaf ;   basui. 
Count 31,  adj.  bi-mukh  ;  bi-prit;  bi-rudh  ;  kbilif; 

ulta;  bar-aKs. 
Counter,  adv.  bar-kbilaf;  iilta;  bar-aks. 
to  run  co'Anterfo,  bar-kbilaf  ya  birudb  jana  ya  k. 
Countt^ract,  V.   a.  katna;  torna;    b&rij    honi; 
miizahim  b. ;  mane  b. ;  rokna;   maroa;  nltt 
asar  k. 

To  conteract  the  effect  of  a  medicine. 
Ki-H  davd  ka  asar  roknd  yd  mdmd. 

Counteraction,  n.    rok;  kat;   tor;    mnqibla; 

ikhtilaf;  rauzaheraat. 
Counter-balance,  v.  a.  barabar  k. ;  tolQ&;  ham' 

vazan  k. ;  dbara  ntbana ;  pasiiug  karui. 
Counter- balance,    n.    barabar    vazan;    ham* 

vazan ;  barabar  ka  dharsl. 
Counter -buff,  n.  ultl  mar;  ulta  sadma;  palti 
Counterchange,   u.   adiabadii;    udal   badial; 

palta;  tabdil;  mubadala. 
Counter-charm,  n.  tone  ya  jadu   ka  tof  ji 

utar;  uUlra;  ultlpaan;   ulta  maotar. 
Counter-check,  n.   rok;  tok;  matil^;  bsndF; 

Counter-current,  a  ulti  dbara.        : 
Counter-evidence,    u.     vajab-itaiUid;   pirti 

saksbl.  I 

Counterfeit,  v.  a.  imitate,  naql  k.  ;ytaqlid  k.; 

bbes  banana  ya    bharn'i ;  iiha^y 


makr  k.;  i*up  ganthna;  jal  k.jf^buAak, 
Counterfait,  v.  n.  bbes  banana  ^  micUil  k 

OpUterfait,  adj.   banioti;   naqll;    t&khtah; 

masnfil;    Ubisi;     taqhdi;     j&ll;   j&lijah; 

khofi;  qalbi;  b&ti];  jbti^. 
«»iMle9/ei(  com,  masntU  yK   qalb!   sikki;  j&U 

rojNiyft;  JbfLti  sikka;  Bikka-i-maqlttb;  (eap- 

per  rujme)  tinbe  k&  rupaji ;  miU ;  t&rachL 
mmUerfniing  coin,  or  uttering  base  coin,  sikka- 

i-qalabl  k&  banini  yi  obalaD& ;  talbls-sikka. 
Oofwitmbitf  n.  ban&oti ;  naql ;  s&kbta;  maanlU; 

JIU;  jbt&ti;  kboU! 

lam    no  counUrfeii;   to  die  is  to  be  the 

mmmtiifiit  of  a  man  ;  for  he  ii  but  the  eotuUerfeii 

of  a  man  who  hath  not  the  life  of  a  man.       Shah, 

Mmrf.   iT.   pt   1.  Y.   4.    MaiA  naqli  nah§h  huii ; 

■miNi  naqU  ddmi  bannA  Aot,  kfoh  ki  ji$  d<f Mi  meik 

i§m  aaM  Am  woK  dcimi  H  naql  kai. 

Cbutar-foil,  n.   jo^    kisl  bislib    ke  Uigaa 

Tigairakft;  mosanni;  30^;  sftul. 
OMDittmand,  v.  a.  hakm  ulatoa,  palatnft  yi 

piMrn&;  radk. ;  maosakb  k.  [bipilt  bukm. 
Cbotemaad,  n.  pable  bukm  ke  khil&f  yft 
Cbuitar-auureh,  n.    1.  a  m^xrehdng  baek,  ultft 

k&oh ;  .Tftpai ;  lautil ;  rajat-i-qabqaii. 
2.  (Mil.)  saf  ki  paltE. 
OramteniiiiLe,  n.  1.  {Mil.)  sorang  ke  niche 

•oraAg;  Borang  dar  surang. 
2.  plot,  obbal ;  fareb ;  da^ ;  dhokft.  [obftl. 
OiBAter-motion,  n.  barkat-i-muqftbil ;  bi-rudb 
OMSftttmiixe,  n.  dlv&r  ke  plobhe  dl?ar;  dlyir 

ke  .baribar  div&r ;  kf  par  ftf  . 
Qnoiterpanei  n.  palang-posb. 
Ommterpart,  n.  1.  eopp,  ut&r& ;  naql. 

2.  dupliecUe,  dilar&;  ut&r;  musann&. 

3.  earreepandent  part,  }<^t^i  jof;   mel; 
tad-rQp;  aan-mukb;  muqEbil;  jav&b.   [b&t. 

.ftmilorpleai  n«  (Zatc.)  jav&b-uzr;  jay&b-i-mC^ji* 
flranlerpoiae,  v.  a.  [counter  -1-  poise  »  Fer.p^ang] 

ttali  rakhii&;  bamyasan  k.;  bojb  barabar 

k.;  dhaf&  barftbar  k. ;  p&sang  k. 
finmterpoise,  n.  1.  an  equal  weighty  barHbar 

bojh  y&  Tasan ;  dha^.  2.  equiltbtiua^  ham- 

▼ftzani;  bar&baur  tol;  p&sang. 
)0l|]it0rpoi8on,  n.   bikh-m&r;   bis-m&r;  Tish- 

l^ti;  sahr-mohift;  tirj&q. 
3oiiiil0r-proo(  n.  aubat   ke  muq&bil  eubat; 

tardid-i-subat;  rad-i-eubat. 

ign^n.  [counter  +  eign  ~  H.ehinh  asign.] 
1.   signature,    n&yab    y&    gumasbte    ke 

dastkhat      ba-muqabla-i-dast-kbat-i-munlb 

▼agi^ra.     2.   (Mil.)  bigh&w&;    ek  khufya 

allmat  yft  lafz  pabreb-y&le  ko  batay&  jat& 

bai  ki  jo  shakha  is  al&mat  ko  bole  use 

fiug  me&  &Qe  do. 
OonttarHTOroty,  n.  s&min  kl  zamftnat. 
CouUarrail,  v.  a.   [Fr.  eotUre  against,  valoir 

to  avail,   H.  bcU  strength]  hsiX  ki  bar&bar 

k. ;  taloi;  hamvasan  h. 
=OniilMl^  n.  amir  ki  blvl ;  begam. 
Jwithn  lifmse,  Oonntiag  room,  n. 
.  .IttiftbihiDa ;  kh&tVghar. 
^nOm^  ady.  an-ginat;   be-ginti;    be-ahu- 

Ur;  titTbiiAb;  ai-had;  l&^ted&d. 

Country,  n.  1.  region,  des;  bham;  kiahvar; 
mulk;  val&yat;  iqllm. 

2.  (opposite    of    ftwn)  ^U)6;   bertlnajlt; 
deb&t ;  atr&f ;  qurb  0  jay&r ;  nayih ;  mufassal. 

3.  citizensy     constituents,    ri&y&;    praj&; 
av&m;  muvakkilan;  b&shinde. 

native  country,  janam-bham ;  paid&ish  ki  jagah ; 

vatan;  z&d-bam. 
CoULtry,  adj.    1.  pertaining  to  the  cowUrp, 
desi;  mulki;  debati;  gftoi^-ka. 

Oountrjf  people.    Odoh  ke  log,  [gtAtWefL 

2.  rude,  an&ri;  akkhaf ;  kacbcba;  kh&m; 
Country  manners.     OahvdrH  ^hahg. 

Countryman,  n.  1.  0/  the  sami  country,  ek 
mulk  y&  des  kl;  ek-desi;  desl-bhii;  desv&l; 

See  who  comes  here  f     [SKak.  Macbeth,  iv.  S. 
Hj  countryman  ;  but  yet  I  know  him  not. 
Dekhotoyehkaunatdhait  MerddeH-bhdihai, 
par  maih  to  uejdntA  nahHL 

2.  rustic,  ganvir;  ganveli;  dih&tl;  dah* 
qftni;  g^fi-T&l&. 
County,  n.  il&qa;  ziUl;  sabab.  [kM  ohot 
Coup  de  graoe,  n.  zakbmmoblik;  gh&tik-gh&o; 
Coup  de  main,  n.  dh&y& ;  davr ;  t&kht ;  billa. 
Coup  de  soleil,  n.  dbap  ki  ohot;  la;  tamftzat. 
Oonple,  n.  I.  a  pair,  jo^;  "jofi;  jag;  jot; 
dukift;  dnkri;  juft;  sauj. 

2.  a  betrothed  or  married  pair,  dalbi  dul* 
ban;  baha  banni;  jora  kbasam;  laig; 
miyin  bivL  3.  (ilrcA.)qainobi.  4.  (Galvanism.) 
dh&t  k&  jo^ 
Couple,  y.  a.  I,  join,  jopi&;  mil&u&;  g^nthnl; 
sambandh  k. ;  bS]QdhD&;  joift  lagini.* 

2.  marry,  byUbna;  bam&;  byab  d;  nik&h 

pafhani;  aqd  bifidhn&;  sb&di  k.;  ghar  abad 

k.;  gbar  basani;  nik&h  kar  dena;  pHe  h&th 

k.;  g&nth  lag&n&;  palle  lag&n&. 

Couple,  y.  n.  juroft;  miln&;  gatb-jofi  bandh- 

n&;  jufti  kh&n& ;  jori  lagiii. 
Couplet,  n.  dob&;  dohra;  sortb&;  bait;  fard; 
sher;  {1st)   matgl&^harn;   matli;   (2nd.) 
Courage,  Gourageouaness,  n.  [Lat.  cordis,  H. 
hirdd  heart]   sarm&pan;  jodh&'pan;  mar- 
dangi;  dilerl;  bah&durl;  diiavari;  sbuj^t; 
himmat;  ohbktl;  jurat;  (the  liver)   jigar; 
kaleja ;  (the  kidney)  gurda. 
CourageoUB, acy. surbir ; jodh& ; diler ;  dilivar ; 
bab&dur;  mard&ua;   jav&n-mard;    himmat 
vUl ;  shuji ;  dil  gurde-T&l&. 
CotirageouBly,  adv.  sar-blrtai  se;  jodhi-pane 

se ;  babiduri  se ;  diler&na ;  mardaua. 

Courier,  n.  a  messenger,  pSyak ;  paik ;  daufEhi ; 

sandesi;  dut;  hark&ra;    q&sid;   n&ma-bar; 

paig&m-bar.  [ravish. 

Course,  n.    1.  progress,   obftl;    daur;  raft&r; 

2.  toayt  Ilk ;  rasta ;  b&t ;  dagar ;  rab ;  tarlq. 

The  course  of  a  ship.    Jahdz  kd  rSsta, 

8.  race-course,  ghurdaur;  chakkar; 
ehau^n.  4.  manner  of  proceeding,  dhang ; 
oh&l ;  taur ;  tariqa ;  sUrat ;  sabiL 



But  i(  «  right  « 

It  be  taken  with  children 

■a  much  aeed  of  commoa 

renaLrils  nnj  piiniahiDeiitK.  Loeit. 

Lehin  agaf  backchoh  ke  talk  achdthe   dhaag  tt 

biirt"0  kiydjU  to  miinBli  iniiHoh  our  tia6an 

H  2ai-eral  nuAin  iogi. 

5.  procedure,    rit;    rasm;    rihjBarishta; 
!Abta.  [r!t. 

6.  regular   lucetsiimi,   Bilsila;  bandhlhui 

The  aecond  coune,     Diird  daur. 

A  coui'ie  of  reodiug.     Daril  kUd'tak  kd  liltUa. 

Hb  [Guldainkh]  wore  Hue  cluthra,  gave 
diliiwra  of  8ev«r>,l  eouriw,  paid  court  to 
venal  bettutiea.  Miicaatay. 

Wah  aekekhe  tapri  pahanlS,  our  barl  baji 
lyafatth  karta,  our  rorirfi.i/Oji  it  pinjhlt  thS. 

I.mtnset,    haiz;  pliiil;  mriliviiri;    kaprej 
aijara.  8,  i-ond'iel,  cliiJan ;  clial-ohalan ;  chal- 
dliill;  illiai'ig;  luchobbctn;  burUo;  ravaiyab. 
eourte  (of  table),  kbanon  ka  daur;  pBrosu&. 
course  of  a  riotr,  dlutu;  bahao. 
a  courts  of  metUeinei,  oharkh  ;  gardiah;  saiHln. 
bcit  coarse,  salah ;  maslahat ;  uchit  upae. 
in  eoune,  badii ;  evaz  meii. 
in  coui-H  of   biuituu,    kir  o  bar    ya  b&rUo 
meii;  kar  o  bar  ke  intizam  men;  muanilab 
barti!  men.  [m&mDii;  ohande  bid. 

in  due  eoune,  bote  bote;  vaqt  par;  qlede  se; 
Hf  coarte,  adv.  uudotibtedlff,  albatta;  oiBhoho 
kar-ke;   pramiluik;    lurar;   bil-iurOr;    be- 
sbak;  be-sbubah;  iiia-aandeh;  aur  kyt, 
OMi  of  tht  ordinary  eourta,  rIt  blhar;  khilif- 

qaeda-i-tuuqarrara)i ;  khil&f  dastOr. 
words  of  course,  airf  bateu ;  bateu  hi  lAted, 
Conise,  T.  a.  I.  eliaie,  ahikar  ka  piohhe  jaiii; 
aheriia;  shikar  k. ;  piuhha   bh&gn&;  raged- 
ua;  kbadcrna;  khakbenu. 
Wumurndhiuikttbahee'li.  Skat.  VocMLl  S. 
JI,tm  Hike  plcAka  lagt  fiole  pal, 
2.  force  to  run,  daurftoK ;  regedni ;  dalAidl ; 
bhasaiia.  [ft«M», 

Tu  Mc  tb*  itag  toartd  with  RmhodDda. 
SUiSrl  kuUok  m  cM-bu-  kirm  ka  M^  <MMl 
Comie,  V.  u.  mote  imtA  tpetd,   duipil;  |a 
chalua;  cbakkar  khftni.  {" 

8  wile  >a  qiiiokailvar  it  etunm  Uuongh 
The  nktunl  gate*  aod  illm  of  tbalwb: 
Woh  ifmHb  Id  iia»rj«li  kijaU 
Badan  kehartli  ekiut  o  MMU  mM.        V.  0. 
Courser,  n.  1.  one  who  hunts,  shikirl;  ablkir- 
Imz;  alien;  aaiyid;  bayadhl. 

A  leash  i#  &  le&tbern  tbang  bf  vhloh  a  jiuim 

le«da  hii  grsjbouud.  ffimw. 

Jporf  et  tiamrt  ki  bund  tuOl  Ujm   i  'OMJ 

2.  fun/c  horsf,  war-horte,   tnr  L 

tea   gam 


pidahahi-mahal ;  takht-gab;  aivEn;  qasr; 
daulat-kti&iiB.  3.  royal  awiienee,  tij-darlAr; 
dai'bar;  diT^n-khaa;  darbar-BhIhl ;  bargih. 
i.roi/alty,  rfij;  raj-pat;  jAdsbaht;  pAd- 
sbahiit ;  ealtaiiat. 

If  it  abauld  come  to  the  ear  oF  the  court. 

Shak.   Merry    Wita  of  Windsor.  It.  I, 
Agar  ytk  p/idshah  it  Ha  taipakunchjSf. 

5.  retinue  of  a  king,  mu^bibau-t-ahihl; 
arkan-i-daulat ;  umari;  teourtier)  darlwrl 

My  lord,  there  ie  e  nublemea  ot  ^s  ewrt 
would   ipeak   with  you.    SkiA.  Btnj.  \l. 

Jahdh-panfih,  tk  dartiSri  ontr  kastr  m 
mulSq/ll  Jnrae  dyd  hai. 

6.  the  appointed  atiemhUng  of  {he  rrtinm 
of  a  sovereign,  julas;  mlhl  maritib ;  jnlo; 
b&II  raaTOlI. 

To  hold  t,  court.    liartSr  k, 

7.  eoutif^,  baIiIm;  ijlas;  dirila-kliia;) 
i-Km.  8.  {of  legislature)  makin-i-ijias 
gbar.  9.  (of  justice)  uiy&e-eMA; 
i-od&lat;  aiUlat-i-inujaTixah ;  kaohkhil 

Meet  hevtilj  do  I  bMoeah  the  ct     '  '     ~' 
the  judgment. 

M»iA  niksyal  sidq  dU  m  an  tart*  I 
addUii  apnifaisiak  de. 

Far  from  eouri,  far  from  nre. 

KaA«krt  m  dSr,  loch  it  dar. 

The  raling  of  the  eouri.    Hide 
10.  attention,  UAtir;  tartio^ 

To  p<i<r  etnai  to  one.    KM  h  tT. 
emirt-fdot,  a.  itj-tha^l;  pSdahkhl^ 
eouri  martiat,  (Cor.)  kot  mSnhal;  1 
court  of  first  instance,  muAb-i-aTnl. 
court  of  judicaiure,  ad&lat 
emtrt  of  second  instance,  murttk-iint  O.M 
court  of  trust,  mahkama-i-auqll  0.  CL 
tomrtofwardt,  iBlbdtMBi  Iwrparwtftj 
wftnMbn  ol  eMr«,  dsUlMvUr;  I      , 
apptUalo  ooKrt,  tdlUt-inipd  y&  muri&. 
ttoU  eoMH,  idilat-dlTlDL 
tfimuial  evmt,  kdlktrlkiq-Ari. 
higk  flwrf,  idilEt-l«U;  (CW.)  fall  kot. 
ktffk evvrt i/Jialie^  kij^uit eomi, w»Arr 
i^Jlarf  «Mf  enr^  Mdi^TtaiL  V 

i^teat  rttmm  tmtri,  Mdrbor^;  s-- 
ii  Mm  etmrt,  filli  ptr;  bir  > 

rawMH  WMTl,  mtlikmm' 



3.  woo,  iahq  k.  yi  -tiii  - 
piohUo  luge  pLi:r:.i.  j.  "■ 

FullOW  Ik  ihllloK'.  '.'  1^9  -    -. 

Saeia  III  flj  it,  it  wL  ;.-_-. 
To  eviirl  a  inistrcVi.  n-  .-.-^ 
Let  her  al'iue,  the  w..  r  _-  - 
CWu  jiirAAc  tuf  fa.  ;ip-  '  ■ 
Aue&D  unparfim. ;  s- r 
8ii  ranili  n  jrartai  n/s:  i.— . 
To  bba'grgi  ui  K  fik  i*  ■  :>^. 
Ai/ar  apmi  mtL  not  ::.■  i  ~  - '. 
Gait  id  att  afiNC  pti'  <JL-  e.c 

tt  a  quarrel,    IatU     Zj^    s 

:bari!lii&;  iijttrbisiul. 

rt  death,  maut  chibai  yl   Tiaz. 

bihiia;  siudagi  se  blck^i^ 

ir  h. ;  zist  ae  hitfa  Jh'.':£. 

rt-card,  n.  tasvir-TiU  :it  ji  ^i; 

Ttdras,  n.  darbirl  kiirtVi  - 

Xtdou,  adj.  kbush-kll-l':'  si 

hbllq;  milauanr;  ninfvT-,.<  ~ 
A  patient  and  etmrtecu  'jai-;:!, 
Sk  MtHaJiamMU  our  Hwi  anH 

rtaotulj,  ndv.  l(hi»b-kliu£  * 

vakbUq;  ba-tawiu;  i^  lo^i 

i&a  ae. 

iteoniBCM,  Conrtav,  b,  1. 

ti&t;  milanakrl;  U«i»; 
8.,^fl0r,  kuaia^ 

Ht  loid,  Itr  JOOr  MM*  MMHB 

AiAp,  ^&alH«|  if  ^ 

tNli  mem  log 
iDkatibaiA.        [inrtnM;i 
.  u.    1.   (qfmmmi 
Yoa  kno*  1  md   nu  am^ 

if  fdBb  Aooi  U  M«  fa^ 

S.  fiarUrtr,  kfaiuUHiA;: 

itUiuw,     n.    duMn    «b 
|tl7,  adj.  du-btrt;  ^ta.  • 
(t-plwtor,  □.  lai^'  kik  n 
1  ukhai  par  l«gUc  Uk 
rtohip,   u.     1.  M.^^c^ 


.  1.  (^/Aer.  fc-^^    - 

:t.]  l.afrtuftf, 
;  buuar;  kar- 
-.lift.  2.  /rourf, 
li;  fnrcb;    land 
1  chbidr. 
.  but  truth  lorea  to 
.VI'  taaiiia,  r&tii  urigiii. 
'ifAe  aiaiA  naiigii  biaU. 
ii'^i;  doA^ij  kislitL 
^^M  ;  Jul  80;  dit^&-l)llz!   se; 

^^^  :  liila  Rc ;  .ilvai';  se. 

illkl;     niyaii;     dau'a-bazt; 
.'ii-iiebt;  da!,iil  fiaal ;  hirfut. 
jgiir;  dast-kar;  bujiar-mAnd; 

chalilk;    kupti;    clihnlyjl;  dag&- 
ivar;    fareblj    fitrati;     mutafamil; 
;  fatUGf;  iDjikkar. 
[Corn,  tami,  H.  (liri  peak]  k^rlii; 
-:  ,  Uli;  tikri. 

I .  Htrh,  adml  ki  gardan ;  g»lL. 

I'  k[  gardan. 
Cra^By-  ""^j'  ni-bamyilr;kbftvltharil; 
,1  liil;  behar;  afUnf;  H'lar  kba'iar. 

.raggy  mouatain.     Vhehi  nichO p\!ir. 

"■li,  Craggineu,  n.  uuoliaiuichai;  uS^ 

.  ui;  naabeb o farfiz. 
,  n.  itwffiiig,  bbarti;  hashv.       [khfiuchnS. 
,  v.a.  1.  »lv>f\  thiiiiiii;  bbarnS;  ghuserul; 

Tn  e™"  a  rwim  with  p»opl*. 

JtaUa  M<A  adatinoh  ko  thih»  dtni. 




Covered,  adj.  1.  dhakl;  mandhi-hua;  malfUf; 
gil&fl;  chhatrl-d&r;  topl-d&r;  Daq&(>dar. 

2.   concealed,    chhupahua;    mund&-hu&; 
potihldah;  makhfl;  piuhan. 
a  covered  or  covert  way,  (Fort,)  qile  kft  chhupa 

rasta ;  chor-ghati ;  ohor  rastah. 
a  covered  passage,  chbupa  rastah ;  chhatt&. 
Covering,  n.  poshish;  orhui;  chadar;  gil&f. 

The  women  took  and  spread  a  covering  OTer 

the  well's  mouth.  Samtid,  xvii  19. 

Aurtoh  ne  ek  ekaddar  le-har  huek  ke  mUhh  par 

phaUd  dl,  [j&l  (nH). 

eovering  for  a  horse,  gardani;  a^&i;  urtak; 
covering  for  a  tray,  gil&f ;  kbuan-posh. 
Coverlet,  Coverlid,  n.  razai;    lih&f;    gud|I; 

bilft-posh;  gil&f;  khol. 
Covert,  adj.  1.  sJieUered, dha.)Ahn%;  Ir  k&;  ot 

ka;  pauab  kil;  s&e  men;  s&S  tale,   [makbfl. 

2.  secret,  cbhupl;  gupt;  poshld&b;  pinh&n; 
Covert  places.    Potkidah  maqSmdt, 
Whether  of  open  war  or  covert  guile.  Milton, 
Khuli  larH  yd  ehhupd  kap<U. 
8.  (Law)  bij2ht&;  suh&gan;  mankQba. 
Feme  covert.      Biy^htd  ittri;  VMnkML  antrtU  ; 
makg-hharl;  tuhdgan. 
Covert,  n.  1.  shelter,  &f ;  pan&b;  bacb&o. 

A  covert  from  storm  and  rain.        IsaiK  It.  6. 
Ikdhi  aur  mehk  h6,  baehdo, 
2.   thicket,    jhiil;    jbund;    kunj;    jblr; 
jhClr;  jangal;  baoL 

The  deer  is  lodged,  Ty  tracked  her  to  her 
covert.  Addison,  Cat: 

Eiran  apne  ghar  nuh  jd  ehhupd,  maih  ne  tukd 
khojjhdri  tak  lagd  Uyd. 

Coverture,  n.  1.  shelter,  raksba;  richchha; 
rakbval;  saran;  pan&h;  ar;  ot;  artala; 
cbhatr-chhaya ;  asra;  hifazat. 

Far  off  and  where  the  lemon  grove 
In  closeat  coverture  u|>apriing.  Tennyton. 

Dvrjis   ja  ki  nViuoh  kejhund. 
Qhcr  bhitur  the  karte  Hiichd  mund.  F.  C. 

2.  (Law.)  patitwa;  pat-disha;  suhag; 
haiyat-i-uikah ;  halat  aurat  mankuha  ki  ba- 
lu  haisiyat  ki  vob  ii&liubat  vagairab  se 
mahfuz  rabne  ke  liye  apue  sbauhar  ki 
paiiah  men  boti  hai.  G.  G. 
Covet,  v.n.  lobhk.;  lalach  k;  lalcbana;  cbahuE; 
kbuahisb  k.;  havas  k. ;  birs  k.;  tama  k 

Covet  uo  more  than  you  want ! 

Ilojat  te  ziyodah  mat  chdho  I 

If  it  be  a  »in  to  covet  honour  \Htnry.  V.  iv.  8. 

I  am  the  most  offending  man  alive.  Shak. 

Agar  hirs  izzat  H  haigi  gundhy 

To  hdh  maih  bard  hi  gunahydr^  ah  /  F.  C. 

1  am  yet 
Unknown  to  woman,  never  was  forsworn, 
Scarcely  have  coveted  what  was  my  own, 
At  no  time  br«>ke  my  faith.  Shak.  Macbeth,  iv.  8. 
Aahlh  shakl  aurat  ki  dekhi  abhi, 
Qnsam  koi  maiiitie  na  tori  kabhi, 
Ka  lalach  ki/fd  mdi  kn  apne  bhl, 
Karl  bclmoin  na  abtak  koi.  F.  C. 

Covetuous,  adj.  lalchi;  lobhi;  baria;  tame. 
Covetuousness,  n.  lalach;  lobh;  birs;  tania. 

Covetuo  iS'tess  brings  nothing  home.  Prov. 

Lobh  te  kuchh  naJiih  miltd.  [vessel.  Prov. 

Covet itousnest   is  always   filllDg   a   bottomless 

Kabhi  zarf  Idlach  kd  bhartd  nahih. 

Covey,  n.  1.  a  brood,  jbol ;  p&l ;  bachohe. 
A  eovey  of  partridges.    Titroh  kdjhoL 
2, flock,  jbund;  gol. 
Covin,  n.  (Law.)   do  ya  ziy&dah   idmiotk  ki 
babam  abd  karn&  kisi  ko  sarar  paha&cbftna 
ke  lije ;  B&zisb. 
Cow,  n.  [H.  gatt,  P.  gdo]  gaQ;  gie;  glo;  gort; 

dhenu;  kapil&;  osar;  k&m-dben. 
Cow,  V.  a.  darani ;  kbauf  dil&Q& ;  dabini. 

It  hath  cowed  my  better  part  of  man.      Skak 

Macbeth,  ▼.  7. 
Ja  ne  merijavdk  mardl  ko  dabd  d\yd. 

Coward,  Cowardly,  adj.  [0.  Fr.  eouard  short* 
tailed  (bare),  Lat.  coud^  tail,  H.  gandly  Skr. 
hatar,  H.  ibdyar  coward]  dar-pok;  bos-dili; 
buz-dil;  k&yar;  na-mard ;  hetH ;  dar-pokn&j 
bbagora;  lendi;  padgb&bri;  biz. 
Covoards  are  cruet  Prov.  Buz-dU  fte-roAm  kate-keiL 

Cowardice,  Cowardlineu,  n.  darpokl;  darpok- 

pao;   het&*pan;    buz-dill;   n&-mardl;  km 


Cow-dnng,    n.   gobar;    gomai;    (dry)    upU; 

arnH;  kaDd&;  gOb&;  gotba;  p&cbak-i-daahtl 

Cower,  y.  n.  dar  se  dabn&,  jbukn&y  dabakni  yi 

nihuma ;  kbauf  se  jbuk  j&n&. 
Cowherd,  b.   gbosl;  gop&l;  gualU;  ahir;  go* 

&lya;  g&6<baraiy&;  gie-gbera. 
Cowhide,  n.  g&cS  yi  bail  ka  obamri;  gaukhi. 
Cow-honse,  n.  gau-s&l&;  go-sala;  go-riiift; 
giiil-bin;  gait;  bathau;  kharak.  [pluJL 
Cow-itch,  n.  konch  ka  darakbt;  ko£ich  kl 
Cowl,  I),  bairagi  ka  ek  qism  ka  libis,  y&  topi; 
jubbab;  kafnl;  kiirta. 

What  differ    more,    you   cry,     than   crown, 
anil  cow!  f  [Pop*^ 

I'll  tell  you,  friend,  a  wise  man   and  a  fool 
Kafai,   kuldh  te  barhkar  hai  farq   ku  mtk 
ziyndah  f  '  [batdtd.    F.  C 

M&rakh,  chatur  men,  bhSi,  maih  turn  ko  Ais 
Cow-leech,  n.  gue-hiid ;  salotri. 
Cow-pox,  u.  gothan-sitla. 
Coxcomb,  n.   1.   a   i<trip  of  red  cloth   notched 
like  the  comb   of  cock^    be-vaqrifi   ki   kalgi; 
hiinaqat  ka  turrab  ;  alamut-i-bumaq.  ^.fop, 
banka ;  akar-baz ;  cblmila.  3,  the  flower,  jati- 
dbarl;  kes;  taj-i-kbarus  ;  gul-i-turrah. 
4.  the  top  of  the  heady  kapal ;  cboti. 
Coxcombical,  adj.  baiikJl;  akkhar;  cbbichhoii. 
Coy,  adj.  clniunkne-vala;  bbarklla;  sbarm-gin; 
lajvantl;  uhanijila;  sbarmalu;  haya-d&r. 
Coy  and  furtive  gruce«.  W,  Jrwi»g. 

Hayddar  axtr  sharmgih  woh  addih. 

Coy,  V.  a.  caress,  stroke,  piyar  k ;  pucbkami; 
bath  pherna. 

Come,  sit  thee  down  upon  this  flowery  bed. 

While  I  thy  amiable  cheeks  do  coy.     Shak.  II 

Midsummer  Night's  dream,  if.  L 

Zard  bistar-i-gul  jie  turn  baiih-ke 

Gul-i-rukh  kd  apne  do  bosah  mujhe.  F.  C. 

Coyness,  u.  bln^rak  ;  laj ;  baja;  sbarm;  bijib. 

Cozen,  V.  a.  chhalna;  tbagua;  Jul  d.;  dhoki, 

daga,  }a  fareb  dena. 
Cozenage,   n.   tbagal;    cbbal-bal;    ari  m&ri; 
tbag-biddya ;  flEureb ;  daga-baa ;  dboki  dha^ 





The  irmod  and  eoienage  of  trading  men  aud 
shop-keepers.  Swtft,  DukdndSrok  aur  tau- 
ddgroh  kd    fareb  aur  arl  mdri, 

OoqTi  n.  8ukh-dil ;  ar&zsl ;  ai^m-deh. 

CMbi  D.  [A.  S.  erabba,  Skr.  hart,  H.  kekrd], 

1.  keki'&;  kark;  sarUn;  gegt&;  korkarh&. 

2.  (Ati.)  sart&n ;  kark. 

3.  a  wild  (xpple,  janglT  seb. 
When  roasted  crabi  hisn  io  the  bowl. 

Then  nightly  sings  the  staring  owl.         ShcLk, 

Love*$  Labour  lotL  ▼.  2.  iong, 
Mmnd  §$h  iab  jiim  meh  ehhunchhun&g, 
T6  ghuggQ  bhi  vih  rdt  H  gU  gdS. 

4.  peevish,  nak-cbarb&;  karr&'Subh&o; 
tonh-mis&j ;  BQd-ranj.  5.  (Mech,)  pattbar 
ii(h&ne  kl  kal.     6.  loitse,  obiobn;  jan;  kiln!. 

7.  manffoeyMn ;  amiH. 
t&  eaich  a  erab,  ultl  kb&n&. 

Crabbed*  adj.  1.  tour,  harshj  kbatt&;  tnrsb; 

durehiri:  kar&:  sakbt;  tund;  chinchina. 

Ten  times  more    gentle  than  her  father's 

crabbed,  Skak.    Tempat,m.  1. 

BdpjUnd  hi  toriA-rft  haigd, 

Um  «e  dah  ehand  woh  nek-kkn  haigd.  F.  C. 

5.  dijfieuhj  katbin ;  bbari ;  dubbar ;  dush- 

^Vir;  pechdar;  daqiq;  (erbl  kbir;  musbkil. 
8he  had  sat  up  of  nights  eoning  lessons 
and  spelling  over  crabbed  grammars  and 
geography  books  in  order  to  teach  them  to 
Georgy.  Thackeray.  Vanity  Fair. 
Wok  rdtok  ko  baiih-kar  Qeorgy  ke  parhdne  k$ 
wdtie  iabaq  dekhU,  awrJHgrdfid  awr  peek-ddr 
wrf  0  nahv  ki  kitdbok  kd  mutdld  karti. 

€tMed  writing,  badkbat;  kire  makaure;  kil 

kiati;  makaure  kl  s!  Ungen;  lakiren. 
Cnbbedness,   n.   kbat&i;    turshl;  karva-pan; 
tnndl;  cbircbifa-pan ;  kajakhlaqi;  turshrilL 
CkMkt  ▼.  a.  (Fr.  craquer,  H.  harakna\ 

1.  $hiwer,  kark&iii;  cbatkkua;  tark&nil; 
muik&iUl;  phirua;  torn&;  pborna;  b&l  dalna; 
dan  d&ln& ;  sbaq  k. 

To  eraek  a  nut.     Bdddm  phopid, 
S.  tnt^,  obatk&D& ;  phatkarni. 
To  crads  a  whip.     Kord  <Aafkdnd. 

8.  utUr  smartly,  tbatt^  m&rn&;  l&fzaDl  k. 
Ii  €radkajcke,  tbatta  in&m&. 

•  •  •  

imek  a  lou$e,  jan  mariii.  [baj&n&. 

itaek  om^t  fingers,  UDgliy&n  cbatk&n&;  chutki 
Cndkf  T.  n.  1.  burst,  karakul;  tarakua; 
miifakn&;  marakn^l;  ohatakbn&;  pbatna; 
bil  inft.  2.  vtter  a  loud  sudden  sound, 
karaknl;  kariLk&  h.;  obat&kbH  k;  bbarak& 
h.;  &^sab  bon&. 

I  will  bourd  her  though  she  chide  as  loud, 
Am  thunder  when  the  clouds  in  autumn  eraek. 
Shak.  Taming  of  the  Shrew.  1.  2. 
MarUhgd  tdmnd  takd,  agareheh  mujh  ko  voh 
jhifke^  [garje.    F.  C. 

Karai-kar  mid  b^li  ke,  khitdh  meh  abr  jab 

duSkfU.  I.  fissure,  tarak;  b&l;  khat;  laklr; 
dan;  shig&f;  sluu};  tarer;  daiiLr;  darkft; 

A  eraek  in  a  walL    Dhdr  mek  tarer  yd  dart. 
8.  a  Aarp  sound,   karak;   ka^ika;   kaf- 
kafibat;  chatSkai;  dbar;  cbar. 

Tb»  emci  of  a  whip.    Kofe  ki  phafkdr. 

Ctwokf  adj.  ba^;  umda;  kar&ke-ka;  tarilqe-ki. 

One  of  our  crack  speakers  in  the  Commons. 

Dickens.    Majli»-i'vukald   mm    hamdrd   ek 
tardqe    kd  bolne-wdld. 

Crack -brained,  adj.  pagal  j2l  divana-sa. 
Cracked,  adj.     1.  tutk;   pbllt&;  tutft-pbuU; 
jbojHL;  b&l-dar. 

A  cradsed  yeseel.    Jhojrd  barton. 

Cracked  coin.    PAfild  rupayd. 

2.  a  erazedf  p&gal-sa. 
Cracker,  n.  pat&kba ;  singb&p ;  murriL 
Crackle,  v.  d.  karkax^il;  kai-akna;  ma^knft; 
marmariLna:  murxnurlLDa:  cbatakna:  bbar- 
bba^aa;  cba^'obar&na. 

Burning  thorns  crackle.  JaUX  hhi^  ehaiakhtl  Aat. 

Crackling,  n.  cbatakh;  charcbaiiLbat;  dbar- 


As  the  crackling  of  thorns  under  a  pot  so  is 

the  lauffhter  of  a  fool.   Eeclesiasticus.  vii.  0. 
Jnh  chalhe    meh  khA  ehatkhe,  aite  mUrakh 

thatta  mdre. 

•         •  • 

Cracknel,  n.  ek  tarab  kH  kurkuiH  biskiit. 
Cradle,   n.    [A.  S.   eradol,    Per.  gahvdrd,    H. 
gadulnd].      1.     palD&;    jbQlna;     pingfliil; 

hindoli;  gabvaril;  mabd.       [King  Lear  1.1. 
She  had  indeed  Sir,  a  son  for  her   cradle  ere 
she  had  a  husband  for  her  bed.  Shak. 

Hdh  t^hib,  khuam  ke  §dth  ione  $e  pahle  h% 
wok  ek  lalnd  god  khild  chuki  thl. 
2,  iw/ancy,  bacb-pan ;  bSl-pan;  tiflL 
From  the  cradle  to  the  grave. 
Mahd  $e  lahad  tak  ;  bdl-pan  se  burhdpe  tak. 

8.  (Surg.)  tati  baddl  ke  iviste  kbUna. 
Craft,  n.  [A.  S.  craft.  H.  hartab,  art.]  1.  a  trader 
kfim;  uddam;  beopir;  birfa;  bunar;  kar- 
tab;  dastkari;  dhandba;  pesb&.  2.  fraud, 
obbal;  Jul;  dbok&;  thagal;  fareb;  land 
pband ;  cbbal  batte ;  chbal  chfaidr. 

Craft  must  have  clothes,  but  truth  loves  to 
go  naked.  Prov.  1.  Makr  mcdbUi,  rdeti  uriydh, 

2.  JhUt  chdhe  bheSf  fach  kahe  maih  naitgd  bhiud. 

3.  {N^aut.)  a&o;  dong&;  doogl;  kisbti. 
Craftily,  adv.  cbbal  se;  jul  se;  dagi-b&zl  se; 

thag-kar ;  fareb  se ;  bile  Re ;  aiyai-i  se. 
Craftiness*    n.    cb&laki;     iJyar!;     dag&'b&zT; 

rol'&h-b&zl;  fareb-debl;  dagal  fasal ;  birfat. 
Craftsman,  n.  k&rl-gar;  dast-k&r;  bunar-mand; 

pesbe-var;  abl-i-birfa. 
Crafty,   adj.    cb&lak;    kapti;    chbalyft;  da^- 

baz;    aly&r;    fareb! ;    fitrat!;     mutafanni; 

b!la-baz;  failstif;  makk&r. 
Crag,  n.  [Corn,  harak,  H.  tikri  peak]  karSri; 

ai-ara;  tlli;  tIkrI. 
Crag,  n.  1 .  neck,  admi  kf  gardan ;  gali. 

2.  bber  ki  gardan. 
Cragged,  Craggy*  adj.  nabamv&r;  kbarkbarfL; 

tincba-mcba ;  bebar;  aybar;  ftbar  kbibar. 
The  craggy  mountain.     Uhchd  niehd  ptldr. 

Craggedness,  Cragginess,  n.  nnobUI  nicbU;  n&- 

bamvari;  nasbeb  o  far&z. 
Cram,  n.  stuffing,  bbarti;  basbv.      [kboncbni. 
Cram,  Y.  a.  1.  stuff,  tbusna;  bbarni;  gbusepift; 

To  cram  a  room  with  people. 

Makdn  meh  ddmiyoh  ko  fhtihi  dend. 




2.  fill  to  repletion,  ser  k. ;  dhap&na ;  thtls- 
n&;  chhakana;  nakon  nak  bharn&. 

Children  would  be  freeer  from  diseasoB  if  tbej 

were  not  crammed  so  much  as  they  are  by 

fond  mothers.  Lodee, 

Agar  baehekoh  ko  itnd  na  JchUdyd  jdS  jUnd  hi 

unki  mAeh  mdmtd  he  m&rt  ihniki  deti  haih,  to 

woh  him4riych  ie  bahut  bctche  raheh. 

To  cram  in  one's  head.  Dimdg  yd  sir  m«&  thUmd. 

Crambo,  n.  tuk-bandi;  q&fija-paimai;  bait-baz! ; 


Cramp,   d.     1.    restriction,    band;    bandhej; 

atkao;  ar;  rok;  qaid.         [ba^;  tashannuj. 

2.  apa$m,  maror;  ainth;    aiDthan;  akar- 

The    cramp    divers    nights  gripeth   him  in 

his  legs.  Sir,  T,  Mare.  [jdti  hat, 

Utki  tdrigoh  mek  aktar  rdtoh  ho  aihikan  ho 

to  have    the    cramp,    aintbnS;    aii&than    b. ; 
akarna.  [rakhna. 

Cramp,  v.   a.  1.  restrain,  rokna;  aranii;  baz 
2.  afflict  with  eramp^  aki-aua;  ainth&n&. 
I  can  laugh,  heartily  laugh. 
When  the  gout  crampt  my  joints.  Tcrd, 

Main  hah9  iaktd  hM  qahqahd  mdr-he, 
Akarte  haih  gathyd  ie  axv  job  mere.  F.  C. 

Crane,  n.  1.  (Oi-nith.)  saras;  kulang;  laglag; 
kuuj;  kar>kara;  ghougla;  qraqiil.    [dandk. 
2.  a  machine,  damkalft;  manjanlk;  the^; 
Cranium,  n.  khopri;  kap&l;  kasai-sar. 
Cranl,  n.    1.   (Mech.)   dburl  kl  kaj!  jia  se 
harakat-i-amQdi  se   harakat  ufaql  paida  ho 
y&  khilaf  uske.    2.  any  bend,   yiji;  terh; 
mor;  khamkliiL      3.  twist  or  turn  in  speech, 
bat  ka  pher  ya  pech. 
Crannied,    adj.    darz-dar;    sbaq-dar;    phata- 

hua;  darar-para;  jhurl-dar. 
Cranny,  n,  1.  crenicfy  darz;  daray ;  jhirl. 

2.  a  hole,  mckha;  chhek;  stirakh;  rauzan. 

He  peeped  into  every  cranny.  Arbutknot. 

Wok  har  ek  chhek  men  te  jhdhkd. 

Crape,  n.  patla  kiila  kapri;  kapar-dhiil ;  kataii. 

A  saint  in  crape  i«  twice  a  saint  in  lawn.  Pope. 

Kanhaliodle    sddhu  te  makhmal-woUd     dngnd 

santjachtd  hai.  (Bhek  se  bhik  hai.        Pro  v.) 

Crapula,  n.  khuraar. 

The  drunkard  now  supinely  snorea, 

Uid  load  of  ale  sweats  through  hia  pores, 

Yet  when  he  wakei  the  swine  shall  find, 

A  crapiili  remains  behind.  Cotton. 

Sharabi  para  auhdha  karta  hai  khudb, 

PaHnoh  se  tapke  hai  utke  tharab, 

Niishe  8f.  woh  be-dar  hold  hai  jab, 

Fuqat  ek  kkumdr  usko  rahtd  hai  tab.  F.  C. 

Crash,  n.  [H.  karkardhat\  dharfika ;  karkarahat. 

Crash,  v.  u.  dhardharana ;  harharua. 

Crass,  adj.  iiipat ;  nihavat.  [rakhm. 

Crasi  ignorance.     Nihdyat  nd-ddni;  nipat  mu- 

Crater,   n.   juala-mukhi;    dahana-i-kob-i-atish- 
khez,  [mur  miir  k. ;  chabana. 

Crannch,  v.  a.  kuram  kuram  khana ;  khutakna ; 
Cravat,  n.  gulU-band.  [iltimas  k. ;  istida  k. 
Crave,  v.  a.    1 .   implore,   ardas   k. ;  iltija  k. ; 

To  crave  pardon.     Mnafi  chdhna. 

Joseph went  in    boldly   unto   Pilate  and 

craved  the  body   of  Jesus.     Mark,  xv.  4.  3. 

YUsuf bahdduri  se  andar  ghut  gayd,   aur 

Masih  kl  lash  se  Utijd  ki. 

2.  long,  cbahna ;  lal^  k. ;  m&ngna ;  ti 
The  stomach  craves  food.    Pet  ko  rotl  c 
to  crave  for,  bahut  bl  cbahna;  haoka  ka 
Craven,  n.     1.   darpok;    bhagora;    bi 
(Coward).  2.  cock  conquered  and  disp 
gand&,  pitiyal  aur  bhagora  murg. 
Craven,  adj.  dar-pok ;  buz-dii  (Cowardlj 
But  in  his  mind  all  other  feelings  had 
place  to  a  eraven  fear  for  his  Ufe.  Ma 
Latin  jdn  ke  khaufse  aur  sab  jade  u 
meH  se  bhdg  gag. 
Craving,  n.  hauka;  bai*ak;  dhun;  lHaSi 
Craw,  u.  pota ;  hauslah ;  jhoj ;  onda. 
Craw-fish)  u.  jbln^ ;  jhlnga  machblL 
Crawl,  V.  n.   L  creep,   ilngna   (a  worm) 
satua;  ghisatvan  chalua;    sarakna; 
nijoD  cbalna ;  hath  paon  pe  chalna ;  1 

2.  move  feebly,   gbisatte    cbalna; 
ihastab  chabia;  jdn  ki  chal  chalna;  ma 

3.  insinuate  oneself,  chbup-ke  ya  da 
ghusni;  kbisakua;  ankh  bachS  kecha 

crawl  about,  v.  n.  ringte  phim&.  [Art 
He  was  hardly  able  to  crawl  about  the 
Wok  hamre  men  phir  nahiik  sakta  thd. 

to  crawl  as  a  child  or  cripple,  ghutnijoi 

na ;  bath  p&on  pe  chalnSL 
to  crawl  into  favor,  ch&pldsl  se  kisi   ki 

ban!  hasil   k. ;  khushEtnad   se  kisI  '. 

men  ghar  k. 
Crayon,  u.  [H.  kharpd]  1.  raugn!  khariji 

likhte  ya  tasvir  kbencbte  hain. 
2.   a  crayon    drawing  or  design, 

khariya  ki  tasvir  ya  naqsha. 

Craze,  V.  a.    1.    cr^ish,    kuchalua;  pisna 

cbur  k. ;  masalii'i ;  raged  na. 

Till  length  of  years  [ 

And    sedentary     numbness   craze   my 
Jab  burhdpe  ne  aur  zof  ne  dz'l  ko  jhaftji 

2.  impair f  kam-zor  k. ;  na-tavaii  k. ; 

k. ;  zaif  k. ;  bal  ya  taqat  ghataua. 
Grief  h  4th  crazed  my  wits. 
Ranj  se  mcri  aql  khabt  ho  goi  hai. 

3.  make  crazy y  baola  ya  siri  banana 
rana ;  pagal  k. ;  divana  ban'ma ;  saud 

Craziness,  n.    1.  weakness,    nir-balta;  a- 

bodgai;  na-taqtl;  na-tavani;  naqfihal 

raara-pan.  2.  (of  irddlect)  baolapan  ;  i 

khalal-i-dinmg.  [j'^i^^uga.;  j 

Crazy,  adj.  I.  shattered,  1 11^,0. ;  jhoj ra ;  shik 

They  witli  difficulty  g;ot  a  crazy  boat  to  tal 

to  the  island.    Jrffrry.    Barl  muthkil  4 

ek  tfde  phftte  kishti  tdpil  men  jane  ko  w 

2.    mad,    pagal ;     baola ;    pagla ;    d 

havas-biikhtah ;  saudai. 

Creak,  v.  n.kirkirana;   chanivna;  charch 

chun   chun    k. ;    chikhna;    gharrana; 


Creaking  hinges.     Chfin  chvh  karte  qabi 

Creaking  shoes.     Char  char  kartijtVy&i 

Cream,  n.  1.  oily  substance  inalal;  balai;  ( 

2.  best  part,  lutf;  tuifab ;  tohfah;  jt 

sat ;  jan  ;  rub ;  asl ;  liib-i-lubab ;  itr ;  t 

The  cream  of  jest,  Latife  kd  UUf  yd  tub- 

The  cream  of  the  joke  is.  Turf  a  yek  hai 

CRE  151 

Gream,  v.a.  1.  ddm,  malaiuUlrna;  QparsechhalnS. 

2.  to  take  the  best  part  of,  sat  y&  itr  nikal- 
ni ;  lubb-i-lub&b  lena ;  malai  atar  len&. 

Craam-cheese,  n.  nialai  ka  pauir. 

Cream-colored,  adj.  malai  k§  rang. 

eream-eolored  horses,  nuqre  y&  sabze  gbore. 

Cream-faoed,   adj.    p!l&;    zard-ril;    dar-pok; 

safiiid-raAg;  buz-dila. 

Tbe  deTil  damn  thee  black,  thou  cream-faced  k>om  ! 

Shak.  Macbeth,  v.  3. 
Ai  darpok  hadmlbh,  KhvM  iera  kdld  mUhh  karef 

Creamj,  adj.  1.  malal-dlu';  malal-sa. 

There  each  trim  lasa  that  ikims  the  milky 
store,  [CoUinM. 

To  the  swart  tribes  their  creamy  bowls  allots. 
SejlU  rahgUi  nai  gorydA, 

MatSi  utdre  haihjo  dUdh  ic, 
Salome  eahvaryoh  io  haih  detiydn, 

Mal^i  he  apne  took  pydle  bhare.    F.  C. 

3.  unetuoue,  malai-s% ;  malal-jai8& ;  chlknl 


LiDes  of  creamy  spray.  Maldl-aejhdg  H  dJidreh. 
Tour  creamy  words  but  cozen.  Beau  and  Yh 
Timk&H  chiknX  ckupri  bateh  dhohd  deti  hain. 

Crease,  n.  [H.  churas]  chunnat ;  salvat ;  gunjlak ; 

riiikau;  chin;  justah;  churas. 
Crease,  v.   a.  toraa;  gunjlak  dElna;  shikan 

dilni ;  justah  ya  churas  dalna.  [make.] 

Create,  t.  a.  [Lat  creare,  Skr.   kri,  H.  kar 

1.  bring  into  being,  banaua ;  utpan  k. ;  up- 
)fxA\  rachua;  birachna;  paida  k. ;  sirajna; 
(ad  k.  2.  produce,  pesb  k. ;  paida  k. ;  hazir  k. 

Your  eye  in  Scotland 
Would   create   soldiers,    and    make    women 
fight.  ShtJc,  Macbeth,  iy.  0. 

IdMand  men  khdtl  terl  ihujd  nigilh, 
Kar  degi  murd  aural  dono  ka  woh  8ip&h.  F.  C. 

3.  comtitute,  khara  k. ;  bananl. ;  asthapan 
k. ;  taiyun  k. ;  muqarrar  k. 

To  ereati  an  office.    Mahkamah  iholnd. 
To  create  a  peer.    Amir  kd  khitdb  dend;  navHb 
yd  thdkur  bandnd,  [paidftish. 

CieatUmy  n.     1.  ^   act,    utpan;    utpattS; 

2.  eonstiitUimh,  asthapan ;  istiqrar ;  taiyun. 
A  peer  of  rece»t  creaiion.    Nayd  navdb. 

3.  thinge  created,  khalqat ;  kbalq ; ;  khalq- 
ullah;  makhluq;  char  aehar;  duuya; 
srishti;  hasti;  kaenat;  alam-i-kaun  o  fasad. 

CreatiVe,  adj.  paida  karne-vala ;  raoht& ;  Ijad 

yft  kbalq  kanie-vala ;  m&jid ;  kh'iliq. 
Creative  power.     Quwat-i-mf^jidah, 
Ckeaior,  n.  [H.  ibrfdr.]  kartar ;  karta ;  srisht- 

kartft;    srisht-rachta;      bidhnS;     bidhata; 

birfama ;  paida  karne-vala ;  paida-kunindah  ; 

khiliq;  rachti;  sarjan-h5r;  afrinindah. 
(keatnre,  n.  1.  ani^  thing  created,  paidayash. 

2.  animal,  jiv ;  janvar ;  haivan ;  klra ;.  char. 

3.  man,  manush ;  pitrush ;  khalq ;  makh- 
Itlq;  maldilQq&t ;  in3in ;  basbar.  4.  (CofUcmp.) 

kg;  mardua;  mardak;  bharvft. 
What  a  poor  ereaturt  ho  looks ! 
Kmedgtvib  ddmi  dikhdi  detd  kai / 

6.  {Mndearment}  nanoa;  munua;  munyi; 

naivt;  baoheha;  iota. 


6.   tervile  dependent,   banda;  par-&dhlu; 

gulam;    parvardah;    khadim;    pichhlagQ; 

ayurdah ;    namak-parvardah ;     khanab-zad. 

Hoping  that  he  would  continue  in  an   entire 

dependence  on   him  and   be  his   creature, 

Burnet.    li  ummtd  ae  ki  woh  uikd  namak- 

khuir  our  khddim  hand  rahegd. 

a  rational  cr^«fwr<  buddhT-jat;  baiTan-i-natiq; 

in»an;   adamzlUl;    manusb.     {jph)  rational 

creatures,  zavi-ul-uqtll. 
an  irrational  creature,  haivan-i-nmtlaq  ;  janvar; 

pashQ.  (pL)  irrati'^nal  creatures,   gair-zavi- 

ul  uqQl. 
erea^^tre  coTTi^r^,  acbcbha.khana   pina;  kabab 

roll ;  hal va  ptiri ;  perl ;  lazl2  khana ;  tar  mal ; 

khir  kbfij^d.     [saLkh;  pat;  nisbchae;  yaqln. 
Credenee,   n.   belief,   bisvas;    etebar;   etiqad; 
Hia  story  obtained  a  willing  credence. 
Utkl  Lahdni  kd  sab  nt  khushf  se  etebdr  kar  Uy^, 

Credendim^  n.  aqayad.  [khusb-eteq&d. 

Credent,  adj.  motaqid ;  motamid  ;  mustanad ; 

Then  weigh  what  loss  your  honour  may 
sustain.  [Shak.  Hamlet,  i.  3. 

If  with  too  credent  ear  your  list  'his  songs. 

Lnge  ddg  izzat  men,  socho  101% 

Phisal  ttski  bdtoh  pe  gar  jdogi.  F.  C. 

Credentials,   n.   partic-patr;    sanad;    vaaiqa; 
vakalat-namab ;  mukht&r-nama. 

He  presented  his  credentials  to  the  court. 
Usne  apnl  asndd  adahU  men  pesh  k%k. 

Credibility,  Crediblenesa,  n.  bisvas^  partit; 
sakh ;  etebar ;  aqldat ;  tayaqqjiim. 

The  crediHllty  of  a  witness:  Etebdr-ishahddat. 
Credible,  adj.  partit- jog;  parmaiv-yog;  oi&nne- 

jog;  par-mannk;  qabil-i-etebar;  motabar. 
Credit,  n.   1.  belief,  bisvas;  partit;  patiyaril; 
mantil;  bat;  etebar;  nisbchae;  yaqiu. 

When  the  people  heard  these  words  gavB-  no 
credit  unto  them,  uor  received  them. 

1  MaccaUeSy  z.  46. 
Jab  logon  ne  yeh  bdten  n^/ti/t  to  unhoh  ne  kuchh 
etebar  na  kiyd  aw  kuchh  na  mSnd. 

2.  reputation,  pat;  sakii;  m&n;  partit; 
bbaram;  abru;  burmat;  izzat. 

Credit  lost  is  a  Venice-glass  broken.        Prov. 

8dkh  aur  shUhd,  Wtd  jahdh  tiitd. 

iAbrH  moti  ki  si  dbhai.) 

Credit  is  better  than  ill-won  gear.  ProY. 

JaS  lakh,  rahe  $dkh,  Prov. 

3.  lo%n,  rin;  udbar;  qarz;  ugahi;  yaflani; 
p&na;  lena.  4.  (Bookkeeping)  Opp,  of  debit, 
iLi;amad;  jama;  vusal;  mujr&. 

a   letter    of    credit,     bisbvas-patr;    sufirshi 

chitthi :  otebari  chitthi. 
destroy  credit,  sakh   men   battS   ]ag&D&;  ^kh 

bi^im;  bat  bigarna ;  hava  nkharna. 
on  credit,  udhar;  qarz;  rin;  paincha;  wSm. 
public  credit,  sarkar  ki  sakh  ;etebarl  gavarmint 

lot.  [dena. 

to  carry^  to  credit,  jam&  k. ;  dakhil  k. ;  mujre 
to  claim  to  credit,    muji^  ya  chhat  cb&hn&; 

mujral  ka  dava  k. 
to  exceed  amount   at  credit,   kh&nab-i-jam&   se 

ba^b  j&na;    fasil   houa    ya   nikalna;  b&qi 

^zil  nikalnft. 




to  havi  mit  eradit  at  ttaht,  aikh  jokhon  men 

pafDi;  pagri  atakni.  [havi  ukhfiriii.   i 

to  ioM  credit,  sakli  khona,  yS jitia;  bit  bigaraa ;  | 
lo  rietim  ertiiit,  vasil  yi    mujre    pana;  jami 

bona ;  jaraH  likhoa  yi  k. 
Credit,  V.  a.     1.  believe,    patiyanl;  partit    k. ; 

biavis   k.;  aftchjanni.;  etebir  k,;  mslicha 

k.;  jaqia  k. ;  maniii;  bharoBa  k. 

How  ahall  tliaj  ci-td,t 

A  poi>7  iiDlennied  vitgia  T  Sh/ik.  AlVt  taeU.  1. 3. 

Taifih  kit  tarak  unko  i  jiUgi 

Sadrigara,  aur  nidin  kd  f       F.  C.       [kami. 

S.  (in  aecoiinti)    jami  k.   y&   likhid;  iS 

3.  iw^ibeto,  laganS;  mansabb.;  tidluq  k. 

CnditabLo,  a^j.  aohchha;  khasi;  qabil-i-ukf; 

kirat-jog;  parBhaiiaha-jog. 
Creditably,   adv.    aobcbha;    achobhl    tarah ; 

khubise;  ba-klinbl. 

Creditor,    n.    dhnnl;    malik;    byoMri;    85h; 

biiuhi^;  qan-khu4h;  len^dfir;  qarz'dibanda; 

(tide  of  an  accounC)    jarai,  [ProT. 

CrfdUon  hivi  better  matanriM  thui  debtor*. 

Len-ddrki  ySd-datht  dai-dir  n  tigadak  Sail  ial. 

Credits,  n.  [A.  qan]  pt.  pini;    jlftatii;  aar-i- 

ylftani;  ruqQinatjama;  ailb&r;  ugahi, 

CrediU  kuri  debiu. 

Jama  thareh  ;  Aaidanl  b  iAareft. 

Crftdnlity,  a,  bhola-paa;  BMla-dill;  B&da-pan; 

Badgi;  sidha-paa  ;  sarl-ul-eteqnd!.  [ul-eteq&d. 
Creduloiu,  adj.  bhoU;  sidha-^da;  B&da;aar[- 
Creed,  n.  dharm;  din;  mazbab;  mat;  (Mnh.) 

kalmah;  aqidah.  [kol, 

Creek,  n.  [A.  S.  crecea,  H.  khSri]  kk&rf ;  khallj ; 
Creep,  v.  n.  [Swed.  h-ek,  H.  kira  a  reptile] 
1.    eravd,    ringiiS;    pet    ke  bnl    chains 

(Crawl).  2.  moot  ilowly,  eahj  aahj    cha]D&; 

haule  haule  y&  dbime  dbime  chalnt;  jDA  kl 

ch&L  chaluA;  mare  mare  jiid. 

Th«  whlniDf;  uboolboy erttping,  liksanmil, 

UnwUiiDgly  tOMhool.  Sltalc.  Atynnliie  ii.u.1 

Tifi-i-maktab  kai  madrait  jsid 

MahK  ttt^aihae  aakjSi  h  chall  F.  C. 

to  creep  in,  gbnsnS ;  barni ;  andar  jiiil ; 
dbaanft ;  dilkhil  h. ;  dabaknS ;  ohhupn& ; 
dhakna;  paitbni. 

To  eriep  uitu  •  ret's  hole, 

Ckahi  ttlnlnufi  g/iatna. 

to  ereep    oat,    dabak    ke    nikalni;  Bukar-ka 

nikaluK;  nikal  Siia. 
Creeper,  D.  \.  asy  ereeping  t!i!n7,  ringne-rtii 

kir&     2.  flant,  bel ;  kti ;  lattar. 
Creep-hole,    u.     1.    !u>le,    ebbed;    bit;    bil&; 

fiurakb ;    m^hna ;    rauzaa.      2.    a»   ejeetue, 

hila;  dbakosll-  mis;  bithana. 
foMpingif,    ailT.    ringte-hue;    jBA   kl  cidl; 

marl  chal  se ;  ahiata ;  oaliaj  meA. 
Cieeplng-taingj,  n.  kire  makore ;  hln  pataAge; 

jia  jftata ;  hiiabrit-ul-ari. 
Crema'ioa,  n.  [Lat.  earbi,  H.  ioild  coal],    dih- 

kann;  miirdnb  jalaui;  murde  ko  dag  deiii, 
Cremona,  a   ek  umdah  airangi  jo    shahr  Itif 

meA  bantl  bah 

Oiviiated,  Crenate,  Crenelled,  adj.  [Lat.  erena, 
ti.khoneh,  a  notcb]  dauduDe-dfir;  dantllft; 

Crenelated,  adj.  kaiigoie-diir. 

CrtnelatBi  valla.     EangBrt-dSr  iivireh. 

Creasote,  o.  patla  raugaii-i-t&r.  [to  rattle] 

Crepitatioa,  n.  [Lat.  erepare,  U.  Jcharkhardni, 
karkar^at ;   ohar    char ;    charuharahat- 

Crescondo,  a.  (i/ur.)  ohafiita  bua  aur;  tillani. 

Crescent,  n.  1.  duj  ka  ubiuid;  liilaj;  nami; 
mah-i-nati;  (temilvnar)  bridhm&n ;  n&l-ai; 
%ihi  ch&nd;  ardh-chandr.  2.  the  entign  of 
the  Turki,  Riimi  yi.  muaaimiLnon  k&  jbandl. 

Ebca  the   d»ja   of  the    prrrgihet    tha    ercKnl 

A  chie(>ver  glorious  u  AJl  Ptohl.  Bj/rm 

Alain  ne  Nabi  ke  tatnSne  h  koi 

A'a  dekhd  /alihmand  jaM  AH.  V.  C. 

CresB,  Cresaes,  n.  tarH-tezak ;  halim ;   cbanaur. 
Cresset,    n.     ikaal    dija;     Hhami;     masbal; 

Creit,  n.  [A  S.  ercUta,  H.  ht]. 

l.aru/(,jbund;  giiobchliii;  chonda;  kalgf; 

turra;  cboti;  cbuti;  chutt^ 

2.  plume  of  feat/ieri,  etc.  worn  on  aMmel, 
paron  k&  turra  yi  kalgi;  t&j;  kea. 

Stooping  low  bit  luftjr  enu.  W.  Swt. 

Bajaiidiatgi  ko  apni  vok  jhiiid-iiir. 

And  on  bis  hewl  there  atnod  uprigtit 

A  eraf  in  token  of  a  knigbt.  Ottttr 

Sir  kt  tjar  Ikd  AdM  li. 

Turrah  uiti  in^^ral  id.  T.  C 

3.  feathert  like  top  of  a  wave,  par  jaisl  lahr. 
Like  wire  with  enl  of  sparkling  foios.  W.  SeM. 
Lahar  ti   tarah  jiile   cliamakU  jkdgak    K  kaljl 

4.  the  helm  or  heAd,  epirit,  courage,  joih-i. 
dil;  birti;  bahiduri;  jaTaD-mardl. 

ereet  of  a  eoek,  t&j-i-kburOa ;  kea ;  kalgl. 
ereet  of  a  tnaht,  pfaan ;  choud& ;  chQi-a ;  kafobi. 
Crest,   V.  a.    air  y%  ohotl    par  boui;    topi 

'Hid  groTM  of   fliouda  that  erttt  tbe  utntti- 

tMD'g  brow.    Wordivorlh.  [rota  hai». 

Qkan^hor    bddaloik   mm  ja  parbat    pe     dUd 

^rested,   adj.    kalgi-dSr;    tuire-dir;  kes-iUr; 

phaiil;  plinniliikafcha-dar.  (5o(.)guppbtiRc. 
Crest-fallen,  adj.  airjhukilf,  ear-iiag&n;  dim- 

dab%«;    kan-dabaS;    iiar  olche   klye;   man- 

nilire;  himmat  hS^ra  bua ;  tute-dij. 
Cretaceous,  adj.  [Lat.  crrta,  U.'khariya  chalk] 

Icbariya  matti  ki  qiam  ku;  kbnriya  matU-kL 
Cretic,'  u.  {Froi.)  {——)  mgati';  (ailuiiV 
CreYioe,  n.    [H.    iarak  ci-ack]    tarer;    darir; 

dori;  aiirakb;  shi^f;  rauzan;  daref. 

Behind  thr  moMsring  wainBcot  tbrieked. 
Or  fruni  the  ermci  peered  about.      TrntfOK, 
ChUha  pui-6nt  takktck  ke  pUMe  tiS  ioUd, 
ra  chilli  mth  K  apnt  woA  bihar  liojkSAkta.  ?.  C. 

Crew,  n,  [0,  Eng.  erw,  0.  Icel  h-u,  gru,  gnii, 
Per.  ^troA  a  multitude].  1.  a  company  of 
people,  jatliS;  mandll;  girob  ;  jamaat ;  (i* 
a  bad  lente,)    k&g&-raul;    atltj-ruhaa;  bhlc 




bhir;  shaianl  lashkar.  2.  teamenf  mall&h; 
niajhi;  khevatyi;  khWa!y&.  [Dryden. 

The  ancbora  dropped  his  crew  the  YeaseU  moor 
Lakgar  dd'd  aur  malUkoh  ne  htMhti  baikdki. 
CHI^ii.  1.  mangeVy  khor;  khurli;  charan. 

The  steer  «od  lion  at  one  crib  shall  meet.  Pop€, 

OM  mmr  iker  ek  kkor  mtk  kkdihge, 

iflher,  bakri  ek  gk6i  pani  pUe  kaih,  Pror.) 

3.  $taUf  than ;  bath&n ;  kharak.  [mA 
Where  no  oxen  are  the  crib  is  clean.  Preverbt 
Ji»  tkdn  meh  dkor  nakih  wakdh  gkor  nakih, 

3.  o  imail  enclosfd  bedstead  fur  a  tkild^ 
khatola;  p&ln&;  khatoli;  pirh&. 

4.  a   box  for  itoring  grain,   etc.   nind; 
kIktdK ;  kathri ;  kotbl. 

5.  a  hui,  jhonp^;  kut!;  jhonpfi. 

Why  rather,  sleep,  Ueit  thou  in  smoky  erAs 
Upon  uneasy  pallets  stretching  thee. 
Than  in  the  perfumed  chambers  of  the  greatf 

Skak.  Henry  IV.  Pi,  ii.  iii.  1. 
fV,  oM  nlA(i,  kyok  jkohproh  meh  rake 
naraire  jhilakgoh  pe  t&ngeh  p€uSr, 
Aw^roh  ke  kamroh  makaktoh  ko  ekkor  f      F.  C. 

6.  (Col.)  imtih&n  kl  kit&b,  jaise   TOn&nl, 
LUInl,  Atabi,  y&  Sanskrit. 

Clibi  y.  a.     1.  band  k.;  mondni;  bhe^nft; 
dafbe  met  dilni. 

Cabined,  mU<«i,  eonfined.  SkeJt,  MaAetk,  fSL  4. 
Muqaiyad,  band  amr  baiiak, 

2.  pU/eVf  ohurUn^;  alae  k.;  bach&ni;  kh&n&. 
QiUkf  n.  [H.  harak  crack]  kisi  iz&  k&  akay 

jftni;  ainthan;  jo^^-ainthan;  ta8hannuj-i-&z& ; 

murak;  loichak. 
Cddnt,  D.  the  tiiMdyJbingar;  ghnrghori. 

The  eritket  chirps  a  ion  the  hearth. 
Jkikgtur  jkikgdre  ekiUke  kindre. 

Odeketi  n.  [A.  S«  erice,  crooked  staff,   Skr. 

krifd  game]   the  game,    gehd  balli;   goih 

ehaogin;  gend  balle  k&  kheL 
Sail,  gend  balle  ki  gend. 
ground,  gend  balle  k&  maidin. 
trkkei  match,  gend  balle  ki  jor. 
Crkr,  Crjer,  n.  1.  {of  a  court)  pak&me-vi1&; 

gul  band  kame-T&i&;  naqib. 

2.  {one  vfho  calU  Mahamedans  to  prayere,) 

mnasiin ;  bi&g  dene-vala ;  muUi. 
Unm-ener,  dhandorcbl ;  dha^doryi. 
Cttui,  n.  [A.jurm].    1.  gross  offence,  p&p; 

afiriidh;   augan;    khot;    adharm;   gunah; 

do6h«  2.  (Law)  jurm ;  kbilaf  varzl-i-q&nlln. 
tofdial  crime,  jurm-i-kabirah ;  jurm  q&bil-i- 

heinous  crime,  jnrm-i-qab!h. 
serums  crime,  jurm-i-aaiigiQ ;  jurm-i-shadld.  [k. 
is  perpeiraie  a  crime,  jurm  kami;  irtikftb  jurim 
Cdmbul,adj.  I.  contrary  to  right,   adharm; 

beg&;   n&-j&yas;    fasidL     2.  guiltp,   taqsir* 

fir;  gnnah-g&r;  p&pi;    apridhi;    mujrim; 

■rajrim&oah;  lA   Z.not  civil,  fauj-d&r1*k&. 
sriminml    act,     fel-i-kbil&f-i-qanan;     fel-i-n&- 

^jai;  fel-i-mnjrim&nah. 
criminal  conversation,  crimrcon,    ch&m-ohorl; 

Mitf4Ai{;  jiri  Hurm  k. 

t^dom  crwwiiwrf  get,  jntm  lA  mortakib  honi; 

Ciiminali  n.  pipl;    apr&dbi;    doshi;  ganih- 
gir;  taqsir-Y&r;  mujrim;  isi;  bad-k&r. 

Cfriminalt  are  punished  that  others  may  be 
amended.  Prov.  Mufrimoh  ho  oMroh  ki  ibraS 
ke  vdtte  eaxH  di  jm  hai 

Criminality,  n.   p&p;  aprftdh;    dosh;  gunah- 

gid;  misiyat. 

Crindnate,  v.  a.  dosh  lag&nft ;  ilz&m  dham&  yft 

lagana;  mftkhUz  k.;  illat  lag&n&;  mujrim 


criminate  one's  self,  ftp  ko  mujrim  banftoft ;  ftp 

mftkbdz  h. ;  mOjib-i-jurm  h. ;  mujrim  baunft. 

The  dependant  la  not   bound  to   eriminats 

Par-ddkin  fie  mujrim  bannd  fart  nahlk  Aof . 

Crimination,  n.  ittehftm-i-jurm;  ilsftm-i-jurm ; 

Criminatory,  n.  ilUUn-dah;    mutasammin-ul- 

Crimp,   adj.  bhurbhurft;    karftrft;    murmurl; 

maraknft;  ka^raknft;    phusphudl;    phnskft; 

Crimple,  v.  a.  sukepift;  aiMhnft. 
Crimson,  n.   [H.   hiramfl,    A.     gtrmts,  Skr. 

krimi  a  worm]  qirmis;  hiramjl;  hiramjal. 
Crimson,    adj.    sOhft;    Iftl;    surkh;    qirmizi; 

argyani;  Iftlftgtii^. 

He  turned  crimson,     UM  ckekrd  UU  ko  gayd. 
Beauty's  ensign  yet,  [and  Juliet,  t.  3. 

Is  crimson  in  thy  lips  and  ehe^.  Skak.  Romeo 
AbM  kusn  kd  haigd  tere  niskdnj 
Ki  rv^ksdr  o  lub  par  kai  turkki  aydk.       F.  C. 
Cringe,  t.  a.  khenchna ;  tftnnft. 
Cringe,  t.   n.   sukachna;   ajizi  se  nivuS  yft 
jhuknft;   lajajat    11  ;   samajat    k. ;    kbftyft- 
bardari  k. ;  tamalluq  k. ;  khusye  sailftnft. 
CringOi  n.   dandvat;     qadam-bo(^;    farrilshi 


Far  from  me 
Be  fawning  cringe  I  PkUips. 

Pake  ckdplfiBl  sadd  mujk  se  dUf  / 

Cringeling,  a  cringing  fellow,  n.  ch&plfis; 

kbushftmdf;  khushftmdi  tattii;  chapar-qanft- 

tiyft ;  farrftshi  salftoi  kame-valft. 
Crinkle,  v.  a  lapetnft;  ainthna;  jhurri  shikan 

churas,  ya  justah  dftluft. 
Crinkle,  n.   lapet;  pech;  bal;  shikan;  chin; 

jhurri;  churas;  justah.  [pi^gal- 

Cripple,  n.  loin;    ektaA^;   lunja;   ap&haj; 
Cripple,  Y.  a.  1.  lame,  iQlft  k. ;  lunjft  k. ;  laftgril 

k.;    P&0&  kfttnft;   tft&g  tornft;  apfthaj  k.; 

be-dast  o  pft  k. ;  hftth  qalam  k. ;  bekftr  k. 
2.  disable,  nir-bal  k. ;  kam-zor  k. ;  bebas  k. 
His  means  were  eripjied.  Uekl  dmdan\  gkat  gai. 
Crisis,   n.     I.    critical  moment^   nftzuk  vaqt; 

jokboA  yft  dubdhft  kft  yaqt;  ftsmftish    ki 

Taqt ;  m&rke  kft  Taqt. 

This  hour*8  the  very  crisis  of  your  lsta.2)nrc{cii. 
It  gkari  tere  nasUfS  ki  dsmdisk^kai. 
Crisp,  Cnspy,  adj.  [H.  karard]  1.  curlg,  jhurri* 

dftr;  bal-dftr;  pech-d&r.     2.  brittle,  karftrft; 

kurknii;  kafaknft;   bhurbhurft;  murmur!; 

khastah;  phuska;  phusphusft. 
crispy  cake,  pftpa?;  papfi;  khikxl;  tunkL 


Criip,  V.  ft.  rnaroTDi;  marorl  deiA;  niamornl; 

niachornii  jhuni   dalnil;    ainthni;  batulj 

bhUijuS;  pecliUh  d. 
Criterion,  a.  knsauUi  j&Auh;  tn&hki-imtih&D; 

piLicliliia;  cliiiih;  tul. 
CndB,  II.     1.  daqiqi-Baiij ;  barlk-ljin;  nuklah- 

tuiij;  DuktAh-ilIn ;  BukliaD-chm;  muhai]qiq. 
'2.  ravilltr,  nukta-cliin ;  mQ-shigif  j  kiiur- 

da-i)Iii;  khiirda*^Ir;  hArf-gli-. 

Wluil  tliicka  ol  eritia  hover  bera  lo-iUy, 
A»viillurB«  wiiit  iinanny  for  thuir  prej.Orfcttn. 
Mahdli  rsAt  kaik  tUne  yA  kkurdi-glr  itjA, 
ImlibiT  mtii  UUe  kaVijthgidiapnMliiaiS.F.C. 
Critical,    adj.    1.    hamng   the  skill  to  judffa, 
iln<)ti|a-imnj  j&ehiii&s;  BShib-i-tamis;  tiliiiia- 
■i;  miitnrilyii.  3.  mes,  barik;  rliujiq;  nuiik. 
3.   O'lptioiu,      nuktAh-oliii'i;    kliurdii-b!n  j 
kliurdi<gTr ;  hurf-jjlr.   i.  rtlating  to  eritteitlA, 
niutSolliq  ba-dac{i4a-s))iuMi. 

i,  dangeiant,  jokhon-kS;  khntar-oak. 
q(  a  «->V(ca/ fintr',  iiazuk  vaqt  meii)  taut  jiar; 

sin  va<jt  par. 
Criticiie,    v.    a.   husn  o  quiwh    baULu&;    rU 
dea&  ya  likhuii;  taqrlz  llkluiK. 

To  criticiit  Ka  fiutbor. 

A'iti  BiFHainj/  par  nW  dtai. 

Kitl  fa  Win  y4  Iflur  ttrtqt  jwr  apnt  m  dtni. 
Crltioiie.  v.  n,  point  out  favlU,   girift    k. ;  aib 

tiikSlnli  ]>a   baUina;  nuktah-ohliii   k. ;  nila 

meVli  nilUiliiil;  kliiirdIL  pakariia. 
Criticism)  d.     1-  critie"l   txaminatimi,    daqifjiv 

HbitiAist;    daqiqa-sauji ;    liusn   o  qiibab    kl 

daryaft.     2.    ammadvertion,     nuktahchlui ; 

harffilrl;  khurda-glr!, 

Ti)  ^»n  B  ■eiere  (rid'innii  an  a  work,     [batdnt. 
Ki*l  kilAb  ka   lakhU   ki   iS(k   aih    nikalnd   ]/i 

Critique,  u.  taqrlz ;  kiai  tasiilf  ke  boan  o  quiiah 

ke  biib  meii  mazmilu. 
Croak,  v.  n.  [H.  Intrak,  clack,  as  a  ben.] 

1.  vudee  a  hoarse  lout  noise,  ghHii  ghQn  k. ; 

ghar-ghQhfc. ;  ta7taiik.;tar  tark, ;  kurkur 

k.  3.  mui-mur,  taf  tar  k. ;  tarracA;  ba^  ba^ 

k. ;  barbarttia;  murmufiui.  [pet  bolnft. 
«roai:  as  (he  beUy,  qartqur  k. ;  pet  garbn;  k. ; 
Croak,    n.   kufkiiAbat;   ta^  Uu^;  tafta^abat; 

bnf  bar;  bnibajihat. 
Croaker,  n.  baU  kl  peiibln-gotkanie-vals;  tar- 

tafjS;  bnj-baryi;  kal-jibbhi.(y''ora  pitcher] 
Crockery,  ii.[a.  lat^S  hard,  E.crocf,  G.  iit^.H. 

obiiil  ke    bartan;  Biirtlf-i-cliini. 
Crocodile,   n.     [H.  jrA^yi^'l  »»«*'■;  ghariySi; 

majiftr-mai-hb  ;  giiuli ;  iiiliaiig. 
Crocodile,  ailj.  ghatiyal-Ba;  ghariyal  ke  muafiq. 
croaxlUi  tsari,  bhagll  m*yi;kath-roiiii;  gurba.. 

rabmi  (eii'*  merq/.) ;  tasva ;  phaphar  dalale. 
Crociu,  n.  (A.  karkum,  Skr.  kiatkuma]  ek  qiam 

kil  pniid&. 
Croft,  n.  [Lat.  crypto,  Ital.  gruptS,  H.  gvpM  a 

cave,   Bkr,  gvji   hidden]     kanla;    khet  jo 

makilnko&gcyaRiuttasiI  ho;  bari ;  chtuoan. 
Cromlecll,  n.  Utb  ;  mialir;  ttiamb. 


Crone,  n.  (Gaeb.    erioti,    dry,    H.   kard,    hard, 

Irish  erion   to   wither]   dhaddo;   khapjAt; 

dukij;  burhi;  pir-zal ;  tarkbal. 
Crony,  n.  kiigotiyft'yar ;  puriiia  dost;  dugfiiii; 

y&r-i-^;  zunakhL. 
Crook,  n.  [li.  iliran,  P.  h<v  oblique.]  l.&fTx/.k-ajI; 

tL-rh;  kbam;  vaor;  b^l;  peoh.    3.  ntajider, 

bauk;  pher;  gbnmao;  chakkar. 

Tiiere  fall  tboee  wphire  colon  m]  bronka, 
Wliish,  eonduit-liko,  with  ourioua  croakt, 
,    Bteet  islindi  make  in  that  unset  Ikud.  Sidiuf, 
Wahitn  girU  hiiili  tiit-gCn  aaddii/ah, 
Ajab  her  fhirok  te  vtklali^Si, 
SaMni  joilrt  bana,  dtligdA.  P.  C. 

%.  an  irulTitmeat  bent  <ti    the  end,    iakas; 
Uikra;  takntiya. 

The  sbepherd's  eraak.     OaJaryt  id  aUrrS. 

i.  Iriei,  hila ;  chhal ;  Jul ;  farob ;  chal ;  fan. 
byhookori>!ieraik,W\eiia\\   tau    ke;  joD   toi 

kar-ke;  tau^  tiiniiil  ee. 
Crook,  T.  a.  1.  betid,  tcrhii  h. ;  Inchaua;  lach- 
kaiii;  kbatn    deoa;  kbamida  k.;  jhuk&al; 

Why  «hoiiia  the  pp"r  be  fluttered 
No  I  let  the  cundtrd  toti^e  lick  K^iiMrcl  pomp 
And  enwl-  the  pisgnant  liing«  of  <b*  kiiea 
W  bum  thrift  ma;  fulUin  fiimiiig,  SkakJIaialttM.  i. 
Ua/ii  b  cI-dplBwl  khutht^ad  kvt.  to  kyoht 
fiiUriit  zabaSi  U  cArllyi  daulat  ke  gar  kO, 
OKulnon  ko  apnt  iiinitw  aiie  li  mar  Ht; 
JMi  UtKikHmadiA  u  mile  Hm  tor  manoh.  F.  C 

2.  pervert,  phemS;  palatni;  ulatai. 

Ha  eroakah  them  to  hi)  own  mvla,  Batn. 

Wok  uiiJu  apnt  natlab  ki  fur/  p3u\'td  hoL 
Crook,  V.  II.  jhukna;  teiha  bona;  lachakni; 

iachna;  kbatn  kb£ii&;  kbamirlah  hoD&. 
Crookbacked,  adj.  kubt^;   kiibjS;    khan^ab- 

piiaht;  kasa-puabt. 
Crooked,  adj.  terhi;  tcrha-biBtei ;  terhi-berhl; 
torh-baiika;     kaj ;     khani-dar;    khamldah; 
bin^;  bal-dnr;  aagash-bangaeh. 

Crookfd  \ij  uatnra  U  neivriuiidg  str^lit  hj 

odiUMtion,  Pro'. 

Jaamll(rK%HAaiparhoiu.t(il}>l»ahli  ha  taiti. 

{Taebiat-aiahlTachuh  gWdgii   bar  gvmbii 

att.     ProT,     To  tpouh  a  bnor  U  u  bopelaa  > 

tuk  oa  to  Tu  a  ball  on  ■  dome). 

a  crooked  aiuieer,  terba  javab. 

Crookedly,  ads.  terbi;  kaji  ae;  khamidgi  sfr, 

Crookednesa,  n,   1.  iiifieetiOH,   (erh ;  tcrli-pitii ; 

kaj  I.  (liad-shakli. 

2.  deformity    of    ba^ly,    kiib;    lia-dauli; 

3.  perversentsty   mutshlai;    kaj-ravl;    lid; 
hat;  magripaii. 

Oootfrfneu  o£  digpositioB.     TaM^t  H  kajt. 

Crook-necked,  adj .  Urht  gardan  ka;  kaj-gardao. 

Crook-kneed,  adj.  bamdii. 

Cup,  II.  1.  crata,  pota ;  oudii ;  bauslah.    3,  tht 

lop.  chot?;  sin;  phulang;  sikhar;  kidgL 
S.  harvest,  Dky,  aim;  anaj;  gallah;  faal; 

B&kh;  paidli'wari;  jins;  khetl 

The  crop  failed.     Kktti   joU  rohl. 

crop  eiit  and  slacked,  lauk. 
afirst-ral^  crop.i'iua  kamil  ya  nla;  jins  aTval; 
aTval  qiwn  ki  paidi-w&r.  0.  G. 

9^  the  eropi  have  been  cut  and  carried.  Q.  G. 
I     fi»l  ke  k&tne  aiir  uth&ne  ke  b&d. 
a  ffood  crop,  achchhi  fksal  ja  8&kh. 
a  eeUlement     relative    to    the    crop,     0.    G. 

band  o  bast-i-jins-war. 
wiuimnal  crop,  kitkl ;  kharif ;  saoni. 
failure  of  a  crop^  bur!  fasl ;  marl  sakh. 
neck  and  crop,  B&r& ;  bil-kul ;  badu&  bory^. 
H«  WM  tamed  out  neck  and  crop. 
Utko  gardanl  de-ke  nikdl  diyd. 
tkaidingcrop,  khan  khetl;  kftsht-i-istadah. 
(0  cut  the  crop,  nij  k&taa ;  katiT  k. ;  l&on!   k. ; 

l&i  k. ;  khet  k&tni.  * 
k  WMlch  the  etanding  crop,  rakhv&ll  k. 
nhuUian  of  etanding  crop,  kauhal;  kankilt. 
ferwd  crop,  ohaitl;  rabi;  as&rhi. 
Crop,  V.  a.  \,  cutoff  t/te  ende,  )sktxA ;  katarnft ; 

^bantnft;  tarftshni;  ui^a;  to^na;  noohu&; 

qalam  k. 

A  olosely  cropped  head  of  hair.        Thackeray, 
Ohol  mofeir, 

8.  eatue  to  bear  a   crop,  khetl  kar&n&; 
mevah  utarnfi;  s&kh  k.;  ub&D&;  ug&a&. 
Crop-eared,  a4].  kan-katft;  bach&;  gosh-buridah. 
Crop-ftil,   adj.   agh&y&;   ser;  bhar-pet;  bhar- 

pfir;  aphr&-hu&;  aghaja  y&  chhaki  hu&. 
Crep  out,  V.  n.  dikh&i  d.;  nikal  &ua;  prakiLsh 
h. ;  2&bir  hoD& ;  rausban  h. 

The  truth  (or  secret)  cropped  out. 
Bked  khul  gayd.    Mde  t&kir  ho  gayd. 

Crop-sick,  adj.  adhik  bhojau-rogf;  bim&r  jo 

siy&d&  kb&ne  pine  se  ho. 
Croder,  d.  bare  l&t  p&drl  ks  as&. 
CroMr  n.  \.  a  gibbet,  bM;  ohalipE;  cbauparft; 

aalfb;  qaii&ohl;  ph&nsi.    2,  affliction,   bipt&; 

dukh;  saakat;  bala;  afkt;  musibat;  hadisa; 

^bibat;  takilf;  azlat;  kasala;  kasht. 

Cronee  are  ladders  to  heaven.  ProY. 

Kathi  haikanth  kl  natainl  hai, 
3.  line  drawn  through  another  ( +  ),    &|1 
nish&n ;  satji.     4.  ensign  of  the  Christian 
religion,  Isai  mazhab  ka  nishan;  salib. 

The  cnoM  on  his    breast,   and  the  devil  in 

his  heart.  Prov.    Hfith  tumarni,  pet  kataml, 

5.  Chrietian  doctrine,  Isai  mazhab;  aqidab- 

i-dfn-i-isvi;  nasaiil.  6.  (Arch.)  monument  or 

ornament    in    the  form    of   a  cross,    ire 

oigban  kft  y&  is  nip  k&  maqbari  (  +  ). 

She  doth  stray  about, 
Bj  holy  crosses  where  she  kneels  and  prays, 

8kak.  Merchant  of  Fentce,  ▼.  1. 
Dair  o  girjd  men  tooh  tojaH  hai, 
Sir  ibddat  men  woh  jhukdti  hai.  F.  C. 

7.  money  stamped  with  a  cross,   galib-d&r 
•ikk&;  sikka-i-salibl. 
S,  (surveying)  n&pne  k&  &1&- 
9.  mixing  of  breeds,  do  naslon   k&   mel ; 
da-nasU-pan;  dogli-pan;  paivand;  jor. 
The  mule  is  a  eras  between  the  male  ass 

and  the  mare. 
Ohori  aur  gadhs  ks  md  se  khaehehar  hand  hai. 
emd  pile,  obit  pat;    ulti  sldhl;    sber 

Oreus  I  yan,  and  pile  you  lose.  Swifi, 

CkU  hhi  eierl,  jMf  hhi  nMrf. 

to  take  up  the  cross,  Isa  ke  nam  j&  liye  dukb 
jbelna;  biptabbogna;  sankat  nthani;  gam 
ya  taklif  bardasht  k. ;  kasala  sahn&. 

Cross,  adj.  1.  transverse,  arfl;  tirchba;  baiik&. 
A  corn-piece.    Ard  tukrd. 

2.  adverse,   ulta;    aundha;.   bar-aks;  n&- 
Baz;  mukh&lif;  an-mel.  [so  ctom, 

We  are  both  love's  captives,  but  with  fates 

One  must  be  happy  by  the  other's  loss.i>ry(]{en. 

Jfue  dono  ham  ithq  men  mubtald; 

fVale  hai  nasibah  kuchh  aiad  burd, 

Ki  ek  khush  ho  gar  dSsrd  ho  /and.  F.  C. 

3.  perverse,    hatti;     sarkash;    machli; 
ziddi;  magr& 

i.  peevish,  ohirchir^ ;  karya;  talkb;   bad- 
mi^j;  chirilnd&;  tuuak-mizSj;  runakkhS. 

What  makes  you  so  croM  f 
Tum  aise  ehifehire  kyoh  ho  t 
6.  unfortunate,  abhagi;  bad-bakht;  kamr 
bakht;  Ibad-nasib;  nest;  manbfls. 
A  ero§8  fortune.    Ahhdg,  huri  qitmoL 
cross-breed,  mill  biii  nasi;  paivaudf;  dogla. 
Cross,  y.  a.  1.  to  put  across,  tkfk  yK  tirohb& 

To  crost  swords.    Hdth  mildnd. 

2.  draw  a  line  across,  katua;  qalam  pher- 
n&;  qalam  khenchna.  [kdtu. 

Tou  do  not  cross  your  fs.    Tum  apne  ft  nahih 

3.  ftrike  out,  katua;  chhekna;  qalam 
khenchni  ya  pberni ;  lakir  khenchna. 

4.  mnke  the  sign  of  tlie  cross  upon,  salib 
ka  nishan  bananft ;  8aty&  k^rhQi. 

5.  pass  over,  p&r  jan& ;  utarna ;  ullUignE ; 
l&oghnii;  ubtlr  k. 

To  a*oi$  a  river,  Daryd  pdr  jdnd  ;  pdydb  ntamd. 

6.  cause  to  interbreed,  du-nasla  k. ;  dogl& 
k. ;  jam  inil&na ;  nasi  miliini ;  paivand  d. 

7.  thwart,  &r  k. ;  khilaf  k.;  k&tnSi;  cbhek- 
n& ;  tor  k. ;  birtha  k. ;  ak&rat  kl ;  muz&ba* 
mat  k. ;  mine  bona. 

In  each  thing  give  him   way,   cross  him   in 
nothing.    SfuUc.  Antony  nnd  Cleopatra.  1.  S. 
ffarek  bdt  utH  mdno,  koi  utkl  bdt  mat  kdio. 

cross    question,   saT&l-dar-sawal    k. ;  say&lftt-i- 

jii-abk. ;  chh&nn&;  cbh&u  bin  k.;  her  pher- 

ke  puchhna. 
I  cross  questions,  ulat  pber  ke  saval ;  saval-dar- 

savai;  savalat-i-jirab. 

Cross  questions  and  crooked  answers. 
Jirah  ke  savnl  aur  terhefavdh. 
Cross-bite,  n.  dhok&;  jul*;  bal&;  butta;  batolil; 

fareb.  See  Cheat. 
Cross-bite,  v.  a.  dhoka  d. ;  jul  d. ;  b&la  batina; 

batola  dena ;  fareb  dena. 
Cross-bow,  n.  ftil  kam^n.  [nasla  k. 

Cross-breeding,  Crossing,  n.  dogl&   y&   du- 
Cross-cnt,  n.  Sir  k&  r&sta ;  nazdik  kk  riuita. 
Cross-demand,  n.  ulta  dbara,  ya  dawa;  dSwe 

ke  muq&ble  men  d&wa;  uzr-darL 
Cross-exainination,  n.  sav&l-dar-saval ;  saval&t- 

i-jirah;  ulUl  saval. 
Cross  examination,  v.  a.   saval-dar-sav^l  k. ; 

sav&l&t-i-tardid  k. ;  jirah  ke  sav&l   k. ;  pher- 
.       ph&r  ke  pQcbhn& 

CRO  1 

CroM-An,  n.  iri  \Aj;  Ljrcl>hl  ^tl-ancUxL 
CraH-KTaiaed,   adj.     U^tii;    ulU;    knj-UlM; 

t.iniik-mitSi ;  chin^hifi;  akkhftf. 
Cro»-bUtd,  n.  ir  kl  dnudi  yi  g»i. 
Croiiing,  n.     l.t/if  liatt^  rista  kattd;    kitta 

jini^i  nri  jiiii,  litKini,    y&  ban&n& 

2.  meeting  of  faw  road*,  chiu-rihi.  fhua. 
Croi>-l«gged,  arlj.  tri  71  tlrchlii  {mir  Ug&e 

T'j  lit  rrim'tsgtd  like  a  Uitnr. 

Oir-d  hi  badhak  Inx^ni.  do-idna  tafiJlnft. 

Croisnesi,    n.    cliiroliiri'iHiii ;    turabi;    turah- 

Cioss-pnrposes,  n.  ulU  mntlnb. 
to  bt  'it  rratt  j-urpotfi,  ek  dosro  ke   kiilSf  yi 

bitnukb  kil  k>m  j&  harak&t  karai;  maugea 

liR,r  du  babera. 
Ciou-wxj,  n.  chaiiribi;  obso-hatU. 
CroM-winl,  n.  ulti  hav&;  bid-i-tniVkhllir. 
Crotch,  11,    [Fr,    eroehft,    H.    k^Ma]     1.   fork, 

kittU;  aiikri;  sfinl;  nob;  simaa;  bhai. 
I.' (iVttuf.)  do  aingl ;  do-iibl)di&. 
Crotchet,  n.    I .  a  forttJ  jiitee  of  wood,  lakri  ki 

klDU  yi  inkfi ;  nok-dar  t&^i. 

3.  (^urg.)  ek  qisiD  ki  &U  jo  pet  meia 
bachchfi  itikalne  ke  vaqt  karn  ata   hai ;  pet 
uien  Be  bacbcba  nikalne  kl  auz»r. 

8.  uAim,  roneeil,  hUk;  taraog;  Uinaug; 
khiyil;  uchitogi  mauj. 

4.  (kreh.)  ar»ftl;  ftrvaf. 
Crotehetj,  adj.  tofM;  knj;  akhrSi  ajab. 
Croton  (Kl,  u.  ek  icz  jitllab. 

Cioiioh,  T.  n.     i.liedou   to    th«  ground,    p«t 

ininiii  ae  lag&-ke  baithitai  dab-ka  baithnS; 

daliki  lagina.    i.  eringe,  paoa   pami ;  hatb 

joToi ;  pairtiD  meo  li>tn&.  [par  lolni. 

ToUj  (roudinj  at  ooo'i  [»Bt.    Fitl  ti  Jtairon 

Cronp,  D.  piitthil;  pur^;  cbQ'&r;  duni'gaz&. 

Si'  li^bC  tu  tba  eiMup  tbe  fair  My  be  awung. 
So  light  to  tba  (addia  before  her  he  epning, 

W.  Scolt 
j(i«  laAoj  imf^  i^jnm  P"f!^  P«  '''  bltki, 
Aiii  jnAaj  <n(n  ilit  w  igf  kliad  d  cAorU.   F.  C. 

Cronpi  n.  llie  diteatf,  ek  qiam  ki  sakht  khOuai 

jia  ae  bacbcbe  akaar  mar  jftto  haia ;  hubba- 


Crow,  n.  [A.  S.  eraw,  Gnth.  kruk,  Skr.  iot,  H. 

itai^|.  I.  the  bird,  kawa;  kag;  kaga;  zag. 

Criv    are   Defer   tlie    whiter    tor   wuhing 

t|]em>elY».  Pro.. 

KiS  hot  nd  ajlA  dhof  'aihan  Mr.  Pro*. 

2.  the  voier  of  thf  wk,  kukrili'ikQn;  miirge 
kl  ivii ;  bang.  3.  {Craw-har)  a  bar  of  iron 
vilh  a  beak,  chonch-dar  gadftli;  kasal;  kua. 

cTOToj/irf,  jhurriyin;  shikan, 

troxo flight,  sidba;  nilk  ki  aldb  men. 

U>  fliiek  or  jmlt  a  erout,  jbagarai;  larnS; 
bliirna.  [bang  k. 

Crow,  V.  n.  1.  ai  a  cock,  kuk^QiikuD  k. ; 
2.  bluiUr,  shekhl  k. ;  abeklii  bagharoa. 

Crowd,  V.  a.  1,  prtst  cloie  lojetlurr,  thilnsiii; 
bbam&i  bharli  k.  2.  crowd  tail  or  eanvau, 
p&l  kholni.  3.  fiU  mlh  eonftued  miifitudei, 
bhir  k. ;  garbar  k. ;  gherni. 

iS  CRO 

Crowd,  T.  n.  I.  twarm,  bfalr  k.;  ka^ral  ■ 

IniJige*  came  emtdlng  on  hu  miod  bi 

he  oDuId  t>n  faun  into  wordi.      It 

Vtlce  dU  arA  khaf^lil  u  katnt  1    a 

*nJn  tiki  na  xiJtd. 

2.  preti  in,  gKiis  Sni ;  (Ihasnl ;  bar 

Crowd,  a.  1.  {of  things)  dher;  kaarnt;  i 

todah;  nKIi;  ifrit.   2'.{ofptriotu)\>h 

bb&i-i  bbi{'  bharaklul ;  dhar  -  dbarallS ; 

ii-iaahat;  bu)Qm;  ambob;  aidabim; 

i-gafir;  kjiarat;  gut. 

Id  troaidt.    Oal  It  gal. 
S.  populace,  Knta-aiiMs;  khalqat. 
Crowded,    adj.    machl   macb;  kbachi- 
ghikiift;  garm;  gnddar.  [g 

Crowfoot,    11.      (caltrop,)    Ifigjingl; 
Crown,  n.  [Lat  corond.  Skr.  krit.   A.    q 
bom.]    1.  a  wrtalh,  or  ga-Hnd  or  an 
twml  eneirnling  the  ftead,  mukat ;  sai 
ttj;  afbra. 

No  cnun,  DO  eroum. 

I>*t\  bina  rij  uAlii;  taitlf  iaiair  til] 

U»tu.l  bve,  tJ,e  erom  of  lil  our  blue 

Apai  U  prU.  Smnd  id  trit. 

UiifiUf  lies  tbe  head  thst  nean  a  rnnr, 

BtiAain  tirkaiteohjapaXnili/Utajka 

2.  tomreign,  ri]& ;  piilahah ;  abih  ;  I 

3.  royalty,  rij ;  pid-shfchi ;  saltanut 
■babat.  4.  a  piece  of  moit^  OavipH 
the  image  of  a  eroun,  angred  aaba 
nipae  kl;  ath  misbi.  5,  tummil, 
pbiilaiig;  siii;  ria;  tikri.  G.  (of  I'li 
cbaiid;  ohandyi;  kbopri;  kapal;  kiu 

From  the  sole  of  hU  foot  even   t<>    tb> 
of  his  head  there  waa  uo  blemieb  in 
S.  Sanutl. 
Mri  K  eJloli  taJc  ui  nek  lco{  aib  na  thi. 

7.  (of  a  hat)  t  ')ii  ka  cbauduya. 

8.  tomuTt,  p&dil  ke  air  ki  cboti 
rutbe  ke  aliin&kbt  ke  viate;  ghut!  bi 

Crown,  y.  a,  I.  invtal  toith  the  crou 
rakbni,  piuh&iift,  dena  ^a  bakhaim 
tilak  k. 

C'ovn  him  aad  uj.  '  loog  li>e  our  em 
Skak.  TitoM  AndrtmU 
Her  who  fidreat  does  appear, 
CrovH  her  queen  at  all  tbe  vaar.  ., 

Kli^iratjo  tab  men  lagti  ha, 
T/ij  boJtktho  ate  bana  blviT  ka. 

3.  dignify,  iziat  y&  tauqir  d. ;  bnm 
raunaq  d.;  &U  martaba  k. ;  mumt 
■ebaish  k. 

Thou  hart  entmtd  him  with  glory  and 
TO  R(  Juko  iiiat  0  ibri  bakkthl  Aai. 
3.  complelr,  puri  k.;  ant  ko  pahuni 
tamim  k. ;  anj&m  ko  puhuiicliaua;  kba 

The  end  eramu  all.     Pruv.     Sab  ks  an 

to  erovm  all,  1.  al-qissa;  qissah  mukbtaaj 
biisil;  qiaaab  kotah.  2.  turfnb  yeb  be 

croitaed  eitp,  chhalakta  piyala;  jam-l-I 
mfinbi  mOnh  katora;  lalr&  lab ;  mulal 

Crjwnglui,  c.  umdab  qism  ka  kinah ;  I 

Crown-Jewell,  n.  {Adahih!  gahnl ;  rij  abfa 




QrowA-UuUi,  n.  khilaah;  khilsah  mah&l;  im- 

l&k-i-ahahi;  tuyul. 
CroWU-law,  n.  qiuan-faujd&rL 
Cromi-lawyer,  n.  BarkM  vakSl  faujdari  muqad- 

Crown-prince,  n.  raj-kanvar;  vali-ahd;  tlk&  jl; 

gaddl  k&  Tins ;  yaris-i-t&j  o  takht. 
Crocial,  adj.  1.  trantverse,  M  tirchhft. 

2.  qatal ;  D&tiq ;  pram&uik ;  do-tuk. 
A  erueicd  test,    kataufi;  iubiU-qaUa, 

Crodliley  n.  [0.  F.  crucke,  H.  ghofd  an  earthen- 
pot,  pitcher]  kuthali.  J[tim&. 
Cnu:iflx,  n.  hazarat  l8&  ke  masltlh  hone  kl  pir- 
Cnicifizion,  n.  salibkashi;  dar-kashi. 
Crneilbnn,  adj.    salibi;  sallb  Id  shakal-lA; 

ohal!pl-8&;  8aty&-8&. 
Chusfiy,  y.  a.  salib  j%  d&r  par  khencbn&. 
Cmde,  adj.  [Skr.  krura,  H.  kard  bard] 
1.  ratf,  kachch&;  kar&;  kh&m. 
Common  crude  gait,  barely  dlssoWed  in  aqua 
fortis,  will  give  it  power  of  working  upon 
gold.    Boyi,    Jdvd-kh&r  ko  gandak  ht  U- 
tdb  meh  kal  harke  $one  par  kdm  kar  mktt 

3.  toiry^  kachcbE;  kb&m;  kam-pukht; 
fi&-nuiida.  3.  undigested,  apach;  kachcha; 
ajirao.  4.  immature,  adhur&;  adh-ban&; 
kachchi;  n&-tamiin;  gair-mukammal. 

Ideu  in  a  erwU  form.  KhayiU^-hK6m.  [adbanft, 
5.  wtformedy  be-dhang&;  be-daid;  adhOrft; 
Qnidmess,  n.  kachcha  pan ;  kbainl. 
Omdily,  n.  kach&i ;  adhQra-pan ;  apach ;  kh&mL 
Cniel,  lidj.  [Lat  cmdelts,  H.  kathor,  kutil] 
I         1.   hard-hearted,   kathor;    kattar;   fa^; 
nithor;    sangdii;  be-dard;  be^rahm;  nir- 
dal;  z&lim;  pur-jafH.     2.  barbarous,   vahshl; 
xikhshas;  bab&-yam-s!rat ;  maleksh;  jaliad. 
Cruel  wars,  wasting  the  earth.     Milton. 
Zdlim  iamyOh  dunjfd  kd  ndt  kartl  AotA. 

Cruelty,  GraelneaB,  n.  kathoftil;  kathor-pan; 
ni^liarii;  sang-dili;  aakhtl;  be-rahmi. 

Pierced  through  (he  heart  with  your  item 

cruelty,  Skak, 
Teri  be-wafSi  ne  mere  dil  meh  takhm  kar  diye. 
Cruelty  is  the  first  attribute  of  the  devil Prov. 
Be^rakmi  ekaitdn  H  pahli  tifat  hai. 

(knet,  n.  sirkah-d&n;  &cli&r-d&n. 

Cruise,  n.  jabisl  aafar  y&  aair;  eair-i-daryft. 

CndBer,  n.  jangl  jahaz  jo    dushman   kl  tal&sh 

yi  tijaiati  mal  k[  hifkzat  men  phirt&  rahe. 
Craab,  n.  1.  small  piece,  tukra;  p&rcha. 

Desiring  to  be  fed  with  the  crwnbe  which 
fell  from  the  rich  man's  table.  Luke.  xvi.  21. 
AmircA  H  jhtU  kHi  u  apnd  pel  bkamd  chShd, 
8.  the  soft  part  of  breadirotl  ]»  gad&; 

Dust  unto  dust,  what  must  be  must^  [Old  song. 
If  you  can't  get  crumb,  you*d  best  eat  crust. 
USrd  ghM,  kud  mOH,  khlr  hyd  makeri  ekdti, 

t» m erumb,  thik  thik;  jonk&  ton;  hfl-ba-ha; 

•in  main;  sar-i-'mtt;  l^l  b&l. 

ChmmUfty  7.  a.  chtlr  chflr  k. ;  chfli&  k. ;  tuk^e 

iukfe  k. ;  rezft  rez&  k. 

jnesh  is  the  g^aM  which  holds  the  dust^ 

IThit  meainr#B  all  our  time^  which  also  dliall  I 

Q.  Herbert, 

Be  eruwJbled  into  dust 

Jitm-i'kkiki  hai  ehuka-i-tdjot, 

Jo  ki  dkhir  ko  hkSk  hand  hai.  F.  C. 

Crumble,  v.  n.  chur  chQr  hon&;  chtlr  h.;  tukre 
tukre  h.;  buriUiah  jharua;  rez&  h. ;  kiml; 

Cmmhling  w&Ue,  purSui  ya  reh  lagi  div&ren. 

Crummy,  adj.  1.  full  of  crumbs,  gUded&r; 
gaddar.  2.  soft^  narm ;  mul&yam ;  poli. 

Crumple,  v.  a.  jhol  d&lna;  shikan  y&  jburri 
d&lna;  justah,  churaa,  ya  salvat  d&lua. 

Crumple,  v.  n.  jhol  h.;  sukarna;  jhurri  pai^nE; 
khinchnft;  shikan,  chin;  churas  ya  aalyat 
parna.  [kuram  k. 

Crunch,  y.  n.  chur  mur  h. ;  mur  mur  ya  kuram 

Crupper,  n.  dumchl ;   Ud-khora ;  azizl. 

Crural,  adj.  1 .  belonging    to  the  leg,  ti&g  ke 

mutaaliq ;  tSng  ka. 

The  crural  muscles,    fdkg  ke  patthe, 

2.  shaped  like  a  leg  or  root,  jaf  y&  tang  k! 

shakal-  k& ;  laty&. 
Crusade,  n.  jihad ;  mazhabi  lariU;  dinl  la|^ 
Crusaders,  n.  muj&hidin ;  din  par  larne-y&le. 
Cruset,  n.  kuthali;  m&s. 
Crush,  n.  1.  a  crash,  dhar&k&;  kharkha^hat; 

chatkara;   chatakhiL      2.    violent  pressure, 

dhakk&;  takkar;  dab&o;  dhakkam  dhakk&; 

raundan;  rela;  dhaka-pel. 
Crush,  y.  a.  1.  press  and  bruise,  dabanft;  bhlch- 

na;  dabna;  dab  d.;  peln&;  masalna. 

For  drink 
The  grape  she  cnuhes.  Milton, 

Shanat  ke  wdite  took  ahgUr  kd  arq  wikdlti  kai, 

2.     overwhelm,    hg    pressure,  kuchalna; 
peln&;  torni. 

Truth  crushed  to  earth,  shall  rise  agun.  8hak. 

Sack  tire  par  tire.  Prey. 

to  crush  a  cup  of  wine,  pina ;  nosh  k. ;  charh& 

j&n&;  dak&rii&;  pl-jina;  uxftj^ni.      [d§lu&. 

to  crush    under   foot,    kuchal    d!lln&;  rautd 

Crush,    y.   n.   dab    j&na;    dabn&;    bbichnE; 

raund&Un&;  kuchl&j&ua. 
Crust,  n.  JLat.  crusta,   H.  khaprd,    bark,   H. 
hara    hard]     1.    hard,    external    covering, 
ohhilka;    bakkal;     chhal;     p&par;    paprL 
A  erutt  of  mud  or  dirt.    Matil  l^papfi, 

2.  (Geol)  apar  k&  tabq&. 

3.  (Cookery,)  parat;  chhilk&. 
crust  of  a  pie,  parat ;  tah. 
crust  of  breadi  roti  kk  chhilk&;  p&par;  m&nda. 
Crust,   y.   a.   lapetna;  parat,   post,   y&  gilaf 

charhana;  paparyaua. 
Crust,  y.  n.  jam  jana;  mail  baithna;  pap;un&; 

papri  bandhuE.  [dar;  gil&f-v&la. 

Crnstaceous,  adj.  chhilke-dar ;  parat-d&r;  post- 
Cmsty,  adj.  1.  covered  with  a   crusl,   chhilke- 

ka;  p&pa|>ya  cbhilka-sa;  paparya. 

2.  snappish,  chirchira;  chi|andi;  ka^wa; 

tunak-mi^j;  foad-mizSj. 
Cmtoh,  n.  1.  l&thi;  baisakhl;  asa. 
to  go  or  hop  on  crutchet,  l&thi  tek-kar  chalni; 

hairtkhf  pe  uohhalna. 




Cry,  ▼.  n.   [kiltOna,  karrOhna]    1.  ealt  louttty, 

imkftrn&;  li&iik  niArnl;  chillina;  gobraua; 
a1kbr»a;  lalkaiii  dona;  liika  A.;  tnubah 
dh&r  dalua.  3.  vtUr  inartimtiUe  MouTtdt, 
bolnft  ;  i.v&c  d. ;  cbillaiuL 

In  k  cowslips  b«U  I  lie. 

There  I  couch  where  uwli  do  rri/.  SHai. 
Btk  nthtl  gul'i-kekiahiln  mrA  ndo. 

ttaiiiioti  MAjitjd  ehuj/ad  den  tadd.  F.  C. 

Ho    f^velh    ths   heut    lija   food   and  to   the 
jniiDg  ravens  whioh  cry.                P>.  exivii.  9. 

ffalAl  ka  man  de,  eKntl  ho  (ran  dt.  Pror. 

3.  fam^nf,  iial&  k. ;  wlo-v&ilrkk. ;  ftiryiid  k 

4.  weep,  roiifc  ;  wait  pittil ;  bilbil&D&  ;  bi- 
ISp  k. ;  blliikui;  jhinkn&i  rudan  k.  ;  giri^i 
k. ;  ah  o  zari  k. ;  vft-vnila  k.  ya  mncbiiaii. 

To  cry  u  n  "tuAiy.  BaAchah  ll  tanh  ronS. 
To    c'Tf   vilh   one  eye,    uid    lnugh  icidi    tliB 

olber.  Pruv, 
Ek  inhK  k  roMA,  dfi>rl  if  AuAnn,       [ptikKniS, 
to  cry  out,  cliilliin&i    cliikhtia;    ruka  d. ;    ro 
to  cry  out  agabm,    sbikva   k. ;    sbikljat    k.  ; 

ebaaat  k,  j  Di&zammat  k. ;  ilz&m  d. 
to  crj/  {at  an  eUpJianl),  cliiii^btii-u&  ;  ohikuTil. 
Cry,v,a.  \.{oii^t  learet)  puk5r*ke  becbna ;  iviSa 
ya  sada  luj^Da.   3.  make  proelaiTUUion,  dbaii' 
dot*  pherua ;  manadi  k.  [ruQtiil. 

a  cru  baby,  ronk   bacbch&;    roll  sUtoI;    iiaia 
to  ety  down,  hati  kabua;  ilzKin  lagAD&j    ma- 

znmmiit  k. 

to  try  for  hrlp,  diih&i  d, ;   dubai  tebal  k.   ^ 

itwcbaiia ;    farvijl   k,  j    madad    ya   Bahaota 

uiaagiia  ya  obahiia.  [yamukania. 

to  try  of  a  bargain,  hor,  bat  yi  iqrar  se  Latiia ; 

to  cry  out,  chillaoa ;  diibal  d. 

They  ni»kelbeoppre«»edtoorir,tlieyervo«'bjreB- 

■uu  u(  the  arm  of  the  mighty,  Joh,  iut.  9. 
Br-fh&re  mui/iinion  h>  mJl  l:(i/pjJ<   Aain  our  la^r 
ijiut  if  bilJieh  u  leoK  ap  ckUlHU  hain. 
to  erg  Hp,  ba^  k. ;  ttilf  k. ;  BBiihni ;  sank  k. 
Crj,a.  l.lowi*Ueranet,kVk;    goblr;    rOU; 
]alk&i&;   chilUthat;   chikh;   ohikhamdhir > 
pukir;    biiilt;    hUk  pukar;    gul;    shor; 
iaiig;  gul  flbor;  obal  puk&r.  2.  votea,  ivKi; 
bolL  3.  yrll,  difh  ;  narft.  4.  «(rM(  cry)  u^i 
ivaz  ;  saude-vale  kl  &vaz. 

The  itraet  eria  of  Loudon.  Mag^Mt. 

LondoH  it  latiife-nUoA  U  cMuA. 
6.  oMJaman'on,  jae  jae  ;  baral ;  ja6  jftti  k&r; 
&fr]u ;  Unf ;  Ubslii ;  ab&h-baBbl. 

The  erg  it  Kill.  The*  come,  ahak  MaOtA.  *.  fi. 
Qui  kam  ho  gagi  Kok  at  dU  Imik. 

6.  loud  expretiion  of  ptun,  bilbiUbat; 
rudban;  roni  pitiA;  rt-vaill ;  &ryad; 
giriya  o  liH. 

0.  the  piteous  cry  o(  the  poor  eoulL        SMtA. 
3K  gnriMt  U  qeba-i-rahm  wi  waild. 

7,  loiui  exprttnon  o